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Celebs React to George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

Celebs React to George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty for second degree murder and manslaughter for the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

The 29-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community told the jury that he had shot the 17-year-old teenager in self defense and was acquitted of all charges.

The not guilty verdict, which was reached after a one month trial, has lead many celebrities voicing their opinions.

“This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily,” Rihanna tweeted after hearing the verdict.

Click inside to read reactions from many celebrities…

Miley Cyrus: “I feel sick. #RipTrayvonMartin.”

Nicki Minaj: “May God console the Martins at this time; as well as every other family that’s gone though this type of injustice.”

Evan Rachel Wood: “It was amazing to see all those pro-life supporters at the Zimmerman trial standing up for Trayvon Martin, wasnt it?”

Miguel: “shame, reputation always gets the benefit of the doubt. harsh reality. #Trayvon.”

Wyclef Jean: “May God be with the family of Trayvon Martin”

Lena Dunham: “No. My heart is with Sybrina Fulton, Rachel Jeantel, everyone who loved Trayvon and has been sent the message that his life didn’t matter.”

John Legend: “My heart hurts.”

Mandy Moore: “My heart is heavy…for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful.”

Sophia Bush: “The wind is more than knocked out of me… My heart aches for this boy’s family. Justice System? I don’t think so. #justicefortrayvon.”


Jesse Williams: “Verdict emblematic of a culture rooted in bloodthirsty cowardice. Prosecution’s execution was alarmingly weak throughout. #ZimmermanTrial.”

Russell Simmons: “Prayers for the Martin family. … Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change.” “What’s wrong with the world mama!!! #whereIStheLOVE #zimmermanVSamerica”

Kate Walsh: “Zimmerman verdict sickens me.”

Lance Bass: “That he didn’t get at least manslaughter blows my mind. Heart hurts for the Martin family.”

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  • Aisaiko5

    The was not all bloody and broken. The full extent of his medical treatment was 2 band-aids. Talk about spinning the facts…you are pathetic.

  • Aisaiko5

    @Eva.: You are a filthy racist liar. People like you are disgusting. Go stand in front of George Zimmerman’s gun.

  • nn

    @nogo: Zimmerman’s father is ashkenazi jewish. He may not be a practicing jew , and may or may not have converted to baptism, but he was born to the judaism religion, plus he’s ashkenazi.


    for Aisaik05

    don’t waste your energy on negative comments towards individuals such as Eva and offtheproperty.

    they currently stand amongst those in this country that are highly irritated and distraught that the world is changing all around them.

    it frightens them that the face of this world is beginning to look more “Brown” like Trayvon Martin, and they can’t do anything to stop it.

    Keep that thought in your mind that they are loosing traction in this country by the day, in regards to the extinction of the White race….and they don’t have a clue as to what to do about it!!

  • freya



  • Truth And Justice

    Loser entertainers without careers that no one buys who peddle their poor wares on Twitter to nonexistent software-generated faux-fan accounts. Their careers are as dead as their school dropout brains. Also, Martin the perp wasn’t a little kid when it attacked George Zimmerman the defendent, but an adult. The media loves flashing that little kid picture of filthy nasty evil thug Martin. Maybe these entertainers with no careers and school dropout brains can make a bad movie of all this… in bad 3D.

  • WOW



  • Sam


    You’re disgusting.

  • Sam


    Correct. And anytime someone knows the perpetrator of said crime, they won’t tell the police because they don’t want to be called “snitches” because hey it’s better to have your street cred than get some jerk off the street who would kill you or your family without a second thought.

    You want crime to end, be part of the solution. Don’t harbor the people who commit crimes just because they share your skin tone.

  • Lillian

    No one who is commenting on the verdict has actually read the trial transcripts or attended the trial to really know the mind set of the jurors or to even examine the evidence that was heard. Everyone just assumes Zimmerman must be guilty and the 17 year old is dead because of him. None of us know what really happened. If there was evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty, I do believe he would have been found guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty . I guess that flew out the window in this case. If you need to blame anyone for this verdict, blame the shabby case the prosecution presented. They jumped the gun in charging him because of public outcry and not because they had solid evidence


    Martin’s name is a Providential reference to Martin Luther King Jr. Who was shot with a deer hunting rifle in Memphis, Egypt, USA.

