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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: LAX Arrival After Wedding!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: LAX Arrival After Wedding!

Halle Berry rocks a temporary tattoo across her chest while touching down at LAX Airport on Tuesday (July 16) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old actress was accompanied by her husband Olivier Martinez, who carried her five-year-old daughter Nahla, after a weekend in France.

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Over the weekend, Halle and Olivier tied the knot in a small and intimate wedding at Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France.

FYI: Halle is carrying a Foley+Corinna tote bag. Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

20+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez landing in Los Angeles after their wedding…

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halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 02
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 03
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 04
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 05
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halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 11
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 12
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 13
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 14
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 15
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 16
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 17
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 18
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 19
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 20
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 21
halle berry olivier martinez lax arrival after wedding 22

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  • Jack’s hammer

    Will this marriage on French soil give them in upper hand in custody battle with Gabriel? Is this just a trick to get Nahla out of the country, and out of her father’s life for good? I wouldn’t put it past them. Despise them both.

  • Ley

    Oh,good to see Crazy Berry and Uglivier didn’t kidnap Nahla…after all the set ups against the girl’s dad,i thought she was going to force the kid to stay in Paris against her will.And as always,Halle looks so happy…traveling or not,she rarely smiles.
    Now let’s see how long they will last.Both are crazy,have similar destructive personalities,and the custody battle will be epic,worse than the one with Gabriel.

  • huggybear

    just look at her you can see she wear the pant’s in the family.

  • BlogBrat

    He is really hot…I am happy for her…Looking at her belly makes mine hurt…


    said troll will arrive soon…

  • xcbreyrey

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  • Isabel

    I wonder if she’ll attempt to take his son away from him when this marriage fizzles a few years down the road.

  • Albus

    @Ley: Lol i think you nailed it. I do hope they last though, for the sake of the upcoming baby. But yeah, knowing them BOTH, i wouldn’t be surprise if that gets nastier than with Gabriel. And as usual ( as in all the other cases) he will be the horrible creature, and she’ll be the saint.

  • April

    If for some reason Halle and Olivier don’t live together happily ever after, something tells me Olivier would never accept money from Halle to support his child, however the same cannot be said for Gabriel. Poor excuse for a so-called *doting* father. (Looking at you Aubrey, real men don’t rely on women for their income).

  • david

    @ April. Martinez is far wealthier than Aubry so I doubt Halle Berry will try to use his wealth or lack of it against him in a custody battle. She tried once and it back fired badly. I’m taking it you know Aubry personally as well as Martinez, well good for you. I for one would use whatever means possible to prevent any one separating me from my child, you clearly wouldn’t. Real mothers do not try to alienate their children from their fathers but I guess its ok for your precious Halle to try to do just that. Get over yourself and stop being so bitter.

  • Shelbe

    @April you are so right, Olivier wouldn’t accept support from a woman, no way, no how, bet he would pay it. @David is right, Olivier is far wealthier than that Gabriel (I need child support to live) Aubry. Bet Aubry wouldn’t have fought so hard for that child if money wasn’t involved. Halle is a good mother by making sure her daughter was safe, she knew Gabriel was violent, the fact he attacked Olivier said it all. He seems to have settled down now after getting his clock cleaned and is trying to better control himself. Husband and wife has a nice ring to it for Mr. and Mrs. Martinez, congratulations again. They look like a big happy family, mommy, daddy, sister and baby.

  • Love

    Halle with your bad self, keep living your life, embrace your pregnancy, enjoy life with your daughter and husband.
    Talk is cheap, they’re not living your life, so they can say whatever they want.
    Love makes the World go round, and those that are loveless, post hate on the Internet.

  • david

    @ shelbe ….you are pretending to know these people personally again. You should at least try not to, who knows one or two people might actually take your posts seriously then instead of dismissing them outright. The joke is on you Shelbe, you do realise that don’t you?

  • Breen

    This woman is exactly why we should have to have a license to breed….she such a basket case!

    I’m proud Gabriel fought to stay in his daughters life and its a terrible tragedy that this girl, I refuse to call her a woman as real women don’t take their spite out on their kids, this girl is having another child to destroy. Its a shame she can’t see past the nose on her face.

  • Elaine

    @Love: I so Agree!!

