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Robert Pattinson Steps Out After False Riley Keough Rumors

Robert Pattinson Steps Out After False Riley Keough Rumors

Robert Pattinson picks up some groceries with a friend at a local supermarket on Friday (July 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 27-year-old actor picked up beer, Snapple, toilet paper, and more during this afternoon shopping trip.

Rob was seen for the first time since it was revealed exclusively on that he and Riley Keough are not dating.

Many believed rumors that Rob and Riley were dating after people came to the assumption that she was the mystery girl in his car over the weekend, but her rep confirmed to us that it was not her.

20+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson at the grocery store…

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robert pattinson steps out after false riley keough rumors 17
robert pattinson steps out after false riley keough rumors 18
robert pattinson steps out after false riley keough rumors 19
robert pattinson steps out after false riley keough rumors 20

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# 1

lol love this dude.

# 2

27 and dressed like justin beiber lol

# 3

SEXY guy! He must be batting off girls left and right now that he is SINGLE!!

# 4

He is so painfully plain. I reeeeally don’t understand all the fuss about him. I really really don’t. I see hotter guys at my local bar in the suburbs of Illinois

# 5

He’s so cute. i wish he would lose the hat though .

# 6

@Jesse: You think he’s plain? Are you serious? The guy has on an old T-shirt and a ball cap, but looks utterly gorgeous without even trying! Have you seen that jaw? If Robert Pattinson is plain, I’d be interested to know who you think is sexy. That man has got it going on, IMO.

# 7

How long before people realize Kristen’s hair is reddish? The media & fans aren’t very bright.

# 8


No he’s not. His shorts actually fit! ;)
Not sure what’s with the backwards cap, lately….I think he’s been Americanized too much….haha

# 9

Can he manage to go a week without calling the paps? I used to think it was just Kristen, but it’s obvious they both have them on speed dial.

He’s boring…the photos are boring…and now i’m bored.Thanks,JJ.zzzzzz

@Gina: He never dated Kristen,it was a business arrangement that went wrong,thanks to Kristen.They had a day to begin the “relationship” and a day to fake a “break up”.The contract is ove now,both are free again.In Hollyweird,everything is fake,even relationships.:)

@LucyH: Of course, who would date that cheater with low morals who goes after married men. But he is publicly Single now!

Rob is looking sexier than ever, even without trying!

What is the JJ in his hand?

@anna,what in your opinin he should wear while shopping?A tuxedo?

who knew grocery shopping could be sexy:)

@Jesse: I know! He is sort of plain and he always looks dirty! Plus, he has that scrawny body and wispy voice! He just isn’t masculine! You just KNOW he’s bad in bed! I don’t understand all the fuss about him! The only thing I can think of that explains it is that there are a lot of girls out there who are so crazy about Edward Cullen that they can’t see the real Robert Pattinson!

HaHa Rob saw photos of DiCaprio grocery shopping and went shopping too. A while back Rob probably thought that he was too special to be seen doing mundane stuff such as grocery shopping. Maybe KS is not around to do the mundane stuff anymore. Times change.

LucyH & Gina, you poor sad fools. The man is still dating that Kristin girl & even if he wasn’t, he still wouldn’t be with you.

Perfect man!!!

It seems some sad robsteners(aka kristen fans) are very upset that Robert moved on from Miss Indiscretion and he’s living his life.You angry people forget that it was Kristen that has destroyed your twilight fantasy lol.Leave him alone.

Rob looks totally gorgeous, shopping like a single guy, just doing his thing. I just love that even tho he’s incredibly famous, he still pops along to the grocery store doing his thing. Love him, most down to earth guy in Hollywood!

Rob looks HOT! Glad to see him out and about.

gente que povo mas,prego,e obvio que robert e kristen estão juntos só quem não enxerga são essas sem noção que tem uma paixão por robert e achar que um dia tem chances com eles,ei sem noção kiki ea poderosa aceite que doi menos!

