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Celebs React to George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

Celebs React to George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty for second degree murder and manslaughter for the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

The 29-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community told the jury that he had shot the 17-year-old teenager in self defense and was acquitted of all charges.

The not guilty verdict, which was reached after a one month trial, has lead many celebrities voicing their opinions.

“This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily,” Rihanna tweeted after hearing the verdict.

Click inside to read reactions from many celebrities…

Miley Cyrus: “I feel sick. #RipTrayvonMartin.”

Nicki Minaj: “May God console the Martins at this time; as well as every other family that’s gone though this type of injustice.”

Evan Rachel Wood: “It was amazing to see all those pro-life supporters at the Zimmerman trial standing up for Trayvon Martin, wasnt it?”

Miguel: “shame, reputation always gets the benefit of the doubt. harsh reality. #Trayvon.”

Wyclef Jean: “May God be with the family of Trayvon Martin”

Lena Dunham: “No. My heart is with Sybrina Fulton, Rachel Jeantel, everyone who loved Trayvon and has been sent the message that his life didn’t matter.”

John Legend: “My heart hurts.”

Mandy Moore: “My heart is heavy…for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful.”

Sophia Bush: “The wind is more than knocked out of me… My heart aches for this boy’s family. Justice System? I don’t think so. #justicefortrayvon.”


Jesse Williams: “Verdict emblematic of a culture rooted in bloodthirsty cowardice. Prosecution’s execution was alarmingly weak throughout. #ZimmermanTrial.”

Russell Simmons: “Prayers for the Martin family. … Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change.” “What’s wrong with the world mama!!! #whereIStheLOVE #zimmermanVSamerica”

Kate Walsh: “Zimmerman verdict sickens me.”

Lance Bass: “That he didn’t get at least manslaughter blows my mind. Heart hurts for the Martin family.”

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172 Responses to “Celebs React to George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict”

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  1. 51
    Truth , not race Says:

    The second-degree murder charge was unreasonable — and the prosecution provided almost no evidence in support of it. A manslaughter charge was at least rational, though, and a jury might have convicted on that charge, if they could find no reasonable doubt that Zimmerman had rationally feared for his life or grave bodily harm without the use of lethal force. That was always the only legal issue in question, and apparently the jury couldn’t dispel that reasonable doubt — and therefore reached the proper verdict.

  2. 52
    horace Says:

    @Can’t make this stuff up: @Dawna:

    Zimmerman thinks he is white because of Daddy.

  3. 53
    me Says:

    @Sam: i’m not blaming anyone for anything. obviously you didn’t see who i was replying to. He said that african americans think we can have a free pass of beating the crap out of white people and getting away with it and not face the consequences of getting killed. We have been treated like **** for centuries now so now that we’re fighting back, he wants to make it seem like we should just take it. Um, no one was talking about your ancestors. I was talking about racist, self important white people who think its okay to go around treating black people like crap and insist on putting us down and making us feel like we belong on the bottom of their shoe. & something that happened 150 years ago? i’m pretty sure we were still lynched and being treated as bottom feeders in the 50′s and 60′s. I wasnt making race an issue. the person i was replying back to did.

  4. 54
    horace Says:

    @Nimme: No actually there was no evidence Zimmerman had any significant injuries on the night he killed Tray and there was none of his DNA on Tray so how could he have been injured. He didn’t go to the hospital or allow the paramedics to treat him and he had ZERO stitches and NADA broken. Also nowhere near concrete..

  5. 55
    anony Says:


  6. 56
    Sam Says:

    Most celebrities probably did not follow the trial, and if they did they got what everyone else gets from tv which is bit and pieces, a lot of useless and biased commentaries from people getting paid big money to make them, and pr machinery. The jury examined the evidence including medical records and heard testimonies. Trayvon was 17 but he had a drug problem, and drugs make people do violent things plus he was physically overpowering. The media fed a photo of Trayvon as a kid. These celebrities will say anything. Hollywood truly hates Latinos unless they are cleaning the houses of the celebrities. Some of these celebrities making their comments use drugs while others beat up women. Good thing none of them was a juror.

