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LeAnn Rimes Thanks Handy Men for Replacing Roads

LeAnn Rimes Thanks Handy Men for Replacing Roads

LeAnn Rimes pushes her wagon full of groceries back to her car after shopping at Calabasas Commons on Wednesday afternoon (July 17) in Calabasas, Calif.

“They just replaced the roads in our hood. Thanks to road handy men for working so hard. Who knew nicely paved roads could bring such joy!!” the 30-year-old country singer tweeted that day.

“If you love in LA @CafeGratitudeLA is a must! About to dig into bowl of delicious quinoa, lentils and veggies,” she also wrote.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes at the grocery store…

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leann rimes thanks handy men for replacing roads 11
leann rimes thanks handy men for replacing roads 12
leann rimes thanks handy men for replacing roads 13
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leann rimes thanks handy men for replacing roads 15
leann rimes thanks handy men for replacing roads 16
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  1. 1
    Leann Linebacker Rimes Says:

    Stocking up on protein y’all

  2. 2
    gwen Says:

    Leann found a way to get on WWHL without actually going on the show, using Giuliana as her puppet. As one of her skills Leann can now add ventriloquism to the list. Gather’s take on Leann’s puppet’s WWHL interview:

    1) “Giuliana Rancic and Brandi Glanville bickered months ago and in the feud, Brandi made a not-so-nice comment about the baby Giuliana and her husband Bill welcomed via surrogate. ”

    Brandi was responding to a not-so-nice comment that Giuliana said on her show about Brandi. Giuliana’s not-so-nice comment about Brandi came AFTER Giuliana met up with Leann in October 2011 for “drinks”.

    2)”In an all new interview, Giuliana is opening up about why she’s Team LeAnn and how she feels about Brandi now.”

    Giuliana is Team Leann for one reason and one reason only, Leann threatened her with the loss of her job and reality tv show. Several bloggers have stated that after writing an unfavorable article about Leann that they were slammed with legal letters from Leann’s attorney. Guiliana and E were very anti-Leann. One day Giuliana said something negative about Leann, Leann threw a massive tantrum, and then Giuliana and E flip flopped. Instead of calling Leann out on her bad behavior, both E and Giuliana went after Brandi. Giuliana being Team Leann had nothing to do with Brandi, but with Leann being a bully.

    Giuliana doesn’t like Brandi because that is howt Leann told her feel. Several of Leann’s ex-fans have said that Leann encourages them to hate on Brandi.

    3) “Before I really knew LeAnn, I interviewed LeAnn.

    Giuliana is rewriting history because that isn’t what she said Oct 2011(she interviewed Leann the summer of 2012 but before the interview she was meeting Leann for drinks and tweeting to Leann). Which is the lie, what Giuliana said on WWHL lastnight or what she told E and tweeted to Leann after having drinks with Leann in 2011?

    *Eonline(Oct 5, 2011): Giuliana Rancic on Meeting With LeAnn Rimes: We “Put This Whole Fiasco Behind Us”

    “@GiulianaRancic My sweets….so amazing to talk to you over drinks. I adore you! You are beautiful and we were meant to meet for a reason :),” Rimes tweeted Tuesday night after hanging out with the E! News anchor.

    “We actually met for drinks at a different location beforehand,” Rancic said. “I’m happy we finally got together and put this whole fiasco behind us. We had a really nice time and I hope to see her again soon.”

    *US Weekly(Oct 6, 2011): “LeAnn Rimes, Giuliana Rancic Make Amends Over Drinks”

    “I’m happy we finally got together and put this whole fiasco behind us,” Rancic told E! News after their Tuesday outing. “We had a really nice time and I hope to see her again soon.”

    Rimes echoed Rancic’s sentiments on Twitter Wednesday. “[It was] so amazing to talk to you over drinks,” she told the Style Network star. “I adore you! You are beautiful and we were meant to meet for a reason.”

    4) “I think there’s more to the Eddie/Brandi story than maybe we all know,” Giuliana explained on last night’s Watch What Happens Live.So I don’t think we should be so quick to judge that whole situation. A lot happens behind closed doors. It’s like, who knows what was really going on in the marriage, you know what I mean?”

