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Angelina Jolie Scouts 'Unbroken' Filming Locations in Hawaii!

Angelina Jolie Scouts 'Unbroken' Filming Locations in Hawaii!

Angelina Jolie rocks a slightly sheer tank as she scouts a forest-y area of Oahu, Hawaii on Monday (July 8).

The 38-year-old actress is on the island checking out potential filming locations for her next directorial venture, Unbroken.

This is Angelina‘s second work she will direct – the first was last year’s In the Land of Blood and Honey.

The day before, Angelina and her two sons Maddox and Pax arrived on the island to prep for filming.

FYI: Angelina is wearing a full Saint Laurent look.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie scouting Unbroken filming locations in Hawaii…

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angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 01
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 02
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 03
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 04
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 05
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 06
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 07
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 08
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 09
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 10
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 11
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 12
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 13
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 14
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 15
angelina jolie scouts filming locations in hawaii 16

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Joe

    Hair? Check! Full makeup? Check! New pair of boobs to flaunt? Check! Okay, I’m ready…. Call the paparazzi!!!


    Who in there right mind goes scoping for movie locations in flip flops? Please!!! Pitiful!

  • busted

    New picx.

    I think her breast look a bit larger. The are not as big as when we first saw her. But judging by how she looked in Gia is not a good one. She was in her twenties. NO babies. NO breast feeding. Adn she doesn’t have that baby fat. Angie seems to gain weight in that area. I get it because that is where I lose it first when I am dieting.

    @Passing Through:

    She and Brad have worked with so many of the same people. I’m sure they give each other suggestions and ideas. If you made a list of all the people they have in common on film.. it would be a very long one.

    I would love for her to be in a Coen film. She would be a great match with them.

  • Reserve Result

    Is this the Laura Hillenbrand book — a chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII?

  • Rose

    I see the murderer Joe still stalking Angelina!

  • vickifromtexas

    joe is an ass.

  • Joe

    …and I see Rosie is bringing out ALL of her ALTERS! Bless her heart!

  • NAN

    Hi Rose and Phool
    Thank you for the shout out

    Hi to all JP fans around the World

    Hey BrainDeadNifer’s tamshitejoedogs….

    Cheers for Ms.CokeNiffer & Mr.JustGigolo

  • Rose

    @Joe: Speak about yourself murderer, you pos human excrement whose job is to stalk Angelina and make death threats against her. Remember your email address is registered at just Jared, you can go back and forth between monikers because are a coward and a lowlife homicidal lunatic.

  • Classy, charming and sexy

    Angie looks happier, enjoying her day with a charming and elegant black dress and the black fedora give her a gorgeous touch of class.

    When Angie smiled the world jump and round a little fast, she are really sexy and hot after all she endured in the lasts months.

    There are jealous full of envy that say she is thin and skinny but i don´t see nothing out of place, she is perfect.

    In this pics we can see the real condition of Angie wealthy, the arms are slim but elegant and her milky and silky skin is the envy of any person.

    Like brad have said she is sexy than ever before, her breast look tasty and even she have said that the results can be really good in our days.
    She appear to be in a happy phase of her life, smiling and enjoying her happiness.

    This photos showing her wealthy body it´s the ultimate prove against all jealous-haters full of envy that are constant saying that Angie is too thin.

    Angie is a hot-sexy lady . Love this hot-girl. Go Angie . Kiss

  • Cate

    Is that Roger Deakins with her? This film will look amazing if he is the cinematographer.

  • Rose

    @NAN: Hi Nan, how are you? Our girl angle is looking great and this is driving the troll cray cray. Great to be a Jolie Pitt fan today and everyday.

  • lurker

    yay so the lunatic is back to using her well known names

  • sunny

    Passing Through
    Sorry, Barbar was the Japanese title and I remeber it with that title.
    That movie was released in 2001 in US and she attended some of its screenings that year. She had already wrapped Tomb Raider at that time.
    They visited Japan together in 2001.

  • Joe

    @Rose: #58

    You can threaten me ALL you want loon. I have nothing to fear as, I did not write the delusional post you and all your alters keep REPEATING!!! I have never used another name…. So continue with your delusion, Rosie!

  • Wonderbust

    Hey TamJoe how many days are in a week? LMAO

  • NAN

    Hi Rose,Im fine and thank you, but a bit busy with work and a short time holiday.
    I hope you are fine too.
    joedog will run to TheHalfMan b/c I call its/his/her Dog,hehahehahahahahahaha
    A Coward JoeTheHalfManDog + tamshie must B@rking (without Jho’s ££$$€€ joe’s family cannot living )
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    Joedogs B@rk and Jho Paid (TheHalfMan just use his brain for BrainDeadNifer and joedogs’s team )

    Jho BOUGHT a Gigolo ……….Ouch……..Ouch

  • groundcontrol

    BBT played a barber in The Man Who Wasn’t There. Hence I assume the title, Barbar.
    I have a pic of Jolie with a fan when she visited BBT on TMWWT set in Pasadena in July 2000.
    PT, email.

