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Olivier Martinez: Grocery Shopping After French Wedding!

Olivier Martinez: Grocery Shopping After French Wedding!

Olivier Martinez rocks a bright orange Denver Broncos shirt while getting some items at the grocery store on Wednesday afternoon (July 17) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor married his girlfriend Halle Berry over the weekend in a wedding in France. Congratulations to the happy couple again!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Halle and Olivier were spotted arriving back in the United States with her daughter Nahla the day before after tying the knot.

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi‘s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Olivier Martinez grocery shopping after his wedding…

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olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 01
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 02
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 03
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 04
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 05
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 06
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 07
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 08
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 09
olivier martinez grocery shopping after french wedding 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Yuck Fou


  • Verity

    I see marriage has not changed his style much.

  • Stella

    Why should marriage change his style? As long as Halle is happy with him, haters can fall back.

  • Angie

    A giant baguette.. could he be any more cliche? lol

  • uhhh…..

    She obviously couldn’t do any better.

  • just saying

    dirty alcoholic is back

  • Stella

    I see that the miserable haters are out in force. Halle is richer and prettier than you, and has a man who loves her and her daughter.

  • xcbreyrey

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    They met through ~~MīxedŚingle.Çoм ~~Here is most successful Interracial online dating site for black and white singles share their life and love with friends online. It is a nice dạting service for Interracial singles to find their romantic soul mate.. You can meet (lawyers,busy professionals, CEO,benefactors. models, celebrities, etc….). If you are single , Try a try.

  • Cindy Laaper

    @Stella: And it pains you that you can’t do anything about it but sit there and type, “you are haters!” “You are jealous that she is prettier than you” blah blah blah. I’m taking bets on how long these two will stay married, the custody battle, the battle over her money (which he will drain that bank account dry) and when she will accuse him of abuse, racism, you know…basically the same game she’s been playing in her sick mind since she was young. The difference is she is old now and has met someone who looks very mean…look at his face. Does that look like a sober man to you?

  • Verity

    @Cindy Laaper: PREACH!!

  • No Al-Anon for Halle

    One thing is for sure, Halle probably wouldn’t go to Al-Anon (unless going through the motions)–bc then she would have to take responsibility and work on herself.

  • Shelbe

    @Stella I’m with you, down with the Halle haters, they said she wouldn’t even marry shows how much they know. Now their trying to slander Olivier, unlike that loser Gabriel he has money.

  • Shelbe

    @yuck fou, your an alcoholic, can I prove it no, but neither can you do so with Olivier. @just saying hi, how are you doing, didn’t know you could recognize an alcoholic by just looking at a picture, must take one to know one, and take a bath too, I can tell your dirty just by your post.

  • not true

    @Shelbe: not them…I can. I have been clean and sober for over 20+ years. 2-3 x after the fight he was seen going to Gil Turners an infamous liquor store on the Sunset Strip (on JJ and several other sites) open Mon -Sun 7/8 am to 2 am all disheveled unshaven, shoes untied etc. I guarantee you he wasn’t just getting smokes (can get at CVS, gas station , etc).

  • not true

    @Shelbe: I have been notorious for doing my share of bashing Halle’s gay/bi paid sperm donor here, her old imdb page, and elsewhere.

  • mitzy

    Buying groceries to cook for pregnant wife. Awww

  • Looker

    funny pix him walking out with the stick of bread, i think we saw that same pix two weeks ago if im not mistaken lol funnyshizzels

  • not true OM is a drunk

    @not true: let me know if you want links or you can check JJ in Nov/Dec and your beloved DMUK etc yourself right after the fight.

  • @Shelbe

    Since you know more about the whole situation about Halle, Gabe and Olivier and that all of Halle’s bashing was true, do you believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and of course, The Great Pumpkin?

  • groundcontrol

    I swear he has the same palor and look I see in meth addicts. I guess the French don’t age well.

  • Mental Case Shelbe

    Do us all a favor……….check yourself in somewhere.
    There is a crazy person on the loose watching your every move Halle.

