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Kaley Cuoco: Horseback Riding Beauty!

Kaley Cuoco: Horseback Riding Beauty!

Kaley Cuoco puts safety first with a helmet while doing some horseback riding on Saturday (July 6) in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old actress was spotted grabbing two cups of coffee in Sherman Oaks.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kaley Cuoco

On the same day, Kaley showed her love for Lao Tzu, the founder of philosophical Taoism, by tweeting a famous quote, “Silence is a source of great strength.”

15+ pictures inside of Kaley Cuoco having some fun while horseback riding in Thousand Oaks…

Just Jared on Facebook
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 01
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 02
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 03
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 04
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 05
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 06
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 07
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 08
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 09
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 10
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 11
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 12
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 13
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 14
kaley cuoco horseback riding beauty 15

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • ari


  • Samara

    Hahahaha……seriously I’m fed up of seeing this she’s become the most photographed person in less than a week

  • Emma


  • hay

    I used to live near Thousand Oaks and it is definitely not LA, there is no reason paps would magically be at some horse ranch there. This just makes me think she is behind this PR stuff. Henry must have left the house in the last couple days but you don’t see 4 different sets of photos of him.

  • Britney

    and she’s becoming the most hated person in one week! stop trying to make her relevant its not happening. We only care for Henry not this bitch.

    Hate her already and i love BBT.


    pr is in full effect….jared is just seeing dollar signs

  • http://computer David From Canada

    “Silence is a source of great strength”. I like that. (she’s talking about meditation).

  • Artemis

    Few hours ago i was jealus of her for dating Henry (make no mistake…i like them together) but now?I feel sorry for her!…i would still date the shit out of Hnery,though!

  • georgina

    two posts in one day! wow not paid for at all…..

  • yeah

    @Artemis: He’s gay so unless you have a d!ck he’s not interested.

  • BoomBoom

    Nothing against her but calling her Beauty…maybe cute but no Beauty at all.

  • BT

    basic bitch, they are like the beauty and the beast (Henry and Kaley Cuckoo)

  • evie

    Hollywood, stop trying to make this bitch happen!

  • Artemis


    cut this “gay” BS…i know fron fact that he is not!

  • Pffff

    LOL Kaley is milking this for all its worth. Private my ass. Getting papped every day with two cups, she has been famous longer than Henry and knows what she is doing.
    I hope Henry learns from this, and moves on.

  • kami

    i never heard of her till this week when she started dating henry cavill. now there are pix of her on every blog/entertainment site in the universe. has she ever done anything relevant? i get that they’re both with the same pr agency, but this is a bit over the top ridiculous for a pr stunt. ppl are making fun of them on most gossip sites. is that what they were going for? everyone should go to dlisted and read michale k’s take on it. hilarious.

  • Rose

    HAHAHA! I knew this girl’s team was totally working the paps! It’s so obvious most Hollywood couples are nothing but PR. When are people gonna learn this? Most Hollywood couples are FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  • Tomax

    Henry’s dating Kendall Jenner.

  • justme

    she’s like the copy paste of his ex-fiance

  • Saffie

    His ex fiancee was not cute. Chubby too.

  • Sad but true

    I don’t care about her or Cavill but if they get engaged and marry, I will grab my popcorn for the inevitable fangirl meltdowns of epic proportions.

  • Jessie

    Dammit Jared! We already had a thread with her on a horse. Man, they must be paying a lot to get her coverage like this.

  • HCfan

    the horse is prettier than her, oops

  • Getting old


    I agree – this is a PR showmance if I ever saw one. I’ve never heard of this woman in my life until the staged pic from the beginning of the week and now we’re reading about her everyday. I guess the point of this whole showmance is so that HC can look straight and so she can get some publicity.

  • Superman’s GF

    This is g-dd*amn RIDICULOUS.

  • Mel

    Omg lololol stop it already. Girl ain’t happening.

  • Maria

    Give her a break. Eva Longoria might get upset nobody is following her after her big announcement. lol

    By the way where’s Henry? :-)

  • Mimi

    C’mon people, don’t you understand?? She’s ALWAYS been followed by paparazzi! There have always been candids of her here and there, specially multiple times a day!! It’s all about how successful the BBT is, It has absolutely *nothing* to do with her dating the man of steel! *please accept my sarcasm* lol.

  • Me404u


    What’s your “fact”? You follow him around 24 hours a day?

  • LOL

    Anyone else notice that pretty much all of these pap photos of Kaley and Cavill were taken by AKM-GSI? They were probably hired by Cavill and Kaley’s PR agency Viewpoint. Yes, AKM-GSI are typically hired by publicists to help promote the celebs they represent. Hell, I even think Kimmy K is a client. Such a shoddy PR job. Oh and if there is any doubt here’s AKM-GSI in their own words:

    “AKM-GSI has begun to bridge the the gap between celebrity images and PR Representation.”