  • nada

    @Reserve Result: Yes, Unbroken is be based on Laura Hillenbrand’s amazing book.  Laura has been talking about the film on her facebook page, too- here is a cute bit she wrote about Brad & Angie meeting Louis:

    Status Update By Laura Hillenbrand

    A few days ago, after Angelina Jolie was chosen to direct “Unbroken,” Angelina and Brad Pitt went to Louie Zamperini’s house to meet him. Angelina was very sweet, and Louie was completely smitten with her. As Brad and Angelina walked toward their car, Louie called out, “Hey Brad!” Brad and Angelina turned around, and Louie winked theatrically at Angelina, then looked at Brad and raised both fists, like he was going to fight him for her. Brad laughed and said something like, “Louie, I’m going to think about that for a month and then I’m going to have to come back here and settle this.”

  • Suri the meal ticket

    OMG! Now the black straw hats will be swept off the shelves! Angie can rock anything!
    I’ve already got a few pairs of straight leg black pants, thanks to Angie’s influence!

  • NAN

    Hi GC,I never like BBT.

    The whole world can see that BBT is a JERK,that’s why TheHalfMan’s dogs always used BBT with Angie.

    If BBT still use Angie’s name for his popular, he is NOT a real man !

    Poor BBT huh ? The B@rking dogs must used his name for their living.


    Rose, i just wanted to give you props for being persistent and principled in this matter of the pos hater who threatened Angie’s life. All us fans support you in pursuing this and believe strongly that the nasty stinker who insists on coming on B&A threads to spew hate on Angie needs to be locked up somewhere remote and the key thrown away.

  • Richard P

    I love her

  • alana

    She is other worldly beautiful!

  • Well…

    Angelina looks cool, comfortable and ever so beautiful. Also, I believe her breast are no bigger or smaller than before. It seems she was trying to stay her same natural size.

  • Awwwwww

    Her skin is amazing .

  • The ring

    When going to announce our angie and billy their reconciliation?

    awwwwwwwwwwwww true love

  • The ring

    is BBT in hawaii?

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the dad of mad and our angie together ¡:

  • sunny

    I wonder why some fans don’t accept Angie knew Coen brothers or Roger Deakins way before Brad.
    Coens also repped by UTA and the agents team there sure knows what she was wanting.

  • get real


    You are just joking right? LOL

    Angelina had the Coen brothers write the script of this film and freaking the great Roger Deakins is the cinematographer who is shown here with her in these pics in Hawaii.

    Angelina gets the best always, she is at the top of the Hollywood food chain, and the studios give her whatever project she wants……

  • busted


    I guess I missed that argument. I don’t think it matters. As noted they know or knew a lot of the same people. Which I think is kind of awesome. Just shows they liked the same kind of people.

  • yib

    Ange looks beauty but jared why mafee advser have you n Red what R u doing? how you are not stealing personal infos

  • lucy

    @Well…:Angie looks so beautiful she wears hats to keep the sun away from her beautiful face, Ticky wears hats to hide her hideous face. As for her breasts, they look the same size as before, Angie has ALWAYS been well endowed, even with such a slender frame. If she looks bigger to some, it’s only because her breasts are fuller now, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, we all know that can deflate the fullest of breasts. Any good doctor will advise you to keep your original size.

  • yolly

    She is so beautiful. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    @Dc: Me too, big fan of Brad and Angie.

  • yib

    @busted: You must not know about women boobs. Her boobs looks natural may be go see inplant pictures how they look done in the chest that is no made to hold them. Her boobs looks so natural that if she didn’t tell us she did something we wouldn’t know. I like the way they look on her without ordinary bra. She looks good and natural Thank God.

  • yolly

    @Joe: She is in Hawaii, you need to be comfy.

  • yib

    I really hate the red mark jared. what the F is going on Why you are considered a malcious site? fck I am not gonna post seriously while Red is here . you better is not doing something jared. May be you need ot contact macafee and tell them why you considerd dangerous in the site adviser.

  • maleficent

    @Eva: Angie is and will always be beautiful all over the world, she is beautiful inside and out.

  • yib

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  • yolly

    Waving to Neleh,Lara,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Kimmy,Lyric,JoAnn and to all lovely fans of Brad and Angie. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family. God bless their fans all over the world,

  • jaja



  • yib is FF troll

    Even FF is not in red.


    how do YOU know this? HMMM?

  • yib

    She looks more cute in the 1st picture may be it is the photo…. go Angie
    I don’t post no more with danger.

  • Lily

    Brad said ” Angie is sexy than ever” . She really is.

  • yib

    you bittches joke still about it. And stupid jared just let it be. What is going on seriously. McAfee site adviser has you dangerious site red jared foooooool. you deserve it.

  • Dawne

    WTF, the troll is bitching because Angie is wearing thongs in the bush………in the heat………geez, trollette, you indeed are grasping……..I didn’t even see her feet………shows how much she owns your fat azz.

  • Dawne

    I, too, got the McAfee popup warning about JJ’s site……WTF, Jared? Really?

  • yib

    @Dawne: thankyou at least troll-fan is usefull soemthing l

  • groundcontrol

    It’s possible to get a false positive alert from McAfee for various reasons –
    for instance see here
    Just email Chris and let him know – there is an email address specifically for technical issues at the Contact link at the bottom of this page.

  • infested ticky

    ticky got her implants after disappointing brad. now all she does is strip in every movie like she thinks shes a middle aged goddess ever since she had her boobs done. still a manly desperate talentless tick.