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Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine stops by a local Starbucks for an iced beverage before heading to his gym on Thursday morning (July 18) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer revealed his engagement to model Behati Prinsloo!

“I am so happy and excited and still can’t believe it’s true!” Behati told ET Canada (via People) about how Adam popped the question. “It was a one-knee thing! It was serious, it was very old school!”

The couple has not started planning the special day, they are currently “just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment.”

Congrats again!

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# 1

“Celebrating with friends and family?” Now that’s a joke!!!!

# 2


# 3

…and he was drunk when he did it! LOL!
I bet they won’t get married. EVER.

# 4

What?! What?! Adam got engaged?! Wow. Sad day. Not like I was ever gonna have him anyway. I guess if he’s happy, I’m happy. Congratz to them.

# 5

he has got to be the worst singer ever!! his voice is so lame and whiny

# 6

here start the PR fest …………;;

# 7

I posted this on the other thread but it needs to come over here. Another thing from what I hear. Let’s just say momma is levied he screwed things up this time in a big way but she also knows how her son is. If someone pushes Adam he goes in the direction people don’t want him to go in. He has to learn the hard way and they know it. THEY WANT THIS FIXED QUICKLY!

Jared he flew in from LA this morning don’t think he’s coming from the gym sorry.

# 8

It’s a joke,right?”The couple has not started planning the special day, they are currently “just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment.” .”,and they won’t plan it,because they will be no wedding.I doubt he loves her.His ego is too big to allow him to love another person than himself.It’s a fact,In few months they will be split,and she’ll be angry at him.Adam will dump her when she starts getting more attention than him and his huge ego.
She’s delusional and he’s using her.She’ll regret getting engaged to him when he starts avoiding her again…like he did when they were dating.She needs publicity and he needs to stop the rumors that he’s gay.Adam is a cheater and will cheat on her,that if he he isn’t already cheating…well,she must know where she’s getting into,right?lol

# 9

He looks effed up.

Should I pop the popcorn for this thread or stick to the other train wreck thread?

@Unknown: What are you talking about?The engagement?Does his family want to stop this engagement?*confused*
And if he’s not in LA today,where did this photo come from?I’m confused…

i’m just so confused–why did he even do this? getting down on one knee, gicing her a ring–he must have planned to some degree right? i don’t get it.

@Anon: Let’s be remind Behati’s saying this not Adam.

@Leeh: Like I said on the earlier thread today I’ve heard mama Patsy and his friends are not to happy. Monday he interchanged women cause the other woman needed him to step up. He ran to Behati because she has HUGE self esteem issues and wants nothing from him emotionally. Behati’s a safety net right now. I’ve also heard that Behati’s grinding in the salt to the other woman and Anne. Behati’s laughing and enjoying every minutes. Adam dumped Behati for the another woman so it’s payback time in Behati’s mind to her. The other women expects better from him and he feels he can’t conform to her ideal. The truth will eventually come out and Behati will be all alone.

He looks so f*ked!!

British Latin American @ 07/18/2013 at 3:37 pm

Why do good-looking men mess themselves up with too many tattoos?

He’s a womanizer. If he ever gets married it will never work. Too much of a cheater. Always looking for the next young model around every corner.

Adam you know who this is! You’re acting like the biggest douchebag possible and f ucking over my best friend. You don’t want to talk privately then I’ll f uck you over here! She’s changed to be the person you need and want however it’s not good enough. Is it? F uck you just F uck you!! Since when do you fetch your own Starbucks? Shawn’s there right? If you think she was pissed before you have no clue now. F uck you just F uck you Adam!!

Oh snap. This is a gold mine.

Poor Nina Agdal

Just wow. This came suddenly.

@francine: I hope he betters himself. Marriage is not a joke.

Yeah, he’s definitely looking haggard these. Has nothing to do with just coming off a redeye – he’s been making those flights for almost half his life.


Go on..

Sorry but NO @ 07/18/2013 at 4:28 pm

@Chloe: Really you think somebody should believe you, that you know Adam that good? What is even more funny is that you think he would read your message. There are million gossip blogs out there in the net.

LOLOLOLOL @ 07/18/2013 at 4:29 pm

@Chloe: Girl please, stop being so delusional.

@Chloe: You surely love messes. Please can you just get enough?

girl love yourself @ 07/18/2013 at 4:34 pm

With all these interviews that Trashati is giving out, I wish just one person was brave enough to call bull. Like flat out ask how she felt when he was with another model not that long ago.

@Kay: yeah @chloe. Please do go on….

you guys act like these people are personally affecting your life, it’s amusing and sad at the same time. congrats to the happy couple

@girl love yourself: that’s a great idea!

I’m as surprised as the next person over this engagement. No one could have expected this was going to happen. Adam always looked like the type who was never going to get married, and if he was, it would be during his late 30s or early 40s. This is just so sudden. I’m sure the entire industry is shocked.

Anyway, I just saw Behati’s interview on E! where she talks about the proposal and ring, she seems happy. I have no idea if this is genuine or a facade, but what’s done is done. I’m just going to wish these two all the best, and if they truly do love each other, I hope the marriage works out. I’m not going to be cynical or think they have hidden agendas. Whatever will happen in the future will happen. For now, I’m wishing them all the best and congrats on the engagement! Finally someone grabbed Adam, even if it was someone we least expected to grab him.

You know, before the whole Adam thing, I really liked Behati. She’s still sort of decent, but her long relationship with her previous boyfriend was cute beyond words. It’s a shame that they didn’t work out, even though Behati and her ex-boyfriend were together for years and even lived together.

Anyway, congrats!

P.S. Adam has GOT to shave!! Geeeeez, I was worried he was going to grow that thing out again after I saw it towards the end of The Voice last season.

Now people acting here like they know Adam. Loooooooooooooool :)

If they are happy, why not.


Behati does seem happy. I still don’t know what to think about this but I do think that if Adam is playing some sort of game here, she is just an unknowing pawn in it. I don’t know, that’s just where my head currently is.

And I agree, please shave. Scruff looks good on him but the full beard just looks dirty. I don’t know if I saw this comment here or on tumblr, so credit to whoever actually said it, but I believe they said ‘”Can someone hold him down so we can run a lawn mower over his face” and I couldn’t agree more.

Wow people are mad because they’re engaged. Thats effed up.

Man he looks like he’s on the edge of an OD
Watch yourself dude

Happy for Behati.

ummm..ok. its an engagement people. Until there is a walk down the aisle then I might believe. Anyone can stick a ring on the finger. Lets see if he goes through with this. I bet his bandmates are not too happy. Are they all going to live together??? This ain’t happening.

@Kay: “Can someone hold him down so we can run a lawn mower over his face”

Haha! So true! A full grown beard doesn’t look particularly appealing on him. And isn’t he currently filming The Voice? God, I think we will have to witness that horrendous thing again during the Blind Auditions this year.

And yes, like I said earlier, Behati does seem happy. So let us all just wish them the best. Let’s hope this marriage, if true, works out for them. That’s all we can do instead of wondering when/how/why etc over this proposal.

Some of you people have HUGE imaginations. @Unknown – So you “heard” Adam’s mom isn’t happy, huh? Sure you did. You’re a personal friend yet you post on Just Jared. When are you deadbeats gonna learn nobody believes you? Adam proposed to Behati because he loves her and wants her to be his wife. Period. He’s super rich, super successful, and super popular. He doesn’t need to “play games” for your benefit. Seriously, what he does doesn’t affect you. That is if you have a real life. Get one. You sound pathetic.

Congrats wish them the best.

What Behati’s dad thinks:

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, Behati’s dad and Adam still haven’t met in person to this day.

@Dolce – why is that surprising? he lives in south africa. he’s not marrying her dad.

People are nuts here getting angry because two peopl who dont even know you all, are getting engaged.

@Happy: Ha! That’s true. For some reason, I was thinking he lives in the US.

LOL he was banging that other model just 2 weeks ago

Poor Behati @ 07/18/2013 at 5:53 pm

I’m happy for Behati, too.

He didn’t fly in from LA this morning. He was playing golf with Joe Pesce in Famingdale, NJ which is less than an hour from West Village, NYC yesterday evening. Fans including myself have took pictures with him at Eagle Oaks Golf Club. Not that I really care where he was this morning but I wanted to correct you.

Why not, if they love each other its a great decision.

@Chloe: take your meds.

This video of Behati on Extra today is really cute. She even got flowers.

@Kay: Something that really amuses me is the fact that so many people are say that there must be a hidden agenda. As if that’s something that happens all the time. This is real life. Not some silly romance novel. I know, maybe he’s really a vampire or a wizard and is just going to use her in some ritual to get his ex back or perhaps kill the dark lord. LOL

@Andrea: Look at the background VS promos. Sorry but this is just PR stunt to salvage her career!!!

Lol at people acting like this is all show from adam. It could be also love.

Adam hasn’t said a word. Nothing from him Maroon5 or anyone connect to him. Adam’s the bigger star wouldn’t he do the interviews?

Thanks. You were right about everything you said in the past. I think your sources are the most reliable here.
If Behato confirmed the engagement, I still don’t understand why friends and family haven’t congratulated them yet on twitter or elsewhere, and why Adam didn’t confirmed anything, is she the spokeperson in that ‘relationship’?

Why do women like this guy?

Did you notice that nobody confirmed the “engagement”,but Behati and a so-called “rep”? Nobody talked about it,not even Maroon 5′s band members,not even Adam or his family.I follow them(the band) on Twitter,and nobody talks about it…if it’s not a secret anymore,so why all the silence?Or nobody is supporting this engagement,or it’s a PR stunt made up to promote Behati.
There was no “congratulations” to them from friends and families.There’s something wrong in this story…

all these people get lost in the money, fame, partying. they are all out in la la land.

@Amber – Honey, just because you use another username to agree with yourself, it still won’t make it the truth. Besides, it’s been confirmed Adam never flew to LA as Unknown with all pretend sources said.
@Kathy – Denial isn’t going to make him not marry her, sweetheart. Adam doesn’t have to say anything to you or anybody else. He doesn’t owe you an explanation. Remember he made his twitter account business because of over obsessive fans like you. His doesn’t owe you his personal life.
Congrats to Adam and Behati. She’s adorable and obviously makes Adam happy. They’ll make beautiful babies together.

I’m confused.

Adam cheated with Bee on Anne. Anne dumped him. He rebounded with Bee and never looked that interested in her. He was collecting phone numbers from other models and even cheated on Bee. Then he dumps her after seven months and hooks up with Nina Agdal again (and who knows who else), even going so far as to get papped with her at his private place in Cabo. I’m sure they shared the same bed. Nina was with him on The Voice set and in Las Vegas with him and his friends.

Somewhere in that timeline, Adam decided that he missed his ex-girlfriend he didn’t seem that into (and never publicly acknowledged) and needed to suddenly marry Bee, even though he’s been pretty much against marriage since he first hit the scene.

And people wonder why so many others are skeptical of this “engagement?”

Those of you who are pro-Bee know the whole thing is fishy. Get over yourselves.

Turdburger @ 07/18/2013 at 6:50 pm

@Bsheeh: Says the over-obsessed fan who watches this site closely to point out other so-called obsessed fans.

Don’t you have Twitter handles to make up so that you can troll others who don’t agree with you?

@Bsheeh – TOTALLY agree with you.
@Elle – He doesn’t have to talk about it and neither do his friends or families. Maybe he’s letting Bee get the attention because he loves her.
Ya’ll need to grow up. It doesn’t matter who he marries. It’s his life.

YOU don’t know anything about his personal life. YOU don’t know if he cheated on anybody. YOU don’t know who was or wasn’t in his bed. You created a story based on pictures in magazine and watching him on the Voice. YOU don’t know ANYTHING about his personal life or feelings. And it looks like he’s pretty pro marriage since he just proposed to Behati.

Turdburger @ 07/18/2013 at 6:55 pm

@agree: The engagement is public knowledge at this point and most people know about it. Engagement are happy events. But then neither Adam nor Bee is ever quiet about stuff.

Nice that this all happened while she’s promoting VS’ crap. I guess she really wants that contract renewal.

@Turdburger @ 07/18/2013 at 6:57 pm

Great name for you.

@@Melly: Aren’t you doing the same thing? Creating stories, like the other Beedam fans, by chasing these two all over the Internet and namecalling here because not everyone wants to agree with you? That’s what it seems like to me. You can’t accept the fact that the whole thing is strange. You also can’t accept that, unlike you, I might actually know what’s going on.

Keep namecalling though. You’re behaving like a childish brat. You’re certainly not going to change my opinion. ;)

@melly you have said what half the world is thinking

Anyone want to place bets on how many Mermaids are posting here? Or do we think one or two is using different aliases?

@Alison: oh my! That’s all we need the resurrection of the mermaids.

@KSB: They’re all a bunch of brats. Not to mention, the phoniest of all the fans. I wish there was a way to staple their mouths shut and super glue their fingers together.

I cannot wait until Adam and Behati implode AGAIN because it’s going to be hilarious. They’ll look like idiots. And so won’t the Behati and Beedam fans. I can’t wait to read their excuses when that happens.

I’m confused by this rubbish. Its tacky and he’s headed for a divorce before he even walks down the isle. I never believed he loved her and still don’t. He’s sure trying to convince the world he is but we don’t believe it.

I was never a fan of Nina Agdal but damn I feel bad for her

Aww you poor widdle people! Your pretend fantasy boyfriend is cheating on you! Bad Bad Victoria Secret model! How terrible of you to have your own career for years before you ever met him! Bad bad Adam for not consulting the lunatics on JJ before proposing! It can’t be true! It can’t be true! It can’t be true!

Obviously it can’t, but I won’t entertain you because clearly you want attention @awe have a good day :)

Bahahaha! Yeah, you REALLY know what’s going on. That’s why you post on Just Jared.

There is some serious denial going on here. Adam’s a pretty successful guy. Why would he need to convince the world that he loves this woman? He’s obviously not lacking in female attention.

@agree: Really,he loves her?He didn’t seem to be in love,nor interested in her when they were dating last year,then they didn’t see each other for three months or more and broke up after that.Adam dated another woman and didn’t seem to miss Behati.I still doubt he loves her,he never showed love for her,and you know he’s a cheater,right?.I still think it’s a PR Stunt to promote Behati and to boost her model career.
He was dating another model 2 weeks ago,he even travelled with her,now he’s suddelnly “engaged” to Behati?No wonder few people believe they will last…and many people believe this engagement is fake.

I just saw the interview on Eonline and the way she pretended to almost cry was hilarious. I don’t believe this. Its a joke well to me it is.

Dont know why everybody is so upset, he is not the first to marry a model.

Adam doesn’t have to convince anyone to believe he loves behati because Stevie Wonder can see that’s not true. I believe in logic and this is illogical and unethical sooooo……sorry if you think this will last be umm NO…

Lmao @and it has nothing to do with her being a model ROTFLMAO but that was pretty funny.


I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t think many here are actually upset as much as confused. And it has nothing to do with her profession. It has to do with the fact that he always looked miserable and ashamed of her? It’s just strange that he would up and propose out of nowhere. Look, I don’t know them, maybe they were/are happy behind closed doors but man, it seemed to pain him to even smile in her presence. That’s all it is here; confusion.

So…let me get this straight. A couple weeks ago when Adam was pictured with Nina everyone refused to believe they weren’t together because their pictures didn’t display any PDA so they were “just friends” or “just hanging out”. Now he’s back with Behati and engaged and everyone is upset and disgusted because he was “with” Nina a couple weeks ago? Make up your minds. Can’t have it both ways, people.

I’m still here eating popcorn. Most entertaining train wreck.

He didn’t seem in love or interested? Based on what? The pictures you saw in magazines? I don’t know what pictures you’ve been studying but they were always holding hands and kissing. Yes, he dated someone else for a while…so did Justin Timberlake when he and Jessica broke up. I guess we know how that turned out. And please tell me why Adam, who you say doesn’t love or care for Behati, fake an engagement to promote HER career? If he was dating another model 2 weeks ago, why would he end that relationship to promote Behati? You say he didn’t miss her, isn’t interested in her, never loved her… why would he lie to promote her? That doesn’t make any sense at all. And if it’s Behati that’s lying, why did his rep make a statement saying it’s true? I think, like others here, some of you are heartbroken, jealous and in denial.

The Behati lovers are so defensive. Why don’t you all revel in your goddess’ wonderful news, instead of obsessing over what the “haters” have to say? Behati doesn’t care that you defend her. She ain’t inviting you to her bridal shower.

girl love yourself @ 07/18/2013 at 8:10 pm


The difference between these 2 and JT & JB is they dated again for several months before getting engaged and they were in a yrs long relationship before hand. Adam was spotted with Nina at the beginning of July and Behati posting pictures from FL not even 2 weeks ago. So not sure how they could work out their issues in under a week and him be so in love he would propose?? He barely acknowledged her while they were together, that is what makes people so suspicious. I am not upset at all because it just seems so far fetched and makes Adam look like a douche and Behati look like a little girl with poor self esteem seeking attention and love anyway she can get it.

uh who are you @ 07/18/2013 at 8:13 pm

who is your best friend? If you’re gonna out him here, out yourself, and her. WOMAN UP!


uh who are you @ 07/18/2013 at 8:14 pm

whats the ring look like? I see no ring.


@SaraA : Just because you chose not to beat up and disrespect another woman doesn’t mean you think that woman is a goddess.
@girl love yourself: He doesn’t need to acknowledge anything to the public. It’s his private life. He proposed; that’s acknowledgment enough. It certainly doesn’t make him look like a douche for wanting to marry her and it doesn’t make her look like a little girl with poor self esteem for accepting. You might want to look in the mirror if you want to see poor self esteem. Nobody who feels good about them self needs put someone else down.
@uh who are you: Google. There are pictures of her huge antique engagement ring on the internet.

How come none of you Behati haters are talking about the headline on the front page? “Adam Levine’s ex Nina Agdal models lingerie”. She is hardly his ex. They dated non exclusive for a month. How come no “she’s using his name for publicity” comments?

So none of the Bee fans find this engagement suspicious on any level?

I bet that they wouldn’t accept this from a man in their own lives. Acting the way Adam did . . . carrying on with other women. Nina wasn’t the only one. We’re talking about Adam here.

The pro-Behati people are engaging in some revisionist relationship history since this engagement story hit the tabloids. They certainly didn’t like Adam after he dumped Behati the first time (and he will again, trust me). They even made sure to let Adam know that they didn’t care for him dumping her.

Suddenly, the Behati fans are acting like he was never a lout to her.

lol- Can I have some of your popcorn? The Behati fans’ latest version of events is hilarious to read.

girl love yourself @ 07/18/2013 at 8:43 pm


So you’re telling me if you were with someone and they didn’t acknowledge you, were spotted getting other girls numbers while you were dating, immediately hopped to one of your colleagues after you broke up and were with them up until say 2 weeks before he decides to propose to you that you would be okay with that???? I imagine if this was real life and not celebrity and you were in this situation that people would look at you all kinds of crazy. I know I would certainly never ever want any woman to be with a man that would treat her that way.

@Hahah: I think most people are confused. Not disgusted.

girl love yourself @ 07/18/2013 at 8:45 pm


Yes these little girls were all up on Adam’s, and anyone that was associated with him, twitter and Instagram tearing him a new one and now they think it is so wonderful. I have to wonder how old some of these girls are and if they think it’s okay for boys/man to act this way and treat women like that.

I’ll take some popcorn to ;)

@girl love yourself: Their heads are so far up their own a**es, they’re not going to answer you honestly. They’ll spout off some nonsense about how Adam really loves her and can make a hugely public announcement and disappear from view, but yeah……he really loves her.

@girl love yourself: We should let them have their fantasies. They’ll be acting like jerks to Adam once dumps Bee again. And it’s going to happen. Even the Bee fans know that Adam is inconsistent, unfaithful, and self-absorbed. They know he’ll break her heart again.

From what I understand, Bee’s father was asked about the engagement and said he had never met Adam. As a minister, you’d think he’d find that strange. I remember some time ago, Bee’s mom spoke with a tabloid about how she wanted them to get married. She knows what’s up, huh?

@KSB: @Melly: popcorn all around!! it just keeps getting better and better.

So wait, Bee couldn’t get her proposal story right while on Extra? She needs some classes on how to lie well on camera.

I can’t wait to watch this whole thing implode the second time. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

Can someone explain how Adam, with all of his money and Bee, with all of her money, haven’t been able to transport her parents or travel to Namibia so that Adam could meet his future in-laws?

Even poor people figure out a way to do this . . . too many of you are making excuses for how messy this all really is. There’s no way any of you would want your own engagements to go down like this one. There’s nothing romantic about Adam and Bee’s engagement. It looks fake.

Is it just me or is that ring absolutely tacky? Must have taken Adam half a minute to choose that.

Maybe Adam got Bee’s ring out of Captain Claw? It probably took him a whole ten minutes to get it too. :-P

This is a gossip site, as such all gossip views should be examined. I’m not jealous of Behati, I have no fantasy lust for adam. SOMETHING is wrong here. Adam TOLD his PR to release this, thus he gave up all rights to privacy. WHY announce it? Especially on a very important DAY in Anne V ‘ s life? It couldn’t wait another day? Upstage was his plan.

What self respecting woman would get engaged to someone who was just F’ing someone one else days earlier?

AND, Behati has a wedding band on. So maybe they have been married for awhile.

So does that mean the little piggy is going home?

Geez, Martha. Now you’re trying to educate people on how to use a gossip website. That won’t work with the Beedam stans. They’re too stupid.

Instead of being happy for their princess, they’d rather let the skeptics get under their skin because they know this engagement is wrong, but refuse to admit that. Admitting that it’s a sudden engagement, without a clear motive, would be akin to defeat for them.


She said that the ring is a bit to big, that is why she is wearing “the little band”

@MrsOzzie: What Bee’s doing is making it up as she goes along.

I find it funnier that she rarely visits her parents and Adam hasn’t even met them.

girl love yourself @ 07/18/2013 at 10:24 pm


What you mean he doesn’t know the love of his life’s ring size ????? Hope everyone is able to read my sarcasm.

@girl love yourself: It’s tough to go ring shopping when you’re high and drunk. Cut the man some slack!


lol And he probably just grabbed the first one he saw – no time to get it sized or shop around. He was in a hurry, dontchaknow. ;)

Adam is not at all traditional. I’m having a hard time believing that he got down on bended knee to propose. And I definitely don’t believe that he asked Bee’s father for permission. I think she might have called her parents, but Adam didn’t. Adam’s never met her parents, so why would he call them for permission? Shouldn’t he have already met them months ago, then asked? Then again, Bee never visits them, so we’re back to square one.

@Elli: Oh, silly me! I forgot that’s how everyone gets engaged. Without any real planning.

