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Jennifer Aniston: 'Squirrels to the Nut' Set Arrival!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Squirrels to the Nut' Set Arrival!

Jennifer Aniston keeps her face shielded from the harsh sun as she arrives on the set of Squirrels to the Nut on Tuesday (July 16) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress was joined on the set that day by her co-stars Owen Wilson and Kathryn Hahn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Here’s a synopsis of the flick: A married Broadway director falls for a prostitute-turned-actress and works to help her advance her career.

Over the weekend, Jennifer and her fiance Justin Theroux attended Jimmy Kimmel‘s star-studded wedding in California.

FYI: Owen is wearing Tod‘s shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars on set…

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jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 01
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 02
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 03
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 04
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 05
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 06
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 07
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 08
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 09
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 10
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 11
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 12
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 13
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 14
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 15
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 16
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 17
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 18
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 19
jennifer aniston squirrels to the nuts set arrival 20

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    Another Jennifer Aniston bomb! When is Hollywood going to get a clue and stop making movies with her in them. She is the most over paid, over rated and worst actress around! She is also one of the most self absorbed and rude people.

  • Marc

    She looks so old, never get the hyped with her, she’s not beautiful, her sense of humor is for clowns, she could always play Barbra in a movie, the character of her life, her nose is perfect for that, Angelina Remains Unbothered.

  • How Low Can She Go

    Her choices have really gone downhill! She just played a slut/nympho, this year a stripper and now a prostitute! Boy, someone should have told her these are roles you play when you’re trying to break into the acting business not sustain in it. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Grandma Aniston is playing H@!

  • Anna

    Another movie where Jennifer plays the “Hot Girl” even though she is now 44 and old enough to play the hot girl’s mother in the film. People no longer believe the whole Rachel persona she portrays in every film. She is to old to get away with what she is trying to sell to the movie going public. That’s just the truth, she is 44 and her career has not evolved past playing the hot girl. She will still be trying to convince us she’s the hot young thing when she is 50.

  • Daniela


  • Jentheho


    Actually she is not over paid. She still gets paid around 6-8 mil/movie. It is cheaper to pay her than Reese, Cameron, Sandra.

  • Chelsea

    I see the freaky freaks you know who trolls are here….as usual. Seriously, these old chubby gals should get up from the computer and wipe the cookie crumbs off their face and GET A LIFE. Jen looks gorgeous. Cannot wait to see this move.

  • How Low Can She Go


    I don’t think she even get that anymore. These last few bombs barely had a budget.

  • jentheho
  • Jessie

    First the douche bag role, then the stripper, now ex-prostitute. The smell of desperation is thick in the air.
    I can’t blame her though, it’s not like she’s still getting 8 mil, (she probably only got that for 1 or 2 films), for these low budget craptastic movies and she is use to a certain lifestyle. She HAS to find work, no matter how degrading. She’s making movies that most actresses make EARLY in their careers and regret later.
    She doesn’t have the luxury to go softly into the night, nope, she’s going screaming and scraping the bottom of the barrel. The sad thing is, that even those 3-4 million dollar roles are drying up. I wish her luck, but by the time she reaches 50 years old, she’s going be bat-$hit crazy and broke.

  • fat ticky that keeps on growin


  • no fool

    Not that it makes any difference to most of you posters but Jennifer does not play the part of the prostitute/actress in this movie. She plays the part of a therapist.

  • SunnyAutumnn

    Wow, is that a man or a woman or transgendered work in progress. I see her mustache and beard growing.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Sounds like another flop

  • http://justjared saira

    Jen and Justin need to stop shopping in the Juniors department.

  • Jerico

    @Chelsea: She is pretty. I don’t get the hate for it. Her current fiancee though seems very skeevy. She should dump him.
    As for the lowly women who put her and other stars down all the time, I wonder what they look like. Miranda Kerr? Adriana Lima? Aishwarya Rai? You all wish.

  • y

    jen has gorgeous legs!

  • oh lookey

    it’s the lovely and talented Jennifer
    so youthful and sexy

  • well

    Another forgettable movie.

