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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Engaged After Reuniting!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Engaged After Reuniting!

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are engaged, according to People.

Adam Levine and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo are excited to announce they are engaged to be married. The couple recently reunited and Adam proposed this weekend in Los Angeles,” the 34-year-old Maroon 5 front man’s rep shared to the mag.

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Adam and Behati had started dating a year ago, after he split with supermodel Anne V. Adam and Behati briefly broke up this year and he was recently linked to Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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451 Responses to “Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Engaged After Reuniting!”

  1. 1
    True Says:


    These girls have NO shame.

  2. 2
    Huh? Says:

    Say what?

  3. 3
    Sayer Says:

    I bet she’s pregnant.

  4. 4
    hahahaha Says:


  5. 5
    E&N Says:

    This is total bull crap! Trust me, I know!

  6. 6
    Lucy Says:


  7. 7
    * Says:

    Anne V was hotter

  8. 8
    evie Says:


  9. 9
    Anonymous Says:

    What happened to Nina Agdal??????

  10. 10
    E&N Says:

    It’s another one of behati’s publicity crap that she has pulled once again. It’s NOT true!

  11. 11
    LOL Says:

    Damn. Anne V invests in him put up with his nonsense all those years and he goes to marry the next girlriend. Typical guy

  12. 12
    @3 Says:

    Yup. I will say though if true its nice he’s not opting for the ‘baby daddy drama’ route so common in the music world and is taking responsibility

  13. 13
    LOL Says:

    If he was seen with Nina a few weeks ago he was obviously cheating on her with Behati

  14. 14
    patri Says:

    these girls are so dumb

  15. 15
    Isabel Says:

    They won’t make it down the aisle.

  16. 16
    E&N Says:

    @@3: Just putting this out there, but “what if” this is all behati’s crap bc she is about to be canned and wants publicity, and she knows he is really in love with the one girl who’s having his babies?!!! You all will know the TRUTH very soon! I’d say in less than a month.

  17. 17
    Karen Says:

    @Isabel: Yup

  18. 18
    Lola Says:

    I like them together.

  19. 19
    Mes Says:

    You guys are so jealous lol

  20. 20
    WTMF Says:

    @E&N: How is it coming from her when the article states that HIS rep confirmed it to People?

    ” the 34-year-old Maroon 5 front man’s rep shared to the mag.”

  21. 21
    Kay Says:

    Adam, oh Adam… how you confuse everyone.

    Uh, Congrats, I guess.

  22. 22
    Martha Says:

    Interesting when Adam released this news. Anne V and her new hunky, talented boyfriend are on the eve of All Star game. Anne V is being photographed in parades with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend who just happens to be sexy and rhe toast of baseball? Why would any girl marry a man with a huge cheating track record? Kind of pathetic, Adam. Losing fans.

  23. 23
    oops Says:
    They were together recentely this video is new. Adam looks weird and not confortable. Anyway, i never like him ou her, so congrats !!!

  24. 24
    Nikki Says:

    it won’t last long.

  25. 25
    danielle Says:

    wish them the best

  26. 26
    Verity Says:

    He recently said he would never get married; I smell a baby announcement.

  27. 27
    MrsOzzie Says:

    He has lost his effing mind!

  28. 28
    Julie Says:

    @Martha: He’s always competing with Anne it seems. Adam’s engaged to a girl who wouldn’t stop stalking him, his friends, and family after he dumped her. He was messing around with other women within the past few weeks, so the timing is very curious and suspicious.

  29. 29
    Joanna Says:

    I guess Adam’s still competing with Adam. And for Bee, all of her post-breakup stalking paid off!

    I’m sure they’ll last after having broken up three other times.

  30. 30
    Kristen Says:


    She tried to cover up the ring but you can see it in the beginning. Can’t wait to see a closer look.

  31. 31
    wtmff Says:

    i thought he got rid of her !@#. still don’t like her.

  32. 32
    jerry Says:

    these people are all nuts

  33. 33
    isla Says:

    lololol they’re both idiots and deserve each other.
    he went out with another VS model right after her to make her jealous.
    then wanted her bec he didn’t have her anymore.
    then proposed to get her back.
    and she is even dumber.
    why say yes after he went straight to another girl??
    just bec he is Adam Levine?
    lolol both sooo pathetic.
    they’ll never make it to the altar.

  34. 34
    E&N Says:

    I am giving you a date to remember…when the TRUTH will definitely be revealed. I know you guys will all think this is bs, but it’s true. Either by July 27th or before, Adam will definitely be a father and it’s NOT Behati’s.

  35. 35
    E&N Says:

    OH, and the secret number 3 is it’s triplets!!!

  36. 36
    sonja Says:

    feel sorry for the girl, can do much better than Adam

  37. 37
    Not Says:

    What happen to Kimmie?? Is she having triplets on the 27th?

  38. 38
    E&N Says:

    @Not: It’s not Kimmie either…it’s Jessica.

  39. 39
    Martina Says:

    How funny. Anne is dating a young, talented, hot baseball stud – and voila, Adam is announcing his engagement to a rebound chick. Good luck Adam, you’ll need it.

  40. 40
    LooseLipz Says:

    Ugh pease, he can not keep his thing in his pants. He’s a cheater, always will be. It will always be the next new young model.

  41. 41
    Odd Says:

    Nina Agdal must be so pissed. She’s going to need another meal ticket…. sorry famous boyfriend if she wants that SI 2014 cover!

  42. 42
    This is just weird! Says:

    I don’t think this engagement is legitimate. The only woman he truly loved seemed to be Anne V but she is taken now. I think he’s trying to get back at her for dumping him. Anne is now dating a major league baseball player and is not giving Adam the time of day. I think it’s driving him crazy.

  43. 43
    shelly Says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen… Dumb and Dumber

  44. 44
    Julie Says:

    I think Adam likes to play mind games.

  45. 45
    Not Says:

    @E&N who is Jessica? Never heard about this one!

  46. 46
    Odd Says:

    Why do people keep bringing up Anne V? I don’t really follow their story but if Adam loved and wanted her why did he not marry her after all that time?
    Why would he be marrying someone else simply because Anne V is dating a third string baseball player? I think Anne’s been dating the Matt guy for only about 2 months and lets face it the guy is hardly Tom Brady.
    She’s also been linked to Calvin Harris and Alex Saarsgard but Adam did not propose to anyone on the basis of that. Why do Anne V fans believe Adam is making stalking her and making his life choices for her? She’s been single for brief periods, he could have wooed her back or simple never have let her go in the first place.

  47. 47
    E&N Says:

    Jessica is who all of you thought was Kimmie all along.

  48. 48
    Martha Says:

    @shelly: HAHAHA.

  49. 49
    Martina Says:

    He seemed pretty committed to Anne V for 2 years. No cheating problems there. I sat behind them at a basketball game; Adam seemed to be worship the ground she walked on. After Anne publicly dumped him, he hooked up with Behati immediately. Never a good idea. I feel sorry for Behati. Guys don’t work like that. They don’t go from truly loving one girl to truly loving another.

  50. 50
    dia Says:

    Matt and Anne are freaking adorable together.
    bee tee dubs, Matt is 6’4, 220 so he wins.

  51. 51
    Kristen Says:

    If you guys look at the video posted on page one, you can see the ring if you pause it LOL. Get it before she brings her hand up and hides it.

    You guys are funny, though.

  52. 52
    Ryan Says:

    @This is just weird!:

    adam didnt want to marry anne v

  53. 53
    Julie Says:

    @Martina: That’s because Adam doesn’t really love Behati. That’s just part of the PR spin. Something else is going on here.

  54. 54
    E&N Says:

    @Julie: Yes, Julie, I agree 100%

  55. 55
    Farr Says:

    it’s going to be even worse pain for her when he dumps her again after having proposed.

  56. 56
    Not Says:

    @ E&N so Jessica is really Kimmie, I’m not following.

  57. 57
    Gitana Says:

    there is zero chance this ever makes it to the altar.

  58. 58
    Jack's hammer Says:

    Poor Behati…

  59. 59
    This is just weird! Says:


    First and foremost I am not an stalker. I’ve seen many pic of him and Ann V in the past together showing PDA and seemingly happy. He used to mention her all the time in interviews. He hasn’t mentioned Behati’s name not one time and it’s really hard to find pics of them showing PDA except for his drunken stupor in Hawaii last year.

    Anne V dumped him because he didn’t want to get married after being together for 2 long years. He didn’t think she would leave him but she did and he was shocked. A couple of days after Anne V was seen kissing her new beau Adam was seen with new girl Nina Agdal. That’s not a coincidence and like the other poster said Adam is into playing mind games. He’s still bitter with Anne. He won’t marry this girl. It’s a ploy.

  60. 60
    Harris Says:

    random, rushed proposal.
    what a great foundation for a marriage.
    thumbs up.

  61. 61
    @46 Says:

    Everything you said.

    Anne broke up with him because he did not want to commit.

    I dunno why his committing to someone else almost 2 YEARS after the break up is only because of Anne’s existence.

    If that were the case why Adam not just beg for forgiveness and commit to her if he wanted her instead of banging/getting engaged to her colleagues

  62. 62
    This is just weird! Says:


    Yes I agree with you Martha. Something is very strange about this engagement.

  63. 63
    E&N Says:

    @Not: Yes. Always has been, since October. Anyway, that video footage doesn’t say anything at all about the two of them. Adam said in that interview with Oprah, that when he gets married, it will be obvious. If they were “really” engaged, he’d be all over this announcing it to the world “himself” with pics, NOT running from the paps. Just saying!

  64. 64
    lol Says:

    lol at everyone bringing up adam and anne. soooooo over and homegirl has moved ON. to a better guy.

    behati, girl. you’re never making it down the alter. good luck with that.

  65. 65
    Trulio Says:

    @lol: Right on.

  66. 66
    Martha Says:

    @Odd: troll? Adam didn’t woo Anne V back because she ended it…and moved on. Third string?? Opening pitcher of all star. Lets face it, Adam Levine isn’t exactly Craig Owens. Adams paparazzi shots appear to be strangely coincidental to Anne V having photos shown.

  67. 67
    @Ryan Says:

    they don’t ant to hear that. this insistence that Anne is his real love appears to be the mantra of some Anne V fans in denial. though if Anne has moved on happily you need to wonder why half the comments here are from her fans in a post that does not even mention her. her fans are obviously still attached to Adam. lol

  68. 68
    Jack's hammer Says:

    Hah hah hah at a 3rd string baseball player comment. Matt Harvey is THE super-stud of Major League Baseball. And I don’t mean his looks (which are pretty damn impressive too). Starting pitcher in the MLB all star game at 24. And no, he ain’t Tom Brady – he doesn’t look like a girl.

  69. 69
    Elli Says:


    So basically you’re saying he’s using this as a decoy to get the media off his back? Probably couldn’t get Nina to go along with it so he went running to Bee, who was I’m sure was thrilled to play pretend wifey.


  70. 70
    Ann Says:

    What?Few weeks ago he was dating another model,he even travelled with her to Mexico,now he’s suddenly engaged to Behati?They broke up months ago and were barely seen together.Or he cheated on that model and Behati got pregnant,or it’s a weird PR stunt to promote something.Or he’s trying to cover something…go figure.
    Anyway,he’s a cheater,only loves himself and will cheat on her…
    They won’t last anyway…their relationship didn’t even last one year,so this “engagement” will probably be shorter than their previous relationship.
    His rep…anyone can pretend to be a celebrity’s “rep” nowadays.I’ll only believe it when Adam confirms it himself.But i still believe they won’t last…he’s like a male sl*t.

  71. 71
    Jacinda Says:


  72. 72
    Kieran Says:

    Matt Harvey would eat Adam Levine for breakfast and still have room for more.

  73. 73
    E&N Says:

    @Elli: Exactly. The REAL news should come out later this week actually.

  74. 74
    Liana Says:

    Anne V def traded up.
    Adam’s skinny jeans not doing it for her.
    totally get it.
    Matt Harvey is yummy.
    get it girl.

  75. 75
    This is just weird! Says:


    He claimed he wasn’t ready at the time but he didn’t think Anne would leave him because of that but she did.

  76. 76
    Elli Says:


    So, just curious, does Adam want the “real” news out? Because if he’s doing this to try and overshadow it and it comes out anyway, it sounds like he could have a real big mess on his hands..

  77. 77
    E&N Says:

    @Elli: Of course he does. There are several celebs who have had a secret long relationship and even got married secretly, look at Kerry Washington. Maybe the reason he didn’t expose her early was due to her pregnancy with 3, and he didn’t want her to be stressed or made fun of.

  78. 78
    girl love yourself Says:

    Wow he was with another girl just a couple weeks ago. Poor Behati has got to have some major like HUGE self esteem issues if this is true. Run girl run, if he cheats with on his long time girlfriend to get with you, the cheats on you, the cheats on his current fling to get back with you that leopard isn’t changing his spots any time soon. LOVE YOURSELF more than that.

  79. 79
    Bahaha! Says:

    I LOVE IT! All you Behati haters out there were sooooo sure it was over! What happened to all those “sources” you had? Bahahahaha!