@lol: Of course “Twilight fantasy” was a only a fantasy,Kristen and Rob’s relationship was fake from the beginning until the end.And Kristen didn’t lose a “boyfriend”,she lost a friend.She didn’t cheat on him….was that director cheated on his wife.And he isn’t “living” his life,he’s doing a photo op,called the paps…something that all the boring celebrities in Hollyweird do.
I’m not his fan,nor Kristen’s fan…both are media-wh#res and need/want

he did the shopping and i need a cold shower.. it’s not fair! :)

i just don’t get it… why do some people feel a need to insult Kristen every time there is something written about Robert. i am not her fan but i find it totally disgusting. he moved on, so why don’t you, people do the same thing?

He needs to start acting like a man and not a teenager. He dresses like my 15 year old. And when are we going to be able to read an article about him that doesn’t involve slamming Kristen or even bringing her name up? You don’t hear them calling each other names now do you? so why should we? To be perfectly honest he isn’t exactly Mr. pure here either. he was known to step out on her all the time.

EVERYONE in Hollywood is a media ***** and they all screw who ever to get ahead. This is not anything new or haven’t you heard of the casting couch?

Rob looked yummy! Luv him more with these pics <3

Rob has charisma is intelligent, writes and also one hot babe!

He is the hottest on the planet!!!!!!! God, to be lucky to be his girl… Rob is soooooooo good looking. I love him. IMO.

He is sooooooooooo hot, god I love him. Wish him the best with whomever he decides to be with. What a handsome man. All those Brits are hot, but none are hotter than RP.

God he is sooooooo hot. I love him. Hope he finds his perfect girl. He is the best of all the Brits we have over here. England has the best looking guys ever. Good luck RP, you have many that love you to pieces

rob use KS like toilet paper @ 07/05/2013 at 9:10 pm

rob use Kristen like toilet paper, & rob buy toilet paper cos robs fans like S__T…

He still shares the stylist wth Kristen!

@Lou: Yep, Kristen made him into a down to earth guy.

Anything Is Possible @ 07/05/2013 at 10:39 pm

Oh boy. Judging by a lot of the comments here, if the truth is what I think it is, there is going to be quite a meltdown from the Robsessed. Remember that when it comes to Rob and Kristen, you need to keep an open mind.

He looks happy. He is one hot guy

Rob is a very handsome man. So gorgeous… So glad to see him happy.

Rob is looking HoT ! Didnt know one could look sexy grocery shopping !

Rob is looking hotter than ever now that he is single !!

Rob is looking better n better ! should loose the backward hat though . He is hot as hell

@anna: Rob is no justin Bieber . Rob is way way hot and sexy

@Denise that’s a lie @sam Rob always is humble, I guess his family made him that way, and @Anything Is Possible Judging by a lot of the comments here, including yours the meltdown is in shippers wreck. Let the boy live his life, he’s hot, gorgeous and single for now.

AngieDouglas @ 07/06/2013 at 2:27 am

@Rylan: Your observation skills are questionable, any blind Freddy can see IT’S NOT KRISTEN in car.

Rob does look hot here ! But he is such a wuss if he is still with a girl who has cheated on him .No one from his camp has confirmed the split .

Rob is looking good here . Ditching the cheater must be a relief .He seems to be much happier than he was this past year

Rob just got his man card back after ditching the cheater and looks happy to be a man instead of a cuckold fool

Rob looks so Hot. He’s an absolutely gorgeous man, doesn’t even have to try. Wish he’d drop the caps, but he still looks amazing. Glad he’s moved on from Stewart.

@lol: who says the negative comments are from kristen fans, some rob fans are just pathetic blaming every negative thing said about rob on kristen fans when people are allowed to have a general opinion withou being a fan of anyone

half these comments look like they are written by the same person but under a different name

those backward caps are awful :/

He is rocking these days …love this man . Finally he had the good sense to dump the Sh*nk

@ashley: she probably dumped him cos she seems to be having a pretty good time now that they aren’t together plus at least she ain’t being linked to every single person of the opposite $ex like rob seems to be. Honestly they both seem a lot happier but that may be more down to the fact that the papz don’t follow them round as much anymore and they can actually go out and doing normal things with their friends

I totally think Rob dumped her . ….Rob has always been too good for her .
Getting linked with anyone he is seen with is nothing new for Rob . He just has to breathe the same air as a woman to be linked with her .
Rob is no longer in a relationship with Kscrew he can be with anyone he likes

Hes shopping with a dude whose holding a broom and has a mushroom cut hairstyle, enough said on this shopping debacle lol!

