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Halle Berry: Montreal Auction House Doesn't Own My Personal Belongings!

Halle Berry: Montreal Auction House Doesn't Own My Personal Belongings!

Halle Berry flaunts her growing baby bump while dropping by a nail salon on Monday (July 8) in Studio City, Calif.

Over the weekend, the 46-year-old pregnant actress was glowing while shopping for fabrics in L.A.

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It was recently announced that a Montreal auctioneer has canceled the sale of personal items that were thought to belong to Halle.

“No items were used by her, nor were any items provided by her or any agent of hers for the auction. We apologize to her (Berry), and to the public, for the error. All goods were and are the property of Mr. Gabriel Aubry only,” the auction house said in a statement.

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  • Elaine

    That’s Right! Don’t Mess with Ms Halle!:)

  • Boy

    I don’t get a pregnant vibe from her at all. Since in Hollyweird, it’s popular to hire a surrogate, but to fake a pregnant belly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s doing this as well. First of all, her years alone are risky for a kid. Second of all, she has type 2 diabetes. I personally don’t think she would risk her pregnancy with those two factors involved. I also think the timing is really strange. There’s a huge backlash against her, and her fiancee/boyfriend for what they did to her ex, and boom, all of a sudden she’s pregnant. I think it’s all a PR move, because she was worried she was going to lose money, because fans wouldn’t go see her movies. Plus there was a blind item, supposedly about her, how this pregnancy was heavily planned, through in vitro I believe, and not how she said, a surprise. I think another woman is carrying that child, and she’s prancing around with a fake belly.

  • Boy

    I also find her 180 turn around toward the paps really strange. Before the fight with Gabriel Aubry and the resulting backlash against Halle and her fiancee/boyfriend, she was snarling at the paps non-stop. All of a sudden, the fight happens, she starts getting lots of negativity online from people in general, and all of a sudden she’s as calm as a dove, and is even smiling at the paps. That to me shows a somewhat twisted personality. If you hated these paps, really hated them, why would you all of a sudden start smiling, and being friendly or calm? It just shows that in Hollywood, no matter who you are, money is the thing you carry about the most, and when her money started being threatened as a result of the backlash against her and her fiancee/boyfriend, she quickly changed her stance, and started being friendly.

  • weekend outing
  • Leediaz25

    @Shelbethegreat. What are you going to say today, in her defense? @ Boy sounds like he got some facts right. Don’t mess with “Mama’s Money”…. so what if Halle’s also Bi-Polar, she working it……. Cheers.

  • sky

    that’s tacky if Gabe was trying to pass sh*t off as her stuff to make a buck.

  • Lizzy

    Boy, I totally agree with all you said! Halle Berry lies when she opens her mouth…

  • @Leediaz25

    @Leediaz25: she’s already started. someone called her out. she hasn’t responded.


  • Shelbethegreat

    @Leediaz, your crazy, @boy say some ridiculous crap and you jump on that like its a fact. Sure she smiled should she have swung her purse. You two don’t see Nahla with her while she was smiling now do you. As for Gabriel this is the lowest, you would think $20,000 would be enough for anybody, but not this leech. He tries to sell his junk under Halle’s name to make a buck, pathetic and this proves he’s a bum. The Montreal Auction House just cancelled the whole thing because they knew they would make no money using just some loser models name in quote.

  • belle

    I don’t usually read the comments sections of these websites, because I find it very difficult that some in society can sink so low. My comments are about the action house and the circumstances surrounding this issue. Most of the people on here seem to overlook this issue, but to me is a major problem or it can be. I have a girlfriend who left a worthless husband five or so year ago, but she did not get a divorce until a bit later, One day she got a letter from the IRS about some back taxes he owed after their split. She tried to tell them that this was not something she had been involved in and that he alone was responsible for anything arising from his debts as they had not even been together then. One day when we got paid, her check had been garnished and they on doing that to the tune of more than ten thousand dollars. S until a former boyfriend or spouse messes you up, try being a bit more undertanding.

