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Priyanka Chopra: 'Exotic' Video feat. Pitbull - Watch Now!

Priyanka Chopra: 'Exotic' Video feat. Pitbull - Watch Now!

Priyanka Chopra looks super sexy in a swimsuit in the music video for her new single “Exotic” featuring Pitbull!

“I recorded ‘Exotic’ in Ibiza with musical genius and visionary RedOne and none other than Mr. Worldwide aka Pitbull,” Priyanka said in a statement. “Together they helped me create a hot and sexy summer anthem that I am so proud of! This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to share this song and the rest of the album with you!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the music video for Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull’s “Exotic”?

Priyanka Chopra: ‘Exotic’ Video feat. Pitbull
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  • lynn

    I love her, she is so beautiful and classy!

  • O_o

    WTF did I just watch and who is she?

  • march

    my goodness!! she is so f*cking hot. It hurts!!!!

  • Devie

    She is more beautiful and as actaul talented unlike Freida Pinto. But Priyanka is not famous in the US, Why are her pics here? I know she is working on songs.
    Even Freida, she doesn’t work in movies anymore, why are there still pics of her on JJ? Does their PR send them or what?

  • Rene

    Shit song. And her face looks so fake :S

  • Yeah

    I didn’t like the song at first – but MAN THE VIDEO really does justice to it. She is so hot. Completely blew me away.

  • liz

    she’s reallypretty but she kinda reminds me of kim kardashian in the botox-faced-woman and desperate-to-look-sexy kind of way. the song sucks too, even though I like usually pitbull.

  • Blah

    @Devie: Freida gets posted because she attends events and photographers take pics of her and she is semi-known thanks to Slumdog, the Immortals and Planet of the Apes.

    And Priyanka is NOT better-looking than Freida, but she is sexy. She’s obviously getting posted because of the Pitbull connection and Jared is trying to diversify.

  • Bindi Dedhia

    i like her in movies…but in dis album…She s lookin like a wanna be… fake attitude..

  • rICK


    that’s pathetic. Kim Kardashian is a page 3 woman with no real talent (except perhaps her disproportionately large booty) and you compare her with this girl Priyanka, Well i just watched a few movies of her’s and let’s just say that she is a mind-blowing actor and a nice singer.

  • Rana

    WOOOO! Piggy Chops is hotter than JLO not just the tropics. She n Pitbull make a gr8 couple on the video. Wish they were d8ing. She was known for acting in Bollywood I watch online. I wish I was her.

  • humaira

    @rICK: I agree. She is a great actor, and she has a great voice. How dare they compare her to the talent-less gold digger KimK.

  • EMU

    @rICK: (y)

  • EMU

    first of all, she was miss world 2000, and way better gorgeous than freda pinto. second of all, she is a brilliant actress, n’ will be a great singer as well.. she may not popular in US, but, her first two steps (this and first song: my city), proved she’ll rock!

  • humaira

    Ms. Chopra, works hard and has shown the world that she is talented and worthy of only praise. She is beautiful, charismatic, sexy and intelligent. She is not afraid to step out of the box and represent India in a whole new light. Thank you.

  • Raihan Riaz

    I didn’t like the song at first – but MAN THE VIDEO really does justice to it. She is so hot. Completely blew me away.

  • dan

    Funny most of you are clueless, the ONLY reason she is singed to INterscope records and doing music is because of her shit fanbase in India and JImmy Iovine is trying to use her to sell Beats by DRe in India… otherwise everyone knows she cant sing for shit, Jimmy Iovine keeps spending millions to make this troll happen in US because he has an agenda… He is the evil man!!!!

  • Heat4u

    She does not look like Kim K. She has talent and is actually doing something with her life for example being a great actress, making music, and representing india. She isn’t scared to mix up desi music and moves in her video. Fake or not she is hot! LIke it or not she is here to stay…so get used to it. :)

  • Daniel

    dude u could put quarters up her nose…..those nostrils can fit anything in them they huge…..BTW she seem like she has a cock, BIg cameltoe

  • Heat4u

    @dan: @dan:

    Really what is his plan???? Dan your one of those people with so much hatred! Live a little man. Relax and enjoy. She doesn’t have a fake fan base and hun u call her a troll cuz you would never be able to touch a woman like her. : ) have a gud life and take it ez. enjoy life a bit.

  • dan

    @heat4u I could give a rats ass about touching this woman…. she is nothing… Old fake and boring wannabe, is so unattractive…. theres tons of hotties in Brazil and Russia that will make this fart look like shit babe…. i dont want an Only bitch with cameltoe I love HOT young woman on their 20s…..stop being so defensive

  • Fan

    @Heat4u: He didn’t say fake fanbase… and he’s right anyway. Jimmy Iovine/Interscope are just using her to get into the Indian market. And she’s obviously using them to get an international career. That’s why she’s going to be in the Disney movie “Planes” next.