Not Fooled @ 07/18/2013 at 10:49 pm

Only time will tell if this will go through with a happy ending. I do know that he was engaged once before to the waitress he had bragged over about on Howard Stern. I remember Seacrest slipped in an interview with him about it at the time they were together and Adam danced around it or tried his best to downplay it. As for her being with baby that I am sure we all want to see. It wouldn’t be the first time a woman has roped a guy who wasn’t fully ready to settle to do exactly that, settle

@Not Fooled: She was pictured smoking and drinking last night. I’m guessing the pregnancy rumor goes out the window with that one. If she were pregnant and smoking, she’d get tons of backlash about that from fans and everyone else.

That ‘lifestyle change’ photoshoot that was planned – anyone know if it still happened?

I’m actually friends with one of Becky’s cousins and my friend never mentioned that Becky and Adam were engaged. She mentioned that they had dated. Pretty sure she would have known if they had been engaged.

I’ll take some popcorn too. It’s too funny reading these comments from nitwits who think they know him. It’s also funny how they badmouth Adam now. If you’re not a fan, why are you reading this thread? I’ll bring the second round of popcorn and we can watch their heads explode when the wedding pictures come out! I can’t wait to hear how fake it’s all going to be! :D

Ewwww she can keep him if this is how he look now.

@Hahaha!: make sure it’s kettle corn and we’re all set.

Not Fooled @ 07/19/2013 at 12:13 am

@Hahaha!: Definitely pop enough for all who will have to see the obsessings from Team Zaira’a crew. I read on here that she doesn’t play with a full deck.

Do tell! What’s going on??

@ Martha

We all know hes been in competetion with Anne for the last one year. This dum bass move only proves it !
Who gets engaged over the weekend, but then release it on Tuesday, a few hours after she is at the ASG with her new, younger boyfriend?


Did you see the gray in that beard? He got down to pick up that tacky ring, which probably came out of a Cereal box, and had to slowly make his way up, one knee at a time. And Bee thought he was being romantic. Awwwwww…..

@lol – now I want some popcorn, too. And wine!

@unknown, you fascinate me! what’s your connection to Adam? You seem to have an awesome connection. I need to get to the bottom of this!

Do we need any more stories on how dumb the bee stans are. After Adam and bee broke off, she was rumored to be dating Jason Silva. The front runner of the stanclub, that Sandra Roseli chick, started following him and re tweeeting his tweets, and proclaimed how he was better for bee.

now that they are “engaged”, she claims to have had faith in their ” love”, all this while !
Poor Jason, swept aside like Jamie Strachan was!

Not Fooled @ 07/19/2013 at 12:40 am

I caught the tail-end of that blurb someone on the other engagement post from here with Behati and I sniggered when one of the correspondents said “the bigger the rock the shorter the marriage, I’m just saying.” I am sure she was joking but in the process threw some subtle shade.

This is a joke!! Why aren’t Adam’s voice friends making any statements and congratulating him? Oh, because the engagement isn’t real that’s why!!

LOL omg yeah maybe–wasn’t someone saying that Blake and Miranda know something shady is going on and that’s why he hasn’t commented?I didnt see any of the B interviews–how is she saying this went down? one knee, asking the parents, a ring–it sounds at least semi-planned?? WTH is going on?! when did she say she had “faith” in their love? Also kind of shady his bro hasn;t said anything–his bro is usually the first to call attn to Adam in some way.

@LOLLING: LOL. I’ll bet Adam wasn’t expecting this kind of backlash for this announcement. He had better change to a new plan soon.

Yeah…I’m sure he’s scrambling to make a new plan because a few a$$holes on JustJared don’t like his fiancé. Keep dreaming.

Why are you asking your other username a question?

@@Julie: Oh, now Adam’s marrying a guy?

It’s F. I. A. N. C. E. E. when you’re talking about a woman. Unless Bee grew a between her legs within the past year. That explains why she’s always standing funny and with her legs crossed.


@JORDAN: She Anne’ded things with Adam last April.

I’ve been with my husband for eight years, I still hold his hand when we walk down the street. Why in just about every picture of Adam and Behati was there barely any mutual affection between them – rarely holding hands, arms around each other or kissing? There was plenty of Anne and Adam in PDAs, so it’s not like he was opposed to them. To me its not a good sign if you aren’t even affectionate in the first year of dating. That’s why this whole thing seems so odd.
What can we really know looking from the outside about other people’s relationships? Maybe not much, but his track record, her age and obvious immaturity and the whole circumstances of this engagement make me think they won’t make it down the aisle.
On a positive note, I actually think her ring is nice, it has some character and is a bit vintage looking.

Just Posting @ 07/19/2013 at 2:26 am

For some who commented on Behati’s parents you may want to take a look at Extra’s video interview with her. Adam did get her father’s approval and you can get a real good look at her ring.

@Just Posting: She had a couple of different versions of how the proposal went down in that interview.

For those of you who know all about Zaira’s longwindedness in her blog posts, take a look at one of her tweets. It’s a long one. And great for a few laughs. Her whole timeline is, actually.

Zaira Scotti zairaamaterasu

18th July 2013 from Tweetings

I will be forever grateful to Nina: she came with her stunning beauty and cute personality and still she couldn’t made Adam forget his true love for Behati. The fact such a stunner couldn’t heal Adam’s soul made him FINALLY realize he’d found the ONE he was risking to lose. Nina and her lovely being were key to a&B’s future. I hope Nina understands / I think she did from her tweets / that simply she couldn’t part true soulmates, and goes on and moves on. She’ll find all she needs and deserve soon. She’s adorable. And without her maybe Adam wouldn’t have understood what he finally did. I’m still so happy. Adam and Behati story feels like an amazing fairy tale and I’m sure now he finally believes them too. I can’t wait for the new songs pure love is gonna inspire. All of this is a bliss and I’m so happy for him because he looked for THE ONE all his life and finally found an angel of love SO sincere she risked to let him go, to set him free, so that if he got back he would be finally only her in his world. Behati is an extraordinary person. Nobody ever deserved Adam quite like her. *sigh* #Iamasuckerforthem ;)

@just posting

thats what she says!!!!

I have been with my husband for 12 years and I still hold his hands. Of course, we truly love each other!

Her contract was not going to be renewed beyond december. She now gets all this publicity, thats precisely what this fame %hore of a brand, vs wants. He gets to stick it to an ex he is still angry with. Job done, they will go their seperate ways.
People will blame adam for the breakup. Never mind that behati is equally manupulative. She is no angel.
How odd that only lauren cutillo, the pr for VS retweeted the engagement news. Also, when people announce engagement news wouldnt they use ” happy to announce”? Excited could be for various reasons. Hmmm wordings do matter. Like they say, there is a difference between wishing someone congratulations and best wishes for a wedding.

I’m glad that Nina was there to show Adam the light. And her p*ssy a number of times too.

I doubt Zaira’s really married.

Bee is a disgrace to our gender. Who will put up with his cheating , like she did during their dating period. Or how she continued to stalk him post breakup. She has no self respect to even question herself if she should be marrying someone who was just pictured as of last month with another girl. Or was revealed to be collecting phone numbers of models while she was sleeping upstairs.

Zaira is a regressive fool who thinks men like Adam will always cheat and are entitled to. A stamp of approval from Zaira is actually an insult.

@vs devil: Wording is important. Semantics is a vastly underrated field. People could better bolster their arguments if they understand how to use language and meaning. But I guess ad hominem attacks work just as well for the “small-minded,” huh?


exactly! I am.excited to watch a football match or eat a burger or to watch a movie. I would be happy to see a friend or play with a puppy. Excitement reveals anticipation for an event, happiness reveals emotions. Like I said, this is only a spectacle. Will sit back and see what comes first, the breakup or that fuzz off levine’s cheeks!

From Whitney’s IG about four weeks ago.

I remember a few people wondered if this was an indirect at Bee. She also posted something on Bee’s IG telling her to stop. I looked at it and didn’t get the impression that Whitney thought it was funny. Something about it just struck me a certain way. And all I know about this gal is that she goes out with that creepy Travis. She’s cute, her taste in men seems questionable.

Even Carson Daly couldn’t resist throwing a bit of shade on the engagement news.

Carson Daly congratulated his Voice co-hort during his morning radio show from Los Angeles and couldn’t help throwing in a joke at his buddy’s expense.

“Congratulations to Adam. You might be asking, which girl? Is it the one he was photographed with July 4th? No! It’s not!” he laughed. “Rekindled from the previous Victoria’s Secret model. Behati is her name and she’s lovely.”

girl love yourself @ 07/19/2013 at 6:57 am


Oh snap finally someone has called out the ridiculousness of this.


Hahahahaha Carson!!!

People are saying he announced it on Anne’s big day. What did she have going on? ??

girl love yourself @ 07/19/2013 at 8:21 am


It wasn’t her big day but Matt’s he was pitching in the All Star game and she was there. I personally am not one to think he is doing anything because of Anne. I just think he has gone off the rails and someone needs to pull him back.

@KSB: Anne’s new beau Matt Harvey was pitching in the all-star baseball game. There was a parade with her by his side and all that. It was definintely Matt’s big day – their pictures were splashed all over the NY newspapers and tabloids.

He has been known to follow up with something when news of anne with her boyfriend hits the papers. Happened too often to be a mere coincidence.

Yeah – the timing is somewhat questionable – and this happened about a couple of times. This proposal is a desperate move on his part – thats for sure. Why is everyone’s guess.

Please Matt Harvey is NO prize.
The NY Post and NY Daily News have torn into him for his Mens Journal comments
What man who has a serious girlfriend says this

Matt Harvey looks up to Derek Jeter as a role model, and not just for his on-the-field performance. “That guy is the model,” Harvey tells Men’s Journal. “First off, let’s just look at the women he’s dated. Obviously, he goes out — he’s meeting these girls somewhere — but you never hear about it. That’s where I want to be.” Harvey already dates supermodel Anne V, while Jeter’s been linked to beauties Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Adriana Lima, Vanessa Minnillo, Mariah Carey and Hannah Davis.

And he’s also been going on about how he wants to be on the best dressed lists and live in the most expensive apartment in NY.
Does not sound like a man in love to me.
Typical shallow superficial jock Anne is just a trophy for him.
He’s as much of a Douchebag as Adam. No prize for an 27/28 year old woman looking for something serious

Maybe Cory Monteith’s death – only 3 years younger – gave Adam a different perspective on life? Maybe he had an epiphany on his own life and decided he did not want to lose Prinsloo? Marriage is not an easy ride but he thinks she’s worth it? Don’t know either of them just guessing

I guess C.Aguilera was right and he’s really a Justin Timberlake wannabe, he thinks getting married and settle down will be good for his career as a serious actor/singer/entertainer. Hey fans, if it makes you feel better Jt doesn’t love Jessica Biel either, it’s all business


I can’t believe all the negative comments I’m seeing. Adam deserves to be happy with whoever he wants. It doesn’t affect you or his music. Someone said Behati’s contract with VS is up so she wants to be in the headlines. Well SHE didn’t do the proposing! He would have NO reason to fake an engagement for her. It’s only your assumption that he can’t move on from Anne. I’m sure he’ll always love her but he’s not IN love with her anymore. Obviously he’s IN love with Behati. I hope you face reality soon so you won’t end up like those bitter Keith Urban fans. He and Nicole Kidman have been married for 7 years and have 2 kids but they still claim it’s all a publicity stunt. Good luck.

sorry for hijacking this conversation away from adam and bee but Matt has already tweeted and clarified what he actually meant.

I felt a lot of his quotes were being twisted and lost in translation. He yas already had people jumping to his defense. He did come off as a bit douchey but hes 24, he will learn. He will hopefully be more careful of what he says to the media, given how they can twist it.
When this article was written he and Anne had barely been dating a few weeks. Things have changed since then. Maybe thats another reason he felt he had to clarify.

I have always been more fascinated with athletes and follow many closely. Its sad that some parts of the media and people judge people like Jeter or Cristiano Ronaldo based on only certain aspects of their off field activities. If you are going to be judging them for being successful bachelors living a good life, shouldn’t they be giving them credit for all those charities they support or discipline they display?

i love love him he’s sooo hot

i love love love him


I’m still not convinced adam is in love with behati. Adam doesn’t owe me any explanation but I call it how I see it. Like the other girls say its to much of a coincidence that this came out when Anne and Harvey have something going on. And that God awful ring lmao it looked cheap. I hope adam seeks help soon.

@WTH: If you saw the interview on E! last night, when asked what her dress will look like, she commented “oh, I don’t even have to begin with that yet bc it’s not for a long down the road”. What girl doesn’t grow up knowing in their heart what they want their dress to look like and their wedding and what time of yr they want to have it in? This is shady…very shady and fake.

Popcorn, wine, train wreck. PERFECT!!!

no body is saying adam doesnt deserve happiness or to be in love-does he look like it? does he look like hes in love or happy? unless i need new glasses dont think so…idk about the anne angle that would be so odd and this is such a big announcement i dont see it as a stick to anne; maybe hes just loosing his mind and having a breakdown- after 3 days carsons says something and only vs retweets the news with no congrats hmmmm

for those you bagging on us skeptics, this makes sense to you?
no he doesnt owe us an explanation but a pic is worth 1000 words and you cant just sell crap to the public because youre a celeb and think we’ll buy it – im pretty sure some celebs will stoop to real lows to get attn including models so i wouldnt put it past her i just dont get his angle but i dont believe he loves her or is in love with her, that video that was posted should go to funniest videos cause it was a joke, like this whole thing

is there any popcorn left?

@huhhhh: I’m here with popcorn alllllll day. Also, anyone see the pics of Adam that the Honda and hondacivictour twitters tweeted from yesterday? That’s not a man happy or in love.

@lol: No, where was it? On fb?

Why is he not bubbly and happy like betrashi? If it was “obvious” and he was ready, he would be! Like someone said, pictures are worth 1000 words…

@E&N: look up @Honda and @HondaCivicTour on twitter. He and James were at the headquarters yesterday.

exactly lol!! i said that hha pass on the popcorn…

@Alison – just saw the Carson info. Wow! Aren’t Carson and Adam good friends? That was a very interesting comment from him.

Others – some of you mention that her contract wasn’t gonna be renewed. How so you know? I thought it was just a rumor made up on this board earlier this year. Judging from the VS catalogs, she seems to be their big star. The last catalog I got had her on every page except one. She was literally the only model except a few of Candice. She doesn’t look good in their clothes because she’s too square and has no boobs. But somehow they seem to love her (???)

And here’s another question – If this is all fake, then why? Why stage all of this?? And if it’s real – why?? And what the heck does Nina think of all of this?

@lol: That pic of him on @Honda looks like a “I have a BIG problem on my hands now that has gone too far and I’m not going to rest and clean myself up until I fix it.” JMO

At It Again @ 07/19/2013 at 12:58 pm

Take a look at IG screen name CRAZY4B. If anyone who has been on this site for a bit will know that CRAZY4B is aka Merby/Mergirl/Crazy4U on Twitter. She got into it with others on Behati’s pictures one of them being that of her with the Minnie Mouse ears. Those nuts pretty much highjack anything that Behati posts on her IG account. Throw in the ramblings of Z and the rest of her idiot savants that hang at her every word. I will have to do as LOL and bring a huge bag of popcorn to sit through that nonsense when she puts it out there on her blog.

I did look at the two pictures of Adam and James from the Honda Civic Tour and it didn’t look like he had any strange look on his face unless there are more pictures I didn’t see.

@At It Again: Take a look at that same instagram and this pic: The “ring” is on her right hand here, not the left.

@E&N: that’s an old picture from last year…

@lol: Looks like the same band, though.

@E&N: no its last year
Anyone else think this looks similar to her ring?? but surely it is more than 2 carats?

I didn’t think there was anything unusual about the Honda pictures. The Honda HQ, I believe, is in California (LA?).

Anyway, even with this engagement news, I still don’t think Adam is keen on marriage. At least, he certainly isn’t right now. I don’t care what anyone has to say against that. It’s my opinion and you won’t change my opinion on this issue. We’re all entitled to have our opinions. Some opinions, of course, are stupid and ridiculous . . . but moving along.

For years, Adam has been saying that he’s skeptical of marriage. I truly believe he still is. I can’t imagine he’s been fraudulent about who he is for this many years. I do think his parents’ divorce deeply affected and there were probably other things going on that contributed to his attitude toward relationships. He was probably a bit spoiled, which is why he behaves in the way that he does: attention seeking and self-absorbed to an extent.

I don’t think he’s in love with Bee. I never thought he was. It was pretty evident that their relationship was dysfunctional. I’d argue that both of them are dysfunctional. In that way, they’re kind of a match. But it’s a destructive combination. As someone else here joked, even Stevie Wonder can see what’s going on. And I believe Adam does too.

If you’re in a relationship and someone dumps you, it’s over. Period. Even if that person comes back, that relationship was already over. What it means is that the person didn’t have any other options (i.e. someone else willing to put up with him/her). Think that sounds wacky? Think carefully about the people you’ve known who been in a similar situation. You’ll start to see the cracks.

Bee put up with a lot of crap. Adam never seemed interested in her. He was never really affectionate with her. It was like they were friends who held hands a few times. Even the least romantic couples I’ve known and seen are more affectionate.

Also Bee (AND Adam) can afford to visit her parents or fly them to the States. Adam has NEVER even met her parents! How exactly does a guy, who’s never met his girlfriend’s parents, have the audacity to call her father to ask for her hand in marriage? Please, tell me another lie, Bee. It’s likely that her parents have no frickin’ clue what’s going on here because, like us, they knew those two had broken up. Unless Bee had been lying to them about the breakup. I don’t think Bee’s honest about a lot of things. That’s what my intuition says and apparently, I’m not alone in these thoughts.

Bottom line: If Adam was so in love with Bee, he wouldn’t have dumped her in the first place and would have met her parents already. Sorry, but it’s true and even the Beedam stans have to concede that point. There are exceptions to the rules, but that’s why they’re called exceptions. They rarely happen. And Adam’s and Bee’s “relationship” is not an exceptional case.

I know Adam wasn’t faithful to her. And I’ll bet she knows it too. Bee’s a social climber. I don’t know any woman who’d risk being called a “psycho” or “stalker” chasing a man who dumps her and his family and his friends. There’s something mentally wrong with her. If ANY other woman pulled the same sh!t as Bee, say Anne, then everyone here would be calling her psychotic stalker. And don’t deny that you wouldn’t. A lot of fans are being hypocritical about this entire mess. And that’s what this is: a big mess. I’d love to see how Adam gets himself out of this one.

My theory? Like being skeptical of marriage, Adam has said for a long time that he cares what others think. I’d be willing to bet everything I own that he had a “chat session” with his management and reps about his image and what he needs to do from this point forward. I won’t even speculate as to what was said, but I’m sure something went down that has brought him and the rest of us to this point.

Keep in mind, in the April (May?) Oprah interview, where Adam felt he had to clarify (after YEARS of saying he was skeptical of marriage) that he wasn’t against marriage. Now . . . he’s engaged to a woman he dumped and just last week, he was ******** a 21-year-old model named Nina Agdal. Even Carson knows it’s all a loud of bull.

Think my theory sounds insane? Read some of what Adam’s females are saying about being happy that he’s finally getting married because that’s what he’s SUPPOSED to do. No joke. This is his fanbase. No wonder they identify with Bee. They’re nutcases.

Yes, my post was Zaira-level longwinded, but I don’t give a crap. There are too many ridiculous things being said on all of the Adam posts and I could no longer resist.

@HMMMMM: $13,000 for that? That’s overpriced.

@Jenn: I was gonna say probably the price of a Birkin bag? Co-sign everything your longwinded Z-like post! Couldn’t have said it any better!

@jenn and hmmmmm
definitely overpriced. But then vintage 1930s rings are available for as little as 1400 usd. That era and style of rings originated post depression and are therefore the least expensive.

Hmmm all those millions and maybe he never wanted to spend more on this engagement.
Does anyone else find it so surprising that they even got a statement from her father but nothing from him. All the news seem to come from her.

@jenn well said. Straight to the point. Made sence and I agree 10000000000%.

At It Again @ 07/19/2013 at 2:49 pm

@Jenn: Your post may have been long but it was very much a good analysis. The majority of Behati’s fans aren’t fans of hers. They are fans of Adam’s who want to keep some tab on all his personal business. Such a shame that the nut jobs like Z, Crazy4B, Merby, Coegie and any other phony out there are taking every image, every tweet and spinning it to be what they so desperately want it to be. I follow Adam and even I can sense something is way off base. Nutty fans will continue to say that Adam and Behati are being private in their love for one another but come the f***k on! You can not be private that damn much; it’s impossible. At the start of their being together yes, they were all smiles but going down the course of their being together the smile from Adam was all but gone.
I will say it very odd that none of his co-workers from show stepped up to give congratulations to him. Not one? Not even Blake? His buddy? That’s very strange.
I don’t feed into her being pregnant. I feed into Adam being afraid to be alone and wanting desperately to be in a relationship and have hope that he can make that relationship last at any cost. I pray for his sake he has a long engagement to give him some time to really see if this is what he wants in the long run.

Thanks Jinx and vs devil! You know, most of this celebrity news makes me roll my eyes, but I couldn’t believe the amount of bullsh!t I was reading here about people who tried to get the rest of us to believe that there is NOTHING WRONG about this SUDDEN engagement.

We’d be extremely skeptical (and rightfully so) if any other woman came to us with this engagement story. Red flags everywhere! Anyone woman who claims otherwise is not living in reality. Or they’re angry with how boring and sh!tty their own love life has turned out, so they project their fantasy love life onto someone else who doesn’t even know they exist. It’s equally creepy and sad. So glad my love life isn’t this convoluted, but then, I don’t waste time with men who behave like Adam. I got over dealing with them by my mid-20s.

“Does anyone else find it so surprising that they even got a statement from her father but nothing from him. All the news seem to come from her.”

No, I don’t. She has everything to gain from this engagement news. It’s always about the woman. Her ring. How the engagement affects her. It’s all a show. I’d be surprised if we even get much from Adam about it. That’s because he knows he fvcked up big.

Thanks, ladies! There are normal people posting here. I don’t mean that everyone here is crazy. It’s just that the crazy minority of fans’ voices drown out the sensible and rational fans’ voices. That needs to stop.

I vaguely remember Bee complaining about having to travel to the UK to renew her work visa. They won’t renew it in the US. This was a while back. Last year? Obviously she doesn’t have a permanent visa or Green Card. Adam’s an American citizen. Getting married to him would eliminate those annoying trips, wouldn’t it?

At It Again @ 07/19/2013 at 4:08 pm

One other question: If Adam is a diehard always will live in Los Angeles kind of guy, will that mean Behati will have to completely leave NY for good? I don’t see Adam being the one to move.