  • just saying

    @Shelbe I have the right to speak my mind just like of you so shut up

  • I think I’m gonna puke

    Just need to point out that he is wearing the same jeans all the time…I know it’s been discussed but those jeans hurt my eyes…urghhhhh…

  • siennagold

    He doesn’t look handsome nowadays

  • guest

    @ Shelbe, You are on here constantly repeating gossip like it was the gospel truth so if you believe some gossip then you must believe it all. You cannot just cherry pick to suit Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez. How about this GOSSIP Shelbe: Olivier Martinez is not a wealthy man but is violent and is only famous for the women in his life. He made Kylie have her cancer treatment in France to suit him even though her family/friends live in Australia, making him look like a total control freak. He dumped her by phone & the move to France was more about him being homesick than it was about problems with paparazzi which makes them both look like liars. He had to pay Gabriel Aubrys legal & medical bills after the fight which makes him look like the guilty party. Halle Berry was also reprimanded for her role in fight. She fell out with her family over lies she told.. There were at least three hit and runs. You have posted over and over all the negative gossip about Gabriel Aubry and ignored the above but I could go on. Is any of this true?……. I have no idea and neither do you! Take it ALL with a pinch of salt, I don’t care for any it but it comes from the exact same GOSSIP sites you get your so called facts from. Check for yourself but I’m betting you will choose not to believe any of this but why would you since it doesn’t exactly fit in with your idealistic image of these people. They are not as perfect as you portray them and probably have said/done things they are not all that proud of but who the hell hasn’t . No I’m not a hater, I wish happiness for them all but your posts do sicken me. Make sure you read this properly before you reply back like a raging lunatic. At least 90% if not more of gossip is said to be untrue – you should be aware of that. .

  • Despicable

    @Shelbe have you ever heard of Cyberstalking?
    People are entitled to their opinions but there is a difference between you and the other posters on this site.
    Here’s just a snippet which applies to you.
    Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include the making of false accusations or statements of fact (as in defamation).
    Read on if you can Shelbe….
    When identifying cyberstalking, and particularly when considering whether to report it to any kind of legal authority, the following features or combination of features can be considered to characterize a true stalking situation: malice, premeditation, repetition, distress, obsession, vendetta, no legitimate purpose, personally directed, disregarded warnings to stop, harassment, and threats. Do you know what defamation means? Whether the rumors are true or not, just as GUEST stated, we don’t know. Gabriel is going about his life just as these two are which he is entitled to so why after months and months after the dust has settled with this family that you continue to defame Gabriel. There are plenty of bad things to say online if you want but Gabriel seems to be your focus. There will be laws (and there are some already passed in certain states) that will protect people from your type of behavior. But until then, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why are you doing this. Why are you doing this Shelbe? You mentioned on another post that Gabriel has anger issues. That’s laughable coming from you considering how you go off and try to curse people out online. You sound like you are losing it when you reply back. Anger issues? Hmmmmm so why all the aggression when someone post back to you or even if people are not addressing you, you lash out like a rabbit dog. I’ve asked you several questions but I don’t expect an intelligent answer but let’s just try…….go right ahead.
    You obviously don’t understand the law because if you did you would understand why Halle had to pay that amount of money. She is bankrolling way more than Gabriel might be in any given month which is why the judge awarded him the money. And, you don’t know what else could have come about in that courtroom to have made such a decision. Furthermore, is it your business what they are doing for their child. The money is to maintain the lifestyle of the child in both homes. And this is the lifestyle Halle has set up for her.
    Reads like a novel again? Read it carefully and maybe you will understand.

  • Despicable

    I don’t know if this is absolute truth so I want to preface that. Halle’s supposed net worth is around 70 million and Oliver’s is supposedly around 20 million. Gabriel’s is supposedly around 4 or 5 million. Obviously it is not easy to make that kind of money as a model but Halle knows that. She seems to be a smart business woman because a lot of her income has come from commercials and endorsements from the cosmetic industry. You’d have to be modeling all the time.
    So yes Halle can afford it. Her daughter will still be able to have access to things when she is with Gabriel which is what child support is about. Usually the parent making the most money has to pay but it is unusual that she has to pay to Gabriel. Usually the parent with physical custody gets the support but perhaps in this situation because of her income…..something else went down in there. Most men who end up with Halle will never be able to make the kind of money she has so the playing field will always be a little uneven no fault of their own. Just a thought.
    Best of luck to all of them.

  • Heather

    I see Halle PR team call the paps

  • msirene

    My opinion about Shelbe:

    I honestly believe that Shelbe is either Halle, or someone in her camp pretending to be a “Shelbe.”

    I just can’t visualize anyone defending a celebrity the way she does an with so many posts on such a regular basis.. None of us know these people personally and I could care less about what they do,.

    But, Shelbe, I love me some Gabriel! (He’s very nice to look at) :)

  • @Ms Irene-nope

    @msirene: Maybe–but she posts all over the Internet, here, daily mail, US, NY Daily News and several other sites from what I have been told and is listed to being from Vancouver/WA/US. She also comments on other celebs on those sites.

    Halle is too busy to still be bashing Gabe since her /Olivier’s major clusterf*&^ backfired on them royally and has put a serious dent in Halle’s career and image.

