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Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Sends Prayers to Randy Travis!

Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Sends Prayers to Randy Travis!

Nicole Kidman is a contrasting beauty while exiting her hotel on Tuesday (July 9) in New York City.

“Sending healing strength and love to you this morning @randytravis -KU,” the 46-year-old Australian actress’ husband Keith Urban tweeted earlier in the day after hearing about country singer Randy Travis‘ heart condition.

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Randy is currently in critical condition after undergoing placement of a left ventricular assist device for his heart.

In case you missed it, check out Nicole looking stunning for Jimmy Choo‘s Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign.

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  • Nicomi 4 Ever

    Nicole spends an awful lot of time in New York. Isn’t Naomi currently in New York too? Kidman looks good.

  • lace

    Lovely. So nice to see her out and about, but where’s the babies? miss them!

  • Louise

    Nicole looks so lovely and content. Her marriage certainly agrees with her!!

  • Oh dear

    It seems Katie Holmes genuinely enjoys spending time with her seven year old daughter Suri. They are always out and about together in New York. Nicole out and about spending fun time with six year old Sunday? … not so much.

  • Karen

    @lace: She doesn’t sale her babies for publicity. She maintains there privacy as much as possible, same with the Jolie-Pitt and other SMART HW actresses.

  • ..

    Unfortunately Sunday is not photogenic, hence no photos with mom(?)

  • Y

    Can anyone explain the relevant connection between Urban’s publicity seeking tweet and Kidman stepping out alone in New York?

  • Skeptics are braindead

    Well dumb skeptic, there is no story to this photo but Nicole leaving a hotel. So Jared tacked on Keith’s tweet. If you would read other stories on this site besides Nicole or Keith you could figure it all out yourself. But skeptics love to play dumb, as usual. So far 4 out of the 7 comments are by the same idiot. How long will it take for the dumb skeptic to tell us Keith is seeing his one true love while Nicole is away from home? 5, 4, 3, 2….

  • dankeschön Nicole

    Hopefully Nicole is travelling through New York City to here in Germany. In the news I have seen she will be honored for her movies and women’s rights work at the Cinema For Peace Gala. Lovely Nicole, thank you for doing so much with so much love and passion in your heart. You have a wonderful husband and family.

  • Freche Granny

    Let’s hope Granny refrains from doing her politically incorrect red carpet Heil Hitler salute to the crowd whilst in Germany.

  • Go Granny, Go

    So Nicker’s is off to Germany to be honoured for her record number of box office movie bombs and her PR instigated, sparse contribution to women’s rights.

  • Reed

    #9 That’s wonderful! Google shows the announcements are in German. The English press has not picked up the story yet. She’s worked with them for years. Well-deserved honour.

    #10-11 Thank you for making it crystal clear you are an absolute fvkcwit.

  • :)

    Just telling it like it is #12

  • curious

    Is that a ray of sun light daring to touch vampira’s bleached, chemical peeled and lazered skin?

  • ?

    Q. Where are the two little girls Nicole so desperately craved?
    A. With the nanny 24/7.

  • Julie

    @Karen: Nicole doesn’t sale her babies for publicty? lol
    Great joke!
    She is ALWAYS selling her kids for publicity!
    And Jolie-Pitt doesn’t sell their kids for publicity either? HAHAHAHA
    Are you blind?
    Please, WAKE UP!

  • ClaireG

    Nicole and Keith have been vacationing with their girls for the last few weeks. They just do it away from the paps. They dont need to use their kids to be seen. The celebs you see here all the time want to be seen and dont care about protecting their kids from the paps.

  • Carolyn

    So nice to learn that Nicole is being honored in Germany. Lovely woman.

  • Ahem

    So…she is in NYC while Keith is preparing for his tour. She simply cannot stay in one place long, can she? As to the German honor…whatever. She just cannot stand for Keith to shine…ever!

    To turn a simple tweet for Randy Travis’s recovery into a PR moment is a shame and a sham. Celebrities ‘tweeting’, too can all be about the PR… Just Google “Randy Travis” and see what comes up. ;-)

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole looks good

  • Rosalie

    @Ahem: the family has been back in Nashville since Saturday. Nicole has already left NY to go to Europe for her honor. You live in a very outdated world if you think a wife can’t have her own career. Or is it that you just want Nicole to disappear? It’s most likely the latter. Your version of reality is never going to catch on. You come off as a bitter jealous hag.