@At It Again: Since Bee is a Mermaid, I’m guessing she’d relocate to LA so that she can swim in the clean Pacific Ocean. And that way, she and her bff Ali Tamposi can do each others’ nails and pose together in bed wearing only their underwear.

He is absolutely GROSS!

I don’t care as long as the adamtina shippers shut up now, I love watching the voice cause of blake, xtina and cee lo. Adam levine is just there, a part of a boy band pretending to be someone big. He should marry her, cause he can’t deal with strong diva woman. he wants models cause he can control them, so she is riding this one out. congrats to the happy couple :)

@Jenn: here, you get lots of popcorn for everything you said. Bravo.

Seriously? I didn’t grow up thinking about what my wedding dress was going to look like or what season I wanted it in but then I wasn’t born in the 1950s. Welcome to the 21st century where marriage isn’t top priority on a woman’s list.

@lol: Thank you. I’m sure I’ll have more observations to make. We’ll see.

Stuff like this cracks me up:

“Adam Levine Fans!! ‏Fans_AdamLevine 18h
Still so happy about Adam and Bee…it’s just like my fanfic except now it’s happening!”

What’s funny is that the Beedam stans all sound like they’re speaking “fan fiction” anyway. This is the mentality that most people see, instead of the more rational fans. I probably shouldn’t just pick on this one particular girl. But really, she’s no worse than the Mermaids or Zaira. She also stalks Adam and Bee all the time and thinks she knows that they’re perfect for each other based on some quick meets. This is the mentality that younger fans have. I don’t even remember being this out-of-touch when I was their age. Something happened with today’s youth along the way, I think.

DENIAL: (1) : refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge) (2) : assertion that an allegation is false
(3) : refusal to acknowledge a person or a thing

(4): a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality

— in denial
: refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant

Regarding my previous post, if you don’t want people cutting & pasting your insane bullsh!t on other sites, then think before you tweet and post. You have no one to blame but yourself if you say stupid sh!t on social media.

@Frodo: So then we can also apply your stolen definition to those fans who don’t find this engagement announcement suspicious, especially since Adam was banging Nina Agdal just last week? OK then.

Go to Tumblr if you can’t find pictures of Adam looking happy with Behati. There’s tons.

@Frodo: I don’t think most fans are denying the engagement so much as they’re “suspicious” of this engagement and wondering about the motive(s).


Having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something.
Causing one to have the idea or impression that something or someone is of questionable, dishonest, or dangerous character or condition.

distrustful – doubtful – fishy – suspect – mistrustful

@Emily: I’m surprised that you didn’t post all of the links, since you know where they all are. It makes you look kind of stupid.

When are Adam and Bee going to do their latest “happy couple” pap stroll? The media can’t keep using the same GQ picture from *last* October to announce their engagement.

So you were in the room while Adam was banging Nina then, were you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Nina herself said they were just dating. Maybe you bang every guy you date for a month but maybe Nina doesn’t. Incidentally, you don’t sound at all like fans. Fans of what? The music? Who he’s marries isn’t going to affect that. Fan of Adam”s? No fan talks trash, or calls him names or disrespects the woman he cares about.. What exactly are you a fan of and what does it matter to you who or what he does in his personal life?

I kinda feel like this is all going to come to a crashing end and the REAL truth will be out very very soon. Just a feeling in me now…I mean, they have had one week of media PR bliss, or she has…time for the Truth to be revealed. Anyone agree?


Sweetpea are you talking about the same Adam who admitted on national radio that he banged his then girlfriend the night he met her?? It was the waitress one, sorry don’t know her name. That man ain’t gonna wait for s** while seeing someone sorry he is a personally admitted manw***e. I don’t deny the engagement, just saying it is all very suspicious and fishy. Also you can be a fan and still not approve of something the person is doing, look at any celebrity that messes up in their life but fans still support them but don’t support destructive ways.

i seriously HOPE they wont get married ever hahaah noo, this broke my heart ! but seriously.. WHAT’S WITH ADAM’S LOOK?SHAVEEEEEE MAN, SHAVEEEEEEEEE !

Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha at the fact that someone said Adam and Nina didn’t bang. Please. Adam is a manwhore. Any sane fan knows this.

Lmao at the people who act like we are supposed to be “yes men” we haveour own brains sorry if the bee stans ddon’t like that we do but no man bangs a chick 4 days later and proposes to another and the idiot said yes lmao SAY YES TO THE STRESS!!!

@Frodo: Which Mermaid are you? I knew you all would be back. You’re never too far away, but your numbers have not increased. I can’t speak for Alison, but Adam, Nina, and I had a threesome, so I can definitely tell you he’s banged her.

@KSB: You know, you’d think that the Mermaids and Zaira would be reveling in their goddess’ ability to finally trapped her man and be happy in their little tiny bubble that lacks the amount of oxygen necessary to keep all of their brains functioning. But no, they have to come here and get all defensive, call people names, instead of engaging on a rational discussion. They haven’t changed. They’re about as mature as Bee is.

Two things are sad:
(1) Most of them are adult women who are married and have children. (2) Zaira and the Mermaids used to be THE MOST obsessed Anne fans, until Anne dumped Adam and they turned on her a$$.

Lmao how are they going to feel when adam calls off the engagement

You know this is like the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes deal….

@jinx well thats more like it :)

TexasGirl @ 07/19/2013 at 9:29 pm

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Ali hasn’t commented? Her and Bee used to be attached at the hip.

@Melly: You wish, right? No further proof needed to show you’re delusional.
@E&N: Sure, the real truth. You’d be the one to know. BTW, how’s those invisible triplets doing? Jessica’s been in labor for a long time now.
@Hmmmm: You’re not a fan and you’re not supporting him. What do you care who he marries? It’s not going to be you regardless.
@Jenn: One page ago you were blabbing on about “the youth of today”. Sounds like you’re one of those old married with children broads you just dissed. Hubby not doing it for you anymore?

I’m loving this! You disillusioned former fans just can’t stand it that he didnt ask your permission first. You don’t like her. Tough $hit! Behati got your fantasy man! Bhhaaaa! All you got is a blister on your a$$ from years of stalking him on the computer!

@TexasGirl: the only one who’s said ANYTHING marriage related is jesse. oh and carson. kelly clarkson said something too. none of the vs angels or adam’s friends have said a thing. you’d think something “SO exciting” in this man’s life, they’d jump at the chance to congratulate him publicly. but no.

@Bhhaaa!: As I said before, what Jessica experienced a couple of days ago was false labor. That happens with most pregnant woman who are near their time of going into labor. Just bc the triplets aren’t here yet, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Watchtower @ 07/19/2013 at 10:50 pm

This happened years ago with Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson. All of his fans turned on him too because they despised her and he was getting so corporate and annoying (I mean really, JJ. Gotta post it up twice about their engagement because the first one got too many negative booboos?) Fall Out Boy broke up because of it. Maroon 5 is already on the rocks. Be careful, Mr. Levine. You could lose a lot because of this ****.

@Bhhaaa!: What are you planning to do once Adam screws over Behati again? Everyone knows that’s coming.

@Bhhaaa!: You’re pi**ed because some of us commented on our suspicions regarding Adam and Bee’s sudden engagement. So, in turn, you’re making assumptions about those of us posting here. You’re wrong about me, btw, but nonetheless your drivel is entertaining.

Now go back to reading all of the tabloid pieces so that you and your two Mermaid friends can post in defense of Adam and Bee’s train wreck engagement.

It’s going to suck for you guys when they implode a second time. Or wait, is it the third time? Or no, maybe this is the fourth time? It’s hard to keep track of how often the broke up in their previous relationship. I use the term “relationship” loosely because Adam never publicly acknowledged Bee as his girlfriend. Who knows . . . maybe the fifth time’s the charm?

Yes, the engagement is wierd, but is real, there’s nothing you can do! I’ve been reading your conversation, my conclusion is that you’re all crazy. You all act like you know everything about this guy’s life, but none of you know… All we have is a few pictures, magazine stories, tweets… Stop with this idiot fights, who this man bangs won’t affect your life.

I think Adam is cute and I like his songs, living in Portugal I’ve never seen The Voice, all I know is that he’s hot and has an unfaithful reputation. I would never marry a man like him, he’s hot and rich but I have steem, like he was dating other girl last week!! Behati must be desperate…

Clearly none of us can control/are personally affected by this, but we all have one thing in common: we’re fans of Adam and we care. And the weirdness/suddenness of this all has thrown everyone off. Not to mention some of the info that was coming in about the strange nature of his initial relationship with B. I wish him the best, but I can’t say that I’m any less confused about this than before. I feel like he handed us a big ol’ mystery that is dying to be cracked!

please post more–you’re awesome!

You’re rude. I was just trying to help. Nevermind you don’t really want to see pictures that burst your bubble.

what kind of pics?

nvm, jj has some “happy” pics from last summer of them too

for real? @ 07/20/2013 at 1:46 am

@WTH: Fans of Adam? That’s why most of these “fans” are bashing him? Ok then


you are awesome. I can ditch my husband for you.
As someone said, I dont have any jealousy towards behati or want to sleep with adam. Far from it. I find it strange that people DONT find this sudden engagement strange! If it had happened with any of our friends or family, we would be wondering the same. And be sceptical about it.
Another thing I hate about this is the fact it has brought the mermaid posse back in action. Their inactivity over the last few months is sorely missed. I look forward to the day they can go crawling back into the sea again.

“fans” dont always have to support or agree with what their fave celebs do; like this situation..

At It Again @ 07/20/2013 at 2:05 am

@Jenn: Some of these Bee stans are older than you think. Some of these women have children old enough to know better. Instead of putting their home life first they are stalking Adam, Behati, all of Adam’s friends, who are now her friends all over Twitter, IG and anywhere else they may use social media. Z is notorious in reading into whatever Adam tweets and concocts her web of nonsense. What full grown woman who brags and gloats about being rich, having homes in New York, California and wherever in Italy, having a team of security with her wherever she goes and works in some big lab have the time to sit down writing all about Adam Levine’s business as if they were old chums? This is a nut job that I’ve read about on here before, being married. You wouldn’t think so the way she suctions herself to Adam’s love life.

At It Again @ 07/20/2013 at 2:27 am

This is how deranged and obsessive Zaira is. She has not only that blog (we shall get to that in a minute) but she has a Tumblr page to copy and paste everything Adam does.

As Jenn put out there, Z is Public Enemy #1 when it came to her obsession with Anne. Just how much? This is how much.

She pretty much just recycles what she’s said about Anne and put the name Behati in her place.

Poor Adam all this crazy stans want to have a say in it about his private life.

Hey Texas Girl,

A VS exec who is part of pvt board/ chat group told us about it.She was the one who told us about Miranda long before it happened. We also know other models who are to be sent out.

She also told us the reason Bee was included a lot in this catalogue. Of course, thats private stuff which we arent allowed to discuss here.

@Unknow, if you have some news, please let us know

One thing I’m curious about is Adam supposedly called Behati’s dad for permission to marry her. Her father said that he has never met Adam. If Adam had never bothered to meet her parents, then why would he have their phone number? Obviously he had to ask Behati to marry him before he was able to get her parents’ phone number. Adam doesn’t strike me as the type to store his girlfriends’ parents’ phone numbers into his phone.

@Julie: it was probably done after they got ‘engaged’. Bee may have called while Adam was there.

@??????: So Bee contract will be renewed ? Because with this engagement,she is very exposed so i suppose that VS will keep her.

Also, if he had planned to propose, wouldnt he at least bother to get a ring that fits? There are ways you can get a lady’s ring size without the lady knowing.

Looks like a rushed, sudden proposal. Is the ring even meant for her? Just sayin…..

I want to slap Ms.Patsy because she of all people wants what’s best for her son. Any mother can see something is wrong. She was attached to his hip for a while so idk , I wonder if adam got her approval. Maybe behati is releasing statenents about the parents knowing so the media won’t question the parents about this strange rush engagement. I still think she put some African voodoo spell on him

Anyone find it strange Ryan Seacrest dated Julianne Hough for about 4-5yrs George Clooney dated stacey keebler for 3-4 yrs yet they didn’t rush a marriage and they are older than adam more exposed and more money.and they recently broke up. Idk who is more desperate, adam or behati

well, I don’t think that he still love his exex. ANNE.
I remembered that his ex, Anne was baked a birthday cake for his birthday and she tweeted w/pic on his birthday…2012…just before break up w/him…. she was like, please let me go Adam!!! check her old tweets people…I know that He dumped her.
btw, there’s something another reasons that he acting like very bad….yeah…maybe, not a girl who people don’t know.
haha…amen Adam

ps: she wasn’t w/him on his birthday 2012…she was in her country w/family…cake was on his name “ADAM” hmmmmmmm….ANNE

*please DON’T let me go Adam!!!” – Anne

Yepppp sounds like behati. Stupid and incoherent.
So he dumped her and shaved his head and said he was blindsided?

Adam always looks so dapper..but here, kinda homeless! :-)

Adam is Weird.

@??????: I wanna know what models!!

Watchtower @ 07/20/2013 at 11:44 am

There was a rumor not too terribly long ago that all but Adriana and Candice were up for renewal. Then Karlie signed on as an angel, so the safe ones are Adriana, Candice, and Karlie. If Behati is fired, she’ll lose her modeling credibility and there will be no reason for her to have a work visa.

Please keep Candice, Adriana, Alessandra and Erin. The rest can go.

@Yeppp: I think you’re the one who doesn’t have your facts straight. You should go back and read the tweets so you can understand them better.

@Watchtower: ahh good point. No one wants to hire Bee for runway anymore either because her weight ( or lack of it ) is at unhealthy levels. But doesn’t the modeling agency take care of their visas? Think the agency can’t do much for her visa if she doesn’t have a retainer/long-term contract like VS?

Just thought of something else – if her VS contract doesn’t get renewed, would Adam have to marry her so she can stay in US?

Watchtower @ 07/20/2013 at 1:20 pm

@Jinx: Considering the only major work she does is VS than yes, marriage is a probability to her staying. VS is the only one paying her bills, the other “independent” work doesn’t pay anything really, so she’ll lose everything. As for agencies getting them work visas, some do if they have major foreign supermodels on their roster that do a lot of work in certain countries.
@lol: Ale was featured with the fantasy bra and for the Olympics, she’s safe for another year unless she leaves, and Erin was just in a movie, she’s fine for another year.

@Watchtower @ 07/20/2013 at 2:13 pm

What about Barbara Palvin? I think she’s adorable.

From what I’ve been told by one of my reliable sources Ms. Patsy is none too pleased with Adam. Adam has stopped returning calls and text from his family. Patsy is ready to slap the Jew out of him. Michael isn’t elated by this recent ploy either. And we all know he’d be all up in this. Apparently Bee wants to set up house with Adam, and according to my source that isn’t going to happen because he wants the other woman back. Bee’s interviews are what I think are an audition film reel. Laughable.

Lmao @ slap the jew out of him

@Unknown: Do you know who is the other women and do you think he will mary her at the end ??

Watchtower @ 07/20/2013 at 2:46 pm

@@Watchtower: Barbara is not an angel so she is safe.
@Unknown: That would explain why he is hiding in New York.

@KSB: he is in LA or still in Nyc ?

anotherlurker @ 07/20/2013 at 2:59 pm

I thought he went back to LA on Thursday for the thing at Honda HQ with James …

she’s still in nyc living up the vs press bs and he’s in la preparing for the tour.

@unknown is there a baby involved with the other woman or just a rumor?

Christopher Wolff @ 07/20/2013 at 3:53 pm

Overrated ****.

@Unknown: Slap the Jew out of him. Love it! Yeah Ms. Patsy!

OMG that sounds hilarious. card marriage–interesting theory fellow commentators!

OMG!!! Who is the other woman?

Just my opinion I think if we all payed attention this bs was happening right under our noses. Nina Agdal posted on Twitter or retweeted just because you miss someone doesn’t mean you should go back order a large pizza and move on. Then on ig she posted a Marilyn Monroe quote about she was a girl who knew how to be happy even though she was sad. Then BAM!!!! this ****** proposes to the girl he never was “in love” with but suddenly missed. The worst thing he could have done was gotten himself into this mess. No pr is going to be able to clean this up if he dumps her. Then the media will rip him apart. I really hope adam gets his karma for how he’s doing people. He doesn’t look that good, that it makes it ok to be like that. When I first heard the news I was pissed, now I’m just like you made your bed I won’t spend another dime ob his ass. He gets what he deserves. Didhe forget what made him lkick her to the curb the first time. No relationship is perfect and most long-term relationships and proposals have a strong foundation that led to that point BUT noooo this was a rush plea because he didn’t want to be alone. I don’t know who’s self-esteem is lower hers or his. Adam did this cause he couldn’t take nina on tour. She was too young wouldn’t fit in because behati latched herself on to the other crew members so he would have been segregated from everyone. I think he is confused and having a midlife crisis. Just because this chick kept in contact with your friends and family members then came to visit la to keep herself fresh in your memory and lended you kind words when youcclaimed to hate this country does make her worthy of marriage. Sorry not sorry. He said if you don’t get married you can’t get divorced. Well he’s been doing a lot of things he said he wouldn’t so guys its safe to say we can just mark our calendars for this upcoming divorce.

@KSB: amen! He just set himself up for a failed marriage – his greatest fear was divorce…looks like he is heading straight down that path. Like you said, he made his bed.

so….”other woman back” is right…why are u know that **** Patsy?????

Any mother can sense when something is wrong with her child so hopefully miss Patsy even though she wants what’s best for her son won’t let him make this bad decision that he’s going to regret and she’s going to regret because she let him go through with it

At It Again @ 07/21/2013 at 12:05 pm

When do you think Adam will actually be the one to do the talking to the press? He can’t avoid the media wanting his feelings on getting engaged.

I’m quite interested in knowing the same thing because so far she’s been the one doing all the talking it seems to me like Adam is hiding. part of me feels like he’s hiding because the media is going to ask him what made him change his mind so soon when he was just with Nina not even a week ago.

At It Again @ 07/21/2013 at 12:35 pm

@KSB: I find that just nasty. If he did f***k Nina in Cabo then went back to Behati that just tells me two things. 1. Adam doesn’t have as much respect for women as he wants others to believe and 2. Behati is too weak-minded because she accepts the behavior that he has. He must have told her a whopper of a story to get her to forget he was with another model just a few weeks ago on vacation.

@AtItAgain adam is a self absorbed prick. So the only person I respect is Nina. Had it been done to me I would put him on blast but even though Nina is young she’s handling this situation very well. But if she decides to go rogue I support her 100% . Every woman has a point of no return and adams surpassed that by his actions. Behati is a loser. Low self-esteem, low key stalker , Anne and nina are the best thing adam never had. They both dodged a MAJOR bullet. He has a pattern, date for a while then break up, on to the next model, the he hides out pops up with another model. I used to think celebs were human beings just like us but adam is a machine. A PATHETIC robot programmed by the industry to think he’s invincible and immune to karma.

Sorry I was busy ladies. Everyone needs to pay attention here for the fact Michael hasn’t milked this situation and you all know he would in a heartbeat. And there is a lil birdy close to James that has loose lips and basically is saying that she heard the last laugh will be on Bee. Adam is going to cut it and go back to the other woman. That’s why I didn’t bring that up until I knew all the facts. So what I’m understanding is that he and his PR team are working on cutting Bee loose but they aren’t exactly sure how to. And apparently momma is happy with this move.

@Unknown: i want to believe this soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad, but. but. but.

BTW Adam is none too pleased about Bee talking to the media. It’s another reason he has figured out this is a mistake and knows the other woman is right for him. Bee could never understand the right to his privacy even him telling her. When your man asks you to respect their privacy, you do just that. Especially in a high profile relationship. Its about respect she thinks she is being sneaky. Bee sweetie I wouldn’t call the paps. You know the other woman knows how to stay private and shut her mouth. Bees web of lies are all going to come out. He’s found the right woman and who isn’t superficial.

For him to keep this successful relationship he needs to quit thinking I’m a rock star, which he isn’t, sorry guys but he isn’t even close to being one. Rock stars make rock music not pop songs. Sorry again, but to me that’s the way it is. The woman he has chosen to be with is strong and not a lap dog. She will tell him to get over himself. Not kiss his ass. That’s what he needs.

anotherlurker @ 07/21/2013 at 2:44 pm

@Unknown: The PR team certainly have their work cut out … I just hope Adam keeps his **** together.

who is this other woman?? kim? or bby-mama-with-triplets jess?? why not come out with her in the first place?? maybe there isnt anyone else and he cant face being a lone idk anymore, i cant figure this guy out…

is there more popcorn? this keep getting weirder and weirder…

I was never a huge fan of both until the voice…I’m not even a huge fan of their music right now (i’m a fan of the show) but I always thought that the only woman who can stand up to him and shut his mouth is Christina Aguilera. Maybe she’s the other woman lol i dunno! I’m a psych student and I noticed and analyzed their behaviour around each other in season 3…like c’mon there so was something there, they were flirting like crazy. They have so much chemistry and somehow i think they would work out together just because she is allergic to his bs and can put him in his place. Adam needs a woman like that…not some skinny ass model who can’t seem to get her stories straight! This engagement is just soooo weird.

@huhhhh: Some of you may know her. So just watch and see. Give it time.

Idk he screwed himself by getting engaged lmao. Like breaking that off is waaaaay harder than just saying peace out yo! He royally screwed his bandmates , fans. And career.what a dumbass

@Unknown we keep hearing about this invisible other women that Adam is in love with for months. He thinks so much of her her he keeps her hidden, and don’t give us it’s for privacy. If this woman does exist what kind of a pathetic ass is she. What woman would take Adam back after humiliating her first with Nina and now with engagement to BEE? This invisible woman keeps coming up but no proof. There is no way Adam woildn’t get papped with her he can’t control all the people everywhere. So do they just stay home and play house? Don’t think that is a strong woman.

BTW Adam is going to look like the dumbest Fr&$- Douchebag on the planet if this is true! He will never be taken seriously again.

@unknown You know what we are all aware that this relationship is a pr move and it won’t be long before it’s over lol. But if he really loved the other women he wouldn’t have made this move. And if he breaks the engagement with Bee and goes back to the ‘other woman/ Kim/ Jessica’ whatever, and she takes him back I wouldn’t harp on about the other woman being strong and all high and mighty. Who would take back a man who proposed to a rebound girlfriend, weeks after he was with someone else. If the other woman was strong, better or the pne then he wouldn’t be in all this mess. Please tell us something that would make sense. I would suggest the other woman doesn’t take him back after what he’s done if she actually exists, or she is just as desperate and low-life as Bee. And especially when she is having his triplets lol.

