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Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Sends Prayers to Randy Travis!

Nicole Kidman: Keith Urban Sends Prayers to Randy Travis!

Nicole Kidman is a contrasting beauty while exiting her hotel on Tuesday (July 9) in New York City.

“Sending healing strength and love to you this morning @randytravis -KU,” the 46-year-old Australian actress’ husband Keith Urban tweeted earlier in the day after hearing about country singer Randy Travis‘ heart condition.

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Randy is currently in critical condition after undergoing placement of a left ventricular assist device for his heart.

In case you missed it, check out Nicole looking stunning for Jimmy Choo‘s Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign.

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    Kidman in NYC has nothing to do with the tweet, so why is her name associated with this story? She had nothing to do with the tweet! OH that’s right, he is no longer Keith Urban, but Nicole Kidman’s husband instead.

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    It just kills you that Keith married Nicole, doesn’t it? 7 years and 2 kids later and you still can’t face it. Poor you. Bahaha.

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    @@The girls: Huh? Jealous of having a husband who is a recovering addict and a cheat? Don’t think so.

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    Yes, think so. You take their lives very personally. They consume you. I agree with #68. It just kills you. You can’t stand it. Your seven year long temper tantrum is proof of that. Yep, he was an addict and a cheat but thanks to Nicole, he’s 7 years clean and sober. Love is all you need. I hope you find some someday.

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    7 years clean and sober with no cheating … sure about that ?

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    @Oh yes: Do you honestly think the life of a recovered addict is so easy and perfect once they leave rehab? Grow up and live in the real world for once.

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    Yes, I’m sure

  • @The girls

    No I don’t think the life of a recovered addict is easy at all. But the keyword is “recovered” and thanks to Nicole, he is just that.

  • Y.S.

    No, it is thanks to Keith that he is successfully recovering from his past addictions. No-one else can do it for the addict. Give the man HIS due!

  • @Y.S.

    Of course Keith is to be commended for his success recovery but Nicole was the reason for his life change. He wanted her and knew he would lose her if he continued. Her love became more important than drugs and alcohol. She gave him a sense of order and purpose much like Susan Downey gave Robert.

  • The girls

    @@The girls: Do you know how many recovered addicts are in the world who have gone to rehab multiple times? Urban is one of them. It certainly doesn’t mean he is safe from using again.

  • Y.S.

    @The girls:

    Even at AA, (the 12-step Programme), they refer to ex-users as ‘recovering’ addicts … ie, that they are ‘recovering’ for the rest of their lives. I actually had an issue with that at Psychology College, because I thought one recovered, or that it was helpful to think that one had recovered, but apparently that is not so. I think that an old groove is easily slipped back into. Much like an ex-smoker can go full-on back into smoking, after just one puff, even after having stopped for 20 years, for example.

    Making memories. Made memories. Memory forever.

  • @The girls

    Yes I know many recovered addicts have gone to rehab many times. Keith is one of them and so is Robert Downey Jr. A recovering addict is always susceptible but many are eventually successful as is the case of these two. Love is a powerful thing.

  • Y.S.

    @@The girls:

    yes, self-love

  • @Y.S.

    Self-love is another important factor. He often said he didn’t feel worthy. By giving him unconditional love, Nicole taught Keith how to love himself.

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    You only wish my comments were pure fantasy. Reality hurts sometimes especially when one is consumed by anger and denial for so long.

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    Keith is very slim and appears a little fidgety and twitchy in interviews.

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    Here’s proof you can’t believe everything you read about these two. He claims to be 5′ 10″. Can anyone really believe he is an inch or two shorter than his wife when he always looks like a little boy next to her?

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    Alas, Keith is short, slim and feminine … just the way Nicole likes them.

  • @The girls

    So you think his marriage is fake and his wife carried a mechanical baby around just because it says on the internet somewhere that he’s 5’10″ and according to you who personally measured him, that’s a lie. Here’s some real proof you can’t believe everything you read about these two: Anything a skeptic says.

  • The girls

    @@The girls: Mechanical baby? What does that have to do with Keith being much shorter than his wife, but says he is taller? For an inch difference, why is he wearing lifts then? Mechanical baby?

  • @The girls

    Does he say he’s taller? Has he told you personally that he’s 5’10″? Did you measure him? Or did you find that info on your Google search? If you don’t believe anything you read about him, then why do you believe Wikipedia? Weak.

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    The mindless KUNK crazies will tell you Urban is not perturbed by his lack of height, yet he still finds it necessary to wear 2 inch shoe lifts on the red carpet.