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Zachary Quinto & Jonathan Groff Split

Zachary Quinto & Jonathan Groff Split

Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff have ended their relationship after over a year together.

The actors “remain friends” and there is “nothing salacious” to the story, according to Gossip Cop. In fact, Zach reportedly went to see Jon on stage recently, despite quietly breaking up in the spring.

Zachary came out of the closet back in 2011 and confirmed his relationship with Jonathan the next year. They were last photographed together back in September in Los Angeles.

ARE YOU SAD that Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff called it quits?

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  • Lea

    So sad!!

  • snap crackle pop

    I find it always sad when people breakup but, it’s nice that they are mature enough to stay friends.

  • Cee Cee

    :( ^^ I agree….

  • leelee

    Sad but they lasted longer than I thought.

  • SunnyAutumn

    i just thew up in my mouth. I know so, 2007.

  • mp

    I agree — sad when a couple breaks up, but Zach & Jonathan are being nice about this, no mud-flinging. Wish them both well.

  • Lolz

    They broke up? They were never together. The contract must have expired!

  • FINALLY!!!!!

    i’m so sorry but YES!!! i agree with “Lolz” lol. so…….what’s chris pine up to??

  • correction

    Quinto and Groff were “together” for almost 3 years not “over a year” and ZQ never confirmed the relationship. not in that dumb OUT magazine article or anywhere else. Grinto was based entirely on gossip, staged photo ops and fake tweets. Unbelievable!!

  • haha

    @Finally #8
    “what’s chris pine up to??”
    consoling his friend in his time of sorrow of course! that’s what good friend are for. right? :)

  • cringe

    Zachary Quinto is supposed to have a new bf Miles Mcmilan.
    err… WHO?? so i check up. big mistake. guy is some unknown model (haha) and looks like an underage girl. omg ewww.

  • daniel castañeda

    if unfortunate but either way life goes for both

  • me

    so sad… :’( but happy hey are friends.

  • British Latin American

    Sad, but they will be okay.

    Cringe: your comment was snobby, shallow, and ridiculous. Whether or not Zac is with this model or not all that matters are his feelings for the man, not what he looks like or how well-known he may or may not be.

  • cringe

    @British Latin American
    Oh yeah? Last I heard I’m entitled to my opinion and in case you forgot this is a gossip blog so get off your damn high horse! i agree with others who say this whole relationship was a set up so don’t tell me about Quinto’s “feelings” – for any of them. sheesh!

  • Eli

    Amanda Frances and Miles Mcmillan.
    Two unknown models. both 23 and looking for some publicity.
    Interesting non?

  • yeah


    Zach likes younger pretty boys, that guy Colton “I was never gay that was a huge mixup” Haynes used to be his rent boy.

  • cringe

    Don’t know if Zach Q has a penchant for pretty younger boys or not but Colton is pretty. Milly Mc is just gross. IMO of course, before I get called “snobby, shallow and ridiculous”!!

  • Sunflower

    @Lolz: @correction: Gay guys have fake boyfriends? Why would that be? I’m not doubting what you’re saying, I’m just curious.

  • British Latin American

    @cringe: Of course you make no sense? Why would their relationship be fake in the first place? Silly children.

  • Cyn

    Oh, God. Publicity fail. Where in the hell is the news of Zach’s Emmy nomination and his reactions?! :(

  • Sunflower

    @British Latin American: I don’t care what that guy looks like. It’s a matter of taste. What I find strange is that his new bf is so young and that he is a model. Whether you like it or not who you date says a lot about who you are. And it makes me wonder what a seemingly intellectual and articulate guy who is into theatre, books and politics has to do with a 13-year-younger model. Because it’s so superficial to date someone just for their looks.

  • cringe

    @British Latin American:
    Why it’s fake? Because no one has confirmed the relationship. That’s why. I’m not here to educate you. Do your own homework and read what has already been discussed here extensively. Silly children? Waaay better than a brainless sheep in a herd??
    Totally agree. But then again with Zachary Quinto, what you see is never what you get, especially when it’s his very well publicized “love life”. LOL

  • lolz

    In general if a gay guy has a boyfriend who is a rising star and very much in the closet it would be very “helpful” if the bf got himself a beard and the gay guy a fake bf. Kinda stops the rumors dead. ’tis the way of HW …. :(

  • British Latin American

    @cringe: It’s unlikely that the relationship between Zac and the model is fake (i.e., made up by Zac or a handler); if it is false the press themselves might have made a mistake or made it up. Again, why would Zac himslef make up the relationship? You are not answering the question. You are acting like a silly child when confronted and makes useless excuses and gives insults.

