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Rihanna Wears Swimsuit While Shopping in Monaco

Rihanna Wears Swimsuit While Shopping in Monaco

Rihanna rocks her bathing suit as she goes shopping with a group of pals on Friday (July 12) in Monaco.

The 25-year-old entertainer later was spotted hopping aboard a yacht for a relaxing day on the water with her friends.

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“#Monaco #YachtLife #BoatzNHeauxz @charliebymz I finally put this bad as* piece on for your Birthday!” RiRi tweeted that afternoon, along with a pic of some studded “R” artwork on her swimsuit back. “My main @mforde11″ she added later in the day.

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  • Zeze


  • No class…”look at me”

    A spoiled rich singer without any class or education shopping in swimsuit only to get attention. “look at me, look ate me, me, me ,me ,me …..”

  • Danae

    I’m waiting impatiently for the moment when she’ll start going around naked.

  • Mike

    She has a hooooooot body and she is in monaco, so why not :) In those places a lot of people wear bikinis while flaunting around.

  • lol

    @No class…”look at me”

    AAAWWW jealous much? that mediocre life of yours make it easy to hate on Rihanna huh? :) keep hating ;)

  • Star

    Someone needs to tell this creature that in the great scheme of things she is nothing. That what she has can be taken from her in a heartbeat. That she needs serious help. That she needs to stop dressing and acting like a total trollop.

  • Henry

    @Star: “Someone needs to tell this creature that in the great scheme of things she is nothing. That what she has can be taken from her in a heartbeat. ” Get your medicine, you sound like some psycho who wants to harm her. Nobody is forcing you to read her posts, you chose to do it. So GTFOH and spend some time with a doc. Rihanna has a great body, she can wear it.

  • Dave

    She’s gorgeous with a smoking got body. Go girl!

  • lol


    1. shes not a creature she is a human.

    2. “In the great scheme of this she is obviously a lot more than nothing, with the millions of fans she has world wide.

    3. What she has cant be taken from her in a heartbeat unless you’re referring to her having an untimely death.

    4. “That needs some serious help” ? please at least use proper grammar and complete sentences while trying to insult someone.

    5. It’s called INDIVIDUALITY, she doesn’t have to dress they way you want her to.

  • Rachel

    Riri my love <3 She has a smoking hot body :)

  • ..

    sorry but in Europe we don’t go out dressed like that to go out.. put some clothes on! have some dignity and respect for you and other.
    it’s vulgar.. well she is vulgar..i guess she doesn’t get it

  • Dave

    Edit: * smoking hot body.

  • FineGirl

    That girl is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Give me some tips Riri?

  • LooseLipz



  • Dennis

    Those Legs!!!!!!!!

  • nina

    seriously nobody does that in monaco! ridiculous!

  • YummyRiri

    I love me some Riri <3 I wonder what kind of workout she is doing.

  • Frank

    She has a gorgeous body. I see so many girls in bikinis, but without a summer body, flaunting around. At least Rihanna has the body to do it.

  • yeah

    Loveeee Ri<3 I want her body.

  • Anna

    I’m happy for her that she has a mini vacation and is enjoying it. Rihanna looks great.

  • Mandy

    I want to be in monaco with her LOL. Yesterday it was raining in the city where i live.

  • Sam

    She is extremely hot.

  • Well…

    All you defending her lets see your a$$es try to go to the mall in a bathing suit, your underwear or a skirt and a bra and let’s count how long it takes for them to escort your a$$es out of their establishments!

    Even if she just left the beach she has a cover up, she is just trying to pull the same disrespectful tricks that that trash Gaga pulls.

  • Well…


    So because she is rich she gets a pass for going to a public place dressed like that???? So basically you’re implying if you are rich you can do anything you want from dressing tacky, being naked or hey so what if they kill someone, they’re rich!! Good for them!

  • Rea

    Monaco seems like a beautiful place, would love to go to monaco, but it is such an expensive place. I couldnt afford it.

  • Mark

    Stunning body.

  • Simon

    Rihanna you’re like paradise to my eyes.

  • http://jj person

    If you got it, flaunt it! If my body was that hot I would walk around in a bathingsuit too! why not?

