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Cory Monteith Cause of Death: Heroin & Alcohol

Cory Monteith Cause of Death: Heroin & Alcohol

Cory Monteith‘s cause of death has reportedly been revealed as heroin and alcohol, according to TMZ.

The British Columbia Coroners Service have detailed the autopsy and toxicology report of the 31-year-old Glee star as having “mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol.”

Cory had struggled with drug use in the past, and checked himself into rehab earlier this year.

Cory tragically passed away over the weekend in Vancouver. He was found dead by hotel staff.

Our continued thoughts go out to Cory‘s family, friends, and Glee cast members.

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54 Responses to “Cory Monteith Cause of Death: Heroin & Alcohol”

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  1. 26
    Simon Says:

    Kind of hard to feel sorry for him.

  2. 27
    Isabel Says:

    Heroin ruined and, eventually, took the life of my brother so I feel immensely for Cory’s family and friends. Knowing you couldn’t save someone from him or herself is an incredibly hard pill to swallow and I hope those that loved him most are kind to themselves and realize that the only person who could have helped Cory was Cory.

  3. 28
    jenny Says:

    I be how people are defending a drug user. Hollywood is disgusting for allowing a drug user to be on television where young children are looking up to them. And you people are condoning it. Disgusting. Drugs don’t get a hold on someone, that someone gets a hold on drugs.

  4. 29
    Roberta Says:

    He used drugs because he wanted to. No one else is to blame but himself. He decided to do drugs again and paied a high price for it. I feel sorry for his family and Lea, but don’t feel sorry for him.

  5. 30
    kelly Says:

    I was expecting prescription meds. So many die every day from accidental combinations of them. They are really dangerous and just about every home has them now.

  6. 31
    alex Says:


    You should educate yourself on the psychology of addiction unless you want to keep being part of the problem.

  7. 32
    alex Says:

    Those who are saying they don’t feel sorry for him and singling him out to be one of the few who lost their way must be living inside a bubble. Addiction is a huge reality of our times to the point where you don’t have to be famous OR even rich to know people who are in far too deep. And yes, the problem lies within how people begin using drugs and what/who enabled them in the first place- but if you think these are rare incidents that can’t or won’t happen to someone you know, in this day and age, you’re not cautious enough.

    What really got to me with Cory Monteith is how he was clean for so many years and even when he relapsed, he checked himself into rehab again. He was discharged, he was clearly perceived to be fine by professionals and surely his family and friends. If this doesn’t open people’s eyes to how brutal drug addictions are, nothing will. He was a man striving to cure himself of his demons and to inspire young people continuously. I’ll remember him with nothing but love.

  8. 33
    Nikki Says:

    @Roberta: Maybe you’d have more sympathy if you ever lost someone to drugs. Addiction is real and it’s one of the hardest things to overcome. You need to learn some empathy!

  9. 34
    lol Says:

    Dont do drugs. Period. Just dont start. Its that simple.

  10. 35
    ontd Says:

    Addiction is a demon that you have to fight everyday of your life and it doesn’t matter how many times you are in rehab…it’s a lifelong disease. I know from experience. But seriously, why do people be it celebs or wha not..mess with heroin? It’s a no win situation.

  11. 36
    anna Says:

    So sad!! it means that he lied all the time.He was not happy because he knows what will happen there!I am sorry” Lea”, for so much invested in the power and love, and now she is left alone and completely ruined. i’m so sad

  12. 37
    reya Says:

    how do u know he had years of being clean?
    why do u assume he was goo to go just bec he left rehab?
    he was there of his own will. you are not ‘discharged’. u can leave whenever u want.
    if u knew an addict u would know they are amazing liars.
    they are good at hiding what they are doing.
    but they do these things bec they are addicts.
    He is completely responsible for his actions, but I still feel sorry for him bec addiction is tough.

  13. 38
    Allie Says:

    This whole situation is so sad. He was a young guy with so much life left to live, and it goes to show how detrimental and horrific drugs are. Once you start getting into hard drugs, there’s usually no going back. Your life will always revolve around your addiction. You think you’re good and sober for a while, but then it seems like the claws of addiction always drag you back down. It doesn’t matter how much you have going for you, how much your family/friends love you, the euphoria of drugs seems to override it all. RIP Cory, may your soul be at peace and your lost battle with addiction inspire other young addicts to recover once and for all.

  14. 39
    Roberta Says:

    @Nikki: I didn’t lose anyone to drugs, but came close to. 3 people very close to me became drug addicts, and to this day fight to stay sober. We should stop playing addicts as victims. Cory made the choice to begin to do drug, he wasn’t sick at the time he started them, he became sick after. But he made the choice. His death is a result of a bad choice that he made, no one else made it for him. No one forced him to do drugs, no one forced him to drink and use heroin. No one forced him to hang out with his friends and drink with them. He made those choices and paied a price for it. Everyone knows that to beat addiction, or even deal with it for that matter, you should change all your habits. You don’t leave rehab and a few months later go hang out with your friends and drink knowing that you have a problem. To those that said that I don’t have sympathy, well I do… for his family and Lea who are left here to mourn his death.