  • avaya


    Bravo. Well said.

    The clueless shall remain clueless and post dumb comments that have no worth and are totally off base.

    Just ignore the old hags with no life.

    As far as JJ posting this picture and the tweet… How abt. asking JJ. They also look desperate lately.

  • duh

    @Rosalie: Nail on head. Nicole doesn’t have the right to breathe according to skeptics. The ”whatever” response by the resident troll is exactly what we can expect. They’ve been saying for years Nicole Kidman is washed up. The best response is ba freakin ha. Nicole had lunch with her producing partner Per Saari and then flew to Berlin for her award. Yeah, she’s just soooo over!

  • Memo

    To: Worldwide Motion Picture Associations
    From: NK Publicist
    Re: Has-Been Actress for Hire
    For a nominal appearance fee, washed up actress is willing to attend any obscure award show, anywhere in the World, to receive any undeserved award any association is willing to bestow. Will travel at own expense.

  • Jeremy

    @Nicomi 4 Ever:

    what do you want say? Lesbians?

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Obscure? Looking at their website I think not. Many other A-listers work with them and supoort the organization.

  • www.cinema_for_boxoffice_bombs

    Dear Nicole Mary Kidman,
    It is with great pleasure, we advise you have been nominated for our most prestigious award, the ‘Greatest Consecutive Number of Box Office Bombs’ award. Please wear an inappropriate short tight dress, omega watch, Jimmy Choo shoes and join us for a night of drinking, pill popping and dry humping

  • And the award goes to ….

    Dear http://www.cinema_for_boxoffice_bombs,
    I would be delighted to attend your prestigious Awards night. I notice the event coincides with Keith’s tour. This is perfect timing, as I have no intention of travelling on the tour bus with anyone. ps. May I bring Ms. Naomi Watts as a travelling companion ;)

  • Sara

    @And the award goes to ….:

    It does not coincide with Keith’s tour.. She will be back in plenty of time. Check your facts.. oh wait…you don’t DO facts

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    You’re so right, Sara. I believe there’s an international film festival in Italy next week honoring Baz Luhrmann, and featuring “Moulin Rouge”. This starts around the 18th, and she must have turned it down to be back in Nashville.

  • duh

    There’s no reason to believe there was ever plans to have any of the MR cast present. It’s an event honoring a director. It would be just as likely for Richard Roxburgh to be there as it would Nicole or Ewan McGregor or John Leguizamo.

    In regards to Cinema For Peace, Nicole chaired the first gala. She sent them a message via video because she was in her last trimester and couldn’t fly to Berlin to be there in person. It’s the same charade every time with the skeptics. Skeptics have hissy fit, Nicole does her work and flies right back if the girls aren’t with her, Skeptics lie about Nicole’s whereabouts.

    Keith has been doing a ton of press for his tour and being asked about Randy Travis. Randy’s condition is not looking good and the skeptics will continue their little games.

    “I always feel like he’s part of our family, he’s in our family,” Keith Urban said Wednesday morning. “And I was one of those guys in Australia that bought `Storms of Life’ and became a Randy fan very quickly in late `80s, and I really feel for him right now.”

  • Far too busy for “family time”

    You can bet if there’s an international film festival in Italy next week honoring Baz Luhrmann and featuring “Moulin Rouge”, Nickers will be there, front and center!!!

  • Hannah

    Ok, so like wasn’t this suppose to be about Keith? She’s so hideous and I really don’t get what he sees in her…I would go on tour with my husband if I was her..I mean her movies are flopping left and right oh and she can’t take care of her kids so she has nothing else to do.

  • Y.S.

    To avoid confusion, commenter #7 using the name Y is not me. This person has posted in prior threads as well.

    Y.S. are my actual initials; I revealed who I was, in reality, in my defence against Skewer Mistress who had for years been abominably and aggressively accusing me of being someone in America; abusively barrelling me into her target group of what she calls “skeptics”. I proved that I live in Cape Town, South Africa by giving a link to my actual Facebook page. Her Google search proved my existence. She claimed that my IP address was American; though I don’t know how she figures that, given it isn’t.

