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Kaley Cuoco: Saturday Morning Coffee Run for Two

Kaley Cuoco: Saturday Morning Coffee Run for Two

Kaley Cuoco gets her morning fix with two cups of coffee and some breakfast treats at a local Starbucks shop on Saturday (July 6) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 27-year-old Big Bang Theory actress and new girlfriend of Henry Cavill was seen earlier in the week picking up some coffee on the Fourth of July.

“Congrats on yet another incredible win!!!!!!! @Bryanbros @Bryanbrothers,” Kaley tweeted that day to congratulate Bob and Mike Bryan on winning the Wimbledon doubles title.

In case you missed it, check out photos of Kaley and Henry holding hands while grocery shopping together.

FYI: Kaley is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Kaley Cuoco getting coffee…

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kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 01
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 02
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 03
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 04
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 05
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 06
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 07
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 08
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 09
kaley cuoco saturday morning coffee run for two 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Alice

    oh man.. You missed a post about when she farted the last time.

  • Kil

    is this girl for real?? lol stop calling the paps b!tch.

  • Emma


    LOL…but oh so right!

  • Albus

    The 27-year-old Big Bang Theory actress and new girlfriend of Henry Cavill. Yeah they need to add the latter cause it’s definitely a career move ;-)

  • Journalistic

    This whole paps + 2 coffees charade is just laughable.

  • Leokas

    She definently stooped really low with this whole PR move, not liking it

  • Anna

    How can people say that this is PR?I thought so too in the begginning BUT the guy is totally staying with her!If it was PR they would probably spent some time apart!

  • Gucci

    I really liked Henry, but all this PR thing is laughable and makes him look so desperate to become a A List :(

  • Jessie

    How many coffee runs are we going to see of this woman.
    I still say PR. She dated a co-star for 2 years and kept that secret. She was engaged and unengaged in a hot minute without fanfare. These two are suppose to be so private about their private life, but 2 days after it’s comes out they are dating, they take a stroll hand in hand. The next day they’re, who know where and she’s all over him, but his arms are at his sides like she’s some wart on his back. It’s not like PR romances are unheard of, it’s sort of a given in Hollywood.
    Yeah, I think the two coffees thing is a bit obvious. What, he can’t go with her to get coffee??? He’s at her apartment or his waiting for her to come back? Yeah, that’s what I thought. GF is working it. I guess Superman can’t be without a piece for long, people will start thinking he’s gay.

  • Lulani

    Does she not have a coffee machine at her house!? Who goes out this much for coffee unless they are looking for attention?! Get a coffee maker Kaley. Better yet tell your people to stop tipping the paps off. When Henry is done with you and this disgusting fake display the paps wouldn’t care less who your ex is. I’m so ver this female already and henry too. never thought he was the famewhoring type bt inguess the modest display eas jus that. a displa.She is officially the biggest famewhore in hollyweird right now. Smdh

  • Haters Suck!

    Jealously is an ugly thing. As I’m guessing are many of you aswell.

  • Lulani

    @Anna: ahahhahahha note hollyweird darling. They do what they have to to keep the pr story looking as real they can. Anything goes for some in hollyweird. And you don’t know that’s they’re living together. Henry needs his head examining. He was just living with gina and then 2 weeks later he’s apparently living with kaley. if she doesn’t think she is just another notch then she must be stupid. Don’t put anything past these people. Even Henry whom I thought was modest and down to earth I don’t think he is like that at all. I tinkhe is just like all the other hollyweird famewhores. We’re just seeing it now.he better be carefull. People aren’t stupid and are already calling him out on his bullshit. He better go somewhere away from all the fake pr and regroup.its his career.and if it all goes to shits,the people who concocted it will still have jobs but his image will be completely f******. Hollyweird is fickle. One Day you’re it the next you’re nobody.its not looking good for him right now. He should call Ben afflect for advice lol

  • Civvie

    She has done well for herself for having a weird face, lousy boobs, and a weird body.

  • Lulani

    @Gucci: I@Haters Suck!: you can’t be serious??! You are as gullible as they come. Could care less who the man chooses to date but to play such obvious and ridiculous pr games and expect people with brains to not suspect it is a friggin joke. He is not modest,down to earth or nice.he is a huge famewhore with a huge ego like the rest of them and every single facade he has portrayed has been just that. He has terrible relationships with women. And he cant be alone for a minute!? Does he always need to be with someone?! Thats a terrible sign.he needs to keep his private life private and I’m gathering that if this “relationship” wasn’t for PR then he would’ve done just that. Kept it as private as he could for as long as he could.and Kaley wouldn’t go around blabbing to people about them,if it wasn’t an attention thing for her she would’ve kept it to herself and enjoyed spending time with him away from all the pressures of the paps and press but naw it’s an attention thing for her too. They deserve each other.