    Beware of fact-checking the sociopath by asking other people under his or her influence. A sociopath will usually have a small group of cult-like followers who not only believe their fictional tales, but who actually internalize those fictions to the point where they rewrite their own memories to be consistent with them. If a guru-style sociopath talks about his “levitation sessions” over and over again, some of his believers will sooner or later start to form false memories in which they imagine seeing him levitate off the floor. So if you ask those people, “Did you actually ever see this person levitate?” They will enthusiastically say, “Yes!” Because in their own minds, that illusion has become something indistinguishable from a vivid memory.

    Much the same thing is true with sociopathic politicians. If a particularly charismatic politician claims he has “created millions of jobs” even though his economic policies have actually destroyed jobs and caused widespread unemployment, his cult-like followers will repeat his lie and publicly proclaim how many jobs that person has created.

    That’s why fact-checking a sociopath requires evidence from outside his circle of influence. Does anything he say actually check out in the real world, outside his sphere of direct control? If not, you’ve probably spotted a sociopath.

    5) “Giuliana has a point that there likely was more than meets the eye, but at the same time, it’s never, ever okay to engaged in a relationship with a married man. ”

    No she doesn’t have a point. Giuliana is just repeating what her pupper master, Leann, told her to say.

  3. 3
    gwen Says:

    Leann’s puppet’s WWHL interview:

    6) “As for Brandi, Giuliana says baby comments are off-limits.H ere’s the thing: say what you want to me, don’t ever bring my baby into that. Ever,” she says.

    Isn’t this a double standard? Why was it okay for Giuliana to say what she said about Brandi’s marriage failing because it was all Brandi’s fault? Was she thinking about Brandi’s kids when she tried to justify Leann and Eddie’s affair by blaming Brandi?

    7) “I love Beverly Hills, and I love all the Housewives, but I will cut Brandi if she talks about my baby again.”

    But she has no problem saying nasty things about Brandi just to appease her pupper master, Leann.

    8) Brandi should have known better than to bring Giuliana’s baby into their feud. She has children of her own and should respect Giuliana at least as a fellow mother.

    Dear Gather, please fact check. Why isn’t there any mention of the dig that Giuliana made about Brandi in this article or how prior to trashing Brandi, Guiliana had met with Leann?

    Giuliana made negative comment about Leann.
    Leann threw a tantrum(threatening GR with the loss of her job and reality show like she has done to other bloggers and EIC of Shape)
    Leann tweets to Giuliana requesting to take her out for drinks
    Oct 2011 Giuliana and Leann meet for drinks
    Leann and Guiliana exchange tweets
    Giuliana attacks Brandi on her show
    Brandi responds to Giuliana’s attack(it wasn’t insensitive or mean)
    No one paid attention to Giuliana’s bruised ego
    Leann then paid Celebuzz to write an article depicting Guiliana as the victim and Brandi as the villian
    The media didn’t fact check Celebuzz’s article and posted it as fact, leaving out the details(Giuiliana lied, she made the dig about Brandi because that is what Leann told her to do)
    Leann wants to go on WWHL to promote her album, but can’t because of all the tweets she made about not watching WWHL
    Leann solves the problem by using Giuliana as her puppet
    Leann releases album, it flops, Leann has her puppet Giuliana attack Brandi on WWHL

    9) What is fascinating is how Leann uses the media and people like Giuliana to attack Brandi and the media turns a blind eye and treats Brandi like the bad guy.

  4. 4
    kina Says:

    Too bad she hasn’t been relevant in 15 years.

  5. 5
    lori Says:

    her tweets r very unnecessary and highly annoying

  6. 6
    gwen Says:

    These photos were taken by AKM-GSI, the same AKM-GSI who got photos of them on the private beachs of Laguna, at the Superman movie, and then of Leann and Eddie getting frozen yogurt with Brandi’s kids. It’s a staged photo-op. Leann isn’t pushing her grocery cart, she is posing for the paps. What was the reason Leann invited AKM-GSI to the grocery store with her today? Why would anyone watch her reality tv show when she keeps pulling attention seeking pr stunts like this? Does she think that Giuliana’s WWHL interview makes it okay for her to resume the staged photo-ops?