  7. 57
    Mike Says:

    Let me clear this up for you monkeys. George is not guilty because he was attacked first. He was simply defending himself. As a former NY State Licensed Security Guard, I can speak on this better than the public can. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He did everything by the book. Some operator told him that he didn’t have to pursue? Operators have no authority to do anything. If he thought Martin was a potential problem, he was absolutely right to pursue. He should have had an amber light on his roof, and some sort of badge identifying himself. If he didn’t, thats the property managers fault, not his. Once he identified himself, Trayvon should have cooperated. He chose not to. Instead, George went back to his car and Trayvon should have gone home. Again, he chose not to. He chose to attack George. At that point, its self defense. George can do whatever he feels is necessary to defend himself. He was grossly outsized, so there was no way he could fight back. He happened to have a gun and chose to use it. That was his choice. It was probably the right choice to save his life. Once Trayvon attacked him, somebody was dying. George made sure it wasn’t him.
    This whole thing was about choices. Trayvon made the wrong ones. George made the one to save his life. Nothing wrong with that. Now because the little thug made the wrong choices, he’ll *********** for all of eternity. From the way it sounds, it couldn’t happen to a nicer “person”.
    This had nothing to do with race. The media made it about race. If George was attacked by any other race, I bet he’d have done the same thing.
    Besides, Blacks really can’t be trusted. Even their biggest supporters know it;
    Jesse Jackson : “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”
    New York Times, 1993

  8. 58
    Erin Says:

    Oh Brother.

    The Prosecution sucked because despite the money and effort wasted they had no case.


    Even they’re own witnesses largely corroborated Zimmerman’s account.

    This case will be infamous in Law Schools for a long time under

    What to avoid in Prosecutorial Misconduct.

  9. 59
    horace Says:

    @Nimme:BS — they were on grass!!!!!!! TM was found NOWHERE NEAR concrete. Tray wasn’t a “thug” Zimmerman is 29 years old — 28 when it happend and training 3 days a week at MMA. He stalked Tray and approached him and he HAD a gun. None of Tray’s DNA was on Zimmerman. He probably bashed his face during the 2 minutes he took to dial 911 and report the shooting — all the time calling Tray “the suspect” like the cop wannabe he was —and probably is.

    What exactly was Tray supposed to do?

  10. 60
    horace Says:

    @Mike:Where did you get the idea Zimmerman had any authority to patrol with an “amber light”. Where did you get the idea he identified himself to Tray in any manner?

  11. 61
    blaire Says:

    Being upset has nothing to do with being dumb. “Move along”? So you want us to ignore injustices just because they have been made before? No one’s allowed to have any emotion? We’re just supposed to sick back & say whatever? The only dumb here is you for that comment.

  12. 62
    Nan Says:

    Trayvon was in that neighborhood that day because his mother threw him out. She could not handle him. The school system suspended him. He would not follow the school’s rules. He looked for more trouble and he found it. Get real people. The jury issued the right verdict.

  13. 63
    Avery Says:

    Zimmerman should have NEVER been prosecuted in the first place. It was self-defense, and the sheriff at the time knew it and didn’t charge him. It wasn’t until all of the racial baiters/haters and Obama < used it to Get out the vote to win Florida) . got involved and had a special prosecutor file charges against him. This was such a waste of taxpayer money and court time!! I hope that Mr. Zimmerman stays safe and can go back to some semblance of a normal life now.

  14. 64
    tammy Says:

    help paula deen – join the rally!

  15. 65
    Tom Says:

    Trayvon didn’t know George had a gun, and that’s why he jumped him and thought he could take Geroge on. He lost the fight, and his life.

  16. 66
    steve Says:


    Idiot? You should shut up. Zimmerman was half Peruvian, not Mexican. If you don’t know that, you are too ignorant to have an opinion. Zimmerman is obviously innocent, there was no case. Martin was a burglar (busted with girls’ jewelry in his backpack), self proclaimed violent gangster and just a punk.

  17. 67
    Sally Says:

    Watching the response from the black community on this thing is very disheartening. They truly see everything though a racial prism and will never accept blame or accountability. I don’t see that tribalism ever being replaced with what the U.S.A. is supposed to stand for. I don’t see it changing,……… in my lifetime,at least.

  18. 68
    Mia Says:

    So according to people against this verdict, someone has the right to jump you, break your nose and use your head as a piñata , because you have no right to walk in your neighbourhood or follow someone and while walking back to your car you four fit your life giving a 6’2 tall man sorry 17 isn’t a boy, most men in the military fighting war are 18 to 19 years old, to beat you to a pulp or even kill you and you have no right to defend yourself………WTF is wrong with you people.