    Nevertheless, Skewer Mistress has levelled criminal allegations against me, saying that my Facebook page/identity is “fake”, thus accusing me of Violating the Terms & Conditions of Facebook that I agreed to when signing up. She/he has further accused all of my friends on Facebook of also being ‘fake identities’; again in Violation of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions.

    That is a serious allegation, as it is made in the International Public Domain and amounts to serious Defamation. The allegations, linked to my real persona and real name, remain online forevermore, and can at any time cause me incalculable damage. At any point, I will be able to sue Skewer Mistress, as the evidence is right here, forever.

    Skewer Mistress also claims that my profile picture on Facebook is that of my ‘daughter’. Fabulous compliment actually, given it is actually me … I am used to such compliments as everyone says I do not look my 59 years!! Any of my friends, who are in fact real, will testify that I do not have any children in any case.

    Skewer Mistress has NOT ONCE been able to quote any comment of mine that can be construed as abusive, irrational, defamatory or unfair toward the Kidman-Urban family.

    I have claimed that I follow the Urbans adventures given my closeness to Australia and all things Australian, evidenced again all over my Facebook wall. In particular, being an art director, I am mostly interested in the styling of photo shoots, clothes etc etc; especially given that Kidman is at the cutting edge of design. I have always said she is a fantastic stills model.

    My criticism of her is the incongruency between what she says and what she does; ito her career. But, such things don’t get debated or discussed here; they simply entrap you into Skewer Mistress’ ugly war and atrocious name-calling.

    So, for the large part, I don’t comment much; but have a good laugh following the ridiculousness of these threads; especially when they reach the “turning points”.

    Yvonne S.

  • Nothing has changed

    Nicole Kidman could be a cold, petulant and moody woman who was distant from the children she adopted with Tom Cruise, according to a new unauthorised biography of the actor.

    But it is Morton’s claims regarding Kidman’s attitudes to family that will resonate most.

    “Even though the couple had two nannies on-call 24 hours a day, Tom was very much a hands-on dad,” he writes.

    “When Nicole was away filming or, increasingly, flying to Sydney to spend time with her parents and sister, it could be days before she would phone to see how Isabella and Connor were coping.

    “Those who saw the family close up concluded that Tom was much more comfortable and enthusiastic as a parent … the actor was in constant — and controlling — touch with the youngsters and their nannies no matter how busy he was.”

    Morton says that, by comparison, Kidman often behaved like a “spoilt diva”.

    “If the jet wasn’t stocked with Beluga caviar and all the trimmings she appeared deeply irritated, exhibiting a jaded petulance,” he wrote.

    “Nicole often seem bored or disenchanted with her life as a Hollywood star, expecting a luxurious lifestyle as her birthright … she had no sense of wonderment about the world.

    “So many wonderful things happened to her but she had an enduring sense of boredom … she never delighted in anything.”

  • x

    With all due respect @YS, declaring Kidman is at “the cutting edge of design” is very generous. One only needs to peruse Kidman’s everyday wear to realize the woman has absolutely no dress sense. A stylist is mostly responsible for Kidman’s red carpet look and that too can be very hit or miss depending upon Kidman’s input.

  • Lia

    Time for a serious reality check #34. No one cares who you are.

  • Y.S.


    Speak for your snide self! I CARE about being vilified in the media based on incorrect antagonistic allegations. And if you don’t care about such behaviour, then you are as bad as Skewer Mistress and her ilk.

  • Y.S.


