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Katie Holmes: Outfit Change After Suri's Gymnastics Class!

Katie Holmes: Outfit Change After Suri's Gymnastics Class!

Katie Holmes sports a white tank and ripped jeans while taking a stroll after her cute daughter Suri‘s gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers on Friday (July 12) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actress and her seven-year-old daughter were accompanied by a gal pal, who rocked cute pink shorts.

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Earlier in the day, Katie donned two different outfits while dropping off Suri at the gymnastics class.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri taking a fun stroll after gymnastics…

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katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 01
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 02
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 03
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 04
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 05
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 06
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 07
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 08
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 09
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 10
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 11
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 12
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 13
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 14
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 15
katie holmes outfit change after suri gymnastics class 16

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  • rubyz

    Yet more pap shots of the meal ticket with her desperate mother. This woman is tiresome to the MAX. Suri needs to be with a parent who can protect her from press intrusion. Apparently, this is NOT Holmes.

  • Meso

    @rubyz: I agree with you. Katie prevents TC from being photographed with Suri while she parade her around the paps. TC is the bigger star… so you know if he can spend time with Suri without being photographed. She can too. Protect your daughter Katie!!!

  • Sheri

    Suri’s little friend is not her “gal pal”….geeeez

  • K-FLOP – H & Y Jeanology

    same-day-outfit.. so this would make outfit #3? :-/
    suri to-and-from gymnastics, different outfits and then outing without suri another.
    variations in jean style is the k-flop & yang nyfw 2014 spring collection?
    a little less than 2 months away…show? no show?

  • Sunflower

    A child does not “rock” a pair of shorts, she WEARS a pair of shorts, for heaven’s sake.

    @ #1 and #2 People choose to live in Manhattan so that they can walk everywhere; that is what is so special about Manhattan; so your comments have no credibility whatsoever … furthermore, I would say that if Katie wanted those paps there, don’t you think she would make an effort to portray a happier demeanour???

    When it comes to celebrities in the media, people lose all sense of objectivity.

  • laura

    Suri stopped smiling entirely – my friend has an autistic son and he has exactly the same expression all the time. Maybe she’s got some mild form of autism too. It’s not even lack of smiling that bothers me – it’s lack of ANY facial expression.

  • Melanie

    @Meso: Its funny but you see Tom Cruise with his adopted son loads and that’s not parading? Ask yourselves; when did Tom last see Suri? Katie is just a normal mum who doesn’t need to drive in a limo everywhere. She rocks.

  • Melanie

    @laura: Laura that is just plain sad and sick to degrade a child in that manner. Pathetic.

  • Ratushka

    Who cares? There are more important things happening in our cuntry.

  • Crash

    Omfg, Suri is soooooo cute. I change my outfits like 6 times per day too. Maybe I can get some fashion tips from lil miss Surry.

  • Muffin


  • Muffin

    @Sunflower: Gurl she is rockin it. Thank you for being the authority on celebs in manhattan. Speaking of manhattan, I need a drink.

  • Lardizia

    Kaytee has always been a hot milf. Surry will be too when she is 16.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Look at her fist. Stimming.
    KHo has no flinch nor shame to see her daughter suffer for her insatiable greed for attention and fame.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Pedo is here again. Plus one pedo of bad taste.

  • Anne

    @rubyz: @Meso:

    Tom used and abused this girl for advertising. He accepted all the terms of the divorce … he did not fight for custody … this just tells me that Katie had dirt on it …. Suri is not his daughter …. he had more to lose from the scandal .

  • Yassine

    @Rubyz #1: your theory does actually not make sense, do you ever know it or you do on purpose? AGAIN, tell me why has she had 8 articles in the last month without Suri? [considering the fact that the base of your theory is that Katie is NOT relevant without Suri]. Truly no sense right?

    @Meso #2: protect of what? She can walk in the city with her daughter WHEREVER she wants. See #1 to understand the falsity of the meal ticket theory.

    @Sunflower #5: at least, there still are people who have her sense of objectivity ;).

    [Furthermore, I would say that if Katie wanted those paps there, don’t you think she would make an effort to portray a happier demeanour???]

    Here is another good argument!

    [When it comes to celebrities in the media, people lose all sense of objectivity.]


  • Yassine

    @Laura #6:

    How can you conclude Suri is autist with only these pictures IF I tell you there are more pictures where she smiles? BESIDES, the symptom “lack of smiling” is NOT specific AND sensitive by far! we all have sometimes a lack of facial expression without having a condition. Think about it.