  • karl

    I wish celebs would shut up about these things that they have no clue about… becasue their fans will have the follow that clueless opinion…

  • oz

    Where’s the outrage for the case the Prosecution put forward? Their case was full of holes from the very beginning. Where is the outrage?!? If they had done their jobs correctly then the jury wouldn’t have had such a difficult time in convicting Mr. Zimmerman for Murder or Manslaughter.

    Jesse Williams was the only one speaking sense!

  • Evan

    lol @ nimme you have no clue what you are talking about!! First off Zimmerman is 29, secondly he wasn’t out of shape when it happened he recently gained all that weight, thirdly if you think 4 inches of height matter in street fight you obviously have never been in one! Lastly it doesn’t matter what bruises he had because he started the altercation, so Trayvon Martin didn’t have the right to defend himself??? You cant follow someone, start a fight and when you start to lose that fight then you cant decide to shoot and kill someone! Now for all you people making these racist comments ask yourself one thing: if it were the other way around would Trayvon have been acquitted?? The answer is hell no, he would serving a life sentence right now!

  • SO SAD

    what’s SO SAD is the fact that white folks would rather discuss the fate of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, while their own world is going to hell in an handbasket.

    This is for you @ Sally- if you live another 10 to 15 years you will see the changes that’s creeping up behind your ignorant asses, when you look around and you and your race has dropped to the point of irrelevance.!

    yet you dumb asses continue to waste time talking about a dead man, and a dead man walking!

  • Constance

    If you watched the entire trial, prosecution had no evidence. Most of the witnesses ended up supporting the defense team. Prosecution’s only case was to push on the emotions of the all female jury. The justice system ran its course and we got a fair verdict. The media just wanted to play this up as a race thing, but Zimmerman isn’t even white. He’s Hispanic. Good grief!

  • Bep

    People have a right to be upset at the verdict. But how do you think the jury feels? They HAD to go by the evidence presented to them. Not by what their heart says. If u want to blame someone, blame the prosecution. As for celebs tweeting about it. All they want to do is keep their names in the news. U notice every time something happens its the SAME celebs tweeting about it. Those are the most desperate ones, in fear of losing their spot in Hollywood!

  • Dee from Dallas

    Celebrities need to keep their personal opinions to themselves. They don’t need to comment on something they really know nothing about. None of us were there that night and really don’t know what happened. To call our justice system names is just not responsible. Promote piece, not unrest. Be responsible in your commenting publicly. Maybe everyone now knows how the Brown family and Goldman family felt after O.J. walked free.


    glad you mentioned that DEE FROM DALLAS! Just like O.J. killed those people and walked free, so has George Zimmerman.

    Now let’s take it a little further, just like O.J. getting his in the end……….So will George Zimmerman.

    Karma is a great Equalizer. KARMA IS A MUTHA!!!!

  • banana puddin

    That’s alright. It’s usually the fattys and the dogs that go over.

  • Krits

    @Dawna: You’re a retard. Get out of here you troll.

  • What!

    @banana puddin, get the coke out of your nose, your comment makes no sense.

  • Krits

    The sad part about this is that a guilty man was set free. If a man followed me in his car and then by foot, I would assume that he was doing it with the intention of hurting me. We do not have Martin’s side of the story. For all we know, martin could of seen the gun and thought, “this man is going to hurt me or kill me.” If I was in that position I would of thought the same thing and I would of reacted probably the same. I would do whatever I had to do to keep a man, who i thought wanted to hurt me, from actually harming me. Should our children be scared of protecting themselves and fighting back if a man with a weapon follows them around?

  • Comeuppins

    @ Dawna



  • Rich R

    wow I can see not very many people really followed the trial.

  • CRogers


    I don’t understand why anyone is not recognizing that when you do wrong things, bad things will happen. Zimmerman had a trial, and was found not guilty because he followed the laws and made a RIGHT choice. Where’s the accountability? No one is talking about how this kid that was old enough to know better, but CHOSE to make a wrong choice. It has NOTHING to do with a gun, or a Mexican thing or a Black person thing. It’s all about CHOOSING the right path thing.

