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Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine stops by a local Starbucks for an iced beverage before heading to his gym on Thursday morning (July 18) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer revealed his engagement to model Behati Prinsloo!

“I am so happy and excited and still can’t believe it’s true!” Behati told ET Canada (via People) about how Adam popped the question. “It was a one-knee thing! It was serious, it was very old school!”

The couple has not started planning the special day, they are currently “just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment.”

Congrats again!

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adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 04

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  • Melly

    @girl love yourself: We should let them have their fantasies. They’ll be acting like jerks to Adam once dumps Bee again. And it’s going to happen. Even the Bee fans know that Adam is inconsistent, unfaithful, and self-absorbed. They know he’ll break her heart again.

    From what I understand, Bee’s father was asked about the engagement and said he had never met Adam. As a minister, you’d think he’d find that strange. I remember some time ago, Bee’s mom spoke with a tabloid about how she wanted them to get married. She knows what’s up, huh?

  • lol

    @KSB: @Melly: popcorn all around!! it just keeps getting better and better.

  • Melly

    So wait, Bee couldn’t get her proposal story right while on Extra? She needs some classes on how to lie well on camera.

    I can’t wait to watch this whole thing implode the second time. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • Melly

    Can someone explain how Adam, with all of his money and Bee, with all of her money, haven’t been able to transport her parents or travel to Namibia so that Adam could meet his future in-laws?

    Even poor people figure out a way to do this . . . too many of you are making excuses for how messy this all really is. There’s no way any of you would want your own engagements to go down like this one. There’s nothing romantic about Adam and Bee’s engagement. It looks fake.

  • vs devil

    Is it just me or is that ring absolutely tacky? Must have taken Adam half a minute to choose that.

  • Jenn

    Maybe Adam got Bee’s ring out of Captain Claw? It probably took him a whole ten minutes to get it too. :-P

  • martha

    This is a gossip site, as such all gossip views should be examined. I’m not jealous of Behati, I have no fantasy lust for adam. SOMETHING is wrong here. Adam TOLD his PR to release this, thus he gave up all rights to privacy. WHY announce it? Especially on a very important DAY in Anne V ‘ s life? It couldn’t wait another day? Upstage was his plan.

    What self respecting woman would get engaged to someone who was just F’ing someone one else days earlier?

    AND, Behati has a wedding band on. So maybe they have been married for awhile.

    So does that mean the little piggy is going home?

  • Jenn

    Geez, Martha. Now you’re trying to educate people on how to use a gossip website. That won’t work with the Beedam stans. They’re too stupid.

    Instead of being happy for their princess, they’d rather let the skeptics get under their skin because they know this engagement is wrong, but refuse to admit that. Admitting that it’s a sudden engagement, without a clear motive, would be akin to defeat for them.

  • MrsOzzie


    She said that the ring is a bit to big, that is why she is wearing “the little band”

  • Melly

    @MrsOzzie: What Bee’s doing is making it up as she goes along.

    I find it funnier that she rarely visits her parents and Adam hasn’t even met them.

  • girl love yourself


    What you mean he doesn’t know the love of his life’s ring size ????? Hope everyone is able to read my sarcasm.

  • Melly

    @girl love yourself: It’s tough to go ring shopping when you’re high and drunk. Cut the man some slack!

  • Elli


    lol And he probably just grabbed the first one he saw – no time to get it sized or shop around. He was in a hurry, dontchaknow. ;)

  • Julie

    Adam is not at all traditional. I’m having a hard time believing that he got down on bended knee to propose. And I definitely don’t believe that he asked Bee’s father for permission. I think she might have called her parents, but Adam didn’t. Adam’s never met her parents, so why would he call them for permission? Shouldn’t he have already met them months ago, then asked? Then again, Bee never visits them, so we’re back to square one.

  • Melly

    @Elli: Oh, silly me! I forgot that’s how everyone gets engaged. Without any real planning.

  • Not Fooled

    Only time will tell if this will go through with a happy ending. I do know that he was engaged once before to the waitress he had bragged over about on Howard Stern. I remember Seacrest slipped in an interview with him about it at the time they were together and Adam danced around it or tried his best to downplay it. As for her being with baby that I am sure we all want to see. It wouldn’t be the first time a woman has roped a guy who wasn’t fully ready to settle to do exactly that, settle

  • Melly

    @Not Fooled: She was pictured smoking and drinking last night. I’m guessing the pregnancy rumor goes out the window with that one. If she were pregnant and smoking, she’d get tons of backlash about that from fans and everyone else.