  • Lulani

    @Gucci: I agree with you. Ignore my previous comment. It was for someone else alone. Not you :)

  • roonie

    Kaley looks like any generic blonde woman in America entering and leaving a Starbucks, she is unrecognizable tbh so this only means STAGED! How else would the paps know who she was.

  • roonie



  • Haters Suck!

    Ok then. When you become a big girl and find a blind man to date you you can handle your relationship however the hell you want but don’t tell others how to handle theirs. I’ll tell you something else if this is “pr” so what? If its not good for them cause frankly its none of my or your business.

  • Jerkface

    There are A LOT of Hollywood couples who can keep their romances to themselves. At least, that’s true about the actors who have actual talent and don’t need people to care about who they are dating in order to be famous. Example: how many people actually know or care who Daniel Day Lewis is dating/married to? No one. Exactly! Because he has real talent and he doesn’t need us to care about his personal life to stay on top. Henry is a real disappointment to me now. I thought he was real, but now he’s playing the game just like all the other famewh*ring “stars” out there (Chris Evans, Minka Kelly, Kaley Cuoco – not to mention the disgusting Kardashians and other plastic faced “socialites”). Sorry Henry, but fake isn’t the new cool. You lose.

  • Lulani

    @Haters Suck!: LMFAO get a grip. Are you Kaley!? I knew you were an attention whore but to troll boards defending yourself LMFAO. All the low.

  • Lulani

    @Jerkface: I couldn’t agree more!!!

  • Lulani

    @roonie: exactly

  • Haters Suck!

    Smh sad sad Leroy brown the saddest man in the whole damn town.

  • Lulani

    @Haters Suck!: troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll

  • lila

    Jared, stop trying to make this girl happen. She’s not going to happen.

  • Ariadne

    As i said before ,i think their relationship is very real.But what is their mistake?They let their PR teams interfere on how they will handle it.I guess they wanted to keep it private (as i do believe them when they say that they are private) but someone saw them kissing and from there the one thing brought the other.It was reported,they heard,they asked from help from thei PR teams,the PR teams wanted to milk the cash cow and brought the media in.

  • Arya

    I read this somewhere :

    When someone asked Henry about Gina in an interview on early June his
    answer was reall vague and thought the question was for Gina,Hnery didn’t even make a reference to her (note that Gina was also spotted with an Austrian guy).It has been reported that Henry and Gina broke up in early May.BUT during the Man of Steel interviews in June Henry was refering to a girl as his girlfriend.Anyway,if he broke up with Gina in May to whom he was reffering as his girlfriend?Kaley.

  • Ale

    What a bunch of haters!! Henry is her boyfriend, live with it…she’s the one he kisses and sleeps with and does shopping with and hikes …never will be you lol
    Leave these people alone or the hate will eat you alive. Losers!!

    She always buys her coffee at Starbucks, she will not change her habits because of the paps, paps have been all her life around her she’s not intimidating by them, she learned to live with them around!!

    Why should she keep her story secret?? Is she dating a married man? NO She and Henry are both single and can do what they want, if you don’t want to see her pics don’t come and comment here.

  • Arya

    I read this somewhere :

    Henry and Gina broke up in early May.But during the MOS promo tour in June in some interviews Hnery refers to a girl as his girlfriend.Everybody assumed that he was talking about Gina BUt he was obviously not talking about her as they were not together anymore.So who was the mysterious girl?I guess Kaley.

  • Lulani

    @Arya: nope there was an interview for a magazine that specifically asked him abut gina and he answered the question referring to gina so nothing vague there.

  • niko


    Its so different. Nobody cares about her co-star, lovely man but without any interest for magazines or her ex.

  • Lulani

    @Arya: and this nervier was in June

  • Lulani

    @Arya: and this interview was in june

  • Arya

    No.You are probably talking about the DETAILS interview.But he gave this interview before the broke up.I’m talking about an interviw he gave in June.He was asked about whether his girlfriend (they did not said her name) would play wonder woman.Hnery talke about a shared DC universe and that Wonder woman is asignificant part of it.But although he was asked about Gina he did not even talked about her..

