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Nicole Kidman: Cinema for Peace UN Women Honorary Dinner

Nicole Kidman: Cinema for Peace UN Women Honorary Dinner

Nicole Kidman is pure class arriving for the Cinema for Peace UN Women Honorary Dinner at an exclusive venue on Friday (July 12) in Berlin, Germany.

The 46-year-old Australian actress was seen posing on the red carpet with UN Nation Assistant Secretary-General for Intergovernmental Support and Strategic Partnerships Lakshmi Puri.

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Earlier in the week, Nicole was spotted looking casual chic while stepping out of her hotel in the Big Apple.

FYI: Nicole is wearing an Elie Saab Couture dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

10+ pictures of Nicole Kidman attending the Cinema for Peace UN Women Honorary Dinner…

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nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 01
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 02
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 03
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 04
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 05
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 06
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 07
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 08
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 09
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 10
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 11
nicole kidman cinema for peace un women honor dinner 12

Photos: Luca Teuchmann, INFPhoto
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  • kelly

    Nicole’s stiff hands always reveal the uncomfortable level of control she exerts on the red carpet.

  • Ollie

    My favorite actress wearing one of my favorite designers, Elie Saab. Kudos to UN Women for making a positive impact in the world!

  • Kelly

    Nicole always looks classy. She’s one of my favs. She and Keith Urban are a match made in heaven.

  • leah s

    Nicole Kidman: beautiful and elegant as always.

  • Oh dear

    Nicole looks angry. Preliminary divorce proceedings not going to plan?

  • @Joy

    How in the world would you ever know whether or not @Oh dear has ever experienced love? and what makes you think they want Keith? Perhaps you are speaking about YOURSELF

  • Joy


    @Oh dear… has so much hate in her heart that she has no semblance of love for anyone, even herself; otherwise, she would ‘let it go’, finally! She posts on this site as if she ‘owns’ it, under the guise of many names… and she (you?) uses the same tired, old ‘complaints’ about Nic, ridiculing everything about her. She’s been banned from everywhere and many sites have closed their boards because of her nastiness (i.e. CMT, E! especially), and now she’s invaded this space, using the same tired names and commentary.

    And no, I do not “want Keith”: I’m old enough to be his mother! I respect his artistry and amazing talents, as I do his WIFE, whom I have followed for 14 years with her wonderful career. They both are incredible people who do NOT deserve these slanderous remarks from a worn-out, has-been who still dreams that Keith ‘wants her’!

    She stalks him, as she’s done all week during his rehearsals in Nashville, writing all about it on a Blog on Keith’s website, and everyone recognizes her and her ‘methods’. I would love for Keith to sue her into kingdom-come, but he won’t waste one penny or minute on her. I come here to admire photos and read others’ views… and again, she ruins it for everyone!! Again, what a waste of a life to spend it ‘pining’ and ‘begging’ for the love of someone who is happily married for seven years, and he has been with his wife for eight years, with two children! GIVE IT UP!

  • Emma

    LOVE HER ღ

  • Julie

    The Oscars are just next year Nicole!, you don’t need to start your campaign right now going to every red carpet that you see, wait a little more! I’m sure Harvey Weinstein will buy an Oscar for you just like he did to Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence, be patient! lol

  • ClaireG

    Julie, Nicole received an award for the work she does for them. That’s why she’s there. She didn’t show up just to be seen.

  • Joy is a Joke

    Oh dear me, does anybody have any idea what @joy is talking about?

  • Randy

    Nicole Kidman is being recognized for her work for Unifem, just for once stop picking her apart and give it a rest.

  • Granny

    Married to a fading streaky haired addict who is tinier than her ex .Also turned her back on her adopted kids, silly cow!

  • Louise

    Lovely, generous woman is Nicole Kidman.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole is so lovely

  • Y

    Poor Keith, back in Nashville sobbing uncontrollably because he couldn’t be on the red carpet to hold Nicole’s purse and hand.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Poor skeptics crying uncontrollably that the big announcement Monday won’t involve divorce proceedings.

  • The Big Announcement

    My name is Nicole and I am a pathological liar.

  • The Big Announcement

    My name is Nicole and I have finally accepted the fact I cannot act and hereby announce my well overdue retirement.

  • The Big Announcement

    My name is Nicole and I am currently on my second, 10 year contract, PR sham marriage.

  • The Big Announcement

    My name is Nicole and I am a Botox junkie.

  • stella

    @The Big Announcement: You have some serious problems.

  • Lillith

    Big Announcement should be commited to an Aylum.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Not only is Big Announcement in need of a meds adjustment, Michele from Hell sealed her place as the know-nothing from Maryland. If she can’t figure out Monday’s announcement (no it’s not Idol) how does she have exclusive dirt on Nicole Kidman. Bahahahaha!

  • The Big Announcement

    My name is Keith Kidman and I have signed on to star in the movie remake of ‘The Coal Miner’s Daughter’. I have been cast as ‘Loretta Lynn’ in the lead role that made Sissy Spacek famous.