    Congrats to Adam and Behati. You’ll make beautiful babies.

  80. 80
    Sara Says:

    @Bahaha!: Behati isn’t really in the bestposition either. Adam was ******** around with Nina Agdal about a few weeks ago. If Adam had truly loved Bee, then he never would have created on her or dumped her. Bee must not have other options.

  81. 81
    Kay Says:


    I dont really know what to believe but IF this is just a fake PR thing (not saying it is, I’m confused) the real question is; is Behati in on it? Or is she just a pawn in his game, because … ouch.

  82. 82
    MrsOzzie Says:

    Adam’s fans keep mentioning Anne V because she is smarter, prettier, classier and more mature than Behati and those said fans just want the best for him. Behati is just a train wreck.

  83. 83
    This is just weird! Says:


    Because he’s playing games and won’t really marry Behati.

  84. 84
    Kay Says:


    I think it’s because Adam fans think that he NEEDS someone like Anne. Why? Because he’s a train wreck himself. I love the dude, but really, he’s a mess. Bee isn’t going to help him be a better person, at least not from what I’ve seen. I do agree that his fans need to let Anne be though, it’s starting to sound like she got out in time – she should be happy about that, we should be happy for her. lol

  85. 85
    Not Says:

    E&N Adam is going to look like a BIGGER DOUCHEbag for doing this if he is really involved with Jessica and she is having triplets. His PR REALLY SUCKS!

  86. 86
    girl love yourself Says:


    You seem to be forgetting him pictured with another girl a couple weeks ago. If you are truly a behati fan you should be really worried about the fact she would want to be with someone who treats her that way.

  87. 87
    MrsOzzie Says:


    Agreed she got out in time. Anne could not be more different than Behati. Her twitter account makes me cringe. Its like she is high school, or younger. I just don’t see it! She is like a car wreck for me, I can’t help but look but wish I hadn’t after I did.

    I’m super happy for Anne. She posted a picture of herself in a Matt Harvey jersey from the All Star Game. She did well for herself and hope it works out for her. Apparently he is crazy about her.

  88. 88
    E&N Says:

    @Not: There are things you don’t know about this girl, though. About her lifestyle. People don’t know about her purity, and the fact that it will shock the world to see Adam with her. She has changed him for the better and continues to do so. This will not make him look bad at all. He’s just building up what the world thinks might happen to BOOM! He and Jessica are out there in the open and you never would have thought.

  89. 89
    Shannon H Says:

    Adam will rush to the altar. He was engaged once before and that flopped. He will bolt and marry quickly.

  90. 90
    E&N Says:

    You guys got the age thing wrong, too! Jessica is 33, not 28. Not that age matters.

  91. 91
    LOL Says:

    Cute video. They seem giddy

  92. 92
    Julie Says:

    @girl love yourself: Behati’s fans aren’t the brightest bulbs in the drawer. They forget that Bee was the other woman and that Adam cheated on her.

    Anyone remember this Adam & Nina gossip from July 3?

  93. 93
    E&N Says:

    You may want to wait to hear it out of Adam’s mouth and not a tabloid. Just saying. He said in the Oprah video it would be obvious, so why doesn’t their twitters say anything?

  94. 94
    lol Says:

    i’m just gonna sit here with some popcorn and watch this train wreck.

  95. 95
    attagrl Says:


    If he is having babies (triplets you say??!!) with another girl, then why announce an engagement with this Behati girl?? That just makes him look REALLY bad!!! Im so confused…! Is he trying to have these babies without the world knowing??..that’s impossible!

  96. 96
    Elli Says:


    Yeah sure, but the media isn’t going to take lightly to being played.

  97. 97
    Julie Says:

    Adam plays games, I think.@lol: That goes for this “rushed” engagement too.

  98. 98
    lol Says:

    popcorn, anyone!? i’ll share.

  99. 99
    Awkward Says:

    I don’t think they look giddy in that video. I think they look awkward. She makes a big deal out of thrusting her hand out and then hiding it and he just seems annoyed and uncomfortable. Even when he puts his arm around her, their body language is just off. I wish them the best, but something reads wrong.

  100. 100
    E&N Says:

    @attagrl: Yes, he is! And, can’t anyone take a joke? If you really knew Adam, you’d know he’s one for playing the jokes in the tabloids all the time. AND, if you want the REAL news, just wait about a week or less…

  101. 101
    oops Says:

    @E&N: And why he is with Behati and she is has a ring on a finger ?
    I really hates Bee, so i will be the most happiest girl if i know he is not with her, but please his rep has confirmed and she has a ring on a finger.

  102. 102
    E&N Says:

    @Awkward: That’s bc it wasn’t true, but a joke.

  103. 103
    Kay Says:


    I agree to a point. He did smile at her like they had some inside joke between them, that could mean anything but I thought it was strange that he put his arm around her shoulders and not her waist. To me that screams friends not fiance.

  104. 104
    E&N Says:

    @oops: She can put a ring on any finger to make it look real.

  105. 105
    E&N Says:

    @Kay: Thank you, Kay!

  106. 106
    Julie Says:

    My question is why is Adam even hanging around with Behati, after he had been avoiding her? What a strange joke if that’s the case. I don’t think there are any pregnant women in this situation. That’s a stretch to me.

  107. 107
    cammie Says:


  108. 108
    E&N Says:

    @Julie: Maybe bc she was stalking him and also creating other things (like the Nina thing which was totally false), to sway Jessica away from him. She (behati) knows about jessica’s pregnancy. She doesn’t want her with Adam. Adam did this, in my opinion, to ask behati to leave Jessica and him alone for good. One more PR stunt/joke, and then leave us alone. That is my opinion. I’m done here.

  109. 109
    Alison Says:

    I find it odd that Adam would vacation with Nina earlier this month and being engaged to the ex he dated for less than a year and would never publicly acknowledge. I can’t be the only one who finds this engagement difficult to believe.

  110. 110
    oops Says:

    @E&N: ok, so this joke will end this month ?

  111. 111
    Elli Says:

    I’m just so f**king confused. lol
    Why would Bee go along with it if it was fake? Why would she say yes if it’s real? Neither scenario makes a whole lotta sense. Is she that desperate?

  112. 112
    oops Says:

    @kylee: Go to page 1, i post the link.

  113. 113
    E&N Says:

    @oops: Sooner than later. Yes.

  114. 114
    kylee Says:

    who is jessica??
    what video are u guys talking about of bee and Adam?

  115. 115
    Joke? Says:

    @E&N: If it’s a joke, or Adam pulling a PR stunt, it’s not funny! The real girl has friends and family who will read this. WTF?? I don’t understand why People of all publications, would come out with this crap story.

  116. 116
    Alison Says:

    So let me understand this:

    Behati fans said that Adam was truly in love with Bee, they harassed Anne fans, and after Adam dumped her and took up with Nina, they became Nina fans and said that Adam was truly in love with Nina and that Bee was a scared little girl and continued to harass other Adam fans. A couple of weeks after Adam and Nina vacationed together, Adam becomes engaged to Bee, so the Nina fans became Bee fans (again) and patting themselves on the back about how they always knew that Adam and Bee truly loved each other? I wouldn’t count on them making it to the altar.

  117. 117
    Ley Says:

    @E&N: Who’s Jessica?And where this story about him becoming a father come from?I’m confused.

  118. 118
    Becky Says:

    I meant to say “won’t,” not “will” help to improve.

  119. 119
    Becky Says:

    I can’t help but think that this latest news will help to improve Adam’s image, especially with how this relationship previously worked out.

  120. 120
    insane Says:

    You guys are so quick to believe what ONE poster is saying. They could be anyone. I could sit here and say that I’m a close friend of his and he’s have octuplets with someone named Mandy. Or he’s actually engaged to someone named Colin. You would have no way of knowing if it’s true. Wait and see what happens before buying into it so fast, geez.

  121. 121
    Jinx Says:

    Not sure what to make of this. Story. That video of them together and her wearing a ring is damning though. I don’t know – its just all soooo weird. Would adam go to such lengths though?

  122. 122
    S Says:

    SHe’s probably pregnant.

  123. 123
    This is just weird! Says:


    E&N is Adam still with Jessica. I’ve heard about her in the past. Does she still live with him and what will the future story about Adam be about? Why is he avoiding this “real” relationship with Jessica? If he is avoiding her because she’s not the model type he’s a true douche bag.

  124. 124
    lol Says:

    @Alison: correct. ::continues to eat popcorn::

  125. 125
    Jinx Says:

    It’s weird because he had avoided her for the last few months, never acknowledged her as his gf then makes a complete 180 to ask her to marry him?

  126. 126
    Alison Says:

    @lol: You have to realize that my head almost exploded while I was typing that out.

  127. 127
    Joke? Says:

    @insane: You’re the only one on here making any sense to me.

  128. 128
    E&N Says:

    @This is just weird!: Yes, he is still with her, has been since October. She has been on vaca for a while w/ her family, in a quiet place that she can avoid stress, for she does have a full time job as CEO of her own companies. Truth, they see each other all the time and are together all the time. Just bc no one has caught it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. He’s not avoiding it or her. He loves her and respects her. She is a highly respected professional individual, but one who isn’t in the limelight so to speak, she is CEO of several companies, but also humble. Adam isn’t negating or dissing his relationship with her by any means. He will come out with her soon, as I said a few minutes ago. Just wait and see.

  129. 129
    Bottom feeder Says:

    So Adam is really in a loving relationship with St. Jessica who is so pure it will shock people that she is with Adam? So pure that she got pregnant in the first month or so that they were dating? Interesting concept. And this “fake” engagement with Behati is his idea of a joke? Lame. Or the idea is to upset his fans so much that they will be thrilled when it is proven not true and he comes out with St. Jessica and his triplets? Wow. I’m thinking most of Adam’s fans will give up on him. No one likes to be manipulated or treated like they are fools. Is that what Adam thinks of his fans? That we are too stupid to understand all of this? And what about all the mermaids? They won’t be too happy to have been played the fools either. If this is a true engagement to Behati, I don’t understand it and I think it’s a bad choice, but it’s their life. If this is a fake PR stunt or a way of covering up something else, then I think he has just pulled the plug on his fame and career.

  130. 130
    Kay Says:


    Wait, wait, wait. Waitjustaminute. Didn’t YOU state a few articles ago that you were friend of his and CEO of a few companies? Also claiming you didn’t know what the “secret” was and now you know it all?

  131. 131
    lol Says:

    @Alison: mine blew while reading it.

  132. 132
    Alison Says:

    @Bottom feeder: Co-sign to everything you just said.

  133. 133
    This is just weird! Says:


    You have a lot of detailed information about this situation and like I said I have heard about this girl in the past. Either you a crazier than a rat house rat or your and insider and I kind of believe the latter.

  134. 134
    E&N Says:

    @Kay: I didn’t say that I didn’t know what the secret was. I stated I didn’t know what the date meant.

  135. 135
    Thanks Jared Says:

    Wish them lots of happiness!

  136. 136
    lol Says:

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO KAY!? that’s the real question here. yes, i’ve been lurking in that other thread with poor nina who just got her head blown with an engagement after spending time with him in cabo.

  137. 137
    Antooo Says:

    Ella me fascina y la creia un poco mas inteligente. Para mi, hay gato encerrado.. Todo bien con Adam, pero creo q ella se merece mas

  138. 138
    Melly Says:

    Wait. That video of them was taken in NY, but he asked her to marry him in LA. That doesn’t match. What does one have to do with the other?

  139. 139
    Not Says:

    @BottomFeeder His is EGO is BIG don’t give a SH!!!T about his Fans! We just made him who he is! Too bad he doesn’t appreciate US.

  140. 140
    Martha Says:

    Why is the twilight zone theme song running through my mind? Dodododo dodododo

  141. 141
    E&N Says:

    Truth, yes, I know Adam. And, it ticks me off to see wrong information like this posted everywhere. That is all.

  142. 142
    Not Says:

    @E&N If you know Adam why are you posting personal info here that according to you he’s been hiding since October? Wow seem like a good friend or a RAT!

  143. 143
    Melly Says:

    They acted kind of childish in that video too. Not giddy as in what a newly engaged couple would look like. The whole thing seems odd and I’ll bet something else is up.

  144. 144
    Amy Says:

    These people are crazy! I don’t get these girls. This guy is a douche and a known cheater and they all line up! Hey girls… when a guy shows you who he is, BELIEVE HIM! This is nuts. Something else is going on for sure.

  145. 145
    Kay Says:


    Me? lol I’ve been lurking around here..

  146. 146
    Melly Says:

    Adam stands a great chance of making two very big mistakes here:

    1) He marries Behati, which is a bad idea for his image. Her image isn’t that great.

    2) He’s playing with the media and his fans by “faking” an engagement with an ex that few people liked and their relationship didn’t last a year. In fact, he never really looked that happy with her in the romantic sense. If fans feel like Adam has pulled a fast one, then they’re going to be p.ssed off. I wouldn’t blame them.

    Either one he’s going to alienate his fans.

