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Adriana Lima: Desigual's For Everybody Sex, Fun & Love Event!

Adriana Lima: Desigual's For Everybody Sex, Fun & Love Event!

Adriana Lima blows kisses while attending Desigual’s For Everybody: Sex, Fun & Love on Tuesday (July 9) in Barcelona, Spain.

“Half way around the world but feels like home hanging with my Brazilian sisters. Love being in Barcelona,…,” the 32-year-old Victoria’s Secret supermodel tweeted with a pic.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adriana Lima

Adriana was also spotted strutting her stuff while walking the runway at Desigual‘s Spring-Summer 2014 Collection For Everybody: Sex, Fun & Love Fashion Show.

15+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima looking gorgeous at Desigual‘s For Everybody Sex, Fun & Love…

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adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 01
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 02
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 03
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 04
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 05
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 06
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 07
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 08
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 09
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 10
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 11
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 12
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 13
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 14
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 15
adriana lima desigual for everybody sex fun love event 16

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • T_M

    Most beautiful woman on the planet….hands down!

  • Viva Brasil!

    She is Afro-brazilian so of course she is most beautiful :-)

  • 867686

    Of all the celebrities, she’s the only one that still gives me goosebumps when I see her. She’s inhumanely gorgeous. Love her so much

  • sam

    Once again, she shows up to the opening of an envelope.
    And stop blowing kisses, this isn’t a VS shoot.
    She was also waving at the crowd from the runway. *eyeroll*
    Pretty, but so one note. Not versatile at all.

  • la model

    JJ you didn’t make an effort in this post did you? There are several dozens of pictures of her on the runway and those even look better than these you’ve posted.
    Here in Spain she’s getting lots of press for the show.

  • loling

    @sam: Do you even know the meaning of the phrase “opening of an envelope”? If you really did, you wouldn’t use it in a sentence to describe Adriana of all people. Bitter, much?

  • @6

    Looks like you are the one who doesn’t understand the phrase.
    It applies to the event the celeb is attending, and how low the celeb is willing to stoop for publicity. Adriana is there. So it does apply to her.
    Adriana has had a habit recently of showing up at B and C list events. Events that normally wouldn’t be attended by someone of her stature. It makes her look desperate for attention. ANY attention.
    Her PR people need to be canned.

  • my my

    @loling: Yep, she’s a bitter one. The term refers to a celeb that would attend any and every kind of event so don’t twist it just for you silliy agenda in here.
    Last I checked, this is part of Barcelona fashion week and she was hired to do the press conference and runway show. The brand is widely recognized in Europe and the US and it goes without saying they’ll pay her a king’s ransom. And did your stupidity made you mistook A list events for C list? All the events she’s been attending lately, like the opening of a designer store etc, she’s one of the hosts in the events or she’s a VIP in it She hasn’t attended the CFDA in years but when she did it was Givenchy that personally dressed her. She’s not like a certain model who takes a 100 events a year and ever always takes a back seat in every one of them.

  • @8

    So you are admitting that she attended an event that was “part of fashion week”, but not a top designer. You claim that this is ok because she was paid big bucks and it is a popular brand. If this is ok for Adriana then why isn’t it ok for other models. You’re just as big a hypocrite as the other haters. And she could at least try to act like a fashion model and stop blowing those kisses. Like the other person said, she’s acting like she is at a VS show.
    She shows up for a paycheck and publicity. Nothing wrong with that. But don’t act like she is doing anything special.

  • Brittany

    wow! she’s unbelievable <3

  • xyz


    Yep, shes unbelievably overrated and annoying

  • xyz

    @Viva Brasil!:

    She should thank her white genes then, just like Beyonce

  • xyz


    God, ure so delusional….

  • xyz


    Ure also delusional, mate….

  • Tina tin

    @@8: haha I love it when we have an Adriana post and all you trolls spiral outta control.
    Who here said it’s ok for Adriana to do projects like this but not ok for other models to? Resorting to putting words in people’s mouths, eh? Act of desperation.
    Also, you’re trying to say because it is not a “top designer” brand it’s not relevant? Are you somehow unfamiliar with models doing commercial work?

  • lynn

    A model attending fashion week is considered showing up to the opening of an envelope?

