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Chris Colfer & Will Sherrod: Fourth of July Lunch Date!

Chris Colfer & Will Sherrod: Fourth of July Lunch Date!

Chris Colfer and his boyfriend Will Sherrod go for a walk after having a lunch date at Mendocino Farms on Thursday (July 4) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old Glee actor and his beau celebrated the fourth of July together in sunny Los Angeles!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Colfer

Chris and Will also recently enjoyed a trip to Paris together in early June while Chris was in town attending the 2013 Champs-Elysees Film Festival.

The paperback version of Chris‘ children’s book The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell was just released – be sure to check it out!

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
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Credit: Owen Beiny; Photos: Wenn
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  • mona

    So that’s the mysterious boyfriend? Pretty hot, you go Chris !!

  • sara

    Nice! They look good together.

  • Linda

    Chris has never confirmed a boyfriend. Please do your research before you assume things about people.

  • mona

    to Linda : I don’t much about Chris’ personal life but Just Jared has the “PR approved” stamps, so if Jared judged he could post such an affirmation about Chris and this guy, the info has most certainly been confirmed to him, he would have written “rumored” boyfriend otherwise…

  • marge

    Now that Chris has a BF and Darren has a Gf and all is good in their world i hope we will have some interviews of the co-workers on glee, pics, BTS like those with Chord and Darren.
    Because now all is on the table, no more suspicious dating, no more Darren is gay, so they can take pics and do vine when Glee shooting begins ? do BTS wher they are interviewed together when they have a storyline..
    Not like the TBU episode or i do where Darren did an interview with Jenna but not with his onscreen partern
    Or this would be so suspicious :

  • June

    Chris and his boyfriend are so cute. I love that they’re so patriotic, LOL.

    Also to Linda: fans met Will during the French premiere of SBL and went up and talked to him (although I don’t approve of that behavior), and it was quite obvious they are dating to everyone involved in the conversations. If it wasn’t true, someone would have denied it a long time ago, considering he’s been around since at least October.

  • Heather

    @marge: You do realize that very rarely do the on-screen couples do interviews together? When is the last time we got one with Naya and Heather? Cory and Lea did ONE last season, but other than that, nothing in a very long time. And Darren and Chris did that BTS video for the filming of their Christmas duet, which is on the level of an interview. And, oh, wait, we also had photos with them together from that filming, too, including one posted by Chris himself. Stop being a weird conspiracy nut. And Chris was in Darren’s vine from the last few days of filming – “ask the writers.” There’s also plenty of photos with them and other people, so I don’t know why people act like they never take photos together. I’ll take group cast photos any day.

  • maggie

    Chris said in an interview he’d never name his boyfriend because some people get kinda crazy and he wanted to protect him. Since I wouldn’t know this guy from Adam has Chris gone back on that statement? They don’t look very couple-y from the way they’re standing and they look a lot alike too!

  • leelee

    Him and his boyfriend look like brothers but they look cute.

  • Heather

    @maggie: They don’t look “coupley” because they are being photographed by paps. And I don’t think they look alike, either, but if they do, what would that matter? They’d still be dating. And Chris has used his name on Instagram, and to fans who gave Chris a letter/flower to give to Will during his French trip.

  • :)
  • Nole

    This is a gossip blog and not the New Yorks Times. The PR approved comment made me laugh, thanks for that.

    Yes Chris said not to name his boyfriend in an in December given interview that was published in January. He never said Will is his boyfriend nor did he utter his name.

    Again this is gossip and should be taken carefull, it could be true or could not be true. Only Chris, Will and their friends and family know the truth.

  • Tina

    @Nole: Holding hands @2:33 in this pap video not good enough for you? And the caption to the JJ photos comes from the photo agency, not Jared himself, he just uses it as he always does . Will has been name-checked as the BF before, and if Chris wanted to deny involvement, his publicist would’ve taken care of this long time ago. As it is, his publicist was walking merrily next to Will, Chris, and the bodyguard in the Paris video, so I say the BF label is pretty freaking obvious to anyone with a little common sense, even without knowing how Chris tends to deal with the media.

  • Rose

    Hope that Will guy gets to enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame before Chris dumps him like yesterday’s news. Seriously though, Chris can do so much better then a nobody hack who’s clearly just mooching off of him (not to mention looks freakishly like his long lost brother).

  • TT

    What is the need of so much negativity?

  • TT

    I’m happy for Chris.
    I hope everything goes well
    They make a HOT couple

  • Rose

    I’m just telling it like it is. That dude is a nobody and Chris can do better. From what I’ve seen, he doesn’t even have a job since he literally follows Chris around like a lost puppy. But I’m sure he’s totally loving the perks of dating a TV actor.

