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Vanessa Hudgens: Solo Shopping Trip

Vanessa Hudgens: Solo Shopping Trip

Vanessa Hudgens keeps a low profile as she leaves a grocery store on Saturday afternoon (July 6) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old Frozen Ground actress sported bright red nails with a casual black and white ensemble and a leather ball cap.

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The day before, Vanessa rocked a cute floral maxi dress and a hat to her nail appointment.

In case you missed it, check out the latest stills from Vanessa‘s upcoming flick Frozen Ground!

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Photos: Limelight Pictures
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  • Nightwish

    Hudgens walking around. Again. Nothing important going on. LOL

  • Sam Vanessa new animated film.

  • Ica

    Who is this actress?

  • http://Justjared.buzznet.comb BOHJI

    @Nightwish: thanks for acknowledging her existence : )

  • yets

    i love you girl.

  • yets

    i love how @nightwish says shes not important but look she had a first comment…well live in Love.

  • WOW


    And i love how you’re kissing Vanessa’s ass…i’m sure if she sold her s.hit you would buy it and eat it too, right?

  • Merr

    @WOW: Or frame it and hang it on the wall lol

  • tina

    @Ica: If you are so stupid that you can’t read her name (which is the first thing on the article) there is no hope for you. Love when idiot make inane comments like ‘who is she” If you don’t know why waste your time coming here. Just lame.
    for wow, love the way you feel the need to bring your vulgarities here. My morning wouldn’t be complete without at least one comment from an idiot. Thank you for fulfilling that requirement for today.

  • tina

    @Merr: A sheep following a fool. Your mom must be so proud.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well that was completley uncalled for but you stay classy there lady stay classy.

  • Haters Suck!

    Anyway always nice to see vanessa. Looking forward to the frozen ground.

  • tina

    @Haters Suck!: You know what I’m realizing. We have so much to be proud of. She is being recognized for her acting by critics who are saying things like “not HSM anymore” One even said he was expecting that Disney over the top acting and was pleasantly surprised She is doing it the right way, on screen. We aren’t getting reports of her getting drunk and hanging in clubs. She isn’t tabloid fodder. If all they can do is complain about her going to the gym, I’m fine with that. It’s always good to back a winner.

  • Haters Suck!

    Absolutley Tina. I couldn’t agree more.

  • lol

    @tina: lol recognized my bu** ! she’s a famewhore ..understand .. a FAMEWHORE !!!

  • truth

    @lol: famewh ore or not people still like her and i think many fail to understand that. same way many other celebrities have fans no matter how much they are called names or whatever people still like them. u just have to accept that and friggin move on.

  • truth
  • truth

    clearly shes slowly getting recognized…

  • maria

    Well if the criteria for being a famewh*re is simply going to the gym, then you have a warped mind. She looks SO good, BTW. Thanks to truth, for bringing us some early FG news. The haters are going to jump off a bridge as she becomes more recognized for her acting. Not only did she have to put Disney behind, but also her previous status as pretty boy’s GF. She is going it all on her own, and thriving. I knew she would.

  • ukiing

    Vanessa Hudgens, cant you read?

  • .

    it would be better than any gayfron movie.. sooo

  • linnie

    “Vanessa Hudgens (Spring Breakers) was the strongest of the trio, showing she’s ready to take on the most demanding of roles if called for. Miss Hudgens has never put a foot wrong in anything I’ve seen her perform in and this critic has nothing but admiration for the beautiful young actor. “

  • linnie

    if anyone is interested Spring Breakers is in the every single “best Films” list so far.

    a new one

  • .

    im glad she is getting good reviews, and i guess everyone is still hating that paperboy film…

  • truth

    @.: now im not gonna lie i enjoyed paperboy in its strange twisted ways. however, it was not a well received film due to the message being lost. cusack was by far the best out of the cast, along with kidman and zac done pretty well trying his best to use all his assets. however it did not get the hype that lee daniels “precious” got unfortunately, but it did gain kidman a golden globe nomiation. zac probably has a promising future and no im not a big fan but i am the bigger person to say he does have some potential. but looking at future male actors rising up he has some serious competition. i looked at other articles on just jared jr where they spoke about logan lerman and zac efron and how lerman is going to do a project with pitt and leboeuf yet zac still hasnt gotten that big break his fans are waiting for. heck even im waiting for it, but it seems like he might turn into a clooney where he gets better with age and wont be as recognized for his younger works. in an interview, nic cage said that vanessa does capture the character very well and she has “it”. this “it” could lead her to success, its not a definite high boost but it is a stepping stone. extras on gimme shelter said they were surprised at her acting and the chemistry between her and rosario was amazing. but that is still waiting to be released.

