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Nicole Kidman Covers 'Vogue Germany'

Nicole Kidman Covers 'Vogue Germany'

Nicole Kidman is stunning on the cover of German Vogue‘s latest issue, on newsstands now.

“Success has not satisfied Nicole Kidman. On the contrary – her hunger for new experiences is undiminished. We are fascinated by that aspect of her character,” Vogue Germany editor Christiane Arp said about the 46-year-old actress.

“It’s a gift for us that she was prepared to be featured in this Vogue. Not only because she gave us so much of her time, but also because, above and beyond her Hollywood professionalism, she opened herself up as an approachable and profound person,” she added.

FYI: Nicole is wearing Henri J. Sillam jewelry.

Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: Vogue Germany
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  • Alliana

    The Daily Mail has several pictures from this photo shoot and she is absolutely stunning!!!

  • love8754

    2 photoshoots for two different cover. Amazing pictures. Here’s the most beautiful

  • Louise

    Beautiful woman inside and out.

  • Gemma
  • Gemma
  • Gemma

    @love8754: That’s just gorgeous. Faith is a cherubic angel!

  • tula

    so pretty.

  • Lillith

    God this woman is just so god damn beautiful, cant wait for Grace Kelly!

  • Y.S.

    actress turned model

    great model!

    great styling.

  • Oh dear

    Thankfully, the photographer suggested Nicole strategically place a swan in front of her mouth in an attempt to cover and play down her grotesquely artificial lips.

  • x

    Much like Kidman’s acting, the magazine covers are unbelievable and have no connection to reality.

  • tan

    Why nicole have no wrinkle and look fake ?

  • Macy

    With her height, posture, slender figure, and coloring, Nicole has a unique beauty. There’s no one else quite like her. The picture with Faith from an old photo shoot is exquisite.

  • Ryan

    The Nicole retrospective from Vogue Germany is extensive and exquisite.

  • Oh my

    The picture of Nicole with Faith is beautiful! Little Faith has her father’s eyes like Sunday does. Thanks for sharing! Such a classy lady.

  • Y

    Let’s hope the stylist grabbed the poor swan before Kidman attempted to bite it’s head off.

  • Dear German Vogue,

    I am prepared to feature in your magazine on the following conditions:
    - All photos are to be unrealistic
    - All photos are to be photoshopped
    - All photos are to be manipulated so the lumpy fillers in my face are unnoticeable
    - Every small wrinkle must be eradicated
    - My aged and severely lined hands are to be digitally altered
    - My gray and thinning hair must be camouflaged by a wig at all times

  • Oh dear

    #17: Do not forget the need to disguise the tell tale bloodshot eyes.

  • duh

    @Oh my: Keith’s eyes and Nicole’s mouth. There’s a photo of a very young Nicole that resembles Faith so much. A real cutie!

    I prefer the color fashion editorial. So new and fresh with a European edge.

  • The Ashamed Parents

    Poor little Faith. Mommy can’t keep her under lock and key for ever.

  • ..

    #20: I think faith is still being punished for trying to pull mom’s(?) wig off at the airport a few months ago.

  • duh is a comedian

    bahahahaha … which mouth are you referring to @duh. Kidman’s original thin lipped mouth or her new plumped up fish lips?

  • Private and Confidential

    Private and Confidential
    Brentwood Hospital
    Psychological Evaluation
    Patient Name: duh
    “Hello duh, my name is Doctor Evans. How are you feeling today?”
    “duh, we have reason to believe you have been logging onto Just Jared and harassing innocent people. Is that true?”
    “Tell me duh, why do you feel the need to do that?”
    “It has also come to our attention you randomly accuse innocent people of disturbing sexual acts. Why?”
    “How many voices do you hear duh?”
    “Can you tell the voices in your head to go away?”
    “Thank you duh. I think we have heard enough.”
    Brentwood Hospital
    Psychological Evaluation Recommendation
    Patient Name: duh
    It is Doctor Evan’s professional opinion that duh is of unsound mind and should remain incarcerated in the maximum security ward. It is further recommended that computer access for duh be closely monitored.

  • Copy her music, Copy her cards

    Taste of Country – “It seems that he’s following fellow superstar Taylor Swift in her venture into the greeting card industry, as she’s had her own line of cards for a few years now.”

  • @#23

    It really wasn’t that funny or clever the first time you posted it. If anyone needs a mental hospital, it’s you skeptic freaks who believe Nicole carried around a mechanic baby until they found a real one.

  • kelsey

    Nicole looks great for 46. She’s definitely a role model for us over 40′s. She seems like a very sweet lady. Maybe a few of you are just jealous?

  • Jada knows

    @@#23: Sunday Rose was also a sack of potatoes and a cheese wheel before being found and purchased. It’s easy to see why a lowlife has to post as different people. She’s doing it to convince herself she’s not lying through her teeth.

  • #27

    is weird.

  • Angel

    Love how Nicole continues to surprise with all her unbelievable achievements. Keep wowing us with your unlimited talent and undeniable beauty Nic. We love you and Keith so much. God bless you both. Love, love love.

