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Jack O'Connell: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' Star!

Jack O'Connell: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' Star!

Jack O’Connell has just landed the leading role in Angelina Jolie‘s upcoming Universal project Unbroken!

The 22-year-old British actor, who is best known for his work on Skins, will portray the role of real-life World War II hero Lou Zamperini, according to THR.

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The film just also was assigned a release date of Christmas day, 2014. We can’t wait to check it out!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jack O’Connell taking on the leading role in Unbroken???

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  • gennline

    Wow! Angie’s has all her ducks in a row. Everything is coming together so
    well for her.Rock on Angie.

  • busted

    So things are really taking off. Angie has selected her lead in her film. So great. This is going to be great. She is working with some great people. So excited for her. We need more women behind the camera. And Congrats to Jack O’Connell for getting the part.

  • Dawne

    Didn’t Tamshiit just post on the other thread that Angie didn’t have a budget or a commitment from Universal………..effing troll is wracking up more losses than her idol.


  • gennline

    Everything is coming together so well for Angie. Rock on Angie.

  • Jen

    Jack was amazing in Skins and Eden Lake so great choice Angelina.

  • Dawne

    Angie rules again……….trolls are so worried about her unemployment……….LMAO. Go check out the new thread on Ticky p*imping Dumbwater while Angie is directing a big studio picture………suck on that trolls…………..teeeheeee

  • sweetness

    whoever he is his life has just changed as an actor. all eyes will be upon him….congrats !

  • MYO

    ange putting all the peaces together happy for her. You go girl.

  • valis202

    Well done Angie. Can’t wait to see this film I think that it is going to be amazing especially in regards to the talent involved.

    BTW Jennifer Aniston’s great contribution to the news agenda today. Another commercial for dumbwater. And people still wonder why Brad left her and then subsequently chased after Angie.

  • Rose

    What did Brad say about Angie, “she’s a force to be reckoned with”. Fans we are so proud of our girl Angie, she is so organized and talented. I hear a scream coming from the trolls right now. Oh boy, this thread will be humming tonight!! Someone will have to talk down the trolls from jumping off the ledge tonight, whaa, whaa, whaa, trolls crying for their mommy, lol!

  • lk

    proud of ya angie, looking forward to see this xx

  • valis202


    So predictable. Couldn’t you come up with anything more original.

    Troll it must hurt seeing somebody who you hate so much souring high while you beloved Jen is stuck in mediocrity hell.

    Supporting roles in crappy films, flogging bottled water and second rate cosmetics. What a loser, just like the people who call themselves her fans.

  • valis202

    LOL. Oops

    souring = soaring

  • A True Brad and Angie Fan

    I’m really proud of Angie of how she is handling her upcoming directorial film. Great things have come in place for Angie, Brad, the family and everyone involved in the film, I can’t wait to the film. This film has award winning all over it, trust me:)

    Go Angie:)

  • Maya

    wow great news – Coen brothers, Deakins and Jolie and now this very talented man will play the lead. If this movie doesnt wipe out the Oscars 2015 I will eat a hat.

    Another good news: WWZ earned $2,524,267 on Tuesday and had a rise of 12.1% from the day before. The total domestic so far is $163,765,088 after 19 days. Well done WWZ team…

  • lucia

    OOH MY GOD!!!, I loove this!!.Jack is a great actor!!!!. He deserves it!!.

  • Linda

    Excellent choice.

  • Dc

    Way to go Angelina, well done, it’s all coming together <3. This actor Jack is lucky.

  • Just sayin

    2013 belongs to Brad, WWZ, The Counselor, TYAS, and Kick Ass2. 2014 belongs to Angelina, Maleficent and Unbroken.

  • mom


  • test1


  • Saffron

    I’m not familiar with Jack O’Connell but I’d say he hit the jackpot. Good for him…his past work must be impressive. I hope he kicks butt as Zamperini.

  • fyi

    World War Z
    Domestic: $163,765,088 44.1%
    + Foreign: $207,400,000 55.9%
    = Worldwide: $371,165,088

  • just sayin

    The release date shows the studio is aiming at awards season.

  • anustin

    whoa!!!! love him in skins.keep on rollin’ ,anjie.poppa pitt is very proud of u.

  • rikki

    her face is really plastic/frozen looking

  • sighnomore

    Well done Jack! I can’t wait for Skins: Rise..

  • BP

    Angelina is very organized! I will see the movie many times.

  • Angie&Brad4Ever

    Angie is totally AWESOME!! Can’t wait for Malificent and Unbroken in 2014. She is so effortlessly beautiful, elegant, and just the perfect counterpart for Brad.

  • Joe

    What, no PHOTO OP today, Angie? This would have been a perfect time to show off those NEW boobs again… You’re slipping!

  • busted

    her skin is flawless..really just beautiful

  • anustin

    and der is Maniston polluted plastic water over photoshoppin fug.

