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Katie Holmes & Suri: NYC Play Date After July 4th Weekend!

Katie Holmes & Suri: NYC Play Date After July 4th Weekend!

Katie Holmes holds hands with her daughter Suri while heading to a hotel on Tuesday (July 9) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress and her seven-year-old daughter were joined by a stripe-wearing gal pal during the play date.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Over the weekend, Suri‘s father Tom Cruise was all smiles while grabbing dinner with a few gal pals at Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif.

Last week, Katie and Suri were spotted flying out of New York City before the Independence Day weekend to enjoy some beach time in the Hamptons.

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  • rubyz

    Holmes wasn’t papped the entire time she worked on her (straight-to-DVD) Mania film. Now, she’s papped incessantly again … and here’s Suri. Coincidence? I think NOT. Tiresome, no-talent woman.

  • Anne

    The clothing Suri is ridiculous. Frankly I can not see traces of Tom in Suri. In the 4th picture, it is clearly similar to his cousin. I hope, if the rumors are true, Suri will one day want to know your story like Paris Jackson, which will tell Katie.

  • Yassine


    The theory that Katie is using Suri as “the meal ticket” is simply hilarious. I have now an average idea of your IQ: ZERO intellectual arguments … I apologize you.


    I think they are lovely. The little Suri will be a heartbreaker !
    I also think the girl next to Suri is the daughter of Jeanne Yang. They just spent their week in Westhampton together.

  • Kaleey

    Suri is katie’s meal ticket. Without Suri, she’d be that has-been girl from an old tv show. She told Tom everything he wanted to hear so she could marry him, divorce him and walk away with money and a career. The career isn’t working out for her so she uses her over papped child to get attention.

  • SAKI

    ANyone that says that child doesn’t look like Tom need spectacles. SHe looks like both her parents. In fact, I find Suri to favor Tom’s cousin William Mapother a lot.

    And without a doubt, SURI keeps Katie relevant. Pap would care about this boring woman. #Suri #Luck #MealTicket

  • NYC

    Such a gorgeous kid.

  • Thornton

    Katie looks great. She and Suri look so happy now that they are away from the crazy cult, and it’s nutcase midget leader Tom Cruise. Unfortunately people have to deal with angry, bitter losers like rubyz when looking at pictures of Katie. I wonder how damaged you have to be to stalk a celebrity like she does. She is so worried that Katie seems happy she goes around making up lies about her to try to convince others that the world is as full of hate and as twisted as herself. This site alone has shown 8 different sets of pictures in the last month of Katie without Suri, and before that there were lots of pictures when she was filming her movie. I think rubyz and the other damaged stalkers will have a nervous breakdown if Katie keeps being happy living life on her own terms, given how much ugly, nasty energy they put into hating and stalking her. They are surely examples of how pathetic celebrity haters on the internet have become.

  • annie

    I think Katie looks great too, and Suri is a beautiful child.
    It’s one thing to say something that can’t be proven, or backed up by stacks of evidence, but some people just say anything to be nasty, regardless of the hundreds of Suri-less pics of Katie, out and about.
    Honestly , I wish I could go on some threads and post exactly what I think about the people , that these hating people idolise, yet come here to spew their hate.
    But I consider myself a better person , so I don’t bother wasting my time and energy, on people who I only show a passing interest in, or don’t like. But then again there is a very fine line between love and hate.
    I might start doing it, and I will use my own name as well, not like some here , who post under different names, but still spewing their same old tired hating comments.
    Seriously you can have a field day with some of their idols!
    Now that might fun actually!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: You just told on me. Now raising 3 young adults, that I am letting go of, I stumbled into this and found it to be an excellent diversional activity. I still stand by, “did you know that Tom Cruise’s sisters are just butt ugly”?

  • Yassine


    [The career isn’t working out for her so she uses her over papped child to get attention.]
    [And without a doubt, SURI keeps Katie relevant. Pap would care about this boring woman.]

