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Marc Anthony & Chloe Green: St. Tropez Vacation!

Marc Anthony & Chloe Green: St. Tropez Vacation!

Marc Anthony and his girlfriend Chloe Green hold hands while heading to a boat on Friday (July 5) in Saint-Tropez, France.

The 44-year-old singer and Chloe, 22, are vacationing with her family, including her billionaire businessman father Sir Philip Green. Looks like they all get along really well!

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Marc‘s latest song “Vivir Mi Vida” just reached nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, setting this decade’s record for a salsa song.

15+ pictures inside of Marc Anthony and Chloe Green in Saint-Tropez…

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  • Lili

    I don’t want to be mean… but she looks like his daughter. That’s a little bit repulsive.

  • Truer

    That’s nasty. That her family should welcome their 22-yr-old daughter serving a man old enough to be her father, who has 5 children.

    For men like Antony, I hope that when his daughter turns 22, she starts dating a 45-yr-old man. So should Bruce Willis’s daughter and Alec Baldwin’s.

    That’s just nasty.

  • Oh Boy

    So true with the age difference however men have chosen younger for centuries. Especially for first wives because most young girls 16-20 were still virgins and they deemed as pure and untainted. Nowadays, it’s just about ego and pride and for these girls they are nothing more than lazy sugarbabies looking to be set up with wealth or looking for fame. Her parents are probably thinking at least she’s out of our pockets. Let him take care of her. That is until something bad happens to her.

  • James

    EW! What is she doing with that old ugly PuertoRican drug addict!!!

  • Anna

    Is he serious? She is half his age for goodness sake…

  • Avery

    He only likes white girls or extra light Latinas. Funny how his twins with JLO are darker than both he and their mother.

  • Miguel

    It’s called mejorar La Raza all Puerto Ricans want to be white that’s why Ricki Martin used the sperm of a white anglo and the eggs of a white anglo woman because he didn’t want to risk having darker twins that were throwbacks.

  • ?


    WTF? Mejorar la raza? That’s the raciest ever…

  • Guadelupe

    @Avery: Shut up stupid nobody wants to be white, not even white people!

  • rochelle

    Marc sure loves dating rich ladies.

  • LuLu

    don’t be delusional, every race wants our white culture, that’s why white culture, fashion & technology dominate the world, why MARC & JLO wants to look as white as possible. JLO bleached her skin, wears blond weaves and had her big wide nose narrowed all in an effort to look as white as possible. You don’t see PUERTORICAN music and movies make money outside the US/ PUERTORICO or Salsa doing concerts outside US/PUERTORICO…zero European cities and why every society that white race built, Europe, America, Canada are flodded by every race and creed in the world, 3 decades of travel made easy and information and news of how other cultures live in the world. America only 30 years ago was 89% white is now 68% same is happening in Europe. And who in their right mind ever looks at the PuertoRicans and doesn’t think of PuertoRico as a dump! Poverty, Crime, Gangs, Uneducated, Dependent on US taxpayor dollars. Their Welfare and Food Stamp usage are triple the number of real Americans because PuertoRicans do not work! They won’t vote to stand on their own two feet because they want the United States to continue to support them. Every race wonders why only white people come in every different hair, eye color and hair texture, height and facial features.
    Come on now, we can’t always play dumb and blind to appease PuertoRicans of their INFERIORITY. Even White Latinos do not like or appease them.

  • Elena

    Marc looks relaxed and happy and as a fan I am happy for him. I don’t care about the age difference, he is not the first man in his 40′s dating a younger woman. I am surprised that he chose Chloe but as long as he is enjoying life, good for him. He deserves to find happiness again, he went through a lot being married to that *itch JLo.

  • Peter

    @LuLu: Calling Puerto Ricans inferior lazy and welfare cheats is just plain mean and racist. I feel sorry for you.

  • Elena

    Your comment is ugly! Marc is super talented, very sexy, charming, charismatic and intelligent.

  • Morgaine

    @Guadelupe: Very funny GUadelupe but don’t you have a toilet to clean or a drug to sell. All Latinos want to be white not just Marc and his questionable taste in women. Eva Longoria has a show on television about maids, yet she wouldn’t even hire a Hispanic (must less a Puerto rican one) unless that Hispanic woman is light to white complexion. So you can see they are more prejudiced against themselves and in favor of white skin than anyone else.

  • Weird

    LuLU: you are a dumb and stupid racist that went to a gossip blog to unleash all your bitterness, hate and life-anger that’s all this has nothing to do with Puerto Rican people but with your bitter and hateful self.

  • Haylee


  • Adana Gonzalez

    Whites copy everything that Puerto Ricans do! They have ZERO culture. I sure don’t see whitening salons on every corner. I do see “tanning” salons though. You even spray paint color on yourselves, pl;umping lips, perming hair curly, and adding extensions so it’s less limp and about SELF-HATE!!

  • pamela james

    women should’nt hate if you cant beat than join he is just acting J-Lo she is trying to get back at Mark with a younger man but if she is trying to hurt Mark she should have went back with Puff Daddy are at least someone that she dont have to take care of if you trying to hurt a man dont go from a Rolls Royce to a Kia damn love J-Lo but she need to drop that zero

  • Avery

    Puerto Ricans don’t even like each other unless they are light skinned. They have a slave mentality even today after being in chains longer than any other group in the western world. Puerto Ricans are pretty much useless and have contributed nothing to the world. Spanish people are European who owned the lowly Puertos that’s why they speak a sorta gutter Spanish and not Catalan the language of white Spain. Fried bananas, beans and rice that’s Puerto Rican culture.

