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Zac Efron: 'Star Wars' Gun Show!

Zac Efron: 'Star Wars' Gun Show!

Zac Efron shows off his guns in a “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” t-shirt while sipping on a cool refreshment from EarthBar on Friday (July 12) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 25-year-old actor recently tweeted, “5 MILLION followers! Thanks to all of you in the Twitterverse who made this happen! – #TeamZE #ZacEfronTo5Million.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

“We hung out, we ran the streets of New York, we had a good time. I’ve known Zac, being out here in L.A., so he was a buddy of mine walking into it. It was like shooting with one of my good friends and that always works out for the best,” Zac‘s Are We Officially Dating? co-star Michael B. Jordan told VH1.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron shows his muscles…

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zac efron star wars gun show 01
zac efron star wars gun show 02
zac efron star wars gun show 03
zac efron star wars gun show 04
zac efron star wars gun show 05
zac efron star wars gun show 06
zac efron star wars gun show 07
zac efron star wars gun show 08
zac efron star wars gun show 09
zac efron star wars gun show 10
zac efron star wars gun show 11
zac efron star wars gun show 12
zac efron star wars gun show 13
zac efron star wars gun show 14
zac efron star wars gun show 15

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  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    OHHH aleluya zac efron is back!!!! Is Nice know he is alive jajaja (I just kidding) Always is nice to see zac :*

  • Mark

    Destroy me

  • Jordson Anderson

    My dear and beloved zac, i´ve missed you man!! my zac is back, FINALLY!! lol i like ya so much man!! you are so handsome as always….

  • Tian

    Bloated, round, trucker Efron. He looks better lean. Bulky isn’t sexy, especially on short men. Dave Franco, for example, is lean and sexy, even though he’s short.

  • Jordson Anderson


    he´s so strong and hot in these pics =D

  • Sandra

    He does look better when he’s lean. His face looks bloated and round now indeed. Also, the space between his upper lip and nose is immense!

  • BO

    My gosh ! how long have I been waiting for you to reappear my babe ! #tearsofjoy

  • u

    short and fat. What happened to the “sexy guy”? he should stop with the drugs.

  • Jennifer

    Alright Zac, you’re almost 26, it’s time to start dressing your age.

  • Aleice

    ^^^I agree. You can dress casual/laid back-boat shoes, khaki shorts, etc-without looking like a male version of Britney Spears. He does look chubby too. It’s time to lay of the constant calorie intake of a college student, now that you’re nearing 30.

  • RT

    @u: You call it muscular .lmao

  • Linette

    OMG He does look bad. :( What happened to him. This is the first time I’ve seen him in a couple years. His face is too bloated for the film industry. This makes me sad.

  • RT

    Wow .Face , body , killer arms ,legs ..all perfection ! ~~ what’s happening to me ??? I’m not even a fan ;;

  • Anson

    Anyone ever notice that his arms are disproportionately long?

  • Travy

    @Anson: haha yeah. He has the “Robin Williams chimpanzee physique”

  • R U sure

    You haters should look as good as Zac does here.

  • Dall

    He would look better leaner-skinny.

  • CR

    Short little guy who loves the dudes…

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    ehhh los haters coming before fans….our boy is do something very well

  • lauren

    90% of the comments on here are the same.

  • ChiGirl55

    I’m sorry, but i have to agree with the above comments. Zac would look better if he slimmed down, especially in the face.

  • IMO

    These comments are generic and lame plus they’re made by the same person who is a fan of whom we know .What I have to ask from that person is , leave past in past and move on .You can say he’s ugly , bloated , chubby 1000 times here , but it won’t make it the truth ! It only makes you look a damn hater with an ugly heart !

  • Sharona

    Best just to ignore the hate. We know it’s all the same person who has no life. Zac looks better than ever in these pics, he is gorgeous and adorable and phuckin HAWT!

  • nic

    Why anyone would call this beautiful human being chubby and bloated is beyond me ! Why wont you go and worry instead of why your girl is going to gym maniacally and still hasn’t lost a single pound of her bulk ?

  • IMO

    @IMO: Whoever you are , do you intend to take over my name? Not that you said anything that bad but you are not me and I’ve had the name IMO for quite some time. Add something to yours or let me you your keeping it so I can change mine if need be.
    Thank You.

    BTW Zac looks great and it’s so nice to see him again.

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    As if I didn’t know it. Zac appears in public and the haters crawl out of their holes. Well do us a favor and get back in your holes and leave him alone. I don’t need much imagination to know who spreading this hate and poison again. Get finally over yourself and accept that it’s OVER FOR GOOD. Period.

    Zac is a well trained guy. He has to keep in good shape for the shooting of his next movies as well.
    Leave this guy finally alone. He wants nothing but a tiny little bit of a normal live, to keep his private life PRIVATE and to do his work and none of these things is wrong.

