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Tom Cruise Chats Up the Ladies!

Tom Cruise Chats Up the Ladies!

Tom Cruise has a laugh with a group of gals as he leaves Cecconi’s restaurant on Saturday night (July 6) in Hollywood.

The recently turned 51-year-old actor was all smiles after having dinner with his 18-year-old son Connor.

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The day before his birthday, Tom was spotted departing the Chateau Marmont on his motorcycle.

That same week, Tom‘s adorable younger daughter Suri spent 4th of July with her actress mom Katie Holmes in New York City.

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  • YIB

    Tommy straight totally ; Happy 51st tommy this one seriously and Hi tramp and guestwolf etc. lol

  • YIB

    ;) forgot my smiley.^


    Tom looks happy…no more lies

  • Anne

    Talk all you want about Tom Cruis. More a man knows how to be friendly and charismatic. With age it is better, same wine. I think in the near future, Katie will regret having jumped off the boat. In HW, where everyone knows how it works these “arrangements” she got burned.

  • CF98

    Yeah I highly doubt Katie gives a shit what Tom does with his personal life… She divorced him she’s moved on the public should do the same.

  • Alliana

    She wasn’t only married to Tommy, but also to Xenu. I imagine it must be nice to have gotten rid of Tom and the cult when all is said and done. Can you imagine having household staff reporting to cult leaders on everything you do and say??? And being accompanied everywhere you go by spying bodyguards and minders??? And not allowed to have any friends from outside the cult? And being chastised and punished if you didn’t follow cult rules??? I don’t imagine Katie regrets breaking free for one moment!!!

  • zac
  • Sarah

    Tom looks great and happy.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Has Tom packed up a few? Guess it’s his down time before the next huge task.
    So glad to see him spend time with his real son, Connor, wish Bella will be back from England to join them soon, the REAL father+kids trio!

  • Anne


    Let’s not exaggerate. I saw on TV, E news, Katie saying that she had started in Scientology and was amused. Tom Cruise makes a movie after another, she walked a lot in shipping (including here in Rio de Janeiro when they was here). Cruise can be controller (uncertainty) on the red carpet, clothes, makeup… Lovely see the two together. I have not read queTom Cruise mistreated or hit katie.

  • thumbs up

    It’s good to see him happy and relaxed. good for him, he’s a hard working actor and apparently a good father…all that drama is behind him.

  • Anne

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    Enormous task? What? Find girlfriend or beard? Despite the PR disaster Katie Holmes, not missing woman for him. Cruise is handsome, charismatic, rich and famous. Sadly, he did not want “normal” woman but stunning actresses (trophy wife). Incidentally, Suri, his daughter is also true.

  • http://computer David From Canada

    Tom Cruise – both a complicated and boring person at the same time.
    Tries to act so Vanilla but Scientology, the sexual orientations rumours and a string of bad marriages are bringing him down. Insecure control freak.

  • shia

    So happy life, go on, Tom!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: ” Same wine”; you talk n riddles: one think I have become aware of in my life is that when people attack you, they all too frequently dump THEIR crap on you. Personally, I think you don’t like my posts because, I am a little more insightful than you are comfortable with. FYI; Kelly McGillis – married twice, 2 kids, now divorced and finally came out. Cher Bono – check her fan site! I am not saying he is, but there is a common denominator in these failed marriages. Personally, I think the humility hat would be a very stoic role to take on and would probably do him well for character building. I truly think Katie had too many intelligent family members coaching her for her to not have left the marriage for a good reason. The true test of character will be if he tries to get into his own daughter’s head for selfish reasons. Sure, Tom may have good motives, but he no doubt has some Peter Pan issues. I don’t care if his house is as big as Staton Island. Your home is where you can let your guard down, not a commune for his EXTENDED family. You said it yourself when you said how big his HOUSE is. And if you think I am talking in riddle and too inigmatic than I’d say you need to take a course in critical thinking (to put it nicely).

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sarah: Getting his fix

  • Suri the meal ticket

    The tasks?
    Making BO successful movies! Continuing entertaining people with fast paced, loaded escapism for 90 minutes. It’s a job and a career.
    Focus on that! Work should be his only GF or wife or beard. Not everybody has to be horny\love sick\infatuated all the time.
    No need to waste any time on making up any facade or charade from now on.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:
    “Tom is equal to wine … the older the better …”.
    I do not mean to offend you. The problem is that I have never been interested in the private life of Tom Cruise. Only now, after divorce from Katie Holmes, (internet) and I was surprised with everything I read. I do not expect to find a man, immature, insecure and poorly resolved and urgent need of a psychiatrist to solve his problems with his father. I still like the actor. Good luck to Suri, have entered this mess.