  147. 147
    Joke? Says:

    @E&N: And, I know the girl. If he did pull this, he is a douche! And I NEVER call him that.

  148. 148
    belle Says:

    “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of their lives”

  149. 149
    lol Says:

    @Kay: nah, i thought there was a “k” and not a “jessica” in that chicks stories. but hello.

  150. 150
    oops Says:

    @Martha: Ha ha ha !! You killed me. Adam’s life is more interesting than a tv show !
    Anyway, Although I think this whole story is really unbelievable, you still have to recognize that something is wrong/fake between Adam and Bee,

  151. 151
    Melly Says:

    @E&N: I think what is sticking to people most here is that Adam’s rep, Carleen Donovan, is the one who confirmed this story to People. And yes, I realize that People reported on Adam and Nina as a couple. His rep didn’t confirm or deny that story, but she’s confirming this engagement.

  152. 152
    E&N Says:

    What this states, is exactly how Adam feels about the tabloids and everyone out there, too: That you would believe anything is true just bc some tabloid posted it. I rest my case and mean it when I say you guys are hilarious!

  153. 153
    E&N Says:

    You will know the real thing bc as Adam stated to Oprah, “It will be obvious” and he will enjoy it.

  154. 154
    Amy Says:


  155. 155
    E&N Says:

    AND, it won’t go away and turn into another story.

  156. 156
    Joke? Says:

    @E&N: So, are we not supposed to believe the “real” thing when it comes out in People?

  157. 157
    KSB Says:

    Half of you are thinking what I’m thinking so ill just agree and continue to be dumbfounded

  158. 158
    This is just weird! Says:


    E&N There’s something about your story that clicks with me. Why is Adam so insecure. Why won’t he be seen with Jessica publicly? Why does he publicly only date models? Does his low self-esteem have to do with his upbringing? Is his dad jerkish like this? Tell us what does he truly think about his fans?

  159. 159
    Melly Says:

    Shouldn’t the official Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Twitter accounts be updated with this news?

  160. 160
    E&N Says:

    If you look at behati’s instagram anyway, you can tell she is one who doesn’t desire to settle down at all. She posted a pic of herself holding a book that is titled “Why Men Shouldn’t Marry”. This whole thing is a joke of theirs.

  161. 161
    KSB Says:

    Its odd, his rep confirmed and the m5 twitter confirmed, there’s a video with her and a ring, eonline confirmed and him and Ryan seacrest are bffs so yea I believe its true BUT I don’t think it will last. I agree however that he continues to compete with anne.

  162. 162
    Justine Says:

    So basically he goes from Gerber Toddler 2+(Bee) to Gerber Toddler (Nina) back to Gerber Toddler 2+ (Bee) who is at least bipolar/depressed based on her twitter and other accounts. I think Adam and she are both bat s*** crazy based on this sequence of events if true and deserve each other!!!!

  163. 163
    KSB Says:

    My bad I just checked the m5 page and it must have been a fan account but still, to much other info out there stating they are

  164. 164
    lol Says:

    @KSB: where did the m5 twitter confirm? hmm?

  165. 165
    E&N Says:

    @This is just weird!: Truth: Adam loves all of his fans. BUT, wants to show you guys that not everything said out there is truth. Just bc he was found in Cabo playing (with other people. If you notice he and Nina were put on a team together, they were only on one side of the net playing volleyball. Last I checked, there are two sides of the net)…BUT someone saw the two of them together and shot the pic. NO PDA pics were shown bc there weren’t any. case closed. Like I said, behati needed the PR, she had been harassing Jessica a lot, in order to get her off of Jessica’s back, Adam threw this one in.

  166. 166
    Kay Says:

    @lol: Gotcha. Apparently K/Kim/Kimmie has actually been Jessica all along?

    @Melly: Pretty much. The media will not be kind to him if this all ends up being a joke. They will be on him like flies on s***. If it’s real, I wonder how the band feels. I’m sure a good number of seats are filled with girls who think they had a chance.

  167. 167
    Melly Says:

    I would laugh if this were some sort of hoax, although it would be a stupid hoax.

  168. 168
    lol Says:

    @KSB: m5 twitter never confirmed squat.

  169. 169
    Melly Says:

    @KSB: The Maroon 5 fan account RTed the tabloids’ tweets and information. The official Maroon 5 Twitter account hasn’t confirmed anything. Carleen runs Adam’s Twitter account. I’m surprised that she has yet to confirm the news there. Where was Carleen with her denial if People decided to run a story about Adam and Nina being an official couple? Adam’s PR team makes him look really bad.

  170. 170
    Kay Says:

    @KSB: That newsroom account is run by a fan. I think It might actually be that Mari girl or one of the people she often communicates with.

  171. 171
    oops Says:

    @KSB: I see nothing on m5 twitter !

  172. 172
    KSB Says:

    I did say it must have been a fan account. But none the less she has a ring.

  173. 173
    KSB Says:

    Jj must be moderating because my last post didn’t show up

  174. 174
    Melly Says:

    I still think that Adam and Bee look really off in that video if they’re supposedly officially engaged. It’s almost comical. The entire setup.

  175. 175
    Kay Says:


    I’ve gotten a few comments sent to moderation. I think theres certain words that trigger it.

  176. 176
    KSB Says:

    Any who my head hurt from trying to figure out all of this. I Will never understand his thought process. He has totally lost it.

  177. 177
    Julie Says:

    Adam and Behati had been papped several times. It’s not like they’re not used to the behavior. The paps weren’t exactly chasing them and in their face, so why the running? It’s so strange. And amusing.

  178. 178
    Alison Says:

    Adam will be a guest on Ryan Seacrest’s show tomorrow morning, right? Maybe Adam will confirm the news himself on the show.

  179. 179
    Kay Says:


    It’s like, at the beginning they’re holding hands and let go when they noticed the guy, but their walking was strange. Very slow and stiff like they were waiting for him to catch up? And then him putting his arm around her shoulders instead of her waist and running into a 7/11 at the end? It’s very weird, they aren’t acting like a newly reunited, newly engage couple.

  180. 180
    Kay Says:


    That was this morning. Didn’t say much, just talked about friends wanting tickets to concerts. Unless he’s going to call in again tomorrow?

  181. 181
    oops Says:

    @KSB: OK, no problem. Anyway, if this news is still around by the end of july i will stop reading anything about M5/Adam, i can’t stand to see Bee with a little stupid smile.

  182. 182
    yeah Says:

    Bet she’s knocked up…

  183. 183
    Alison Says:

    People always mention “Oh, she must be pregnant.” Do people really feel like they have to marry anymore because the woman gets pregnant? I’d more likely believe Adam would knock a woman up without marrying her.

    Thanks, Kay. Seacrest drives me nuts, so I avoid listening to him. Maybe I got the dates mixed up. But if he got engaged over the weekend, surely Adam would have mentioned it or Ryan would have brought it up, right?

  184. 184
    Jinx Says:

    @KSB: agree with you! He hasn’t been his usual self for a while now. I guess the old Adam will never be back. We’ll see about his interview with Ryan Seacrest tomorrow. Can someone post an update on here?

  185. 185
    Jinx Says:

    Oops. Ok no interview with Ryan tomorrow. Well, someone’s got to break their silence at some point.

  186. 186
    Melly Says:

    @Kay: It’s all very strange and quite unbelievable, don’t you think? Something else is going on. I don’t believe that he suddenly decided that Behati is his true love. He barely looked as if he tolerated her during the time they were supposedly a couple.

  187. 187
    Jinx Says:

    @Melly: I hear ya. I get that the wrong information can go around and posted but that toofab video of them together and her ‘flashing’ her ring first before hiding it…. How do you explain that? He can’t come out saying it was just a joke….that will just be in such poor taste. It’s not adding up but there’s so much now that they will need to refute at this point for them to come out of it looking good.

  188. 188
    Kay Says:


    I honestly think something happened and he made a panic proposal. And he’ll come around to his senses eventually.

  189. 189
    Kay Says:


    Right? Why was she walking with her hand out like that in the first place?!

  190. 190
    Sarah Says:

    Was he not just dating Nina.
    Playa ova here

  191. 191
    Justine Says:

    Bottom line…the poor wording of the announcement from his PR person was awful!!! Flashing an engagement ring is tacky on Bee’s part, and he needs a new PR person without a doubt!!! For something that is supposed to be special and last a lifetime this was very poorly done in terms of a press release!!!

  192. 192
    SaraA Says:

    If Behati were pregnant, wouldn’t she be showing already?

  193. 193
    lol Says:

    she’ll be pregnant and then whoops, miscarry. you know the drill.

  194. 194
    SaraA Says:

    @lol: Behati doesn’t have enough body far to get pregnant. If anything, she looks even skinnier. Gross.

  195. 195
    This is just weird! Says:


    I agree with this. If Adam was truly engaged folks like Blake Shelton would have responded with an official congrats. No response from Blakey, any of the members of Maroon 5, Carson Daley, or any of Adam’s good friends like Gene or even his brother Michael. THIS IS ALL A HOAX.

  196. 196
    fishy Says:

    What I dont get (one of many things) is why Mr. “my-private-life-is-private” and his publicist, Ms. “I-dont-comment-on-my-clients-personal-life” were so quick to announce this without any previous speculations. Shouldn’t they’ve kept it quiet for a bit to see if it would even work out away from prying eyes or scrutiny?

  197. 197
    AmyR Says:

    Is Adam engaged to Behati? His rep certainly wants the media and fans to think so. There’s a short paparazzi clip of Adam and Behati walking in NYC and she’s flashing her hand, but then quickly hides it, even though the engagement news would have been official.

    Does anyone know when that video was taken? The rep says the engagement happened in Los Angeles, but this video takes place in NY, where some tabloid site claimed that they spotted them clinking champagne glasses.

    Something about this engagement seems staged. Especially when you take into consideration that these two and their family and friends have seen every nutty comment posted by fans throughout the Internet and those left on their social media pages and feeds.

    Do I think this whole engagement is an elaborate hoax? I couldn’t say. But I’m not entirely sure this engagement legit either. I have been wrong before and might be wrong about this too.

    I find it difficult to believe that Adam would get engaged to Behati after their short-lived relationship where he barely seemed that into her. Add to this equation that, up until two weeks ago, he was vacationing with Nina and some other models. I’m sure he and Nina were ******** around. If I’m a true Behati fan, then I’m not applauding this engagement because to me, Adam didn’t show much respect to Behati. Not on a public level anyway. Or did people forget he never acknowledged dating her in the first place?

    It’s interesting to see how quickly fans change their minds when it comes to how they want to see their “narrative” played out in this mess. I doubt that Adam or Behati make it down the aisle. I also think we’re going to figure out more of what’s actually going on in the very near future. But it has nothing to do with “true love” between these two, despite what the Mermaids are claiming on Twitter. They’re acting like they knew about this the entire time. Sure, they did.

  198. 198
    AmyR Says:

    @fishy: You ask a very good question. There was no good reason for Adam’s rep to break this news because as far as the fans were concerned, Adam and Behati were broken up and he was seeing Nina Agdal.

  199. 199
    fishy Says:


    I definitely think there is some sort of game being played here. The mystery is the game itself and how long it will take to collapse. Things just aren’t adding up.

  200. 200
    Melly Says:

    @AmyR: It’s interesting you mention that. Adam’s rep, Carleen, never issued a statement that Adam and Bee were no longer a couple. In fact, she never issued a statement that they were a couple. Fans and the media assumed their relationship because of the paparazzi pictures.

    So not only did Carleen issue an engagement statement, but she also (basically) confirmed that Adam and Bee had broken up.

    What would have been smarter for Carleen to do is not even mention them “reuniting,” which is a “they were broken up” giveaway and just announce that they were engaged. If I recall correctly, a number of fans thought they were secretly dating. Why not just leave fans with the assumption that Adam and Bee had never broken up? Am I making sense here? This announcement makes no sense and was poorly done. I can see why people are wondering if it’s legit. We aren’t the only ones questioning it.

  201. 201
    alevinefan Says:

    Oh Anne, you and Matt are super cute! Saw your parade pictures. Both look HOT !

    Ehhh. WHAt? Oh… This post is about Pigati getting engaged. Oh Phish… who cares !

    Let me see him walk to the altar first.

  202. 202
    lisa Says:

    ugh this makes me want to cry lol! What happened to I don’t believe in marriage?

  203. 203
    Sarah Says:

    I have two words to say – thin lips.

  204. 204
    Melly Says:

    @lisa: I think that’s why so many are suspicious. Even those who believed Adam would eventually marry didn’t think it would happen until he is closer to 40.

  205. 205
    This is just weird! Says:

    @E&N: E&N you partially answered my question. Why is Adam only seen in public with models? Does he have self-esteem issues? Does he think he is better than the rest of the world? Is his father jerkish like him? Why is he so obnoxious and down right conceited at times?

  206. 206
    f(x) Says:

  207. 207
    Felix Says:

    hahaha, how crazy is that! And soon he will date the next 0815 model.