    So what’s next? Are we going to see the delayed photos of Leann and Eddie at the movies or beach with Brandi’s kids? Leann’s Nobu photos from Tuesday? Or Leann buying sushi on Monday? Will Leann set up a completely different staged photo-op?

    1) “If you love in LA @CafeGratitudeLA is a must! About to dig into bowl of delicious quinoa, lentils and veggies,” she also wrote.”

    Which was Leann confirming that she set up a staged photo-op with AKM-GSI.

    2) Another indication that this was staged is Leann’s shirt. She isn’t being transparent at all by wearing a shirt with a heart that says “LOVE”.

    Good girl?

    3) Her butt is hanging out the short.Who goes to the grocery store dressed like that? Someone who called the paps.

    4) What’s up with the bunching up the shirt in front? Leann is trying to fuel pregnancy rumors.

    5) Where is Kiki? Has Kiki been banned from Leann’s staged photo-ops like Lizzy?

    6) Since Leann set up this staged grocery store photo-op does this mean we won’t be seeing the staged movie x2, beach, dinnger, Nobu, and picking up sushi staged photo-ops?


  7. 7
    Jo Says:

    @gwen: Rancid is almost as annoying as LeMann. One reminds me of the grinch, and the other an insect.

  8. 8
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes is on a roll with these staged photo-ops.

    1) “We might be headed to an awesome dinner w/ @darrellbrown @mantis7jewels @kikicaldas then a bad ass @MatchboxTwenty concert @ThisIsRobThomas”

    Then she complains because people are judging her because they “don’t” know her. How can she insist that the tabloids made up lies about her when she keeps giving information like this out? What are the odds that this will become a staged photo-op? Will this be a 3 in 1 staged photo-op: dinner, concert, and photos of her and Eddie posing with MT/rob? Complete with vine videos and twitpics documenting the “great” time Eddie and Kiki had. Why won’t Eddie go anywhere with Leann unless Kiki is there? What was the point in the staged grocery store photo-op when she was just going to dine out for the 6th day in a row? Why is she saturating the internet with all these photos? Why would anyone watch her reality tv show when she plays every detail of her life out on twitter?

    This is why Leann and Eddie were voted the #4/14 on the most hated HW couples list.

    2) “Really love your peaches wanna shake your trees- gotta love Steve Miller Band

    But Eddie loves Lizzy’s peaches and wants to shake Kiki’s tree, it’s why Leann is spending another evening with Kiki instead of at home alone with Eddie. Didn’t Leann give an interview about how she and Eddie love their house and stay in? Why have we seen so much of her every week? Leann lied in that interview.

  9. 9
    Kiki Says:

    gross. manly. embarrassing. try hard.

    you can see liposuction scars on her inner thighs

  10. 10
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Rimes to lay off teeeting everyday everything in her life. STFU. Her new cd sold a sad, pitiful 11, 000 copies or less

  11. 11
    LeAnn Lover Says:

    I love how you ******* say LeAnn isn’t relevant, then you come on here with your scaly twats and spew bile. Crawl back into the gutter like the filth that you are.

  12. 12
    Observer Says:

    I have never read a LR thread until tonight.
    I don’t even know who she is.
    In my opinion she has a screw loose.
    Those chunky suede high heeled shoes paired with way too short denim shorts on what appears to be a warm sunny day says it all.
    Thanks handy men for replacing roads???
    Way off the charts.
    Not invested in this woman one way or another, just my observations.

  13. 13
    fat ass Says:

    you cant wear those shorts, get over it.

  14. 14
    LeAnn Lover Says:

    I love how Leann and I ******* say Brandi isn’t relevant, then Leann sends me here with my scaly twats and spew bile. I need to crawl back into the gutter like the filth that I am. Leann was tweeting at this time. LeAnn Lover=Leann Rimes

  15. 15
    LeAnn Lover Says:

    Stay tuned for photos of me, Eddie, Kiki, Darrell, and Roger at the @MatchboxTwenty concert with @ThisIsRobThomas.

