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Amber Heard Keeps Quiet on Johnny Depp for 'Bullett' Feature

Amber Heard Keeps Quiet on Johnny Depp for 'Bullett' Feature

Amber Heard gets sassy in this new photo shoot for Bullett magazine’s Summer issue.

Here’s what the 27-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On rumored romance with Johnny Depp: “The island is my private life.”

On The Playboy Club: “I became the show’s default, unintentional spokesperson, which I wasn’t capable of doing. I wasn’t the show’s creator. I was stuck in front of the press and left to defend The Playboy Club when, in fact, I can’t stand for the integrity of the show. I wasn’t in control of it by any means. The pilot was well-written and creative historical fiction. It was meant to be a fun narrative about a group of young women in a very volatile and revolutionary moment.”

On being wild:
“‘Wild’ has a negative connotation to me. It recalls a Lohan-type approach to life. My embarking on a journey to question a religious system, to demand or beg for answers, is, in and of itself, wild, but for me, it seems morally and intellectually imperative. I’ve always acted in what I thought was the best way possible.”

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  • True

    You were bought by a 50-yr-old man. You’re property. Yuck!
    Dear Johnny, I hope your daughter, when she’s 25, dates a 50-yr-old man, too.

  • Clarice

    @True: If she became in love with a 50 year-old man, what’s wrong with that?
    Stop being so judgemental!

  • pika

    she really pretty, dunno if she can act tho but shes attractive. its strange because i thought she was a lesbian? so shes bi since shes dating depp?

  • Odd

    Ah the power of banging Depp. This 27 year old ‘actress’ who has been in MORE critical/commercial flops than Lindsay Lohan, whom she appears to decry, has finally been given a HW lifeline and more attention but being the *** recipient of an established star.

  • Mala

    @pika: No, she even was engaged to a Mexican actor before.
    I think she became bisexual when she dated her ex-girlfriend. Because it seems that she was the exception to her list of boyfriends.

  • Maxi

    the island… private life..ja ja ja …cinical

  • Clarice

    Ohh! when she says that the Island is her private life, it’s like she’s assuming that the stories are true
    Nothing wrong with that! I think they don’t want to discuss their relationship at all.
    The other day I’ve read in a french mag (Gala) that they asked Johnny in the Lone Ranger press conference about Amber, and he can’t help but put a big smile on his face and said he prefered not to respond that question
    So it’s an accord between them

  • Jess

    Yawn, the sanctimony is killing me.

  • Jess

    @Jess: Other Jess here and I totally agree! I used to have a major girl crush on her until I found out she’s a huge fan of Ayn Rand. That says it all. She’s pretty, but every time she opens her mouth she becomes insufferable.

  • Taylor

    She’s stunning and seems like a good person. People need to get a life and leave her alone

  • Taylor

    That quote about the island is totally out of context. The interviewers asked her specifically about the island

  • marc

    How one single person can be so ridiculous. Amber exceeded my expectations, she is dumber than I thought she was.
    And she is very rude. why she mentioned the name of a particular actress?
    And the part of the island is transcribed incorrectly, she said “The island ….” (pausing) and after that she said “is my private life”.
    Boring and ridiculous interview – Amber and Bullet
    And I don’t like the pics

  • Bibi

    Her quote isn’t out of context Taylor, she just didn’ t want to reply, so she gave this answer. She has the right to keep her private life private, that’s it.

  • KeepRocking

    The quote ”The island is my private life” was her answer when the journalist asked her if it was true that Johnny had the bar from the rum diary built on his island so it really isn’t out of place

  • Carline

    She is imitating Vanessa Paradis style. What an opportunistic young girl!
    Easy to look good with all the make up and photoshoping. The result is interesting, but the woman does not have more value.

  • xvc

    I don’t like these pictures, they are not doing her justice

  • Alex

    @Carline: Are you serious? She’s a gorgeous woman with or without make-up.

  • Kari

    Their relationship is their business, but what I find hilarious is how she pretends to be so private about it all. She dropped hints about their relationship and courted the paparazzi for a year and a half, all while JD and Vanessa were trying to keep their split out of the public eye for the sake of their children. And now to say the island is her private life, was that comment even necessary! You mean the island he originally bought for his family. She just seems like bad news.
    And the audacity to publicly comment on Lohan, who most industry insiders say has great potential as an actress, while this chick has been in nothing but flops! Yeah she’s beautiful, but appears to be lacking in the character department.