@ComeOM I just said the same thing. I just can’t get my mind around this whole mess. If there is other woman and he loves her so much then why all this mess. Is he so embarrassed of her that he wouldn’t let her out in public and he would go to Lakers with Bee. When you want privacy you just don’t talk about things if that’s what people are gonna say about Adam and other woman. There are plenty of people who are together, you see them in public together but you never hear anything about their relationship. That’s what adults do. Also if you remember when Oprah interviewed Adam on the Voice set, she ended the marriage question saying you still have some wild oats to sow (something like that) and Adam said a quiet yes. Which I believe is true, he’s not ready to get married. And the interview was only months ago. Go figure.

Ok. Let’s wait . I hope he fixes up this mess ASAP

@unknown Of course Bee is going to talk to the media if this was a big PR move, so it doesn’t make any sense that she should stay quite.

Trust me Adam will pay for it but what kills me is looking at it how sleazy it is to show up Anne on her big day. That and he felt pressured by the other woman. If any of you went to the Grove or House of Blues in May you saw the other woman. She’s been with him almost every day since April 8. Nina was nothing friends hanging out.
All in all some are actually saying that they are tired of his ways and really don’t want to associate with him. That the fact that many are just being nice because of the fact that he is in the same industry as they are. And from what I’m hearing they are saying that when he tries he tries to hard and some are saying he is just being a cocky S O B. It surprise me if the 5th album comes around. The one thing I don’t like about the other woman is the fact she sides with Adam. She says to him “you are Maroon 5, you don’t need them”. She’s very much up into the industry and him being with her makes him look respectable. He thought he needed Victoria Secret model not now he knows he was wrong. His PR has their work cut out.

@unknown. Wow the other woman sounds like the right one for Adam. j/k. She is as shallow as Adam is imo if she gives that kind of ****** advice and is helping him get a bigger ego. He won’t be happy with her in his life once his career is over and I best she only wants him for that too. Now that you are talking about the other woman, she comes across as more immature than Bee and also more desperate than Bee. Who would take back a guy who just proposed to someone else just because he was scared because the other woman is too strong for him. That’s just plain stupid. I pray that he doesn’t marry this other woman too if he leaves Bee for her. The other woman and Bee don’t sound too different now. What a shame. Adam why do you go for the stupid, desperate and shallow ones?

This is just weird! @ 07/21/2013 at 5:59 pm

Those women are nuts! Adam is a walking STD! I would run to the hills if he came anywhere near me. My self-esteem is wayyyy to high for this little boy.

@Unknown: If she’s smart, she will not return with him. So I think he’ll still marry Bee for not finishing alone and look stupid.

Apparently Blake gave a concert last night and called Adam a douche.

At It Again @ 07/21/2013 at 7:17 pm

@Julie: Is there something out there saying he said it or was it tweeted out there.

@At It Again: There were some tweets from people who attended Blake’s concert and heard him say it.

At It Again @ 07/21/2013 at 7:30 pm

@Julie: Most interesting to hear how they act toward one another when they go back to work. Lot goes in saying that is the reason why Blake never offered up a congrats.

@At It Again: Yeah. We shall see. No one from Adam’s side has offered up a public congratulations. I find it difficult to believe that Blake’s comment wasn’t related, in some way, to this engagement news. I doubt some concertgoers would conspire with one another to make up Blake calling him a douche. Doesn’t Blake call him all sorts of names? That’s not entirely unusual behavior from Blake, however, you have to take timing into consideration.

There’s no reason for Blake to mention Adam during one of HIS own concerts. For things related to The Voice? Sure, Blake will say something about Adam. But there’s no reason to discuss Adam at his concerts.


I found a video, he was talking about the other coaches as a lead into doing of Usher’s songs. He did call Adam a douche but kind of laughed after and said the he hopes he hears it.

Wondering @ 07/21/2013 at 8:03 pm

@ Unknown
Please go on…..

Though Somehow i am 100 percent sure that you are NOT the same Unknown who used to post in Adam threads before.

Yes… i am sure. just use a new user name. Dont give that old Unknown any credibility. She was rambling off stuff half the time.

I’m starting to get my Unknowns mixed up, but like Wondering said, the original one seemed incoherent most of the time.

This is just weird! @ 07/21/2013 at 9:07 pm

Matt Harvey just pitched a 5-0 Mets win and he was also the starring pitcher for the all star game. If we don’t know Matt we will soon find out. He is definitely on the come up and will be a very rich man really soon! Anne V you go girl!

GO! Matt go Anne! !!.boooo adam looks like adam levine is the loser in this game.

It’s too bad that aside from Matt that the Mets are a joke.

TexasGirl @ 07/21/2013 at 9:44 pm

If they do get married, it’ll probably be in a Vegas drive-thru chapel, and it’ll probably last as long as Britney Spears and Jason Alexander.

@TexasGirl: You’re too kind. I’d give Adam and Bee fewer hours on their marriage.

Yes, Anne is happy and dodged a bullet. I have so much respect for her for not stalking adam when they broke up – well she initiated the break up yes but she stood her ground and didn’t play games. See, she’s above what bee did to get Adam back, no stalking of Adam ‘s friends, no posting of pictures to make it seem that they are somehow still together – don’t forget, all these after Bee got her ass dumped. Anne made a decision and stUck to it – what a real classy lady is truly made of. Bee is just a train wreck. Can’t believe Adam is that self-absorbed that he couldn’t see through her. Did he propose because bee is the only one who would take his philandering ways? He has proven that Bee will stick it out no matter what – cheating, bad behavior, bad treatment – she just doesn’t have any self-worth. I get that he needs someone who will blindly support him and will forgive him his infidelities but he forgets that he will lose respect for someone like Bee quickly. Its all good now in his muddled world, but long term its a failure in the making. Also, no self respecting woman would take this from anyone. Can’t believe she is actually back for more – unless she really has an anterior motive (contract, visa, etc). It’s just messed up. I hope @unknown is right and that his pr team is working on a damage control plan.

Blake and Miranda are pissed with Adam’s B S. They’ve been played too just as all of you have. You think Blake’s comment at the show last night was him joking. Nope it wasn’t. See the truth is Blake and Miranda both have known the other woman before her relationship with Adam. Blake has to play nice with Adam cause he knows they both have to stick together and need the show. Not being mean, as you all know, but let’s be honest, Adam and Blake needed the Voice, their careers were going down until the show. Without the show both of them have no career. They were both nobody’s before it.

Adam has a big mouth and an ego and sad to say he is one of those guys who absolutely needs to hit rock bottom. Many are whispering it won’t be to long if he keeps it up. And now with the Bee engagement ploy everyone in the industry is making fun of him behind his back and the other womans back. He’s going to need her BIG contacts to salvage him.

I still don’t get why his PR team announced it in the first place. They should know Adam well enough to know they should’ve had a plan for if/when it falls apart and announced it with a bit more finesse. Unless they only did it because they knew Behati already had the press blitz the next day for VS? So have her take off the ring, or not say anything about it. At that point no one knew they were back together so I don’t think anyone would have suspected it was from Adam. It was just a strange, rushed announcement that’s going to make damage control quite difficult.

ok unknown give us a better clue who this “other woman” is? is she famous? singer? actress? how on earth do blake and miranda know her?? omg is it taylor swift? ha jkjk

poppin’ some popcorn while reading unknowns paragraphs about an invisible woman. sorry, i’ll believe it when i see it…

@lol Pass me some of that popcorn we’ve been hearing about this invisible woman for so long she must have super powers so no one see her.

She isn’t a model, actress, singer. She’s 29 yrs old who is suppose to be the hottest upcoming studio financier shark. She basically does what others do in the industry but cheaper. She also babies Adam and waits on him hand and foot and so on. That adds to him seeking attention more. But then she can also send him sleeping on the couch. Right now he’s so sleeping on the couch. Unlike Bee who would say its ok baby, let’s have a drink party and screw our brains out. That’s not a relationship.

Ok hold on, let’s see if I got this straight: Adam is in love with another woman who is an industry insider, but she seems to be a beast too. But, instead of sticking to the girl he was in love with, he proposed to B. Why did he break up with the initial woman to begin with? After proposing to B, he releases an announcement to a major entertainment publication days before B has to do VS press, but then gets upset that she speaks to the media? So why did he propose to B to begin with? she puts up with his crap? she needs a green card? His family is mad, his friends are mad, and his PR team is scrambling to figure out how to deal with the fact that he now wants to break the engagement? If this is all true, WHAT A MESS!

@Unknown: Does she work for Adam? I’m still confused. I guess time will tell, but in the mean time if you can tell, please do :)

ok this is kim? jessica? or a new invisible woman? is she the one pg with his triplets?

pass the popcorn lets hope this train wreck movie reaches its climax …..

@WTH if she works for Adam that would make her a Hooker wouldn’t it?

@HuHhhhhhhh So many invisible women but the real invisible woman is taking Adam back need more popcorn please


Seriously, it’s an absolute train wreck. IF any of this is true (no offense meant, unknown; you have to understand the skepticism), I can’t believe I actually find myself feeling a bit sorry for Bee, even if she got whats coming to her.

you cant feel bad for bp, shes milking this all the way to the bank, shes been every damn where this past week i think she can care less as long as she has her contract back shes good, this fool on the other hand…. (insert eye roll)

@huhhhh Do you mean the fool that is now sleeping on HIS couch because the invisible woman who babies him and waits on him hand and foot told he to do so??? Now that’s makes for a wonderful relationship ……more popcorn

seriously…. the invisible woman or women, one who babies him and one who had his babies…. omg this is a comedy train wreck…. i think im gonna get some candy too …who knows how long we’re here…

who is the girl that he always wrote a songs about her..moves like jagger….payphone, …and one more night….also, miserly!
….so but he couldn’t get her since long time ago…she didnt think that she loves him as a loved one couse he has a girls and such a doucheback…..but he got a chance this year. he was exited…but he didn’t go to meet up for her soon and was playing a younger models….she got a some news about it and sent a text to him “bye!!!” then….maybe he notices that how she was important for him….but it was too late…so this happend a few weeks ago…
she living so far from him.
maroon guys knows about this…

as her friend, hope he does not still waits her…just sayin

da fact- are you talking about the same person unknown is talking about? or is this someone else ?

@huhhhh: well..I don’t know what other ppl talking about….haha
but this story about him and her have a long story and…it’s really charming…so funny…everyone who knows about this
thinking this **** is super rad….but sadly, should end for her happy :(

is this a past gf? are you talking about a past gf of his?

no not his all ex girls. He met Her in…2005? he got just love attacked from her…bahaha…don’t know from when
but i know when since 2010, they were always doing sh*t chat on Internet..but she didn’t meet up w/him because he has a gf….btw, they are really super funny combo…

is she famous?

no. she is. ALSO, she don’t like a famous and famous ppl.
don’t u think that famous is uncool?????

oh so she is famous ? idk about famous uncool ppl….is she a co worker? what does she do?

Adam and Bee would be a celebrity couple. There’s no way a celebrity couple gets engaged and is not interviewed together on the day of and the days after. Only Bee does the interviews? Wow. If I her, I’d be upset that my new fiance doesn’t come with me to do the press for OUR engagement. And for those Beedam who think to respond to what I’ve said, you idiots know this whole engagement is a sham, just by what I’ve mentioned in this post.

hahaha…I dont know how much I can tell about her…but hmm…

see u later :)

tell us at least what she does- i mean u already mentioned her… oh what her name is…

I would just like to say that I went to a Maroon 5 meet-and-greet in August 2011 with my 16-year-old friend. Now she is one of the most beautiful women alive and has had professional athletes drive 16 hours or more just to meet her. So, we were standing in line for the meet-and-greet, and Maroon 5 walks into the room. From the time that Adam walked into the room, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. When we finally got back there, she started talking to some of the guys, and I hear Adam whisper to James, “she is so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off her.” She was wanting to stand next to Matt (the drummer) for the photos because he was the nicest to her and Adam didn’t say a word to her. So, as she was walking over to Matt, Adam attempts to grab her arm and says, “yeah, you stand here.” She really didn’t want to because she was uncomfortable and thought he was creepy, but she didn’t want to make a scene, so she did. So, we take the first picture and Shawn Tellez ask her to move closer to Adam. She didn’t see it because she was trying to look anywhere but at Adam, but Adam made a signal to Shawn to get her closer. If you look at the printed images, she was standing where she should have been. So, after the pics I go to the corner of the room to get the autographed photo and the guys start talking to her some more. So Matt and Jesse started to ask her to stay backstage, but Adam was radio silent. As she took a step to start walking to get the autographed photo, Adam says I like your purse. She thanks him and keeps walking to try to get away from him. I’m standing in the hallway just kind of watching it all. So, she doesn’t know it, but as she’s walking, Adam is following her like a little lost puppy. The band members are still asking her to stay. Adam turns to them and raises his hand to get them to be quiet. He then says “I really, really want you to stay,” and some more things begging her to stay. This scared my friend because she just heard someone standing directly behind her and didn’t know what was happening. He is way too close and she just kind of does an awkward laugh and tries to take a step back. He tried to grab her arm to keep her close to him. She then gets way too creeped out and walks out to the hall where I am, Adam tried to grab her again. During the concert, he says “(city’s name)… you’re so pretty.” Everyone knew he was talking directly to my friend. The girl that was on the other side of me who was with her boyfriend even started making snobbish comments to my friend because she wasn’t screaming things like “Adam, take your shirt off” since he was posing for her pics and doing most of the concert for her entertainment. Then, he threw her his guitar pick. He was trying to show off and threw it at an angle, and it went behind us. I was crawling around on the floor, and a gay couple were also looking for it. I saw it, and it looked like he wrote his # on it, but one of the guys attempted to hit me to get the pick, so I let them have it instead of risking getting my face bashed in. So, after the Maroon 5 concert had ended and they were setting up for the Train performance. I noticed that some of the security guards started talking to each other and pointed at the security guard that was in front of us. I am a good lip reader and it looked like they were talking about how the security guard was too “buddy/buddy” with the gay couple and should have thrown them out when it was clear they were trying to hit me. They were also complaining about the amount the guard was talking to the couple during the concert. The couple even asked the guard to get them the set list off the stage and he did. So, one of Maroon 5′s guards from the meet-and-greet came out holding a newspaper. The other guards call him over and he puts the newspaper down on the stage in front of us. The couple ask for that too and the security guard gives it to them. My friend was texting someone and didn’t really pay attention. I kinda looked over everyone’s shoulder at the newspaper. Adam had wrote a note on it. I don’t want to say everything that was written, but here’s a most of it, ” Hey beautiful, you’re such a pretty girl. You look so great, you look so gorgeous. When I saw you, I fell for you so hard, harder than I ever fell before. I will never fall so hard again. I should’ve said more. I wish I said more…” There’s more, but for personal reasons, I do not wish to say. I didn’t tell her about the note until a bit later because she was getting really annoyed with those guys and I didn’t want to get her more annoyed for them taking the note. My friend and I both think that Love Somebody is about her, “I don’t know where to start, I’m just a little lost. I want to feel like we’re never gonna ever stop. I don’t know what to do, I’m right in front of you asking you to stay you should stay, stay with me tonight. After she got back to her house, she tweet to Adam about having a great time at the concert. Read my next post………

Okay, so he didn’t respond to the tweets. But One Republic’s twitter account started following her right around the time they were going to record music for this album. As you probably know, Ryan Tedder was a producer of Love Somebody. She never followed them before, and it was just an out of the blue thing that they just randomly started following her. She has since deleted her account for personal reasons, but she showed me the other day, her profile picture she had is now on the Love Somebody single art. She saw Adam again another time, I wasn’t there, but she told me about it. I really don’t want to say what happened without her permission. However, I just wanted to show more evidence that he tried to cheat or cheated on Anne a lot. Behati wasn’t the only woman. He is a pretty big slimeball and hopefully will go downhill soon.

@1102 I swear this sounds like one of those fanficts from instagram lmao just without all the sex scenes.anywho people I’m honestly not interested in the other woman drama because last time we got fed that bs it came out adam was dating Nina. And being that Adam is ENGAGED to behati and she’s got a ring that other women stuff seems far fetched.

@1102:What’s funny is that you sent me this same story when I had started my board with a few members from here. I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now.

At It Again @ 07/22/2013 at 4:44 am

While it’s very hard to believe 1102, I don’t doubt Adam hasn’t been with or tried to hook up with fans in the past.

Please note behati also has reasons to stick to Anne. ADam went from Anne to her, but never acknowledged her the way he did Anne. So this sham engagement can make her stick it in her face, that ” hey, I got a ring which you never did”.

Normal woman would wonder whether the embarrassment of a broken engagement is worth it, but then Behati has never been one to operate with a full deck. Strikes me as most immature 24 yrd old, refusing to grow up.

I would love to see the day all this blows up in everyone’s face. Till theb, count me in for the popcorn too.

I apologize that you don’t believe me. I can only give you my word, I understand that it does not mean much considering the fact that none of you have ever met me, my friend, or whoever else was at the concert close enough to us. I have no reason to lie. If I was lying, I would have said it was me that the story was about me, not a 16-year-old girl, I would’ve said that we totally screwed our brains out and I went to the next stop on the tour and had an even better time. No, what it was about was how he was creepy. Not some fantasy story that would only exist in the land of rainbows and unicorns and happiness. That 16-year-old is now 18, and was just released from the hospital because of ******** around with drugs. Okay, society pressures girls her age to look perfect, skinny, blonde hair, (don’t forget the $800 24 inch hair extensions!), and blue eyes (BOO YOU if you don’t have them naturally! Go get some fake contacts NOW!) I have worked with this girl’s mother since she was 2 and I was 20, believe me ladies or gents, I wish this story was as fake as fake can be. This girl is like my daughter, do you think that I want to see her like this? Nope! Her family raised her under a tight leash. She wasn’t permitted to say the word “darn,” some celebrity comes to her a tells her she’s pretty and now she has fake boobs, butt, and is pushing her health all she can so that she can now try to in her mind move on up to a Swedish or Belarusian pro hockey player. I apologize if I’m getting emotional sounding, but she is just a kid, you know? She is worse than Courtney Stodden, but not famous like her because she never married a 50-something. I would give my own life to take back that August night so that she would’ve never got to meet him or heard any comments. Now she is running wild and embarrassing everyone. I want to say with all my heart that this story is real, I just wanted to post here because I thought people would want to know more about his cheating on Anne. I promise I won’t post anything anymore and not bother any of y’all. If you don’t believe me that’s fine. I’m the one that has to watch their friend have seizures because of drugs and being underweight. I’m the one that has to hold their friend’s hair as she is getting sick and throwing up in the toilet because she suffered psychological abuse from her family and her favorite celebrity thinks she’s hot and now she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. I apologize for any inconvenience my postings have caused.

@1102: OMG, you are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs :-)

@1102 your story didnt offend me. It just sounded weird anywho adam is a cheater its what he does. I don’t doubt for one second he didn’t cheat on Anne and behati. But relationships tend to end how they started off.BUT YOU DON’T MARRY THE JUMP OFF!!!!! Lmao that’s why adam has got to be the stupidest SOB in all planet earth. I think he’s from Planet Uranus. Cause he is making an ass out of himself.


Sleeping on the couch!!! Hahahaha, that girl rules!!!

so I guess that a Man don’t proposed at least look like a homeless…if there was something love,
man will shaved…maybe, …wanna show his best looks to woman…wired

I heard that there is now a restraining order in play, to behati, to keep her away from Adam for good…

Too long; don’t read. And yes, it’s a fact Adam sleeps with fans, but I’m not reading that poorly written fan fic up there.

@E&N: hahaha then why is she still milking the engagement?

@lol: It was just put forth today, and straight to the VS offices, too! Apparently, now, she cannot be w/in 500 ft of him or his family or the band or his house.

@E&N: We’ll see if there’s truth to it. Maroon 5 tour about to start – if Bee shows up in any of their concerts then we’ll have our answer.

I just hope that no one will post here and say that if Bee indeed shows up in the M5 concert tour, that she is a real stalker and disobeyed/ignored the court order.

@Jinx: you know someone will.

@lol: uhuh – without a doubt. Maybe we’ll get our answer even before the tour. There’s still about 9 days left in July – plenty of opportunity for the paparazzi to snap one – heck, the paps don’t even need to chase them down – they’ll probably receive an alert from either A or B! Maybe the fan fic writer/poster on here can make a brand new soap opera out of this.

Behati has run her beak for a total of four days to any outlet that wants news but Adam remains mum. Most dudes that snagged them a hottie would at least brag a little bit. This one don’t say nothing but rather stay out of sight for a time. This is a dude that went on Howard Stern twice to brag about how he got his women and bragged on how sexual he was with them. He goes on Stern after splitting with Anne and hooking it up with Behati and he’s pretty much mum, except to admit he’s dating her. In all interviews he has done, little mention of Behati as his woman but when he was doing interviews in the past when with Anne, he couldn’t shut up about her, couldn’t stop being captured in pictures with her. Oh also noticed how girl changed the hair color to be blonde like the last girlfriend.

Watchtower @ 07/22/2013 at 2:48 pm

Did anyone else catch her IG post of Family Guy? Probably her childish way of explaining it all.

I’m lol @lol too funny

I’m so glad princess Kate had that baby so.behati can S.T.F.U!!! About her fake engagememt. Cause she’s not publicity worthy. Btw adam has been mum lol 2nd thoughts???

Watchtower @ 07/22/2013 at 7:03 pm

Funny. He put out a shop your way video today and has been advertising that more than his “engagement”. And she says they haven’t talked about it at all, yet she knows it’s a long way down the road. In short, Adam will sober up, get a haircut, and cut her loose. He’s probably sitting back praying that they give her the contract before his sanity expires.

Lol I bet. Give it a month he’ll be like wtf have I done

@KSB: I wouldn’t be surprised if he is already thinking that.

@Watchtower: Co-sign. I’ve never seen an “engaged” man looking as awful as Adam has been lately.

Curiosity got the better of me and I briefly checked out the Mermaids on Twitter post-announcement. They were flapping away. And one of them had the audacity to say that Bee was scared of the cameras (paps). B!tch, please. She’s a model. It’s her JOB to be comfortable in front of the cameras. Otherwise, she’d never get hired! The stupidity that comes out of them is astounding sometimes.

That girl has taken every little opportunity she can to keep her name aligned with Adam’s. What a crock.

Lmao scared????? Yea f’ing right. Shes a media w hore look at all the interviews she’s doing now gtfoh

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but he is in need of therapy bad. The other woman and people in his life need to stop saying how wonderful he is and your a bad ass. He knows he can replace people in his life because people are replaceable with ones who will say how wonderful he is. If you say no he rebels just like this Bee engagement. The other woman said no to certain situations and he rebelled with someone who would do what he wanted. Its not just a ego thing its a kind of like when your missing something emotionally and him getting any kind of attention, good or bad, its attention period. So yes it does go to his head and right now he is in a dark place. He is not lost but needs help out of this dark place. The other woman is not opening her arms welcoming but she loves him. She’ll do anything for him. Love is blind. Right now the she’s having to do damage control too. i.e. hiring a pr firm.

