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Rihanna Sends $5,000 to Illinois High School After Tardy Visit

Rihanna Sends $5,000 to Illinois High School After Tardy Visit

Rihanna takes on the gorgeous day while out and about on Thursday (July 11) in Monaco.

The 25-year-old singer arrived in town the day before for her Diamonds World Tour stops.

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It was just reported that RiRi sent $5,000 to a suburban Chicago high school after she was late to a scheduled appearance earlier this year. The students reportedly waited four hours for Ri to appear, and the money is meant to cover the cost of her tardiness, according to Billboard.

Just Jared on Facebook
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 01
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 02
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 03
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 04
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 05
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 06
rihanna sends 5000 to illinois high school for late visit 07

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  • cunty mccunterson

    Monaco is not in France.

  • Oh please!!!!

    That’s a further slain the face to those kids.she usually spends more at strip joints. Who is she trying to kid?! Damage control much!

  • Oh please!!!!

    That’s a further slap in the face to those kids.she usually spends more at strip joints. Who is she trying to kid?! Damage control much!

  • SunnyAutumn

    Wow, she really reached deep into her pockets. She tossed more than $8,000 while turning it up at a strip club ROFLMAO. Its like they made her do it to save face for showing up late to concerts and barely able to stand up, all the while grabbing her crotch during her performances. @ballingouttacontrol.

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  • Josephine

    Monaco is a separate, sovereign city-state. It is located within the teritory of France but it is not a part of it, so writing Monaco, France is a mistake.

  • Rachel

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 Riri.

  • WOW

    This is the second time JJ makes this mistake. MONACO IS NOT IN FRANCE!

  • Ben

    @Oh please!!!!: = @SunnyAutumn: OH look who is here again LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Bitter hating again I see. I could bet that Rihanna is more generous than you ever was. You’re so pathetic its just getting sad.

  • Sue

    Rihanna enjoy it there. Its so beautiful there. @WOW: JJ always makes weird stuff like that. Once they wrote Ri was in London when in reality she was in Amsterdam. I think Europe is confusing for them lol.

  • miss infamous

    thats it? lol she spend more on a pair of shoes (and strippers)

  • Mandy

    Ri my love <3 She looks so cute.

  • Sarah

    I love Riri. It looks like she is doing vacation. She looks relaxed.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Geography lesson for the day, JJ. Monaco is a principality that shares a border with the separate country of France.

  • Henry

    Great legs. Never been to Monaco. But they say you have not very high income taxes there? @miss infamous: And if she does? Its her money, she can spend it for strippers and shoes as much as she wants it. Nobody is telling YOU on what to spend your money. So why you act like you should have a say in it on how she spends it?

  • Dennis

    Rihanna looking great as always and JJ acts like Europe is everywhere the same, as always.

  • yeah

    Awww my Riri, hope she can rest a little bit. I dont know how she makes it, like concert after concert. Happy for her that she has soon vacation.

  • LoveRi

    Enjoy Monaco Sweetheart.

  • DWT

    @yeah: I also dont know how she is making it. She is a really hard working woman. She is touring till november. Its crazy. Love her. Was on her DWT concert and she was phenomenal <3

  • Loveee

    @DWT: I was also at her concert. Rihanna was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiing.

  • SunnyAutumn

    @Loveee: @Sandra, Sandra, Sandra-girl you need help. This is the same alias you use on hollywoodlife-did you forget? ROFLMAO. Quit trying to save face for Rih’s 3 hour tardiness and stumbling on stage. #keep up with your aliases. You Rih zombie fans are something else.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Hey Sandra, you take your meds today? I have one user name and only need 1 boo. I don’t need over 50 different user IDs like you brenda aka, sandra rose, aka sandra duncan, aka annbarb, aka I forget the rest right now. Bossip and MTO run you off again? I don’t see how you have time fora full-time job, oh that’s right you live in a psych ward.

  • Renata

    Now she buys fans.

  • RiRi

    I love that blond hair on her.

  • Monaco

    Monaco is doing her well.

  • Ben

    @SunnyAutumn: OMG there she is again. Mrs. Bitterness LOOOOL. Now you accusing strangers like this person @Loveee: LOOOOOOOL. Girl you’re sick thats obvious. GET SOME HELP. And leave innocent people out of your messiness. Its not messy-ville here, where you’re from.

  • Rachel

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  • CuteGirl

    Blond hair suits Rihanna.

  • Mmmmh

    Looks like vacation. I should check out Monaco one day.

  • Ummmm

    @Mmmmh: I heard Monaco is super mega expensive. Better check your account first :)

  • SunnyAutumn

    @Rachel: @Rachel aka Sandra Brown aka Sandra Renee. You forgot you also use Rachel. Anymore? Rihanna really needs to worry about you and not only that guy who was caught on her roof ROFL. You’re giving yourself way boo. You’re more than a stan, you are a crazy stalker.

  • Rachel

    @SunnyAutumn: Ok first its Ben, then that lovee girl now its me? I always use Rachel because thats my name, fool. Really you’re lucky that you can hide behind your computer. SunnyAtumn aka bitter aka liar aka desperate aka HasNoLife aka HasNoJob aka ShouldGetASeat aka AccusingPeopleWhoTellHerTheTruth.

  • Rachel

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    @SunnyAutumn: SunnyAutumn aka ShouldGetASeat.

  • Rachel

    @SunnyAutumn: SunnyAutumn aka AccusingPeopleWhoTellHerTheTruth.

  • Angie

    $5.000?She spends more in strip clubs,drugs and booze…that’s her way to say “look how good i am”,after getting late to her gigs.She’s pathetic,this damage control won’t work anymore,sorry,Rihanna,it’s too late.

  • SunnyAutumn

    @Rachel aka Sandra Duncan. Now, people see you nutty as a professor you really are. It doesn’t take Eistein to realize you comments are all very similar, just different names “bitter” must be your term de jour now. Good day now #take your medications girl.

  • SunnyAutumn

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  • liz

    I don’t really understand how this talentless woman is still famous? she can’t really sing and all her songs sound the same, where she just goes “eh eh eh”

  • Rachel

    @SunnyAutumn: SunnyAutumn aka BITTERNESS!!!!!!.

  • Rachel

    @SunnyAutumn: SunnyAutumn aka BITTERNESS!!!!!!.

  • Rachel

    @SunnyAutumn: Sunny Autumn aka CallsEverybodySandraCauseSheCantRead.

  • Mila

    She has no respect for her fans, always late. Money can’t buy their time girl.

  • Lily

    Well, thanks for donating I guess although she could’ve donated way more than that.

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