  208. 208
    xyz Says:


  209. 209
    nn Says:

    Look at you butthurt b*tches lol

    Here’s some advice: Get a better idol aka celebrity crush

  210. 210
    mara Says:

    At least Leo has the good sense not to marry one of them!!!!

  211. 211
    bliss Says:

    sorry bit this make no sense , she was just an on/off rebound and now thye are engaged , she must either be preggers or she knows some major dirt on him cause he always look miserable next to her

  212. 212
    girl love yourself Says:

    Something about this whole thing is just not right. I mean he was supposedly seen with Nina up until at least the beginning of July. When did this miraculous reunion occur that he decided he wanted to marry Behati?? I mean she was in NY and then FL through the 8th at least from the stuff she posted on instagram. It’s all just really strange and if Adam thought this would make him look better in terms of PR he is really wrong. I also think it is weird like someone else posted that none of his friends or colleagues have offered up congrats to them. You know famew***e Ali would be all over this s**t.

  213. 213
    Jinx Says:

    Maybe they’re building this up to be something even more bizarre? A retraction from Adam’s camp maybe coming soon – stating that these rumors are false and that his rep never issued a statement? What does that make People Mag look like then? Completely untrustworthy and unreliable! Its disappointing to see Adam fall under the category of mainstreet celebrity. One of his admirable traits WAS that he was always true to himself – now he’s fallen victim to PR stunts and schemes. If this is not a publicity stunt and he truly is engaged then this is the most baffling courtship ever. Still scratching my head on this one! Granted she is nuts about him – but is that enough cause we all know that the scale in that relationship is not balanced. Checked Bee’s IG pic of her in her undies and looking at her cell phone with the cat ears – no ring there.

  214. 214
    bliss Says:

    @girl love yourself:

    well if it’ PR move en then is screwed for life , everybody hate this stalker , she was a nightmare ; just a rebound from anne , he still look miserable around her ; and with this engagelent he also boosted her career again ugh , right now may be VS will sign her back again , bee must know some major things about him or he is just using her to get ride of the modelizer reputation ; at tis point i don’t know what to think from a man who just said that he doesn’t want to get married at all

  215. 215
    E&N Says:

    Sit with me on this for a second. Watch the just fab video again after you take in what I’m saying is the Truth of what happened. What if: the ring was for Jessica all along. Adam was in NYC getting it and Behati, being the stalker of Adam that she is, knew where he was going to be and so happened in there and “tried on the ring” w/out Adam’s permission and it got stuck.

    Now watch the video.

    She is ashamed. Trying to bite off the ring. He looks kinda pissed at her. The paps is asking “is it true is it true?” When they run away into a 7/11. Why? For her to get the ring off of her finger and out of paps way. Bc a ring that isn’t for her that is stuck on her finger, is really bad publicity for her.

  216. 216
    Kay Says:


    Okay, I’m sorry but that is one of the most far-fetched things I’ve ever read.

  217. 217
    Jinx Says:

    @E&N: I don’t know – why is Adam showing Bee the ring intended for someone else? Why would her opinion count? Her of all people? He’s been studiously avoiding Bee for the past months – suddenly her opinion matters? Its kinda like -”hey my stalker ex who can’t seem to get over me. I got a ring for the girl I replaced you with – what do you think? Want to try it on?” Sorry but it doesn’t add up.

  218. 218
    K R Says:

    As an Anne fan, it amuses me to see people ” worry”about her on Twitter. Why would they? She is dating a young, accomplished, mature,athlete . Who seems to possess a great personality, not to mention good looks and a sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed his Jimmy Fallon skit. And, has openly acknowledged her to be a part of his life. And seem to enjoy being together. She moved on, very well that too, quite a while ago.
    If anything, they should direct some of that sympathy towards behati. Who never got any acknowledgement from Adam during the time they dated. Still hasnt, inspite of that huge ring she may sport. Who in spite of an “engagement” has people questioning the motives behind the rushed engagement, rather than having them be happy for her.

    She is the loser, not Anne.

    And yes, E and N, you are starting to sound like a bad piece of fiction, written by an obsessed teen. CEO of companies, so pure, ring caught on her hand, triplets. You should just stop.

  219. 219
    Bobby Orr Says:

    How does one go from a beautiful, classy girl like Anne V to a train wreck like Behati? Not only does she look sickly and dirty, she also sounds incoherent half the time.

    Anne is the only winner in this story. There are pictures of her attending the mlb all star parade with her stud, both looking happy and healthy. Good for them.

  220. 220
    ACcepting Says:

    Jesse Carmichael commented on Behati’s “mickey” instagram photo, “Engagement Gloves?” What ever could that mean…lol!!!

  221. 221
    jessica Says:

    good for him, hopefully people will stop shipping him with xtina. he can’t deal with strong women, so he picks the dolls he can use the way he wants. congrats to the happy couple!

  222. 222
    Jinx Says: Thoughts?

  223. 223
    bliss Says:


    it’s PR to cover up on something big ; she knows some major dirt or she is preggers , i can’t explain this engagement no one in his sain mind would do such a thing specialy with a girl he is obviously not in love with

  224. 224
    megi Says:

    he is ugly and he do not deserved for such a panishment. He need someone better or he is like her but we on`t know it.

  225. 225
    oops Says:

    @E&N: OK, now this is just ridiculous, so she was just trying the ring and after that adam rep confirm their engagement ?? Please !!

  226. 226
    There is no Jessica Says:

    There is no Jessica and there is no baby, let alone triplets. It’s not a new scheme; some lonely woman creates a name and a relationship and all the people (usernames) who “know” her confirm it. The person will convince a few others (he wasn’t there, trust me, he was with my friend. There are pictures but I can’t show you because my friend doesn’t want the publicity…blah blah blah) and it starts speculation. Adam dated Anne then Behati then Nina, period. If there was a Jessica and he cared about her so much, he wouldn’t hide her and more importantly, couldn’t hide her. Adam is a very public person by choice. The person who created Jessica and her friends is now scrambling for a new reason to tell…a logical explanation, and will, no doubt, be “telling” her “friends” (as soon as she comes up with something). My guess is “Adam said it was all for PR and not to worry. He loves my friend” or “Adam doesn’t want this but Behati is blackmailing him/her and threatening to reveal the truth which my friend doesn’t want because she doesn’t want publicity.” or “My friend couldn’t take Adam’s cheating so she broke up with him and now he’s just getting back at her”. Trust me, I’ve heard it all before. (BTW, E&N should be responding anytime with a “you obviously don’t know” comment) Three, two, one……

  227. 227
    Debra Says:

    Unknown, where are you?

  228. 228
    Bobby Orr Says:

    The US article is just ridiculous. Wonder what’s up with these people.

  229. 229
    SaraA Says:

    So is Behati proof that stalking your ex and everyone he knows pays off in the end? Yuck. Maybe they deserve each other.

  230. 230
    alevinefan Says:

    Ohhhh my E and N, heres the plot twist.
    Adam went to NY to propose to Anne, she was out with boyfriend Matt. he did not want lose it, looked around, found Bee skulking . Put it on her finger and now patiently waits for anne to break up.

    HAHAHAHA. My story sounds more possible than yours. Kim/ Jessica/ E and N, whoever you are ! you are a nutjob!

  231. 231
    lol Says:

    passing around popcorn again if anyone wants some. best train wreck ever.

  232. 232
    lol Says:

    @SaraA: yes, yes she is.

  233. 233
    lol Says:

    also, lets lol at the fact the the picture used for all of the articles is the ONLY public event adam took this train wreck to. (basketball games don’t count, or grocery stores)

  234. 234
    Funny Thing Says:

    If you look @ twitter yesterday you will find girls making comments about him being @ Highland Park. Highland Park = Pasadena. He was in LA yesterday not NYC.

  235. 235
    Meow Says:

    There’s a lot of jealous females around here. I guess Adam gave in because Behati was stalking him all the time anyway so he might as well just give her a ring and get it over with. Yeah right. Dream on, delusional ones.

  236. 236
    Jinx Says:

    LOL! In reference to the US Magazine article – I was going to say that Adam probably couldn’t stop thinking about her because she just never stopped stalking him! I guess we are now just waiting for a confirmation from either one – think they’ll hold a press con? ;-)

  237. 237
    troy Says:

    don’t really know anne but one thing is obvious. her die hards invaded this article just to hate on. i’m a guy. and if a guy doesnt marry you even after threats of a break up then he’s JUST NOT INTO YOU. get a life girls.

  238. 238
    LOLLING Says:

    troy, who said the issue was marriage. that was assumption. i always thought he cheated on her. she dumped him

    difference. Anne did not put up with it. Behati does. how about the blind item reveal that said adam ws in the hotel lobby collecting phone numbers. that was when he was with behati!

  239. 239
    Funny Thing Says:

    It’s hard to be in LA & NYC.

  240. 240
    Melly Says:

    @Meow: Except that Behati had been all over Adam’s friends and cousin Molly after he had broken up with her. He also wasn’t faithful to Behati any more than he was faithful to Anne. I find it interesting that, suddenly, a bunch of fans are rushing to Behati’s defense after they had been talking sh.t about her once Adam dumped her on and moved on.

    And that’s the thing: Adam never really looked that into Behati. He barely stood close to her. And, well, he did dump her and hooked up with another of her model colleagues, Nina, to the point where they were on vacation together in Cabo. I don’t care how large the entourage was: they were together. And I’ll bet sex was involved. Suddenly Adam’s re-engaged an ex he didn’t seem that interested in? Sorry, but that story doesn’t gel to me. And that US Weekly update about “why they got engaged so quickly” makes this story sound even phonier. I’d be surprised if these two made it down the aisle. He’s a serial cheater.

  241. 241
    lol Says:


  242. 242
    Melly Says:

    @There is no Jessica: I don’t think that the rest of us need your analysis. It’s pretty obvious that this person is full of tall tales.

    Adam comes across as a huge hypocrite. I haven’t followed him for years. Has he ever been honest about anything? Fans seem to think he has. He seems pretty flaky to me. I’m not even sure he managed the number of fans he has. I guess they like posers.

  243. 243
    LOLLING Says:


    What is he smoking? Pot? Hashish. Sounds like something hippie Jessie will tweet.

  244. 244
    lol Says:

    @LOLLING: he and her are trolling.

  245. 245
    Melly Says:

    @lol: Sure seems like it, doesn’t it? I don’t doubt they read the crazy comments people leave on their social media accounts.

  246. 246
    TexasGirl Says:

    I call total BS on this story. There are no pictures of them together acting as a couple. That video is weird. She’s clutching her hand as if she doesn’t want people to see her ring (and I actually didn’t see one). We all know Behati would never act like that. She’d be showing it off to the world. She used to LOVE media attention on the two of them. They’re trying to act secretive, and I have a feeling this is all a joke. Not because of some other girlfriend (other than Nina perhaps), but because he’s tired of people asking him about marriage. JMO.

  247. 247
    E&N Says:

    @TexasGirl: Exactly!

  248. 248
    Funny Thing Says:

    Sam & PJ both have twitted this morning but no congratulations?

  249. 249
    Funny Thing Says:

    Forgot Gene twitted too.

  250. 250
    Julie Says:

    @TexasGirl: I’m leaning the same way. The video and these tabloid stories make this thing sound fake. I might be wrong, but it’s suspicious.

  251. 251
    Sickworld Says:

    That’s why I want to be a model !!

  252. 252
    E&N Says:

    Btw, Adam and Ryan Seacrest are not Bff’s BUT he and Carson Daly are. Notice nothing from the Voice OR Carson or any of the other staff or artists either. This is all a hoax.

  253. 253
    TexasGirl Says:

    Oh, and Bee has posted no Twitter or Instagram pictures. You know if she really got engaged, the first thing she’d have done was post a picture of the ring.

  254. 254
    Julie Says:

    Regardless of whether this is a hoax, the whole thing is pretty stupid on Adam’s part, even if he’s doing this to get fans off his back. And anyway, why is it his fans’ business whether Adam ever marries? Why does he have to get married? People need to leave this man alone.

  255. 255
    lol Says:

    It is Fishy that none of his friends or even the other Angels haven’t tweeted congrats. ::pops more popcorn::

  256. 256
    Jinx Says:

    Agree that the video seemed scripted and all that – but there was a ring. I wish there was none but there was. Freeze the very beginning of it – she actually flashed it then went through the whole pretense of hiding it. If its a hoax then I sure missed what the whole point of it was. Joke’s on us? And what does that make them? This is why its such a bizarre story altogether!

  257. 257
    Julie Says:

    That ring might not even be real. That wouldn’t be the first time a woman has worn a fake engagement ring.

    It’s commonly a method employed by women who are barhopping. To keep the drunk idiots away.

  258. 258
    Jinx Says:

    @Julie: Agree – it could be that they read the announcement of their engagement in the news which was allegedly confirmed by Adam’s rep and decided to play a joke on everyone. Adam just somehow ended up or happened to be with Bee in NYC which makes it convenient, timing-wise and logistically, to pull the video prank. They were able to produce a ring at the last minute to pull the whole thing off. If Bee was bar-hopping, she probably didn’t need a ring to ward off unwanted male attention because she was already with Adam. None of this makes any sense at all – sure makes for great entertainment!