    Besides repairing her image, raising a child (w/Gabe), being pregnant and making her new marriage/dysfunctional relationship going into year 3 work for as long as it does and whatever ever else she does, to be posting on practically ever site on the internet–nope, nada, Nor do I think @Shelbe or @Shlebethegreat is one of her lacky workers. Halle’s too busy keeping her lie going than keeping stirring the pot.

    I have a Psych/Social Services background, the other posters descriptions of the situation seem to be a fair appraisal of the situation. She is nothing more than an obsessed fan who lives vicariously through Halle and Ollie boy.

  • agree

    @@Ms Irene-nope: I totally agree with you about Shelbe/ShelbetheGreat

  • Curious

    Shelbe’s posts are more about Gabriel Aubry than they are about Halle/Olivier. Could she be an ex girlfriend he dumped? I can see why he would. I really don’t think too many people will take her seriously though,her comments are too cold hearted. It just turns people away. I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff she has written on other sites so she does need help. They paint a very bad picture of her but sadly she doesn’t see that.

  • kayla

    Be happy for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Shelbe to LAMORTOF

    @Despicable, haven’t been on the web for a few days but I see your still writing novels. As for cyberstalking don’t make me laugh. You, like the rest of these haters don’t mind posts that go with your way of thinking but if someone else thinks differently then something is wrong with them. Some people have bad things to say about Halle and Olivier and I don’t see you jumping down their throats. I have some things to say about that loser Gabriel, and when I do people act like I’m a bad guy, doesn’t matter, what I am saying is true. If you and the rest want to drool over Gabriel and treat him like a saint go ahead but you have no right to tell me what I can and can’t post. Go jump on @Ms Irene-nope but you won’t because she has something nasty to say about Halle. Hypocrite.

  • Shelbe to LAMORTOF

    @Ms.Irene-nope, really touched a nerve did I, shows how much you know. Halle’s career is stronger than ever, because people in hollywood don’t care about her loser ex getting his face smashed in a fight he started. Gabriel is violent and deserved it for putting his hands on Olivier, he messed up touching the frenchman. All you do is look at Gabriel’s face, bet he would crack you hard in the jaw if you said the wrong thing. As for child support, sure he gets it but it’s not enough as his actions with the so called Halle Berry Auction shows his true character. Halle slapped that down quick. Gabriel is a mean man and like I said before he will do something criminal/immoral again, just wait.

  • Monday

    @shelbe, talking pure fantasy again I see. Keep believing it though because no-one else does. I’m sure Halle/Olivier are just thrilled to know they have obsessed stalker fans like you!!!! You are really pathetic

  • Guest

    @Shelbe, are you really that stupid that you believe what you read?

  • @monday

    @Monday: Yes she does, how sad :( Ignore her.

  • @guest

    @Guestprobably and very mentally ill for being an obsessed fan and cyberstalker. I am sure Halle’s folks will contact her to cease and desist if they ever get a hold of her.

  • Shelbe

    @Monday and @guest, it’s you guys that are delusional. Reality is something you can’t deal with because you want to believe in a pretty face. But Gabriel is what he is and one day he’ll go to far just wait and see. The boy is a leech, always has been always will be.

  • Guest

    @Shelbe, I live in the real world, you live in fantasy land. I have zero respect for anyone that would cause an accident and then drive off leaving another person trapped in a car. That’s what your wonderful Halle did and that is a fact. Shows how full of herself she really is. What a great idol to have. There are stories out there that she did it three times in total and since you are stupid enough to believe everything it just proves what a horrible person she is. Your comments say far more about you than they do about her and its not good. Keep swooning over them, it’s pathetic but I just laugh at it. You say I want to believe in a pretty face but it is you that’s posting how handsome that violent fame hungry Olivier is. You are a hypocrite. One day you will wake up to reality.

  • JJ

    @Guest: you are correct, but Halle had only two well-documented hit and runs, where did you get three, guess I missed one?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Guest, never said Halle was perfect, I said Gabriel is a leech that got his butt kicked by a better man. You are one sick individual, what are you and the rest of the haters doing on these sites. I at least post positive things about Olivier and Halle on articles about them. I don’t go looking for post just so I can post bad things, except in the case of Gabriel Aubry. When people start bashing this lovely couple for the sake of that worm then I see no reason not to reciprocate. The fact that so many people target me shows me that this is their reason for their hate. They won’t let it go and neither will I. A woman doesn’t try to move her child away from the father without a good reason and I am sure Halle had one. But no use reasoning with a hater. Say, why don’t you go to an article about Goldilocks and gush about your idol Gabriel Aubry instead of deliberately taking the time to hate on Olivier and Halle.

  • Thursday

    @ Shelbe, the reason people target you is not because of Gabriel Aubry!!!!, it’s because you make it so bloody easy for people to dislike you!!! WAKE UP woman and don’t kid yourself by blaming anyone else!!