  • Reality.Bites


    Since when do people have to “confirm” a relationship when they’re clearly publicly dating? People DON’T walk around Paris holding hands when they’re just friends.

  • Reality.Bites


    Even if Will & Chris don’t last, he’s NEVER going to be dating Darren Criss – and don’t even bother pretending you’re not a deluded CrissColfer shipper.

  • Jen

    I am so happy to see them out and having a good time together, the both of them look very happy together (not in these pap pictures but lbr no one looks happy in pap pictures when they’re trying to be on a date together). I wish them all the happiness in the world. :)

  • Steph

    @maggie: They might be a tad uptight because being followed (including from inside the restaurant) and some private information was posted on social media very recently. I prefer NOT to look into my favorite performers’ personal lives until either they or their team post said information. However, they do seem to have unofficially confirmed, so I’m very happy. They seemed to have a blast in Paris. Either way, whatever or whoever makes Chris happy is fine with me. It’s his life and none of my business, other than to enjoy seeing him happy.

  • Jessica

    Holy crap that’s a hottie!! Well done, mr Colfer! They look pissed but hot. I’m strangely aroused

  • kl

    Too hot for Chris. The guy must like the feminine type.

  • Linda


    In public holding hands??????? You mean in France where you have to get permission in advance to photograph a public figure? You mean the paps that had cameras set up in several places to film it like it was a staged movie or photo op? You mean they held hands for 5 seconds and then Chris walked 4 ft ahead of Will the rest of the time? Are you blind or just gullible?

  • Judy

    @Linda: You do not have to have permission in advance. What a bizarre lie.

  • Jessica

    Ahhhh, delusional crisscolfer shippers, the internet would be much less funny without you. Actually no, it would be great. Wake up to reality, and stop being such brats.

  • Reality.Bites


    Um, no Linda. That’s yet another CC shipper myth. You need permission to photograph a celebrity’s CHILDREN. Do your research, moron, instead of parroting CC shipper inventions.,2933,365623,00.html

  • marge

    @Heather !

    Oh a Chillarren !

  • marge

    Not but who will is really.

    what make me sad is to see the reaction of the chillarren, each time that Chirs is spotted the only question of those bunch of morons is “Was he with a boy, Will was with him” like Will is now more important that Chris and asking him to do singing and take pics with the fans, really ? He’s nothing.
    Even if he’s the bf, Chris has 23 years old, it’s perhaps his first relationship and those fangirls see them married with kids etc… it’s going to far.
    That and the fact that Chris never said his name and tumblr knew all about it, digging into his facebook account, stalking his relatives, writing Will’s dad health condition.
    It’s creepy.

  • simonew

    LOL tinhat CC shippers – keep drinkin’ that kool-aid kids, it will make everything “REAL” eventually, right? Or how ’bout you stop fetishizing real people and learn to have some respect. Peace out!

  • Tina

    @TT: Just a case of butt-hurt because how dare Chris not take relationship “advice” from randoms who make stuff up in their head and spew hate!
    Back to real life – they look hot, and then double hot because they’re pissed.

  • Sue B


    Why would you question this relationship? Is there a problem with Chris having a boyfriend? Does he have to go on record with this?

  • Sue B


    Are you a CrissColfer? Because you sure sound like one.

  • Lisa

    Finally he dumped that loser of Darren Criss!!

  • Bianca

    Bye Bye Darren Criss! hahahah.

  • Rachel

    @Linda: He doesn’t need to confirm anything, not for your benefit. He walked hand in hand with him in Paris… that’s what i do with my boyfriend. Be happy for him.

  • Rose

    @Reality.Bites: @Reality.Bites:
    Um…who says I ship CrissColfer? Did I say that? No, so don’t put words into my mouth and act like you know I ship something when I never said I did. There are fans of Chris out there who do not like Will and don’t ship him with anyone…I’m one of them.

  • Reality.Bites


    Sure Marge. And making up false relationships between two people who aren’t even friends outside of work, one of whom is straight, and posting hate towards the people who are their real-life relationships – THAT’S normal.

    Nothing you say, no hate you post, will ever make Darren Criss into Chris Colfer’s boyfriend. Or even friend.

  • Bianca

    @Reality.Bites: OMG! You’re so stupid! Darren and Chris already dated you moron! Chris dumped him and started dating Will.

  • Tina

    Ah, the conspiracy theory lives! LOL of course it makes perfect sense to Linda that they should fly all the way to France to “stage” – and by holding hands of all things! – when it’s so much easier and cheaper to “stage” at home in pap central LA. Nor why they should’ve waited to “stage” for so long in the first place. And LOLOL at the photo and video assumption theories – of course people who date should be smooching each other every minute of every day, how dare they walk unattached at the hip bone and look anywhere else than in each other’s eyes all the time! How dare real life not be fanfiction!