    Wow, I see comprehension skills are at an all time low.

    Her last appearance on Justjared was on June 12th. There are many celebrities that attends events much more frequently than this…

    Nonetheless, she is gorgeous and seems happy.

  • edin

    Of course a model that got famous solely for being beautiful without befriending the paps nor do any sort of cheap project will always receive immense hate from fans of shameless famewhore models who do everything they can to stay in the news.
    Perfectly reasonable. You hate that this flawless woman just glides through while your faves depend on their pr team and paps

  • Holly

    She is stunning! It’s surreal how gorgeous this girl is and still seems to maintain her humility. She seems very sweet! Love her!

  • LOL

    Does this mean Adriana and ‘Go Daddy’ girl Bar Refaeli are on the same level?
    Bar did the F/W Desigual campaign and Bar’s not exactly a high end model getting the big name fashion brands or Vogue/W covers. I can’t believe that’s the association Adriana is doing now with the S/S campaign. Its good money I suppose

  • sam

    she is not versatile ? she just did another miu miu campaign and is now doing another fashion show. how is she not versatile

  • @19

    Good point its funny both had been called the ‘new Gisele’ early i their careers. Gisele has already fronted 3 Vogue covers this year and is doing Chanel and Louis Vuitton camapaigns as well as H&M. Bar is a zero in the modelling world despite banging Dicaprio and is doing whatever C list brand she often associates with and it appears sadly Adriana is now Bar’s professional colleague not Giseles. BFW? but as you say the pay must be good

  • nicki


    she is working for a popular brand in europe and the usa, what is wrong with that ? plus she cannot be on the same level as bar since she is on the top 5 of the most succesfull models according to fobes

  • @15

    Read through the comments yourself. One post attacks another model for doing “cheap products”, and another defends Adriana by saying that there isn’t anything wrong with doing “commercial”. No, there isn’t anything wrong with doing commercial, but there is something wrong with being hypocritical about it.

  • nicki

    Miranda kerr fans hating again on adriana as usual.

  • nicki

    @<a href="/2013/07/09/adriana-lima-desigual-for-everybody-sex-fun-love-event/comment-page-1/#comment-27@@15:

    who is being hypocritical about it ?

  • kalila

    Lol. Are people actually responding to that post talking about Adriana and Bar in the same level? That’s like saying if Bar is in the same level with Tyra or Heidi or the richest supermodel in the world Kathy Ireland just because they’ve all been on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated.
    I mean what does this brand have to do with high end modeling/models? It’s a commercial brand and a good one at that. Legit supermodels are seen doing commercial work all the time. Tha’s not to say Bar is a supermodel but as a commercial model she does some decent work.
    Some people’s intellectuals are embarrassing and deserved to be ignored.
    Only responding because I don’t want Adriana fans even thinking they need to address that embarrassing post.

  • tontaposh

    I particulary hate her face close up pictures LOOOLL

  • xDiva

    Nice to meet you Adriana

  • camilla dj

    Even though she’s drop dead gorgeous it’s her personality I’m smitten by. See her making funny faces and not caring

  • kalila

    @kalila: lol I meant ‘some people’s intellects…’ not “intellectuals”

  • S

    she is so gross

  • oh oh

    @nicki: You too? I thought it was only me that sees how obvious it was that they’re Mirenda’s lunatics. Gosh, leave the woman alone, Miranda will never be as successful. I wonder how Miranda would end up if she stops living off the press.

  • nicki

    @oh oh:

    lol i know right ?

    here some pic of her on the catwalk since JJ won’t post them

  • @nicki and oh oh

    Sorry sweets, but I for one, am a Doutzen/Gisele fan. And speaking from the outside, Miranda has a lot going for her. High fashion and commercial, as well as her own skincare line. Not to mention her successful book, and her new health series for Net a Porter. Attacking her accomplishments is ridiculous.
    What I don’t understand is why Adriana’s fans feel that they have to attack other models, when someone posts a less than glowing comment about Adriana. Get over it.

  • uhhh…..

    Miranda…you need psychiatric help.