  • Josie

    @Simon: @Simon:
    I agree with Simon. Zimmerman is, however, half white and half Hispanic. I’m tired of people that state lies as if they were truth. Just stop. If it makes all of you happy to get angry at whites and Hispanics, then you are all prejudiced people.

  • Ginger

    Sad for both parties involved…

  • Baxter

    First off George Zimmerman was Hispanic. Second he did leave his car and was an idiot for it but on his return back was confronted by trayvon. If you watched the trail you would see the evidenced proved that. I agree it is Zimmerman fault in some way but its as much trayvons as well as his inept parents doing their jobs. It’s their job to take care of their son regardless of his age. He was 17 years old. Young and in shape did significant damage to Zimmerman. That being said when a boy lifts his fists in anger or with ill will he is no longer a boy but a man needing a lesson. Unfort this lesson had deadly consequences. We can blame Zimmerman all we want but don’t forget he chose to wear a hoodie. To walk through backyards instead of on the sidewalk. His mother kicked him out of her own house and why he was in that area was because he was walking to his dads girlfriend place. Forget that his father is a horrible role model for him. That at the age of 17 he had more arrest for drug possessions and aggravated battery. Had been kicked out of his high school for fighting. Sure the kid wasn’t perfect but let it be a lesson to any wanna be thug heading down his road because it might not be a Zimmerman next time. Maybe it will be a thug just like you.

  • cunty mccunterson

    why do you guys read celebrity sites if they bother you so much? lol.

  • Pseudonym

    I hate how people try to deny that race had something to do with the death of Trayvon Martin. Just because Zimmerman is Hispanic, does not mean his actions weren’t racially charged. Also, it is a known fact that he left his car to pursue Trayvon, even after he was specifically instructed not to do so. The events following this are widely debated but I believe that Zimmerman confronted Martin with his weapon visible and Martin felt threatened and retaliated, resulting in his death. While there is only one living person who knows what happened, that still does not change the fact that a 17 year old boy, armed with only an Arizona drink and skittles, was killed by a then 29 year old man, who could have prevented his death by listening to simple instructions and not trying to take the role of a law enforcement official.

  • Thoughts

    It’s so hypocritical to be a white wannabe while being all bent over a non white portrayed as a white. Rihanna, nicki dentures minaj and beyonce. This whole thing has jumped the shark of pure stupidity. And to the moron up there, who cares if he had Skittles? He wasn’t ‘wielding’ Skittles and got shot for it, he got shot for trying to beat some to death. How dare George not let himself get beaten to death because a huge guy with an obscure was an age not approved by the mob.

  • Thoughts

    Sorry, obscured face. When someone’s beating you senseless, are going to say, Wait, before I shoot you, are you over 18? How the hell does age come into it? I’m 43 and would shoot a 12 YO if they were trying to kill me.Why does someone have the right to kill anyone they please because they’re young?

  • xD

    who is dich trever guy?
    i feel good about that mr. zimmerman if off the hook.
    why would u get convicted for playing went wrong with an ape?

  • nogo

    @nn – From what I have read about the Zimmermans, George’s father Robert was raised a Baptist and when he married George’s mother he converted to Roman Catholic.

  • Fynn

    At the end of the day Zimmerman shouldn’t of been following him, which turn him into the aggressor, and provoke the young kid, and the state of FL is piece of shit state to live in, and you trolls/racist couldn’t do the internet any better of a favor, if they off themselves.

  • Jess


    I agree. The charges were too high. But he should be punished – he was a trigger happy wanna be vigilante who wanted to make sure the ‘punk’ didn’t get away. And he shot an innocent young man. He makes all responsible gun owners look bad. This was not a case of self defense.

  • Nunya Bidness

    Dopes abound.

    YOU IDIOTS, Zimmerman wasn’t following him around. That was a lie put out by BSNBC, Did any of you libtards actually follow the trial?