  • Elaine

    @Breen: You have the Nerve! You should be thankful you are breathing! You have so much “HATE” in your heart! Please get yourself together! I will pray for you:)

  • kerry

    @April: Halle and Olivier problem won’t be a child support,but WHERE the poor boy will live after their future certain divorce.He will want to come back to Paris asap and will try to take the kid from Halle and take the kid with him to France.He has no family in the USA…Halle will do to him the same she did to Aubry and tell the media how bad,greedy,racist,violent Olivier is.She dissed and lied about all her exes in the media,and even about her pregnancy(IVF,not a “miracle”).She’s a serial liar and their custody battle will be uglier.Both are mentally unstable and this marriage won’t end well.Gabriel is a saint compared to Olivier,and Halle,with Olivier’s help,set him up to make him look bad,but instead of helping her in her custody case,the set up almost destroyed her reputation.She’s dumb and if Halle tries to set Olivier up,she’s doomed.He’s a trained boxer and very

  • Shelbe

    @David, Gabriel your boyfriend or something cause you really got a thing for him. Just cause your unable to accept the fact that Goldilocks has some serious anger issues and doesn’t work isn’t Halle’s fault. You want proof he’s after the money, look at the article were he tried to auction his stuff under Halle’s name. He’s a leech and the money he’s given by Halle to take care of his own child isn’t enough for him.

  • david

    @ Shelbe ………..stop pretending, you are only fooling yourself

  • david

    @Kerry………….stop pretending you are only fooling yourself

  • Dispicable

    @Shelbe, you are so predictable and very hateful, and just must not like yourself because if you did, you would not spend so much time projecting your anger on others.

    Your envy of Halle is out of this world because you come on every post and attack anyone who says anything about Halle and Oliver.

    I feel sorry for you because you must not value your own life enough to put your energies elsewhere.

    All you do is post trying to argue your point. And what point are you trying to make?

    Your intelligence level is lower than the concrete I walk on.

    Very sad that the internet brings out cowards like you.

    I’m not talking about Halle or Oliver. I don’t know them and only enjoy checking their pics out. I have never said anything negative about Halle or Oliver because I am a loving human being but you my dear are a very sick person.

    You need to seek mental help.

    Your post speaks more about you than anything you can ever, and I MEAN EVER say about Halle and Oliver.

    You are an extremely shallow person and I believe you hate your life and wish you were in Halle’s shoes.

    I will argue this point home. You are one sick individual.

  • Dispicable

    @Shelbe, why is it ok for you to talk negatively about Gabriel and that you “think” he is doing with his life yet you attack others for their opinions on Halle.


  • david

    @ Kerry ………. it was obviously a very sick coward unable to think for themselves that copied my reply to Shelbe and sent it to you. Very immature I know but you do get complete morons on sites like this unfortunately.

  • @David from Dispicable

    Very immature and hateful people on this site always attacking each other. Instead of it being about entertainment and just enjoying the pictures, some masquerade as fans when really they look at the photos and wish they were the person being talked about.
    It shows how much people value their own lives because they would rather fight with each other about what someone said or wrote about a person they don’t even know.
    Halle’s camp probably knows about this site and I hope to God they tell her not to read the post because a true fan would simply put their energy toward supporting her career rather than displaying such disgusting behavior on the web.

    By the way, we rented Cloud Atlas and it was very good. Very deep and interesting movie. I thought Halle did a great job but Tom Hanks was a wow factor for me. Great cast overall and the artistry of it was amazing!

  • Jane P

    @@David from Dispicable: #24

    Good post.

  • Elaine

    Congradulation to HALLE & OLIVIER & The New Baby Boy on the way!:) It’s a Blessing!

  • Heather


    Shelbe is in love Halle

  • Heather

    I can’t see this Marriage lasted long

  • jen

    too funny to see a bodyguard with Halle…….no one care, don’t have a crowd around to keep u safe!!!!!!! LOL

  • david

    @ despicable………..I believe Halle Berry would be absolutely terrified if she heard about the Shelbe that’s on this site. I haven’t seen the movie yet, thanks for the review. I have read about it but I’m not sure if it’s for me and no it has nothing to do with the actors in it!!! I think Tom Hanks is a good actor but I haven’t seen any Halle Berry movies so I cannot comment on her. I don’t get to see enough movies!

  • Dispicable


    Yes Elaine, it is a blessing. Even the poorest people in the world feel their babies are blessings no matter the circumstances. I know so many women who would love to have a baby in their older years especially if they feel they missed the opportunity earlier in life. I know several older men who would love to be fathers too.