  • ann h

    I can’t get over how much Jen and Justin look alike. I thought it was him at first. Oh well, if she gets sick one day, he can fill in for her.

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Cutie dress

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    I like her

  • Spark

    @Chelsea: Lol! I think its james haven.

  • rotflmao

    Why is she dress like a 8 year old. That dress is way too short and too young. But she is not the Star so the film may be OK


    Jesse at 2:40, no.10; How can someone go broke who already has 100 big ones in the bank?

  • k

    These aren’t great pics of her, but hey, everyone ages at some point! I never see her movies, but that type of comedy is just not my thing, and she’s not good enough to warrant going.

  • sonja

    she should just enjoy the Friends money and stop torture us with b movies rom coms


    What is so wrong with an attractive-for-age 44 year-old woman still wanting to have a little fun?

  • Not your friend

    She looks soooo old…yuckkkkkkk

  • http://Justjarde Gun

    Killer body



  • laura

    She is so pathetic.

  • Joy B Angie

    Why did you stop?
    Are you seeing your doctor in the corridor ?

  • Joy B Angie

    Are you talking about decency here ?
    Jen looks more decent than your mommy.
    Because she never added one more moron to this world. :)

  • Joy B Angie

    Therapist is a very good role.
    I want to be a patient.

  • Jack S.

    1. Jennifer gets paid 8-10 Million per film (10 Million for Just Go With It which was a huge success. If she does an indie film (small budget) she gets paid 5-6 Million.

    2. Jennifer is worth 150 Million dollars.

    3. Of Jennifer’s last few films the biggest financial successes were Horrible Bosses, Just Go with It, He’s Just Not That Into You and Marley and Me. Only Wanderlust was a flop…..just like a lot other actors who occassionaly have flops….Reese, Rene Zellweger, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (The Internship), Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut with In the Land of Blood and Honey. Etc Etc Etc.

  • Jack S.

    I should have also mentioned that Squirrels to the Nuts is being produced by Oscar nominated directors/screewriters, Noah Baumbach and Wes Anderson. Directed by 2 time Oscar nominated director Peter Bogdanovich. Jen’s other new film Elmore Leonard’s The Switch also stars Oscar winner Tim Robbins as Jennifer’s husband and Oscar nominee John Hawkes and Isla Fisher will be released next year and is a kidnap/thriller film.

  • imane111

    Hey haters,no one is forcing you to watch her movies or read her news.Just ignore and let her huge fanbase enjoy her and her wok.
    By the way

    most of her movies made at least the double of the budget:

    Derailed (female lead)
    budget: 22 million
    US: 36 million
    ww: 21 million
    total: 57 million (More than the double)

    Love Happens (female lead)
    budget: 18 million
    US: 22 million
    ww: 13 million
    total: 36 million (Exactly the double)

    The Switch (female lead)
    budget: 19 million
    US: 27 million
    ww: 22 million
    total 49 million (more than the double)

    Friends with Money(female lead)
    budget: 6 million
    US: 13 million
    WW: 17 million
    total 30 million(more than the double)

    The Good Girl(female lead)
    budget: 8 million
    US: 14 million
    WW: 16 million
    total 30 million(more than the double)

    Office Space(female lead)
    budget: 10 million
    US: 10 million
    WW: 12 million
    total 22 million(more than the double)

    The Object Of My Affection(female lead)
    Budget: 15 million
    US: 29 million
    WW: 29 million
    total 58 million(more than the double)

    She has at least 8 movies that made over a 100 millions dollars

    Bruce Almighty (she was the female lead)
    budget: 81 million
    US: 242 million
    ww: 241 million
    [b]484 million total[/b]

    Along Came Polly (female lead)
    budget: 42 million
    Us: 88 million
    ww: 83 million
    [b]total: 171 million[/b]

    Horrible Bosses(female lead)
    budget: ?
    US: 117 million
    WW: 214 million
    [b]total 331 million[/b]

    Just Go With It(female lead)
    budget: ?
    US: 103 million
    WW: 214 million
    [b]total 317 million[/b]