  • Fairy

    Love how Nicole continues to not surprise with all her box office flops. Keep wowing us with your very limited talent and botoxed fakeness Nic. We are on to you and Keith. Lying is a sin. Dislike Dislike Dislike.

  • @Fairy

    Yes, lying is a sin. You skeptics should stop telling them.

  • Go look at yourselves

    OMG, did you former Keith Urban fans move on to Adam Levine? Cause the same ridiculous comments you say is being said on his threads. “His engagement is all PR” “He doesn’t love her” “She needs attention because her career is failing” “He has a secret girlfriend in Arkansas” “My source said his mother isn’t happy.” “It’s all fake” The level of denial on JJ is unbelievable. At least you Urban fans can rest knowing you’re not the only ones dealing with insane obsessed people.

  • We like what we see

    Now that you mention it #32, the very gay Adam Levine and Keith Urban would make a cute couple.

  • @Go look at yourselves

    All celebrities have delusional fans who think they know them. It makes them feel special. Then when reality strikes and all the stories they made up in their head get screwed up, they make excuses. “It’s all PR” “He’s forced to marry her” “He’s being blackmailed”. Then they get angry that the celebrity isn’t the person they wanted them to be and they turn on them. Suddenly they’re liars, cheaters, gay, producing bad music/films, whatever. It doesn’t matter that they use to adore the celeb; in their minds they were betrayed so they pretend not to care. Yet they still read about them, look at pictures, watch them on tv, and follow their every move. They puff out their chests but they don’t fool anyone. The Levin thread sounds like the Urban thread because every celebrity has some cuckoo fans with very low self esteem and no real life of their own.

  • We like what we see

    How about this simple version #35. A greedy Keith Urban of mediocre talent, willingly signed up for a sham PR marriage and increasingly exhibits the negative traits of his employer.

  • Jada knows

    #36 We already know you have no life. You don’t need to prove it over and over with 8 year old lies you can’t back up. If you’re bored I suggest you go blow a veg from the fridge and then tell all your internet friends who are just as deluded as you that you’re in a relationship with a male celebrity you’ve never met.

  • @#36

    Lets see; you think you know him..check. He made you feel special..check. You make the excuses…check. You turn on him…check. You pretend not to care but follow his every move…check. Yep that comment definitely sounds like something a disillusioned former fan would say. Aww, remember when you’d blow a stranger just to get close to that “mediocre” talent? Bahaha!

  • Get help SM

    For those of you unaware, comment #37 and #38 are courtesy of Sewer Mistress who is mentally ill and should not be posting.

  • tan

    why nicole sucking on bird head ?

  • Y.S.


    Keep the thread about the Vogue Germany shoot.


  • loose lips sink skeptic ships

    @Y.S.: It’s happening here birdbrain. You are not the moderator. Go take your power trip somewhere else.

  • Y.S.

    @loose lips sink skeptic ships:

    So, you’re the moderator then?

    Just asking you to keep your FILTH away from here. Thank-you.

    Just exactly what’s “happening here”? fleabrain.

  • reality

    @tan We know you’re a dumb racist troll posting demeaning comments like you can’t speak English.

    From the Vogue photoshoot

  • duh

    Let’s see…you’ve had ample opportunity to tell the skeptics to take their trash elsewhere. You only have a problem when the truth is posted and the sickos are told they aren’t welcome. You defend the indefensible. If Sue hadn’t loved to talk about d0uching, @n@l beads, and di!does you wouldn’t see those comments. If the skeptics hadn’t decided Nicole Kidman was a bisexual lesbian pedophile readers wouldn’t need to tell them to go away. Get it? It’s proof you and the skeptics are trash parading around as decent people.

  • duh

    One more thing, it’s pretty funny that “Ashamed Parents” and her alters waited all day for my last response. The skeptics have no life – NAIL ON HEAD.

  • #45/46 is Unhinged

    Nobody waits around for your rude and ridiculous comments @duh.

  • Oh dear

    Cincinnati Review: “… Other than his proficient guitar playing, there’s NOT MUCH ABOUT KEITH URBAN’S PERSONALITY AS A PERFORMER THAT MAKES HIM STANDOUT amid an overcrowded country-music summer touring season. Singing a BUNCH OF KIND-OF-CHEESY, ONE-DIMENSIONAL LOVE SONGS in the styles of pop-rock, country-pop and power ballad …”

  • heil kidman

    “Success (lack of) has not satisfied Nicole Kidman. On the contrary – her hunger for new experiences (to continually put herself before her family) is undiminished. We are fascinated by that aspect of her (self-absorbed and selfish) character,” Vogue Germany editor Christiane Arp said about the 46-year-old actress.

  • The Record

    @Oh dear: Thanks for the review. Sounds like another failed tour and album. LBT will truly outshine Urban just like Owen did.

  • loose lips sink skeptic ships

    Sue is still infatuated with Jake. Bahahahaha!