  • jes

    I have always liked Adriana. But I really think that she needs to leave VS while she still has some dignity. IMO, once you hit 30, you should leave the flighty, kissy runway to the younger girls. Heidi looked like someone’s mom when she stayed so long. I hope that Adriana doesn’t fall into the same trap. She should leave while on top, like Miranda did.

  • Kelly

    Miranda didn’t leave on her own. She was fired.

  • 2fot

    @Kelly: You can say that again. Plus she was never on top at VS. Also, Heidi is one of the most iconic VS models ever. She stayed a long time but when she left (and on her own) she did go with dignity. As long as Adriana looks smoking, she can model that lingerie all she can. She’s their hottest property and her bank account isn’t cold. For models like Heidi and Adriana, they’ll always go in and out of VS with dignity.
    Nice try though.

  • Steph

    If she was fired, why are they still using her photos? Why did that executive go to the trouble of making a public statement to defend her? And why did they invite her to walk in this year’s show? The only logical answer is that she left on very good terms. In other words, she was not fired.
    And Heidi did not leave with dignity. People were always commenting on how she should have left years before she did. Adriana is the queen right now. The worst thing that she could do would be to follow in Heidi’s orthopedic stilettos. I like Adriana way too much to ever want her to be known as the new mom of VS. She should leave soon before people start to wonder why she is still there. The old axiom from the days of vaudeville still ring true. Always leave the audience wanting more.

  • 2fot

    sweetheart don’t embarrass yourself. Now I know you know nothing about VS. Us VS fans can tell you that using photos of models they fired (Marisa, Karolina and Selita come to mind) means absolutely nothing it’s been going on since ever. They own those photos and they can do whatever the hell they want to do with them. Miranda is no different from the models mentioned above, they used their photos and left them in their websites for years. Miranda was fired, VS released a statement because some websites contacted them and what they said about her was so similar to what they said about Marisa when they fired her.
    Well you can say Heidi didn’t leave with dignity but she was all over the media when word got out that she was leaving and more than half of the comments I’ve read on the internet were positive.
    I do agree with you that you should leave the audience wanting more, but gurl, did you see the backlash VS got from fans at twitter at tumblr when Adriana was on maternity leave? The audience still wants more…

  • so funny

    I think that it is hilarious that Adriana’s fans feel the need to attack other models. That’s a sure sign of insecurity.

  • @@34

    it is funny you look like another crazy delusional miranda kerr fan : you say you are a doutzen and gisele fan and yet you attack adriana lima and defend Miranda kerr whose Fan base litteraly spend their time spreading their hate on Gisele and doutzen everytime there is a thread on JJ about them ? nice try tought lol

    Just so you know adriana just did another miu miu camaping, along with other HF models, walked for Prada last fashion week and is now walking for a popular and decent brand marketed internationaly ( just check their prices, you will see by yourselves that there is nothing cheap about this brand)

    But of course you guys will say anything to dish at her, alling her a cheap panty model even when she did the pirelli calendar last year . how come she featured the pirelli calendar instead of Miranda ?

    You are attacking a model who is in the top 4 of forbes list of highest paid successfull models since at least 5 years, even went on the top 3 some years ago and earned 2,5 millions more than Miranda Kerr in 2012 who is excuse me sooooo successfull than she even lost her two major contracts.

    how come is miranda still less paid than both adriana and alessandra or even doutzen Kroes since she is so successfull ?

    all miranda kerr do is basically promoting Kora ( which is a smart move) do magazine covers, and Mango but what major high fashion campaigns past season or even next season ?

    meanwhile Gisele just did louis Vuitton and Chanel, candice swanepoel Balmain and adriana miu miu

    @41 you Mk fans started attacking adriana and the only model adriana fans are attacking is miranda cause miranda haters and delusional fans like for some reason to hate on her.

  • stop

    like no one said that Miranda Kerr was not sucessfull, both of miranda and adriana are sucessfull but pretending that miranda is more successfull than adriana is ridiculous, the fact that miranda has always been and is still less paid than adriana prove that. the both of them are just moving into differents business

  • @43

    Uhmmm, several people have said that Miranda is not successful. Including the post right above yours.
    What no one said was that Miranda was more successful than Adriana.
    But actually, if Adriana doesn’t start figuring out something to do when her glory days are over, Miranda with her books and skin care line, will be more successful. Adriana needs to start planning for retirement.