  19. 69
    Susan Says:

    There is no happiness for this verdict, but it was the right verdict. I’m sorry if the facts offend all of you who are caught up in the emotion of this trial, but the evidence didn’t support the murder 2 charge plain and simple. Do I think that GZ instigated this…yes, but I think TM quickly became the aggressor and it got out of hand. Besides, he will be found culpable in the civil trial, for sure.

  20. 70
    punk Says:

    whatever a celeb thinks or does i will do the exact opposite ! They are speaking as if they were there and witnessed the events !

  21. 71
    Looker Says:

    Miley Cyrus has a 5th grade education why does her opinion count here ?

  22. 72
    JJt Says:

    Hispanic = ETHNICITY and that means Culture, that includes language, religion, food other traditions
    White = Race and that means black, white, Asian, etc

    Therefore, Zimmerman is a white Hispanic. So annoying with people thinking that race =/= Hispanic.

  23. 73
    Delicia Ambrosino Says:

    You were not born in Africa though you may have African blood. You are an American. I am American Indian.My people were born here from day one and some of them were turned into slaves. You wanna blame someone for you being here in America? Try blaming the Africans that kidnapped each other and sold your ancestors to the slave traders for pots and pans. Or haven’t you taken the time to read “Roots” by Alex Haley…a fine black author. I am sick and tired of hearing this racist crap. People should have been born color blind and then maybe this s–t talk would stop.
    I agree that maybe the law should be repealed or adjusted. But just think if you were being attacked. What are you going to do? Stand there?Or fight back? I believe they were BOTH wrong and it ended tragically. None of us were there to know the truth and the evidence was not forthcoming.
    I don’t see anyone black giving a moment of silence when a kid from another ethnic background gets killed the way Beyonce called for with Trayvon {not counting school massacres, shoot, I don’t recall Beyonce doing it then either}.
    If you all want racism to stop it has to start with all of us. Oprah has said so as well as Bill Cosby and a few others. Blacks go around calling each other “niggah”. And talk dis and dat. Blacks kill each other everyday in gang fights. Blacks insult each other everyday and when they do so it keeps the racism going….because they are being racist to each other. Period.
    Injustices happen all the time. But not just to blacks. I rarely hear the outraged cries from the Jewish people, or we American Indians, or the Chinese, or any other race EXCEPT when something happens to a black person. That’s when I hear the biggest outcry of racism being done. And I am sick of it.
    You are an American. If you want the laws changed do something about it. I do. If you do not want to be a part of America and act like an American then leave. This will never be Africa and frankly I highly doubt that Africa would accept any black from America as an African son or daughter {with the exception of Alex Haley and Oprah} no matter the ancestry.
    I see people for who they are. Not what color they are or what religion they believe in {unless it hurts people}.
    These celebs are a group of people who “hang” but also have to watch out for their own arses because of their affiliation with each other. So where the majority goes the others follow. They do not want to be an outcast for any reason among themselves.
    I am sorry for Travyon and those who love him. But countless children are kidnapped, raped, and killed every single day. And yet I don’t hear Beyonce calling for a moment of silence for them. Or donating money to help find them either though she just earned 50 mil for flaunting herself in Flaunt.I don’t hear the outcry that I have heard for Trayvon raised up for those children.
    Everyone needs to start realizing that we are all human beings and none of us should be known by our race first but by the content of our personality and heart. We have names and they aren’t Black, White, Yellow, or Red.
    Until that happens there will always be racism….because racism breeds racism. And it affects all of us like the plague. ~D

  24. 74
    Delicia Ambrosino Says:

    @Not Surprised:
    Ahhhh. I am an American Indian. From my perspective so called “white” folk have become second and even possibly 3rd class citizens with Hispanics being first, blacks being second, and whites coming in third. Why do I say this? Hispanics and blacks get cut more slack by the government than whites do education wise, Social Welfare, and jobs because they are the so called minority.Even in the entertainment business it is quite noticeable. Minority my butt. American Indians have their own government for the most part but we still get crapped on. And we are the original “Americans”. We have had a major immigrant implosion from Puerto Rico or hasn’t anybody noticed.The second language of the USA is Spanish….even on telephone recordings. Now ask yourself why.
    I have written on someone else’s reply. I ask that you look for it and read it.

  25. 75
    Delicia Ambrosino Says:

    I am an American Indian.
    You may be white and proud of it but you are the blackest sort of pond scum inside and ignorant to boot. It may be that someday you may need a blood transfusion.I hope it comes from a caring black person.

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