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Zac Efron Leaps Into Action for Hotel Entrance

Zac Efron Leaps Into Action for Hotel Entrance

Zac Efron leaps over a row of bushes while he makes his way into a hotel on Wednesday afternoon (July 17) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old actor tweeted some news about his upcoming films earlier this month.

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Zac‘s upcoming romantic comedy Are We Officially Dating?, which also stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, will hit theaters on January 31, 2014.

Also, Zac‘s movie The Falling hired Jeremy Lott to write the supernatural thriller. No word yet on the plot of the film!

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  • Looker

    He is definitely in the wrong business if he is running from the cameras like this. he should just retire as im sure there are plenty of others in hollywood who would be happy to take his salary !

  • Emily

    Oh, i’m sure he is experienced in jumping over and on “bushes”.

  • Anne

    lmao whoever you are, that was plain and simply hilarious

  • Alia

    i used to be obsessed with this guy. now i cant stand him. i learned to love real actors and zac sadly is not one of them. he keeps picking bad movies.

  • Maire

    wow! nice way to get into the role of his upcoming film!! lol hahaha looking good!

  • lauren

    what a shocker the first 4 comments are hate

  • What?

    Is he serious? Running and jumping like a girl just so he won’t get a pic taken? He is an idiot. He thinks he is so damn important.

  • What?

    Amazing how those toothpick legs hold up his chunky upper body and head.

  • lauren

    he’s running because he doesn’t care for the paps.

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    HAHAHAH is so obvious that hateful comments come from the same person … our boy must be doing something very right for there to be so jealous out there. Anyway, zac cute as ever, can not remember the last time I saw him in shorts

  • zdravo

    What’s with all the bullying? I never met Zac, but he seems likeable to me. He never says or does anything mean spirited. He is self deprecating in interviews and seems like a nice guy. No one is perfect and I’m sure those who are calling him chunky are not perfect looking supermodels either.

  • http://Charter rdh

    @zdravo: I agree! Zac appears to be one of the few young actors that has his head on straight. No drug headlines, no drunken episodes…seems like a nice guy!

  • leelee

    Maybe he’s running because he was caught looking at dildos again.

  • Truth


  • rp

    actually he was caught tons of times doing drugs and drunk leaving CM and in london, but he has a good pr team, they pay the papz to not post his pictures, he admitted that himself. And he was spotted drunk and looking for prostitutes when he was filming a movie with tom welling.
    He is best friends with Miley┬┤s best friends and the pheed guys, they are into heavy drugs…

  • lauren

    um actually when was he caught doing or being caught drunk leaving CM and in london? yea he was seen leaving a club in london drunk but drugs? so im taking you generally believe everything little thing you read about zac on gossip sites and in general? also when did he ever admit that either? are you just making that up when he admitted that? explain where you got that since you seem to know everything?

  • :(

    People are dreaming with Zac drunk, drugged and prostitute in the pages of TMZ since 2010, unfortunately he’s seems to have a normal life and still being hired to work in movies lol

  • Sharona

    Zac, you are looking gorgeous and adorable as always!

  • zdravo

    @rp: But honestly, what 25 year old hasn’t been caught drunk at some point? Almost everyone has had their bad nights out. He seems like the type of guy who wouldn’t bully anyone, so why bully him? And even IF he is gay, which so many people seem to think, SO WHAT? It’s not a crime.

  • OK

    @rp Your knowledge of Zac is seriously lacking. He has changed PR teams and you have a few other things wrong.

  • IMO

    @rp: Everything you are saying is a lie. No amount of money and pay offs would cover up that kind behavior. You are also wrong because when he was in London those pics were posted it was his birthday and so what he wasn’t driving. There are so many others pics posted after he left clubs, no scandal no nothing but a young man leaving with friends. In addition those pics were from two years ago. He rarely does any clubbing any more, anyway. This town is not a forgiving one and they would love to knock down a person like Zac, but you know what they don’t have any proof of any scandalous type of that kind of behavior.
    You are just a jealous hater who wants to stir up trouble with your venomous words of slander. Zac is one of the few actors that is very low key , works hard and constantly, he keeps his private life private and almost everytime a rumor is started or written about him it has been proven to be false. So your words are wasted here, any Zac fan knows this man and we will never believe your lies. So be gone Hater.

  • PkerBoi

    ya but he is an ungrateful duche bag . look at the sissy run, that is not normal behavior !

  • Alex

    Love him :) take your hate somewhere else, because his career is going strong so it’s obsv not working here.

  • Sharona

    Once again the haters have come out from under their rocks to spew their nonsense. They claim all kinds of lies and say they don’t like him, so why are they so interested in coming here? Just to make trouble, and their jealousy is obvious.

    HATERS: Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Rachel


    And how do you know he was doing this stuff you mentioned? Because you read that on a lame Hollywood tabloid (like Hollywood Life maybe?). The latest rumour was covered by only 2-3 websites and they usually report crap. There was no reliable website talking about it.

  • Rachel

    Now a guy can’t even run to his hotel? Cut him some slack, please.

    He is very cute, in case that wasn’t known.

  • Rachel

    Also, I heard that Are We Officially Dating is going wide. Is that true?

  • kelly martineau

    Maybe he running from the pap’s or he was running late. He’s still looking good. Where has he been for the last 6 months?

  • kasia

    If he really wants to hide from paps, he should start wearing a burqa like MJ

  • BO

    Zattakers , don’t bother replying to haters .I tell from experience .The more you reply , the more they’re gonna comment .It;s just the same person writing these things , look at the the way of writing. We’re much more intelligent than them

  • poppy

    lol ive missed so much damn u studying
    i hate when teachers give u masses amount of homework and all u wanna do is just have fun.
    zac looks fine u are always gonna get people hating on zac and other celebs its normal u just have to ignore it. not everyones gonna like u . i doubt they are crazy vanessa fans cuz they are too busy on vanessa posts loving her up.

  • kelly martineau

    Zac career is taking off. V career is going non where.