    I am pretty sure Oliver must feel over the moon to be having his first child as anyone would at any age. So in that thought, I feel happy for him too. A first baby is magical and I wish for everyone to be able to experience that.

    The only thing I don’t understand is why people care so much about their personal lives. We all have personal lives and have made mistakes with the people we were with.

    He who has not experienced this please stand up!

    I am not just saying this to single out anyone on this site because it is the media that feeds this to the public which is why I don’t believe everything I read online. Nor do I believe in unwarranted bullying of any kind and I find this to happen quite a bit on this site. You can’t live your life reading things and just believing them because someone said it nor can you argue against things with no proof of it. You can try but your argument will have no validity.

    These people are entertainers and most likely stay in a bubble around people who protect them. So people who come on here and try to argue things about all of them is incredible when you know they don’t even associate with people outside of their world and rightfully so because they must protect themselves from the obsessed individuals out there. Remember Salina who was murdered by a person who actually envied her to no end. This can happen to any celebrity if they are just friends with anyone. If Halle knew how some people rant on about her life or what they think they know of her life, she might be mortified by it.

    What I can’t understand is why people try to live through others by what they see in photos.

    The photos just say to me a family going about their business and the paps are there taking photos. That’s their reality not ours.

    So to bitch about what they are doing or not doing is a moot point.

    It really holds no water. Either you are for them or against them but for people to act like they know what really happens between two people in their private lives is beyond me.

  • Dispicable


    Lol Heather, ….on to your other point. It might not last but who has not had a failed marriage or relationship under their belt.

    I want to tell you that I have experienced having an abusive father at an early age and it really does affect the way you pic and chose a man so I can only hope that Halle finds what she needs as I would pray for any woman. Women have a hard time finding true love and being able to accept that love because so many of us have been on the receiving end of abuse by the men in our lives who we trusted and loved.

    Now I have done a lot of work to heal my broken childhood and have a wonderful respectable man in my life.

    I don’t know her but I can only say this from a personal perspective.

    Halle just wants to have a family unit just like anyone would.

    I think that despite all of the things that we see in the media that her heart needs that stability because perhaps somewhere she has never had it and is still searching. Any woman who has been or knows someone who has been abused or mistreated by a man in their family or even a many they were in a relationship with would understand this but so many only look at the photos and judge based on that. You cannot judge a person’s life from afar.

    You have to know them personally. All I am saying is that in some way, I can see why she has gone through so much. Plus being beautiful can make people act crazy. People are so caught up on beauty, money, and fame that they forget that there is a real person there.

    She is gorgeous but she is human too and needs love just like anyone else. She is on the one hand very fortunate to have access to so many things but she might also be a person who is hurting inside so we really don’t know.

    All I can say is people should look at their own lives and find value in that rather than what they can say about someone else because when I see people arguing about Gabriel, Halle, and Oliver, and what they are doing in private, it is an indication that you are trying to put value on something outside of your own life. To this point, a person is weak because they cannot stand on their own integrity.

    Heather, have a great day sweetie. I am going to reply to David and then get going.

  • Dispicable


    It was very good but complex to follow so be ready if you watch it. I am an artist so I loved the artistic aspect of the movie. I am sure there were so many talented people who pulled it together and the actors bring people to the theaters to see their wonderful work. It’s all to entertain us.

    I read some reviews on the movie before hand but it was still a lot to take in. It’s a pretty heavy movie. Makes you think.

    Have a blessed day!
    I’m off to go make some art! :)

  • msirene

    It’s kind of creepy how close Olivier is to little Nahla. Gee, I sure hope this child doesn’t forget about her own father, Gabriel. I don’t see her real father carrying her around so much, as the step dad. God bless them all!

  • kayla

    Let them be happy! Geez, we don’t even know them personally so we can’t judge them. To be honest I sure would like to have her money and be able to jet back and forth to Paris and wherever else the hell I want to go! Olivier must love her and she him so be happy for them, if this is the case wouldn’t be so lucky ! I am happy that somebody’s happy considering all of the b….sh.t ! happening in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • British Latin American

    I doubt if Olivier has as much money as some people seem to believe; he has made a name for himself as living off of wealthy women, including Halle.

