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Olivier Martinez Grocery Shops on July 4!

Olivier Martinez Grocery Shops on July 4!

Olivier Martinez carries a bag of groceries out of Bristol Farms on Thursday (July 4) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 47-year-old actor was seen that same day hitting up Bristol Farms again in a different t-shirt!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Over the weekend, Olivier was spotted buying a baguette at the grocery store for him and his fiancee Halle Berry.

Halle‘s movie The Call recently topped the DVD charts in sales! Congrats, Halle – pick up The Call today on Blu-ray and DVD.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez leaving Bristol Farms with groceries…

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olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 01
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 02
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 03
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 04
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 05
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 06
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 07
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 08
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 09
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 10
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 11
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 12
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 13
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 14
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 15
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 16
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 17
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 18
olivier martinez makes two trips to grocery store on july 4 19

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Ashley

    I kind of love that he’s so French about going to the grocery store almost every day for food.

  • Heather

    Do he have other clothes

  • Tomax

    Not a celebrity.

  • Anna

    I can’t believe he’s wearing the same jeans every single day…how gross is that?

  • Verity

    This man wears the same thing every time. Ask Halle for a loan if you can’t afford to buy some clothes.

  • Love The Shoes

    I love him/them and think he’s fine even if he does kinda look a bit like some 1950′s penitentiary prisoner.

  • Shelbe

    He is a celebrity and he is looking hot as ever. So, masculine and being French just puts it over the top, love that accent.

  • Just saying

    @ Shelbe would please buy your man Olivier some new clothes he smells.

  • Shelbe

    @just saying just so long as he doesn’t stink like you he’s fine. Oh, and get your man Gabriel a job he’s a bum.

  • m3iii

    he’s a lowlife thug…..nasty looking…

  • deke

    His eyes look different. They aren’t so squinty.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbe what big box office movie is Mr. Olivier coming out in please do tell.

  • 55vineyard

    I love the cheese rolls f rom their bakery and also their lamb kabobs.
    Used to shop at the Mamhattan Beach store until I moved.

  • LooseLipz

    Team Gabriel here. He’s just so much finer than Oliver.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Team Olivier here, he works and for @just saying you will see him next in the movie The Physician. Olivier is so much a better fighter and handsomer than Gabriel, I don’t know what Halle ever saw in that Gabriel to tell you the truth.

  • OH please

    You people really need to get real. Halle has what she deserves – a smelly, nasty, cheating, weak, drunk! His skin, hair, teeth, and clothes just look so nasty that I can’t even look at him. And do you think with his track record that he will be faithful to this nutcase? He is with Halle for the money and he will definitely get what he is waiting for $$$. He isn’t masculine; he is a slob. Career over! Halle’s career is over. Her movies are horrible and she cannot act. She was given the Oscar (which she knew beforehand – just shows how bad her acting is…over acting while receiving the award….shaking like an idiot) because Black people kept complaining about the lack of Black actresses nominated and winning so they gave it to a Barbie doll who think she’s White, has been in therapy since she was a child, 2 hit and runs, eating disorder, mental case that cannot act, blames every man for her problems, causes fights between her baby daddies (ghetto btw) and basically did porn in Monster’s Balls. So, please with Halle Scary Berry and her drunk French nobody Olivier Martinez Douche Bag. They are both trash and deserve each other. And lemme tell you, with his temper, she met her match.

  • jan

    old and ugly

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat The Physician. is low budget movie that a hand full of people will go see. It is no big box office movie and he is not the main star in it just one of the actor’s good luck he wash up.

  • Shelbe

    Lot of hate in that one post she needs to get a life. @just saying must have hurt to find out Olivier actually does work for a living where Gabriel doesn’t. He certainly made more money doing that movie than your Gabriel makes in a couple of years of modelling and child support. And its Gabriel that is washed up, not a high need for male models anyway and at 36 its over. And unlike Gabriel, Olivier’s restaurant Azur Villa is a success while goldielock’s failed. Halle was right, Gabriel is a loser.

