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George Zimmerman: Not Guilty for Trayvon Martin Murder

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty for Trayvon Martin Murder

A non-guilty verdict has been reached for George Zimmerman, who was tried for second degree murder and manslaughter for the death of Trayvon Martin.

The 29-year-old neighborhood watch coordinator for a gated community shot the 17-year-old teenager on February, 26, 2012 in Sanford, Fla, in what he claimed was self defense.

The murder trial began on June 10 and took around a month to reach a verdict.

“You have a little black boy who was killed,” Benjamin Crump, an attorney for the parents of Trayvon said in the courtroom during the trial. “It’s going to be reported in history books and 50 years from now, our children will talk about Trayvon Martin‘s case like we talk about Emmett Till.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the final verdict in the Zimmerman-Martin case?

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  • lovely


  • lovely

    B A S T A R D!!!!

  • Jody

    Oh I didn’t realize George Zimmerman was a celebrity

  • Gandalf

    Zimmerman is a Fat ugly loser. And he may not have gotten it in court but he will face a harsher jury on the street. Ask Casey Anthony.
    ALSO — Why are you reporting on this idiot, JJ??? Get a grip and stick to the trash and D-Listers that you are good at.

  • guest

    WOW. Really?

  • LooseLipz

    Once again, the Jury system failed us.

    This man is a full blown murderer.

  • http://justjared saira

    Well, these idiots found Casey Anthony not guilty, too.

  • Jason

    Karma will come for George Zimmerman just like it did for O.J Simpson. O.J got away with murder as well but Karma put him away in jail for the rest of his life on burglary charges.

  • DeadDemocracy

    The Banks, The Gun Lobby, The War lobby,The government The justice system – all dead and rotten. America has died and it’s people are free to kill children BY RIGHT and declare standing their ground- while women who want the right to choose are told they are murderers.

    Saudi Arabia is a democracy now. At least their courts EXECUTE pedophiles – our system lets them go along with everybody else. Unless you’re an honest citizen that is; if you are : you get sent to GTMO by order to the secret court of fascist America.

  • Yas

    Oh WOW! This world is in such a sorry state. Just look at what is being accepted? Look at Syria, look at Egypt.. look closer to home, all this crazy stuff in the news. People have lost their minds. RIP Trayvon. George will get his in the next life.

  • sneg199438

    Another child murderer goes free in Florida!! The man said it was God’s will he killed an innocent unarmed teenager so he’s going to be a serial killer mark my words! Now civilians can walk up to you with a loaded weapon and make demands on you and kill you if you resist or defend yourself. Democracy is dead in America indeed!

  • Lauren

    Convinced now more than ever that Florida is full of morons. First Casey Anthony, now this? Want to murder someone, drag them to Florida. The jury always acquits!

  • Guy

    And 3, 2, 1, I officially have lost faith in humanity….well if I ever get murdered would someone do me a favor and give them a good slap on the wrist and a stern, “naughty, naughty!” cause that’s about all I can probably count on….

  • ladys

    Completely appalled.

  • Jereomy

    Hate to be the voice of reason here, but none of us knows what went on during the trial. Obviously the prosecution couldn’t prove it’s case beyond reasonable doubt. I know I’m gonna get hate for saying it, but that’s how it works.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    I think this is certainly not a subject to be discussed on a 3rd rate celebrity gossip board.



  • offtheproperty

    Every African-American commentator I’ve heard has adamantly refused to concede African-Americans’ rights to beat the sh*t out of white people. Not every African-American who beat the sh*t out of a white man (or a “white-Hispanic) has gotten shot in the chest. But African-Americans need to understand that when they decide to beat the sh*t out of another white man because they feel offended or disrespected or angry — they might.
    Just like they do in Chicago and every other ghetto everywhere.

  • groundcontrol

    Jared, I cannot believe you quoted Benjamin Crump who should be ashamed of himself for his behavior during this case.
    I think the evidence was lacking and so did the jury. We convict on evidence in this country – evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. We do not convict on speculation or our imaginings or on our emotions.
    Sad as Trayvon’s death is, it doesn’t follow that someone must have committed a crime.

  • monroe

    Look, if they couldn’t even convict Casey Anthony of killing her baby, how could anyone expect them to get it right for Trayvon?

    Tell you what. I would hate to be George Zimmerman right now.

    My heart is with Trayvon’s parents and his loved ones.

