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Cory Monteith Cause of Death: Heroin & Alcohol

Cory Monteith Cause of Death: Heroin & Alcohol

Cory Monteith‘s cause of death has reportedly been revealed as heroin and alcohol, according to TMZ.

The British Columbia Coroners Service have detailed the autopsy and toxicology report of the 31-year-old Glee star as having “mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol.”

Cory had struggled with drug use in the past, and checked himself into rehab earlier this year.

Cory tragically passed away over the weekend in Vancouver. He was found dead by hotel staff.

Our continued thoughts go out to Cory‘s family, friends, and Glee cast members.

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  • realitycheck

    Someone said in a previous comment that we should do our homework before commenting and learn more about addiction. Well, let me state my piece of mind.

    Addiction is a very tough thing and surely it is an everyday struggle for the people who are concerned. But you seem to forget that it is psychologically proved that addicted people keep missing something from their lives. It can be anything: a routine, attention, praise, thrill, whatever. But the thing is that there is a hole in your heart because you do not get what you want so you start your addictive habit to fill up the hole.

    What I want to say is that you can feel sorry for his family and friends, but research has shown that in more than half the cases the family is there to blame for addiction because they did/could not give what the addict wanted. If they had raised him well, he would not have chosen this route because he would not have been interested in it.

    Moreover, it is easier to say that “he was fighting his demons” and such but why point fingers at the dead? Addiction is an illness and you could not put the blame on a sick person for dying in i.e. cancer. Junkies are ill so instead of claiming them crazy (‘fighting demons’), look around in their environment first and try to identify what caused the illness!

    Of course, junkies are the ones who get hooked. And yes, in a lot of cases they do terrible things, and hurt the families and friends. Once addiction overcomes you (because it does not start immediately!), the habit will be more important than the actual usage or owning a thing. Your everyday life will be narrowed on the object of your addiction and you will not feel satisfied unless you get what you want. So it will be your decision after a while: succumb to your addiction or live your life the way you used to.

    If you choose the former, you will form a habit. But if your routine is disturbed, stress may hit you but not because your body is on strike but because your repetitive actions are changed. Addictive things have a bigger effect on your soul than on your body. Going after your daily shot may be more thrilling than the junk you can buy for your money.

    Surely, there are drugs that are very easily recognizable, for example meths. You can find a lot of videos on YT that depict the physical changes of your body. However, these changes are due to self-harm and an unhealthy lifestyle (such as dehydration) and not so to the substance itself.

    But the usage of other drugs are invisible for a long time. You cannot believe how many celebrities use drugs regularly. You may not see it but every junkie can because it is written on them. The media seem to forget about it or tend to overlook that fact that half of the stars under 35 are addicts. And when news break that someone was caught doing something illegally, in most cases they provoke a funny feeling in the audience that a) someone has intruded the star’s privacy and taken photos secretly, or b) it was only a matter of misbehaviour or a wrong decision. Why is that? Why can’t they come and say that XY is a junkie, an addicted moron who needs to get out of the business if they are weak? Why can’t we judge these people and say that they are fools? Why should we respect their lives? Of course, there are celebs like Lindsey Lohan who gets what she deserves for her actions but why not the others? Whether it has a psychological background or not, they choose this path for themselves and to be honest, in most cases I believe they love having fun. Addiction is only visible to the society if it becomes a struggle: if a junkie starts to steal money or forget to live according to the norms. But people like Cory had the money so his addiction was a well-handled situation. How can we let that happen?

    I am not a fan of Glee since I have not seen a single episode of it. I know what it is all about, of course, but I do not care about the future of the show. What I do care about is the fact that Hollywood makes a TV-series about high school students in which the main role is played by a 31-year-old (!) guy who has been an addict since he was a teenager. Can you imagine what side-effects actions like these have? Small kids who look up on these celebs are not told that addiction is bad. They get the impression that it is OK to be an addict but when you feel you cannot handle it, check yourself into a rehab to become a hero in the eyes of the ones who put you there (directly or indirectly). And if you are lucky, you will be cured, but if not, well, you will end up as Cory who was an unlucky man since addiction was not his fault after all: he was super-sensitive with some demons. Poor him, poor family…


    Do not pretend that Hollywood is magical. Stop with the know-it-all impression and please stop to say that he “had his demons.” Stop feeling sorry for his family and such. State that he was a bloody junkie and not a hero or a decent man. Or would you care if he were an ordinary junkie? Don’t think so

  • xyz

    Mind control/MK ULTRA, not drugs, nor alcohol

  • June

    It’s just too sad to see drugs ruining so many lives! I mean, everybody knows what they can do to you, how much they tear lives apart… and, even then, people still get into it!

  • morgan

    He wanted to commit suicide and having a gf like Lea didn’t help at all. I’m sorry for his family.