  • yup

    This is why Brad and Angie are the most powerful couple in HW because they both are so successful and both are the biggest stars in the world.

  • Joe

    Someone needs to tell her about blotting papers… The oil on her face is a little overpowering!

  • The ring

    do but, but, but, our angie and pitty will work at the same time? pitty takes his children biological to London and our angie adopted children to hawaii with her hot boy

    I love so much our angie ¡:

  • http://cellphone Susan

    joesette the makeup artist, if it is a man LOL, why not use some of the blotting paper on your pie hole.

  • A True Brad and Angie Fan

    I see the poor trolls are still in dismay of Brad and Angie success, ha and their ticky is still stuck with promoting dumbwater and having a lesser low profile as an actor. While Angie and Brad are paving their highlights through Hollywood as King and Queen. :)

    It shows it sucks to be a fan of ticky and ugly squiggs. Ha!

  • lol

    Don’t worry troll, Brad and Angie will work out their schedule. LOL.

  • first and last post

    from previous thread…for “busted”

    # 63 first and last post @ 07/10/2013 at 5:26 pm

    Hi busted,
    haters/trolls are ALWAYS wrong…but they don’t care if their statements and conclusions are wrong/incorrect because losers don’t care about fact, details or critical logical thinking…what substantiates a rational conclusion never supports their emotional biases…geez, they deliberately make false statements because they 1. know individuals who value fact, detail supporting logical conclusions will always try to correct…”yanking the chain” is one method that works for them towards their manipulation and power control over others and 2. they want to “express” themselves and be heard for the sheer attention like crybabies and whiners who demand feedback…all unworthy of the valuable time of most others.

    Hi to phool, sunny et al…thank you for the great articles.

    Hi to vickifromtexas…post more please. You are so nice and polite, so it’s amusing when you post a succinct one-liner wham at a hater when you called the fake him/her an a.s.s…”short and sweet” LOL.

  • lol

    The tampon troll probably still screams ” it is not greenlited” even when the movie starts filming. That’s how delusional and stupid tampon troll is. LOL.



    You are so obsessed with Ms Jolie’ boobs??…LOL

    Paparazzi intruding in her life endlessly snapping photos became her “photo ops”?? No celebrities ask for that!! You are such a joker and hater…..

    And speaking of photo ops, it seems that many silly shallow haters are so “interested” with Ms Jolie humanitarian news, yet don’t understand her role for the refugees, don’t understand raising GLOBAL AWARENESS ! There is always a team of people from UN in those trips that document and takes photos for press release, it’s a procedure for all goodwill ambassadors. For MS Jolie, she have been doing it since 2001.

    Hater are jealous of her role as a humanitarian, they desperately hope that she is being snap photos doing bad deeds, that is the image that they they pray for, anything good means photo ops from Ms Jolie to promote herself….LOL

    oh BTW your boobs or your girlfriend or your wife boobs will for sure slip in time to come due to gravity, Ms Jolie’s wouldn’t, hers like many other women who had reconstructed breast will be perky FOREVER…BRAVO~


  • me

    Angie’s karma is working great for her.Ticky’s is in the hazard.That’s the difference between the great and the ugly.Way to go,Angie.Praying and hoping for more success to go your way!!!

  • BH

    Way to go Angie! As Brad said “she is off and running”. What an amazing woman!

  • *

    Jerry O’Connell would’ve been better!

  • an oldie

    “Joe” is not a guy. When do guys talk about blotting papers? Joette is not a hen either because she didn’t know the release date of her idol’s movie. Therefore, Joette is a female, and probably a scientoloco.

  • me

    @*: Jack sounds better.Maybe they’re distant relatives,who knows!

  • were the morons

    I just found an interesting twitter account on twitter. His name is @theblackvoice . I encourage everyone to check him out. He says some real stuff about our society.

  • Angie and Brad beautiful love

    Angie power is doing magic, any thing she think deserve to be done she only stop when she finish.

    Angie come to this world to lead, that´s why she get everything she wants without stepped nobody.

    Angie is a Leader and every person want to be with her, she conquer with her unique personality and charismatic soul. she rules this world.

    Angie is more and more loved by people in all planet, she is an amazing woman doing incredible and wonderful things.

    I loved Angie, Queen Angie, the beautiful Soul. kiss

  • anustin

    beware of tampon the murderer.

  • were the morons

    Hello Rose!
    Yea, today was real busy at work. Didnt think I would ever become this busy LOL. Yes girl, Angelina has found her lead and is getting this project into fruition. I remember when tampax pearl said there wasn’t any funding for “Unbroken.” This just shows how little the me tally ill troll knows. I guess now tampax pearl had to find another BS story to run with…

    As for the upcoming meltdown, I’m envious you won’t be here to watch. I won’t let no troll stop me from reading positive information on the lovely couple. You would think they would be satisfied ticky finally has a new polluted water commercial out. Even though her face is photoshopped to the max.