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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Split

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler Split

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler have ended their relationship after two years, sources confirm to

Stacy called it quits. She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that,” a source told People. “They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago.”

“They talk every day. They were friends before they started dating and they’ll be friends after. It was a friendly [breakup],” the source added.

George and Stacy spent the July 4 holiday apart last week with him being spotted near his villa in Italy while she celebrated at a star-filled bash in Los Angeles.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler have called it quits?

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  • Jude

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  • Jude





  • Love The Shoes

    Whew! I was getting nervous there George. You were only off your schedule dump by a few months so it’s all good. Who’s got next I wonder. Remember, they can’t be too famous “just famous enough.”

  • danny

    It can’t be Minka kelly, He has a thing for leggy women, hates cankles and fat legs

  • J

    It’s his right to do whatever he likes; at least he isn’t misleading these ladies, who, by the way, get a good deal of publicity and free travel/air tickets out of it all!

  • Bailey

    @Love The Shoes: He wasn’t off schedule at all. Canalis was a two year publicity contract, and Keibler was a two year publicity contract.

  • @55

    OMG. LOL

  • Clay

    No surprise here.

  • Spot

    LOL We knew it was coming. George and Stacy broke up months ago but Stacy being the real women she is hung on for dear life so she could get all the money she could out of the relationship. Stacy worked for 6 weeks tops on her new show so the they were to “busy” is a crock. George didn’t want Stacy around and they broke up months ago. Let’s hope the next gal has some talent besides cleansing and not eating. Notice how no one feels sorry for her? LOL I hope the next one is that Monika his fans will blow a gasket if she shows up in Venice. LOL

  • danny

    Let’s just hope she does better than Steve-o like Elisabetha

  • Lizzy

    Well George… I’m 26, I definitely don’t want kids, I’m not interested in marriage and I have absolutely no interest in your money (though it would be nice if I could spend a few nice days at your Italian villa if it’s not already sold). So give me a call if you want to have a good time for the next 2 years as afterwards I’ll probably be bored anyway, so that fits perfectly.


    Really, I don’t get it why he always has women that want something different than him OR if he is gay (or has another problem) why he hires women that are very uncreative with PR statements. If all of this is PR there should be some more inspired comment about the inevitable split, shouldn’t it? Or tend PR people to get lazy these days?

  • blondie

    You’re all missing something obvious..Clooney adores the role of old sugar daddy..all his young, vapid wannabes get gifts, mortgages paid (through 3rd parties) and a life they never had..or will have again. The “kids or career” nonsense is just that. There is only one certainty about gc..he will NEVER be with an intelligent, accomplished, or clever woman. He treats hos like ladies and ladies like hos. No way he’s of those wannabes would’ve know some of them that he didn’t red carpet have stuff.

  • Snazzier

    Boring BORING!… Next!

  • marilyn

    So George, who will the next girlfriend be?

  • Michelle

    George is getting too old. Stacy used him to promote herself and now that the “contract” has expired she will move onto other greener younger pastures who can be of some use to her. As for George, he looked like sh*&% in his latest pics from Berlin. Kinda creepy looking in fact. She would be dating her “father”. Time for georgie porgie to come out of the closet already. Never bought the “i’ll never get married or have children” excuse.

  • FexD

    I believe if George was Gay, he would happily admit it. However, it is now getting weird all these break ups with D list women who use him for their career advancement. Why does he go along with this? Something is off and I am not sure what.

  • remember da truth

    You people are SOOOOOO STUPID!!!

    Do you really think Stacy thought she could change George Clooney’s mind? Or that he should only date party girls if he doesn’t want to get married?? How idiotic and childish you all are!!!

    Not everyone has to be so insecure they need to cling to another human being for life to be “complete”. Not everyone wants kids, even those who have them. GROW UP!!!

    Stacy knew what she was doing, was happy to be with a guy she enjoyed for two years, and when ready to move on, did. Just like anyone would. And if George is happy to be with someone for a while, and then it’s not what they want anymore, why not move on without some immature people who want everyone to marry their “one soulmate” and live happily ever after crying that something’s wrong with him or her because they didn’t tie themselves together forever?

  • remember da truth

    #23 Dierdre you are so right. I think the one before, that Italian chick, was delusional, but Stacy Kiebler was dating a guy for fun, a friend of hers, and while it lasted, had a great time.
    What’s wrong with that? Why shouldn’t people be with the one person they want to be with at the time, and ride its course? That’s what most people do, and most relationships end. Then finally most people marry, but even those end. So why people act like there is something wrong with those involved when a relationship that wasn’t intended to be the great love of anyone’s life ends?
    Worse, they act like George Clooney doesn’t deserve to have a girlfriend if he doesn’t want to get married. Sheesh. These people need to face reality.

  • Ford

    Wonder who his next beard will be…

  • birdy


    Actually it is our business as he chooses to parade these women around to garner more attention for himself to help sell his films and his products therefore the relationship and split is fair game. He doesn’t get the same level of media coverage when he is date-less at the award shows and the film premieres as the press have less to talk about. So he gets himself a PR willing girl before the 1st film come out then the girl is dismissed after award season as he no longer has any use for them. He clearly traded on the relationship to sell his tequila company as she is in the commercial and has only hit the store in the past few months. He releases official pictures when he was ready for the relationship to go public – just as his film was hitting the cinemas. She has traded on the relationship by talking about it in the press and using the raised profile to do more paid appearances (her fee went up) and to get the tv gig that he hooked up for her through buddy Weinstein who is financing his most recent film that he has just finished filming, Monuments Men.