  16. 16
    nemo Says:

    falcor, your 15 min. are over

  17. 17
    Ivy Says:

    @gwen: That is why I boycott anything guiliana –do not watch her anything and immediately change the channel when she come on. Guiliana can suck it !!!

  18. 18
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes had a massive twitter binge this morning. Did Eddie not go home lastnight?

    1) “Gizoogle is my new favorite app of life! Omg you’ll pass out from laughing so hard”

    With 62, 684 tweets, no app Leann comes across will ever be her favorite app. Why is even tweeting and on Gizoogle? Eddie must be ignoring her again.

    2) “I love being a fan @MatchboxTwenty @ThisIsRobThomas”

    Here it is again, duper’s delight. What pr stunt does she have planned that involves Rob because there is a reason she wanted everyone to know about this concert?

    3) “How I roll at a concert #beautyispain #mississippichickatheart ”

    Is she tweeting during the concert? Just as predicted, instead of enjoying the concert, she is tweeting. 100% chance that this will become a staged photo-op.

    4) I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with great intentions, great love and great dreams #KKO

    “Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do”

    5) I’m cool in my lane with my growth and love. May peace be with you….Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

    6) “Sad people in this world. Anything 4a little bit of attention. Disgusting how people feed off of some1s demise rather then their growth”

    Which describes Leann Rimes.

    7) “Always…”

    The fact that Leann is at 62, 684 tweets shows that she isn’t calm or at peace. 40 tweets.

    8) “@Christina4jc not yet! I’m headed to the doc”

    She is really trying to fuel those pregnancy rumors. Will this become a staged photo-op too.

    9) “@Gmapegi @Christina4jc ill know more after the doc in a few min”

    What was the point in slamming ROL story about a pregnancy when she is gearing up to fuel more pregnancy stories with this “I am sick and I don’t know why” stunt? What will Star’s next story be? Photos of Leann coming out of the OB-GYN with the title, “We told you Leann was pregnant”? Leann tells Star that she is pregnant and gives them photos of herself outside of Nobu. She then takes to twitter to deny it. This week she fuels it again.

    10) “@Gmapegi @kelsey_cristina nice!! I’m ready for my next one”

    Of course she is, Eddie is still cheating on Leann.

    11) “@HertelSara this reminds me of my bday last year”

    The one where she faked going to rehab? The bday that she single white femaled from Lizzy?

    12) “@BeachBunnySwim I sure did! Thx! Can’t wait to see the new collection”

    She was tweeting like crazy and copying Brandi’s tweet, she didn’t have a great time.

    13) ““@BeFitMotivation: The most truthful thing you will ever read 🙌 I love this, especially the last one!!”

    Leann is always playing the victim. Pity Play=sociopath
    14) “@JohnWBrown1 how are you? I’m just doing daily stuff as usual

    Like tweeting and arranging for her next staged photo-op so that Star can write another “Leann is pregnant” article?

    15) “@ilysebaker @MatchboxTwenty @ThisIsRobThomas it’s a MUST”

    Dupers Delight.

    16) Still tweeting to parents from Brandi’s son’s school.

    “@Basslerette isn’t he cute lol hope you feel better today mama”

    17) “@adammshankman great to see you last night my love”

    Isn’t this Brandi’s agent? Or is this someone different? If this is Brandi’s agent, then Leann’s stalking of Brandi knows no limits.

    18) “@ThisIsRobThomas Rob, it was incredible! So great to see you.”

    So incredible that she was tweeting during the concert? Why does she want everyone to know about her friendship with Rob? Does she think this will sell records or is she gearing up for another ridiculous pr stunt?

    19) “@NEVIE_JOHN headed to the doc actually! Happy Thursday”

    Does anyone smell a staged photo-op coming on? She made 3 tweets about going to the doc. She is really trying to fuel those pregnancy rumors. Will Star get these exclusive photos just like the ones of her outside of Nobu?

