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Miranda Kerr: Behind the Scenes with Frankie!

Miranda Kerr: Behind the Scenes with Frankie!

Miranda Kerr sports a tie-dye shirt while arriving for a meeting on Tuesday (July 9) in New York City.

“Behind the scenes with Frankie for @ellejapon @chriscolls @michaelkors @dklahair @rmsbeauty @diannalunt ❤ Miranda xxx,” the 30-year-old Australian supermodel tweeted the day before with a pic. Check out the adorable pic below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

On the same day, Miranda was spotted carrying her cute two-year-old son Flynn while heading to Milk Studios in the Big Apple.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr rocking tie-dye…

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miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 01
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 02
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 03
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 04
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 05
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 06
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 07
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 08
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 09
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 10
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 11
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 12
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 13
miranda kerr behind the scenes with frankie 14

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  • Truer

    Based on all the photo-ops and tabloid attention, you’d think this woman was the highest paid, most successful model in the world, and yet she isn’t.
    I guess real, successful models like Gisele are too busy working and do not need to rely on paparrazzi to keep her relevant. Afterall, her work speaks for itself.

  • Anon

    Miranda looks beautiful. Love the pic of her and Frankie.

  • @1

    Are you kidding? We see Gisele papped quite often. And if she isn’t being papped, she’s posting pics of her new baby.
    And BTW, Miranda IS one of the most famous, highest paid and successful models out there. At least according to Forbes. Yet another TRUTH these idiot haters can’t admit.
    Miranda keeps heaping on success after success, and you idiots keep digging yourselves deeper and deeper.
    Pathetic, but HILARIOUS!

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Always looks dull and overstyled.

  • Gifan

    @1 . Exactly sister no wonder she is still n•1 And Will stay n•1 for Many years again + @3 miranda may be successfull but she is still according to forbes less successfull than gisele And Will never be as successfull as gisele,

  • LOL!

    Miranda Kerrdashian walks into a building!!

  • @5

    No one said that she was is as successful as Gisele. NO ONE is as successful as Gisele. But Miranda IS successful. You haters who keep calling her a flop when she is ONE OF the most successful models working, just make yourselves sound ridiculous, desperate and ignorant.

  • Shippers Delight

    Oh the nuts are out calling mK successful. If she was so successful, why did DJ and VS sack her? Who is ridiculous now?

  • dingoho

    again having the paps on speed dial. She is nowhere near as relevant as Giselle, Giselle gets papped, but she doesn´t need to call them, Miranda does, it´s her only way to stay relevant now that VS dumped her.
    Such a shame she is dragging her kid into it.

  • @8/9

    Just like we said. Haters are desperate and ignorant.
    ‘Pathetic’ goes without saying. Oh, what the heck. I’ll say it.

  • @9…

    Oh I see the Delphi “haters” are here, is that you CallieM3 & Joley???

    Are you going to call Flynn the names you do on your “hate” site as well
    seeing as your using the abusive “Dingoho”

    What’s the matter are you all upset that Miranda & you’re pretend boyfriend are still happily married????…

  • Elena

    Why didn’t she drag the brat with her today?

  • @10

    Yes they’ve crawled out from their “hate” site STILL trying to desperately convince everyone that Miranda was “sacked” from DJ & VS when
    EVERYONE knows it’s not true….lol.

    But it’s understandable because you see they can’t say a WORD about Miranda being named on the FORBES 100 most INFLUENTIAL celebrities list without sounding jealous as hell.

    Can you imagine when the list came out their heads must have nearly exploded with rage….lol.

    So now of course they’ve resorted to telling LIES by saying we think she’s more successful than Gisel which is simply NOT true but that’s what “haters” do when their proved wrong over & over again!!!

  • @Elena…#12

    Wow insulting an innocent child now???

    You’ve really sunk to an all time low now, you must be so proud of yourself…

  • dingoho

    @@9…: They cheat on each other all the time, you have a screwed up definition of happy marriage.
    The only reason she is on the last place of the Forbes list is because she called the paps until people deluded themselves she is somewhat relevant, this will be her first and last time to ever appear on that list, because she gets dumped by all the major brands she represented and now has to work for those asian no name designers.

  • Elena

    @#14: Children are vile, disgusting creatures and I feel no remorse in calling one a brat. Just because it is the spawn of your goddess does not mean I am required to view it as sacred. It’s ugly and has a big head. Like it’s mother.

  • gigi

    Hee hee hee, you guys are so funny! Haters and shippers will remain like cockroaches! Personally, I find her to be pretty when doing shoots, but not so much in real life; that “camera magic” works well for her! She does come off as quite vapid. Flynn is cute, but take a after Dad, I think.