  • Kaley

    Wow..she’s the most “free spirited” kept by a sugar daddy woman I’ve ever seen. Great example for other young girls. Hope Lily-Rose is taking good notes!

  • Ann


  • Sam

    @Ann: you’re totally right.

  • Lite

    @Ann: Or you are making a joke or you’re crazy.
    Who would be jealous of Amber???? Nobody

  • Chrissy

    @Lite: That was an irony, I suppose? million of women in the world are (me included) jealous of her only for be the woman in Johnny’s life…i don’t even mention her beauty, intelligence, etc

  • Chrissy

    @Kari: Maybe Amber is part of his family now. That’s why he put her name to one beach, and surprised her with the bar, etc, etc.
    Also, she wasn’t talking about the island. She was asked about the island and she says the island is her private life! that’s all

  • Toni

    @Chrissy: The fact that you’d admit to being jealous because she’s sleeping with that old man means there’s something wrong with you! Introduce yourself to the opposite sex!

  • Chrissy

    @Toni: sure. because I’m the only woman in the world who thinks that he- the two times sexiest man alive- is in fact attractive.
    Be objective. If you don’t like him, that’s good for you. It’s your right. But don’t act like no one else likes him because YOU don’t like him.

  • TVR

    Agree with you and @Marc & @Carline100%! Amber is so transparent and not smart enough to realize how transparent she is. And, by her actions, pretty self-centered and selfish. She’s attractive, but will never have above average acting chops.

    Can’t imagine Amber is too happy about this: US Weekly’s latest issue says Vanessa Paradis has moved back Depp’s 8-bedroom home in Hollywood while the nearby house Depp bought her is being remodeled. Depp supposedly spends evenings at Heard’s home, but no one has any sightings of him coming or going. I still remember summer 2012, when Depp flew to France and gave VP a gold locket that read that she’d always have his heart. Interesting situation.

  • Toni

    @Chrissy: I didn’t say I didn’t like him, and of course there are women all over the world who find him attractive, but do you not see the difference between that and being jealous she gets to sleep with him? Why would you (or anyone else) be jealous when there are so many people in this world. The world does not revolve around Johnny Depp and his sugar baby!

  • Kara

    well now daddy johnny is buying his lil’girl interviews in magazines to make her happy. she may be a brad actress but I see that she’s a bad model too. she’s exaggerated and looks fake in all the pictures here.

  • Kara

    *bad actress

  • Chrissy

    @Toni: I was responding to an answer who said that there aren’t reason to be jealous of her (in reference to the gratuitous hate over her) Yes there are and in a good way to me.
    I’m not hating on her, but there are many people here hating on her only because they’re jealous! do you understand what i was talking about?

  • Meh

    @TVR: CUUEEEK! nice try darling but Vanessa is already back in France (since mid june at least)
    Also of the entire time she was in LA in her last visit (before, she was promoting her album in France for a couple of months, and she returned to LA only some days before Lily Rose’s birthday) around a month and half and -allegedly- living in Johnny’s house again, Johnny was almost an entire month with Amber in a ranch in New Mexico where he was working on Transcendence
    So the time Amber- Johnny – Vanessa were in the same city and with Vanessa living in his house, and Johnny “holed up” in Amber’s home (as the magazine said) it had to be -in fact- no more than few days

  • Seiko

    @Meh: Jeez… Stalk much?

  • Meh

    @Seiko: No, I’m Vanessa’s fan and all her fans know all of these.
    Vanessa was only in LA around a month and half, that coincides with him having to work outside LA in NM, and with their children finishing school

  • Ann

    @Lite: err…you

  • nika

    for all the admirers here…She is a homewrecker! She’s a beautiful woman, lame actress and she will always be known for having affair with married man.

  • Alex

    @nika: he was not married.

  • CG

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Depp & Paradis get back together. The picture of Amber walking with her old gf Tasya was published right about the time of the US Weekly article mentioning that Vanessa had moved into the house where Johnny & the kids live. He’s quit drinking & is looking mighty fine – was this an effort to get her back?

  • Vale

    @CG: Vanessa is in France! she isn’t living with him. she was there for a couple of weeks

  • nika

    @Alex: yes, he was still married to Vanessa and she’s the reason why they broke up. They have been hooking up since she was in that movies with him.