  • huggybear

    what happen ? for him to get way from Halle he have to go to the store twice in one day. Halle have tug on a lash freedom freedom is gone. the maid can do the shopping what’s up

  • Shelbe

    The French do traditionally go shopping everyday and buy their food themselves fresh. They also eat out a lot at restaurant’s, he’s just being who he is. I think American’s send the maid.

  • huggybear

    so do European their send their maid out to shop for them when their are rich just like American and back off us American would you. His freedom is gone it all for the money. money talk and every thing walk Shelbe smell the coffee.

  • Shelbe

    @Huggybear are you kidding me, lots of celebrities grocery shop and are rich, Jennifer Gardner, Leo Dicabrio to name a few, some don’t. Maybe he likes to cook and wants to look at the food before it is bought, he does own a restaurant after all. Is it a crime to shop for your own food, celebrities are people not god’s. What do you know about the rich or the French for that matter. Lots of rich people drive their own cars too, even pump their own gas, see Donald Trump.

  • just saying

    @ Shelbe the Azur Villa have four owners and all of them stand on the own, but Olivier he is picture with Halle so we all know who is footing the bill, don’t we ,he is living off Halle and you can talk about Gabriel all you want it will not make OLIVIER any better than him is a tool until Halle get tired of him.

  • huggybear


  • huggybear


  • Shelbe

    @just saying you just can’t admit when you’re wrong, Halle was there to support him a few days after the opening of the restaurant that he owns and yes with 3 other people(very common) that he paid for with his own money. She did however foot the bill for Gabriel’s restaurant Cafe Fuego (which failed) and was also co-owned by someone else. Halle also bought everything else for Gabriel including the home Canada that is now for sale, you’re getting good at looking up the truth you will see that as well. The fact that you have proof that Olivier is independently wealthy is more than you can take and you’re trying to bring him down to Gabriel’s level. Gabriel is a violent leech and you have proof of that and still you deny. I at least admit the truth about Olivier but you can’t face it with goldilocks.

  • Shelbe

    @Hubbybear, what are you talking about, celebrities are not allowed to break the “rule” of going to the grocery store because it’s beneath them. Now who is acting like a snob.

  • huggybear


  • just saying

    @Shelbe how do you know who money it is, where you their when Halle wrote the check let us know, and send us document and picture of who really own the restaurant and restaurant come and their go this one will close soon. Halle is footing the bill she always do you just prove it when you talk about Gabriel restaurant, she always give her men gift to keep them. notting new and so she will give the new man in her lift gift also to keep them from looking at other women good luck Olivier

  • MIX UP

    Everyone know Olivier is keep man big deal it happen all the time. Everyone know that Halle have more money than him. so why fight about, it is what it is her crazy life, she don’t learn.

  • just saying

    @MIX UP I never thought of it that way, you are so right he is a keep man

  • Shelbethegreat

    @mix up and just saying So you finally admit that Gabriel was a kept man and a leech, see you knew it in your hearts, got carried away by his face. About time you guys stopped lying to yourselves to feel better about that violent loser. Keep trying to bring Olivier down to Gabriel’s level, won’t change the truth. Olivier met Halle while he was Co-starring with her in a movie, so you see he was working, like he always does. And Azur Villa is a big success and isn’t going anywhere just more money to roll into Olivier’s coffer. @just saying I guess you were there during those check writing fantasies you have, but I don’t have to make things up or speculate I have the facts.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat stop talking and show us and by the way Halle met Gabriel while their was working together you one side nut and Spin all you want Olivier is a keep man Halle work for a lot more money than him and a bigger star not wash up has being like Olivier and again Halle own Azur Villa her money pay for it .By the way, what Olivier have Gabriel was their first it used good no big deal only the money keep him their.