  • Well…

    There is some truth to “LuLu’s” statement. It goes across the board with black americans and latinos. Look at Shakira I remember how she would always have different colored dark hair mainly kept it dark brown but now that she has crossed over into the American market she has had the typical bottled blond and has lightened her sking as well. Look at Beyonce she has never been blond but had light brown hair and each time you see her her weave gets longer and blonder. There is a Pepsi ad of her and she looks like a total white woman if you didn’t know it was her. White people may want to tan but I guarantee they wouldn’t trade places with any minority. Why? Because they know they have the upper hand in society, especially in America. Minorities have always mimicked what they see as successful and success is mainly seen through somebody white, sad to say but true. Until we start loving ourselves, stop desiring to look like & be like someone else and believe we can use our own gifts to have success no matter what we look like, then it will continue.

  • Well…

    I disagree with Lulu on technology. The Asian market dominates in that field and the American company (not all but the majority) just takes the credit usually. Now there is Gates and handful of other over the top smart Anglo American guys but most up to date technology we see today comes from Japan.

  • Paul

    HIS-PANICS are taking over and destroying AMERICA!!! They did not build this country so why should we white people sit back to let them take over. They are lowering the standards of living for us all. This girl needs to wise up the way Ben Affleck did. Stop slumming with this bag of bones Crackhead before it ruins your reputation for all time.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Paul: Hispanics were here before you “Paul” and you’d know that if you knew the history of America……the real one and not what the Tea Party told you it was.

  • Lea

    Well….so a white woman who bleaches her hair has the right to but a Latina and Black woman does not? At the end of the day, JLO, Beyonce, Marc and all others minorities are raking in the big bucks. They figured out the American dream on their terms and where are you? On a blog being a racist. Also Lulu, if you spent time figuring out how to atain even a 1/4 of what JLO and the likes of her have, you might be better off. I bet you are bitter and don’t know where your next month rent is coming from. JLO has an empire. Deal with it and yes, she is LATINA!

  • Paul

    The Indians were here before you HIS-PANICS and the NORSEMEN were here before the Indians but they returned to Scandinavia. I know my American history you are the one trying to re-write it. The Natives here before you were not Hispanic moron.


    @Avery: Marc wouldn’t be caught dead with a colored Puerto Rican woman like Lala Vasquez, and Evelyn Lozada. They practice their own kind of racism based on skin tone. Marc is like so many other Puerto Ricans who refer white or the lightest Latina.

  • Well…


    Yea, Lea and the American dream is usually the White American dream. You deal with it!

    I am a minority who doesn’t have her head in the sand. I am not racist just a realist.

  • WhiteLatina

    @Haylee: LOL!

  • CastilianGurl

    Benicio Del Torro is not a Puerto Rican he is Italian & Spanish and that means100% European, he was only born on that poverty stricken island.
    Same for Joaquin Phoenix Bottoms who is Jewish and Irish but born to missionary parents in Puerto Rico. White people do move there but they are not the same as the inferior native Puerto Ricans.

  • Lisa

    She is definitely NO J.Lo. NOT even close.

  • Britney

    JLO wished she was like this girl…WHITE and YOUNG! Ms. Green can do a lot better than this old, long time drug addict with six children by five different women.

  • Amy

    LMAO at all the racists on this post. Guess what? In the near future no one is going to be only one race. Everyone is going to be biracial and multi-racial, so you better get used to it.



  • zac
  • Amy

    I am Puerto Rican and not ashamed to admit it though others are. I don’t expect my comments to make other people like Puerto Ricans when we don’t even like ourselves. If we don’t have any friends of the Puerto Rican race sh what? That is no skin off my nose.

  • Love The Shoes

    @<a href="/2013/07/06/marc-anthony-chloe-green-st-tro@Paul: OMG your ignorance is embarrassing just on a “I’m a fellow human” level. You are an idiot. You are an uneducated idiot and par for the course, a racist too.

  • Elena


    Stupid comment! Marc was married twice and had kids, anything wrong with that? He has a daughter from a young relationship, they didn’t get married but were together for 4 years. it was a serious relationship, serious enough for him to adopt her son. Then he had two sons from his first marriage and the twins with JLo. Why all that hate against him? He is a super talented singer and a very nice guy.

  • Lea

    Well: this is why you won’t attain the American dream. You give it a color. The American dream is to achieve whatever you want through hard work. You can go form nothing to something. This concept has no color. Marc Anthony, Beyonce, Jay Z, JLO understand this which is why they are where they are. That is real. Stop inserting color in everything.

  • Sara

    OMG you people are ridiculously ignorant, thank God most Americans are not like you otherwise your country would be broke. When will you understand that despite your race or nationality every single human being in this world is needed to contribute something, Nelson Mandela fought against segregation almost all his life for nothing because despite of his efforts there are still crappy people like you, how sad. You should read and fill your temporal lobes with a little bit of knowledge before talking crap about other races because yours is definitely worse than the nazis. BTW i’m a proud latina and NEVER wan’t to deny or change my identity to be a discriminative self-absorbed b*itch.