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Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller: Holding Hands!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Alyssa Miller: Holding Hands!

Jake Gyllenhaal and his new girlfriend Alyssa Miller hold hands while spending the afternoon together on Sunday (July 14) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actor and the 24-year-old model went out for brunch with his mom Naomi Foner and her adorable pet pooch Charlie.

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“Brunch time,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram along with a photo of her dog.

Rumors spread last month that Jake and Alyssa were dating after they were spotted together on multiple occasions in the Big Apple.

FYI: Alyssa is wearing a Reformation skirt.

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jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller holding hands 01
jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller holding hands 02
jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller holding hands 03
jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller holding hands 04
jake gyllenhaal alyssa miller holding hands 05

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  • hmm

    I guess that she signed the bearding contract, then.

  • crazy

    @Geea:Yes I saw their creepy blog, that bunch of crazy psychotic

    poor Jake! What did he do to deserve these “fans”?

  • Adam levine BFF

    HMM his BFF Adam Levine dates SI Swim suit models… how long will this last?

  • trump

    @Paul: @boring: Yeah just like they figured out Rock Hudson. He was straight too.

  • Nate

    Well hello there handsome. Nice to see you out and about in NY.

  • lol!1

    PG m&m tom etc stop

    rest now people!

  • Wow

    She’s getting all this publicity. I never even heard of her before a few weeks ago.

  • holy shi*

    she’s beautiful!!!

  • Duranie

    Alyssa is super gorgeous. Her career has stalled, though. 24 isn’t young for a model people haven’t really heard of. Most of her semi-big gigs were 3-5 years ago. Thought she was destined for the SI cover in ’12 but Kate Upton got in the way, and again this year. Next year the cover will probably go to a younger model. Don’t mean to be rude, but Alyssa frankly needs a high-profile romance if she wants a career boost at this point. This one with Jake might be a fauxmance, a PR-romance.

  • Chris

    If your rich and famous why wouldn’t you date as many as young, hot women as you can? If he wasn’t, rich or famous would she be with him? I think Leo, Clooney and all these guy know what the deal is.

  • mmmm

    @Duranie: hi Kismet girl! Why do not you tell us about when you lived in Soho Tribeca etc?lol

  • kk

    Weird how posts about Jake bring out the crazies. That or his publicist REALLY wants to sell this hookup so people will finally stop referring to his last girlfriend as Taylor Swift!

  • Boo yah

    Now I’m not saying she’s a gold digger……

  • Jaime

    If he was just some dude she wouldn’t give him a second look. These models go for the money guys. What else is new??


    Now it’s gonna be the model hook-ups for Jakey. Bleeaahhh…..

  • Mel

    Where did her arm go in pic #3?

  • how nice

    @Mel: Jake is kissing her hand

  • Budget Chic

    Wait. She shops at Target? Maybe next time she’s there she can pick Jake up a new baseball cap – that one must stink!

  • Teresa

    Actually I think they’re a good match. He’s a so-so actor and she’s a so-so model. The only reason Jake’s in the biz is his parents are both in it. That goes for his sister too. They pretty much had it handed to them.

  • LOL

    @Budget Chic: The only time he doesn’t look like he stinks is when he’s all cleaned up for some awards show. Most of the time he looks like a bum.

  • Jayne

    @how nice: Nice touch for the paps NOT

  • Budget Chic

    @Teresa that is soooo much of Hollywood these days. How do people “make it?” Family connections or sex tapes! If this gal wants to climb the ladder and use Jake to do it, why not. He used the other lady walking right next to them – his Mom! (who should not be wearing those shorts next to Alyssa’s fine legs BTW)

  • Taylor

    It has to work, they have matching eyebrows!

  • Budget Chic

    @Mel I think he is scratching his beard because it itches because he forgot to take a shower.

  • hannah

    They make a beautiful couple. Long term or short term, they’re nice to look at.

  • Brian

    He’s ugly and I don’t even know who she is. Why so many comments?

  • Bad Genes

    Jake’s mom is hideous. In fact that whole family is except for Peter and he’s related only by marriage.

  • gay, gay, gay

    Jake’s management,
    this fugly woman was the best beard you could find?!?

  • lucia

    Jake is a nice unpretentious guy and a sensitive actor. Alyssa seems nice too. Both are good-looking and they have common friends: she’s friend with Adam Levine’s GF. Jake and Adam Levine are friends since kindergarten. It could work.

  • mia

    @78: obssesed much? why the desperation?
    saying it 3 times doesn’t make it true
    it just shows your paranoia

  • Naive

    @lucia: Nope. Adam Levine is 34 and that model he’s boinking is only 21. Jake is the same. It’s all about sex, money and publicity with them all.

  • Candy

    she posted a video going to some shoot in Australia and when asked how she made the flight she said plenty of drugs! then she said oh am I allowed to say that? Duhhhh

  • friendship

    Not everything is about publicity. That Jake and Adam Levine are friends since elementary school (not kindergarten) is true fact. Their lifetime friendship since age 10 (or so) is not for publicity. That they are both artists is also true. People have real bonds that can make a difference in relationships.

  • Artists?

    @friendship: So that’s what you call them? Adam Levine is a no talent tool and so is Gyllenhaal. I’ve had friends since childhood, lots of people have… big deal.

  • Dean

    She’ll be history in a month anyway. Jake will move on to some other vag.

  • EC

    I think were just heated that Jake is off the market… All I can hope for is that he is just happy with these “relationships” he was been having with random models recently

  • janine

    ahhh for the good old days when he looked so sweet and happy with Kirsten. can’t believe that was only a few years ago.

  • Rob

    First the rumors, then the sightings but no pics, her posts on twitter that never really showed “him”, then him with her dog, now him with her. Good job Jake’s reps. hope he pays you well.

  • he would have to give you that

    @Rob: It is not true there have been several photos

  • Mona

    @he would have to give you that: Where are other photos please? I’ve only seen her photos alone or her little dog. There are others with Jake?

  • evelyn

    I wonder why she split up with Bijorn? He’s a photographer and seemed like they had a lot in common. I think they share custody of the dog Charlie.

  • brat

    any guy who wears a pinkie ring is a little strange

  • jonathan

    at least she won’t write some silly songs about him when they break up

  • rainbow

    Three. Dollar. Bill.

  • donna

    oh gawd not this phony dumbass again

  • Kevin

    Oh man she’s way too hot for this guy. Something tells me she’s going to get bored and move on.

  • Loves gossip

    How tall is Toothy anyway? He would make a great Wolverine replacement.

  • prairiegirl

    I see the paid PR trolls are earning their crumbs. LOLLLLLLLLL

    Got some news for you – I’m not going anywhere!

  • South America

    I think he is doing the same mistake that he did with Taylor, everythink too intense. With Taylor she was with him and his Family in thanksgiving and now this with his mother eat brunch and walking to do some PDA. I just wonder what kind of conversation his leggy lingerie/SI model girlfriend make with jakeĀ“s mom.. And Well done Jake! now she can get more modeling gigs, with your help

  • Brandy

    He’s sickening
    What a fake