    The Bounty Hunter (female lead)
    budget: 40 million
    US: 67 million
    ww: 69 million
    [b]total: 136 million[/b]

    He’s Just Not That Into You
    budget: 40 million
    US: 94 million
    WW: 178 million
    [b]total 272 million[/b]

    The Break-Up (female lead)
    budget: 52 million
    US: 118 million
    ww: 86 million
    [b]total: 205 million[/b]

    Marley And Me (female lead)
    budget: ?
    US: 143 million
    ww: 99 million
    [b]total: 242 million[/b]

    Rumour Has It (lead)
    budget: ?
    US: 43 million
    ww: 45 million
    total: 88 million

    Picture Perfect(female lead)
    budget: ?
    US: 31 million
    WW: 31 million
    total 62 million

    Wanderlust(female lead)
    budget: 32 million
    US: 17 million
    WW: 24 million
    total 41 million

    Rock Star(female lead)
    budget: 38 million
    US: 17 million
    WW: 19 million
    total 36 million

    Som nice try

  • Jen Can’t Open a Movie

    LMAO are you seriouslly crediting the success of films like Bruce Almighty to aniston. Or a Ensemble movies like Horrible Bosses or Hes Just not into you where she had les than 20min of screen time. So I guess Zoe Saldana is responsible for the success of Avatar and Star Treck. All of the film you mentioned can you name just one in which aniston HEADLINED the movie. As in she was the Only image on the poster, kind of like Angelina did with Tombraider and SALT and Brad did most recently with WWZ. She has NEVER headlined a movie like Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, and even Reese W and Katherine Heigl. that is the difference. all these films you mentioned are from her coatailing more famous people.

  • Jen Can’t Open a Movie

    @Jack S.:
    in what universe is jennifer worth $150mil. Angelina’s movie was not even in English and was released in 18 theatres, what was anistons excuse for Five one and two bombing in ratings even though it was on basic cable. The fact that well-known directors(sorry Wes and Noah are only producing they would never hire her for their film) don’t hire her is telling. Even in this film she is playing third fiddle to a no-name actress. I guess you have to take whatever you can get. Meanwhile Cameron Diaz will possibly be nominated for The Counselor and has worked with Scorcesse. Not to mention Fox chose Melissa and Sandra for their latest hit because they know these two are capable of bringing buts into the seats WITHOUT coataling.

  • yep

    Jen looks gorgeous! Love Owen too!

  • Angelina

    cute dress

  • Brad

    I want the hat.

  • Maddox

    I need those shades.

  • Jen Can’t Open a Movie

    forgot to mention Wanderlust did NOT make 41mil it made only 21mil WW on a 32-40mil budget and was listed at the year end top ten list of the biggest bomb of the year. Jens movies are cheap to make which is why no studio would ever spend more than $40mil on her film. Still waiting on the movie that aniston has headlined as the sole lead. Katherine Hegil at least had 27 dresses. and the untitled project has yet to find a distributor, i wonder why.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Jen Can’t Open a Movie:
    I never heard
    Sandra Bullok, or Cameron Diaz, or Reese Witherspoon
    is an America’s Sweet Heart.
    We are talking about a sweet person here.
    And It’s about Jennifer Aniston.


    Oh man. Those boobs look like flapjacks. Eeewwww. Lololol I agree, what’s with her dumb agent…hey Maniston, here’s hw you now will say relevant: play an old hooker/stripper in every damn movie, and 8 mos. before it releases I’ll plant items in the tabloid press about hw you get naked and show your old linebacker bd, even though you don’t. Not that anyone cares. Signed, huvsy. Hahahaha

  • Joy B Angie

    @Jen Can’t Open a Movie:
    “….in what universe is jennifer worth $150mil…”.
    Of course in THIS WORLD.
    Do you have another information?

  • Joy B Angie

    So you are on the Aniston thread
    to say you don’t like her boobs ?
    We don’t like Jolie’s fake boobs -
    but don’t say this on Jolie’s boring thread.
    Should we ?

  • Joy B Angie

    Hey, are you a man?
    Why not to send your wife on the gene tasting
    to support your idol?
    Do you have a daughter?