  259. 259
    Julie Says:

    Bee flashed her hand real quick. I noticed a blob on her finger. But she flashed it really quick. She also wears a lot of big rings. Can anyone prove that it’s an engagement ring? I get that Adam’s rep “confirmed” the story, but the whole thing sounds shady. They’re not acting like a romantic couple in any sense. They sure didn’t during the first go around.

    I agree with TexasGirl that Bee wouldn’t keep an engagement ring secret. She hasn’t been secret about anything. Just look at the stuff she posts on her social media. She’s always been about attaching herself to Adam through pictures and quotes. Her obsession with him is very obvious to anyone.

  260. 260
    Julie Says:

    @Jinx: I didn’t say Bee was barhopping, but we all know she does that. My point is that there are women buy rings that look like engagement rings for a variety of reasons.

    Adam was ******** around with Nina this month to the tune of almost three weeks ago. Now he’s back with an ex and they’re engaged? Anyone want to explain how the thing with Nina went bust and why would Bee take back a man who was ******** a younger model just a couple of weeks ago? She must be out of options. It makes her look really bad and stupid.

    I’d love to hear a legitimate reason outside of what the tabloids are trying to make people believe.

  261. 261
    Kay Says:

    In my opinion, what he missed was all the attention he got from her. Adam loves the attention, I think, more than Bee herself. He probably freaked out about getting older and worried about not getting it from these young girls and decided to stick with the worshipper. This seriously seems like an early mid-life crisis to me. No one has tweeted because they, like us, are probably confused and trying to talk sense into him..

  262. 262
    Julie Says:

    @Kay: Nina seemed to be giving Adam some attention and she’s younger than Bee.

  263. 263
    Jinx Says:

    I know – its just soooo shady. I won’t believe this until I hear a confirmation from either one of them. Even then, I would take the news with a grain of salt.

  264. 264
    Julie Says:

    Adam must have been planning his engagement during this weekend.

  265. 265
    TexasGirl Says:

    @lol – LOL

  266. 266
    Jinx Says:

    @Julie: Nothing adds up in this story. I’d like to know though what Adam was doing with Bee in NYC. They said that video was taken this week. OK – lets say it was all just a prank – I guess Bee was game enough to help him and had one of this big statement rings that can pass off as an engagement ring. Whatever it is – he was still in NYC with Bee. Maybe they really got back together? OR maybe he was also just clearing the air with Bee on going out with Nina – same way he did with Anne on going out with Bee? Seriously, whichever way you spin this, it still doesn’t make sense. Again, let one of them or both of them confirm this – even then, I’ll still be doubtful. ha ha

  267. 267
    NotSurprised Says:

    I saw this on CDAN today (that came from LSA):

    Some gossip a makeup artist posted on lipstickalley :

    “Adam is an *******, he’s a leo dicaprio in the making. when anne broke up with him he started dating behati to piss her off. behati is a ****** person too because she was friends with anne and she started dating adam like right after they broke up. behati isn’t even cute, she’s the most basic of models i have met but adam probably couldn’t get any cute one to date him because anne is really well connected.”

  268. 268
    Funny Says:

    What if, and I’m saying a big what if, they need each other? Not in the romantic sense, of course, but the business sense.
    VS – Behati can’t make it without VS backing her up, and if rumors are true that they will be letting her go, then this is her final stand. Get “engaged” to Adam and headline the only collection she’ll be able to (the Bridal, to be exact). All of them maintain relevance somewhere, whether it be their husbands or themselves, yet she can’t.
    The Voice – I’ve heard (and only on Tumblr so it’s skewed) that Adam may not have much longer on The Voice because he hasn’t produced a winner since season 1. Then he gets all this bad press. He got the sympathy card when Anne left him then hooked up with Behati a couple months later. This led to so many modelizer comments. They split up after he’s kept management happy and hooks up with Agdal. More comments questioning his character. This is very bad for business.

    Adam has said people didn’t have to be married to have children. There have been no congratulatory tweets or shout outs from anybody. Not Angels, photographers, best friends, producers, show accounts, or the people themselves. Do I think the ring is fake? Yes. Do I think he has feelings for her? I think he cares but not in a deeply attached way. Do I think she cares? I think she does in a meal ticket way. I think if he proposed he would talk about it because its not a very private thing to do to have your rep confirm it.

    In short, do not be conned. It’s probably all business.

  269. 269
    Jinx Says:

    @Funny: LOL – yes, very valid points. I will look at it now as some kind of an “arranged” engagement. Never thought Adam would be up for such things but hey, looks like he is not above it.

  270. 270
    Funny Says:

    @Jinx: Not necessarily arranged, but a deal. He likes to gamble, why not with this one?

  271. 271
    Julie Says:

    @Funny: That’s plausible, although as you mentioned, a big “What if?” I never thought Adam seemed in love with Bee. I don’t know what her deal is. I think she’s obsessed with the idea of being the woman who gets to tame him, since everyone figured he’d eventually marry or have kids with Anne.

  272. 272
    Melly Says:

    I don’t know if I’d say that hooking up with Bee really helped Adam’s image much at all. In fact, everyone seemed to realize that Bee was his rebound after Anne dumped him. Plus Bee looks bad for hooking up with her colleague/friend’s ex. What’s the point of Round Two?

  273. 273
    Funny Says:

    @Julie: I think that’s a really great point, but I do find it odd that all of a sudden the past two IG posts of hers are her in her underwear showing off how thin and “fun” she is. Not with Adam. Not her ring.

  274. 274
    AmyR Says:

    If any of you have been following this saga since Behati first entered the picture, you’ll notice that a subset of fans has acted like the reason Adam has never acknowledged her is because he’s keeping their love a secret. I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. You all know which fans I’m talking about. One of them writes a blog where she obsesses over Adam’s personal life.

    I’ve never met a couple in love who are secretive about being a couple in love. Have any of you?

    The only time people are secretive about their relationships is (1) they’re ashamed of the other person or (2) they’re is something else going on (it’s fake, illegal, whatever). Sorry, but I don’t buy that Behati has caused Adam to become more secretive about his life.

    Adam wouldn’t know a secret if it bit him on the butt. He’s always been open about his life, including his love life. Pretty much about every girlfriend he’s dated. The hookups don’t count. The legitimate relationships do. Oh, that’s right. He never admitted to dating Behati. And they were together for, help me out here, 7/8 months? Why hide that relationship when the picture evidence exists?

    The fans jumping on the “Adam/Behati are engaged” train crack me up. They never ask questions about anything. They’re so quick for him to get married because, in their mind, that’s the right thing for a man to do. They picture themselves as whichever girl Adam happens to be dating and if Adam behaves a “manwh0re,” they’ll act like he’s cheated on them, while silently cheering that he’s playing the field and maybe, just maybe, increasing their hopes that he’ll find and fall in love with him. They’ll be that woman who “tamed” Adam the manwh0re. Lots of women look at certain men as projects to be improved.

    I’ve gone off on a tangent here, but the responses to this latest story are funny and this has all been going through my head today.

  275. 275
    AmyR Says:

    One of the things that Adam’s fans seem to have always liked about him is how open he’s been about his life. They feel as if they’ve been let into it in some way. He’s been acting weird, but I don’t think he’s privately loving on Behati. That’s a stretch coming out of the mouth of any fan.

  276. 276
    TexasGirl Says:

    What we need now, more than anything, is a Howard Stern interview! Howie will get to the bottom of this – LOL!

  277. 277
    NoOneImportant Says:

    There’s more to this story, trust me! Behati & Adam are NOT engaged hence no public support from his family or friends. Truth will come soon.

  278. 278
    lol Says:

    I’m gonna get fat on all this popcorn, but keep it coming.

  279. 279
    AmyR Says:

    @lol: Maybe you should eat Pop Chips instead?

  280. 280
    lol Says:

    @AmyR: I switched to skittles.

  281. 281
    AmyR Says:

    @lol: Those are healthy.

    Adam’s never confirmed anything with Behati. Not sure what he plans to do now. He’s backed himself into a corner. The whole thing is a bad idea all the way down to the PR execution of the news.

  282. 282
    Mary Says:

    I can’t believe how dumb these models are. They seem to have no common sense.

  283. 283
    Jinx Says:

    @lol: how about some nestle buncha crunch – the clusters one? Once you get to it – pass it on ok? lol you crack me up!

  284. 284
    This is just weird! Says:

    @There is no Jessica:

    Even if the story is not true something is still up. Anne is seen all over the ML all star games with her new beau this week and now Adam is all of a sudden engaged and all over the blogs after being seen with Nina only a week and a half ago in Mexico and Las Vegas.

  285. 285
    AmyR Says:

    Adam’s attempts to keep pace with what Anne is doing would be easy to overlook, but he always comes back with something when there is news about her and her latest boyfriend.

    Adam has a definite pattern.

  286. 286
    ksenia Says:

    cause she has a boyfriend?

  287. 287
    E&N Says:

    @NoOneImportant: I’m telling you guys, this is a hoax of some sort. Rozzi Crane didn’t even comment to him and she is on his record label. It’s complete bs and I’m in agreement with nooneimportant 110%.

  288. 288
    girl love yourself Says:

    Just got a chance to watch that video and I agree that it looks really staged. It hardly looks like Adam he has let himself go lately. When he was with trashati he always looked dirty like she always does.

  289. 289
    lol Says:

    @Jinx: here, I raided the movie theater candy for this train wreck. It’s going to be a fun ride.

  290. 290
    lol Says:

    @girl love yourself: the sad thing is, I LIKED Behati as a person before she got with Adam, then she turned into this manipulative troll with Adams fan base.

  291. 291
    E&N Says:

    The REAL news may be out sooner than you think bc Jessica just went into labor…

  292. 292
    Muah Says:

    @E&N: The REAL news is that you’re totally full of sh!t.

  293. 293
    Nicola Says:

    @E&N: If someone stuck a pin in you, you’d pop and sh.t would fly everywhere.

  294. 294
    Julie Says:

    @lol: “then she turned into this manipulative troll with Adams fan base.”

    So the crazy fans are like her too. Like attracts like? They troll the other fans. I don’t see the big difference.

  295. 295
    lol Says:

    @Julie: don’t get me started on the fans.

  296. 296
    AmyR Says:

    My favorites are the Bee fans who attack anyone who doesn’t like Adam with Bee. They call these people “fat,” “ugly,” and “*******.” I’ve never seen a nastier group of fans. So much for female empowerment and solidarity, huh?

    The Beedam fans should take their own advice about love being their religion. Their comments toward others who don’t like the pairing aren’t exactly full of love. People can have their own opinion about this relationship that has nothing to do with bitterness or jealousy. Maybe some people just don’t like Bee? Plenty of people say horrible things about Adam: some deserved, some not so deserved.

    We don’t have to like everyone on this planet. Let people be.

  297. 297
    Julie Says:

    @lol: A majority of Adam’s fans are mercurial. They don’t seem to realize how hypocrite they look. But their idol seems hypocritical too with this latest news.

  298. 298
    KSB Says:

    I said it before I will say it again, laugh at Adams trying to convince everybody that he so happy right now when in fact he still mourning the relationship from anne and I don’t care what anybody has to say about Adam didn’t really love anne cause if he wanted to be with her then they would be together how do you give another woman everything that the woman that you love ask for anne has got to be feeling really salty right now because in all honesty that supposed to be her and for Adam to even take that route is just I can’t believe that he would stoop to an all time low behati is just sittin eating everything up because she finally got her way and yeah(jmo) she might have slept with him on her birthday and got pregnant but just because you get pregnant from a man does not mean that’s going to make him stay because at the end of the day Adam can’t convince any of us that he’s changed in that small amount of time and he wants to settle down and he wants to be a one woman man because Adam is all about Adam and I think his family got in his ear and kept saying oh I want to see you settle down I want you to find somebody and I know Adam is a relationship hopper and he’s probably tired of being alone but still you don’t rush into something like that there’s no way that you can go from being with one woman in a month to engaged to another woman within the same month and claim that you’re so in love with her because if you was in love with her you would have never let her go for those last couple of months if you was in love with her you would have supported her and all that she did before you would have held her hand you would have engaged with her more and show the world that you love her now he’s trying to show everybody and convince everybody that he so in love he so happy but really it’s just a show and it sad that the celebrities think that they could just play on people’s emotions the way that they do but in the end what goes around comes around and everything that Adam did to everyone is going to come back to him

  299. 299
    lol Says:

    @KSB: that is the longest run on sentence i have ever seen.

  300. 300
    SIGH Says:

    I smell money. I m sure betahi is either preggy or after his money. I don’t get why her parents talked to Adam s parents privately and all suddenly both are back together. Second chance is never great idea. Always have a red flag there. Why he left her in first place then back together? What did he was looking for? It totally makes no sense at all

  301. 301
    umm Says:

    @KSB: go outside

  302. 302
    NoOneImportant Says:

    Look at the obvious there’s more too this story. It’s a really big PR stunt to get back at Anne before he settles down with the real deal. Behati’s being used again & loves the attention. Truth will come in due time.