  • WOW

    @Haters Suck!:

    Pfff…how do you know I am a lady? Maybe I’m a dude…and you should keep it classy with the people who deserve your class…k? bye

  • Patetic


    B.itch, go f.uck your daddy…

  • IMO

    @Patetic: Are you trying to say your Pathetic you need to get out the old spelling dictionary. To the rest of you Haters well I can see the jealousy and insecurity radiate in every word you write. Deep down you all must be obsessed with Vanessa since you actually take time out of your day to post on someone’s thread that you claim to hate or think is irrelevent. As Shakespeare said
    “Me thinks thou doth protest too much”,

  • bland

    @.: WOAH !! :o dont hate on efron dude he’s hot nothing u can do about it ,just coz he’s gorgeous dont mean he’s gay

  • jaimy

    @EXCUSE ME: I’ve noticed , the people who hate Zac Efron with passion is Vanessa’s fans ..,may be it’s due to Zac having more depth in his career than V

  • Very funny


    It’s called typo asswipe…

  • Eduardo

    When will that day come when people will stop bringing Zac up on Vanessa’s posts……

  • Eduardo

    I’m a nessasaur/lovebug but I didn’t post it ^. Someone used my name! (but I agree with the comment)

  • tina

    Who let the illiterate children out to play? No one brought the ex up but yet again another fan of his. She can rejoice in the fact her fans call spell and make complete sentences. At least my mother married my father, did yours figure out which “client” fathered you.

  • maria

    @jaimy: Umm, that’s not true. At all. Just face the fact that people hate BOTH of them because they are Disney kids.

  • truth

    some people dont like zac and some happen to be vanessa fans. the same way some people dont like vanessa and some happen to be zac fans. its not rocket science. you cant just say “oh the ones who hate more are usually vanessa fans” because thats not true and there is no way of even proving that. i dont like justin bieber at all, but does that make me an automatic selena fan? no. i hate them both equally. some people dont like zac efron for many reasons, i personally dont have a problem with him but @jaimy i doubt the no1 reason is because they think he will have a better career than vanessa. because like i said, both are pretty talented and are trying to prove themselves beyond the disney past.

  • Ethan T.

    Just saw Vanessa on another site wearing the purple leggings. Yessus, is this girl fit. Just a banging little body. Zac Efron? The Disney guy? She’s no longer with right?

  • linnie

    @Ethan T.: I know you are well aware of the fact that Zac and Vanessa broke up a long time ago and I also know you read this place regularly and comment here using other names and now uses a different name and bringing her ex up randomly just to start unnessasery drama.

  • Ethan T.

    @Ethan T.: WTF???? RU psychic? I don’t follow Zack Efron at all and I just started following Vanessa.

  • Ethan T.

    @linnie: The only reason I brought the guy up is because he keeps getting mentioned here for whatever reason. Don’t go all rachet.

  • .

    @Ethan T.: V is with Austin Butler now.

  • Nightwish

    High, its me vanessa again, check out my new hat and workout clothes!!! Take my picture and send it to just jared for 5 bucks, ok? LMAO

  • maria
  • Aryanna

    @.: Vanessa isn’t with Austin butler anymore they broke up

  • Truth

    @Ethan T.: Zac Efron ? you mean the only HSM star to have a decent career ?? yes yes lol .. sorry but your girl’s career is down the drain .This is the truth speaking

  • truth

    @Truth: this is a different truth guys. i see a promising career for both zac and vanessa although many disagree with my view.

  • truth

    @Truth: i take it you havent read the article maria just posted. its clear that this critic can see that vanessa does have some potential unless he wouldnt have gone out of his way to create such an article. im sure soon there will be such an article for zac efron once his acting brings out the best in audiences and critics.

  • Rachel

    Uh, already there are articles which say Zac has potential. His work in The Paperboy and AAP has been appreciated and there are many articles saying he has done a great job. And critics are admiring V’s work in SB. I think they both have great potential. They were Disney kids and hence most people don’t want to take them seriously and are always harsh when they judge them. But they both are hardworking and I like them for that.

    She looks pretty! I love the tee.

  • amy

    @truth: Zac’s acting has been recognized already after Paperboy and AAP ! He’s taken on HW !!!