WHO THE HELL IS THIS OTHER WOMAN!?!?!??!!? at least give her flippin name!!!!!

@huhhhh: which story u wanna??? because theres a lot of story that HE slept a girls who like…UNDER 20yold right??? Can u really believe that? Hmmmmm

da story that I said yesterday that is very true
but She never slept w/him though….hahaha
He always “baby comeon please…when the hell can we meet up again?????” like thaaaaat.
I think they will never starts….because of Him :(

A restraining order would be public record. I’m still confused as to what the deal with this other woman is–when is this engagement going to end? !

This story with the other woman is so old it’s past retirement. I’m surprised people still claw onto it. Unless she really is invisible there would be no way to escape the paps and the fans. And why would he need to hide his girlfriend?? He showed Anne off everywhere, and he even showed some PDA with Behati, so if he was to hide anyone….. Just sayin’

And what’s this nonsense with a restraining order? They get engaged and then take out a TRO? Come on, people….

@lol – we need lots of popcorn tonight!!

??? well…that “other woman” unknown said is…really other he has? …or about ma friend??? weird…

well we nvr know with this guy anymore! so the restraining order can be real!

ok da fact so is this the same woman that unknown is talking about? 29 yr old financier? how many invisible women are there???

I don’t know about other woman but an woman I know that she told him bye just last month and he send a words to her few times THIS month but she had no response….guess 1. then, he noticed that behati is really the one 2. or just behati helping him for her(said bye to him) back???
or more for other woman?????
scary but if he really loved behattiiiii, hope just his happy :-I

LOL I think everyone is talking about different women – how many does this guy got in the shadows? Starting to get Tiger Woods vibes with him, except he’s not hiding them from a wife- just each other.

so hes using B to get the other woman back that youre talking about? do you know her personally?

hahaha…so true. He has da shadows a lot? that’s why she said to him “I can’t believe u, bye” so every girl who not a ***** are need a man who not dirty….yepp.

@huhhhh: donno using B or just got to loved B….

da fact- Don’t take this as an insult, but I don’t understand a fvcking word you’re trying to say here. English isn’t your first language from what I can gather. I’m having difficulty following what you’re trying to say and therefore, it seems unbelievable. Now that Adam’s “engaged,” everyone seems to be popping out of the woodwork with an insider story. And progressively these stories are becoming increasingly outrageous.

@Jenn: “English isn’t your first language” yes yes true…but “the sh*t” I know is very true.
it’s okay u don’t believe. we just hoping his happiness and he doesn’t waits Her anymore. yeah get happy w/B if he wanna ;0

so now hes not sure if he wants the other woman back? i dont think he “loves” B , sorry, hes probably confused, but this other woman is intriguing…

I’ve never thought Adam was in love with Bee. I’m not even sure she really loves him. I think she loves the idea of him and his fame. I don’t believe for
one second that Bee is shy and scared of the paparazzi. Nothing she has done so far gives me the impression that she’s content to remain in the background.That’s just bullsh!t the Zaira and the Mermaids have made up to make Bee seem innocent and non-manipulative.

The “other woman” story has been going around for awhile now. To me, that means theres either something to it, or there is at least one person out there with waay too much time on their hands to dedicate to get people to believe a story that would have no benefit to them.

@Kay: Who says that all of his girlfriends are necessarily attention seeking? He’s an Angeleno and would know better than most how to avoid the paparazzi. Besides, does he really go out much anymore? I’ve sort of gotten the impression that he’s a bit of a homebody who invites his friends over. Hell, I think Gene still lives with him.

Why do you care? Theories here make for fascinating bedtime stories. So lame.

This is just weird! @ 07/23/2013 at 9:30 am

It will soon come out in the wash. Adam is an attention ***** and won’t be out of the lime light much longer. Plus Anne V has been pretty quiet. The moment she and Matt hit the blogs again Adam will emerge. You know he always has to one up her.

I have popcorn mixed with nuts. Get it? Cause most of you are nuts? Ahhhhhhahahahaha. Ok bye.

well lol this whole thing is nuts soo….

what else can he do to go one up? Maybe he will dump Behati and get engaged to Nina Agdal next! @this is just weird

Murder me if you want but I still think he should date CHRISTINA AGUILERA! She’s the only one that can but him in his place….maybe he would grow up with her cuz she is family material and all that. Not damn models! C’mon

Okay lol it actually makes me laugh so much how you all believe there is another woman hahahahaha. these people like to invent ****! come here to give you opinions on this weird engagement not to feed these people’s imaginations so they can write more fanfics. lmfao grow up!

Yes, actually someone mentioned it a while ago in the comments or something….and wasn’t he mad flirting with xtina on season 3 when he was supposedly dating behati back then. LOL they should dump they fiancee and bf and start dating

Look at @Annen
ews 14 th july @researchinguru. Perhaps Mr Levine was trying to be kind. Perhaps they both thought that a dish is best served cold”……..

Interesting @ 07/23/2013 at 2:42 pm

The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

I agree the truth is really weird. I think adam is in love with being in love but I don’t believe for one sec he is “in love” with behati. Don’t see it, never did even when I wasn’t a fan. I don’t think behati is in love at all. Shes obsessed with being with a famous rock and roll star at all cost and Not adam levine she could be this way with any celeb. She gave up 7yrs with Jamie for what? She doesn’t even know adam. 8 1/2 months of dating 4months of being apart and 2 days back together and an engagement. GTFOH!!! Adam is trying to prove something to someone.

@Interesting: Yes it is and people with good intentions are often poorly rewarded

Interesting @ 07/23/2013 at 3:40 pm

I’m not sure why people find it difficult to believe that there isn’t another woman somewhere in the picture who isn’t named Anne or Nina. I’m trying to understand why this possibility is so upsetting to others here. Is it because you didn’t land Adam or what? I don’t know whether there is or isn’t another woman, but the hostility toward that theory is very interesting to me. I can’t put my finger on exactly why because I’m not the rest of you. I’d welcome a non-famous girlfriend for Adam. It would be nice to see him with a woman appreciates privacy and doing her own thing away from the prying eyes of fans.

Looks like, he is going down in flames quickly. Trouble in paradise a lil birdy told me the other woman may have had enough of his ****. He’s not only tarnished his career, hers too. She has so much heart but her career comes first.


OMG!!! Trouble in paradise!!! She’s smarter than he is

Interesting @ 07/23/2013 at 4:57 pm

So Blake would be the first of anyone Adam is friends with to address his engagement on Twitter.

“Blake Shelton ‏blakeshelton 5h

Hey adamlevine I know getting married now… So here’s to the 3 M’s… Music, Money and MmmTitties!!”

That should be upstage not upset.

But Adam still hasn’t addressed his engagement. He’s probably trying to come up with a way to upset Prince William and Duchess Kate’s baby’s birth. No one cares about this engagement. Most people seem to think it isn’t real anyway.

What’s scary is he just might bring this sham engagement all the way to the altar to make a point or a statement. He has been behaving erratically and impulsively.

I dont recall Blake wishing him well or even say Congratulations. He seems more amused with Adam in that tweet.

This proposal seems all impulse and no thought. Wasnt Adam the one who told Melanie when your ex dumps you, you would want to do things to them that make them feel like sh£t?

Hmmm… he has done that. What next Adam?

Yup I remember when he said that. But so far he’s made an ******* of himself and not Anne.

Yup I remember when he said that. But so far he’s made an ******* of himself and not Anne.

Per Blake’s tweet: Bee has no titties. But her head looks like a ***. Maybe a boil. She’s got that anorexic “moon face” thing happening. Anyone else notice it?

Lol her face looks like the end of the bread slice nobody wants.

Watchtower @ 07/23/2013 at 7:59 pm

You know what I find so sick about Behati? This is a girl that comes from the poorest continent on the globe, a place that has been addled by war and famine and disease, yet she acknowledged her apartment flooding more when Hurricane Sandy happened. This is a girl that does hard drugs to keep herself malnourished looking, yet there are people in the country she claims as the Mother Land that look that way involuntarily. Where is that sense of being humble?
Then there’s Mr. Adam “I’m so private and hate the paps so much that I’ll have my rep call them up and alert everyone of my engagement”. I met him in March, and he was a very nice guy. Loved his fans. Was extremely thankful that we came out and had a good time. Then I realized something, he really has no depth. Like, a cheap kiddie pool has more depth than him. Just listen to his lyrics.
If you’re so private, why not pull an Angelina and Brad and not say a word? Because he was losing out on having his name everywhere. His name is on so much product at this point, that if he doesn’t stay relevant, he’ll lose more money than he ever intended.
And Behati, smooth move locking down that VS fragrance campaign. You only spoke about your engagement while you were promoting your job.
As for Blake, he would send a picture of himself pissing before he would send a sarcastic way to go tweet.
I can’t wait for his mother to get ahold of him.

lol at some people mentioning christina aguilera and him. he doesn’t have a chance in hell to be with the gorgeous, diva, talented miss xtina. she has too much class for him. he should stick with his model cause he can’t handle a real classy lady like xtina. never gonna happen!

I remember that Blake sent Adam almost that exact tweet back when he and Anne broke up.

@Watchtower: I’m glad that you mentioned all of this stuff. And about your meeting. Thanks.

I feel the same way. I’ve always heard great things about Adam from fans and all that jazz. Even so, you’re right, there isn’t a lot of depth to Adam. He and Behati seem to have that much in common. I think Adam tries to make others think he’s deep. And part of me feels sorry for him. I think Adam’s pretty smart, but he’s not intelligent and he isn’t very wise. I think he’s insecure about this too. We all know Behati’s mentally challenged. He doesn’t really have to say much to her. I’m sure she just spreads them when he asks.

I think this engagement is “off.” I’m not sure they’ll make it down the aisle, but if Adam continues to be competitive and stubborn, then he’ll go through with it. In the end, he’s only going to be hurting himself. His parents, his mother especially, must be sick to their stomach.

If Adam’s trying to clean up his image, then he’s chosen the wrong girl. Behati is anything but clean out. What a huge mistake he’s made.

Shannon H @ 07/23/2013 at 8:31 pm

@lolling: That’s no congratulations. Blake probably already knows that Adam isn’t the faithful type and that his eyes wander. Adam’s friends need to cut with the enabling. He’s not 21 anymore neither are they. If Adam no longer had the wealth and all the perks would these friends (the guys that is) give him the time of day? Very doubtful

@Shannon H: I couldn’t agree more. Most of them enable or seem to ride his coattails. Gene and Shawn are the only two friends of his I suspect know exactly what’s going on with him (read: what’s wrong with him).

Shannon H @ 07/23/2013 at 9:09 pm

@Jenn: Not too familiar with Shawn but I know Gene has Twitter. I feel he is one of the enablers or at the very least eggs Adam on with his behaviour. The people in the band probably keep their distance from him unless there is some promotional duties, rehearsals and concerts to perform. I hate to admit this but I think that wanker will tie the noose I mean knot with her but the union will be short-lived. As some of you other posters say age and the lack of her maturity will burn him. Adam is 34 years old trying to stay young and it makes him look like a bithering idiot in the process. Who runs from the media on the streets of New York in such a manner? The Mermaid Morons would say that they are ‘trying to salvage their privacy’; Too late for him to want privacy now after all the times he’s shot his mouth off about his sexual prowess, how much he loves women and finding ways to keep himself as he is doing now, on the tips of our tongues or in the case of JJ our finger tips.

@Shannon H I couldn’t agree more. It’s exactly what i feel. He just doesn’t know what he’s done to himself.

@Jenn what’s (read: what’s wrong with him)? I would like to read that too.

Well milo de Cruz posted a pic of Bee on a motorcycle on his IG. Is she in LA? What happened to the restraining order?

This is just weird! @ 07/23/2013 at 9:39 pm


With the outrageous stuff that has been going on with Adam the past couple of moths I wouldn’t be surprised if he did something else that was really outrageous.

Nice of Milo to congratulate her. Bee posing with members of Adam’s entourage doesn’t faze me anymore. Bee’s been doing that since she and Adam first hooked up.

Watchtower @ 07/23/2013 at 9:50 pm

Where’s the rock?

@Shannon H: I wish Adam’s “friends” would stop egging Bee on, especially with the social media crap. They know what they’re doing.

Watchtower- This might seem inappropriate, but I want to make love to your posts.

This is just weird! @ 07/23/2013 at 10:00 pm


There is a girl on a motorcycle posted on Milo’s instagram but it was from a couple of months ago and it is not Behati.

@Jinx: Milo= enabler. The same is to be said of Travis. She can pose all she wants with anyone connected closely with Adam it doesn’t mean s**t until she actually has his last name and even then that doesn’t say much. Behati isn’t a fiance she is a groupie. She is such a sad sod

@Shannon H: Bee posting pictures of herself with Adam on her IG would help solidify her case, but let’s be real . . . it’s been a week and Adam hasn’t said anything about the engagement. That’s telling. Also be aware that Zaira trolls these posts and the comments to create her bullsh!t posts.

@Jenn: He didn’t congratulate her just posted a picture of her. I did take a looksie at Blake’s Twitter and Miranda’s and not one following Bee but they are of Anne.

@Jenn I know I’m asking again but what’s (read: what’s wrong with him) that you recommended to Sharron H? I would like to read that too. Is it about Adam?

only time will tell once tour starts. just saying.

This is just weird! @ 07/23/2013 at 10:31 pm

Well…..maybe I’m looking at the wrong instagram. I wish pics could be posted here but who cares. Even if Adam ever speaks about the engagement I won’t believe it until I see the wedding photos.

This popcorn is getting so stale!

@Jenn: Z lives in a fictional world, a world where everyone buys into her bulls**t. This is the same lunatic that wrote a book on as to why Adam was a sellout for doing a musical reality show; how she would never feel the same for him as she did before he sold out. The very same that tries to play herself to be bigger than she is. What woman has a job in a lab, travels from where she’s from to all over the US with a security team and have tons of time to tweet about Adam and Bee’s love life? If you scan over her latest tweets she boasts on how she shall make a video to dedicate their love. Isn’t this the same psycho that was putting Nina on a pedestal just three weeks ago?

@Lori: Jenn isn’t talking about an actual piece of literature to read about this… she just meant that the meaning of her post is that there are a only a couple of people in his life who actually truly know him and what is wrong with him….

Watchtower @ 07/23/2013 at 10:41 pm

@Jenn: Why thank you very much!
As for the engagement and his friends, I know Gene is forever playing his wingman, so maybe he’s thinking he’s got his back. I’ve never heard of Milo to be honest; the engagement has even the longest married, fairy tale couples thinking what the hell?
He could be following the footsteps of Blake. Blake cheated on his first wife with Miranda, and they’re now married and okay. Adam supposedly cheated on Anne with Behati and he’s now marrying her.
Did anyone else notice that he issued the announcement to the same magazine Anne announced their breakup?

@Shannon H: Zaira and the Mermaids are the biggest problems with this fanbase. Well, and some of the teen fans too who constantly tweet at Adam. Granted when I was a teen we didn’t have the Internet, but I had self-control as did many of my peers. These are the fans who have driven Adam off social media. It has nothing to do with him trying to “mature.” Does anyone really believe that what Adam is doing is mature?

Watchtower- You’re welcome. My opinion is that Adam won’t go through with it. Unless he finds some other reason to compete with whomever.

I wasn’t trying to give a psychological profile of Adam. To me, it should be very obvious to even those who aren’t fans what’s wrong with Adam. He has a few problems. What’s sad is that I don’t think he’ll seek help for them and I’m not one to advocate therapy, but I really believe he needs it.

This Is Just Weird!- Is this the photo you saw?

yeeeeeah. popcorn is a bit stale and i’m getting bored with this crap. patiently waiting for tour.

@Jenn: That is the very one. She doth try too hard in my opinion. I don’t think Adam will ever admit anything is off base with him and nor will the enablers care what happens to him. Was it you or someone else that mentioned this Shawn? Anybody know what the gist is on him?

@Jenn: For one, that isn’t Adam’s place, but Milo’s. And notice, Adam isn’t even in the pic…

@Shannon H: Shawn is his assistant, I believe. Jordan is his manager.

love this–i hope the comments never end. @unknown come back–i heart your comments.

I wonder what Travis’ girlfriend Whitney has to say about this mess. I remember she told Bee to stop (on IG) about a few weeks ago, then she posted this, which I took to be directed at Bee. Let’s face it. That makes sense.

I’m sure Jared has been racking up massive ad revenue on the Adam posts alone. He should split the money with some of the posters.

@lolling: For the entire first attempt at a relationship.

Hmmm Revving up the Harley to maybe allow the papz to take a few pics… and try to lend credibility to this story!

Havent they tried this trick before?

@AmyR: If you look on fb, too, look up her and her friend Ali, and you will find about 20-30 pages of hers, Nina’s, Adam(not Adams…Adam’s only REAL fb page is this and is verified by fb). She created all of them using OLD pics of them from 2012…There are NO NEW PDA’s, NO pic of the proposal either…She is crazy!

@E&N: Wait, I’m confused here.

@AmyR: All I am saying is look at the facts. They don’t line up. Adam isn’t talking, his family isn’t talking, his friends aren’t talking, ONLY she is. THEN, look at the pages she and her friend Ali on fb created just this past Saturday…there are tons of them, using very OLD pics of she and Adam, to make it think they are still together. It’s bull crap!

@So: Actually, I can’t bc I blocked them. BUT, there is one under Adam Noah. That one will say he is “in a relationship with Nina Agdal, but also engaged to Behati” Then just look up Ali Tamposi (the one with the pic of James Valentine), that one will take you to another two pages they created that are completely bull crap and fake. There are more, too. I just blocked about 15 pages of bull crap from her. Like I said before, I know Adam and respect him. She has been harassing me lately bc I know Adam. So, that is why I blocked the pages.

@E&N: Can you post the link ?

Are you sure those aren’t fans posing as Behati and Ali? I’m sure Behati and Ali each have a private FB page. I’m still confused by what you want us to look at.

@AmyR: Those aren’t fans posting, they are the two of them. This was proven this past week and something PR is trying to stop.

@E&N: I have no doubt that this is all crap, but your story doesn’t make complete sense to me. I’m not being a jerk, but merely pointing out that I’m a little confused by everything.

My point is she keeps on creating bull crap and lies to make her fans and her job believe that it’s real when it’s all fake, the engagement included!!! I actually heard, too, that she GPS’d Adam’s phone, had the paps set up in place for that Just Fab video, and grabbed his hand to make it “look” real…and then faked her way through it and the media took off with it to save her ass (what she wanted them to do)…that is why Adam took her and ran into the 7/11, bc he realized what she was doing and ran to stop it.

E&N What’s the update on Jessica and Adam’s triplets?

@ComeON: They are still incubating. Apparently, all of this stress is what caused the false labor to happen last week. Soon, though. They will arrive soon.

you are making my head hurt. Badly….

He could have just issued a statement saying its false. That they are not engaged. I agree with everyone here that the engagement is sham. You seem to somehow suggest that she even tricked him to get that ring on her finger.

@E&N: And why one of the best friend of Adam (Milo) is hanging out with her ? Can you explain. And what about the restraining order.
If this story is fake why this is Adam PR who annonce to people mag the engagement. Do you really think, she can lie during the VS event in front of everyone. Also FYI one of adam’s friend Kelly Oxford post this on twitter las week “Pretending the loud crime spree in Hollywood is happening because Adam Levine texted me a pic of his girlfriend wearing her engagement ring.”
Your story becomes more and more ridiculous. What will you say when Bee will be see on tour with the band?

This is just weird! @ 07/24/2013 at 12:08 am


No that’s not the one but THANKS for posting!

@Jenn: Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten. I agree with everything that has been said until now. It is clear that this engagement is fake and seems weird and staged.

And people have conveniently forgotten that a week before the engagement, Adam was supposedly bumping uglies with Nina Agdal.

E and N sounds like Zaira… with an answer for everything.

I think her / his job is to make the most ridiculous statements that people start questioning others too. Like Unknown’s claim that there is another woman. Is it a ploy for people to be dismissive of everything? Even the truth that there could be another woman?

You should just go back to your various companies and be the CEO!

@So: I was referring to some of the others. ;-)

“Traumatic text

Last Updated: 12:09 AM, July 24, 2013
Posted: 12:02 AM, July 24, 2013

Adam Levine told ex Nina Agdal he was engaged to Behati Prinsloo via text message, a source tells us. The Maroon Five frontman and the Namibian Victoria’s Secret Angel announced their engagement last week. He dated Agdal, who’s also a Victoria’s Secret model, for a short time after he split with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Anne Vyalitsyna last year. A source tells Page Six that Agdal is “heartbroken” at the engagement news. All reps declined to comment.”

What’s interesting about this is that they don’t refer to Behati as Adam’s ex *after* Anne. Straight to Nina.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 1:41 am

@AmyR: They never get it right when dishing gossip. I guess even The New York Post doesn’t want to refer to Bee as the other woman after Anne. If true, then Adam’s behaviour is very caddish. He broke up with the girl before going after Anne via text if I recall. He’s such a wanker for taking the coward’s way out especially after f***cking her only to go back to groupie the next week.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 1:44 am

@lolling: Sounds like a rogue Mermaid stirring the pot just to see which one of us is actually going to bite

Anyone want to place bets on when we’ll see staged pap shots of Adam and Bee out and about? I say later today.


true. Trolling hard.

@ jenn
I say Mustard Seed Cafe or Gelsons. Maybe even on a bike. Should we have a betting pool going?

Any activity that’s overly average not romantic. That’s Adam and Bee’s usual m.o. Like he’s taking his sister out.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 2:22 am

The fraud accounts that E&N keeps talking about are accounts recently created on facebook to deem them as legitimate. I sleuthed on there and did see what was being talked about on here. Typical Mermaid Psychos created them as of 2012 and 2013. The giveaway is pictures of people who aren’t even associated with either of them,

@Shannon H: Of course. I don’t think Ali or Bee would waste time on creating fake accounts. They’re too busy scissoring each other in Ali’s bed.

@Jenn: agree on this. Mermaid/ s created that account – maybe it’s their president – Z.

LMFAO @ scissoring I. Swear I busted a lung laughing. This is how I feel about behati (laugh now, cry later) karma needs to come around a b itch slap both adam and behati. Don’t worry it will. He broke up with jessica Simpson via text too. What a coward ,behati. She can get her laugh on now but soon she’ll be running back to king triten in the ocean when adam says ummmm I’m not sure if I want to do this.

King Triton! Poor Sebastian trying to keep up the wild mermaid.

Wow…Adam’s fan let me go here

He retweeted Mastermaind and that said “my acting” debut
Mean….Adam Acting this ****???