  • Halle Still Wears the Pants ;)

    @British Latin American: Old news, the trolls and crew need to be reminded of this. Of course, Halle wears the pants in this and all of the other relationships. He doesn’t have as much as folks believe, he was listed as losing millions in article that came out around the same time as their Turkey Day Tumble and his restaurant trouble :)

  • Shelbe

    Olivier may not have as much money as Halle but he certainly has more money than that loser Gabriel. Olivier doesn’t live off anyone, if he wanted money he could have married Kylie but he didn’t. And his restaurant Villa Azur is doing great, you should look it up online or go if your in Miami. @British Latin America you have no proof that Olivier lost any money, you made that up, his restaurant get some code violations and your insinuating he’s broke, liar.

  • Shelbe

    @David and @Dispicable, don’t talk to me about morals you hypocrites, you act as though you are ever wise and full of care. Both of you aren’t fooling anyone, call me names and yet your better than me, go screw each other. David despises Halle and Dispicable thinks she’s a christian but being judgemental as the devil. I like Olivier and Halle very much, they seem like good people and if people can throw out their hate, I can show support. I wish both of them happiness as any idiot would know if they read my posts. @Dispicable to show I too can act be judgemental and morally superior, you talk too much, speaking of not having a life, your post read like a novel.

  • @Shelbe -blamed the wrong one

    @Shelbe: You blamed the wrong person again…it wasn’t Brit, it was me.

    I just said there was a news/gossip item around they time of the fight and restaurant fiasco that said OM was named as losing millions in a French investment scam between October/November 20123 & January 2013. I didn’t bookmark it, I will post the link for your benefit, if I find it again. I really am serious, he was mentioned. I don’t know how much he lost.

    re: his restaurant –I don’t have a clue how it’s doing except Halle had dinner/a party for the Call there while OM was in France. There’s video footage and articles on that. As for the rumors she’s invested in the restaurant or paid his portion of the violations fees total speculation that can’t be proven.

  • @Shelbe

    You just can’t handle someone saying something back to you.
    Showing your true colors.

  • Guest

    @shelbe, you just proved @dispicable was right about you

  • @Shelbe from Dispicable

    Shelbe, I’ll make it short for you. Nowhere in my post did I mention morals or religion? And the fact that you would even assume that I am Christian and then attack shows just how displaced your emotions are. You obviously did not read my post, or maybe you can’t read. Clearly you cannot comprehend it because you would understand where I was coming from. Clearly you do not. Very sad.

  • @Shelbe-just curious????

    Just curious, you never answered any of our questions, if or when (not saying this will happen) Halle and Olivier split and if or when goes into typical bash the bf/ex behavior will you still believe Olivier is as wonderful as you believe (you could be right) ? Or will you side with Halle? How old are you?

  • @Shelbe LMAORTOF

    @@Shelbe: Seriously, am not making this up. Think it was on Yahoo or French news source. Will post when I find it. The French Securities Commission or whatever they call themselves we doing an investigation at the time the article. Frankly, I don’t give a flying @#$* what you think. Believe what you want to believe.

  • @Shelbe from Dispicable

    And yes Shelbe it does read like a novel. I have a few I can send you to read. You claim to care about Halle and her happiness, well you don’t even know them. I am pretty sure she knows nothing of you and could care less about what you think. How about learning how not to be a bully on the internet. You don’t know any of these people so why are you so obsessed with her life? Answer that please.

  • she can’t

    @@Shelbe from Dispicable: She can’t …read her posts.

  • Shelbe to Dispicable

    @Dispicable you are just that dispicable, I was being sarcastic when I called you a christian which you obviously ain’t . When I see you take a stand against the Halle haters instead of those who support her then I may listen, but you don’t. You attack me first and expect me to listen to you go screw yourself, and do @David while you’re at it..

  • Shelbe to Whoever asked

    @ To answer the question as to whether I will support Halle or Olivier in the case of a break up is to assume that it will happen. No one can predict the future, just hope for the best. This couple have been together for over 3 years and still going strong. I will hope for the best for them no matter what happens. I think Halle made a mistake about letting her business out to the public, all of us probably said bad things about our ex’s but not on Oprah. But I don’t think this will be the case, being with Olivier she is much more careful of not telling to much about her private life. Maybe she has learned to be careful what you say because it can be used against you in the future, per all the haters comments about her relationships. All a person can do is live and learn.

  • Shelbe to LAMORTOF

    If what you say is true you need to prove it. If you don’t like him fine but don’t be telling lies that you can’t back up as the truth. Speculate if you want, I do that myself, but when I when I say something is true I have at least articles to sight, which is all that everyone else on here has. You don’t have to care what I think, you obviously don’t care about truth either. Must eat you alive to think Olivier is wealth, live with it.