  • Shelbe

    @Boy, here are some facts for you that’s aren’t speculation. Halle had a hit with the movie The Call and you can get it on Blu ray as it is number one on the DVD charts. She also wrapped her scenes for the new X men movie. That don’t sound like she’s losing money or support now does it. Your just upset because your boy Gabriel exposed himself for the lying creep he is, no wonder Olivier kicked his butt, what a jerk. Oh, and you can see Olivier in the movie The Physician that will be released later this year. While your at it, pick up some genuine Gabriel Aubry toe nail clippers, I hear they go cheap. Ha Ha.

  • Sarah

    Love Halle, she always looks pretty. Pregnant or not <3

  • just saying

    Their back the two fool who can not start and finish a sentence with out add Gabriel name to it Shelbe and Shelbethegreat their really love this guy and by the you Man Olivier is looking at other women already did you two blind bat see it on mail on line ha ha

  • just saying

    @Shelbe here fact Kim kardashian movie with Tyler Perry made more money in the box office the Halle the Call look it up. For a Oscar winning Actress you would think the Call should Racking In Millions not the same as Kim Kardashian who is no actress.

  • Shelbe

    @Just saying, must hurt to know your Gabriel is a crook. I told you he was no good and you just keep denying and denying. How much proof you need this boy is a bad guy, assaulting people, falsely reporting his items under Halle’s name. Just think, that $20,000 is just not enough to pay the bills. He’ll do something illegal again just wait. And Kim Kardashian for godsake, was Gabriel Aubry in that movie too, making millions of dollars, hmmm, thought not. And that was Tyler Perry’s movie not KK. But KK certain can makes her own money which is better than that leech Gabriel now that you mention it. And Olivier is not looking at another woman that’s just Daily Mail’s imagination, he is devoted to his woman, and thier still together, love it.

  • just saying

    @Shelbe you poor fool when their break up I hope you don’t get a heart attack LITTLE GIRL, PLEASE TAKE OFF THE ROSE GLASSES.
    why every time we speak about Olivier and Halle you have to being Gabriel in the picture and you don’t have record that the item was Gabriel Here say .

  • just saying

    @Shelbe how come you didn’t say that movie Kim act in didn’t make more money. Halle is not bankable any more she take any thing their give her now even a low budget movie like the Call that only cost 13 millions to make, and that a fact go look it up, she had to work real heard to push that movie out there to make back some money lots new actor in it, like jennifer Hudson man.

  • Shelbe

    @just saying, now who ‘s has on rose colored glasses. Gabriel’s immoral and he will do something illegal again just wait. How you can keep defending this creep for the sake of his face is beyond me. He’s no good okay, no good. And it’s not hearsay, you don’t see him putting out a statement that the items at the auction house are not his (like Halle did) do you, and he won’t because they are his. Ha Ha

  • Shelbe

    That films is not KK’s it Tyler Perry and he always makes money. Halle picks and chooses her movies on what she likes cause she has the kind of credibility. She does big movies like Cloud Atlas and X men but also small ones is she likes the script, like The Call. You just trying to change the subject from that worthless leech Gabriel trying to use Halle’s name to make money, but it won’t work. Point is she’s making her own money and the leech gets $20,000 a month, but still has to beg borrow and steal to get by. You should send his some money sounds like he needs it.

  • jen

    I truly find it disturbing that she is bringing another child (via surrogate) into a home with a violent man. All shit aside Oly did the hitting. period.

  • just saying

    @Shelbe cry all you want Halle is not bankable it out their. talking about Gabriel and calling him name’s is not going charge any thing it a fact she have more fail movie in the last five years, the CALL have being her best movie in years everyone know it. Olivier is not being in the beacon ,he hardly work, that movie was made early 2012 and it now July 2013 what new movie is he in and why is she going to still work after the baby is born. Olivier is going to be just like she did Gabriel stay home and be the NANNY. Just sit back and watch it going to happen and you can not stop it. Shelbe the problem is not Gabriel it you ,that 20,000.00 is a tax write for Halle, Calif. tax are high, He is doing her more good than bad and you don’t write the check every month so why are you cry about it, is the money come from you pay check ?