  • Anne

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    In short. Being a robot. Seriously, he was so burned that this would be a better option than to present the 4th wife. Start the tabloid show … nobody buys anymore. Katie rang the bell.

  • Anne

    @David From Canada:

    You said it all. He’ll end up going crazy.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: # 18 – you say u did not mean to offend me. You said I was boring and an inigmatic. Doesn’t sound very nice to me. My issue with Tom Cruise is with too much money, too soon, he basically hasn’t got a clue who he is. For years before their divorce, he was a joke, probably ever since that tape of him on Scientology. If I recall correctly, he was famous when he was an”enigma” but than he fired his PR people and hired his sister and wow… Sort of like Django Unchained! The jokes began then. All over the Internet. The trick is “How do you unring the bell”? I would first loose Scientology, get a new PR person, and get his ego in check. The problem is, how can he do that with his circle of people? It needs to be a damn good PR guy.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Maybe look at some good role models….. I mean, how does someone like Bruce Willis or Clint Eastwood remain A list quality, free of the butt of jokes? Seriously!!!!! Personally, I think it is like the movie Tootsie where the director says zoom in but not that close. Go back until he/she is attractive. So the Cameraman says, how about to Toledo? My point is, not everyone wants other people’s passions shoved down their throats. Private lives is called that for a reason. Too many times, I have watched an awards ceremony only to watch the embicile walk up to receive an award and than they get all political on me. From that point on, my opinion of them becomes tainted in movies and everything. Has anyone ever heard of: if you don’t KNOW what to say, don’t say anything. Brevity is the soul of wit. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and keep people guessing than to open it and show people how stupid you really are. I could go on but than, how witty is that?

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    I read somewhere that Cruise is super competitive (the church encourages attack ever, never defend). For me, those statements exaggerated love for Holmes (couch, pre-premiere in Rome, etc) was actually to show Nicole. Until the birth of Suri was orchestrated to happen that the first son of Nicole. It is childish and crazy.

  • annie

    @ Conner…..his real real son?
    What a nice boy, only his father and Bella are his family, forgot to mention his , at the time 6yr old sister. Of course, she is again an SP or something, oh yea forgot that!
    Everybody’s true colours coming out.
    He probably spied for his father and scie.
    Wherever Katie went . guess what? There was Conner!
    Katie having coffee with Jeanne Yang, guess who was there
    Katie on a photoshoot….guess who was there again
    Katie going out with her parents , again guess who was there

  • Anne


    I think u are right. I read somewhere that he was jealous connect Suri and did not accept her as a sister, Isabella only. This boy is arrogant and boastful. Tries to be like his father (even in the acting profession). He was looking at Holmes. My God, what Holmes endured this family? It was good to get Suri contact with them. Connor could ignore it and it is terrible for a child.

  • Just a comment

    When you are this wealthy and everyone is on your payroll it must be difficult to get an honest opinion about what is going on? What do you think? Tom Cruise lives in a sound proof gold cage with Internet filters. Surely its necessary to protect him because he is well known but where do you draw the line? He’s been in the business about 30 years and is probably really isolated from the public’s opinion which is why after that debacle on Oprah’s couch, he didn’t understand the downward spiral he was on until he almost hit rock bottom (PR speaking).

  • annie

    @just a comment
    just because he’s famous and loaded, he doesn’t know what’s going on….he knows, and there are people , probably very close to him like his family who tell him things, or maybe everything.
    You said that you used to visit Tomkatkrazy… you must remember Mary.
    Even the webmistress Julie, asked her whether she was his mum, could have been one of his sisters , but even I was convinced that she was his mother.
    I don’t think that what happened on Oprahs couch, landed him in the bad books it was the things he was saying and how he was saying them.
    John Travolta might be a lot of things, I don’t know, but he always comes across as a nice guy. He’s come to Sydney lots of times, because of his association with Quantas airlines.
    He doesn’t cop the flack about Scie that Tom does, because he doesn’t shove it down peoples throats.

    It wasn’t very nice, he did that on twitter, showed a pic of his father , him , and Bella, said that was his family.
    I understand that he might hold anger against Katie, but not his little sister.
    That said a lot about a lot!

  • annie

    @suri the meal ticket

    your comment about Tom , Connor, and Bella, being a real father and his kids, ”a trio” says so much about you and your comments!

  • sofie

    conor & bella are true heros of this story and cruise is amazingly responsable