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Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller: Holding Hands!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller: Holding Hands!

Jake Gyllenhaal and his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller hold hands while spending the afternoon together on Sunday (July 14) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actor and the 24-year-old model went out for brunch with his mom Naomi Foner and her adorable pet pooch Charlie.

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“Brunch time,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram along with a photo of her dog.

Rumors spread last month that Jake and Alyssa were dating after they were spotted together on multiple occasions in the Big Apple.

FYI: Alyssa is wearing a Reformation skirt.

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  • Anonymous

    So he’s dumped Emily Didonato.
    Adam Levine, Leo Dicaprio , who would have thought Jake would complete the trio?

  • viky

    They look good together. Summer love!

  • Gail

    @Anonymous: Me! He’s a tool. Pretty soon he’ll be dating 18 year old models.

  • celia

    I wanna see them on the red carpet dressed up in designer clothes – now that will be a sight.

  • Dale

    I wonder what his mom thinks about all these young girls he brings around? After all, her husband of over 30 years replaced her with a much younger woman.

  • Karin

    He’s a rebound boyfriend. She just broke up with a guy she was living with a few months ago. I’ll be surprised if they are still together by the end of the year.

  • diana

    Hold your horses til September :) when his new movies are released.

  • jen


    I’d love me some Jake Gyllenhaal rebound boyfriend.
    I’d rebound multiple times ;-)

  • GingeroftheIsland

    Looks weird seeing him with a brunette. So used to him dating blondes.

  • European

    @Karin: “He’s a rebound boyfriend” this is the best comment that i´ve have seen about jake. Now u said everythink.

  • Yikes

    Can’t believe she is dating him. She could have any guy in the world and she’s with him? He’s not even that good of an actor and his eyes are really weird. The left one is huge compared to the right. Ugghh

  • sarah


    girl, U win the internet

    i’d “rebound” with Jake G. again and again

    i’d let him “rebound” my brains up

  • Brittany

    He said Taylor was too young for him. This girl is the same age as Taylor. They were both born in 1989.

  • Doh

    No wonder he chose her for bearding over feminine Emily Didonato. Easier to pretend he’s making out with a dude….girl looks manly!

  • Isabel

    I’m still not convinced he’s actually into females.

  • GreenPeace

    I think her dog is cuter than either one of them. I’ll take the dog!

  • elo

    he looks hella busted

  • BackWhen

    He’s the modern day Rock Hudson. Nothing wrong with that. Keep all your fans and do whatever you want.

  • Monica


    Uhm, lets see:
    -she’s a sexy model
    - he’s an Oscar, Golden Globe nominated actor, BAFTA winner,
    rich, famous, hot, still young, nice face, good body, whole family in the industry, well connected in Hollywood

    He’s the best she can get.

  • Ally

    @Monica: LoL than why’s he with her? oh wait, I know…SEX!!

  • European

    @Monica: TRUE

  • European

    @Monica: I mean: This is truth.

  • @2

    Poor Jake I hope you know you were second choice.
    Alyssa was originally trying to land Leo Dicaprio.
    “This A+ list mostly movie actor who is about to take a break was on the receiving end of attention from a SI Swimsuit model not named Kate Upton. The model, who was wearing a top that was kept closed by one simple button at the bottom told the actor that she had worn the top just for him and invited him to reach inside and see if he liked what she had to offer. He took her up on the touching, but that was about it and moved on with his friends like what had happened was a normal occurrence”.

  • Austin

    LOVE Jake’s new “girlfriend.” She made us bacon for breakfast – yum!

  • Rose

    I miss him and Austin together. Don’t care about any of these lame ass beards…they are all the same. Random models who are desperate for fame.

  • Allan

    Man this girl is going to get the publicity even if she didn’t land Leo D. She is either lucky, smart, manipulative or a little of all.

  • Ann

    Wish all the best for Jake!

  • Jule

    She has really big hands for a girl!

  • Future

    In 15 years he will be dating Matilda Ledger

  • @29


  • Geea

    @Austin: @Rose:

    Oh “prairiegirl” and “special k”, still delusional? Still getting off fantasizing about Jake being gay and all your disgusting theories?
    Must be tough for you, huh? Don’t stress too much, brace yourself for the day Jake will get married for REAL to Alysa or another woman. You’ll need group support then. LOL

  • Rose

    LOL! Jake won’t get married. At least not to a random nobody like this Alyssa chic. And personally I don’t care who he’s dating, I just wish his PR team would stop trying to convince everyone he’s straight.

  • Toothy 4EVA

    Geea didn’t get the memo that like half of the people who frequent gossip blogs think Jake is gay, and she continues to respond (under various names) to all comments questioning his sexuality by accusing them of being the same lone commenter who evidently once posted under the name “PrarieGirl.” Newsflash Geea, there are probably a million of us who know the truth about Toothy Tile. And you won’t be able to single-handedly stamp out Jake’s gay by monitoring blog comments and posting the same thing again and again. Sorry!

  • Morrissey

    Do as I do and scrap your fey ways. Dial a cliche.

  • From Paris
  • From Paris


  • Danielle

    I really do think he’s gay, but can’t come out bc it would hurt his movie career. I don’t personally care but there are STILL lots of people out there that think being gay is wrong. A list actors have to be careful and really live 2 separate lives to keep their careers going. Sad but true.

  • Amber Lynn

    Hey I hold hands with my gay boy “friend” all the time in Laguna Beach. Happens all the time here.

  • Photoshopped

    @From Paris: OMG too funny!

  • Eve

    If Leo winks twice at her, she’ll be gone in a heartbeat.

  • ace11

    This guy is in way over his head again

    It will never last

    Sex and Publicity are what is happening

    They have sex and she get publicized

    Again the girl is barely out of college

  • European

    @ace11: LOL

  • Dave

    Date somebody in your own age group ya dimwit.

  • brady

    this girl is going to make out like a bandit. everybody’s going to know who she is now.

  • Geea

    Millions?? ROTFL
    There are exactly 6 of you. “Prairiegirl” twitter account has 5 followers. It doesn’t get more lame.
    Special K and Prairiegirl’s blog has 6 commenters: the 2 of them, Methodical Muster, seeweed, realme or whatever, can’t remember all usernames.
    Only 6 nutjobs on that blog since “Brokeback Mountain”, no matter how many comments Prairiegirl (who is actually a gay man) posts 24/7. But you know this as you are obviously one of them.

  • vince in brooklyn

    @Geea: get a life!! borrow one if you have to!!

  • Paul

    Who is this lame “6 commenters” person who keeps coming on talking about people we don’t even know? If you work for Jake give it up. Plenty of people know about Toothy and Goose and Jake being gay. We remember his boyfriend, Austin Nichols too, who is currently on Showtime’s Ray Donovan.. I have little doubt these two actors are still together, deep in the closet. I see Jake is still hanging around with his controlling, looney mother as well.

  • bobbi

    She looks like Anne Hathaway (when Anne had long hair.)

  • boring

    Geez By now everyone have figured this guy is not gay please let give up and get a life!

  • PR don’t Work

    So bored with Jake and his PR team. Same old crap. Well at least this SI model will be getting lots of gigs plus what she already has. She’s going to make lots more money now.