    20) “@dlhpkw it was incredible”

    She has been tweeting like a mad woman all morning long. It wasn’t incredible.

  19. 19
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes is on a roll with the “I’m sick” tweets.

    21) Spitefire rank on Billboards top 100 country albums

    Week 1: 9
    Week 2(June 29): 21
    Week 3(July 6): 31
    Week 4(July 13): 32
    Week 5(July 20): 32
    Week 6( July 27): 34

    Spitefire started climbing up the charts on Monday, reaching 21(falling to 41 after Lenan stopped tweeting). That same climb didn’t happen on Amazon, though. Which means that the climb in the numbers was due to Leann downloading her album and not her fans(. Today Spitfire is at 39(it was at 41 yesterday), but then again Leann has been tweeting like crazy all morning. Will this sudden spike in Spiteifire’s Itunes sales on Monday be reflected in next week on Billboard?

    22) “My afternoon….meds, hydrate and soup #thxdrsugarman #betterinnotimeihope ”

    She is really trying very hard to fuel pregnancy rumors. That’s the 6th tweet she made about the doctors, so expect a staged photo-op. She even gave the name of the doctor, so expect Star to be writing a “We told you Leann was pregnant because here are photos of her coming out of the OB-GYN”. Funny how she wasn’t sick lastnight when she needed to attend MT concert with Eddie and Kiki.

    23) “Spitting Fire and Bleeding Out: An Interview with @LeAnnRimes -”

    Jodi Rimes is still paying media outlets to write positive reviews and interviews for Flopfire.

    24) Why is she still tweeting to one of the people who egged JK on as he harassed Brandi? Then she can’t figure out why people won’t see her as a human being.

    25) “@WNBAJones lol hey, I get a sick day”

    Why the pity play? Is she trying to fuel pregnancy rumors or get out of a concert? Or both.

    19) “@Yvette_R_M yes but ill be ok”

    Your Conscience, the Sociopath’s Weapon of Choice
    The act of eliciting pity from another unequivocally makes the elicitor something to be pitied, a victim, per se. It is human nature to aid the pitied. Hence, the pity play, or victim stance, stands to get the Sociopath what he or she wants easily and without being found out as a bad guy. This is manipulation. Manipulation is the tool of choice for smart criminal thinkers and, according to Dr. Stout, the Sociopaths amongst us. She says, “Sociopaths have no regard whatsoever for the social contract, but they do know how to use it to their advantage.

    20) Funny how she is never sick when she needs to parade before AKM-GSI.

    21) Unlike JJ and GG, the DM posted Leann’s grocery store photos today. Why? Unlike JJ and GG, The Dailymail’s fluffpiece includes photos of Eddie with the youngest boy at Home Depot. DM combined the photos to make it look like Leann and Eddie were out and about LA together yesterday. Leann’s photos were taken by AKM-GSI, but Eddie’s photos with the youngest boy were taken by x17. Why would Leann want to give the impression that Eddie was with her at the grocery store yesterday?

  20. 20
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes latest pity play interview:

    1) “When LeAnn Rimes released Spitfire a little over a month ago, the personal new album was heralded by some as one of the best country records of the year.”

    That’s because Jodi Rimes paid and bullied the media into saying this. Doesn’t anyone find it odd how Spitfire had no negative reviews from the media? That should be a major indication that Leann makes the media only write nice things about her.

    2) “Indeed, with this release, Rimes—whose affair with and subsequent marriage to Eddie Cibrian, her high-profile engagements with Cibrian’s ex, Brandi Glanville, and her divorce from her first husband, Dean Sheremet, have kept her name in headlines over the last five years more than her music has—leaps back into the country music world with her first album of original material in six years.”

    Wrong. With over 62,690 tweets, it’s Leann who keeps Leann in the spotlight. She invites the paps on outtings with her and gives tabloids false stories about herself just so that she can deny them.

    3) “The word “spitfire,” came to me in a dream, and though I didn’t know what the dream was about, I woke up, sat down, and wrote down the words.”

    That’s a lie. She single white femaled it from Miranda Lambert.