Hahahaha. There is a toss up between ” bread slice no one wants ” and ” scissoring” for comment of the day! Good job KSB and Jenn.

The sms story makes both of them look like major a-holes. Oh… yeah… they are….

Lmao I don’t know why but behati reminds me of amanda bynes.

If anyone can find ways to complicate his own life, it’s Adam. Now the Nina issue rears its ugly head. This whole thing makes him look like an a**hole and stupid too.

I blame behati for this. Ever since he started dating her hes been like ” uh uh, wheres my head at? “. Looking like a dirty old man, picking fights with my Queen xtina, lose all the Voice seasons, getting into trouble for those roxy and I hate america comment. Sheesh… not to mention his revolving door of girlfriends. Shes such a bad influence, I say! I see them smoking ciggies and rocking to marley all day… yeah…. baby…. thats a good married life. Hehehe

U know…Bob Marley was super douchebag in love life.

Watchtower @ 07/24/2013 at 1:00 pm

Every tabloid is kissing his boots because they want the big interview exclusive story with him, but the fact is, Corey Monteith and Royal Baby have taken precedence over some “rock star” that’s marrying a model. Hell, Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding is more front page worthy than those two. Everyone knows they’re headed for disaster.

They had their 15min with this bs engagement, no tanloids care now but nina could ruin his ass if she wanted to.

A week and a half since he popped the question and still no word. He’s probably still rehearsing his lines and figuring out the best way to pull the role of happy and ecstatic newly-engaged man. Better yet, I HOPE he’s just plotting out how he could get out of this mess. He’s getting buried more especially with break-up tweet he sent to Nina (or engagement announcement tweet). It’s turning out to be quicksand….

I don’t believe that Adam and Nina were ever a couple. Not in the way that people assume. Then again, I felt the same way about Adam and Bee. No one has to agree with me on these two points. I couldn’t care less, to be frank.

HOWEVER, if Nina’s rep is coming out with this stuff to keep her relevant by using Adam, then I wholeheartedly support it. Not because I think Adam is evil or he deserves to have nastiness thrown at him, rather, I think it’s the kick in the a$$ he needs to get his head on straight. Perhaps he’s going through an early “mid-life crisis,” but he really needs to grow up. He is 34 and can’t turn back the clock now. We all get older.

I don’t know what Adam’s real issue is and I’m not sure anyone will really figure it out. I think that only those closest to him will understand what he’s doing. This engagement is off and it’s a bad idea. Adam must have seen something about Bee which caused him to end their relationship. It has nothing to do with “he needed time away to discover his true love for her.” That’s a load of crap that the Mermaids and romcoms will have fans believe. And sadly, many M5/Adam fans are not that bright. Someday they’ll learn. Or maybe they’re in denial about how life really works.

Adam’s biggest problem is either (1) he really doesn’t know who he is or (2) he knows and he’s unable to face who he is for whatever reason/s. The former happens to a lot of people. We discover things about ourselves throughout our lives. It’s a neverending process. The latter is sad because it says to me that he’s feeling pressure. The question becomes: From whom?

@Jenn: he needs to get his a$$ kicked alright and slapped senseless! I just think he’s reached a crossroad in his life – unfortunately he took the wrong turn. Maybe he felt the heat of all the criticism about him dating a barely legal Nina (true or not), dating one model after another, hooking up with Bee to show up Anne (callous behavior by him) …all that plus going on project after project, tour after tour, show after show. Maybe he suddenly felt old? Definitely a crisis early in his life but with everything going on, he must feel at least about 50. Could be that he realized he can’t date another model again without affirming that he is a modelizer, flipped through his black book and realized none of his exes will take him again…. With the exception of course of his number one stalker ex, Bee.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 2:12 pm

I bet anything that Z and the Psycho bunch saw the ‘Traumatic Text” news and are saying that Adam was a gentleman to inform Nina about his true feelings for his soul mate and that Nina should be ashamed to use the news to tarnish his golden reputation. When does his show come back on? That will be the day that constant talk on his engagement will discussed especially from the likes of another cheater named Blake S.

@Jinx: That’s possible. I think Adam has issues with aging. You can’t be Peter Pan forever.

I think that the reason some of us, to varying degrees, became invested is because Adam isn’t a horrible guy. He’s not perfect, but this latest behavior (which has been kind of building) is troubling. I think that we all want to see him take the high road for once. When Adam dumped Bee, he seemed to be taking on a more mature role and seizing opportunities because he knows that fame won’t last. I don’t know what provoked him to go backwards from that. Bee will not help his image. And the fact that Bee would so willingly hook up with Adam after what he did to her confirms my suspicions about her ever since she came into the picture. She doesn’t look great in all of this either. I hope she suffers from serious backlash as well. Most outlets have already forgotten about their engagement, but hey, she got to ***** out some VS perfume. It’s like she continues to think that cavorting with Adam is going to help her career and it really hasn’t.

Even after Adam dumped her and she made her passive aggressive attempts at making people think they were still together, everyone had tired of her. Then Nina happened. She’s a serious idiot and I see why certain fans are so enamored of her. Like attracts like.

Part of me thinks that Adam’s reps kind of like the “modelizer” aspect of his reputation. I kind of go back and forth on this one point.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 2:30 pm

@Jenn: He needs an image consultant that isn’t in his party of friends. He also need to cut ties with the wanker enablers who are clearly mooching off what his name stands for.

All I know is, by now, Adam and Bee should have been giving interviews and have been papped. It’s been over a week. The engagement announcement was made public last Tuesday. There’s no reason for them to suddenly pretend that they are a private couple. That was never the case, otherwise how does one explain all of those paparazzi shots from before? I’m pretty sure I don’t have to answer that for any of you.

@Shannon H: I usually have a well-thought answer for almost anything, but this whole thing has me stumped. I’m glad that I’m not Adam’s PR rep because I would probably kick the sh!t out of him for this mess.

Something I noticed about that picture of Bee sitting on the motorcycle (the one on Milo’s IG) is that Milo has several pictures of that same bike on his IG. Of course, Bee isn’t sitting on it in those pictures. This tells me that it’s his bike not Adam’s. Unless they have the same bike.

I will say this much, momma Patsy is boiling. In the past she sat by letting Adam do as he wished. She knows he’s found the right person not Bee but in the other woman. He’s doing the shittyist **** to prove hes still “got it”. He loves the other woman and wants his cake and eat it to. Oh btw, this rebellious phase was a long time coming. The other woman has left him, rock bottoms coming. Shes having career issues and will always have a constant reminder of her relationship with Adam. Just adds to momma Parsy’s boiling point. Some dirt will come out and will open ur eyes . Karma is coming hes way.I just hate to think someone with a heart like Adams is doing this ****** ****. Just so taken advantage of by friends and even family (Anne and the other woman kept them out of his life). Pray for him for the strength to come thru this.

I can’t deal with this invisible woman. Anyway, obviously Adam has been busy rehearsing. The stage looks sweeeeet.

“Adam Levine – Behati Prinsloo’s Mother Keen To Host Adam Levine Wedding In Africa
by WENN | 24 July 2013
Adam Levine

Picture: Adam Levine – Adam Levine launches his new fragrance at Macys – Los Angeles, California, United States – Wednesday 6th February 2013

Adam Levine’s future mother-in-law is hoping the singer and her daughter Behati Prinsloo will choose to wed in the model’s native Namibia, so the bride’s minister father can officiate the ceremony.

The Maroon 5 frontman, 34, announced his engagement to the Victoria’s Secret beauty, 24, earlier this month (Jul13) and although the couple has yet to start planning the nuptials, Behati’s mum, Magda Prinsloo, would love to see them wed in Africa.

She tells America’s Star magazine, “(Behati’s dad) Boet would be honoured to officiate – but wherever is best for both families.”

The catwalk star’s parents are now busy organising a trip to Los Angeles to meet Levine and his family for the first time, but Magda admits they are already fond of the musician after he made the effort to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage before proposing.

She says, “Adam called my husband, Boet, and I to talk with us before he asked Behati. We are very happy!”

The stars began dating last year (May12), but split in March (13). They reunited shortly before the engagement announcement.”

*Wow. Bee’s parents are talking to Star magazine. No, definitely no golddigging there.

Would Bee’s mom have had the same reaction toward a non-famous man (they had never met) asking their daughter’s hand in marriage? One who had dumped her and publicly messed around with another younger model?


And that ladies and gentlemen is someone that is desperate for publicity. Star magazine really???!!!!! You go to the shi***est of all gossip rags to give a statement? What would people or someone else not give you the attention you wanted. Seriously, she must fill her parents heads with nonsense and they must not get much news from america there. I am sure her minister father is clueless to the fact her new fiancee was ******** some other girl a week before he called up to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Wonder what he would say if he knew about that. And really Adam’s has all this money and can’t get his A** on a plane, they have to come here. They better get here quick before he is off ******** groupies next month.

Her mommas a gold digger too lol. Sorry but star mag is FOS!!!! I doubt adam will marry in Namibia. I got a good laugh and headache thinkin about this.

@unknown is her name, Kimberly? If so, heard she’s not talking too many, and I do many people that she was always hanging with that were primarily Adam’s close friends. That speaks volumes. It’s only a matter of time before they either start deleting her from all forms of contact.

Everything for her is truly awkward; it limits her from posting carp on her IG about Adam, I know that much. But the thing of it is this. If she thought having it with him would keep her around long, she should have known better from the many interviews he’s done. He said on many occasion that he didn’t see the necessary need to be married in order to be with someone or have a kid. He also said twice that he saw himself with a family seven years down the line. I think she was seriously fooling herself in thinking she was going to change his mind after he openly said it a few times that wasn’t in his plans anywhere near soon. And, Unknown, I heard he was cheating on Bee with her back in November. Bee’s put up with a lot of crap too. Adam; he seems like a nice guy and deserves a relationship, not a business merger.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 6:10 pm

@Alison: This is coming from Star a tabloid where anyone can be paid to say anything to spin as the truth. Even if they do arrive to the states to meet, it should be the most awkward time of their lives. Says a lot about a bunch of parents who haven’t even met to let anyone into their lives.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 6:24 pm

Sleuthed over onto Star’s website and not one ioda about Bee’s mum on Whomever did the contact music report clearly reads that garbage as truth to fill their site. We must remember these gossip sites grab from other sites, not actually verifying if true or not.

Danielle- If that were all true, Bee was the other women in the relationship between Adam and Anne. That means that Bee reaped what she sown. I’m
kind of tired of Bee getting away with being the other woman, but we’re all supposed to feel sorry for her. Not a chance. She knew what she was doing the entire time.

It really is sad how much she is milking this BS. He went back to her because he new he could walk all over her. He didn’t take the time to get her a unique ring. I mean really you have tons of money and you get a ring that costs so little compared to most celebrites. Guess he knows it won’t last and didn’t want to waste the money.

Shannon H @ 07/24/2013 at 7:21 pm

@Jenn: I don’t like wishing ill on another but I do hope that these two get all that they did to everyone else.

In my search of comparing rings I came across this article on she is right they do look like 2 different rings.

@Shannon H: I’d have to agree with you on some level. Nothing horrible, of course. But really, this is all a clusterfvck.

I also want to put something else out there. Let’s say, for giggles, there is another woman in the picture that isn’t in the public eye. What exactly is tragic about this possibility? And really, a girlfriend who tells Adam that his talent goes beyond his band is behaving like a nasty b!tch? That makes a lot of sense.

Adam doesn’t need his band. He really doesn’t. He’s a singer, musician, and songwriter in his own right. He’d be equally successful, maybe even more so, on his own. I’m not saying that he’s an outstanding songwriter or singer, but just that he isn’t anchored to his band. They’ve been together for a long time. Maybe it’s time for each one of them to move on to greener pastures. They wouldn’t be the first band to break up for that reason. It’s certainly not THE WORST thing any one of Adam’s girlfriends has told him.

And for what it’s worth, I vaguely remember a rumor going around (probably here) that Behati was telling Adam that he was too good for his band. So now someone wants to transfer that onto someone else? I think that the same awful things have been said about all of Adam’s ex-girlfriends. Some fans will never be happy with any of them.

@HMMMMM: I agree that it’s a fake ring…one she’s had for a good while now…look at this pic off of fb:, Is it me, or is that ring, that same ring, on her left hand pointer finger?

@HMMMMM: interesting… Wish there were more pictures to compare. They looked different but it could be just the angle the pics were taken.

an interview to the star? really? when will this whole thing be over?! the other woman doesn’t seem all that great either if its true that she acts like his servant and tells him to leave the band. dude has issues. train wreck that i cant stop looking at and reading about. hope his mom can get through to him and his pr team figures this all out.

darcygilmore ‏darcygilmore 7h

Whoa. I may have to start watching MLB #mattharvey #mets

9:36 PM – 24 Jul 13″

So, let me understand this . . . Darcy, Adam’s makeup artist, has a crush on Matt Harvey. Matt Harvey, the Mets pitcher, who just happens to be dating Anne V right now. And surely, Darcy and Anne are well acquainted, right?

Something else I noticed too: Darcy didn’t tweet congratulations to Adam and Bee. Well, that “engagement” was made public last Tuesday, but I guess Adam’s people have all lost their voices and their fingers, so they decided to gesture their congrats in person, huh?

@Jenn: maybe they did offer something to the’ high’ couple – their condolences? They all probably do not know what to make of this whole engagement news – probably woke up thinking – is it April Fools today? I know that’s what I did first – check the calendar.

@ Jenn

HAHAHAHAHA. Can you just imagine the scene on the next M5 Tour or on the Voice Set?

Darcy: Adam, can you switch on the Television. I need to watch Matt Harvey.

Adam : $%%^&$@@#


Darcy: Wow, That Matt Harvey is cute. What a body ! Wonder if he is dating anyone…

Adam: *%$#@&

No Darcy, Adam isnt going to let you watch the Mets !


This has got to be the funniest thing i’ve read on jj. thanks for the laugh

@Jinx: April isn’t enough time for Adam to be foolish. He’s foolish 12 months out of the year. ;-)

so much silence from adam’s camp. wasn’t someone saying a few months back on one of these comments sections that adam was seeing a girl privately and that she knew the girl? i remember her getting a hard time for saying that, but could it be the same girl @unknown is talking about? or maybe the joke’s on us and they really are engaged adn just want privacy?

I kind of feel like Adam and his “camp” have been reading over fans and non-fans reaction to his “engagement” news and he sees the backlash and suspicion directed toward his latest attempt to keep relevant with the ex girlfriend he dumped, only to hook up with a colleague of hers.

Adam had to endure crap for being a “modelizer” and he’s taken it to the extreme with this latest thing and people see him as even more of a joke.

If he’s dumb enough to marry this idiot, then he’s fvcked himself into a corner. Hell, even if he doesn’t make it to the altar, he’s tarnished his image. I don’t know even know how he’ll salvage this aspect. Whether he marries or doesn’t marry, he’s kind of screwed. He better have a great and BELIEVABLE story over what actually happened.

Not saying he is, but I am just curious as to what you all’s reaction would be if Adam did leave the band and went in another direction, entirely different, yet still w/in the Arts? Would you guys, as his fans, reject him completely or accept his new life and support him?

@E&N: I’ve already said he doesn’t need his band to stay successful. He just has to quit making stupid decisions like getting engaged to an ex while he’s in the middle of dating someone else. He’s going to lose more of his female fans with behavior like this, except for the idiots with low self-esteem (like Bee).

Nina went from being fine to this (another version, but her rep is quoted):

“Nina Agdal Left ‘Heartbroken,’ Flees The Country After Adam Levine Dumps Her For Fiancee Behati Prinsloo
Posted on Jul 25, 2013 @ 3:35AM | By Melissa Cronin

What’s a model to do when her boyfriend dumps her and immediately gets engaged to someone else? Binging on ice cream is out of the question, so Nina Agdal has been focusing on her work since being dumped by Adam Levine.

Just one week after Adam and Nina vacationed together in Vegas in early July, he told her he was dumping her to get engaged to his ex-girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo — and the whole thing went down via text, according to Page Six. She’s said to be “heartbroken,” and has learned just how she’s dealing with the pain — lots of work and family time.

“Nina’s basically living out of an airplane right now,” her manager, Paolo Buonfante told Radar.

“She stays in a hotel in Los Angeles, but really almost every day, she’s working.” (He declined to comment further on her personal life.)

Indeed, just days after Adam and Behati announced their engagement, Nina pasted on a smile to appear at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami on Saturday, July 20.

But apparently, that wasn’t enough to heal her broken heart. By July 22, she was back in her home country of Denmark, spending time with her mom.”

I have a tip for you, Adam: Stop messing around with models. They seem to bring more drama into your life, unless of course, that’s what you hope they do for you.

Watchtower @ 07/25/2013 at 5:14 pm

@E&N: The fact is, is that Maroon 5 is about to hit that lull in their music where they’ll have to take a break because of the public stuff he pulls, which unfortunately affects his fan base. Let’s take a moment to look, as fans, at his music. Songs About Jane was so strong without being immensely synthesized or popped out and it was incredibly raw and powerful.
Their next album drops and he comes out with the “bad boy” image and it’s a little more obviously geared towards sex.
Hands All Over drops and people kind of don’t care. They didn’t have as long of a break in between and they had sold out.
Then Overexposed drops. This one reeks of sex and is lacking that Maroony feeling. It’s so obviously rushed.
This is all a lot of Adam being involved. He needs to work on himself before he starts trying to be an “Artist” again.

@Watchtower: Agreed. I want to make out with every one of your posts. Please don’t stop. You made very good points. I’m not sure Adam has a lot of self-awareness. Or maybe his bigger problem is that he’s into self-denial.

“Adam just went MIA on Nina and stopped answering her calls,” the source tells Us. “He finally told her about Behati in a text message.”


This story just isn’t going to go away on Adam. Now he’s got two women squawking to the tabloids.

I hope that popcorn didn’t run out!

@Jenn: hey make it a ménage de trrois. Agree that he should just take break…. He is so messed up right now he can’t even tell left from right or a thing simpler than that.

@Jinx: I wonder how the view from his ass is because Adam’s head is shoved so far up it.

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 6:05 pm

@Watchtower: They have one more album to get moving on and it could be the last if Adam has his way. Look at all he’s doing that pulls him bit by bit from the band. A television show, a fragrance, a soon to arrive clothing line and a dip into the acting pool. It will only be time when his little PR chickadee Carleen Donovan launches a release that he is breaking out in a solo career. When does their member Jesse come back into the fold? Does he even want to?

@Watchtower: It’s not just that, but this (if they make it to it) 5th album is their last one under the label Octone Records. After that, they will be “free” to do whatever they want. So, would it hurt him (Adam) to leave now? Not at all. JMO

Adam is a nasty dirty SOB!!! I hope he gets everything coming his way. Karma needs to drag his ass. You don’t do people like that. It’s not right. And Behati smh….. no comment about this b¤tch


Random, but what is up with the IG of the dinosaur on behati’s IG? I don’t get it, but that is just me.

@Jenn and @ KSB. It’s sad to see how Adam is today. He did turn out t be douchey after all.

@Jinx: What do you mean? Has some more news come up?

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 6:49 pm

@Jinx: What happened today? Did he say something or did something else come out about him?

Behati is a
SlutASaures Rex. And @Shannon more details are coming out from the nina split

I’m enjoying the fall out from this more than I should be.

“Thursday, July 25, 2013
Adam Levine Had Sex With Nina Agdal 3 Days Before Getting Engaged To Behati Prinsloo

Just three days prior to Adam Levine proposing to Behati Prinsloo, he was having sex with Nina Agdal and also telling her that he loved her. Just two weeks earlier they had been out of the country on vacation together (above) and he had been telling her that he wanted to marry her. Apparently when he said the word her, he was not referring to Nina, but to Behati, who he asked to marry him. Adam is a real classy guy and I’m sure Behati will only get cheated on once or twice a month, because Adam will not want to press his luck too much. Adam is so classy that he broke the news of his engagement to Nina by text. It was probably right after they finished sexting.

Posted by ent lawyer at 6:30 AM”

Enty cracks me up.

that such a confusing post, so he was imagining B while with nina? what……

Holy shiz someone called adam a douche canoe lmfao

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 7:24 pm

I wonder what outlet will nibble on this? Also wonder where they sleuthed to get this information to begin with. What a bloody f**cking wanker

POPCORN STILL AVAILABLE! i’m here, just reading and laughing and just wanting to punch adam’s di ckk when i see them next month. a**f*****.

@lol: Please feel free to do that numerous times…. on behalf of quite a few of us…. I feel like not too many here would object..

you'llbelieveanything @ 07/25/2013 at 7:59 pm

You all believe this story because some bottom feeding tabloid published it? So did they got a hold of Adam’s sex diary to find out exactly when he fvcked Nina the last time? Nina’s PR reps must be laughing their asses off at how gullible you all are. You make their job so easy!
Adam has made a stupid mistake. Are you just dying to see him go down?
I, for one hope he gets his head on straight and recovers from this. He obviously needs help.

@Danielle: You got it! This is all gonna blow up in Adam’s face majorly. A good source told me Kimberly has left LA for the weekend. She’s not taking calls from him and Adam’s worried all the truth could come out. He’s trying to play nice, nice. You have Nina, Behati running mouths and now she could. Hers will make more of an impact to any already destroyed image. His family and friends are behind her. I know Perez Hilton knows all this he wouldn’t even do touch it now. There’s things I don’t like about their relationship for #1 she gets pissed, and throws tantrums at the voice if things don’t go Adam’s way. #2 he has been saying and doing things that contradicts himself #3 James, Mickey & Ali can’t stand her ass #4 She has tons of male companions which makes Adam uncomfortable #5 over the 4th of july they he hosted a party she walked around talking to people acting like it was her party. Seriously she did. #6 she had a job interview recently and basically gave her whole resume, and thru Adams name immediately. I could go on but I have things to do :) Oh one more thing shes been modeling a ring way before bee for everyone to see. It isnt cheap like bee’s.

GiveMeABreak @ 07/25/2013 at 8:02 pm

@ What ever happened to where’s the proof?? I few weeks ago people were posting that Nina wasn’t hooking up with Adam that there were other people with them in Cabo not his GF! So now everyone is feeling bad for her and Adam is a Douchecanoe?

Popcorn PLEASE!

@GiveMeABreak: Oh.. I don’t believe for a second he was with Nina at all… I think her PR has jumped on the bandwagon to keep her name out there and attached to his and is gleeful about the thought that she might garner some sympathy here… but I am feeling cynical these days.

@you’llbelieveanything: We all know it’s gossip. I have no doubt that Nina doesn’t really give a sh!t. But I’d be willing to bet that she saw all of the backlash and decided to take advantage by planting that story. After all, initially, Nina was “doing fine” after being dumped. Suddenly, it’s a new story.

