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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Married!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Married!

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have tied the knot, according to Us Weekly!

The 46-year-old pregnant actress and the 47-year-old actor got married with her five-year-old daughter Nahla by their side at the Chateau des Conde on Saturday (July 13) in Vallery, France.

Halle and Olivier got engaged in early 2012 and this past April they revealed that they are expecting their first child together.

This is the third marriage for Halle, who previously was wed to baseball player David Justice in the early 1990s and singer Eric Benet in the early 2000s. This is the first marriage for Olivier, who previously dated singer Kylie Minogue.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  • CM

    He must be just as crazy and she is

  • nn

    Cue the haters…

  • Gabe

    Divorce in 2014. Battle Royal for child custody on enfant son countdown begins….

  • Andrea

    Congratulations! (if true)
    Wish Halle, Olivier, Nahla and the baby health and happiness.
    Beautiful couple – Beautiful family

  • Congrats Halle

    Two mercurial personalities is not a good mix but I wish her well. 3rd times a charm as they say.

  • heather

    Good luck to couple and I hope Halle, Oliver and Gabriel can all get along
    For nahla

  • Mandy

    I like Halle and I’m no one to judge her, but I can honestly say I am not a fan of this dude who only knows to roll the bottom of his only pair of jeans that he wears every single day and looks like he hasn’t showered in months…

  • Lexy

    Well,both are crazy,dangerous and violent…so good luck for the baby.
    I give them 2 years and after that i “predict” another nasty custody battle,but now to decide where the poor baby boy will live:in Paris with Olivier or in America with Halle.
    I only hope Scary Berry comes back to the USA with Nahla and doesn’t use this trip to stay there…she and Gabriel share her custody.She can stay in France if she wants(with the violent boxer and the baby she’s carrying),but Nahla can’t.She has a father…
    I won’t say “congrats” because both are nuts and stupid.Their custody battle will be worse than her battle with Gabriel.Karma will hit her and she won’t like it.And to be honest,i won’t feel bad for her…it’s called karma.

  • XOXO

    Chateau de Condé is not in Paris but then again this is JustJared, they are specialized in gossips not in geography so why bother, right?

  • Legally m. in France?

    Are they legally married in France? Church weddings are invalid and come after a civil ceremony. Did they have a civil ceremony at this Chateau?

    Regardless of validity in France, is it legal in the US?

    See info (regardless of date, info/process hasn’t changed much):

    Francofiles feel free to answer….thanks.

  • msirene

    Not a fan of Ms. Berry anymore, but I’m glad that she decided to wed Martinez. It really doesn’t look very good for her to continue having children out of wedlock. For this reason, I am for the marriage, whether it lasts long or short term. This will set a decent example for Nahla, but I wish that she had married Gabriel, even if they didn’t stay together because no marriage is really guarenteed. A chance is taken, when people marry. When there are children involved, it seems the right thing to do. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned….

  • Yes Legally Married

    @Legally m. in France?:

    They had the civil ceremony first then later had the church ceremony. And yes this marriage is recognized in the US as valid.

    Hope this marriage works out for them BUT………..

  • Ann

    @Yes Legally Married: BUT…they won’t last anyway.and soon,and we will witness her second custody battle with another baby daddy.She made a huge mistake,now she’s doomed.But they deserve each other,both are crazy and their crazy personalities match.Their divorce will be the battle of the century,including a nasty custody battle and “beatings”,”racists”,and “abuse allegations from Halle’s part.She’s always the “poor victim”,right?

  • avatar

    This marriage was born dead.

  • Amy


    Halle came from an abusive household and she always seems to be attracted to violent men. She needs therapy.

  • Yes Legally Married


    I agree with all you said. He has shown a violent side and she is OK with that. She will say and do anything to get her way in every situation. A recipe for a disaster of a breakup.

    I do not think this marriage will end well and then there will be 2 kids in the middle of their craziness.

    3 years max before the Hallenado begins again.

  • Hope

    She can’t just stay in France! She cannot by US laws because of her first child.

    Halle will always have to navigate this situation carefully as to not alienate either of the fathers.

    I’ve read some comments where people say, Gabriel should just let her move to France! If you are educated on the law, you would know that she cannot just do that even if she marries someone from France and has his child.