  • Dd

    Omg she wasn’t relevant until she started dating HC.

  • Haters Suck!

    She’s not relevant till this? What a crock of $hit. She’s on the #1 show on tv if consider that relevant and impressive.

  • Albus

    @Haters Suck!: @Haters Suck!: The show has been relevant allright, NOT necessarily her. I don’t remember her being followed by the paps this much before the HC thing.

  • Leilana

    I like her, enjoy her work. Him, he’s handsome but I never heard of him. I think the photographers lurk outside everywhere, and don’t always have to be called to get a photo. If I were going out and calling photogs, I would dress up a bit probably. She didn’t. However, I do question all the people, not just her, who go out to buy coffee. Doesn’t it get cold before you get back? I know my coffee sometimes gets cold taking it from the kitchen to another room to drink it. To each his own, though.

  • Jade

    For what is worth,i heard that the last couple mont (and maybe more) of Henry’s and Gina’s relationship,the two of them were not talking to each other…they were shouting to each other.
    Anyway,i feel that now with Kaley Henry seems more relaxed.I mean,watching his Man of Steel interviews i was always getting the vibe that he was uncomfortable and shy.This is actually the first time i see him so relaxed and smiling so much.

    I’m sorry to whoever i’ll disappoint…i don;t thing it a PR stunt.

  • Ale

    Kaley is more famous than Henry…and I’m a Henry fan, so stop writing crap. I know Kaley as actress since I was a teen and she was a teen herself, she has been in 2 of my favorite and most famous tv shows Charmed and 8 Simple Rules, and now on Big Bang Theory. I know Henry as actor since 2 years basically from Immortals 2011… Henry’s carrier is recent, Kaley has grown up on the tv. She has hosted twice People Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards, she’s in every talk show in USA every month and has presented at Golden Globes and Emmy….and LISTEN LISTEN SHE JUST received a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She doesn’t need Henry to become famous because she already is, she just likes him for the man he is.

  • Ale

    @Albus: Well Henry wasn’t followed so much either, or better saying was never followed before, except for some photos with a blonde Brit real state agent called Jessica in September 2012, he doesn’t have candids, well only some from the set of Man of Steel, but those can’t be considered as such…And if he’s the biggest star of the couple why they don’t follow him but only her?? Kaley Cuoco has candids with all her boyfriends…maybe because you’re too focus only in your hate for every women Henry dates, you missed to check google. Just drop it…because the more you write BS the more ridiculous you look.

  • Albus

    @Ale: LOL whatever i don’t hate her, nor hated Gina or that horse girl or whoever he’ll date in the future.

  • Samara

    Lmao why are ppl making a big deal of who dates who,these ppl are here to work and entertain us on screen which they do,they have a right to private lives,like I said b4 I live in jersey hendry’s home town, he’s getting caught up too soon in this Hollywood fame game,I lost all respect for him,seems the only problem he’s having at the moment is keeping his zipper fasten enough ,so come on hendry you are better than this

  • Lena

    I must say that I am a bit confused here. If he broke up with Gina in May, when would he have had the time to get to know Kaley? Wasn’t he running all across the globe heavily promoting Man of Steel? And, he’s only been back to the states maybe 3 weeks so it seems a bit too soon for this type of exposure. He waited months before publicly coming out with Gina and they were always so private and never really spoke about each other. He has always said how much he values his privacy, so again this seems a bit odd. There have been numerous actors who prefer to have the media focus on their professional lives rather than their personal lives so I think that this is a bad move for these two talented actors because from now on the focus will be on their personal lives and it will be very difficult to get that respect for privacy back.

  • Kelly

    They need to have a 24 hour stream about her every move.

  • Kelly


    There are many places that these two could meet.They share many friends.Plus WB studios,MOS parties,awards shows that they both attended etc. Also it has been reported that they were talking through text messages and phone calls during the MOS promo .

  • kami


    hilarious!!!! he’ll post that later.

  • amaranth

    Are there any other really & truly hot & beautiful starlet in the TVdom of WB than hiring this Big Bang Theory DOG?!?!?!

  • jk

    Bearding is an ugly thing…man up H

  • beautybarbie

    I like Kaley I am a big fan of Big Bang aTheory but seriously a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?. Which movies she shoot in all this years? Penny aside I dont know nothing more of her interpretative work all these years.