  • groundcontrol

    Convinced now more than ever that Florida is full of morons. First Casey Anthony, now this?
    Sorry, Lauren, but if you have an issue with these acquittals then you should take it up with the prosecutors. The Anthony trial was abysmally tried. The state simply lacked evidence to prove its case and what’s worse they put on junk science which the jury saw right through.
    Again, we convict on evidence not sympathy, not anger at defendants, and not emotions. And certainly not the hooey “forensics” the state tried to foist on the jury which should never have been allowed into evidence in the first place. Perhaps it was because the body was found so long after the death but if there WAS evidence at an earlier time it was no longer there when the victim was found.
    That’s how our system works. I was surprised at how smart the Anthony jury turned out to be in the midst of the hysteria that surrounded that trial.
    It takes tremendous courage to ignore the hysteria clamoring for conviction and the fear of what you may face after an unpopular verdict for a juror to calmly face the evidence as presented and make an objective analysis of it and render a verdict. Whether you agree or not there should be respect for these juries.

  • Verity

    George Zimmerman had better live in a bullet proof vest.

  • Murica!

    Glad to see an innocent man go free, these street thugs get away with murder everyday, I am glad someone did something about it!! Clean up the streets!

  • next subject

    @Verity: Or fire-resistant clothes.

  • Greg

    As I’ve posted once before, in America, you can be shot for carrying a bag of skittles, and in America, you can get away with murder.

  • me

    @offtheproperty: oh okay so your telling me a 29 year old man couldnt defend himself from a teenager? & trayvon didnt beat the shit out of him because he was angry. Zimmerman was stalking and proceeded to follow him. Any teenage boy would fight back to a man following him. & please Zimmerman barely had any wounds. The wounds he had are seen everyday in high school fights all across America, so your logic is jaded. I feel bad for you because you can’t see beyond race & ignorance. But it’s okay. Racist white people like you are becoming the minority.

  • joel

    no guilty yes!

  • sonny

    Not going to lie, I knew he was going to get off from the very beginning. Although I do believe that belongs in jail, the jury did rule favorably. The evidence just wasn’t there. I hate to admit it, but the defense played a solid game.

  • yep

    @sonny: Agree with you. That is why the prosecutor added the manslaughter at the end of the trial they knew they didn’t present a guilty verdict. Praying for the families and jurors.

  • Meeeeeee

    Damn this motha f*cka’s ugly.


    justice served

  • essie

    This dude doesn’t look 29, he looks like he’s 45 going through a mid life crisis and goes trigger happy.

  • Darcy

    Who are you losers, Trayon Martin was a 17 year old man, who was 6’2 and a thug.. Who jumps a stranger and starts beating the sh*t out of them, Zimmerman in a 5’7 little Hispanic . And that should teach all YOU thugs a lesson , just cause you think your tough and your bigger , you think you can beat on a person… Well next you to get a bullet in the chest too, cause you don’t know who packing.

  • Anna

    Now that’s justice..!!!!!!! Sorry if you had a gun and some crazy kid , who taller and bigger , breaks you nose and starts uses your head like a ball against cement walk.. Ah I too would shoot him .

  • essie

    Why did Zimmerman go after him when the cops told him not to? Oh yeah, because he’s a big boy since he has his big boy gun! If someone was following, wouldn’t you freak out?

  • Stinger5

    1) There was exactly zero evidence that George followed Travon. Zero. That was the scenario the left-wing media made up and all you idiots believed. Too bad.

    2) Travon was a 6′ 2″ grille wearing, street educated thug. Evidence of which was all over his Facebook and Twitter accounts, which were promptly deleted. Not to mention the self-shot photo found on Travon’s phone of him holding a gun supressed from evidence by the proscution which will be investigated now along with photos of likely stolen jewelery and posts about his fighting prowness.

    3) Travon’s parents are to be blamed for raising a thug son. That should be a lesson to all you shitty parents who don’t get in the faces of your kids. The thug/gangsta mentality is all too common among black youth in this county. Hence their general lack of education, their unemployment levels and propensity to be criminals and in jail.

    4) It’s too bad he died, but I suspect that many of you who commented hatefully here wouldn’t have batted an eyebrow had Travon killed George in the first place. Idiots.

  • Stinger5

    Wow, the word “sh1tty” is not allowed here.

  • mac

    Very sad…
    If I’m followed by a stranger holding a gun, I would try to run away and if he catches up with me, I would hit or kick or do whatever to save my life, to defend myself. That’s what Trayvon Martin did. George Zimmerman shot Trayvon to “defend” himself? That’s only a half of the story.