  • pika

    i think zac looks fine. sure hes a little on the bloated side but it happens to everyone. whats so funny is that some of u guys on here are the ones ranting on about other celebs but are quick to defend zac when someone says hes a little bloated. hypocrites much?

  • truth
    he had some sort of photoshoot but apparently its for a documentary :) found some news on parkland, will try and post it soon :)

  • nic

    @pika: bloat ? yeah sure you mean like his dumpy ex >>>

  • pika

    @nic: why bring her up? i said he looks a little bloated in comparison to before the lucky one. the is nothing wrong with that because it still suits his face. why bring up his ex to insult her.

  • OK

    @truth: cool, i cant wait till the promo for parkland. although i know his role isnt that big, to be associated with such a movie can bring huge opportunities.

  • OK

    @Revenge-Is-Sweet: what you must understand is that no matter how much you ask haters to leave zac alone, thats just it. you can only but ask however they will continue because it happens with every celebrity. just try and ignore them because we know he is going to do amazing so their hating is such a minor part of zacs career.

  • Kali

    Honestly, he doesn’t look chubby to me, just a bit bulked up. And his dress sense is just his inner child appearing, it’s slightly endearing. You guys can hate over weight, or just accept the fact that he’s gained MUSCLE, not fat. Leave it at that.

  • anne

    i think zac is gonna do so well, way better than his ex

  • anne

    @Kali: yeah i agree muscle weighs more than fat so i dont know why people say hes chubby its all MAN

  • lipkin108

    @anne: they both will do well, dont need to put her down too

  • http://weloveuzac jodie

    @anne: stop bringing that girl up around here nobody likes that wh ore so just stop. we already know zac is gonna make it big dont state the obvious.

  • Sharona

    just came over here to refresh how good zac is looking. yum! i dont know if it is worth us even debating zac and vanessas careers because we dont actually know. i hate the b*tch but i cant say shes gonna do bad just because i dont like her. zac and logan are my fave actors of the moment, but zac needs his big break like soon im getting so impatient lol. because he is so quiet its hard being a fan of his but in the end it is so worth it.

  • just an opinion

    if we are on the subject of zac and vanessas careers, i dont think we have even gotten to the point of comparisons. if you look at their history of movies that have done well and have bombed on rotten tomatoes, its pretty equal if u ask me. both have future movies that could make or break their careers, have done some sort of childrens movie which has earned a great amount of money worldwide, worked with quite well known and received actors (such as cusack), and have done their fair share of indies. although i know some of the zac fans are gonna be like “she suucks hes better” but in all honesty, at the moment, they both suck. they just need time to grow.

  • BO

    what inane comments are these ? ”big break” , ”his role isn’t that big” .hello , this is Zac efron we’re talking bout


    quotes from twitter from those who saw the early screening of PARKLAND
    “seeing an early screening of PARKLAND tonight. lots of great actors but lbr, I’m only here for TOM WELLING.”


    @BO: no i heard from some other fans that zacs role isnt as big as the others in parkland but he still does an amazing job i will show u the response :)


    “absolutely exceptional film. not one bad performance in ensemble cast of 12+ people. respectful, and insightful as well.”
    “even Efron was better than I expected in a role he didn’t deserve, tbh.”
    oop someone doubted our efron here ;)


    @BO: i think what sharona meant was the fact that there hasnt been that movie that really pushed zac full front. paperboy was amazing but it didnt get as much publicity but it got great reviews from critics. im so excited for parkland because its suppose to get oscar buzz. c’mon as a fan u should know this. he still has yet to achieve amazing things although he is “zac efron”. even when i go on different blogs about zac they say that its time for his work to get major award noms so he still hasnt quite got it yet but he will :)

  • http://deleted BO


    Saw Parkland the other night. It was great having Tom Welling and Zac Efron on the same screen! Swoon.

    Did they shared scenes together?

    Oh man…if I Remember correctly, they were on screen together a couple of times. I can’t remember if they exchanged any dialogue. They were definitely in a good amount if scenes together though, just shown at separate times. Zac definitely had a bigger role than Tom. I had no clue Tom was even going to be in the movie until I was watching it. I freaked a little. Haha I had just mentioned him to my friend earlier that day too and found myself wondering what ever happened to him.


  • Rachel

    Nice to see him! He looks good!

  • http://deleted BO

    @BO: ok you proved me wrong im sorry hope u feel better fellow zac fan :)
    p.s its not like i was disregarding his talent i WAS TOLD he had a smaller part ive never even watched it yet….


    i dont understand #47, were u trying to prove me wrong by showing me a tweet of the movie?

  • BO

    ZACFANX , oh and that Sharona most probably isn’t our Shraona .it probably is you ! oh come on , you’re no Zac fan now are you ? you’re just trying to come as a Zac fan and try to show you’re disappointed in him .seriously , the way you did that just too obvious .beter luck next time .good night yaar