@Meme: You are spot on Meme , If Rob aint hot I dont know who is , he has it going on all sides IMO too

Gosh ! He is hot even broom shopping !

Rob is looking really good.

AngieDouglas @ 07/06/2013 at 8:58 am

Anybody else notice that Robert has edited his Wikipedia page. No personal information. Deleted reference to Kristen Stewart.

Wow !! I just went and checked his wikipedia page . No personal info at all . Rob is trully done with her .

Rob is looking absolutely gorgeous . Hello Hottie

@Helen: so men with a Broom are what in your eyes, could it be that they actual cleaning up their s$it…you stupid people with your stupid imagination. Rob looks like a hot guy doing regular things

This guy is way TOOO HOT !! ” fans self “

Rob is looking more buff and fit these days . Rob and Riley would have looked cute together had they been dating .
Rob is definitely looking happy , who wouldnt be after shedding the baggage

I cannot get over how hot Rob has been looking lately ! Go man !

He is a hot ,sexy, single guy and he looks awesome

What makes everyone think he called the paps! Why would he need to do that? It was probably someone in the store tweeted that he was there shopping, the paps picked it up and made their way there.

Now we will see the real Rob ! Loving what we have seen of him post -split . He is working with good directors and choosing his scripts intelligently . All his roles are varied and different . wish him all the success and happiness

He is a great person ! hopefully now we will see him again with his wacky sense of humour and a happy face .

I used to think he was great looking. I change my mind. Now I think he is ordinary at best. Kristen is the unique looking one.

Krisbian Alert !!! Rob is HOT ! anyone with eyes can see that . I do not want to discuss her on this thread . Rob is done with her . He has removed all traces of her from his wkiprdia page as well .

Kristen is average looking lat her best (those ears, teeth, chin, nose, thin lips which she injects when filming – ugly features) , she never looks great, not even with make-up on and photoshopped. Pattinson was always the better looking one in this pairing. He does not look like much here though.

Yes Rob is better looking and a much better person any day . There is no comparison . Glad that he has moved on . This is a beginning of a new gloroius chapter in his life

It is amazing how buff and amazing Rob has been looking lately ! Keep it up !

@Lillian: youre right, she is unique. the dirtiest looking young woman in hollywood.

Hi handsome !! He is the hottest single man around !

evelin ossowski , darkbrowen withe black – bloond haire of stand 1,80m
body smile i m poland girl hobby books ready ,jogging in park schopping, in live in bremerhaven

ROB!!! Still pale as the day is long!!! God, how I love British men!!!! Of course I love Henry Cavill as well!! Wow!

Rob, pale as the day is long!!!!! God how I love British men and Henry Cavill is hot as hell as well, WOW!!!

Sad but true @ 07/06/2013 at 9:32 pm

I’ve seen guys at a suburban mall who are more attractive.

he is soooooo damn hot ! I could kill for a skin like his !

Beer, Snapple and toilet paper? Geez how embarrassing

His shopping cart shows Rob is just like the rest of us . its just everyday stuff . …..but Rob looks supercool shopping groceries . He is one hot dude

All I have to say is – go read the blog Justice For Kristen. EVERYTHING is explained there! HL and their sister sights, including PEOPLE, are lying to everyone and ruining lives and careers!

robert , i have normal brown hair stand of hair black -BLoond and brown eyes. evelin

We know what we saw with our own eyes and those pics were not manipulated. If they had been, neither KStew or Rupert would have issued apologies. They would have sued US magazine and never had to work again.

It happened, you all need to deal with it. She screwed up, got caught, and apologized to save her career. It’s not a big mystery or conspiracy. It is what it is. Everyone but her fans can see what’s as clear as daylight.

No one admits to cheating with a married man if they didn’t do it. It’s career suicide. And you see what she’s doing now. Little dinky inides with first time directors. No more big budget, starring parts with Oscar winners. She wouldn’t volunteer for that as some part of a stupid PR conspiracy. No one would, it’s crazy.