  303. 303
    Adahati Levinesloo Says:

    I have been following this sice the “bee”ginning (sorry, i just couldn’t help myself) and i am on the fence with this one. It smells pr. Unless she’s pregnant. But i doubt she even gets her period.

  304. 304
    marley06 Says:

    both losers deserve each other!!!

  305. 305
    E&N Says:

    @NoOneImportant: :)

  306. 306
    Jinx Says:

    @SIGH: @lol: oh thank you!! Yum! :-)
    @sigh where did you hear that both parent met?

  307. 307
    Ella Says:

    They definitely deserve each other!!! Just nasty!!!!

  308. 308
    Not Fooled Says:

    The ONLY person that commented about Adam’s “engagement” was Kelly Ckarkson who is to your with him but it wasn’t a congratulations tweet. She commented “Just found out Adam Levine got engaged. We should have called our tour “Off The Market” tour. #TieItUp”
    No tweets from any of his crew or even from his brother who would have been in the mix of tweeting nonstop on it. What happened to that photographer guy who was always aiming his lens in Behati’s face? No congratulations from him? Something is definitely rotten in the city of Lalaland.

  309. 309
    Jinx Says:

    @lol: Thanks for the candy!
    @sigh: Adam’s and Bee’s parents met? Where did you hear this?

  310. 310
    KSB Says:

    When did they meet? News to me
    Any who, lmao I had so much to say I didn’t care about punctuation

  311. 311
    girl love yourself Says:

    All those poor young girls on twitter are all like yay !!!! So excited they are great together. The youth of today is totally in the crapper if they think any of the s**t he’s pulling lately is good. I hate to see what they think is acceptable in relationships.

  312. 312
    scallywag Says:

    Me reckons Adam Levine is being tamed and coming clean with himself at last. He is a womanizer but this time round he come running back for the girl he nearly threw away…

  313. 313
    Melly Says:

    I highly doubt that Adam’s parents have met Bee’s parents. She hardly visits them in Namibia as it is. No fan would know that for sure. Sorry.

  314. 314
    AmyR Says:

    I also doubt that Adam has met Behati’s parents. That sounds like a rumor that the Mermaids or Zaira started. You all need to be careful with the rumors you read regarding this “engagement.” The Mermaids and Zaira are probably orgasming.

    And yet, within the past few weeks, Zaira’s been excited that Adam was dating Nina. The Mermaids would tweet at Adam about being a jerk for dumping Behati. So I’d be careful with *anything* they say because they lie a lot and try to position themselves as insiders. I wish the entire fanbase would ignore them.

  315. 315
    Jenn Says:

    This is all so entertaining to me and somewhat shady. I couldn’t resist but post here. I read this comment on the E! site and started laughing because it’s probably true.

    “yes, sad indeed Yesterday 10:58 pm+14 this e! writer was probably spending the whole day compiling this list”

    Too hilarious. I wonder how much time Zaira wasted doing her list. That one also included lots of pictures and even more names!

  316. 316
    AmyR Says:

    I disagree that Adam’s parents have been pressuring him to marry right now. I’m sure, like the rest of us, they know how he is and know that marriage for him right now would be disastrous. I think Adam’s parents’ divorce is the biggest reason he’s been skeptical about marriage anyway. I don’t think that’s changed just because of this announcement. Not that I’m sure it’s real anyway.

  317. 317
    Question Says:

    can someone here tell me where Adam was the weekend of Nov 30?

  318. 318
    Lol Says:

    Some of you are in DEEP denial. LoL.

  319. 319
    NoOneImportant Says:

    @Lol: There’s no denial Adam & Behati are NOT engaged. I repeat Adam & Behati are NOT engaged. Hence no twits publicly from friends or family. Nothing on the official M5 twitter account. You all will see in short time what will happen & Adam will look sane again.

  320. 320
    This is just weird! Says:

    Adam hasn’t been the same since Anne dumped him. I think his ego was severely bruised (it probably never happened to him before). He can’t handle the fact that although Anne loved him and he loved her she could easily leave. He was so in love with this woman and you could tell. He thought he had her but Anne’s self-esteem was high enough to not put up with his crap. Anne is in her late 20′s and I think she would like to get married. Adam although he loved her was just not at that point yet. I think he now feels he really messed up. She won’t give him the time of day and seems to really like her ML All Star boyfriend. I would like him too he’s a cutie.


    Adam won’t marry Behati. He is using her to try to make Anne jealous because they were once good friends. I don’t think it’s working.

  321. 321
    lol Says:

    who is this zaira person? i know how insane the mermaids are. i met one on the winter tour and was scared for my LIFE. i was being nice to her in line because i’m nice, then when i saw her sign i was like ohhhh sheeeeet. back away back away back away.
    oh that “denial” comment was not your popcorn loving commenter. aka me.

  322. 322
    Lori Says:

    So my question is even if it’s a hoax as many of you say then why would Bee hide her engagement ring and they are pranking the fans, then I have never seen anything more stupid than this, it’s ridiculous.
    I think Adam is still trying to make Anne jealous because he couldn’t believe that the woman he thought would stay with him ”forever” forgiving his cheating, not giving her attention etc would leave. Anne left him, he is bitter. If that’s the person Adam is then sorry but that’s a very d**chy thing to do.
    I agree that if Anne was the love of his life he would have married her. If you love someone you fight for it. He definitely loved her but not enough imo.

    Now this new thing about ‘Jessica/Kim’ is getting on my nerves. I do believe Adam is stupid but who would be stupid enough to start a rumor about their engagement and then also have a hidden g/f that is his ‘soulmate’? Only the biggest a**. Isn’t he doing the same thing he did with Bee with Jessic/ Kim?

    Bad bad PR move on his team’s part. Okay so we don;’t know if the ‘PR’ confirmed the engagement for sure, but they should deny it at least. It’s been almost a day and they haven’t said anything about it. I know you would say because there’s no truth to it. But when you are a public person and a false rumor about you starts then your PR team works overtime to make sure people know the real story.

    Jessy’s tweet could mean that he knows about their engagement but asked her if she got gloves instead of the ring, inside joke maybe?

    Also if his friends who are closer to him haven’t congratulated him then it’s not a big deal. He could have told them to not say anything. They have cell phones, could easily congratulate by calling them. Why must the ‘BottomFeeders’ know everything. Right Adam?

    Btw I have lost hope in Adam and all this s*i*. I’m out!

  323. 323
    lol Says:

    @Question: sure. let me go check my “adam levine was here on this day” calendar.

  324. 324
    SaraA Says:

    I think the more important issue is that neither Adam nor Bee has confirmed anything. You all know that neither one of them can keep quiet for too long. Since Bee is stupid, she uses pictures and quotes to make her points. Adam never mentioned anything on Ryan’s radio show and by then, they had gotten engaged. I can’t wait for the longer b.s. about how they reunited after he had been ******** Nina a couple of weeks ago. Major PR tapdancing there.

  325. 325
    martha Says:

    Behati posted two pictures…..dressed as a cat and a mouse. Hmmm. Cst and mouse.

  326. 326
    E&N Says:

    @Question: With Jessica, of course, in Arkansas! :)

  327. 327
    E&N Says:

    On November 30th, he flew in to a gig Jessica was working at at a church in Arkansas. I know that for a fact, bc it’s when their relationship turned serious.

  328. 328
    E&N Says:

    And, before you guys think she lives there, nope. Just had a gig there running sound for a friends’ concert.

  329. 329
    marley06 Says:

    adam levine start losing his fans because of the engagement…of all the women he dated, y behati? love? i dont think so…

  330. 330
    lol Says:

    @E&N: are you on some type of drug? or writing horrible fan fic?

  331. 331
    SaraA Says:

    @lol: I have to LOL at your comment. You’ve been on fire today. Keep up the good work.

  332. 332
    TexasGirl Says:

    You all probably saw this already, but in case you didn’t:

    Seriously? A multi-millionnaire celebrates his engagement by eating burgers? And a $50 total tab? Really?? Come on!!

  333. 333
    SaraA Says:

    But they also toasted with champagne! Bee got the red carpet treatment. No McDonald’s for her anorexic butt.

  334. 334
    Ikr Says:

    Considering the fact that Bee was only ever taken to grocery stores in the middle of the night, will consider a burger joint as fine dining indeed.

  335. 335
    Katie Says:

    @E&N: You need some serious help. Or attention. Or both.

    Did it ever occur to you people that neither Adam or Behati NEED to show you rings, or tweet, or share their private life with you?

  336. 336
    Katie Says:

    @NoOneImportant: It doesn’t matter how many times you insist they aren’t engaged, it won’t make it true, honey. Adam found the lady he wants to marry. Get over it. It wouldn’t have been you anyway.

  337. 337
    SaraA Says:

    At some point, Bee will need to show a legit engagement ring. And most people seem to agree that there is something off about this announcement. It seems kind of phony when you consider everything. But if I’m a Bee fan, then I’m not going to get too excited, unless I see their wedding pictures. Many celebrities seem to get engaged, but never actually make it down the aisle.

  338. 338
    This is just weird! Says:


    I agree with a lot of your points Lori especially about Adam being bitter. The only thing I disagree with is Adam telling his friends not to congratulate him publicly. Think about it. If your reps contact People magazine( the most public magazine on the planet) and say that you are engaged then why not allow your friends to talk about it publicly. Your happiness. It just doesn’t make sense. Anne V tweeted something interesting about a month ago and it made me say Hmmmmm???

    She said:

    “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

    I wonder what she meant by that. I wonder if Adam tried to woo her back, she said NO, he looses it and gets engaged to Behati as the ultimate betrayal to her. This makes more sense to me than the other stuff talked about.

  339. 339
    jane Says:

    this guy should never marry anybody. he will never stop looking for young models to fool around with. better just stay single. he will be like 50 and still hunting for 21 year old models to bleep.

  340. 340
    @338 Says:

    Damn you Anne V are REALLY hung up on Adam and cling to anything to make it seem she’s his great love. Every theory/fantasy has been thrown down here.
    The funny thing is Anne V posts don’t get that many comments on here. So why are you guys popping out of the woodwork in an Adam post to the tune of almost 400?

  341. 341
    Lori Says:

    @This is just weird! I say that he told his friends not congratulate them because of the teenage fans who will most likely stalk or harass his friends or anyone who congratulates them. jmo
    I don’t know. However you look at this whole things it doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe and I am taking this with the grain of salt, maybe as E&N says the real news will be out soon maybe we will know the right story then. But however I look at it Adam comes off as the stupid one here. Also about what you said about Adam wooing Anne, I don’t know but can’t believe that although it makes sense of this mess he’s created.

    @338 I totally agree with what you said if Anne was his epic love then why not give her a promise to marry, he could have said, I will marry you when I’m ready but not right now. If she really loved him she would have stayed. He did love Anne but that’s his past. I have also heard people say that Anne used to be stuck up and a little bitchy when she was with Adam maybe that had something to do with what happened with them. But Anne has since changed and became a stable and happy person. Seriously let it go guys. Neither of them are gonna get back together.

    This is a total mess.

  342. 342
    @341 Says:

    “I totally agree with what you said if Anne was his epic love then why not give her a promise to marry, he could have said, I will marry you when I’m ready but not right now”.

    Exactly a lot of guys do that in HW and elsewhere. If he wanted her he would have fought for her all this while they’ve been apart. Anne V had had short term relationships since Adam but I don’t know if she has found a good love yet and not with Matt Harvey.

    This is a 24 year old guy who gave an interview to Esquire/GQ that his lifestyle role model was DEREK “Mr herpes”JETER. Derek has b*nged many HW starlets, Scarlett J, Gabby U and has had relationships with several Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly but the Yankees captain never loved anyone enough to put a ring on it. Matt aspiring to be like him in his off field antics is not encouraging for any woman who is looking for long term love.

    I’m not really sure how she’s winning or how Adam moving on with his life is a sign of his hurt. If they wanted to be together they would be. They are each other’s past IMO.

  343. 343
    Jinx Says:

    @@341: Adam may have told Anne exactly that but Anne probably didn’t want to wait. Dropped the ball on him by breaking up with him – which he obviously did not appreciate so he retaliated by hooking up with Bee. BTW, he just tweeted now some random message about ill advised style makeovers equating to wearing a costume.

  344. 344
    Jude Says:

    @SaraA – The only “most people” who agree there is something “off” in this announcement are you nutty obsessed fans. Behati doesn’t have to “show a legit engagement ring” to anybody. She doesn’t even have to wear a ring if she doesn’t want to. I saw a picture on tumblr of some girl who cut herself over this. Get a grip. He deserves love and so does she. It doesn’t have anything to do with you fans. He doesn’t owe you an explanation and he doesn’t need your permission and I doubt he gives a rats @ss if you like it or her. Geez people, get a real life.

  345. 345
    ????? Says:

    Lord, can we keep anne out of this please. She is his past. She has moved on, irrespecrive of what you say. She moved on a while ago and she is never gong to be be back with adam. This is all adams stupidity on his own. He craves attention, and decided bee gave him that.

