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Miranda Kerr Drops By Milk Studios with Flynn

Miranda Kerr Drops By Milk Studios with Flynn

Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn both smile from ear to ear as they make their way to Milk Studios on Monday morning (July 8) in New York City.

The 30-year-old supermodel looked great in a white tank, a floral skirt, and a bright red purse.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Over the weekend, Flynn, 2, spent time with his dad Orlando Bloom having fun at Central Park on both Saturday and Sunday. Looks like they’ve been having a blast while mom is at work!

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  • Elodieee

    That little boy is so beautiful and his laugh is amazing.

    Funny how when his mother is with him it’s a show off, whereas with his Dad they are going to the park or his Dad tries at least sometimes and hides his son face from the paps… Strange.

  • jean

    He is such a cutie, and he loves the camera. He got his looks from his daddy.

  • zac
  • Zen

    seems a happy family, all three always smiling.

  • elle

    she’s always happy when she sees the paps

  • tam

    They really are a beautiful family.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    WOW Flynn Is CUTE

  • wockabocoka123


    adorable. too adorable.

  • @1 & 5

    Flynn is a very happy & content child.

    It’s good that Miranda keeps calm & just smiles when the paps are saying things to Flynn to get a reaction trying to make him smile & giggle, so there’s nothing “strange” about that at all.

    Which is much better than letting him get upset unnessecarily when at 2 he’s too young to understand about the papparazzi.

    You don’t want Flynn terrified like poor little Suri Cruise.

    Besides at times we’ve seen Orlando do exactly the same thing. There is a pic of him yesterday at the park smiling & talking to paps as he was carrying Flynn.

    It’s obvious you’re trying to fault with Miranda just out of spite & petty jealousy.

  • Aawww

    Flynn is such a sweetie pie.

    Can’t believe “haters” would have anything nasty to say about a happy Mommy & son.

    But I guess that’s why their “haters”… sad for them that they can’t even enjoy looking at a smiling little boy without being hateful about his mom!

  • Anon

    Flynn is a cutie. Love seeing pics of Flynn with Orlando and Miranda.

  • Felix

    best dressed women alive!

  • Effy

    I love her skirt! They are an adorable family.

  • steph

    Beautiful, happy child!

  • Sara

    She was at a shoot for Elle Japan!
    Yay! Another cover!
    This whole family is just so beautiful. Flynn is going to be such a heartbreaker. Just like his daddy

  • sad

    Her trophy son. I feel sorry for this boy. Her mom will continue to use him as an accessory until he is old enough to walk on his own in the streets.
    No child deserves a famewhore for a mom. Every child deserves all the privacy they can get. In Brangelina and Tom Cruise’s Kate, it’s the world that’s chasing them and their kid everywhere because they’re mega worldwide famous stars so I can understand them. Just like in Matt Damon’s Esquire interview, he said Brad Pitt was surprised and envious that he (Matt) get to walk his kids to school. In Miranda’s case, the world isn’t chasing her for photos of her child, she’s chasing the world so they can photograph them.
    I just feel bad for the kid

  • Kanye

    Gotta give her props for finally seeing the light and realizing the US is not the place for her to get covers, celeb campaigns and overall get mainstream. Good on her that she found and settled for Japan/Korea.
    Finally cutting her cloth according to her size.

  • Maddie

    Sorry, but Fynn look more happy with Miranda than Orlando.

  • @16/17 socks

    Wow. Just love how you give a pass to certain celebs, but not to others. Hypocrisy, as always. Hugh Jackman was mentioned in another thread, so what about him? Orlando is every bit as famous as Hugh, and paps follow him around when he is with his kids, so why is this different? Paps also know that they can sell their pictures of Miranda, even though she isn’t nearly as famous, so they follow her, too. If they couldn’t sell the pics, they wouldn’t show up even if she did call them. But since they do camp out in front of their building, they must think that she is worth the time spent. “Trophy son”? I guess that’s better than some of other names that you and your cronies have been known to call him. That child is loved. Any rational person would be able to see that.
    I think that your second post was a good post for me to see in the morning. It’s always good to start your day off with a laugh.
    “Settled” for Asia. Do you realize that you sound like a bigoted xenophobe? Discounting some of the biggest markets on the planet because they aren’t American? or is it just because you are so desperate to spin away yet another cover for Miranda? Moron. And what about markets in Europe? Are they ok? Because she has been on covers over there as well.
    I guess that this harkens back to the old hater double standard.
    Miranda isn’t high fashion because she doesn’t get covers…..Mirsnda isn’t famous because she doesn’t get multiple covers…..Miranda isn’t high fashion because she doesn’t get certain covers…etc.
    Miranda is expanding her products to the US, Asia and Europe. And that evidence of success has sent you haters into a tailspin.
    You’re desperation had made you even funnier than normal. Thanks for the laugh!

  • Wiliam

    Flynn looks like his mom.Pure Miranda

  • Tina tin

    @@16/17 socks: you tried.

  • LOL!

    Another day in the life of Miranda Kerrdashian!

  • ha

    They not only tried, they succeeded!
    I love it when the haters are called out for their lies and hypocrisy!
    It makes them respond with lame comments like “you tried”.

  • ha


    You’re batsh*t crazy.

  • Tina tin

    @ha: if calling a senseless post like that a success, then your environment has fail written all over it because that post screams nothing but a fangirl’s delusions.

  • @24-25

    Hmmm, I guess that in your world, common sense IS insanity.
    LOL! The truth hurts, doesn’t it.
    And yes, everything they said was the truth. No delusions needed. You just can’t handle someone pointing out so many of your lies.

  • Flynn’s Fan

    Flynn is a very happy child with big smiles whenever he is with his mommy. But when he is with his Daddy Orlando, Flynn appears frustrated, agitated, and about to burst into tears. The child appears to prefer to be with his mom rather than with his daddy.

    This child bonded closely with his mom since his infancy days, accompanying her all over the world on her modeling assignments.

  • @27

    So, you are actually that much stupid to not understand something, are you?