  • just saying

    @Shelbe by the way Cloud Atlas did make the money their was hopeing it will make it cost them 100,000,000.00 so do the math, please come again

  • belle

    I came back out here this morning to see if anybody knew anything more about the auction house mess, only to find such comments by all of you. Please think about the vile things you are saying on both sides. All of the people involved in the custody of the child you appear to be arguing over are adults, and I doubt they know or care about your opinions. It is crazy to argue about people you don’t even know, and to say that the woman is using a surrogate when her stomach is clearly growing everyday means shows somebody is not being realistic and the other ones who constantly put the father down aren’t any better. Whatever the case, we have to be more honest and with and civil to other, pleaase. If not, we are no better than animals who fight over a tossed bone. We can and should have honest debate about differences of opinion, but we don’t have to lie to do it.

  • Shelbe

    @just saying, still not accepting that your Gabriel is a leech and tried to use Halle’s name, huh. Can’t admit the truth can you. You can try to change the subject all you want, the boy tried to pull a fast one and came up empty. He might as well have the $20,000.00 because it is obviously not enough to support his lifestyle. Thanks for admitting that Halle is in a hit big budget movie like Cloud Atlas and that Olivier works while Gabriel doesn’t. Olivier unlike your boy is a real French man, no one owns him but he is in love and has money in the bank, he can afford to take his time between acting projects, in this case to be there for the birth of his son, but you can believe he will eventually go back to work, just like Halle, just like all parents who aren’t leeches. Be sure to catch Olivier on the red carpet for The Physician. Eat your heart out.

  • Just saying

    @Shelbe The Physician is a low budget movie and the only person going to see it is you. and again fool you cann’t do any thing about the $20,000.00 you wish you had so stop speaking about it ,you sound like a broke recorded so deal with it CHILD. No matter what you call Gabriel he is still going to get the $20,000.00 big deal

  • Shelbe

    @ Just saying, when are you going to talk about your boy using Halle’s name to make extra money, huh. I thought so, talk about anything under the moon that that, can’t face the fact still. That $20,000 a month is not enough dummy, why else he selling his junk. And you’re right, it’s a tax write off for Halle, just like she wrote off that loser. Guess he will have to come up with another scheme to make more money because modeling is just not cutting it and picking up Nahla from school apparently doesn’t pay enough.

  • What

    @Boy: Well since some random dude doesn’t get the “vibe” from her photos then she must not be pregnant. Shut UP?! LOL Smh

  • just saying

    @Shelbe you still can’t do any thing about the $20,000.00 so stop talking about it, it a losing battle it’s not your money so stop worrying about it .

  • kayla

    Halle Berry may be a liar but she’s not going to fake a pregnancy!
    Give her a break, let this woman and her soon to be hubby be happy, only time will tell if their relationship is built on love or publicity. Really, it’s not even all that, like a open can of soda fizzles out after a while so will they!

  • Shelbe

    You haters were saying she wouldn’t even get married, now your saying her marriage won’t last but it will. @Just saying your boy Gabriel is a leech, violent, pure and simple, he’s also dishonest but you like that in a man if you think he looks good. Your a low life just like him.

  • Toni Bazley

    @Boy: Are you craze! She is pregnant!

  • Jo

    This woman is evil she only hitched up with Gabriel because he’d make a good sperm donor but her latest man , not so much ..

  • http://gmail Ebony

    Look,I just feel so sorry for nahla.I wish to god that her biological father gabriel was acting right,i wish he could’ve had full custody over nahla.I think it’s bad how she lives with the man that physically beat up her biological father and now her mother is married to him and their having a kid together,and im hearing that nahla even calls oliver “dad” i’d hate to be nahla when she sees the movie monster ball.