    *News OK(May 2007): “The former “Nashville Star” siren proved she really had musical chops. Her follow-up album, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” could propel her into star status, at least with fans who love honest, rootsy and spitfire country. Lambert is a true talent: songwriter, singer and looker all rolled into one.”

    *Feb 2010: Miranda Lambert Headlining Concert!: “Miranda Lambert is such a firecracker! You gotta love the spitfire she presents, sure sometimes she can seem a bit scary. (I think that could be part of her appeal”

    *WVU(Feb 2011): Country music spitfire Miranda Lambert to perform at WVU Coliseum March 27

    *Stereogum(Nov 11): Album Of The Week: Miranda Lambert Four The Record: “But the fast-chugging spitfire-rage bangers, the sorts of songs that Lambert built her rep on, are the real highlights. ”

    *Star Tribune(2012): Miranda Lambert: Country’s spitfire

    *Washington Post(2012):Miranda Lambert at 1st Mariner Arena: A spitfire with soul

    *Fitness Magazine(2013): “While we love watching country crooner Blake Shelton on The Voice, it’s his spitfire wife, Miranda Lambert, that we are dying to know better.”

    *It gets even scarier. Miranda Lambert also has a fan website. What’s it called? Spitfire. It was designed in 2007: “Welcome to Spitfire, the approved fanlisting for up-and-coming country star Miranda Lambert. You may also recognize her from the first season of the USA Network’s Nashville Star. Learn more about Miranda on the extras page and more about this site and fanlistings as a whole on the about page. And if you’re a fan of this talented singer and songwriter, please join the fanlisting!

    *That’s not the only thing Leann SWF from Miranda Lambert:
    Miranda Lambert-Kerosene(affair-from the perspective of the woman who is being cheated on)
    Leann Rimes-Gasoline and Matches(affair- from the the mistress’s perspective)

    Every detail of Leann’s life is what she took from someone elses.

    4) ” The emotions just poured out when I started writing this song. It was like the anger statement of the album; I was spitting fire—and yes, I’ve been called a “spitfire,” too—for all these emotions I had been holding in.”

    Why don’t these people ever fact check? It makes these interviews look so unprofessional. When did Leann hold her emotions in? When was Leann called a spitfire? Never.

    5) “The song came from how people I didn’t know were talking about my personal life, not just judging me, but making up lies.”

    Now why would people be talking about her personal life and judging her? Could it possibly have something to with the fact that she plays out every detail of her life on 3 public forums? What other celeb has over 62,690 tweets? What lies were people telling about her? Everything came from her tweets and her staged photo-ops.

    6) “I couldn’t exactly fight with them—it would just fuel the fire—and watching it helplessly felt like having a piece of tape over my mouth. But it felt good to put all that into a song. It was very cathartic to write the song.”

    Would it have killed this person to fact check? Leann did fight back, there are several articles about her going off on Wendy W, E, Sunny H, Showbiz Tonight, and anyone who asked her to stop tweeting about Brandi’s kids. This is when the person should have asked Leann how could she feel like there was tape on her mouth when throughout 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, she has been giving interviews about the affair? Why aren’t these people asking questions like this?

  21. 21
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes pity play interview:

    7) “I write a lot of songs in my house; I’ll often have writers over and we’ll sit around working on tunes and lyrics. ”

    That’s a lie. Based on her timeline and vine videos she is home alone. Working on Itunes? What type of work would they be doing on Itunes? Downloading Spitefire.

    8) “You know, I never try to force anything; everything depends on whatever emotions I’m feeling when I write. ”

    That’s a lie. She forced her affair with Brandi, forced her relationship with Eddie on the public, force Brandi to accept what she did to her family and marriage. Look at how she continues to pay media outlets to write these interviews after her album did so poorly.

    9) “You know, I was writing this album to bleed out; I was emotionally exhausted after I cut the album.”

    So what was she doing on twitter because she expressed everything on the album on twitter for 4 years. Think about how emotionally exhausted it was for Brandi, Dean, and Brandi’s kids to relive what happened through them.