    1°) If I follow your logic, tell me how is it possible she got papped many times without Suri? In a certain sense, it proves she is relevent without Suri right? Common sense.

    2°) For your general knowledge, Holmes has 8 articles (Just Jared) where she appears WITHOUT Suri in the last month (I didn’t include articles where she appeares with Suri to justly prove you’re wrong). Common sense.

    3°) I forgot this funny sentence:

    [Holmes wasn’t papped the entire time she worked on her (straight-to-DVD) Mania film]

    —> Absolutely funny. This is clearly a proof you’re ignorant. The bad thing is you think you’re right … We have tons of articles and pictures where she is on the set, where were you? Another funny thing is that sometimes you commented some of those articles in Dailymail, so what? you lie? Oh yeah, I forgot you need to give a certain level of credibility to your “Suri the meal ticket” theory by giving some wrong informations.


  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: I wish just 1 poster would come on here and explain my point for Anne:. After I responded to your last post with, u tube Tom cruise with you’re a jerk! BUT it has been since deleted. It illustrates my point spot on. The 2 girls around him at the time. Beauty DOES come from within.

  • Sincerely concerned

    My OCD drew me right to the posts without even reading the article: what a beautiful precious dtr. and mom. With the Yang girl too; Suri will have good role models on the beauty of becoming a women. You go girl. No doubt, after a weekend with Tom’s family a weekend in the hampton( for detox) was crucial. Did I mention that his sisters are butt ugly?

  • Cece

    I’m amused by the two feuding perspectives here. I think the truth lies in the middle. Suri is a cute kid, but beautiful is a bit exaggerated – all kids are attractive in their own way, but let’s not make every kid into a special flower.

    Katie is also cute, but again, not a knock-out. She can be made up well, but I don’t find her to be a classic beauty, and her figure is average at best (not her own fault – exercise can’t help her proportions). Her posture and seeming lack of confidence don’t help either.

    She does have a career but it’s a middling one. Today, celebs of all levels get some pap attention. I wouldn’t call her A list by any stretch, but she’s not D list either. And of course there is interest in her because of Tom and Suri; if she had never married or had Tom’s kid, I do think there would be less interest.

  • Linda

    Suri is not Tom’s biological daughter because he is sterile. The real father is without doubt without doubt Tom’s cousin William Mapother. They are identical. The eyes, nose, smile and the face! This is not Tomt’s facial features. But they chose the cousin and because they are realated.

  • Linda

    @guest shot:

    No she looks like Tom’s cousin William Mapother who is the biological father. There may be a lightly resemblence to Tom as they are realated

  • guest shot

    I see Katie’s relatives have invaded this thread….LOL

  • guest shot

    Suri looks just like Tom, she has his nose and all.

  • denny

    @Thornton: #7

    Katie does not look great. She look at least 10 years older than what she is. She will soon look like her mother does now.

  • denny

    Suri is dressed tacky. Katie should have put a white tank under that dress.

  • Jen

    Kaleey @ 07/09/2013 at 10:37 pm #4

    Suri is katie’s meal ticket. Without Suri, she’d be that has-been girl from an old tv show. She told Tom everything he wanted to hear so she could marry him, divorce him and walk away with money and a career. The career isn’t working out for her so she uses her over papped child to get attention.
    SO true.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Cece: After 5-6 yrs. with the Cruise Machine, no doubt her confidence is waning. Such a futile argument. I would go on on about her talent/confidence before/during/ after Tom, but at this point if you don’t see it, I don’t have the patience to explain it without my medulla oblongata going into over drive.. No malice intended:)

  • Yassine


    At least 44 years old? People exaggerate so much … She is a natural beauty, I mean she still is cute considering the fact she is make-up free, she never had a plastic surgery to get this beauty!


    #Sheepism: the act of being a mindless sheep, following the herd. #sadreality

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Jen: read #21!!!! You too Guest shot, Linda & Denny.