  • Y

    @The Big Announcement: What a perfect role for Keith. He finally gets to sing and play guitar while wearing a dress.

  • curious

    Miley Cyrus TWERKING live on GMA to Urban’s ‘A Little Bit of Everything’ aka ‘A Whole Lot of Cr@p’?

  • The Big Announcement

    Ryan Gaycrest and Keith Kidman are getting married and Miley Cyrus will perform at the wedding reception?


    Miley Cyrus is to produce a Broadway adaptation of her hit TV series, Hannah Montana. Keith Urban has landed the lead role of Hannah Montana with Ryan Gaycrest set to play Hannah’s best friend Lilly.

  • mmm, I wonder

    As Gaycrest looks on adoringly, Keith and his straight ironed hair curtains are to perform a cover version of ‘achy breaky heart’ live on GMA while Miley Twerks?

  • bahahahaha

    Quite possible #31 as Keith is rocking the same Billy Ray Cyrus mullet from years ago.

  • Oh dear

    Will the sacked judge finally announce his exodus from AI?

  • The girls

    Uh duh, I’m guessing he’ll be part of the I Heart Radio concert. Good thing he got to be “friends” with Seacrest.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Making your prediction just as the announcement is made? Bahahaha.
    The reason Seacrest is involved is the station he works for is an Iheart station. It has nothing to do with Idol.

    Skeptics need to forget when nomorebrains Sue declared Keith Urban’s career OVER because he didn’t play the IHeartRadio festival two years ago. Pretending you don’t care now is just more of the same stupidity we can expect from you geniuses!

  • The girls

    @Skeptics are stupid: I had no media around me when I said this. You make me feel so intelligent. You had no idea this was coming when all I Heart Radio stations were going to be making a big announcement this morning, and what has happened this time of year for the last couple of years from I Heart Radio? If Urban’s career is going so great, why wasn’t he invited the first year? It took being “friends” with Seacrest. Please remind us all – how many nominations did Urban have for MVOTY or EOTY this past year? His latest release is stalled at #18 on Billboard with its peak being at #17. Not doing so great, right? Join the real world and you might be more in tuned to pop culture.

  • The E board is back?

    Sue with her lies and manipulation is still dumb as as a stump.

  • The girls

    @The E board is back?: You can never admit Urban’s failures, but fall back on insulting the skeptics instead. You really need to learn more names. How many sell-out shows did he have last tour? Aldean filled Boston two nights in a row with 70,000 people each night. It would take Urban a week of shows to equal one night of Aldean

  • @The girls

    Keith Urban is a multimillionaire with multiplatinum albums and multimillions of fans. Being #1 on the chart is a great honor but it doesn’t mean one is not successful without one. Did you know Bruce Springsteen never had a #1 single? The closest he came was #2 with Dancing in the Dark. He has had #1 albums however. By contrast, Keith has had 14 #1 singles. The iheart music festival is a collection of current popular artists and Tim McGraw will be representing country music this year. Your argument is irrelevant if you measure success purely on hits. If that were the case, Bob Dylan would be an unknown.

  • @The girls

    Jason Aldean also cheated on his wife and left his family. Perhaps Keith has different priorities than Jason Aldean.

  • @The girls

    My #38 comment should read Tim McGraw will ALSO be representing country music this year.

  • The E board is back?

    Sue is dumb as a stump.

  • @#39

    So you are saying infidelity makes one’s music popular? I tend to disagree. How do you know Keith isn’t gay?

  • The girls

    @@The girls: So if you don’t care what his career was pre-Kidman compared to now, why the outrage, crying and pouting while he is no longer nominated for awards? “It isn’t fair!” He can no longer sell out a theater – the place he began headlining in. Not hard to be a multimillionaire when you marry a Hollywood actress. He was NOT on the Forbes list before her because he was so in debt. He said so himself. He, himself alone, is not one of the top earners in Nashville these days.

  • @@39

    I’m sure Keith isn’t gay. Of course infidelity wouldn’t make one’s music popular although you said yourself Keith use to cheat and he use to be popular so I guess one never knows.

  • @The girls

    No outrage, crying or pouting here if he no longer was nominated for awards. The Beatles didn’t use to get awards either and they did pretty well for themselves. Keith has all the money he would ever need and millions of fans who love his music but more importantly he has a loving wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Life to some isn’t just about the numbers.

  • wow …

    … Keith Urban playing his old collection of lame songs at the iheart festival …

  • duh

    @@The girls: Sue pretended to be outraged about the Aldean story. Today, it’s Aldean is awesome. That’s a skeptic for you!

  • Bahahahaha!

    What do Sue Raddatz’s comments and Paul Deen’s Wal-Mart cheese straws have in common? They’re both full of cr@p and obsolete!

  • x

    @duh, has it ever occurred to your pea brain that @The girls may not be Sue whatshername?

  • duh is dumb

    Being familiar with your infantile comments @duh, we are all aware you lack logic but here’s a tip … people don’t usually change their opinion from one forum/thread to another which would mean @The girls is unlikely to be Sue R.