    10) “In this album, I’m speaking more honestly than I ever have, from the truth and pain and love in my life and hoping that people connect with those emotions.”

    Profiles of the sociopath: Irresponsibility/Unreliability
    Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

    11) “Listeners are going to take a piece of me away with them when they hear the album.”

    Can’t they do that on twitter or via her staged photo-ops? How is this album any different than what she has been posting on twitter?

    12) “There’s a lot of humanity on Spitfire, and I hope listeners will relate the songs they hear to different situations in their lives.”

    Where is there humanity on Spitfire? The fact that she only sold 10,798 shows that no one can relate to the insensitivity of this album.

    13) “I hope they find themselves in the music and connect with me through my music in a deeper way than ever before.”

    There was a reason it only sold 10,798 copies it’s first week. People can’t find themselves or connect with what Leann did to a family and another woman’s marriage.

    14) “I’m comfortable being honest now, and so I can say that I feel like people never really saw me as a person.”

    She isn’t comfortable being honest, it’s why one of the common features of a sociopath is lying. Spitfire is the reason no one sees he as a person. What human being would continue to inflict so much damage and then whine about how they were the injured party?

    15) “I want people who listen to my music to see me, know me, and recognize me as a normal human being who can sing and write. ”

    How can they do that when her twitter binges overshadows her music? Why would anyone connect with Spitfire when she is tweeting and setting up staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids?

    16)” I certainly wouldn’t have been this honest about myself and my work when I first started, but I’ve found the freedom to do so now.”

    This is where these interviews always fall short. Why do they keep allowing her to play the victim, even when there are over 62, 690 tweets to prove that Leann doesn’t have tape over her mouth?

  22. 22
    Shellee Says:

    She’s fat again.

  23. 23
    gwen Says:

    x17 has the photos and video footage of Eddie at Home Depot yesterday, contrary to what DM wrote, Leann was not there. What doesn’t make sense is why DM lied. Why would they combine two different photo-ops that took place at different times and two different locations and try to pass it off as one? The DM knew that Leann wasn’t at the store with Eddie. The video shows Eddie and his son walking to the Range Rover not Leann, Eddie and his son. Even more puzzling is that Eddie has to unlock the doors(he stands there digging in his pocket for his keys), which means Leann wasn’t even in the range rover waiting for them. Leann is driving a white car, Eddie is driving the white range rover. Did that not strike DM as odd how a range rover woud change into a white car? What’s up with all this manipulation? Why didn’t Leann want anyone to know that Eddie went out by himself without her? Is the DM article Leann’s way of doing damage control?What was Leann trying to hide? The sad thing is that many blogs will repeat DM story about Leann and Eddie being at the grocery store together even though there is so much to contradict it: Ralph’s silver cart vs orange cart, white car vs range rover, x17 vs AKM-GSI, why isn’t Eddie helping Leann load the groceriesif he was at the store with her, why didn’t Leann unlock the car doors if she was in the car.

    What’s even more bizarre is that x17 doesn’t even say that Leann was with Eddie at Home Depot. Where did DM get the idea that she was with Eddie?

    “Eddie Cibrian stopped by a Home Depot in Calabasas yesterday to pick up some supplies, and LeAnn Rimes’ hubby appears to be earning his keep around the house! “-x17

    Eddie’s x17 photos are cringeworhy. He is walking ahead of his child and then when he sees the paps, he smiles and then finally looks back like he just remembered that his son was at Home Depot with him. Eddie has earphones on. Why is he driving with earphones in his ear?

  24. 24
    Serenityzhere Says:

    This trick is so full of herself. Leann Rimes is working feverishly behind the scenes to send her posse out to try and prove, because Brandi had one drunk night, that it was all her fault that Eddie cheated. Her efforts are futile and I just wonder at what point will she just give up and shut up and quit trying to put a different spin on the truth of what she and Eddie did. There are so very few people that care what she has to say any more. Too many people know the real Leann and will never support her again. Yet she still sees herself as this super star. Doesn’t it tell her something when the only gigs she sings at are county fairs and casinos? And even those seldom sell out. Clue: When you put out what you call the best album of your career and sell less than 11,000 you are done~

  25. 25
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes is still tweeting, even though she is “sick”.