  • K-FLOP – NYFW?

    who’s suri’s daddy debate still lingers I see. cray-cray
    tom cruise sterile? yes? no? i guess, forget what kidman says about her mis-carriages being tom’s babies or that k-flop hasn’t said anyone but tom is her baby’s daddy. either way, if tom is sterile, covering it up says more about nk or k-flop than tom. the question on tom’s sexuality or sterile status is like an urban legend.
    but i digress, NYFW in 2 months, will h&y be a show? no show?
    putting designs together in the hamptons?
    haven’t seen yang’s husband papped with her and the girls since the beginning of h&y, just saying.

  • Anne

    @K-FLOP – NYFW?: These comments Abortion Nicole Kidman was part of the divorce agreement. She is ambitious. Waived foster children for more money. Does not deserve respect.

  • Jay

    suri is a joshua jackson’s biological daughter. She looks more and more like him every day.

  • Yassine

    Tom Cruise, William Mapother, Joshua Jackson, who’s the next? Stop speculations …

  • Just a comment

    - Its one of these three: Chris Klein, William Mapother, or Joshua Jackson. I’m leaning more towards Chris or William. Both were either close to Katie or Cruise. Both could probably be trusted. And this is not far fetched, things like this have happened in Hollywood. Ive already posted about this and Cruise was very much interested in perpetuating his heterosexual image of handsome leading man and now husband and father to a photogenic child with a young wife would make him appear younger. Let’s face it, when you are in the public eye, and make a living in the “make believe” whether you are a man or a woman, the public expects you to hit those milestones: date a good looking partner, get married, stay fit and look youthful, buy a nice home, dress well, see good photo ops of a loving couple, family, successful careers, etc. AND THEN for Cruise who likes to push the limits, attribute your success to Scientology.

  • Just a comment

    And people were questioning Cruise’s sexual orientation, whatever is an “inside” secret in Hollywood, was different with public opinion (the paying public who have made you a multimillionaire). There are very FEW actors who are openly gay that command the success like Cruise.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Just a comment: what would you call John Travolta????

  • Just a comment

    #30 – Are you kidding me? John Travolta has been rumored to be batting for the other team for years. However, if you are 45-50 years old you might remember the television show Welcome Back Kotter (right before he made the movie Saturday Night Fever). During that time, John Travolta dated a lady by the name of Diana ? and she passed away of cancer. I think she was the love of his life. He was devastated at her passing. Afterward, his career in Hollywood took off with Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, Grease, etc. Yes, he has children. His DNA is very strong and his kids resemble the Travoltas: his son Jett, the little girl, and his yougest son Benjamin. Clearly,
    John Travolta might be gay but he also tries to preserve his image of married man and father. Regardless of the countless rumors of his sexuality but one thing is sure, Travolta is not sterile. His children are the living image of him and the Travolta family. But one thing that stands out about John Travolta, he’s only been married one time, Cruise has now been divorced 3 times and his adopted children were publicly adopted and don’t resemble him. The child issue is something he tried to quiet down with Suri Cruise. But that did not stop the question, “Who is Suri Cruise’s biological father?”

  • annie

    I think according to hollywood gossip , everybody is gay.
    I really don’t believe TC is, and I believe that Suri is his.

    As for Holmes/Yang and Fashion week, Katie has always said they are a small business.
    You people don’t get it do you…….it’s not her , to go on television, and set up photoshoots to promote herself.
    Everyone has a fashion line, even Camila Alveres, Mathew M wife, seriously what has she done to create a fashion line, ok she’s some model nobody heard of, and his wife. Saw her on tv , not long ago promoting her line.
    At least Katie was in a tv series for 5-6 yrs, and made movies in between, and as I have said before, some of those movies, were written just for her in mind , so she was well liked.
    So stop trying to put her down.
    The rest is history.
    As for Cruise, maybe once upon a time he was a nice guy, but he’s as brainwashed as you get, because Scie teaches you to control…..control this , control that, even using control of the mind to move objects.
    It’s not what he said in 2005 it’s how he said it, don’t tell me he wouldn’t have used the same threatening look and action to his partner, if not worse.
    Wise up people!