  • lax

    i’m laughing at the idiocy of these stupid young girls. chris and guy are clearly dating get over it. they look very handsome together be happy for the guy and go find youself a hobby istead of speculating about things that don’t exist. oh whatever seems already clear that chris had enough of stupid fans like you.

  • Rose

    Except that they NEVER look at each other in a romantic way. I’ve seen tons of pics of them and Chris always looks bored and uninterested in him. I understand that Chris is a private person and doesn’t like showing PDA but the least he could do is look somewhat into his boyfriend. I’m sorry to say but Chris always looks way happier with other people then with Will. You shippers go ahead and keep believing they make the perfect couple. Just stop accusing everyone of being bitter CrissColfer shippers and stop desperately trying to defend Chris and Will. They don’t care that you are defending them. And they probably don’t care that others hate them and don’t believe they are together. We can all agree to disagree.

  • katherine g

    Chris never officially said he was dating Will, but if you look at his tumblr you will see pictures of Chris and Will holding hands in Paris. If Chris wasn’t dating Will why would they be holding hands. Chris always said he likes to keep his life private. Let’s just be happy for him.

  • Amy


    Yes, I’m sure you MUST know that they NEVER look at each other romantically, because the pictures taken of them are the only moments of their lives in which they interact, and because you’ve seen every single one, you know everything about the both of them.

    You might not have noticed, but Chris rarely looks happy in pictures taken of him by the paps (and with good reason! Paps must be hella annoying). He looks the same in pics with Will as he does at any other time he’s getting pictures taken of him. It makes sense, because people with boyfriends don’t suddenly become different people through the transformative power of love.

    I’m not a “shipper” of Will and Chris (I don’t “ship” any irl people, because their love lives have nothing to do with the entertainment of others), either. I wouldn’t care one way or the other if Chris came out and said Will is a friend/cousin/secret-half-brother/body guard/vacatation planner/ whatever else the ‘Net concocts. I’m just a person that highly questions your logic. How in the world can you claim to know they “NEVER” look at each other romantically because you’ve seen some pictures and video footage of them online?

  • BabyBee

    I don’t understand why you feel Chris has to say Will is his boyfriend? It’s his private life and he does not need to announce it to you. The fact that Will has been in pictures with him since last Halloween, and that news articles are now calling Will his boyfriend, is enuf for a whole lot of us!! Do you really think Chris has waiting around 3 years for Darren to come out??? THAT is laughable!!

  • Tina

    @Rose: This is getting fun, LOL FOR DAYS at the photo assumption conspiracy theories. How dare two guys not behave the way you’ve fanfictioned a couple to behave! Though last I checked, handholding and kissing qualify as PDA, and both were caught on camera, so nice try. Anyway, the moment “so-and-so never looks interested in pictures, no PDA in pictures, therefore they are not a couple” is brought up, I know it’s either a tinhatter, a hater, a terribly naive teenager, or a fetishizing fangirl. Earth to Rose: real people are not “ships”, nor will they behave according to your voyeuristic pleasure. They decide for themselves, and no amount of drama raised by fangirls who don’t know them at all, will change that.

  • Jessica

    I wonder what would this haters say if they were face to face with Chris, and not behind a laptop. Like “Hey Chris! I know I’ve only met you 5 seconds ago, and I know absolutely nothing about your private persona and private life, but you shouldn’t be with this guy, whose I know nothing about. You should be with Darren! I know nothing about Darren too, exept that he’s straight and has a girlfriend, because he confirmed it. Trust me, I’m a 15 year old girl who has never been in a serious relationship, but I’ve read tons of unrealist fanfiction. I know stuff!” Do you realize how ridiculous and annoying you sound?? Let the boys have their life, and be happy for them.

  • Jo

    They are definitely together as a couple. Chris held hands with him in Paris for gods sake people. They go out on dates all the time and Chris brings him to events, which he has never done with anyone else. So you people giving this site shit for “not doing research” need to take a reality pill.
    Anyways, they look so cute in their matching 4th of July outfits, even if a bit annyoed at the paps (but what can you do, so is the celeb life). They are both hot, gorgeous, talented, and amazing human beings and I’m so glad they found each other and make each other happy :)

  • Sam

    So adorable, they make a wonderful couple! :)

  • Emily

    @Rose: Actually Will does have a job, he’s a producer (meaning he works on movies after they’re made). He doesn’t “follow Chris around like a lost puppy”.