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Ryan Gosling: 'Only God Forgives' NYC Screening!

Ryan Gosling: 'Only God Forgives' NYC Screening!

Ryan Gosling is handsome while attending a screening of his latest film Only God Forgives held at BAM Harvey Theatre on Tuesday (July 16) in New York City.

The 32-year-old Canadian actor was joined at the screening by his co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm, Yayaying Rhatha Phongam, and director Nicolas Winding Refn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ryan Gosling

“You know, we’re pretty good friends,” Ryan recently told MTV about Nicolas. “I know he had a lot of options after Drive, and there’s a lot of, you know, big names and budgets being thrown around, and he still sort of opted to go and make this, which was pretty small in comparison, very personal.”

In case you missed it, check out a newly released trailer for Only God Forgives, which hits theaters on Friday, July 19!

FYI: Kristin is wearing Lanvin. Ryan is looking dashing in head to toe Ferragamo.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling attending the Only God Forgives screening…

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ryan gosling only god forgives nyc screening 01
ryan gosling only god forgives nyc screening 02
ryan gosling only god forgives nyc screening 03
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ryan gosling only god forgives nyc screening 05
ryan gosling only god forgives nyc screening 06
ryan gosling only god forgives nyc screening 07
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  • BlogBrat

    Now this man is yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!!!!!

  • leslie

    Are him and Eva engaged now?

  • Wendy

    @BlogBrat: is he reallty? I hope I am wrong but i have a terrible feeling he is not going to age very well….

  • Ivana

    Can he get any hotter.

  • BlogBrat

    No Wendy I don’t think he will pull a Brad Pitt on us…He is way too smart for that…He has many years of hottness left in him…

  • anna

    Used to like him when he first started out, but over the last year and a half he’s changed. He seems so impressed with himself.

  • xyz

    @leslie: I don’t know. There’s been baby and engagement rumours about them for over a year now. I think it’s Eva and her excellent PR people taking advantage of the situation. People have stopped caring though, so it’s lost it’s effect.

  • xcbreyrey

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  • rocki

    He is SO plain and dopey looking! He is already aging IMO. He looks old here.

  • Stace


    Yes he can. He’s completely bland and basic looking.


    Yet another flop by Gosling. Stop with the hype! I totally agree you can see he’s very impressed with himself. His humble charming act is so contrived and phony.

  • kiki34

    he does nothing for me tbh. not anymore at least.

  • ben

    Too much violence in this movie. There’s a really sick scene that was Ryan’s idea. But I won’t go into details.

  • ben

    I mean sick as in disgusting and creepy, not sick as in cool.

  • Jammer

    Idgi either. He couldn’t be any blander looking. And that horrible annoying voice? No thanks.

  • Gilmore

    I love him (think it’s a great he’s taking a break though), but there’s something off about his face lately.

  • chantal

    Yayaying is very beautiful

  • Old Days

    Another Ryan Gosling movie nobody gives a crap about where he walks around, broods and stares. Wash, rinse, repeat :yawn: That’s enough of his hype, Hollywood.

  • justme

    He looks so stiff these days. No life in his eyes. He’s completely blank.
    He used to look so care free and full of life a few years ago (one of the things I loved about him), now it looks like there’s nobody home. I don’t know why.

  • Christy


    Yeah, I thought the same. First signs of aging? Or maybe got something done? His mom has gotten work done as well as his girlfriend. There’s always been speculation about a nosejob. He’s definitely not anti-plastic surgery. He doesn’t look that good here.

  • mariam

    @Christy: Yes, both his mom and Eva have had extensive plastic surgery. Eva’s starting to look really plastic lately. I hope he hasn’t started having surgery too. It always ends up looking tacky. Not attractive at all, on women or men.

  • SaveMe

    I think he’s gained/is gaining weight. Did you see him shirtless in the behind the scenes for this movie? He’s lost so much of his ab definition and looked doughy. That may be it but yeah he’s looked “off” lately.

  • Walls55


    Agreed. She’s stunning! From the looks of it, Ryan was warned NOT to pose with her haha.

  • kara

    @Walls55: Eva seems so possessive and insecure. Supposedly Yayaying was the reason she flew to Thailand during the filming, and stayed there the entire time. Whatever, I’m over Eva and I’m kinda over him too.

  • Gilmore


    That could be. I heard about the nose-job and didn’t think it was too big of a deal, he still looked somewhat normal. Whatever it is I can’t quite put my finger on it. I thought it was bloat at first or something, but he just looks so lifeless.

  • HereandNow2


    I agree!! This is why I’m so “meh” on him now. I’m not big on Eva but I don’t let people’s dating lives affect my opinion of them. Not like I know or have a chance with them. But you described it perfectly. He looks so empty and dead in the eyes. His “charm” is so forced and put-on now. I don’t think it’s Eva cause then why not dump her? Idk what it is but it’s turned me off him.

  • ron

    You’re posing with Kristin Scott Thomas. Crack a smile you overrated blowhard.