    And as for anne and matt, who knows what will happen. As of now, They both seem happy. Matt strikes me as more mature at 24 than adam at 34. He has always said jeter was his role model for Being the king of nyc. Unfortunately people only take that as his romantic acrivity . Take that away, you have a man who has ruled nyc, never got into trouble like A rod did, with a loving fanbase, and had a long and healthy sportive life. There is no wrong in trying to emulate jeter.

    I still cannot believe that ALL his friends have been warned not to congratulate them. I mean nothing from VS, close friends, photogs, make up artists, nothing????

  346. 346
    Kari Says:

    Personally, I think they make a cute couple. Congratulations to both of them.

  347. 347
    This is just weird! Says:


    That’s what I heard @Jinx. Anne V really tried to hang in there with Adam but she was on one page and he was on another as far as marriage was concerned. They were together at a time when he spoke ill about marriage. In an interview he talked about how he didn’t want to be pressured into marriage just because his friends were doing it. I think marriage was the deal breaker for them.

    In response to their relationship being a thing of the past I don’t agree with that. If your a rock star and most of your adult life you could get and dump any girl you wanted. Your in a stable relationship for over 2 years with a girl you talked about in almost every interview ( he even said it was the most stable relationship he had ever been in and he was very happy) and surprisingly she dumps you. This will have an effect on you. He didn’t want it to end. He even stated he didn’t know they had broken up until she went to People magazine.

    I don’t care what anyone says I don’t think he’s over Anne. Every time she post or tweets something about her new boo Adam will always attempt to make headlines with his hangers-on a couple of days later. He did it with Behati then Nina and now Behati again.


  348. 348
    Bha Says:

    Maybe Adam can’t tweet because he’s too busy checking out his new imaginary triplets in Arkansas.

  349. 349
    @This is just weird! Says:

    Ah yes, I remember high school. The boy dumps you so you shag his best friend in hopes he’ll get jealous and come running back to you. Thing is Adam’s an adult with adult relationships. Maybe you’ll have one someday. Just because you can’t get over Anne doesn’t mean he can’t. Obviously he found something in Behati that knocked his socks off.

  350. 350
    huhhhh Says:

    you guys need to get a grip, this has nothing to do with anne, theyre in the past done and thats it, this has to be some sort sham pr stunt, does it make any sense? shes a rebound whom he nvr talked about or took anywhere, all of sudden he loves her misses her to marry her? i dont think so, theres something off here, i have to say tho she has gotten a lot of attn lately and so has he his twitter followers increased by so much yesterday, does this not seem fishy to you ppl? they were nvr a “couple” either, and dont start with the “private” crap, maybe none of his friends commented because its not real not because of the fan girls, if he didnt want to fangirls to harass his family or friends he wouldnt have made an announcement in the first place, there has to be something else going on here, the more you look at it the stranger it is imo, also this came out of nowhere u dont just get engaged to some random girl you were having fun with it after dumping her to get with another model you just vacationed with; but yes he does look real stupid right now

  351. 351
    lol Says:

    whoa. i wake up this all of THIS? popcorn has been POPPED. good thing i don’t have to go to adult world aka work for another hour and can read these novels.

  352. 352
    lol Says:

    ugh. all of this is so boring and tired. give the anne thing a rest. she looks and seems very happy. adam is obviously the one with the issues.

  353. 353
    Funny Thing Says:

    Seriously people if you’d go look thru twitter you’d find mentions of him being in Los Angeles on Tuesday not New York. This has to be a joke or a cover up because nothing adds up!! The Voice twitter acct hasn’t even congratulated him? Really?? Bee isn’t rubbing it in everyone’s face? This would be her moment. Not even a twit from VS congratulating Bee, oh please!!

  354. 354
    SaraA Says:

    @Jude: You mean the nutty obsessed fans like yourself who are going through everything Adam and Bee related on Tumblr, of all places? Try few people believe this is legit. It has nothing to do with being an Adam fan. I don’t even think the media takes it seriously.

    Beedam stans are convinced it’s legit and defensive to anyone who says otherwise because they know, deep down, that the whole thing is odd. After all, they were whining with Bee over why Adam dumped her and they were giving him crap. Now they’re doing another 180 and act like their breakup never happened? Right. Most of Adam’s are idiots.

  355. 355
    Funny Thing Says:

    Another point wouldn’t Ali be rubbing this in peoples faces too?

  356. 356
    Julie Says:

    Not sure why Adam would decide to get engaged when he’s about to go on tour from August to January.

  357. 357
    Bling... Says:

    There will be an interview with her (with the ring) on HLN tonight at 11PM

  358. 358
    Nikki Says:

    This seem too abrupt and doesn’t add up at all. PR stunt?

  359. 359
    Unknown Says:

    I’ve heard mama Patsy nor his friends are none to happy. He’s with another woman up until Monday then switches fields cause the other woman needed him to be a man. He ran to Behati cause he knows she doesn’t expect much from him. Behati’s a safety net right now. I’ve also heard that Bee’s adding salt to Annes and the other womans wounds and enjoying it. Interesting that certain people who use to praise Bee, professionally and personally, not fan wise, have made comments about her. A source told me apparently a comment was made loud enough friends and family of Adams could hear it about six months ago. He’s been told to keep his distance and don’t get close to Behati, when she gets obssesed of someone she goes after them. Which is a strange comment but makes ya wonder. Soon after hearing that comment Adam eventually dumped Behati and move onto another woman. But like I said above he feels she expects to much out of him.The truth will eventually come out and Behati will lose.

  360. 360
    SaraA Says:

    That ring looks weird. I guess if she gets modeling jobs out of it, then the ploy worked. No one outside of the fashion industry even knew who she is,until she became Adam’s rebound.

  361. 361
    LOL Says:

    Matt Harvey -
    Matt Harvey looks up to Derek Jeter as a role model, and not just for his on-the-field performance. “That guy is the model,” Harvey tells Men’s Journal. “First off, let’s just look at the women he’s dated. Obviously, he goes out — he’s meeting these girls somewhere — but you never hear about it. That’s where I want to be.” Harvey already dates supermodel Anne V, while Jeter’s been linked to beauties Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Adriana Lima, Vanessa Minnillo, Mariah Carey and Hannah Davis.

    Yep that’s serious relationship material right there!!

  362. 362
    Anna Says:

    Behati shows her ring,,20718459,00.html

  363. 363
    SaraA Says:

    Somehow I’m not surprised that Bee is talking and getting papped a lot. I still think this engagement is shady. Time will tell. ;)

  364. 364
    lol Says:

    I wish I could post a popcorn eating gif. I’m too lazy to find a link. Sorry Adam, as a long time fan and I mean long time, I can’t back you up on this.

  365. 365
    SaraA Says:

    Doesn’t really look good for Anne either.

  366. 366
    Funny Thing Says:

    @Anna: The keywords in the whole article is “it was serious”. It’s a joke and everyone knows it. @unknown please tell us more.

  367. 367
    lol Says:

    Is there a betting website yet on if they will make it to the alter!? Unless they do something stupid in Vegas for the iheartradio show. My odds are on that.

  368. 368
    Funny Thing Says:

    Today was a media blitz for VS, coincidence? I think not.

  369. 369
    lol Says:

    @Funny Thing: if this turns out to be a huge pr stunt, my respect for Adam is long gone. Oh wait, it’s already gone.

  370. 370
    Jenn Says:

    Funny how Zaira and all the Bee stans referred to Anne as a famewh0re. Wow. I’ve never seen such staged shots in my life. And that ring looks cheap. I’m not even sure it’s an engagement. But, as I had suspected, Bee will get a lot of mileage out of this, whatever it is.

    Ummmm . . . whatever happened to private Bee who didn’t draw attention to herself and preferred to stay in the background and let Adam shine? She’s never been private about Adam, even after she dumped him, she was chasing around his family and friends, posting stuff that’s indirect about Adam. She’s phony.

    Adam still hasn’t said a word about this engagement. I’m not convinced that it’s on the up and up.

  371. 371
    Kathy Says:

    These two are playing the media. The joke’s going to be on Adam when he has no fans left. He’s going to be miserable lonely old man if he doesn’t get it together. He looks nutty now!!! And if @unknown is right god help him!!! Mama Patsy where are you? Smack youe child upside his head. The rest of his friends need to ignore him too and quite sucking up to him.

  372. 372
    Truth Be Known Says:

    Bee sweetie here’s a little note to self. He stays at the Bowery now not the Mercer. Oh, Bee BTW he’s in LA!!

  373. 373
    Jenn Says:

    *correction: Adam dumped Bee

  374. 374
    Truth Be Known Says:

    @Jenn: Yes, Adam dumped Bee.

  375. 375
    Jenn Says:

    @Truth Be Known: I was correcting myself. I know Bee didn’t dump Adam.

  376. 376
    Funny Thing Says:

    If she’s allowed to celebrate with friends outdoors then why no twits from friends, colleagues or business associates? Blake would be all over this. Maybe @unknown is right. Everyone’s shocked.

  377. 377
    k r Says:

    All that money and that cracker box of a ring? How tasteless!

    out of context but matt harvey article was lost in translation. I never once thought he meant to follow jeters dating life. I was sure that he meant jeter as a role model as an athlete. And matt has already clarified what he meant.

  378. 378
    AmyR Says:

    That ring is awful and doesn’t even look real. It looks as if it’s made of glass. I’d be insulted if a guy gave me that ring as an engagement ring. Very tacky looking. Sorry.

  379. 379
    Anon Says:

    Unknown! You’re back! Yay! According to People he got down on one knee and was “serious”–I am so confused right now. I know I should wish him well, but something just seems off her. It doesn’t help that i’m mjorly jealous. :(

  380. 380
    Anon Says:


    you seem to have inside information @unknown. do you think they’ll elope or act in the moment in vegas?

  381. 381
    AmyR Says:

    One thing I want to point out is that many celebrities have PR relationships for a number of reasons. Just throwing that out there. If she’s about to lose a contract or jobs, then that makes sense. Modeling is a short-life career. And since Bee isn’t doing much else, she’ll have to find a guy whose coattails she can ride on.

  382. 382
    Anon Says:

    do you really think she’s preg? she was drinking and smoking in ny. i’ve loved adam for years and years–i know he’s a celeb and all and this is none of our business, but i think the shock and suddenness of this is getting to everyone ad we feel like wehave to figure it out. i’m personally dying to know what’s really going on with this engagement.

  383. 383
    AmyR Says:

    @Jinx: A diet of alcohol, cigarettes, and cocaine will do that to a person’s body.

  384. 384
    Jinx Says:

    She had another IG pic in a lace dress – man, she is just sick-thin. Who finds that attractive?

  385. 385
    Unknown Says:

    I wasn’t going to post anything more on Adam and Behatis relationship, or lack of, but this rubbed me in the wrongest way possible. Adam is using Behati as a ploy to get attention, and him flying to NYC last night was impulse to show someone else he doesn’t have to wait on her. I really don’t care if anyone agrees with me on this one or not but you just don’t do that. Did he really have to make a grand entrance today? No. He knows he’s ******** up and trying to stick it to someone else but did he really have to smile big for the camera? This is totally wrong in my eyes!

  386. 386
    girl love yourself Says:


    The whole thing screams PR stunt. But really all of this makes him seem like a great big douche bag. You are ***king some other girl 2 weeks ago and then magically realize you love your rebound fling that you never publicly recognized as your girlfriend. HMMMM no I don’t think so. Does anyone else wonder if he is doing major drugs, not talking pot because I fully believe he never stopped that. He has just looked so dirty and rough lately just like Bee always does and has been doing and saying douchier things than normal. Where the hell is his family during all of this mess.

  387. 387
    Joke? Says:

    @Unknown: You couldn’t be more right. Wow! Way to fix a screw up, Adam!

  388. 388
    AmyR Says:

    It’s going to suck for Adam and Bee once the Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, gives birth to her baby.

    They’ll have to decide on another PR stunt to keep relevant.

  389. 389
    Jinx Says:

    @AmyR: HA HA Love that comment!

  390. 390
    Unknown Says:

    Oh BTW Blake and Miranda know the truth. Blake’s not going to open his mouth cause he knows BS. What I’ve heard, Adam better watch it, cause Miranda’s pissed he screwed someone else over who’s her friend. So Adam better watch it for her gunpowder & lead.

  391. 391
    Unknown Says:

    Another thing from what I hear. Let’s just say momma is levied he screwed things up this time in a big way but she also knows how her son is. If someone pushes Adam he goes in the direction people don’t want him to go in. He has to learn the hard way and they know it. THEY WANT THIS FIXED QUICKLY!

  392. 392
    ??????? Says:

    Eeew. New pics of adam. He looks like a hobo

  393. 393
    Unknown Says:

    @???????: He caught a redeye flight from LA last night. What do you expect?

  394. 394
    Melly Says:

    “I am so happy and excited and still can’t believe it’s true!” Behati told ET Canada (via People) about how Adam popped the question. “It was a one-knee thing! It was serious, it was very old school!”

    She “still can’t believe it’s true?”