  • Anne

    @Just a comment:

    The problem is not being sterile and use a substitute. Nicole Kidman openly assumed her 2nd biological daughter was a surrogate, was the realization of the maternal instinct. The reason what you do it is that is the X of the problem. Paternal instinct okay …. more to better the image, career, money or a farce to hide sexual orientation is immoral. Enter innocent people in these “arrangements”. Cruise and Michael Jackson, married with a career, obsessed with image and advertising. That Paris Jackson, an example for many artists selfish.

  • Jeremy

    Who is Suri Cruise’s biological father?”

    William. And You?

  • Yassine


    I remember one time you said the first wife of Tom Cruise said he is sterile —- do you have a link ?

  • ClaireG

    Suri is on Entertainment Tonight. They are showing Suri yelling at the paps to go away and get out of their way. Katie is just standing there looking like an idiot while her 7 year old child is saying what Katie should be saying. Actually, Katie should use an underground parking lot. What an awful mother to even put her child in that situation.

  • Johnny Cobra

    Tom Cruise gay: 5 reasons to believe it … or not.

    @Because their marriage was maybe “a casting”:

    The wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was totally orchestrated by Scientology. “Tom began to complain about his difficulties with women and told his best friend how he struggled to manage its relationships. David then ordered other officers to start looking for a woman Tom Cruise. Officially, it took the form of a casting. younger women were warned that Tom was looking for an actress for his next blockbuster. the contenders had to represent themselves, be dressed and not have more than 30 years. “has revealed a former member of the Church of Scientology, Marc headle to “News of the World.” Thus, some even say that Scarlett Johansson had first been approached to be the lucky one. The blonde had a narrow escape!

    @Because stars of the Scientology Church are all suspected of homosexuality:

    Tom Cruise, Will Smith and John Travolta have three things in common: they are famous, followers of the Church of Scientology and all three … suspected of homosexuality. So much so that the wildest rumors revolve around those funny coincidences. Thus, some believe that the actors would be entered in the Church in order to “purify” following an exceptional course of treatment to get rid of their homosexual tendencies. Another version of it would rather that Scientology has “files” on them, and threatens to tell the world if they do not join the Church.

    @ Because there is no question of love in their split:

    In his statement of divorce, the representative of Katie Holmes “_ irreconcilable differences,” but nowhere does the indication of any lack of love or infidelity. Katie Holmes was simply burnt out, unhappy and on the verge of breaking down permanently. “She seemed to be the robot described in the press about it,” says a friend of the actress. “She has changed so much when she was with Tom, she became tasteless,” says the source. Katie Holmes lived elsewhere since an almost parallel life was often spotted in the streets of New York alone with Suri. So their relationship would it transformed into a platonic friendship?

    @ Because Tom Cruise does not seem to be awesome in bed:

    When Tom Cruise breaked from Mimi Rogers, rumors about his homosexuality rife. The latter explains that their failure is partly due to a “lack of sex”. At the time, Tom Cruise reportedly told him she wanted to be single and thinking “seriously become a monk,” adding duty to “maintain the purity of his instrument” … Knock, knock! Therefore, the wildest suspicions circulating about him, fueled by the adoption of two children with Nicole Kidman, who supposedly hiding sexual problems. To turn the torrid Eyes Wide Shut, the actor would have taken the same course as he did it wrong! In 2008, he also failed to turn a very sensual film with Katie Holmes. Show her having sex with his wife on the big screen to conceal the doubts about his private life [WOW].