  • Justice for George Z

    Great job, Florida jurors. I’m proud the system works. This was a self-defense case all the way. If only thug Trayvon hadn’t jumped George as he was going back to his car. If only thug Trayvon hadn’t beaten George, banged his head up and busted his nose. If only.

  • Justice for George Z

    @Lauren: If you’re angry, remember you just said FL was full of morons. I have to agree but they also voted for barackobama twice so yes, they’re morons. You reap what you sow. I’m glad that six Floridians had the GUTS to vote correctly. You can’t convict someone who kills in self-defense.

  • lucy

    A true travesty of justice. Absolutely stunned by this. May God bless Trayvon’s Martin’s parents and help them somehow make peace within this horror and move forward. It is not over for Zimmerman. God makes all things right in the end.

  • Sarena

    Just reading the racist remarks here regarding a teenager murdered speaks volume and the reason why Zimmerman got away with murder. I’m sure if the kid was a real threat he would have been alive, coward picked harmless teenager. However, I do wish him and other cowards here a good meeting with a real thug be it black or white.

  • Stinger5

    Just reading all the uninformed, emotional responses based on misunderstanding the facts of the case speaks volumes and is the reason why we have a justice system in this nation instead of street mobs. A teenager is dead because he thought being a pot smoking, gansta, racist thug was the way to be cool. Had he not decided to approach Gorge and get in his face, break his nose, pound him into the ground and reach for his gun, maybe he would be alive today.

  • Stinger5

    Why can’t we sophena the NSA and have them play back the phone call between Travon and his girlfriend? How much do you want to bet that Travon told his girlfriend that he was going to see what that cracker’s problem is, or worse? Case would be closed then, wouldn’t it? But even that wouldn’t satisfy the racist, uneducated, Obama voters among us, would it?

  • RRM

    Stinger if George not been an idiot this never would have happened. Guy thinks he’s Superman and Dudley DoRight because he has a gun. And who approached who? You have George who stands to pay for his crime in prison at the hands of inmates, of course he’s going to lie. The other person is dead and cannot speak for himself.

    Stick to the facts. Treyvon was not in the act of commiting a crime. He was unarmed. Moron George was looking for a reason and you know it.

  • Stinger5

    Sorry, RPM. George was protecting his home, family and property – something he has EVERY right to do. And ya, who approached who? There was NO evidence to support the theory that George approached Travon. Zero. Nada. Zilch. No evidence supported prosecutors. None. Zippo. The only eye witness saw Travon wailing blows down upon George. What does unarmed have to do with the fact that Travon found George’s gun and was about to use it on George. Would that have made you happy, RPM, had Travon just killed George? Would that have made you feel good? Jackass. No evidence supported the prosecution and if you actually watched the trial, you would know that. I feel sorry that you can’t make a educated judgement based on facts and not on emotional, made up scenarios that the media was pushing. Too bad for you and people like you.

  • RRM

    Your name calling is not emotional? Wow. An educated person would not need to resort to such an emotional response. Sorry but you are guilty of false reasoning.

  • Stinger5

    More inconvenient facts for people who didn’t like the verdict:

    1) George was the only person injured, other than the gunshot. The photos taken at the scene and afterwards prove that.

    2) If George was on top of Travon, hitting him, where were the bruises on George’s hands? There were none.

    3) If George was on top of Travon when Travon was shot, then why wasn’t a bullet found on the ground after it went through Travon? Because George was on the bottom firing up. Duh.

    Conclusion: Travon was 17-year-old 6’2″, grille wearing, pot smoking thug who thought he was tough. He popped George in the face, broke his nose and knocked him down with one blow. He wailed blows down upon George not knowing George had a gun. When he discovered the gun near Georges beltline, he tried to grab for it and lost. He paid for that with his life. Too bad for him.

  • GOOP

    Zimmerman’s nose wasn’t broken. there was no Zimmerman DNA on Tray. Zimmerman didn’t call for help and didn’t call 911 again after he shot Tray for OVER 2 minutes. Tray wasn’t a “thug”. He was found laying on the ground FACE DOWN with his hands under him after being shot point blank in the heart. How could that be if Zimmerman told the truth?

  • horace

    Zimmerman will hurt someone again. “God’s plan” my backside.

    Zimmerman is a violent dweeb who thinks he is in Street Comabt or something. Sad — but true. I’m glad I don’t live down there. I can’t imagine how black parents teach there kids about living now. Can’t. EVEN. Imagine. What They Say.