  15. 40
    Roberta Says:

    @Nikki: Now that I think back, I think my mother died because of the prescription med she was taking. However, we will never know because no authopsy was performed, but she had a cardiac arrest erly this year and I’m strongly convinced it was cause by this medication. I don’t know how many she took before she died, bu she was taking them. So, yes, come to think about it, I did lose someone to drugs and still stand by my opinion. I’m not trying to be rude, or insensitive for that matter, just expressing my opinion.

  16. 41
    bieberlover Says:

    its a shame. supposing role model in a highschool drama ended up dead because of drug use and alcohol. now kids know how bad drugs are. he cant blame anyone for his drug use. he chose the path and he lived it

  17. 42
    Rach Says:

    @lol: easier said than done. In this day and age, YES i agree. dont start. but a lot of middle-aged people, or even people like him, who started or tried doing drugs 15-20 years ago, have a harder time overcoming their addiction, especially if they had been doing drugs or drinking for a majority of their life. drugs were different in the 70′s and 80′s, they ran rampant.

  18. 43
    Susie#1 Says:

    This is sad on so many levels. There are interviews with friends who were with him earlier on the night Cory died. A friend is quoted saying that they were together, all catching up, that Cory attended AA meetings in Vancouver, that he planned to move in with Lea. None of his friends found his behavior alarming. So, I’m wondering: if everything was supposedly okay with Cory why did he choose to indulge in alcohol and heroin, knowing that he’s an addict. It’s possible he had an AA sponsor, so is it possible that Cory didn’t call that person when he had alcohol in front of him. If everything was supposedly okay with Cory, in terms of personal and professional life, how could he separate that side of his personality from his demons. In the past, I’ve worked with alcoholics, and one of their coping mechanisms is denial: “I’m not an alcoholic, so I can just drink this one beer,” or “I’m not an alcoholic, so I can have a few drinks this weekend. No prob.”

    Yes, Cory made bad choices, and left behind many mourners. If you know of people struggling with substance abuse, please support them.

  19. 44
    Reality Bites Says:


    So.. Robert Downey JR shouldn’t be allowed to be Iron Man?

    Angelina Jolie shouldn’t be allowed to be a Special Envoy for Refugees because once upon a time they did drugs?

    Russell Brand should not be allowed.. well to do anything.

    Wow.. you really believe in the power of redemption, don’t you?

  20. 45
    Greg Says:

    Wow I thought it would’ve been an accidental overdose of some prescription medication he was taking that mixed lethally with alcohol. Sometimes you hear of insomnia pills and other legal addictive drugs that are used by someone in his position, nothing improper or out of the ordinary, but I’m surprised it was heroin-use and alcohol. Those are hard drugs. Plus, in 2009 right before starting Glee, he made it clear that he was off drinking. Guess that picked up over the course of his rise to fame.

  21. 46
    emilia Says:

    This is the lesson for all of those stars today

  22. 47
    Pretested48 Says:

    There are to many young sweet kids that are being introduced to this horrible drug and are dying from it.
    Having worked in hospitals I’ve seen alot.Cory certainly didn’t look like a heroin user.I’ve seen meth adicts an he does have that look either.Crack users, Cory didn’t fit in that look either.
    You know it takes that one person to introduce someone that has that certain addictive gene in his chemistry and thats all it takes to get hooked. Thats where it starts and that is where it should end, the seller,turn them in.
    Alcohol is a Drug, take an addict out drinking ,what are they gonna do? They’ll try hard to stay sober but just one person saying ah come on ,one drink won’t hurt you ,is the worse thing in the world to say to An Alcoholic ,or Drug Addict.They shouldn’t have gone to any drinking places.True friends would have known that wasn’t a place for Cory .I think there’s more to all this ,Cory didn’t want to die. He went to rehab for help ,You don’t go to rehab to self destruct..
    We all need to let go of this,send our Sympathy’s and let the Family be to what they have to do in PEACE
    If you don’t have anything nice to say,Leave The Family alone ans Let Cory REST IN PEACE !! AMEN.

  23. 48
    Pretested48 Says:

    REST IN PEACE CORY AMEN ! <3 <3 <3

  24. 49
    Lisa Says:

    I am in NO place to judge anyone. Cory dealt with his “inner demons” the only way he knew how, with drugs. No one knows what was going on inside her head or heart at the time of his death. He did a pretty good job of covering up his pain. My thoughts are prayers are with his friends and family in this time of great loss and sorrow. Cory is now in Heaven singing in God’s Choir. Cory was called HOME and he is no longer in any form of pain. God Bless.

  25. 50
    Lisa Says:

    Grammar Correction: I meant His head NOT her head.

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