    1) “@Savvy_3 @charliesheen lol or lack there of thx

    What is shocking about what Leann wore on AM? She wore less than that to her stepsons’ sporting games. The person says that she wasn’t used to seeing Leann like that. Really? Leann appeared on an episode of Celebrity Closet wearing a red bikini. There are photos of her in a skimpy bikini with her butt in Brandi’s son’s face.

    2) Did you know that Eddie was on the new episode of Hot In Cleveland lastnight? It aired on the same day that Eddie was spotted at Home Depot with his son. If Leann is such a supportive wife, why didn’t she promote Eddie’s appearance on HIC? When did Eddie film this? Eddie isn’t home with Leann when she tweets

    The reason KH and Leann tweet about My Little Pony:

    “Joy’s handsome firefighter boyfriend (Eddie Cibrian) revealed a surprising side to himself on the latest “Hot in Cleveland.” First, she had to contend with five “Star Trek” movies in a row. It turns out her boyfriend is a bit of a geek. But when he convinced her to dress up and join him at a convention, she didn’t expect his costume.
    He showed up dressed as one of the ponies from “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” He then explained to her all about “Bronies” and their culture and love of the cartoon series and its associated characters. It all proved a bit much for Joy, who dumped him on the spot.”

    3) “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson”

    Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities. They are masters at turning one group of people against another group while proclaiming themselves to be the one true savior. Wherever they go, they create strife, argument and hatred, yet they utterly fail to see their own role in creating it. They are delusional at so many levels that their brains defy logical reasoning.

    4) “@doubleVenti can’t breathe and itchy but I’m all bueno”

    Tip-off trait of a sociopath
    Look for the pity play

    Is there any mannerism, any type of behavior, any use of language, that can identify a sociopath?

    According to Martha Stout, Ph.D., author of The Sociopath Next Door*, the best clue that you are dealing with a sociopath is the pity play.

    “The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness,” Stout says. “It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.”

    The combination of consistently bad or inadequate behavior and frequent pity plays, Stout continues, is the closest thing to a warning you’ll ever get that you are being manipulated by a sociopath.

    5) Leann taking the high road by bragging about taking Brandi’s kids on tour with her, Eddie, and Lizzy: “@BellyUpAspen @crystalmethod cannot wait to play Aspen! Bringing the whole family. And I love my boys Crystal Method”

    Covetous Sociopath: For the sake of the game, she may devise schemes and perform acts that most of us would consider outrageous and potentially self-destructive, in addition to cruel. And yet when such a person is around us in our lives, even on a daily basis, we are often oblivious to her activities. We do not expect to see a person direct a dangerous, vicious vendetta against someone who in most cases has done nothing to hurt or offend her. We do not expect it, and so we do not see it, even when it happens to someone we know or to us personally. The actions taken by the covetous sociopath are often so outlandish, and so gratuitously mean, that we refuse to believe they were intentional, or even that they happened at all.

    6) “@EAloverpants I know yucky!”

    Why is Leann pushing this “sickness” so hard? Is she really trying to get out of doing her concert? If she was so sick why did she go to Rob’s concert and set up the staged photo-op yesterday? Funny how her “sickness” is so selective. She probably just has another hangover. If she was so sick why did she eat sushi for two days in a row? Leann is always so full of lies.

    7) “New Shows! 8/9 @CrystalMethod, 8/10 @LeAnnRimes Belly Up presale tomorrow, public on sale Sat, 8/29 @CazzetteOfficial ”

    Translation: Eddie and Lizzy are going on another vacation to Aspen.

    8) “#NationalTellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay @leannrimes ♥”

    Something Eddie will never tell Leann unless she pays him well.

    9) Someone people think that Leann told x17 that Eddie was at Home Depot to prove to people that Eddie really does “special” projects for her since everyone doubted her “Eddie hung old photos of her and him above his bed” story. We will have to wait and see if Leann tweets a “I have the most incredible husband because he made…” tweets and twitpics.

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