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Amanda Bynes Arrives at Court with Blue Hair

Amanda Bynes Arrives at Court with Blue Hair

Amanda Bynes shows off her blue-haired wig as she arrives at her scheduled court appearance on Tuesday (July 9) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress is due to appear for an incident back in May where she allegedly threw a bong off the 36th floor of her apartment building.

The evening before her court date, Amanda took to her Twitter to discuss her plastic surgery.

“My Nose Is Broken I’m Bruised I Can’t Wait For My Next Surgery,” Amanda wrote. “My Broken Nose Is Making The Bone Under My Eyes Protrude So I Won’t Stop Getting Surgery Until That Bone Is Shaved Off. My Surgeon Broke My Nose During My Surgery But Hasn’t Finished My Nose! It’s Still Broken And I Can’t Breathe!”

“I Hate Taking Pictures With A Broken Nose” Amanda added.

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28 Responses to “Amanda Bynes Arrives at Court with Blue Hair”

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  1. 1
    Love The Shoes Says:

    The sadest thing about her is how hard she’s trying to gain attention by using mental health as the route. She’s making sport of the diease and those who truly do suffer from it and I wish someone would call her on it. Not defending Lindsey Lohan here or Brittney Spears, but both of them at least had legitimate issues while Amanda doesn’t in my opinion.

  2. 2
    maria Says:

    This girl is melting down so fast. Why is no one concerned? She needs to be admitted to a psych unit pronto. She has serious issues.

  3. 3
    David Says:

    It’s time to stop reporting on this girl. You can see from the smile on her face that she loves the attention she’s getting. Maybe if people ignored her she’d wake and get help for whatever it is she’s dealing with.

  4. 4
    Diane Says:

    Does she not have parents? This is another Disney child star tragedy.

  5. 5
    Ummmm Says:

    I don’t think she’s playing. She wants the public to think so but I believe this girl has some serious issues. My question is where in the hell is her family!!?? Why has noone tried to get this kid some help?

    However, if the chances are that she is pulling a stunt it will eventually blow up in her face big time!

  6. 6
    David Says:

    @Ummmm: It’s funny when people say “where’s her family?” It’s pretty difficult to help someone if they don’t want to accept it. Just because her parents aren’t doing interviews or talking to the media like the Lohans do doesn’t mean they aren’t concerned.

  7. 7
    Well Says:

    @Ummmm: If she happens to be going the Joaquin Phoenix route, it would explain pretty much everything, including her incessant rants about nose jobs when she’s never touched her nose. If so, I’d imagine she’s already informed her family…no one speaks out about any of this, not her publicist, not her manager…just her and the occasional celebrity that either doesn’t know her or hasn’t talked to her in years and is just as confused as the rest of the world. If you’ve seen the way she acts on video, there was a video in the gym where she’s just flailing her arms around on a treadmill and her wig is lopsided, and she doesn’t say anything to anyone. Then there’s a video when paparazzi was being a hassle when she was trying to get back into the building, and one kept touching her, and she kept calm and was completely coherent and reasonable. So if this is one big charade, there’s one thing we’ve always known…Bynes isn’t an idiot, she just has her own sense of humor.

  8. 8
    Well Says:

    @Ummmm: plus if it is a stunt, she can disappear once she’s done, and come back some time later, and be praised by everyone that thinks it’s a massive recovery and a huge comeback.

  9. 9
    Lulani Says:

    This girl clearly still wants to be famous so why doesn’t she just get another movie and stop this charade already?! It’s boring. She was getting roles no problem. She chose to quit hollyweird and now is looking for attention in all the wrong ways. I believe that Amanda is very clever and knows what she’s doing. She isn’t crazy or mentally unstable. She said it herself. She knows wha she’s doing. This is just gone on too long now and she’s desperate to remain relevant in whichever way she can.she wants people to this she’s crazy but she isn’t.

  10. 10
    Lulani Says:

    @Well: exactly

  11. 11
    Lulani Says:

    If Amanda was really and truly mentally disturbed she would’ve been sectioned a long time ago, just an FYI
    This girl isn’t stupid and knows what she’s doing

  12. 12
    Love The Shoes Says:

    @Lulani: I basically said this all at the top and so thank you for getting it too. Is she feeling like she needs to continue this charade? Yep. Is it helping her? Nope.

  13. 13
    Toni Says:

    I’ve got no idea whats going on with her, but I’m hoping she has some sort of plan :/ I’ve got a feeling she’s not as crazy as she’s trying to convince us that she is..

    But if she’s pretending, I find the whole “the police slapped my ******”-accusation very out there… I mean, the cop’s are people too, and probably had to explain themselves, I hope she didnt make that up just for attention.

  14. 14
    JuJu Zhai Says:

    I know this is going to sound crazy,but this is the best shes looked in I dont know how long.You know your Amanada Bynes when you show up to court with a cheap party city wig and a gold rolex that’s bigger than her arm.Who live like this,lol.Can’t wait for that rap song AB.

  15. 15
    pika Says:

    a psychiatric unit is not always the answer and some can cause more damage than before. anyone else think that maybe she just needs someone to talk TO her not AT her? i watched this documentary on teens with mental disorders and to calm them down all they needed was the workers to talk to them and eventually over half went home ok. its not that difficult

  16. 16
    Camden Says:

    The bones under her eyes are protruding…okaaay.
    She can’t seem to come right out and say ” I want to get plastic surgery ALL over my face, but feels she needs to justify the extra procedures…uh huh…
    and What’s With The Capitalization Of The Beginning Of All Her Words…Oh right…yeah she’s got bigger problems than grammer I guess.

  17. 17
    Rodboy Says:

    Yes they all have issues , they are over paid idiots

  18. 18
    yummy Says:

    She stole that hair from The Official Pimp, T.O.P. !
    Amanda Bynes is a secret Kpop lover! OMG. Mint TOP feels!
    Great taste, Amanda! Let us fangirl together!

  19. 19
    Meh Says:

    Classy …..

  20. 20
    zane Says:

    Just because her parents are not doing interviews and are out of the media spotlight doesn’t mean they are not trying to means they don’t want this to become a bigger thing than it is. Can you imagine the headlines if they were in the media?

    And I feel no sympathy for the girl and her broken nose, suck it up cupcake.

  21. 21
    Jim Says:

    A judge finds Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson in contempt of court for patting his attorney on the behind in a show of appreciation (maybe a poor choice for a display, but not intended as a snub to the prestige of the court), yet this young lady, like Lindsay Lohan, arrives in court inappropriately dressed for the decorum of the court and isn’t even admonished? It’s obvious both of those young ladies were using the court as a springboard for publicity. If the judge in this case doesn’t, at the very least, admonish Amanda Bynes for her appearance, then he or she is a part of the problem that allows celebrities to thumb their noses at authority and somehow justify their misbehavior and distain for values. I hope the judge exercises his authority and gives her 24-hours to return to court appropriately dressed or find her in contempt.

  22. 22
    ShockeyShah Says:

    She is Shot!!

  23. 23
    Brett Says:

    This girl is as phony and fake as a 3 dollar bill. I too am a bit insulted by the fake mental health issues this D-list nobody tries to play up for publicity.

    The only issue this goofball suffers from (and the rest of us must suffer watching) is an extreme case of narcissism. Which any psychologist will tell you is just an annoying personality trait, not a medical issue.

    And unfortunately there’s no professional cure for “annoying”.

  24. 24
    blake Says:

    Poor little starlet. Desperately seeking attention in all the wrong ways.

  25. 25
    MVILLA Says:

    she is calling everybody “ugly” but she is UGLY TOO!!!

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