  • Gilmore


    I honestly think he just needs a break. His whole relationship with Eva is so.. weird. And I think that’s part of the reason why the public is so turned off of him right now , along with him just being everywhere, but idk what to think about them. Lainey is so quick to make everyone believe it’s legit which always has me suspicious, but if he’s stayed for this long with her something must be real there. Ahh it’s so confusing.

  • Dolly

    He’s seriously creepy to me. It’s mindboggling to me why so many people find him so amazingly attractive. I get huge sociopath vibes from him (pretty much the only type of character he plays these days). The contrived put-on charm as others mentioned fits right in line with that.

    Let’s just say I would not be surprised if it gets exposed one day that he’s a total psycho behind closed doors.

  • cat

    @Gilmore: I totally agree. That relationship has always seemed strange. It has a forced feeling to it, they have never look relaxed or happy around each other.

  • gemma

    @Dolly: I agree, something about him doesn’t really sit very well. I used to be extremely sexually attracted to him and frightened of him at the same time. Then I heard he threw knives at kids at school when he was a child. I mean, who does that?!

  • Gilmore


    He said he would ‘really get into movies’ and therefore thought he was rambo and could kill people or could sing after watching a musical. Not that it’s some super good excuse, but I think it was just being a kid who couldn’t separate film from real life. He’s a total weirdo though haha and I’m a fan who can admit that. He does some weird sh-t although its mostly harmless.

  • Truth

    Him “going away” isn’t really going to change anything. He has to go back to Half Nelson/Lars and the Real Girl basics. He’s doing more and more stinkers and has become so dull, predictable and typecast. Everything about him is played out.

    I really believe that after Blue Valentine where he played such a Beta-male err “pansy”, which is what his image basically was at that time, he desperately and insecurely wanted to be accepted by men and be seen as cool hence why he’s played nothing but super cool alpha men over and over again. Well he got more acceptance from a male audience but it was at an expense of a huge chuck of his talent which has been wasted. Reminds me of Angelina Jolie actually. Remember how good she was in the 90s? Then after say Girl Interrupted, she became SO dull and predictable in her acting. Same exact thing has happened to Gosling. Maybe it’s the hype/pedestal factor.

    The “dead eyes” comment is interesting. He’s basically just a prop in a lot of his movies now, it’s like it’s spilled over into his real life. And on the internet he’s considered more of a symbol than a real person.

    Sorry that was long. Just my thoughts on why many think (and I agree) he’s lost “something”.

  • skream4me


    Yup. The celebrity/image of “Ryan Gosling” completely overshadowed the actor and real person. And a few years ago we all thought he was gonna be the guy who that would never happen to. The “hey girl” crap RUINED him though he himself is to blame as well. It’s near impossible to ever come back from that.

  • Ew

    Elmer Fudd weasel face!

  • Overrated


    He’s overrated and he sucks. Period!

  • Matt

    ryan gosling is the best. End of story.

  • Marion

    Apparently this movie is awful! Can it get any worse than Gangster Squad?

  • f(x)
  • Renee

    Meh, he’s so played out and boring. Whatever his appeal was, he’s lost it. Bye!

  • red

    @Marion: I hear it´s a little more tolerable but dont expect any box office hit with this one either..

  • Oh please

    @ben: oh no really

  • Lily

    Yayaying is not pretty. she’s probably the most annoying person on the planet. she’s done so many plastic surgeries..she looks so fake.

  • Sadequr

    People here need to calm down. You built him up to this, and are now rabidly breaking it down.

  • Seriously?

    Why does everyone think he’s had a nose job? You all do realize that the nose is something that changes with age, right? So of course it’s going to look different than it did when he was 18.

    Also, he could look a little puffy and tired because he just returned from Iceland.

  • Dahlia1947

    Oh I love me some Ryan Gosling!! Come here baby! You’re an awesome actor and oh so beautiful!

  • Gina

    omg, hes the definition of the perfect man

  • amanda

    Did Ryan and Eva get engaged in Iceland? (so the news says)

  • no thanks


    I agree about how he is now. I’ve seen all his recent movies and don’t see what’s special about him. He’s so blank and lifeless that an underwear model could do just as well. It’s too bad because I liked him in Half Nelson.

    @Dolly #29: I get weird and icky vibes from him, too. Throwing knives at school, suggesting “cum dumpster” for a line in the movie.. There’s something phony and off about his interviews, too. I’m chalking him up as hype, and not a very pleasant one. No thanks, Hollywood.

  • Al

    People here should take a minute and read what they wrote. So mean.

    All of you come out as angry, jealous and incredibly bitter people.

    I think Ryan Gosling is humble man who has deliver some terrific performances (Nelson, Valentine, Fracture, Drive, Ides of March). He also does humanitarian work and he is really down to earth.

    Besides, you are the people who critize celebrities for their obsession with being perfect. And the one second you don’t like something about their look, you trash them.

    Get a life and maybe you should comment on something positive instead of being so nasty. For your own sake.