    Maybe her stalking finally wore him down? He’s certainly looking that way right now. I doubt they ever marry.

  395. 395
    ??????? Says:


    did he grow that hobo beard on a 5 hr flight too? People look exhausted after a red eye, not dirty!

  396. 396
    girl love yourself Says:


    A fan that met him on twitter said that he stunk really bad too. He never ever looked like this and treated himself this way when he was with someone decent. Behati always looks dirty, even when she is dressed up she still has that look about her. She is a terrible influence in his life.

  397. 397
    anotherlurker Says:


    but he was playing golf in New Jersey yesterday during the day … there were pictures of him on twitter with a young fan who’s Dad was with him at the golf course

  398. 398
    Unknown Says:

    @anotherlurker: Not sure when those are from but he was in LA yesterday. His buddy Gene had his first day of filming for a new film he wrote.

  399. 399
    Hahaha Says:

    @girl love yourself: That fan also thinks that Behati is the best person ever for Adam. She met Behati for five seconds, so she’s a great judge of character. It’s funny that she met Behati the day Behati was stalking Adam before the MSG concert. After Adam and Behati had already been broken up.

  400. 400
    anotherlurker Says:

    @Unknown: I dunno ..she was really excited ‘cos her dad had said he was with Adam at the golf course near her house .. so she went down there and met him and took a picture .. this would have been around lunch time yesterday. Here’ s the link to the picture, the beard looks pretty much the same.

  401. 401
    This is just weird! Says:

    @@This is just weird!:

    @349 No worries. I’m in a stable relationship. Just in case you didn’t notice Adam is a very immature 34 year old who dates 20 year old women. NEWS REEL….. it’s not far-fetched that he is playing games. Time will tell.

  402. 402
    This is just weird! Says:


    I agree with you unknown. I think Adam is attention- seeking but even more that that he seems extremely bitter about something. Posters keep saying something is up this just doesn’t add up but they don’t want to hear a logical theory. The THEORY is he’s losing it over Anne’s new relationship.

  403. 403
    Amber Says:

    Thanks for coming back, I really appreciate your comments

  404. 404
    jay Says:

    Adam looks really worn out and as much as I want to be happy for him, I don’t see this ending well.

  405. 405
    AmyR Says:

    Adam looks like death warmed over right now. Yeah. He seems really upbeat.

    There isn’t any good reason that no one on Adam’s side can’t come forward with how happy they are that he’s engaged. Neither he nor Bee owe the details to the public, but seriously, his “rep” gave the story to People. It’s worldwide knowledge at this point.

    Anyone who says it doesn’t matter that Adam and his family and friends haven’t publicly come forward to show their support knows this engagement is shady and staged. They’re making poor excuses for what is painfully obvious to everyone.

    Funny how this news comes out during Bee’s latest VS sales event.

  406. 406
    Jinx Says:

    Oh well. Who’d have thought he would settle like this? Especially him who was so wary of marriage because of his parents’ divorce. Looks like he’s setting himself up to be another statistic. This has nothing to do with his ex Anne – that ship has long sailed – but more to do with him settling for Bee. He does not have the look of an ecstatic and happily in love man. He seems more like a desperate, unkempt and disheveled man. Like someone who has let himself go! He has so much to aspire to – he is only 34. What is going on in that head of his?

  407. 407
    AmyR Says:

    @Jinx: Exactly. And the Beedam stans, since they got over Bee being dumped are ecstatic and refuse to admit that the whole thing seems phony. They’re lost causes.

  408. 408
    jay Says:

    The only person to have tweeted or said anything to either Behati or Adam is Jesse Carmichael. He posted on Bee’s photo ‘Engagement gloves?’ and just tweeted Adam ‘marry a man #loneyisland’ Kinda strange and makes me think he knew nothing about it and he’s been Adam’s close friend forever. Looks like it’s a shock to almost everyone.

  409. 409
    Unknown Says:

    @anotherlurker: Day might be off but he’s been in LA thru Tuesday.

  410. 410
    Awkward Says:

    I just read an interview with Behati where she said he asked her mother and father’s permission before he proposed. Does anyone actually believe that that much forethought went into this mess? And didn’t someone say that she doesn’t even speak to them?

  411. 411
    Jules Says:

    I don’t know… As much as this whole thing seems “off”, her interview seemed pretty legitimate. I don’t think that girl could act that well. She truly seems to believe it will be “happily ever after” for them! So if it’s a publicity stunt, it’s definitely one way. I think she’s clueless (not that that’s news)….

  412. 412
    Adahati Levinesloo Says:

    Victoria perfume launch today, just 2 days after engagement announcement. Do they we’re that dumb? She says in the Extra inverview it is the biggest perfume launch in VS history. Duh people.

  413. 413
    ????? Says:

    I saw the inyerview. She couldnt even get the “story” right. First she said she called up her parents first. Then she thought adam calling up her dad to ask permission will make a better story. And changed to that !

    Bahahahaha. Get your story together girl. You are gping to have to lie for a long long time.

  414. 414
    Melly Says:

    @?????: The whole engagement story is shady, so I’m not surprised that she doesn’t have her side of it straight yet. Adam looks like garbage. You know, like most of the men who’ve asked the women they truly love to marry them. ;)

  415. 415
    E&N Says:

    @lol: Nope. I was there when he came in. The Overflow Band & Ben Watts were performing at Jonesboro Worship Center Church that night. The pastor of that church can confirm.

  416. 416
    martha Says:

    I’m predicting a rehab or mental health intervention. His behaviour is not his normal. Bipolar requiring lithium perhaps.

  417. 417
    This is just weird! Says:

    I will repeat this once again. It is very obvious Adam’s behavior is OFF. But why!…….THIS IS A REVENGE ENGAGEMENT! Adam doesn’t know or has even met Behati’s parents. It was sloppily done. People just don’t do things just because. There is always a motive. He is BITTER! Very BITTER at Anne.

    Something recently happened between those two. I just hope it all comes out in the wash. Getting my popcorn.

  418. 418
    Melly Says:

    The skeptics outweigh the believers. Although I suspect the believers are actually one or two Behati fans posting under several aliases.

  419. 419
    lol Says:

    @E&N: lololololololol at adam going to a church. l.o.freaking.l.

  420. 420
    lol Says:

    @This is just weird!: i’ve been passing out popcorn since page 3. have a seat and have some.

  421. 421
    E&N Says:

    @lol: He is Jewish and goes to his church all the time. He even commented before (and I cannot recall the interview that was in) that Jewish churches and Christian churches are a lot alike.

  422. 422
    AmyR Says:

    I own a couple of rings that look exactly like Behati’s. They’re not expensive and you can put any stone in the setting. The pictures aren’t the best quality, but the diamond looks cloudy, which means it’s low quality.

  423. 423
    lol Says:

    @E&N: you’re just, weird.

  424. 424
    Elli Says:


    RE: mental health invervention – I think he lost whatever control he did have over his ADHD. This seems like an extremely compulsive thing to do. I read a few reports from the blind audition tapings that said he was all over the place, even more-so than he usually is. Or you know, maybe he’s starting to develop Amanda Bynes Syndrome.

  425. 425
    Jenn Says:

    @E&N: That sounds like a load of crap. No offense. Adam isn’t formally religious.

  426. 426
    E&N Says:

    @E&N: Look up Ben Waites. He is a handicapped man who is in his 30s who performs with the Gaithers from time to time. He never knew how to walk bc of his crippled legs, but has a set of lungs on him like no other. Adam saw him that night. On the following Monday, on the Voice, Adam commented to Melanie Martinez that over the weekend, he came to realize that God instills in people different things that others desire. He also then talked about how Melanie is perfect just the way she is, and that people want to dress like her.

  427. 427
    girl love yourself Says:


    Ehhh it’s probably a drug of some sort. The general lack of care about his appearance, impulsive out of character behavior, poor decison making plus he just looked high as hell in the pictures from here and the ones from the golf club on twitter.

  428. 428
    Elli Says:

    @girl love yourself:
    Whatever it is, if he doesn’t get it under control soon, this summer tour could be a complete disaster.

  429. 429
    babies? Says:

    @E&N So where are the babies? Jessica’s been in labor for 2 days now.

  430. 430
    E&N Says:

    Just saying, if you don’t think I’m telling the truth, confront the pastor of that church. He talked to Adam for several minutes before the concert started.

  431. 431
    E&N Says:

    @babies?: False labor. She is due July 27th, so they can come any time btn now and then. Babies dropped on Sunday night, too.

  432. 432
    Melly Says:

    Surely if Adam had been in Arkansas, someone would have gotten his picture. No way Adam “Fish out of Water” Levine goes to Arkansas and no one mentions it. A fan got a picture of his bandmates eating dinner at a hotel restaurant in the Quad Cities during the last tour. That’s not exactly a hopping, happening area of the country.

  433. 433
    E&N Says:

    @Melly: Would you believe me if I told you that most of the crowd that night were oldies and southern gospel fans. When asked later about Adam, they had no clue who he even was. #justsaying

  434. 434
    Melly Says:

    @E&N: I have to give you this much credit: you have a creative answer for everything.

  435. 435
    Funny Says:

    So, it’s pretty amazing that Jessica has carried these babies full term. Most twins and triplets, especially these days, are premature because of an induced C-section. #justsaying

  436. 436
    E&N Says:

    @Funny: 30 weeks 4 days isn’t full term.

  437. 437
    Funny Says:

    But you did say due date. The date they are due as set per a doctor. Not her induction date.

  438. 438
    Jenn Says:

    You guys, I confess. Adam got me pregnant with sextuplets. They’ll be due soon, say, September 16? They’re the results of a drunken one-night stand.

  439. 439
    E&N Says:

    @Funny: Actual due date is btn July 27th and August 3rd. Induction date hasn’t been set yet. Usually triplets run on a different scale than single babies. This is bc most moms to be who are carrying triplets/quads are susceptible to going into labor much earlier, as in between weeks 32-34. It would be rare to see triplets go all 40 weeks.

  440. 440
    Kay Says:


    Congratulations! :)

  441. 441
    E&N Says:

    You can believe what you want to believe. I know the truth. You all will see in due time. That is all.

  442. 442
    lol Says:

    @E&N: how long have you been writing your fan fic?

  443. 443
    TexasGirl Says:

    Just catching up on the last four pages. Wow – so it’s true. WTF?? It’s just so weird . So out of left field. Then again…. Most of what I know about A & B’s relationship comes from gossip boards like this, so maybe all the negative sh*t about her and about them was just made up – someone heard something from someone who heard something from someone…etc. I don’t know… It’s just strange. And that ring…. I would have expected something way better – like the one J-Lo got from Ben…or something around that size and value. That “1930′s” ring just isn’t cutting it. He’s Adam F***ing Levine – he can afford to buy a much better ring!

    Seriously….do you all think they’ll actually get married?? Boy, I’d love to know what Nina thinks of this. How special do you feel if you’re dating a guy for a couple of months, go on vacation together, and BAM…he’s engaged to his ex. Just unreal!

  444. 444
    Jenn Says:

    @Kay: Thanks! I plan to have quintuplets right afterward. But those will be due next April. The 15th. Tax Day.

  445. 445
    martha Says:

    Hahahaha hahaha hardy har har

  446. 446
    E&N Says:

    Just to clear the air, Jessica’s actual original due date was October 6th, 2013. Regular inducing time was scheduled for September 15th, 2013. BUT the babies dropped on Sunday, which means they can come any time btn now and 4wks from now.

  447. 447
    Jinx Says:

    oh ok – we’re still on the jessica story? so she hasn’t given birth yet?- the babies are lower in her belly? well we’re going to need alot more popcorn then—- train wreck, drama, wine, and babies! the makings of a classic soap opera! Plus Jenn will be having her quintuplets on Tax Day! Jenn – you are better off giving birth this year so you can claim on the quintuplets next tax season! ;-)

  448. 448
    lol Says:

    sheeeet, better start popping more popcorn, then. it’s like a never ending soap opera up in hurr.

  449. 449
    This is just weird! Says:


    Don’t forget to pass some that popcorn around to me. Me thinks Adam has been planning to marry for a while now. He sold his bachelor pad and bought a more family oriented house in Bel Air. I think he wants to be more like Blake BUT HE’S CLUELESS ABOUT HOW MARRIAGE REALLY WORKS.

    Something tells me maybe he wanted Anne back but she said NO so he is getting back at her by asking Behati to marry him instead. This is why we are seeing the weird erratic, behavior. This is also why we are seeing this weird impromptu engagement to a girl he dumped just a couple of months ago. I TRULY BELIEVE THIS WITH ALL MY HEART.

  450. 450
    Jenn Says:

    @Jinx: It’s tough out there for a consistently woman. You know how it is. :-P

  451. 451
    Jenn Says:

    *consistently pregnant . . . bleh.

    I don’t know. I wouldn’t exactly use Blake’s marriage as an example for why to get married. He seems like a nice guy. And his wife seems all right. He’s been to the marriage rodeo before and there were questions as to whether he and Miranda were messing around while he was married to his first wife. Unless . . . that’s why Adam thinks Blake has the right idea.

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