    The only way that can happen is if Gabriel agrees to it and they would have to work out visitation arrangements for the holidays and around school. The courts in the US give rights to both parents these days unless one parent is proven to be unfit. Until that happens, both parents have a say in where the child lives, what kind of school he or she goes to, and what kind of religious upbringing the child will have. Both parents also have the right to decide on any medical issues the child has.

    Her first child’s father has rights to Nahla and she cannot just up and move because she has a child and has married a man from another country. If anything, it complicates things.

    If, and I do not wish for anything bad to happen, but if it gets difficult, there will be a hard road ahead because Oliver will have rights to his own child just like Garbriel does to his child. Halle will be in the middle of both of them for a very long time.

    Whatever happened between Gabriel and Oliver is the past but now Oliver will be able to understand how Gabriel feels about his child.

    He will now have a child to protect and won’t want anyone to come in between that.

    Hope it all works out for all involved. They do make a beautiful family but what looks good on the outside is not always what’s good on the inside. We can all understand that fact. No one is perfect.

    Praying that it all works out and that this time it will last especially for the children.

    Hopefully there won’t be another custody fight because I believe Oliver is no slouch and he will fight to the end. I state that thinking that he will end up being a stand up father no matter what happens.

    Halle is as always very beautiful and I hope the baby is healthy.

  • Hope


    She cannot just stay there because if she does without Gabriel’s approval, she could lose physical custody and the child would be placed in Gabriel’s home.

    Courts take alienation very seriously.

    Listen, look at it this way.

    She is pregnant, is now married to a French citizen, makes a lot of money, and then she goes and stays in France? Really?

    She is not going to risk losing custody of Nahla.

    She is not going to stay without a written agreement. That is how it is done if you don’t want any trouble.

    People have lost custody for running to another country without the approval of the other parent.

    And, you can lose custody even without stepping into court.

    If she did that, Gabriel could go straight to the courts and demand full custody because he could claim and prove his child was separated from him if it interrupts his time with Nahla.

    Despite all the comments about Halle and Oliver, this is serious and could go badly if they do not agree on things for the sake of the kids.

  • yep

    Congrats and best wishes!

  • Verity

    I give it 4yrs and that is being VERY generous given her track record. As soon as the honeymoon is over, her crazy will reveal itself.

  • had to come for this

    Congrats! They got engaged AND they got married! Nichole Richie did the same with her hubby…………Brad Pitt and Jolie got engaged when? (yawning) Brad threw his little “crumbs” out to the media, trying to make fans anticipate that he and Jolie would tie the knot soon. Hah!!! That was last year. The proof is in the pudding. Jennifer Aniston got engaged when? She’s probably trying to keep up with Brad. He got engaged, so she did too — I think. And there hasn’t been anymore news from her camp……. Where are the wedding planners???? These ridiculous stars want everybody to think they are sooooo in love and they get engaged, but then they just…. sit and stagnate. They can sell that story, but I am not buying it. SOMETHING is obviously holding them up when they get engaged and then they are still living together and engaged 10 years later — especially with kids involved. At least Halle Berry has the good sense to be somewhat of a role model and show her daughter that marriage and family life is the ideal situation when the people involved love and treat each other right. Strong families create strong communities and a stronger society. However, the way people are so immoral, having kids left and right out of wedlock, living together, not making commitments, sleeping around whenever they get the whim….. Then when the other partner takes off and leaves, they can’t even raise their children right because they feel angry and rejected. This is so common for women to do. Well, the world is doomed. Olivier has never been married. He must want to. Halle Berry swore she wouldn’t marry again. Olivier has presented “something” to her to convince her to do it again. There must be more to this relationship than we know. They are mature adults now and life is short. The truth is they could both be deceased in 20 years. I think their relationship must be worth it, and I wish them the VERY BEST, forever and ever. AMEN!

  • chaos

    what is wrong with his eyes? He is always squinting. Anyway, once a promising actor who is now more famous for who he dates/marries.

  • Shelbe

    This is Fantastic news. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. and Mrs. Martinez, wishing you, Nahla and your baby boy all the happiness in the world and a long happy life together! Let the haters drink their haterade. Half of them said you wouldn’t even marry let alone stay together for 3 years, keep proving them wrong. Love is stronger than hate, keep loving each other.