  • lol


    No idiot, read my comment as it is and stop with assumptions.
    No where did I say because she is rich she can do A, B & C.

    Rich or poor anyone can dress have ever you damn well please.

  • Henry

    @Well…: “being naked or hey so what if they kill someone” exaggerating much? Are you that ‘Star’ girl that acted like she wanted to harm Rihanna just because she wears a bathing suit?! Again nobody is forcing you to read posts about rihanna, you chose to do it. So no need to get that angry and mad just because somebody is wearing a bathing suit in public. Take your meds and calm down.


    Zeze at no.1; Why ask why? That is the same black one-piece that Lucy wears in Stealing Beauty. Plus, Monaco is a big hang out for the royal princesses of Israel, and their private yacht captains.

  • Well…

    No LoL: You would not be able to dress anyway you want to and walk into any respectable establishment, especially a high end store like Chanel, etc. Since you think you can dress the way you want why don’t you film yourself going to a high end store in your area wearing a bathing suit or no pants and a bra (go ala GAGA) and see what happens. Post a link here to it on YouTube. I love to see how quickly they turn you away or the authorities show up.

    Henry: I am not hating I am just tired of these celebrity folks dressing any way and going to public places with no regards for others and the establishments and you guys making it seems like it’s normal and it’s not….These same stores and places they visit under dress would throw you out of their stores. Yet because they have money they allow it and its not right. Plus having a hot body is great and can be made just as sexy in the right clothing. That’s all I am trying to say.

  • SunnyAutumn

    Someone send out an SOS for her and Amanda Bynes.

  • WhatsWrong

    I’m really surprised why this angry girls are here acting mad and threading people. I see so many boys/men who go out in the summer heat without a shirt, only with swimming-shorts and flip-flops, nobody is complaining, but a young woman in a bathing suit makes them nagging girls mad. Like seriously???

  • liz

    not sexy at all. her style is trashy and ghetto.

  • Henry

    @Well…: I didnt said you’re hating, I said you’re exaggerating! There you go, unaleashing your angriness acting like she killed someone infront of you. While in fact she was wearing a bathing suit in public!!! Again calm down. “These same stores and places they visit under dress would throw you out of their stores.” This is to much. Rihanna didnt invent this store rules, that you’re talking about. What stores do or dont do has nothing to do with somebody wearing a bathing suit. You’re exaggerating and everybody can see/read it. Nobody needs to get harmed, because of a bathing suit. Stop being angry and mad for nothing. Just calm down.

  • Pete

    Rihanna is so hot.

  • Lalaland

    In Monaco…they call that look.. le pathetic!….meh…she really should go out naked..why hide? C mon !!! Lets c those boobs n a**!!…:p

  • Nic

    O please she has a average body, no t:ts and barely any azz and her thighs are on the chunky side, millions of other women have way nicer bodies then Rhianna that doesn’t mean they go around in public venues in their swim suit.

  • Ummmm

    Ummmm for me she could go out like that everyday :)

  • Phil

    Damn she is hot and sexy. I want her in my bedroom.

  • Sarah

    Riri has such an amazing body, I need to workout more Lol :)

  • Monae

    Lol at these comments. She can do anything she wants, why because she doesn’t have to listen to anyone. This is her life. & on top of that she’s grown so let her be. She looks fab!

  • offtheproperty

    @Rea: You should just watch “Beat the Devil” instead.

  • ukreporter1

    I see white tourist doing this on a regular basis and it has never generated these comment. In fact people don’t bat an eye, However this is Rihanna and she also happens to be Black so I guess by a lot of these comments that in itself is what is bringing a lot of negativity.Racist much? Most the people commenting on these sites saying Rihanna has no class they themselves are far from classy with their vindictive nasty comment. Ironically it’s like the pot calling the kettle black! LOL!!!!!!!!! A lot of these so called classy people are the most dangerous, hypocritical,Bible toting self-righteous, adulturous, murderous,perverted lot of people. History has proven it over the years.

  • Joanna

    She is losing it

  • BoysLikeMeLoveRihanna

    Sexy young woman in a hot bathing suit.

  • Katiekate

    @Star: totally agree

  • Diedre

    Rihanna = See You Next Tuesday

  • gtdtdrt