  • LOL

    And for the record, I do not think Henry is gay AT ALL and no he does not employ or need beards. . But it’s obvious that he wants fame so badly and he will go along with whatever he thinks is going to get him there. Kind of disappointing.


    someone turned into famevvhore quickly….relationship cooked up in a publicist’s office

  • http://Gogetacoffee Rakhi

    Okay, guys I really like her , the problem is not her the problem is the media. I have been a fan of her since the 8 simple rules and I like the Big Bang theory . She came on Ellen once with a broken leg . She is a great ping pong player and she loves horse back riding . The problem is the paparazzi are noticing her now , and there is so much hate …. It’s not her fault . She has always been there doing her thing . Before HC ppl just dint care for her!

  • yellow

    why the hate? Poor girl. She is cute and she looks like a very funny and adorable woman.

  • Nymeria

    Rather should ride on Henry ;)

  • Rach


    Oh just a hugely successful tv comedy. She’s been around for years actually on successful shows.

    And side note people, stop with all this ‘he’s gay’ stuff it’s just sad. If he comes out later on then more power to him, but I’m convinced the ‘gay’ label thrown around by people here with Henry and others is just some jealous little reaction because, he’s not dating you or something, oh so therefor must be gay, what are you 12?

  • Diedre

    @kami: Have you ever watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’ or ’8 Simple Rules’?
    She’s more relevant that you.

  • J

    She’s cute but not that photogenic. But OMG, after seeing MOS, is Henry Cavill’s face carved by an act of god or what?

  • Kelly

    Can we get a shot of her sitting on the toilet.

  • JFC

    Must we see EVERY F**KING THING she does now? Sooner or later we’ll have shots of her going to the bathroom or something…NOBODY CARES.

  • Jaye


    Kaley has been photographed thousands of time the last 4 days.Appareantly,paparazzies are all over her and they are in Oaks for her (not PR or something like that)!

  • Jaye


    You are VERY wrong.

    Only the hiking photos were taken by AKM-GSI . The grocery pictures and the rest of pictures showing Kaley doing every-day activities have been taken by 3 different firms (PacificCoast,INF and AKM-GSI) and have been published by 4 different blogs (People,The Daily Mail,Just Jared,Zimbio)

  • isa

    Some commens are so cruel and Kaley is not ugly.

  • Samara

    Haha this is a joke,the things ppl would do to get noticed,if you see twitter pic she has a coffee machine lol,why go out every morning for coffee it’s so obvious

  • Anne


    Good god…you are alla accuse her for the most stupid things.She has a coffe machine…so what?I do have a coffe machne,also…but i reall don;t remember the last time i used it!

  • Riley

    BTW Kaley was never that private…she posted many pictures with her fiance!It’s not the first time she shows her ralationship…it’s the first time,thought,that the media care.

    IDK…i just don’t think it’s PR!

  • LOL

    @Jaye: Hate to break it to you but you are the one who is wrong. Every picture of HC and KC together (supposed candids) were taken by AKM-GSI. Every pap pic of KC since the dating story broke i.e. her going to the nail salon, horseback riding, getting coffee etc. is credited to AKM-GSI. Some of the other agencies i.e.
    PacificCoast,INF were credited to ONE of the pics of them at the grocery store. But AKM-GSI was credited also. AKM-GSI was exclusively credited for the hiking pics..surprise, surprise. Personally, I don’t care whether these two are dating or not. But it’s obvious, that there is a PR push behind it too. The fact that People ran the story is an indicator that PR people were involved in spoon feeding this dating story to the magazine. It’s all so utterly transparent. Anyone who has worked in publicity can read the writing on the wall. So how f*cking stupid do they think people are. AKM-GSI were probably hired to pap them exclusively. But don’t be surprised if more agencies are involved to throw people off. Like I said, it doesn’t matter if they are dating or not. But Lainey and Celebitchy are spot on with their theory about what is really going on behind the scenes. It’s pretty obvious that Warner want to make this guy the biggest male star on the planet. But it’s obvious someone also wants to make this girl, who average looking or not is on the most popular sitcom out there. There’s money involved. Nothing against her personally because she seems like a nice girl but the PR angle is pretty obvious.

  • Jaye

    @LOL how go you know.Just Jared does not report the exact amount of pictures taken by each paparazzi firm.On Zimbio all of the picture are coming from PacificCoast.The Daily Mail has also photos from : Splash,XPOSUREPHOTOS,RCF/INF,FameFlunet.

    Splash also has photos with Kaley riding her horse,picking up cofee from starbucks etc.

    Also,now that i’m looking it more carefully Splash also had exclusevilly some hiking photos which were sold to TDM

  • Riley

    Laney is so stupid and biased that even calls Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (a couple that is together for 9 years and have 2 children(?)) a PR stunt!

  • LOL

    @Jaye: @Riley: You seem very naive, so believe what you want. But if you are saying that this relationship is purely a relationship where PR is not involved then you are completely delusional. They aren’t the only ones who play this game. Sh*t happens when you are hellbent on climbing the ladder in HW.