  • @15

    Anyone STUPID enough to believe ridiculous blind items is beyond help. Or as we like to call them, delph-IDIOTS!
    And first they claim that Orlando used his tremendous influence and pull to get her fashion gigs (of course this is after they called him a has-been). Now they are claiming that paps can influence FREAKING FORBES?
    And they wonder why we laugh at them?
    Wow. You sound really bitter and full of hate. Almost sociopathic. I hope that no one ever leaves their child in the same room with you. I wonder if you actually need real help. Seriously. Being frustrated or uncomfortable around other people’s children is one thing. But a woman hating children with your vehemence goes against nature. Literally, against nature. *shudders*

  • dingoho

    @@15: Who are you talking about with we, you and the voices in head? you are the only one who needs to get help and education to get rid of this sexist pseudo scientistic worldview.
    You are really obsessed with this site, aren´t you, you know there are plenty of people who dislike Miranda for the smug, vapid flop famewhore that she is, who cares about Orlando anymore?
    And yes getting papped because you call them on a daily basis can create the illusion that you are actually relevant, you get featured in gossip magazines and people discuss you, so you become influencial, It has nothing to do with her work, otherwise she would have been there when she was actually still working for major brands and walking HF catwalk.

  • @19

    Love how you pretend to not be a member of our favorite group of obsessed hater loons, then go on to use insults that aren’t found anywhere but their sad little site.
    You haters really need to just let go of your obsession with this girl. You spend waaaay too much time stalking her across the net, using multiple socks to post your lies, and creating fake blogs and twitters.
    Your lives must be so empty.

  • Maddie

    Miranda is so beautiful.Gisele isn’t attractive, looks very maskuline and i thiink isn’t very sweet woman(.poor Jack and Bridget).Glads Flynn looks just like Miranda

  • dingoho

    @@19: that´s funny coming from the obsessed batshit crazy fan. How empty must your life be if you even stalk the hate site of Miranda for infos.
    LOL, pathetic. Lots of people started to dislike her because she says dumb, condescending, vapid shit all the time and she gets called out for bullshit, but keep deluding yourself,lol.

  • @Dingoho….#19

    Wow you’re REALLY clutching at straws to truly believe that the ONLY reason Miranda made the Forbes 100 most influential celebrities list is because YOU think she calls the paps & that’s the only WAY she’s relevant….lol.

    Talk about DELUSIONAL…

    Miranda made the list because of several reasons.

    Her success as a model with many magazine covers, runway & campaigns has made her one of the highest paid models in the world, which has made her very high profile in the fashion & everyday world.

    Her BUSINESS success with starting her OWN company Kora Organics in 2009 & due to it’s success now expanding into the US, UK & Asia.
    The main reason it’s successful is because Miranda is the face of Kora, she’s her own best advertisement as well as the Organic products.

    Her best selling book, Treasure yourself which appeals to young girls AND women.

    Her whole lifestyle philosophy, being healthy, her flawless skin, shiny hair & super toned body appeal to women who want to achieve the same look of being slim & healthy through yoga & eating superfoods.

    Her fashion style, she has a natural flair for fashion always looking effortlessly elegant & feminine. Magazines & fashion sites constantly feature her & tell women how to get her “look”.

    Her marriage to Orlando, women love to read about their lives. The famous Supermodel & the hot movie actor. As well people love to see pics of Flynn as he’s such a sweet & smiley child. They make a beautiful family, live an amazing lifestyle & are happily married.

    Miranda appeals to a broad range of people, women, young girls, men & has 3.5 million followers on Social Media.
    That’s why she’s always on lists as diverse as being voted the celebrity women would like to see release their own fashion line as well as being voted the sexiest woman in the world by GQ magazine. Or having the best legs or fashion style.

    So you can call her a flop model, famewh*re or tell us she’s not successful but YOU know it’s NOT true & repeating the lies over & over again still will NOT make it a fact…..Jealous much???

  • @Dingoho…#22

    Oh please, do you really think she only has “one” fan on here when she has 3.5 million followers on social media???…

    Who do you think buys her skincare line & books, her “one” fan???

    There are several people commenting on here not just me unlike the 4 “haters” on the Delphi site or the obsessed “Doutzen” fan from the Netherlands.

  • @22

    Oh sure, fans can be obsessed, too.
    But fans aren’t the ones who created fake blogs to libel Orlando’s mother. They aren’t the ones posting their insane theories on every site that they can. They aren’t the ones calling a young mother AND her innocent son horrible names. They aren’t the ones who claim that a young professional woman is a bad mother for not quitting her job to stay home with her baby. And they certainly aren’t the ones speading filthy lies about a woman who has never done anything to them.
    THOSE few people, are the real “batsh!t” crazies.

  • Elena

    @18 Why is it “against nature” for a women to dislike children? At most, it is against what our culture teaches us we are supposed to from the time we are little girls. I simply have a mind of my own, unlike yourself. children are disgusting and by admitting that I do not like them and have no desire to squirt one out from between my legs I have done myself, the brat and the world a service. More women should do what I have done, rather than having children for selfish reason, such as fame and fortune, like your goddess here did.

  • @Elena

    One thing is not wanting to have a kid, which is perfectly respectable, but calling all children disgusting, and particularly calling that to a child you’ve never been remotely close to and can’t possibly have annoyed you, is very strange. You’re a typical subproduct of nowadays, someone confusing feminism with the most repulsive form of individualism.
    Anyway, go back to covering MK’s haters’ reputation with glory.

  • Zit Detector

    Does anyone else see that huge zit on her forehead? Good to know that she’s actually human :)