  • @42

    What makes you think that everyone here who doesn’t like Adriana is a Miranda fan? Adriana has done plenty in her career to arm those insults. Being rude to fans, trying to hog the runway at VS. Pretending to be private while posting family photos on the internet and inviting paps to watch her work out. We are fans of the fashion industry, not just one girl.
    BTW, Miranda was in Pirelli years ago. She made it before Adriana did. And within the last few years, she’s walked more HF runways, and has been on more HF covers than Adriana.
    Also, Adriana’s fans were the first to throw out insults to Miranda. So you can’t whine about them throwing some out in return. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

  • Le Blee

    Umm Adriana was featured in the P calendar in 2005 and then 2012 she got there before Miranda and thus far Miranda was featured only once.
    Also, not that I’m saying Miranda did more runway work than Adriana because Adriana also did lots of it back it the day. It really doesn’t matter how many runway shows you’ve done if you can’t get campaigns when campaign season comes. Actually it’s kinda pathetic when you don’t land campaigns when you’ve done fashion week. Getting campaigns is why these girls are doing all those shows. It’s where the money is and where you get to work with photogs. Miranda had like one solid campaign season. Adriana just landed her consecutive Miu Miu campaign.
    Miranda’s done especially well for herself between the past year and now, but Adriana IS her superior. It’s not an insult, it’s the truth.

  • Brittany

    well I don’t know what I expected.

  • Amen

    “BTW, Miranda was in Pirelli years ago. She made it before Adriana did”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH hilarious , adriana did the pirelli callenda the first time in 2005 miranda kerr wasn’t even KNOWN in the fashion industry .

    if you are going to debate with someone at least get the facts straight which makes me think once again that you are a miranda kerr fan. Doutzen kroes fans do not usually attack adriana like stop lying and assume who you are .

    AND THEN she did the pirelli calendar the second time being visibily pregnant and being the first model ever appear on the calendar visibily pregnant.

    she is not successfull anymore? like BIG LOL stop embarassing yourself, how come she is still on the Top 5 of the highest paid and successfulll model at least according to forbes and is still one of the richest supermodels in every single celebrity gossip list .

    Since 2009 she has each year a high fashion campain (givenchy, blumarine, donna karan, miu miu) it’s funny because miranda who is getting all these magazines covers and all the pap attention can even land a high fashion campaign since prada in 2009

    adriana invited the pap the watch her work, but miranda is like photographied every single days that even how she got people to hate her on the dailymail and wearing heavily make up, well dressed up to take her kid to the park ????, paparazzi even know her address at LA,

    plus she has a tons of flynn pictures on her instagram and even posted the first picture of him like hours after he was born on twitter ??? . like just count how many treads she has on JJ and every single celebrity gossip compare to adriana .

    there is like 2 pictures of valentina on adriana’s twitter , it’s marcko who post a lot of valentina pics on it not adriana, and no none of baby valentina who around 10 months by now

  • lol

    Hilarious how far these idiotic Adriana fans will go to defend their favorite panty model. Because that is how she is known. A panty model.
    Doutzen is known as a crossover giant. Miranda is known as a model AND businesswoman. And even Candice is getting more attention.
    So you guys keep defending your girl. And keep lying about othe models to make yours look better. We wiill keep laughing at your juvenile antics.
    You’ll never be able to defend the fact that she is too old to still be relying on VS money. lol

  • sugar

    Lmao. Bye girl. You have made a fool of yourself for one day. Don’t get mad because VS kicked Miranda’s famewhoring self and still have Adriana with them ( that means women respond to the products Adriana is selling more)
    What’s there to defend about her having a multi million dollar VS contract for years? It only shows she reigns supreme and no famewhore can change that. Too old? For VS? Have you seen Adriana girlfriend?
    Meanwhile Miranda can’t keep a contract to save her life. Lets not forget DJ kicked her out as well. And it seems like no fashion house wants to give a cheap pap model a campaign. And business woman? Her low rent brand is nothing compared to Heidi, Tyra and Gisele’s empires. Those women’s empires were overnight successes. Miranda is still promoting her struggling brand like it’s new.