Frankly, Adam’s been getting away with dumb sh!t for a while now. I don’t think he’s evil, but I think he plays a few too many games and now he’s getting burned. I have been sympathetic toward him for a long time, but this engagement thing takes the cake. It really does. He can’t go much worse from here on out. None of us wants to see anything horrible happen to him, but sometimes people need to hit rock bottom to rise up again.

Bee was bad news the first time around. Now she’s bad news the second time around. This is all Adam’s fault. It’s hard to continue feeling sorry for someone who finds every which way to screw up his life (and image) even more than it already is.

@Danielle: I don’t understand, Adam’s family is behind Behati or the other women. Because if they are behind Behati, they don’t really show their support.

wait danielle you know the other woman now? jesus this woman is everywhere!

i think she means theyre behind the “invisible woman” if theyre behind B they all need to get their heads examined… sorry..

I’ve always had the impression that Mickey doesn’t care much for Bee. Maybe I’m imagining that?

Yeah. I noticed that Danielle replied to herself and this time around sounded way more coherent . . . strange.

@lol: EXCELLENT. And I’m not picky about flavors. ;-)

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 8:27 pm

@you’llbelieveanything: I commented where this person saw this; I am quite aware that the link shown is from a blog. No matter though because even without made up scenarios it still is what it is; Adam proposed after less than a few days being with another woman. Bee clearly has self esteem issues. Does she not think she can find someone that values her and respects her? If she thinks this man respects her then she’s feeding into every hook he’s pushing off on her.

@Shannon H: Well, according to Bee fans, she can get away with being the other woman. And even though Adam treated her like sh!t and suddenly, “reappears” in her life, it’s not seen as pathetic. They see it as true love. If ANY other woman did the same thing, they would say horrible sh!t about her and talk behind her back. They’re hypocrites. Every one of Bee’s fans is a hypocrite. Nothing new here.

@Alison: I just noticed that Maroon 5 doesn’t even follow Bee. Is that not ironic, seeing that she is “so close” to them?

@Jenn: I was replying to @ksb. Sorry ladies I’ve had few glasses of wine. Adam’s life drives you to drink!!!

@Danielle: You post pretty coherently for having had a few glasses of wine. ;-)

@E&N: Quelle surprise. I wonder if they follow Anne. Many of the band members and their significant others follow Anne on her social media accounts. I guess that means that deeply despise her, right?

Nothing new to report. Just disappointed with Adam.

Remember when Adam Levine used to date cute girls like Becky Ginos? Seems like such a long time ago. I wish he’d concentrate more on his band & making music than letting his girlfriend use him for fame & photo opportunities.

@Danielle: On the same woman? It sounds like you two might be on the wrong site.

Sorry To Say @ 07/25/2013 at 8:41 pm

This is so clearly staged. It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

My post above is in response to questions about new news I have on Adam.

Where’s unknown?? I want to if we’re on the same woman.

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 8:49 pm

@E&N: That account is now used more so to promote concerts and the in the know things regarding Adam so I wouldn’t expect it to follow her.

I don’t feel sympathy for adam one bit. He got rid of behati and was moving along good. He cleaned up nice, now he’s back to looking like.
s hit. Back to hiding, Back to ignoring fans. That girl is going to be the death of him. And the loss of his career. Behati thinks she’s yoko ono, she needs to have a permanent seat. I don’t like how he did nina. I never liked him with her but she didn’t deserve that. An behati gets glorified with her down syndrome smile.

@KSB: I agree with no sympathy and I always enjoy your comments but I feel quite strongly that I have to pull you up on the ‘down syndrome smile’ comment. People with Down Syndrome are beautiful and in no way do they deserve to have that woman compared to them in any way.

I respect opinions, no love loss.

@KSB: I’m so happy Anne is out of this **** !! She deserve better than Adam.


I agree. To all those people who still keep wishing for them to get back.. I say I would rather have her turn lesbian or join a Monastery than get back with Mr.Douchetastic!

@so I agree I’m happy for her to

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 9:09 pm

@KSB: He was dogging out fans for quite some time now before the Bee came into his life however when you have nut jobs and psycho head cases slamming his account with tweets, what can be expected.

@kylie no love loss, I respect other’s opinions

@shannonH I’m guessing he didn’t like all the f me tweets the m5 tweens was sending out lol

Shannon H @ 07/25/2013 at 9:29 pm

@KSB: Bwah!!! Tweenies and women old enough to be his mother and of course psychotic bloggers names Zaira

Watchtower @ 07/25/2013 at 9:29 pm

I never was a Nina fan, not a Behati fan. The fact is is that Nina probably was heartbroken…heartbroken her fifteen minutes ended oh so soon. Behati is not private. In what universe is that girl private? Her fiancé didn’t even show up for her big fashion show last year, nor did he wish her luck or mention anything. He never mentioned her. He started filming “Love Somebody” in January and if he was so in love with her, he would have let her in on it. Not like any faces were shown during the video. I’ve never seen him wish her a happy birthday or publicly acknowledge her like he did with Anne all the time. Adam said he needed a vacation away from all of this. He shaved for tour, but not for being out with his girl (I am younger than her and honestly have more maturity in one eyelash). She’s cryptic and needy, but she’s young and controllable. Her PR sees it as a stellar move and his PR is probably hoping he’ll end it himself so there are no firings. The fact is, they’re about to be separated for quite some time. (Tour, The Voice, press for his movie, press for his clothing line) and she will either follow him everywhere and risk her contract (which VS can cut any time they want) or stay on the East Coast for work. I’m guessing she’ll have to move to LA if this lasts. He isn’t leaving California, although VS does virtually no editorial work in LA. Looks like Benasti has lost her contract.

Modelling assignments will come to a complete stoo in the month of August. Thats when all of them will go on their annual vacations. So she is covered for the next month.

Adam gets to have a personal doormat at his disposal. The point is what would happen after August, if they last that long.

Bee is the ultimate groupie. I’ll bet every guy in Adam’s crew has had his way with her. I can see being fine with that too. She’s dirty.

@Watchtower: I enjoy reading your posts. You pay attention to the important details.

You mentioned meeting Adam. Did you meet him at a concert? The Voice? Or one of his events? I agreed that he seems kind of shallow, but I think he’s insecure about the fact that he’s not overwhelmingly intelligent.

Out of all the models that Adam has dated or hooked up with, Bee needs him the most. The rest of the models are always working, always making money, and have their own lives. Bee just chases guys around.

well ok fine so we know how B is benefiting from this chaos (PR!) but what the heck does this moron get out of it? and now the nina story is being shipped around… and i still wanna knw about these 2 women unknown and danielle are talking about, is it the same one??

so danielles “woman” doesnt exist? or she did but shes in the past?

Danielle’s story seems familiar to me, except change out the name “Kimberly” and insert “Anne” instead. The same complaints were raised about Anne. That she used Adam to get jobs, that his friends hated her, and that she acted like the parties were hers.

wait thats weird, why did my post go before yours? i was responding to you…

@Jenn: I remember some people saying that about Anne. I think for a girl who “used to Adam”, she really remained silent after their separation. Unlike other, she has not spent her time in LA to hang out with his friends and then post the photos on IG. I have more respect for Anne that I would never have for Bee or Nina.

@So: I have to agree with you. I don’t pay close attention to Nina (her modeling doesn’t interest me), I’ll give her a bit of a pass. She’s still pretty young. But Bee really should know better. She plays high school games. Anne has always been dignified with regard to her breakup with Adam. She could have smeared his name badly in the media (because he cheated with Bee), but she took the high road. I admire that about her.

I really wish Behati would stop throwing the gang signs around in her pictures and videos. Otherwise a gang member might bust a cap in her ass.

Watchtower @ 07/25/2013 at 10:47 pm

@Jenn: Thank you very much!
And yeah, I met him. It’s nothing fanficy, just cool. I went by myself to the concert and took my time leaving the venue because traffic was freaking horrible. Little tweenie girls were milling around the buses to catch a picture and I bumped into him. He asked if I had a good time and we talked for a second about how cool Nashville was. Considering he and Behati had just broken up, he didn’t seem to bothered. He didn’t even check out his phone or interrupt conversation to talk to any of the fans that were screaming for him. He’s a polite guy, down to Earth, so this whole engagement seems very out of character for him. His life has been turned so upside down. His girlfriend left him, he hooked up with a stalker, his dog died, lost The Voice again he got with a girl that’s like two months older than me so I can’t really call her a baby but I have heard she is a huge *****, and end up engaged to the same stalker.
His management is pushing him so hard to be more family oriented. He’s stopped cursing on The Voice pretty much, he’s trying to be more mature, and this is a guaranteed high (mostly from how much coke and pot Bee brings around).
Nobody is saying he’ll end up with a regular girl, and nobody is saying they wish the worst on him. They are saying he hasn’t found the right one and I truly hope he does find it in the right, self respecting, classy human being.

Anne is classy. Unlike these two children. Even after his camp sent out blindsided quotes to the Press, she remained silent. She has never spoken out about the split, unlike Adam.

She never angled for sympathy. Unlike nina with her publicist releasing statements every day or Behati with her passive aggressive attempts to gain sympathy using photos and quotes after that breakup.

watchtower you explained it well enough, this is a mental breakdown, and “family oriented” he said on oprah hes not rushed to marry so this is way out of the woodwork…

Watchtower @ 07/25/2013 at 11:05 pm

@huhhhh: He’s made a couple of people look like fools by doing this. Oprah asked him and he said he wasn’t ready, Anderson asked him who slept in his bed and he said his dog, Ellen asked and he just shrugged and tossed the card, US Weekly had the exclusive on him and Nina and he kind of flipped them off too. If you want privacy, fine, we can dig that. How do all the A-list actors keep their life private? They release it on their terms and time. Brad Pitt grabs Angelina’s hand and shows off the rock, Johnny Depp says what he needs to when he wants to about his relationship without help from PR, George Clooney breaks up with a girl and kind of rolls his eyes at the questions. They have the balls to be the best, and he is a good guy, but he’s broken marriages and hearts before. Time will tell who the real woman is to knock him off his pedestal and not take his crap while saying she doesn’t care about his fame.
Love is being proud of who you’re with, not running from showing it.

@Watchtower: You’re very welcome! And I agree, again, what what you said. Interesting meeting story. Yeah, I definitely don’t think that Adam is an evil guy, but it seems like he’s learning a horrible lesson right now about wanting additional exposure, but the wrong kind.

In April and May, Adam was giving interviews about how he was skeptical of marriage. I do think that there is pressure for Adam to appear more family-oriented and maybe right now, Bee is the only woman willing to act that part for however long. Adam has a lot of baggage, so I’m sure that even if a woman (unlike Bee) fell in love with him, she’d have a lot to deal with because he has some issues.

I agree that Bee isn’t the one for him. I could always tell that she wasn’t in the relationship because she was in love with him. And I could tell he wasn’t really digging her either. I think she is in love with is fame. There isn’t a damn private thing about her.

What I would love is to find out that Adam’s friends/crew/and their significant others had been keeping tabs on Bee’s social media accounts with her passive aggressive pictures and quotes directed at Adam and telling Adam about what she said. That would be hilarious if Adam decided to get even and embarrass her even worse this time around so that she’d finally leave him alone.

Yeah, that wouldn’t be nice. But she hasn’t exactly been a saint either.

Watchtower- I find it difficult to believe that you and Nina are the same age. You’re way too mature.

And yes, I was Jessi. Sue me. :-P

@Watchtower: You are far too wise and rational to be commenting on this site.. thank you for your insightful comments

adam is in a big mess now. this makes me sad. :(

@Watchtower: I want to make sweet love with all of your posts. Seriously, I do.

wait us weekly had an exclusive with him and nina? well so much for that! idk what to think of this, its annoying and making him look worse not good,and i agree i i dont see pressure for him to look family oriented everyone whos a fan of his knows what he thinks of marriage also only 4 friends(kelly clarkson, carson jesse and blake) acknowledging by joking about this says a lot too, right?

A few pages back someone made the statement that someone on IG told Behati to STOP. Who was that person and what did she do to get that splattered on IG?

We all want to see what he does or what he says but he will remain silent; that is until he gets before live television. Blake will tease him about settling down and his PR people will have a field day in quickly generating something to be plastered on the Internet and rags. Way back ions ago he was the very person that laughed at his other celebrity peers for doing anything for attention saying he would never be the one to act that way. He too said that celebrities that get p*ssed at the paparazzi should suck it up and know that this is part of being famous. Come to 2013 and he is acting as those who he made fun of. He can’t want to be an A-lister and go into the cave of seclusion. Take your lumps and deal with what you paid these people to create which now seems to be a total mess of your reputation, Adam.

why a lot of ppl tryin to say about Adam so baaad, because everyone love him and everyone hoping that he marry with good one…not a bitc-h girls models who he dated :p

@Shannon H:
Whitney Wagner. Travis’ girlfriend. Under her private IG name, IIRC. She also posted a quote about how if you really love someone, then you need to let that person go.

@ Watch tower

I echo the sentiments of so many here. You are too rational to be posting here. I do hope you keep posting them.

This is an interview that Behati did recently.

She pretends very hard to maintain that ” we are very private” facade, which the Bee stans are lapping it up. And using it to point fingers at ex girlfriends who never did.

Really? After having already told us it was on bended knee, and that it was old school, and that he called her parents, it was a vintage ring he picked out. Now all of this was not fabricated by some tabloid, she said it herself. Why does she suddenly feel the need to go all private.

It was never about privacy. I do not think they expected the kind of backlash this sudden sham engagement would bring on. The Nina thing has snowballed into a huge PR disaster . It would be interesting to see how they extricate themselves out of this mess.

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 12:00 am

Jenn- haha thank you! I actually turned twenty one at the end of June.

For someone so hellbent on making everyone realize he is normal, he did a very abnormal thing. I mean, if he hates the paparazzi, why make them follow you? It seems irrational and poorly thought out. This is a girl, the end all, and you can’t say anything about it. You can’t show your support and love for the one girl that caught your eye in a way to show the millions of fans you have and let it be known that she’s cool to hang? Adam needs a vacation. Not one surrounded by models, but with people that will give it to him straight.

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 12:29 am

Thank you all!
And, did anyone catch Behati at last years VSFS? She all but threw it in Anne’s face, “Oh, we love dating.” Talking about her and Erin Heatherton.

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 12:37 am

@VS Devil: thank you very much. I think I must say something on this mess of an interview.
First and foremost, Behati is not a supermodel. She hasn’t landed any contracts and she doesn’t walk in shows othe than BS an that is because she is contractually obligated to. VS only has three supermodels, and none are named Behati.
Second, see how she holds the ring. So careful to make a passive aggressive attempt to look at it.
Third, jump right into VS. Promotion is more important than anything, right?
Fourth, there is no privacy because this is a case of reckless BS.

@watch tower

The term supermodel is thrown about too casually these days . Behati isnt one by any stretch of imagination. There are other VS models who do high fashion campaigns too. Like Doutzen and ADriana did Miu Miu recently. I cant recall the last time Behati walked a runway for a show other than VS. Let alone bag prestigious campaigns.

We have always maintained that Adam and Bee are anything but private. Private couples do not let family members and friends actively engage stans by posting suggestive pictures. Cough ” private thanksgiving pictures” cough. …

And get set for more promotion.

She is part of a VS meet and greet event in NYC on Tuesday. More painful interviews to follow.

Shannon H @ 07/26/2013 at 2:04 am

@VS Devil: That girl is as about as private as a private investigator. It took Adam all but three days or possibly four to find a ring and propose to her after his Cabo trip with Nina. Nina and he may not have dated at all but you know he had a piece of her while there. What’s skivvy is how he got on bended knee less than a week to pop the question to his insecure yet groupish girl.

Shannon H @ 07/26/2013 at 2:08 am

@Watchtower: What occurred at the VSFS? The only thing that stuck out to me and I didn’t watch it was how Adam wasn’t even there for it. I heard he was at both shows when dating Anne making it a point to support and be there, but made sure he was busy when it came to Miss Bee. I also read on here in the past that Adam was huge supporter of anything that Anne did work wise sending out a tweet here or there with support but not one shout out to Bee? Oh but wait that would mean he would be breaking his privacy by showing others what he feels about her am I right?

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 2:50 am

@Shannon H: they had a segment about love in their life and Behati and Erin (when Erin was with Leo was when it was taped), and Behati started laughing very obnoxiously and said, “Dating…oh we love dating.”
With Anne, he came out so honestly and sincerely. He supported her for everything, yet Behati lands the biggest fragrance campaign in VS history and not a word. I’ve been on the VS website since then and I’ve seen nothing about this magical fragrance. Lets face real facts here:
Last year, three of the angels were pregnant (Miranda, Adriana, and Alessandra) so they obviously had to go bottom of the barrel to use Behati.
Last year’s VSFS was taped not only on a Wednesday, but while knock out rounds were going on. He did not show up, shout out, but he still mentions performing at the 2011 VSFS on his Shop Your Way page.
The IG photos of her with Blake and Miranda make her look like she’s just photobombing.
Gene hasn’t said anything about it, and I imagine he’s incurring the wrath of his model girlfriend about why Adam dumped her friend.
Everyone has made such a joke out of it that the only person trying to look serious is Behati. Doesn’t that say something? Doesn’t it say something when not many people have anything to say but a very sarcastic, mostly disrespectful joke?
Nothing would be said if he found the right girl.

@Watch tower

Will you marry me? No… seriously… Will you marry me?

Wonder why very few fans on Twitter are able to see what we are able to? They seem intent on projecting this as the Reunion romance of the Century. No one seems bothered that he would even promote a friends acting debut but not his fiancee’s fragrance.

I dont understand how a supportive tweet would mean breach of Privacy. After all, it isnt a secret girlfriend that he would reveal by tweeting . Even the animals in Africa have been informed of the impending “wedding of the Century”. This girl has done umpteen interviews over the last week and shown off her ring from all angles. Who are they trying to fool?

Lmao the animals in africa

“he would even promote a friends acting debut” no that what he wanted to say he is “acting” engagement….telling to someone who….hmmm

@VS Devil: Who’s tweet was that under?

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 1:38 pm

@E&N: It was a tweet from Rick Ross that Adam retweeted.

First, @LOL Please pass some of that popcorn! Also, I almost choked to death laughing at your last post regarding punching Adam.

Second, is everyone missing what I’m seeing? Only People said that his rep reported the engagement. Every other site says when they spoke to his rep to confirm, the rep refused to comment stating they do not speak on Adam’s personal life.

Third, In the interveiw where Bee received the flowers and successfully used this news to promote the new fragrance, he said he knows Adam very well. If all these people speaking to Bee about the engagement know Adam so well then why are they asking how it went down and how happy is Adam? Why the hell do they not just ask Adam?

Fourth, if they are celebrating with family and friends, why are they not celebrating together? She’s currently in NYC and he is currently in LA.

Finally, Watchtower, I LOVE you!!!!!!!! I thought I was the only one that mature at 21. Please don’t grow up and lose that good head you have on your shoulders!

PS: Adam, if you’re reading this, as I know you have a tendency to go searching for yourself on the net then post the links on twitter, please shave! PLEASE????? I love you but you look like the mountain man!

I agree , that makes sense, why go to a source when you can go to levine himself.

Shannon H @ 07/26/2013 at 3:05 pm

in the current US Weekly it says Adam’s friends are dumbfounded by the news because they were sure and certain they broke up. That could be thr reason no outright congratulations from them.

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 3:06 pm

So I received my VS catalog today and flipped through it. It’s all about the new Body by Victoria line and guess who is magically heading it? Behati. This is a girl that practically wrecked their Valentine’s Day shoot because she looked like such a hot mess. And what do I see smack Dan in the middle of the mag? The new fragrance. Anybody who knows anything about photography knows that those pictures take weeks to edit, as do the catalogs. That new fragrance isn’t so new if the catalog took them a good month to finish. She’s even in all the clothing. She’ll get the Bridal campaign too because only engaged angels can get it. It’s an excellent marketing ploy. This is a girl that still can’t make it out of PINK. That’s not an angel. Barbara Palvin has pretty much shown her up by not only taking over the lingerie, but taking a seat with the bombshells (originally run by Adriana). From what I’ve seen, Adriana’s new shots are going to blow everyone out of the water.
Behati has one leg to stand on, and that is her big mouth. It’s also her double edged sword. Adam is soon to be doing press for his movie, clothes, and The Voice. If he brushes those questions off like it’s whatever, we’ll know. Silence can only go so far when you’re a celebrity.
Maybe, and it’s a massive maybe, Adam got sick of being asked about marriage and Behati really needed the work. So they decide to get engaged so they can have the best of both worlds. Adam can go on tour and cheat all he wants while Behati makes her paper back home.
Adam finally shaved. For tour. The stage is sick in a good way, but this is going to be a telling time.

you'llbelieveanything @ 07/26/2013 at 4:29 pm

How do you know he shaved? Is there a photo?

Watchtower @ 07/26/2013 at 4:45 pm

@you’llbelieveanything: Yes. The Maroon 5 FB page has a picture of their final rehearsal for the HC tour. If you look in the middle you can clearly see Adam with a smooth face.

just because theyre “dumbfounded” doesnt mean they cant say congrats, how did people mag only get the rep’s confirmation? isnt that weird? watchtower u make a good point , thats prob what it is, for ppl to get off adms back about marriage and bp to get work but then if it were to fall apart how dumb will he look??

I have nothing of substance to add at the moment, but I’m loving the increased number of levelheaded fans who’ve been posting on JJ. You’re all the biggest reasons I returned to posting here. Please, don’t leave.

i dont even think he went on “bended knee”, sorry but that sounds like part of the story to me, you know like calling her parents? whom nvr met him??? who wanted to punch him in the face? ill join u!!!! maybe he’ll get some sense that way…..

I am, however, enjoying the fact that when you Google the “Adam and Behati engagement,” the Nina text breakup is the first story to pop up.

Adam doesn’t have to worry about Anne “stealing his thunder” again. Nina took care of that herself and in the best/worst possible. I actually think it’s hilarious.

@huhhhh: Definitely not. I don’t see nontraditional Adam becoming traditional, if and when he decides to actually marry. The “on bended knee” part sounds like it was ripped from a romcom or romance novel storyline and that doesn’t seem much like Adam.


Please I don’t believe it at all and I also don’t believe he called her parents. Now she may have called them after the deal between the 2 was struck but I don’t believe he initiated the call. Oh and I was totally right about the ring I posted being Behati’s it is now gone from the jeweler’s website. I am sorry but you don’t see many top celebrities proposing to the love’s of their lives with a 2 carat $14,000 ring that doesn’t even fit. This whole thing was rushed for some reason though I am not sure what it is. But didn’t her stories change during different interviews??

oh my goodness, i go away for a bit and come back to these normal posts. watchtower, lets be friends. jenn, you too.
i’ll be more than happy to punch adam multiple times next week for those that want me to. ;) (jokingly, of course! knock some senses in his as s)

@Cheri: popcorn passed.