  • worldsucks

    @Can’t make this stuff up: he’s half hispanic his dad is white and a judge

  • Brawndo has Electrolytes

    Mind contolled morons of the Idiocracy react with ZERO facts. It’s laughable how stupid celebrities are. All abilty to read, comprehend reason, and think critically are lost in favor of hearing a line on corporate controlled media directing them to choose one side or another and buying into it because it feels right and looks right to others.
    One team-TEAMRETARD

  • P

    So sickening to hear all the rants about slavery every time something like this happens. There’s probably not even a dozen whites alive today that ever owned a slave – so zip it already – quit your whining, acting like you are owed the world. And it is NOT just the blacks’ sweat that build this country.

    BTW – White boy was pulled from a car on interstate in Atlanta by blacks and thrown into oncoming traffic. He died – Where’s the outrage on that??????

  • ReallyImeanREALLY

    For people who claim to be such forward thinkers, you all are sure stuck in the past. You people really still feel sorry for black people? The PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES is black! Black people can do anything that anyone else can do- white, Hispanic, Asian- we all have the same opportunities. It’s not the past that matters it’s what you do with your present and future. If anyone, regardless of color, thinks slavery or segregation was okay then they are an idiot. Can everyone agree that slavery and segregation was absolutely terrible and something this country should wish had never happened? Yes? Okay then. Beyond that it’s over. I haven’t own a slave, you haven’t owned a slave. I drink from the same fountain as everyone else and sit in the same seats on the bus as everyone else. At some point the past needs to stay right where it is- in the past! Was it terrible that someone died? Yes, but let me ask you this- would you be tweeting, protesting, and heart broken if it had been George Zimmerman who died that night instead? If he would have had his head bashed in to the point that he took his last breath? Nope, you wouldn’t know his name. Would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton shown up for “support” (read SARCASM!) if that HISPANIC man lost his lift at the hands of a young black man? NO! The whole situation is terrible, and the bottom line is the Martins lost their son. We all need to pray for them that God comforts them – just like every other parent or person that loses someone in their life. But what you all have failed to say is that we need to pray for George Zimmerman and his family as well- even though he has been found not guilty by a jury of his peers this lynch-mob of RACISTS will forever find him guilty, and even though he is not behind bars he will never be free.

  • RacismIsRife

    Well said

  • RacismIsRife

    I meant well said Not Surprised (comment #11)

  • Domo

    @Verity: I’ve been saying that all along…sad

  • lah

    @justiceontheway: Maybe you should concentrate more on why the black man is abanoning their black wives and children.

  • Paris242

    It would be easy to deduce from this article that all celebrities are idiots.

  • IamMe

    Seriously! You’re calling the girl names and insulting her because she’s disgusted by so gross a miscarriage of justice in THE SAME state that recently sentenced a black woman to 20 years for firing a gun INTO THE AIR. TO FRIGHTEN HER ABUSIVE HUSBAND. AFTER JUST 12 MINUTES DELIBERATION. Perhaps you misunderstand what a dumb@$$ is. First step: find a mirror, look in it. Your welcome.

  • Love

    Tragedies are everywhere…but I believe that there is a side to every story, and I believe that God prevails in everything and he will come to give us all peace of mind in time. I pray that he does. Let love not hate prevail, let’s take to this situation and spread love instead of seeking vengeance.


    America has a race problem. Blacks and whites point at each other and its always about skin colour. This verdict reflected the facts of the case, and if people can remove their skin coloured tinted view of the world they will see a rather complicated set of circumstances. The fact that you retards like carrying guns means that you cannot get upset that yet another person has been killed unnecessarily. Thats the real issue here and to read the comments of so called “celebrities” outraged and missing the point completely that there would likely have been no killing. Yet some of these “celebrities” pose with gun poses, act in films promoting guns and music that loves the gun culture. Guns guns guns. You love them don’t you.

    Two peoples lives ruined, Zimmerman will no doubt now have to live in fear of retribution whilst these celebrities incite hatred against him. He was brought to trial, as far as I have read he hasn’t denied or lied about anything but he is now seen as guilty despite the interpretation of the law by an independent jury.

    America, stop the race hate, stop talking skin colour.