  • British Latin American

    @Sunflower: How much do you know about models other than stereotypes. Why should the age difference be such a problem for you?

  • Sunflower

    @British Latin American: And how much do you know? Obviously neither of us knows all the models in the world to determine what each of them is like. But the general impression is what it is and it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Their career is based on good looks rather than good education, any particular set of skills or talents, wisdom, interesting personality or hard work. Their professional life revolves exclusively around shallow things such as fashion, make-ups, hairdos etc. Their job is time-consuming, involves constant travelling, photo shoots, castings etc. Not much room for personal development. They usually start very young, so they are forced to skip school and so on. Not to mention my personal experiences with them.
    And the age difference, well, men mature more slowly, so a guy in his early 20s, with big probability, is mentally still a boy.
    I admit, I don’t hold the job of a model in high regard. And yes, I’m surprised that a guy like Zach would get involved with a model, especially that young.
    Or maybe I just overestimate ZQ.

  • cringe

    @British Latin American:
    It’s unlikely that the relationship between Zac and the model is fake
    Really? and why is that? Because a few people at tumblr say it is so?
    if it is false the press themselves might have made a mistake or made it up.
    “press” did you say? what “press” exactly are you referring to here? As far as I know, other than tumblr and some tweets (rolls eyes) there is nothing in the press!!
    Again, why would Zac himslef make up the relationship? You are not answering the question.
    A similar question was asked at #19 and answered at #24. But I guess that’s not enough for you? so here’s some more just for you sunshine..
    1. ZQ may get a fake bf to keep his real private life private and stop the constant speculation about his love life
    2.Or maybe his bf is in a situation at the moment where revelation of his identity may cause a scandal
    3. or ZQ may be promiscuous and may want to project a stable love life to gain a favorable image with the public
    4. or his boyfriend is in the closet and he doesn’t want his name linked to ZQ
    Just how many damn scenarios do you want??? Have you forgotten this is HW? And I guess you just couldn’t figure it out for yourself that you had to come here over and over with you stupid questions??

    You are acting like a silly child when confronted and makes useless excuses and gives insults.
    There you go again with your “silly child” comment.
    I was about to say you are the biggest child here, but I won’t. Know why? I don’t like insulting children by comparing them to a grown dumba$$ like you. And DON”T tell me about “gives insults” when it was YOU who called me “snobby, shallow, and ridiculous” just because I said ZQ’s bf looks like an underage girl (which he does). You hypocrite!

  • out mag

    You just gotta read what OUT mag says about Quinto & his new bf!
    It links to a video where Perez says Grinto broke up because Quinto wanted an open relationship!! But then again, Perez said a few months back that Grinto was about to get married. ha ha the comedy! There are pics of MM some with full make up! omg! then of course there is tumbler, dumblr the brain numblr!
    Heaps of publicity for an unknown 23 yr old male model. interesting no?
    The very private Quinto’s love life laid out for all to read!
    And through it all Quinto says…..uh, ah, errrr ..nothing!
    Oh man, here we. go. again. lmao

  • cringe

    They cut poor Katie Holly (a producer) out of the pic in OUT mag!
    btw I think Amanda Frances and Milly gurl should get together…they’ll have much to discuss :)

  • The comedy writes itself!

    Perez sayz….
    “OMG! Would Ryan Murphy be officiating the wedding!?!
    Zachary Quinto is reportedly thisclose to popping the question to long-term boyfriend Jonathan Groff.
    The lovers, both adored for their acting chops (especially on American Horror Story and Glee), are absolutely adorable together. We’d be all for this!
    The source with the goods (LOL) thinks a proposal is about to happen because:
    “It’s by far the happiest relationship he’s ever been in. They’ve been serious for a while now, but things have heated up since they started living together.”
    Aww, precious!
    Well if it does happen soon, here’s an early congratulations!
    But we wouldn’t be surprised if they took some extra time with it, either… they just really seem like they’ve got some logical heads on those shoulders!”
    Posted: Mar 6, 2013 at 9:52 am
    ummm isn’t March Spring? when they broke up??

  • British Latin American

    @Sunflower: You sound quite narrow-minded and as if your own skills and education need more development.

  • British Latin American

    @cringe: God, you are starting to shout. Not a frustrated child are you? Hah. Your explanation is also too rambling.

  • cringe

    @British Latin American:
    I’m shouting? Yeah fools never fail to irritate me!
    There you go again…do you hate children or something??
    My explanation is too rambling? Thanks for letting everyone know you have nothing whatsoever to say in dispute!
    God, what a pathetic idiot!

  • CP&ZQ two peas in a pod!

    Miles Mcmillan = Zachary Quinto’s “Amanda Frances” moment!!