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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Engaged After Reuniting!

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo: Engaged After Reuniting!

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are engaged, according to People.

Adam Levine and his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo are excited to announce they are engaged to be married. The couple recently reunited and Adam proposed this weekend in Los Angeles,” the 34-year-old Maroon 5 front man’s rep shared to the mag.

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Adam and Behati had started dating a year ago, after he split with supermodel Anne V. Adam and Behati briefly broke up this year and he was recently linked to Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • Kristen

    If you guys look at the video posted on page one, you can see the ring if you pause it LOL. Get it before she brings her hand up and hides it.

    You guys are funny, though.

  • Ryan

    @This is just weird!:

    adam didnt want to marry anne v

  • Julie

    @Martina: That’s because Adam doesn’t really love Behati. That’s just part of the PR spin. Something else is going on here.

  • E&N

    @Julie: Yes, Julie, I agree 100%

  • Farr

    it’s going to be even worse pain for her when he dumps her again after having proposed.

  • Not

    @ E&N so Jessica is really Kimmie, I’m not following.

  • Gitana

    there is zero chance this ever makes it to the altar.

  • Jack’s hammer

    Poor Behati…

  • This is just weird!


    First and foremost I am not an stalker. I’ve seen many pic of him and Ann V in the past together showing PDA and seemingly happy. He used to mention her all the time in interviews. He hasn’t mentioned Behati’s name not one time and it’s really hard to find pics of them showing PDA except for his drunken stupor in Hawaii last year.

    Anne V dumped him because he didn’t want to get married after being together for 2 long years. He didn’t think she would leave him but she did and he was shocked. A couple of days after Anne V was seen kissing her new beau Adam was seen with new girl Nina Agdal. That’s not a coincidence and like the other poster said Adam is into playing mind games. He’s still bitter with Anne. He won’t marry this girl. It’s a ploy.

  • Harris

    random, rushed proposal.
    what a great foundation for a marriage.
    thumbs up.

  • @46

    Everything you said.

    Anne broke up with him because he did not want to commit.

    I dunno why his committing to someone else almost 2 YEARS after the break up is only because of Anne’s existence.

    If that were the case why Adam not just beg for forgiveness and commit to her if he wanted her instead of banging/getting engaged to her colleagues

  • This is just weird!


    Yes I agree with you Martha. Something is very strange about this engagement.

  • E&N

    @Not: Yes. Always has been, since October. Anyway, that video footage doesn’t say anything at all about the two of them. Adam said in that interview with Oprah, that when he gets married, it will be obvious. If they were “really” engaged, he’d be all over this announcing it to the world “himself” with pics, NOT running from the paps. Just saying!

  • lol

    lol at everyone bringing up adam and anne. soooooo over and homegirl has moved ON. to a better guy.

    behati, girl. you’re never making it down the alter. good luck with that.

  • Trulio

    @lol: Right on.

  • Martha

    @Odd: troll? Adam didn’t woo Anne V back because she ended it…and moved on. Third string?? Opening pitcher of all star. Lets face it, Adam Levine isn’t exactly Craig Owens. Adams paparazzi shots appear to be strangely coincidental to Anne V having photos shown.

  • @Ryan

    they don’t ant to hear that. this insistence that Anne is his real love appears to be the mantra of some Anne V fans in denial. though if Anne has moved on happily you need to wonder why half the comments here are from her fans in a post that does not even mention her. her fans are obviously still attached to Adam. lol

  • Jack’s hammer

    Hah hah hah at a 3rd string baseball player comment. Matt Harvey is THE super-stud of Major League Baseball. And I don’t mean his looks (which are pretty damn impressive too). Starting pitcher in the MLB all star game at 24. And no, he ain’t Tom Brady – he doesn’t look like a girl.

  • Elli


    So basically you’re saying he’s using this as a decoy to get the media off his back? Probably couldn’t get Nina to go along with it so he went running to Bee, who was I’m sure was thrilled to play pretend wifey.


  • Ann

    What?Few weeks ago he was dating another model,he even travelled with her to Mexico,now he’s suddenly engaged to Behati?They broke up months ago and were barely seen together.Or he cheated on that model and Behati got pregnant,or it’s a weird PR stunt to promote something.Or he’s trying to cover something…go figure.
    Anyway,he’s a cheater,only loves himself and will cheat on her…
    They won’t last anyway…their relationship didn’t even last one year,so this “engagement” will probably be shorter than their previous relationship.
    His rep…anyone can pretend to be a celebrity’s “rep” nowadays.I’ll only believe it when Adam confirms it himself.But i still believe they won’t last…he’s like a male sl*t.

  • Jacinda


  • Kieran

    Matt Harvey would eat Adam Levine for breakfast and still have room for more.

  • E&N

    @Elli: Exactly. The REAL news should come out later this week actually.

  • Liana

    Anne V def traded up.
    Adam’s skinny jeans not doing it for her.
    totally get it.
    Matt Harvey is yummy.
    get it girl.