  • Salma

    She is HOT to Indians who Never seen anything better……. theres nothing hot about TINY body with no tits n ass and BIG Head!!!!! maybe in India but not here boo

  • Fan

    @dan: “Dan,” it’s obvious you’re Indian. No “hotties in Brazil in Russia” want you. Also, you’re probably bigoted against black and dark women in general so Brazilian? Most Brazilians are Afro-mixed so you’ll be racist towards them. =(

  • DIP

    Nice Song.. Love u Priyanka <3

  • Dip Dey

    Awesome Music Video… Love u Priyanka <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Fan

    @Salma: Actually, plenty of Indians call her ugly. Some people will find her “hot”, some will not, regardless of origin.

  • http://ravij77 Rockstar Ravi

    Perfect Priyanka :) Superb……………….

  • http://ravij77 Rockstar Ravi

    Perfect Priyanka :)


  • Samantha

    Holy s*it. She is hot as. i wish I had her body ;) Heard this song about a week ago, and kind-of liked it. Watched the video and I am loving it. It grows on you. And the Indian lyrics are so cute, even though I don’t understand them!

  • Karina

    Wow, that was really good. After a disappointing In My City, PC rocks with Exotic. Surpassed all my expectations!

  • Sarah

    Jeez, the west has some severe haters. Jealousy does indeed make you nasty.

    She’s not extraordinarily talented vocally, but she’s a genuine person and a good actress-I wish her well.

  • Sam

    WOW, she’s hot! Actually liked the song too :)

  • Prasun

    i dont give a rats ass about she being an Indian though i am 4m India. but it is undeniable that she is hot and not just in Indian market but she is a worldwide materiel for sure. she was miss world haters, you dont be a miss world unless you are talented and drop dead beautiful. she is sexy as hell.

  • Mary

    Choreography is a bit weird, especially the signature step, and at some points, PC seems awkward. But other than those 2 points, practically everything in the song rocks. PC looks hot, the song is so good (and extremely catchy), Pitbull’s parts are good, and PC sings really well.
    Overall really happy with the song. Well done, Priyanka! ♥♥♥

  • xyz

    Piece of s.h.i.t. After all what can u expect from Pitbull?

  • Priya

    This song is sooo good, much better than her first single In My City. Of course, she’s not perfect, she IS only a newcomer, after all. But the song rocks! And PC is extremely hot. Bit awkward in some bits, and the dancing could have been better, but hopefully she’ll improve with time. Overall, impressed :)

    Btw, PC is a great actress. If anyone wants to watch her movies, I’d suggest Barfi!, Fashion and Aitraaz. She’s acted really well in these movies.

  • xyz


    Lol, moron, how many dumb and average even ugly women were chosen MIss World? U have any idea what u have to do in order to be chosen Miss World? Welcome to the real world, D.U.M.B.A.S.S

  • xyz

    Autotune. Overrated. Fake. Nuff said

  • xyz

    Nose surgery. Even so, she looks manly

  • rick

    sexy..she is hot…i like this video…:P

  • poppy

    Its amazing how the some people on here pick fault with Priyankas looks.Its like they themselves are so top drawer that even Miss World is not good enough .Well the good news is that Priyanka has made a video with pitbull.She is not offering herself to any of you lowlifes .Her looks are that way naturally .She looked like that when she won Miss World .When you,your woman or sister wins Miss World……………let us know so we can be the judge,Otherwise get a life.Its a video.Don’t like it…………simple…don’t watch it.

  • Monkia Message from Pitbull to Priyanka #Exotic

  • Vratika

    superb song…… awesome :) :)

  • mim

    Beautifullll and sexy!!!! (not)

  • http://facebook JLo

    @salma…lol u are such a huge racist u cannot stand someone whose not ur race n more talented/hot/beautiful…but in the back of ur mind u kno shez actually all of tht…so shut the f*** up…ur comments are really not required here…
    n BTW if ure commenting tht for Indian women…either uve never seen an Indian girl or u have no f****** sense of beauty or u are blind….cumon…u need to raise ur standards man…ur choice is makin the devils jealous…
    n u kno wot…u can never get her thts ur problem…stay happy with ur mind-less blondies…u deserve em…

  • Priya

    LOVE IT! 2 thumbs up! :)

  • Atty

    She is awesome and she rocks the song and the video ….
    She has done justice to the song….. love you pc…. you rock as ever…..

  • Atty


    She was Miss World. Please brush up your general knowledge before passing snide remarks .
    OOPS i am sorry …i forgot you have peanut sized brains …how will you know about what is happened or history for that matter… she is damn good at whatever she does and has proved it time and again….

  • vicky

    Hot as hell!!…she is looking smoking hot….the song is so fu*kin foot tapping…just love the combo of her with pit bull…a huge thumps up from my side….well n lets not even compare her to anyone….she has her own charisma n attitude…n lets face it guys people hating her n criticizing her are not even 1/100th as successful as her…she wont even fu*kin care about as*holes like you…stop being jealous u losers!