  • stacy

    @hadtocometothis that comment of yours is one of the dumbest I have ever read.Jen has been engaged for 11 months Halle has been engaged for 18 months.



  • sea

    Congratulations! I like them as a couple and I believe they are in love.

  • Dave

    @Legally m. in France?: #10

    You don’t have to be married in the US for your marriage to be legal. If that were the case no married couple who comes to the US would have a legal marriage.
    You can marry anywhere in the world, silly!

  • Dave

    @Mandy: #7

    You are ignorant if you think you can look at someone in photos and decide whether they bath or not.

    And how in the hell can you tell he wears the same jeans all the time. He certainly has more of the same types of jeans in this wardrobe.

    You are just ignorant.

  • Dave

    @stacy: #24

    Halle only not engaged last year, NOT 18 months ago.

  • jen

    @had to come for this: #21

    Halle did not marry Gabriel and never planned to, so your theory that she wants to show her daughter a good example by marrying before she has a child is BS.

  • jen

    @stacy: #24

    Why did you jump to defense of Jen Aniston, when the poster talked about the Jolie-Pitts, too? Are you that sensitive about Jen with the fake engagement?

  • kayla

    Really ! Just wish them happiness, obviously it works for both of them, actually all 3 of them ( speaking of Gabriel ) :)

  • TheBisback

    fabulous 16th century Chateau church very near. my daughter was the first wedding at the Chateau in 1999 when owner renovated property to allow weddings…absolutely fabulous property…congrats to this beautiful couple who deserve happiness…fields of huge sunflowers in the area..small real tourists…Much hsppiness Halle and Olivier

  • came back to answer you

    @jen: You are exactly right!!! And you can see that Halle and Gabriel are no longer a couple. After enough time, you know if you have the right man. If Gabriel was the right man, I believe Halle and Gabriel would have wed by now, especially after having their daughter. It would have come. Most females living with and having children with a man usually want to marry him — sooner rather than later. When a relationship involving kids goes on and on with NEVER any plans to wed (look what happened to Johnny Depp and his so-called “love”), I say it wasn’t strong enough to begin with. I know women today who have lived with a man for 20 years and the reason they aren’t married is because they are scared to marry the man. In other words, they think if they marry him, the relationship will collapse because he will change toward them. What is wrong with these stupid fools!!! If you can’t trust your relationship, you should not be together. You certainly shouldn’t be having a house full of children together. You should end it and move on to a man you can love AND trust!

  • came back to answer you

    @jen: One last thing: What Halle did with Gabriel is one thing. That was BEFORE she had her daughter. Now as a mother, the tide changes. When you love your kids, you should do what is best. You should be trying to instill some important values in them. We don’t really know the truth, but I definitely believe that Halle has possibly changed her mind from how she used to think before she had her daughter. I think she knows that little one is watching and emulating her. I think she would love to see her daughter successfully married to a great man and raising her own kids one day. Halle and her husband will be grandparents. It’s still the ideal situation, but many people just aren’t lucky or smart enough to have it.

  • TheBisback

    @msirene: jealous much

  • TheBisback

    @Gabe: not much of a life Gab?

  • TheBisback

    @Mandy: Gosh, don’t remember him giving a damn if you like him or his clothes! are you people smoking something? Or never had any life experience outside of window peeping celebrities?

  • TheBisback

    @XOXO: Chateau des Condes is not in Paris? Right it is in Vallery…a gorgeous 16th century chateau with stables, pool, second house with apartments, fabulous separate building housing an incredible wine cellar. France requires a administrative marriage by municipal government, not a religious wedding. So couples are usually married twice…My daughter held the first wedding at this chateau in august 1999! When owner, Patrick V finished renovations to use this property for weddings….fabulous property ! hope they remain very happy!

  • Shelbe

    @The Bisback you but all the haters in their place thank you, didn’t miss a one. Halle and Olivier are in love and have a beautiful family, they’re all still pining for violent Anger Management Gabriel who don’t want to work. So far these two have been inseparable and there love is apparent for all to see. It’s awesome they got married in that beautiful chateau, sound like a dream.