Rob has dumped the cheater and is moving on with his life ! kristen delusional fans are in denial .
Rob is a great person Kristen is not .
I am totally team Rob and am rooting for him .

Go Rob Go! @ 07/07/2013 at 3:11 am

I have no doubt that Rob’s close knit family helped him in deciding to put an end to his imprisonment to Stewart. They seem like a family that is respectable and tolerated his dating his cheating ex out of respect that he wanted to appear to be a gent. But they made it clear, KS is not marriage material so why prolong the relationship. He will go further in Britain with a proper girlfriend. They envision him one day meeting the royal family. And that won’t happen with a trampire hanging on his arm.

I think he got a new car or maybe that’s a rental. That’s a 2012 Hyundai Elantra — not the typical Toyota Camry (same color though). Maybe it belongs to the other guy w/ him. Also, his shirt is from an Army Base in Sparta, WI. When my husband’s unit was activated, he was sent to Ft. McCoy. I didn’t know those shirts were sold from there. It is ironic seeing a Brit wearing an American military. Maybe he is getting into the holiday (we know better but we can give him the benefit of the doubt).

Rob in Shorts grocery shopping , looking gorgeous , beautiful skin , holding the keys to that sexy car ….love that car , its a Tesla ……go get them Rob !

OMG ! Rob shopping for groceries is too cute . Please Rob can I be your partner for your next grocery run !

Rob is a down to earth guy he was too good for her.he has manners she doesn’t

Really excited about Rob’s movie maps to the stars . He plays a aspiring actor , writing a screen play and moonlighting as a chauffer to make ends meet .
PS No one looks as hot as Rob getting groceries

I swear Rob is responsible for global warming !
work it Rob work it !
he is looking so good eversince his split .

Rob is effortlessly sexy !

Rob is making some great career choices ….looking forward to all his new movies and the Dior ad

I am literally dying to watch that smoking hot Kiss !!

aquarius64 @ 07/07/2013 at 1:59 pm

@Go Rob Go!: It’s going to be awhile be Kristen enters a new relationship. You know it’s a problem when the gossip press has reported from “sources” that she is not interested in dating right away. She still has the stench of the cheating scandal on her one year later. Right or wrong, some guys may be leery to get with her because of it; other guys may seek her out to see if she would be open to them like she was to Rupert. Even Taylor Lautner has distanced himself from Kristen; he produced a girlfriend one week after Rob and Kristen broke up. The reason IMO – he’s been accused of hooking up with Kristen on Rob’s watch for years and he hung out with Kristen while Rob was out of town. If he was perceived as having a role in the Robsten breakup, like longtime Rob friend Katy Perry was, it would ruin his reputation. Kristen needs to rehab her rep before getting back into the dating pool.

Rob is looking gorgeous and healthy in these pictures . He has taken the right decision to move on from kristen .
I am very happy for him , his is on his way to having a great career in HW . He is getting great compliments on his ability to act , write and direct .
excited !!

This what Werner Herzog , director /producer of Queen of the desert , had to say about Rob .
Herzog: He has charisma, he is smart, he writes. I hope we will see him one day as a director

Anything Is Possible @ 07/07/2013 at 4:20 pm

LOL! I understand that some people want to believe I’m a delusional shipper, and that’s fine. I’m such a “Robsten” that I still haven’t seen the last two Twilight movies! Anywho, we’ll see what happens. Time will reveal the truth. As I said, remember that anything is possible!

Rob is looking great , he did the right thing in ditching the cheater .

Finally, Rob made up his mind already. good job! good job! :) stay single and stay happy. hahaha! you’ll find a perfect girl for you. Don’t you worry….

Rob is looking deliciously hot ! single Rob rocks even more ! who will be his next gf ? well done Rob Kristen was a sk*nk


#lLucyH all this time you live in the La La Land.

Why people think the way he dress up is like a teenager, how suppose a twenty some years old dress up, because of a backward cap. How many 40+ guys wearing a backward cap. Some still think that his relationship with Kristen still under contract, is that also including sleeping together. Wake up you are in a La La land or in dilusion what is reality. Some people think they knew him and Kristen by reading tabloid, what a simple mind.

Love the military shirt.

RP fans can’t wait to see him portray Eric Maddox in Mission: Blacklist!

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