I bet if some of the friends knew what he was up to they would have stopped him

Detective Work @ 07/26/2013 at 9:14 pm

Did anyone else hear about an engagement party last night?
IG @dankeyes
Check the likes on these pics.

Detective Work @ 07/26/2013 at 9:22 pm

Check @kevinbing66

@Detective Work: I’m surprised that Travis and Ali didn’t post pictures to show how everyone is so happy !!

welll idk i saw the pic and the one of him and mick, idk they could just be messing, i mean idk what to think anymore to be honest let him ruin his life with her, she commented on one of the pics too elchhh maybe its a decoy party…?

Here’s a link to that piece on Adam/Bee engagement. No cover story. No 2-page spread, but of course, Bee’s side does all the talking.

@HMMMMM: Very little information in Bee’s interviews seemed consistent. No surprise there though.

@Detective Work: I can’t see who likes the picture, can you give some names ?

ok someone has to explain the pic from the kevingbing acct, are they really having a engagement party?? whaaaaaa….?

@huhhhh: The question is was Adam was invited ? lol.

Detective Work @ 07/26/2013 at 10:39 pm

@So: @So: the ones that interest me are Sam and Steph Farrar.

sam didnt have anything significant …. ?

ohhhhhhhh nvm… they can just live the photos..? would that mean something?

@huhhhh: I think you might be being played.

@E&N: I noticed that too. No ring.

It’s not an engagement party, people. Just her hanging out with the band members…none of the pics have Adam in them.

I don’t see any photos from a party? Unless they’ve already been deleted..

AND…if you notice in her IG pic, there is no ring on her finger.

Notconvinced @ 07/26/2013 at 10:57 pm

@e&n. Hanging out in suits? And the guy said it was Adam Levine’s engagement party. Why do you try to interpret that otherwise? It seems pretty self evident.

kevin bing 66 but the photo was from last night, and theres only one pic with mick sooooooo….. i think we’re being played with this dumbass!!!

@huhhhh: I think we are, too! It just doesn’t add up…all of it is total and complete bull crap.

I don’t see any engagement pictures. And I don’t even see Bee wearing a ring. Bee and Ali are almost scissoring in that one picture. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say those two are lesbians or, at the least, bi.

I think this is one BIG ploy to mess with the media on what they will believe. I don’t think it has anything to do with Adam’s fans, either, just the media and that they will believe anything is true.

Detective Work @ 07/26/2013 at 11:13 pm

Another party pic?

Travis & Milo are among the likers on that one.
This engagement seems super fishy. Trying to get to the bottom of it all.

Where is @unknow ?

Of all people, you’d think Michael would post a picture of his brother’s engagement party.

engagement party? really? noooo!!! someone who knows Adam (i.e. @unknown or someone else who knows him) please step in and fill us in on the latest!

Kind of interesting that the only people that have posted about it, are the ones that were still hanging out with Bee post-breakup.

@Kay: Interesting, isn’t it? And Mickey and the Kevin guy weren’t responding to Bee either. Only Ali wastes time posting pictures of Bee.

well why did the kevin guy say adams engagement party?

@Notconvinced: I took a gander at the pictures and no words on replies saying engagement party unless I missed it. I think Ali has a thing for Bee.

@Shannon H: Ali has posted a picture of a half-clothed Bee in her (Ali’s) bed. So yeah, something is up with that. Ali seems to have a lot of free time to post personal pictures of Bee probably more than anything else. Kind of interesting.

Notconvinced @ 07/27/2013 at 12:07 am

Maybe @kevinbing66 was just kidding when he said it was Adams engagement party. But why?

@huhhhh: ThatLangley Fox picture is from a photoshoot. It’s staged, people.

I did a bit more sleuthing and I saw that Kevin guy say it. Adam must have made all of his friends sign some sort of agreement to never put his picture on any one of their IG accounts because for someone that is having an engagement party you would think that the couple who are getting married somewhere down the line would take a picture together. You never see Adam in any pictures with Bee unless they are pictures from the press or from his brother who has been MIA ever since this news came out. All the love in the world wouldn’t make me hide from being captured together, For someone as attention seeking as Bee you’d think she’d relish in showing off her man. Adam and Anne never shies away from taking pictures together from what I’ve seen from others postings, etc I also am not buying that whole wanting to be private they keep hocking. If you love someone you’d be showing off left and right especially rubbing it in the faces of doubters.

ok but if its staged then why did kevin say engagement, thats the only piece missing now.. its a joke? messing with ppl?

@Jenn: How do you know ?

And why is it all the jjamz crowd…. what happened to his friends?

@vs devil:

The only thing I can think of is, those are the only ones that support this therefore they threw the party for them? Everyone else probably refused to go. lol

Detective work seems determined to make us believe it was an engagement party. Hmmmm wonder why? Not buying it at all.

Detective Work @ 07/27/2013 at 12:56 am

@vs devil: Uh, I don’t think so. I’m not the hairstylist who posted the picture and wrote the comment. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Looking for clues.

There are some people on here who keep going back and covering the same territory over and over. Kinda sick of that. I’m looking for something we’ve missed.

Given how much Adam’s fans (a bulk) of them read into every little thing anyone who knows him says, I wouldn’t put it past any of them to stoke the fires a bit. Look at a few people freaking out over a random guy who referred to that party as Adam’s engagement party. I guess he forgot about the Bee aspect of that equation. And no one else associated with Adam has called anything an engagement party. In fact, that guy who said that doesn’t appear to be a friend of Adam’s.

I haven’t seen any public congratulations or mentions about this from any of those closest to Adam like his mother, his father, his siblings (especially Michael), Gene (his roommate), Jonah Hill, Sharon Feldstein, Mailbox, or even Jake Gyllenhaal. Kind of interesting because every one of the people I just mentioned knows Adam the best. They tweet at Adam and about Adam at other times. Surely, they’d tweet something about an engagement, especially his parents. Adam is his parents eldest and only straight son. I highly doubt they’d miss an opportunity to publicly declare how happy he is by settling down.

I didn’t include his bandmates because I don’t believe that Adam is as close to them as some people like to think he is. I believe he’s said a few times that he hardly sees his bandmates. I believe it.

All of the chitchat about this engagement is coming from Bee and those affiliated with Bee. Like that US Weekly piece, I’m sure Bee or her manager is the source of the bullsh!t quotes in it. You’d think they’d shoot for putting engagement news in a more reputable publication. This is engagement news not news about a trip to rehab.

Adam dumped Bee. He messed around with other women while they were together and after they broke up. He was with other models. Suddenly he has a change of heart a week after he’s in Las Vegas with another model and realizes that Bee is his true love?

If I were Bee, I’d think “My ex-boyfriend only took me to one real event. He’s got a reputation for being a cheater, even though I was the ‘other woman.’ He quickly bought me a ring that doesn’t fit. He’s never met my parents. And he’s forced all of his friends to keep quiet about our engagement. I can’t be pictured with him and the only time I can talk about our great love is to promote the crappy fragrance from the sh!tty ass lingerie company that I model for. Meanwhile, he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. YEAH. I can’t wait to marry him! I’m so lucky!”

Because constantly being some guy’s afterthought sounds like the best start to an engagement.

And I know that lying wh0rebag Zaira reads these posts and their comments. I expect her to give me more fame by “responding” to what I said in her next long-winded blog posts. You all might want to start asking questions about her. I don’t believe she’s engaged. I don’t believe anything about her. Where’s her proof? She can discuss other people’s personal life on social media and on her blog, but she won’t discuss her own life? Sorry, but your social media account is for you to talk about you. No pictures of this mysterious husband (who doesn’t exist) and no real pictures of her. Just Photoshopped pictures where it looks as if she’s borrowed Barbara Walters’ Vaseline to smear all over her camera lens. If she keeps lying, she’s going to turn into a pile of sh!t.

@Jenn: I woud kiss you if i knew you

the only piece we need to figure out is the stylists comment unless the guy told him a joke and he ran with it for exposure…?

@Detective Work: Yeah. You’re doing a bang up job on your “detective work.” Good luck with that.

Detective Work @ 07/27/2013 at 1:06 am

Yeah, just like that. ^

@So: Thanks, but you should really save your praise for the all-knowing Detective Work who has figured the whole thing out.

Detective Work @ 07/27/2013 at 1:13 am

@Jenn: All I did was throw in a piece of the puzzle that I noticed. Why so hostle? You got it all figured out? This whole thing is totally effing strange. I’d love to know what’s going on.

Shannon H @ 07/27/2013 at 1:51 am

@Detective Work: I do not think we should be tearing what Detective Work said apart. I saw the IG post from Kevin and it did say in his own words Adam Levine’s engagement party so clearly there was one. What we should be sleuthing about is why there are no pictures of Sam Ferrar (is that the spelling of his name and his wife, the roommate Adam has and anyone else who are close to Adam. If you read the photobucket copy of the article from US Weekly that someone shared here you will see in print how his close friends were left dumbfounded by Adam’s proposal. If you also notice it’s the younger group of people that are doing the congratulating which are clearly friends of Bee. Isn’t Ali close to the same age or if not younger than Bee? Isn’t Mickey who is also in the band with someone young too? We also should be sleuthing as to why little brother isn’t jumping up and down on the news. I swear Adam told every single person he knows to keep their mouth shut and to not post anything at all. This Shawn isn’t he close with Adam? No words from him?

Shannon H @ 07/27/2013 at 1:58 am

Detective Work I didn’t mean to link your reply in what I wrote. I glitched in my reply.

ok well why all the silence? is he hiding something ?

Shannon H @ 07/27/2013 at 2:08 am

Add this possible crazy on the list that is feeding into Z’s bulls**t as if she is the guru of Bee and Adam’s love life. She looks like a stalker in the making . The name of this stan is angelAmyV on Twitter.

If it was an engagement party, then why didn’t anyone else call it an engagement party? Why no pictures of the fiances? I highly doubt Adam forced his friends to keep quiet. They tend to be subtle and passive aggressive in their posts and tweets.

exactly and a hair stylist called it that not the guy in the pic himself but then bp commented on the pic with him and mick soooooo…

I don’t understand why this one random person’s remark is being considered gospel… that exact same photo appears on the other guys IG with no mention of an engagement party, the same guy later photographed with Mickey… why wouldn’t it have been mentioned on both photos? If one was asked not to mention the event you have to believe he would have mentioned it to the other and asked that nothing be said, or had the caption removed later.

There has been exactly one mention of an engagement party, from a random hairdresser doing the hair of someone who isn’t even a well known associate of Adam’s… it makes no sense to me that it has garnered any attention whatsoever

Also… Adam might be able to tell the people on his payroll not to say anything (although if this is a true engagement that he is “excited” about then I don’t understand why he would) but I doubt very much he wields that much power over anyone else. If other people, well known people, in his life believed this, or were in any way happy for him, you know they would have offered public congratulations.

Bee might have replied to that but did any of them respond back?

Like their previous attempt at a relationship, this is the Engagement of Shame.

I think the solution to this mystery is simple, there was a party with Bee and her friends. But Adam, his family and close friends were not there.

They probably celebrating the fact that Bee is exposed in the media and her contract with VS is renewed thanks to Adam.

@So: See. Your theory is a plausible one.

I don’t see Adam forcing his friends to keep quiet about this engagement when he made a public announcement about it to People magazine. Once
Adam made that announcement, he automatically invited the public in to critique it. He had already let the cat out of the bag.

I was joking, but more I think of it more I say to myself that it is possible. Everything is possible with this nutcase. They preferred to call that an engagement party rather than “the winning harassment party”

The only happy ones I see are Ali and Bee. Maybe its THEIR engagement party. Sssshhh…. thats the secret.

No-one special @ 07/27/2013 at 3:48 am

I don’t have an axe to grind, I really have no opinion on Adam’s fiancée of choice, but as a long time fan of his, I have to say this is totally out of character for him.

I have been a fan of Maroon 5 since 2003, seen them in concert too many times to count and met Adam numerous times over the years. I’ve also seen the girlfriends come and go. Kelly McKee, Becky Ginos, Anne V et al, I’ve been there.

Engaged to Behati Prinsloo? I don’t get it at all, and I’m sure other long time fans of Adam/Maroon 5 don’t get it either. Nothing about this makes any sense. It’s not him, it’s not something the old Adam would do. Eventually maybe, spontaneously? Definitely not.

He’s changed beyond recognition over the past year, although if I’m honest, he changed as soon as The Voice took over his life as well as Maroon 5′s career. He no longer has time for the fans that made him his fortune, sad but true. His bandmates, however, remain the sweetest guys. They keep it real. Mr Levine definitely believes his own hype.

Overexposed? Oh the irony.

Patricia Can"t Believe It @ 07/27/2013 at 5:37 am

Just took a look at Behati’s IG pic of her and her friend Ali. Behati – I find, I keep and I put my legs around it. Yeah, so we have noticed. No class at all. This whole relationship looks more like a sinking ship. Adam is cute and all but there are better men and better bands. He was way hotter to me when he wasn’t using the VS catalog as a menu and tried to rise above the rep of being another male bimbo musician. But, one step forward and fifteen dumb steps back with this guy. Five years from now when this train wreck ends in divorce and they are both bitter they will both just be mom and dad to a few kids with nothing left to say to each other except remember the good times?

Isn’t dankeyes associated with Bee’s fashion entourage? So the hairdresser would also be from her camp. Not sure what to make of the Mickey and dankeyes picture. Hairdresser posted pic on Thursday, which means that event pic was taken was on Thursday night even if dankeyes posted it the day after. Maybe it’s a tour kick off event? I give up on this one. He’ll never grow up and will continue to play games. This newfound popularity has changed him a lot. Can’t wait until he cheats on her and it becomes public .

Behati hangs around with people in Mickey & James’ circle of friends. The young hipster crowd. Dan Keyes is a close friend of Mickey’s. She was at Coachella with these people. Interesting.

Dan Keyes is a small time musician. Hangs around with Mickey Madden and JJAMZ crowd. Remember him from those passive agressive photos Bee used to post around Feb/March. Another Travis, the types of whom Bee seems to attract.

@Shannon H:

She will be so happy that you mentioned her because I know she reads here. That image of the ring was one I posted back a few days ago.

It’s true Adam had a party at his place Thursday night. Engagement party? You could call it that if all your friends and family were there. Very selective. Adams seeking attention of someone else while shes out of town. Anything she does hes trying to outdo. Hes really a child seeking attention. I know Behati will read is, of course this will be too much for her brain to comprehend. Behati, sweetie you’re no one special. Hes pining for someone else and using you in the process. Ya know the old saying be careful what you wish for you might get it. What you did to Anne the karma is coming your way. Just saying.

BTW the interviews Behati did about the engagement. Not one was arranged by Adams PR.

@Unknown: So his family and close friends were not there ? As ShannonH says “do you think Adam told every single person he knows to keep their mouth shut and to not post anything at all” because this silence is very weird !!

who is he pining for? anne?? mystery woman jess, kim?? here we go again with the other woman…

Yeah, see. I don’t care how remotely involved that hairdresser guy is. There was no way that party was an actual engagement party. That doesn’t even make sense and that people were getting in a tizzy about it made even less sense.

The people associated with Adam know all about his fans and how they follow EVERYTHING. Some fans can’t help but troll all of those people’s accounts and then upset when they see anything that references Adam in some way. Adam’s friends, crew, associates know what they’re doing when they post sh!t, yet so many fans take the bait! I don’t get this at all. I hardly look at Bee’s IG, unless I’m having a bad day and want to laugh at how stupid she really is.

And yeah, I think Bee is being used. But she’s also using Adam (like Nina) to keep herself relevant. I think that Adam is past the point of caring whether models use his name for their press.


True who the f!uck wears jean shorts and a tank to their engagement party?? But then we all know how classy Bee is (so need an eye roll icon). Didn’t really think that Adam hung out with that JAMMZ crowd but Bee does so it was a party for her and her friends?

Detective Work @ 07/27/2013 at 2:19 pm

So, there was a party on Thursday night. Mostly the friends that can stomach Bee were there. We don’t know if Adam was there. It does look like Sam and Step might have been there, as it appears to be Steph laughing at Ali licking Bee. Gross!

Either 4 or 6 people went to Cinco last night. Savannah, one of Adam’s dearest friend’s commented on that pic on Bee’s IG. Didn’t say congrats on your engagement, but still, “real” friends are interacting with Bee publically. We of course don’t know what’s happening privately. Would they do that if this were a giant, nasty PR mess for Adam?

It’s still so odd that there’s nothing “official” from M5, Adam or his camp.

Watchtower @ 07/27/2013 at 2:29 pm

If Adam really is leaving M5, why would he need to hang out with Mickey and James? A huge part of something I notice from each guy of the band is that they promote their own stuff more than M5. And if it was an engagement party, why wouldn’t Michael or Adam’s little cousin, that still hangs with Bee apparently, post anything? Surely they’re still counted as family.

@Watchtower: There is no proof that that was at Adam’s house and none of the pics have Adam in them. I also think, and I am only saying this bc you posted about Adam leaving the band, but I think that Jesse C. had something interesting posted earlier today on his twitter (and no I don’t stalk their twitter accts. I noticed his post on my home page when I opened mine this morning), but he posted about a “reunion of Maroon 5 in 2049″…Interesting

@E&N: actually Jesse didn’t say anything about a reunion. He said “tix on sale soon… Maroon 5…. Jones beach… Summer of 2049″ there was a link to a story on Mick Jagger and other musicians being around 70 years old. Which is what the majority of Maroon 5 will be around that time.

blah blah @ 07/27/2013 at 5:26 pm

Shawn Fitch is one of the hairdressers on The Voice. He’s done Adam’s hair for a while. He’s not part of Bee’s group

@blah blah: Why do you talk about Shaw Finch ?He is not the hairdresser we are talking about.

Yeah. We’re not talking about Shawn Finch. But this hairdresser is getting way too much attention for something he said that is actually very innocuous.

Shannon H @ 07/27/2013 at 8:47 pm

@blah blah: Shawn Fitch isn’t the one that was commenting of it being Adam’s party. Mickey and James are dating very young girls and they all gravitate to Bee because they have that immaturity level going for them. That whole picture of Bee and Ali just screams immaturity and attention seeking. You already have 34 year old men trying to stay young and Adam is in that bracket. All of those people are friends to Bee and Micky, et. al. I still go with the gut that this wanker knocked her up.

I can’t wait for photos and videos to start surfacing from the TCAs. I wonder if anyone had the stones to ask Adam about his engagement. I’ve heard that he looked like a dirty hobo during it. Seems like he just stopped caring.

Adam seems to have left a bad impression on the media members who attended the TCAs Voice panel. It didn’t seem like any of the four stars were happy to be there though.

i feel like if that was the case shannon they would have announced it with the engagement, im going with this is some pr crappy stunt or a cover up of some kind or a strange impulse move…

@huhhhh: Yeah. Bee’s a little too anorexic to get pregnant right now.

Also I feel like Adam was with someone else before jumping back onboard with Bee. I kind of feel like he wasn’t ******** her before this annoucement was made. I might be wrong. And I might sound crazy, but I’m not buying the pregnancy angle at all. I know what I mean, but cannot put it into proper words right now.

@Kay: So basically… back to the awful Adam we saw on the first go around with Bee…

@Jenn: Yes… the exact same photo…

Didn’t Milo have the same Cinco receipt photo as Bee on his IG last night? If he did, then he took it down.

Here’s a photo from the TCAs

He really needs to get that think off his face. And that shirt needs to go.

@Elli: Thanks, Elli. And yikes.

Shannon H @ 07/27/2013 at 9:13 pm

@huhhhh: Not necessarily. Usually that type of news of pregnancies are shot down right away primarily to make sure that the pregnancy took. I’ve read how quite a few female celebrities shoot down pregnancy news right off not wanting it to be a false alarm and wanting to hit that particular trimester. I just hope that little schemer didn’t scheme her way into insta-family.

@Shannon H:

If so it would look really bad for her and draw tons of criticism since she was photographed smoking after the engagement announcement.

Getty has some pics up now as well. Hey Adam, whoever it is thats telling you the beard looks good, they’re lying. And yes, please burn that shirt.

@HMMMMM: Well, and then people would call her a golddigger. Unless she doesn’t have a problem with people being MORE suspicious about her engagement.

She’s been smoking and drinking, so unless she wants extra criticism for doing these things “if she were pregnant,” I’d guess she wouldn’t want to play this card now. I’m also fairly certain that Adam’s mother would hit the ceiling if Bee pulled that stunt. Adam’s already in deep ****.

i guess theres 2 ways of looking at it, but i doubt it but i also hope she didnt scheme her way into insta-family! i like that word hhaa…

Plus no one has to get married because of a pregnancy. Adam has always said that marriage isn’t required for children. And he’s right, it isn’t.

Pulling the pregnancy card on a man who dumped you is usually a bad idea. I’d be more willing to say this is some sort of stunt than a result of an anorexic Bee being pregnant. Anorexics can’t get pregnant. And she’s lost more weight than the first time they were together. Drugs will do that to you though.

@Kylie: Milo has removed the picture … um, weird.

@So: Yeah. There isn’t a good reason for him to do so. All it is is a picture of a restaurant receipt. What’s the big deal?

Shannon H @ 07/27/2013 at 9:46 pm

@Elli: Adam doesn’t look at all attractive in that picture. I heard he cleaned up very well when they did the previous session of The Voice.

Unless I overlooked something, I checked the tabloid weeklies and US Weekly was the only tab to give the Adam/Bee engagement half page coverage. Not even the paper edition of People magazine bothered with it and EW had a small blurb about them getting engaged. The rest of the tabloids don’t seem to care that much. I thought it was interesting given Adam’s level of fame.

Maybe I’m wrong but I remember that the crazy Z said that when something emotionally significant happened in the life of Adam, he cut his hair. It was the case when Anne and him broke up, and there he announces his marriage and he lets grow his beard and his hair.
So I guess this engagement is not very important to him. Besides, how can you ask a woman in marriage with such a scruffy style ?

@Jenn: Milo probably had the Mermaid stalkarazzi wenches blowing up his IG or Twitter with Oh my God oh my God how does it feel being a part of the wonder reunion and engagement of two soulmates who knew they belonged together? Travis and the others are on to them. Only Ali and Bee continur to drive those loonies even more psychotic

@Jenn: With someone that weaves back and forth in what he says and does maybe the media industry do not take him serious anymore. They love when he rams his foot in his mouth though

@Shannon H: It’s exciting to watch Adam go off the rails. I admire that he says what’s on his mind, but he’s crossing that fine line at this point.

Notconvinced @ 07/27/2013 at 10:42 pm

Really Jen? Maybe he’ll get hit by a truck tonight and you can have an ******.