    I agree with you, although I will refrain from making negative comments, because one gets crucified here for that. Yes, Kidman is part of a team, and it is generally the team effort, and the photographer’s genius that I appreciate (from a photography and Art Director’s perspective). As I have always maintained, for me, Kidman is a better stills model than actress (in MY opinion – that which I am lawfully allowed to state) … the cutting edge that I speak of is her access to the top end of designers etc etc … who are always experimenting with new ways to wear things, new hair-do’s etc etc … which of course, will not always be a hit; but interesting for me to see the experimentation and adventure. For instance, I loved the W (mag) shoot … it was just stunning … and others like that.
    Yes, Kidman can be sloppy away from work, but I would too if I was always dressing to perfection for red carpets etc etc etc etc etc … in Oz, it’s called ‘daggy’ … and along with many things Ozzie, I also appreciate ‘daggy’.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    I get pulled into these drawn out comment sections every time against my better judgment. In spite of all the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes’, Nicole is definitely an interesting character. You have to seriously wonder about her upbringing; if, at a very young age, she found it easier to just say what people wanted to hear rather than tell the truth. And, I believe for a second, she means what she says.
    Nicole’s playing with fire. The photos at the Correspondent’s Dinner in DC, and at Cannes with Weinstein (and his possessive expression) were completely insulting to both his wife and Keith. Also, the Kravitz love fest in Nashville had to have been uncomfortable for her husband. I feel so sorry for Keith, her actions must be so embarrassing (also, detrimental to his career; country music fans aren’t the most sophisticated).
    If anyone reads this, they’ll just figure I’m another Nicole ‘hater’. I don’t mean to be, as I said in the beginning, she’s a fascinating character, who I unfortunately see heading for a train wreck.
    BTW, the person who referred to Morton’s ‘new’ biography is way off base. That Cruise bio was written years ago.
    Also, someone compared Suri Cruise with Sunday in regard to a day at the beach. Suri is almost 7 1/2 years, whereas Sunday just turned 5 this week. There’s a little difference as to what freedom you give children at these ages.

  • duh

    Poor Keith. What would he do without hypocritical possesive ”fans” like Lizzie. We’ve lost count as to how many train wrecks there should have been by now over the course of 8 years.

  • Y.S.


    You know, it would be nice sometime, if you, Skewer Mistress, would engage some intellect, AND MANNERS, and actually have a discussion with other commenters instead of simply, mindlessly, lambasting them.

    You are beyond tiresome, and have given absolutely NO cause, EVER, for why YOU seem to think you have the right to attack ANYONE who posts here.

    Of course, you are now going to claim that I am lizzie, and whoever else who posts anything that doesn’t fit your criteria of “Urban Perfection”.

  • Oh yes

    @Y.S. – Oh yeah, I remember you and your fake Facebook page. For anyone remotely interested in this moron, Y.S. posted a link to her supposed Facebook page which only would connect to one picture and a few people commenting on the picture. Thing is, when you clink on those people page, what do you know? There isn’t one. In fact, the link goes back to Y.S.’s page. So yeah, that’s the mentality of the skeptics.

  • Lillith

    Nicole Kidman looks really happy and relaxed, can’t wait to see her in Germany.

    I wish she’s start a new film, I always look forward to her work, she chooses very interesting roles.

    As for the haters, they cant see beyond their own suffocating scorn, one day they’ll realize that all this petty nitpicking was just an excuse to hide their own failings and inadequacies in their lives and then hopefully they”ll end it.

  • Y.S.

    @Oh yes:

    You’ve just displayed your own cluelessness! And perpetuating your Criminal Allegation. Sucks to be a twerp, doesn’t it?

  • Oh please

    “My husband and I have motorbikes.” Really!! Is there any photographic evidence Nicole actually rides a motorbike or is this a confused fantasy from the Cruise years?

  • Urgent Memo

    To: Baz
    From: Nickers
    Help me Baz!!!!, I have LIED once again and told everyone I am going to be “the wife by Keith’s side” and get on the tour bus with him and the kids. I need a diversion Baz. I am currently in Germany and you simply must take me to Italy with you. I know the award is honoring you Baz, but as I am a pro at stealing the limelight from others, we can both benefit. The official word from my PR rep is “plans change” so that means I can go anywhere and do anything as long as I don’t have to step foot on that bus.

  • ..

    Dear @Lillith aka Sewer Mistress, it will end the day Kidman does everyone a favor and permanently retires … not long to go now.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    @Oh please: Another day, another link a skeptic won’t post.

    Yes stupid skeptic, Nicole and Keith ride bikes. Nicole has ridden some form of motorbike since she filmed Un Australiana a Roma in the 80′s.

    And oh dear, two more exquisite magazine features are coming. An entire issue of German Vogue devoted to Nicole and French Vanity Fair.

    It definitely sucks to be a stupid skeptic!

  • @Skeptics are stupid

    There needs to be video proof for everything Kidman/KUNK says for me to believe it