  • MIX UP

    @Shelbethegreat and Shelbe stop fight with every on just jared you can not charge people’s mind it’s what it is if Olivier and Gabriel are kept men it not you their sleeping with, why are you guy getting a heart attack. If Olivier want Halle to foot the bill so what women used men for years so it men turn big deal

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Mix up and just saying your just lying, why don’t you prove Halle paid for that restaurant if you can but you can’t just more made up crap. I have more than enough news articles to prove what I say and you have none. But let’s keep talking because the more we do the closer you two come to my way of thinking. Since we have established that he is a kept man and leech per your words not mine your getting closer to the true nature of Gabriel. You even have admitted he started the fight with Olivier, stating he was provoked (a normal person would walk away) showing he does indeed have an anger management problem (he sure is violent and had that butt kicking coming) where before you were saying he was jumped. Now if I can get you two to admit he is using that little girl as a meal ticket my mission shall be complete. Thanks for backing up almost everything I have been saying for a long time, the truth hurts doesn’t it. And you can change a person’s mind, I changed yours.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying your right Halle met Gabriel on a Versace Commercial, so sometimes you do tell the truth, but I tell it all the time.

  • MIX UP

    @Shelbethegreat you really are a sick person when you can’t prove your facts your like to tell people their are lying , news articles my foot give us the void check and than we can talk , their are silent partnership in business you speak like a child how old are you? Do you live with halle are you her long last kid ?

  • MIX UP

    @Shelbethegreat you have not charge my mind Olivier is a kept man Halle always go for men the have less money than her the only man who made more money than her was her first ex husband who she sue for support, and go look it up your self because you have notting else to do and by the way his name is david justice.

  • yes no

    Yes Halle picks weak mean who make less than her that she can control i.e. Eric, Michael Ealy, Gabe and Olivier.

    No, thought it was Eric who tried to sue her for support, which later denied and withdrew his case. He doesn’t get support from Halle even though she used to lie about this.

    Don’t remember David suing her for support. Do remember them both filing in GA and CA and Halle filing a restraining order on him. David called her on her shyt and later admitted he was a nice guy.

    Why would he sue for support, when he was the main money earner when Halle’s career was taking off? She racked up his credit cards, paid legal bills (when the married dentist from Chicago tried to sue her fro 80K), and other bills. If he did, please share URL. Thanks.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat people like you shouldn’t throw stone when you live in a glass house you can not charge my mind about any thing because you are dents. you believe everything Halle and Olivier do right or wrong you run your big fat lip. If CNN, FOX NEWS, and NBC tell you Olivier kill someone you will not believe any way. all I know Halle Gabriel and Olivier have more money than me but am much more happy person than any of them. I can go any where and not have my picture taken dress any way and no will care but not them am happy not you. You fight with everyone who speak there mind it is a free net work for people to write what there want if you can not take it stay off just jared and the other you are always write on.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Just saying, it’s Gabriel who will probably kill someone someday with his inability to control his temper, pray it’s not you. And I only post to those who address me, so if you don’t want a response shut up.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Mix up, Olivier probably does make less money than Halle but he’s still a millionaire and that’s without child support. The only kept man was Gabriel, and you know what, he tried to auction off some of his stuff under Halle’s name with the Montreal Auction House until she got her lawyers to put a stop to it. I guess that $20,000 he get every month is just not cutting, you should send him a donation.

  • Re: auction

    @Shelbethegreat: Halle’s Canadian home has been on the market for as long as she’s been with Martinez and possibly right after the break up with Aubry. She was putting a lot of property . Obviously, someone didn’t verify who the items belonged to. All her lawyers the items weren’t her’s. They didn’t say anything if auctioneers were being fleeced by model boy or his family. Not saying this isn’t possible, just saying there’s no proof he was involved regardless if the items are really his or not.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat you just prove what every one is saying you are dent and one sided Olivier have a temper just like Gabriel he is not better than Gabriel and you are fool I was making a point that if CNN AND FOX NEWS AND NBC say that he kill someone you with not believe . SO SHUT UP LITTLE GIRL

  • Daily Mail

    Just wondering if anyone posts on the Daily Mail website about these people. There is an over obsessed fan of Oliviers on there also. She posts multiple times on the same story and always in a drooling tone!!! Poor girl could not have a happy life of her own. It’s sad to see. I hope she wakes up soon. Nothing wrong in following a celebrity but don’t let it take over your life, they sure as hell aren’t worth it and all you know about them is gossip anyway. What’s the point? Does an obsession make people happy?

  • same person

    @Daily Mail: it’s the same person and she does it there and on other sites.