  • Swollen

    Cannot stand halle and she now has a drunk violent man into nahlas life . She is a stupid Dumass tart who has no brain

  • david

    Shelbe, You definitely should speak to the judge that refused to allow Halle to move to France. He also awarded joint custody did he not? He must not have had all the facts to hand about Aubry that you do. After weighing up everything presented to him by the individuals directly involved and their legal teams and the child protective services reports, he made the wrong decision……… What judge would allow a child anywhere near such a violent man after all. He must be wrong and you must be right!!!!. Let us all know how you get on with that. I read a lot of the comments on this wedding on different sites and was shocked that the majority were negative but these people are not pinning after anyone, they are just tired reading about Halle Berry and all the drama with ALL her ex’s. Good luck with your own pinning though. For the record I’m not pining after anyone either but I would have zero respect for any man or woman, celebrity or otherwise that would agree to the separation from their child that Halle Berry attempted. Don’t tell me it was about the money because she would have bought him out years ago if that were the case.

  • Mandy


    And you are a loser for attacking my opinion…chill out…

  • dnp

    @ david. I guess the judge that issued a restraining order against Oliver Martinez got it wrong as well. That must have been a mistake. These judges should really check with the people on here that post like they have all the facts before making any decisions!!!!!!!

  • Shelbethegreat

    @David and @dnp, I have been on other sites as well and the majority of the comments are positive, a lot of good people wishing them well, because only a bad person would wish ill to a person on their wedding day. As for the judge that made the decision to keep the child in America this was before the fact that violent Gabriel got arrested (I guess the police were wrong right) for attacking Olivier and got his butt kicked or his attempt to pawn his stuff off as Halle’s, got SEVERAL restraining orders against him, not to mention being forced by the COURTS to attend anger management classes. Halle was moving to get the child away from paparazzi who were stalking her even at school. Gabriel is a model, suppose to be able to travel all over the world, he can catch a plane to France or live there if she means that much to him but he won’t, it’s all about his needs. For the sake of his child who’s being hounded by paparazzi. He wants her here so he can collect child support and even that doesn’t appear to be enough. He will do something thing criminal again just wait this is a bad, bad guy. But that court order isn’t written in stone and can be changed especially now that Halle has a stable family of four, some reasonable judge could rule that the needs of a mother, stepfather, daughter and little brother outweigh the needs of one selfish man. But after getting his clock cleaned by Olivier I think Aubry has seen the light, just know he said some pretty nasty things to Halle and did God knows what else, because he knows that no disrespect will be given to Mrs. Martinez.

  • David

    @Shelbe. Like I said before go talk to the judges. They were wrong and you know it all. Halle Berry will thank you I’m sure. Let us know what they say.

  • Shelbe

    @David you go talk to the police. They were wrong and you know it all. Gabriel will thank you I’m sure. Let us know what they say.

  • viv

    was the recording of a movie given props unless it is unfortunate!

  • I’ll leave again… I promise

    Said it once (someone else on these boards said similar) and I’ll say it again: Aubry is a beautiful man. I mean, look at him sometimes. Yet, he really has NOT moved on. I saw him photographed with Kim K once. Maybe she tried, but he just doesn’t seem to “have it.” There are definitely some emotional issues with him, and I’ll bet it has something to do with his troubled childhood. Halle has issues too, but she is always trying and striving to do better in her life. And she doesn’t give up on finding love. There is no reason why this gorgeous guy doesn’t have a permanent girlfriend by now… or even a friend… or a companion. You don’t see him with male OR female. Where are his male buddies? He is photographed quite often, yet he just seems to be such a complete loner. When people are like this, they are usually extremely self-centered. Hard to break that shell they have created around them for protection. I think Halle tried to break through and that finally she gave up! But I believe the best thing he ever got in his life is Nahla. She will be what brings him the most joy, and possibly bring great emotional change to his life the older he gets.

  • Shelbe

    @ I’ll leave again… I promise, good to see someone else noticed that something was wrong with that Gabriel, looking beyond his face. Halle said for years he was unstable but no one wanted to believe it. He probably has personal demons that make him lash out violently when confronted. If he was raised in foster care he probably didn’t have a male role model. To bad he had to be smashed in the face to get perspective on how you do and don’t treat people. Olivier probably did everyone a favor by teaching this boy about respect. Hope he does grow up and take responsibility for his life and like Olivier said “We have to move on”.