  • This is just weird!


    He claimed he wasn’t ready at the time but he didn’t think Anne would leave him because of that but she did.

  • Elli


    So, just curious, does Adam want the “real” news out? Because if he’s doing this to try and overshadow it and it comes out anyway, it sounds like he could have a real big mess on his hands..

  • E&N

    @Elli: Of course he does. There are several celebs who have had a secret long relationship and even got married secretly, look at Kerry Washington. Maybe the reason he didn’t expose her early was due to her pregnancy with 3, and he didn’t want her to be stressed or made fun of.

  • girl love yourself

    Wow he was with another girl just a couple weeks ago. Poor Behati has got to have some major like HUGE self esteem issues if this is true. Run girl run, if he cheats with on his long time girlfriend to get with you, the cheats on you, the cheats on his current fling to get back with you that leopard isn’t changing his spots any time soon. LOVE YOURSELF more than that.

  • Bahaha!

    I LOVE IT! All you Behati haters out there were sooooo sure it was over! What happened to all those “sources” you had? Bahahahaha!

    Congrats to Adam and Behati. You’ll make beautiful babies.

  • Sara

    @Bahaha!: Behati isn’t really in the bestposition either. Adam was screwing around with Nina Agdal about a few weeks ago. If Adam had truly loved Bee, then he never would have created on her or dumped her. Bee must not have other options.

  • Kay


    I dont really know what to believe but IF this is just a fake PR thing (not saying it is, I’m confused) the real question is; is Behati in on it? Or is she just a pawn in his game, because … ouch.

  • MrsOzzie

    Adam’s fans keep mentioning Anne V because she is smarter, prettier, classier and more mature than Behati and those said fans just want the best for him. Behati is just a train wreck.

  • This is just weird!


    Because he’s playing games and won’t really marry Behati.

  • Kay


    I think it’s because Adam fans think that he NEEDS someone like Anne. Why? Because he’s a train wreck himself. I love the dude, but really, he’s a mess. Bee isn’t going to help him be a better person, at least not from what I’ve seen. I do agree that his fans need to let Anne be though, it’s starting to sound like she got out in time – she should be happy about that, we should be happy for her. lol

  • Not

    E&N Adam is going to look like a BIGGER DOUCHEbag for doing this if he is really involved with Jessica and she is having triplets. His PR REALLY SUCKS!

  • girl love yourself


    You seem to be forgetting him pictured with another girl a couple weeks ago. If you are truly a behati fan you should be really worried about the fact she would want to be with someone who treats her that way.

  • MrsOzzie


    Agreed she got out in time. Anne could not be more different than Behati. Her twitter account makes me cringe. Its like she is high school, or younger. I just don’t see it! She is like a car wreck for me, I can’t help but look but wish I hadn’t after I did.

    I’m super happy for Anne. She posted a picture of herself in a Matt Harvey jersey from the All Star Game. She did well for herself and hope it works out for her. Apparently he is crazy about her.

  • E&N

    @Not: There are things you don’t know about this girl, though. About her lifestyle. People don’t know about her purity, and the fact that it will shock the world to see Adam with her. She has changed him for the better and continues to do so. This will not make him look bad at all. He’s just building up what the world thinks might happen to BOOM! He and Jessica are out there in the open and you never would have thought.

  • Shannon H

    Adam will rush to the altar. He was engaged once before and that flopped. He will bolt and marry quickly.

  • E&N

    You guys got the age thing wrong, too! Jessica is 33, not 28. Not that age matters.

  • LOL
  • Julie

    @girl love yourself: Behati’s fans aren’t the brightest bulbs in the drawer. They forget that Bee was the other woman and that Adam cheated on her.

    Anyone remember this Adam & Nina gossip from July 3?

  • E&N

    You may want to wait to hear it out of Adam’s mouth and not a tabloid. Just saying. He said in the Oprah video it would be obvious, so why doesn’t their twitters say anything?

  • lol

    i’m just gonna sit here with some popcorn and watch this train wreck.

  • attagrl


    If he is having babies (triplets you say??!!) with another girl, then why announce an engagement with this Behati girl?? That just makes him look REALLY bad!!! Im so confused…! Is he trying to have these babies without the world knowing??..that’s impossible!

  • Elli


    Yeah sure, but the media isn’t going to take lightly to being played.

  • Julie

    Adam plays games, I think.@lol: That goes for this “rushed” engagement too.

  • lol

    popcorn, anyone!? i’ll share.

  • Awkward

    I don’t think they look giddy in that video. I think they look awkward. She makes a big deal out of thrusting her hand out and then hiding it and he just seems annoyed and uncomfortable. Even when he puts his arm around her, their body language is just off. I wish them the best, but something reads wrong.

  • E&N

    @attagrl: Yes, he is! And, can’t anyone take a joke? If you really knew Adam, you’d know he’s one for playing the jokes in the tabloids all the time. AND, if you want the REAL news, just wait about a week or less…