    This is the guy who claims that he wants to keep his private life private. If that was the actual case he would date quietly and not continually and only ever date women that aspire to be famous but lack any semblance of talent or a willingness to put in the hard work to earn a career.

    Not to mention that she has blatantly changed her tune from less than a year ago. She was the girl who never even thought of marriage and kids yet now, 3 1/2 months after they were last since together, the good old excuse of wanting marriage and kids get trotted out as to why the relationship has run its course. Right, because she would have willingly left the money train that is being the official public girlfriend of. No chance. Sde was dumped plain and simple. Same as the ones before, same as those who come after her.

    Interesting the split comes right as her show is about to go on the air and all this media and press attention will mention in pretty much every article that her show starts on Lifetime later in the month. All PR spin. Press for her, Press for him. No longer having to pretend they are together for the sake of PR purposes.

    I suppose Kaley and Henry can take over for the most fake relationship in Hollywood now.

  • new

    It’s the same case as Gerard Butler and many others. Dating these b*tches is the new trend. Anyone else to be game??

  • lol

    Of course they split. He’s G-A-Y. LOL!!!

  • theduke

    wow, you people are a bunch of gossipy school girls

  • Cuttie

    Who the “fack” cares?

  • jeannifer

    Just right after my guess. 2 years is clooney time and he’ll find another unfamous girl and make her famous for being her girlfriend. He’s a boy, but not a real man. Feel sorry for you, Stacy. but you deserve better

  • kylie

    Her contract expired. Moving along. Why does he even bother to pretend that these relationships are real? They are business arrangements. Oh well, hope she got a few good gigs out of it.

  • LOL

    Surprised? Uh that would be a “no”.

  • LOL

    This generation’s Rock Hudson. He just needs to find his permanent Doris Day who can stay on the payroll indefinately. He’s too old, or he just looks too old for this bullshiz.

  • Nule

    oh nooooooooo! when did this haappeen? how am going to live noow? lol


    They split up because of the ‘Why?’ factor…

  • Dish

    WHy does everyone think getting married & having kids is a must. Nothing wrong with not wanting to do either. Just because the majority does both is not reason enough. Look at all the horriable parents &
    unhappy “legal” relationships. Kibler had a ball & is a lot more famous
    now. SHe will be just fine! I myself would not leave a man just to have kids. If I was in love with him that is good enough for me. I can not see having kids just to have them especially with someone I do not love.
    Marriages (or living together) should be because you can’t live with out that person! Lucky are the ones who are in love & have kids they treasure.
    Tooooo many get married for all the wrong reasons.

  • Moonriver

    Smh Nobody wins George

  • rahul

    @remember da truth:
    George doesn’t need to get married or anyone doesn’t need to get married and be with one person for the rest of their lives. Live in relationships are what most couples do anyways, but Clooney doesn’t have that in this life. What’s the purpose of being with women with for 1,2.3 years. He doesn’t have a good friendship with these women either, he uses them and throws them out. So,obviously he doesn’t deserve a girlfriend for his sake. Marriage factor has nothing to do with it, one doesn’t need to get married to have a good relationship/friendship with another person. So,why does he go out with these women and pretend it’s something more like being good friends or in a relationship of some sort. It’s not either, it’s more or less picking up some random women of the street and passing the time. He can easily have one women per red carpet event or one women per week for the rest of his life.

  • SMH

    @Dish: I don’t have a problem with him not wanting to marry. In fact, I respect that he makes it know that is WILL NEVER get married. But his relationships are so cliched and fake that trying to pass them off as anything other than a business deal is laughable at best. He doesn’t come off as prince charming and the women do not come off an Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”. Save the charade and just call it a day. He changes escorts every two years and that’s how it’s going to stay. Nothing wrong with it cause the women are in on the deal. No self-respecting woman would get into this type of relationship if they are looking for love. They want the money, the fame, the publicity and perks that come with dating him. They want the connections so they can score jobs and make money. There’s no shame in the game but trying to play if off as anything but is ridiculous. People aren’t stupid. I haven’t seen a Clooney movie in years. I can’t get beyond the personal to envision him as a character on screen.

  • tinkerbell

    @sweetness: Because party girls and high end escorts cant be trusted not to talk to the paps, George gets non disclosures from all his girls just like Leonardo DiCaprio so they dont get exposed as the lame-os they really are. In fact, George was the one who invented this genre of contract relationships, with Lisa Snowden. It is good publicity, signs that the guy is hetero, and generates buzz for them. And the women are barred from talking, so they ARE sort of like a high end escort service anyway, just like Pam Anderson is these days.

    This contract just ended, and Stacy benefited from it, i mean she was a WWE girl, that is her claim to fame???? Please. It’s like a two year job contract for these girls with mad perks.

  • kaiyi


    Agreed, why does everyone blame GC for wanting to be single?