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Minka Kelly Grabs Chris Evans' Chest at the Movies!

Minka Kelly Grabs Chris Evans' Chest at the Movies!

Chris Evans and his girlfriend Minka Kelly head into the ArcLight theater for an afternoon movie on Friday (July 5) in Hollywood.

While on their way inside, the 33-year-old actress copped a feel of her hunky man’s chest!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

Earlier in the week, Chris filmed scenes for his upcoming superhero movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier and also attended the Beyonce concert with his gal.

Minka‘s upcoming movie The Butler has been in the press a lot lately while Warner Bros. tries to get The Weinstein Company to change the title as they own the rights to it.

FYI: Chris is wearing an Under Armour shirt.

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minka kelly grabs chris evans chest at the movies 01
minka kelly grabs chris evans chest at the movies 02
minka kelly grabs chris evans chest at the movies 03
minka kelly grabs chris evans chest at the movies 04
minka kelly grabs chris evans chest at the movies 05

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  • kiki

    dude i didn’t call the paps. pinky promise.

  • no, for real, really?

    ugh jealous

  • kathy

    how does anyone look so perfect in a ponytail? damn!

  • Lola

    Oh my God! These two are getting ridiculous! I’m sick of them. She’s a b!tch and he’s a jerk. Done!

  • busted

    Who writes this. She is reaching for something and her hand hit is chest. She is not coping a feel.

  • huh?

    @Lola: and you’re just miserable.

  • Ray


  • Tiana

    Ugh not trying to hate but DAMN he can do so much better. Minka is a beautiful lady but why can’t a man date a woman who has something going on for herself, what has she done since The Roommate and The Charlie Angels Reboot…

  • cankles

    hmm.. superman gets a new girlfriend and Minka goes paps crazy………….sorry Minka she’s much more interesting than a 33 year old baby voice botoxface

  • Juju

    It’s weird that they are not holdind hands. Going to the movies is usually more of a date thing than, say, a bunch of friends going to a big concert, like Beyonce’s. And they certainly look more friendly than romantic towards each other. Actually, now, thinking about it, they don’t look in love at all.

  • Anon

    Of course they had to be seen together. Rumor central was saying that they were broken up and probably because they weren’t seen together yesterday. And if they were it wasn’t enough for 40 pictures of them doing nothing to come up. I like how they look like friends and not lovers. That person was right. They don’t radiate love.

  • Anon

    Oh and her movie had been getting a lot of press? I haven’t seen anything about it! Could it be that’s why she’s desperate to be seen with her more famous than her bf? Lol laughable!

  • Shelly

    Perfect pony tail indeed

  • Jerkface

    Wow. It must have been a slow day in Hollywood for us to be subjected to pics of these two famewh*res doing something boring and mundane, like catching a matinee. Oh, wait. That’s the life of Minka Kelly – constantly being papped doing boring things because she can’t handle not having any attention on herself for longer than a three week period. Sad that Chris is dumb enough to believe that she doesn’t call the paps on herself. Boy needs to get a clue soon if he wants to avoid a nervous breakdown from all the pap attention.

  • Jerkface

    P.S. Those two definitely DO NOT look like a couple in love. I’m getting a nit-picky vibe from her in these pics. I’ll bet that high-pitched baby voice is even more annoying when it’s nagging. And she’s clearly reaching for Chris’ money, not his pecks. Seriously Chris – get a clue, Bro! These photos tell you everything you need to know about why this chick is dating you and what she really wants.

  • KC

    i agree.. articles that people make out of pictures… pfffff.. disgusting.

  • Me

    these two make me dislike celeb couples but then i think of better people like Jared and Gen Padalecki and then i don’t hate hollywood anymore.

  • Me

    even when Gen and Jared were just dating…you could tell how much they cared for each other.

  • Martha

    The blond dude in the second photo has nice legs!

  • Chole

    Now she has bad extensions to match his horrible hair plugs.

  • Lola

    I think they’re a lot of Minka’s PR team here, trying to make her not look so despicable

  • Jenny

    He always looks like he can’t stand to be seen with her….which makes you wonder if this “relationship” isn’t PR driven.

  • Lois

    Both of them look hard. He’s just plain not aging well (too much partying) and she’s had way too much botox. I don’t like her, but she actually used to be pretty. She’s really messed up her face though… she’s as ugly out as she is inside.

  • TwoCents

    Folks, she doesn’t need to call the paps if they went to the Arclight! Judging by where she drags him, the paps are always nearby: . Poor dude. So clueless.

  • Bety

    @TwoCents: I can’t feel sorry for him. At this point, if he doesn’t know she is a leach, he’s been in a coma. Which means he’s a fake and superficial as she is.

  • IMHO

    i’ve always liked someone like Alona Tal for him! Actually, anyone beautiful and intelligent and relaxingly down to earth (maybe not in the biz) would do.

  • Inara

    These two only seem to own a few shirts and jeans between them. Isn’t he supposed to be rich? Or did she make him spend all his money on her hair extensions, and botox, and bad dye job?

  • Sweetpea

    Cankles much, Minka? Your legs are as fat as his steroid induced arms.

  • heba

    She is desperate for attention. He’s just desperate.

  • chloe

    Both of them look much older than they actually are.

  • Matty

    Never understood why he didn’t go for Hayley Atwell, who is both beautiful and real. Hayley is so much better than this Hollywood princess.

  • Sally

    @Matty: Good point! Hayley is class and a real actress. Unlike this step above trailer trash.
    Then again maybe Hayley knew what Evans really was (a douche) and wanted nothing to do with him.

  • Anon

    Can’t they tell that she’s bad for his image? His fan base is in a rapid decline. I mean come on, there are celebs out there that as much as you want to hate them you can’t because you know that they’re known for being good people. I have yet to hear more than a casual ‘She’s nice’ here and there. Also, Minka backlash and hate has been around long before she was seen with Chris so people need to quit saying some hate her only because she’s suddenly seen with Chris. It’s his diminishing fan base that started only after they gave it another go.

  • BebeLush

    Does she only own one shirt? How many effing times are we going to see that gray t-shirt?

    No matter, they still look so cute together.

  • Blue

    What movie did they watch?

  • Mona

    @Blue: Certainly not one Minka acted in. She’s never acted in her life.

  • Violet

    @Matty: I love Haley too, but frankly he’s been in movies with so many talents (ScarJo, Camilla Belle, even Jessica Alba) one can’t help wonder what wrong with him that Stinka is the best he can do.

  • sonja

    I think she suffers from M√ľnchausen syndrome, She’s always smiling when he looks like he’s having a breakdown.
    Someone should take him to the doctor he looks awful after he started dating Minka cankles

  • Lola

    @sonja: you read my thoughts

  • Anon

    Sonja is right! Bet that’s how she keeps him by her side. Mental warfare

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