    @ Because Tom Cruise is “so gay”:

    An incomparable lame and a dance scene that will be remembered: yes, Tom Cruise dance like a real gay wearing his little slip in “Risky Business.” But Tom would not only Saturday Night Fever, it would also end a consultant for the ladies.

    In 2008, Katie confided to the U.S. IT taste of her husband for fashion. “Tom has great taste. He loves everything that I wear in general, but sometimes he sees a dress and says she is so you! “. Pam, pam, pam … And then there was this photo where mister Mission Impossible makeup poses alongside two bombibasses: again, the sex appeal of the actor sounds wrong.

    Ok, joking aside, remember that Tomy has always loudly proclaimed his heterosexuality, and to date, no conclusive evidence of his homosexuality were made. So not true because of his superstar status, or unfounded rumors? For now, everyone is free to interpret the events in their own way.


  • annie

    @johnny cobra
    jesus i thought i could write stories!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: yes!!! All the signs point to it, hot on the camera like Rock Hudson, over involved mother with absent father figure, Did I mention “butt ugly” sisters, unsuccessful with heterosexual marriages. My ONLY issue is with Katie Holmes entering into this “arrangement”. With her mom being a devout catholic and Katie being so concerned about how “they would feel or think about her actions”. If true, than she sucks too

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: I also heard that some of the old geezers (producer/directors) were on hot and heavy with these young boys. Think about it: John Travolta in Grease (even welcome back Kotter) and Tom in this Risky Business dance. No doubt these old geezers were into major hard on. “retake#138 – scene Tom wear little slip”. Will Smith even had that dorky appeal in his sitcom. This is one speculation that we will probably never know and rightfully so…. Just like the priest disclosure or the Cleveland girls held captive for 10 yrs. all innocent victims …..UNTIL they become the perpetrator. Connor? …Exit Katie with Suri. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Sincerely concerned

    “in the true man there is a child concealed who wants to play”. EVERYONE I see defending him states how hard he WORKS. And when some “companions” say how he engages in play, it is with intensity, competiveness. I.e., not in a carefree, childlike way. Just a thought!!!!

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    UNTIL they become the perpetrator. Connor? …Exit Katie with Suri. The love of money is the root of all evil.
    Can translate for me to understand?

  • Anne

    @Johnny Cobra:

    It matters little to me whether Tom Cruise is gay. I’m sure you do. Or, he could be assexuado, bi-sexual. Or, it would be so submissive to his religious fanaticism which became a closeted unwilling to accept homossexuality or experience (think the beginning of his career he experienced). The culprit of all this is that the public does not know separate things.

  • Anne


    Came out in the 80s in magazines here. I think in playboy. Time and again this review appears in the media. And I think that’s true. Tom Cruise married these women at the peak of their fertility (Rogers and Kidman) and nothing. With others they succeeded. Suri is the face of William. Holmes and Kidman are women more liars HW. One day this story out. See Paris Jackson.

  • Yassine

    I don’t imagine Holmes marrying a gay and having a child with a sperm donation coming from William Mapother (to have a maximal degree of likeness) … It doesn’t make sense to me. All that to have claims to fame? LOL. She became famous from Dawson’s creek, pieces of april and then she was Rachel in Batman Begins with a million dollar payday! I think Holmes has a consciense.

  • Sui

    I do think Katie hoped for a better career when she married him. For the rest I think she was very naive. I hope she’s happy she’s got out of the marriage and that scientology will leave her and Suri alone. I doubt that but I hope it for them.

    I also think Suri is not Tom’s or it’s his but via sperm donation. Suri does look like his cousin William but google Tommy Davis. Suri also resembles him. I seriously doubt she’s Tom’s though.

  • Just a comment
  • Just a comment

    #44 – I agree with you 100%. Money and fame make people do a lot of things.

  • annie

    @just a comment
    that pap will get into trouble for that, it’s wrong to call a little kid names.

  • Yassine

    @Just a comment:

    It’s sad. You can’t change the world …