    Here are some symptoms:

    1°) An autist prefers to do things in her own way rather than with others
    2°) An autist has no eye contact
    3°) An autist has difficulty understand rules for polite behaviour
    4°) An autist has resistance being held
    5°) An autist has difficulty to imagine what the characters might look like when he is read a story
    6°) An autist tends to get too close when speaking to someone
    7°) An autist responds to social interactions, but does not initiate them
    8°) An autist does not generally share observations or experiences with others
    9°) An autist finds social situations tough
    10°) An autist tends to notice details that others do not
    11°) An autist can hardly keep track of several different people’s conversations
    12°) An autist has difficulty understanding jokes, figures of speech or sarcasm
    13°) An autist has difficulty reading facial expressions and body language
    14°) An autist finds making up stories hardly
    15°) When an autist talks, it isn’t always easy for others to get a word in edgeways
    16°) An autist is fascinated by numbers
    17°) An autist finds it hard to make new friends
    18°) An autist has difficulty understanding the rules of conversation
    19°) An autist has difficulty understanding group interactions
    20°) An autist has aversion to answering questions about themselves
    21°) An autist usually concentrates more on the small details than the whole picture
    22°) An autist is very good at remembering phone numbers
    23°) An autist does usually notice small changes in a situation, or a person’s appearance
    24°) An autist gives spontaneous comments which seem to have no connection to the -current conversation
    25°) An autist makes honest, but inappropriate observations
    26°) An autist seems unable to understand another’s feelings
    27°) An autist prefers to be alone, aloft or overly-friendly
    28°) An autist finds it hardy to go back and forth between different activities
    29°) An autist is often the last to understand the point of a joke
    30°) An autist can’t switch back to what he was doing very quickly if there is an interruption
    31°) An autist has difficulty maintaining friendships
    32°) An autist finds it easier to socialize with people that are older or younger, rather than peers of their own age
    33°) An autist disinterested in what is going on around them
    34°) An autist doesn’t like to plain any activities her participates in carefully
    35°) An autist finds it difficult to work out people’s intentions
    36°) An autist doesn’t enjoy meeting new people
    37°) An autist talks excessively about one or two topics
    38°) An autist is overly trusting or unable to read the motives behinds peoples’ actions
    39°) An autist has minimal acknowledgement of other
    40°) In summary, autism is a social cognition impairment

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Yassine: I can not believe you waisted your time. Suri just needs to learn the Our Father prayer.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: Katie too!!!

  • Sincerely concerned

    Watched the film on Suri being called a &#%*?!%#. What I think was REALLY sad is how Yang’s dtr. was actually carrying Suri. And Katie ALLOWED it!!!!

  • CP205

    Katie is very pretty, always was, but not the best actress in the world. Her daughter is quite adorable.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: I have 2 dtr’s. and one has the propensity to be ostentatious. Early on, I had a handle on it with respect to how you treat people. Now at 23, she is mindful enough to ask me when she is in issues where she “speaks her mind”, she ask me if maybe she was maybe too much. I tell her my opinion and then I always let her know that she should be ready for a rxn. and that is just part of being one who speaks up for what she feels strong about. I sure hope Katie is doing something. Personally, I see her just passively watching Suri act out. (ALWAYS, when she was young, no talking back or yelling at adults.) of except with the obvious. Yet Suri is literally armed with body guards and pears to watch her rant.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Re: the 4th picture. I wonder if Katie knows that a good bar of deodorant soap should be open and ready. There is a technique; in mid rant, just rip the bar out and placed with a quick, concise insert with a slightly upward moved while pulling out to adequately scrape some on the inside of the front top teeth. Have only used this thrice. Works in a pinch and immediately stops the rant. There is no doubt in my mind, what we see of Suri in public is at least doubled with her mom and/or out of the view of the media. One of my dtr.’s friend came over to say how her father said to her, “Clair, it is better to keep your mouth shut and keep people guessing, than to open it and show people how stupid you really are”. No doubt, I am filibustering. Only with the purpose to hopefully see Katie take some charge with a little girl definitely out of control. This talk show, found by Yassine, had the audacity to play the blame game with Suri and Katie as the victims. Katie needs to either continue her life as is with a muzzle around that child’s mouth or take a break and disappear for a while.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Do you care to be more clear, so I can understand? Soap? Deodorant? Do you think Suri is dirty in the 4th photo? This girl is more beautiful every day. William should be very proud of his creation.


  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: I referring to her rant and using soap to “wash out her mouth”.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:
    Thanks for the explanation. I could not sleep tonight without it. Aff
    Sometimes I think you’re a Scientologist. Aff

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: I take it, that techniques was not used with you.

  • Anne

    @Sincerely concerned:

    Just a curiosity. Clooney and DiCaprio are only in dating. Travolta has been married to the same woman for years. They have a reputation for closeted gays. Because Tom Cruise, with 03 marriages can not silence the rumors? Would not it be cheaper for him to be only in dating or married to the same woman? Is it the $ $ $ $ $ $ $ after 10 years?

  • Hamlet

    She’s not autistic, #6.

    Don’t be an idiot, #16.