  • Kay

    That ‘lifestyle change’ photoshoot that was planned – anyone know if it still happened?

  • Jenn

    I’m actually friends with one of Becky’s cousins and my friend never mentioned that Becky and Adam were engaged. She mentioned that they had dated. Pretty sure she would have known if they had been engaged.

  • Hahaha!

    I’ll take some popcorn too. It’s too funny reading these comments from nitwits who think they know him. It’s also funny how they badmouth Adam now. If you’re not a fan, why are you reading this thread? I’ll bring the second round of popcorn and we can watch their heads explode when the wedding pictures come out! I can’t wait to hear how fake it’s all going to be! :D

  • Ray

    Ewwww she can keep him if this is how he look now.

  • lol

    @Hahaha!: make sure it’s kettle corn and we’re all set.

  • Not Fooled

    @Hahaha!: Definitely pop enough for all who will have to see the obsessings from Team Zaira’a crew. I read on here that she doesn’t play with a full deck.

  • Anon

    Do tell! What’s going on??


    @ Martha

    We all know hes been in competetion with Anne for the last one year. This dum bass move only proves it !
    Who gets engaged over the weekend, but then release it on Tuesday, a few hours after she is at the ASG with her new, younger boyfriend?



    Did you see the gray in that beard? He got down to pick up that tacky ring, which probably came out of a Cereal box, and had to slowly make his way up, one knee at a time. And Bee thought he was being romantic. Awwwwww…..

  • TexasGirl

    @lol – now I want some popcorn, too. And wine!

  • WTH

    @unknown, you fascinate me! what’s your connection to Adam? You seem to have an awesome connection. I need to get to the bottom of this!

  • VS Devil

    Do we need any more stories on how dumb the bee stans are. After Adam and bee broke off, she was rumored to be dating Jason Silva. The front runner of the stanclub, that Sandra Roseli chick, started following him and re tweeeting his tweets, and proclaimed how he was better for bee.

    now that they are “engaged”, she claims to have had faith in their ” love”, all this while !
    Poor Jason, swept aside like Jamie Strachan was!

  • Not Fooled

    I caught the tail-end of that blurb someone on the other engagement post from here with Behati and I sniggered when one of the correspondents said “the bigger the rock the shorter the marriage, I’m just saying.” I am sure she was joking but in the process threw some subtle shade.

  • Craay

    This is a joke!! Why aren’t Adam’s voice friends making any statements and congratulating him? Oh, because the engagement isn’t real that’s why!!

  • WTH

    LOL omg yeah maybe–wasn’t someone saying that Blake and Miranda know something shady is going on and that’s why he hasn’t commented?I didnt see any of the B interviews–how is she saying this went down? one knee, asking the parents, a ring–it sounds at least semi-planned?? WTH is going on?! when did she say she had “faith” in their love? Also kind of shady his bro hasn;t said anything–his bro is usually the first to call attn to Adam in some way.

  • Julie

    @LOLLING: LOL. I’ll bet Adam wasn’t expecting this kind of backlash for this announcement. He had better change to a new plan soon.

  • @Julie

    Yeah…I’m sure he’s scrambling to make a new plan because a few a$$holes on JustJared don’t like his fiancé. Keep dreaming.

  • @WTH

    Why are you asking your other username a question?

  • Julie

    @@Julie: Oh, now Adam’s marrying a guy?

    It’s F. I. A. N. C. E. E. when you’re talking about a woman. Unless Bee grew a between her legs within the past year. That explains why she’s always standing funny and with her legs crossed.



  • Julie

    @JORDAN: She Anne’ded things with Adam last April.

  • Kiki

    I’ve been with my husband for eight years, I still hold his hand when we walk down the street. Why in just about every picture of Adam and Behati was there barely any mutual affection between them – rarely holding hands, arms around each other or kissing? There was plenty of Anne and Adam in PDAs, so it’s not like he was opposed to them. To me its not a good sign if you aren’t even affectionate in the first year of dating. That’s why this whole thing seems so odd.
    What can we really know looking from the outside about other people’s relationships? Maybe not much, but his track record, her age and obvious immaturity and the whole circumstances of this engagement make me think they won’t make it down the aisle.
    On a positive note, I actually think her ring is nice, it has some character and is a bit vintage looking.

  • Just Posting

    For some who commented on Behati’s parents you may want to take a look at Extra’s video interview with her. Adam did get her father’s approval and you can get a real good look at her ring.

  • Alison

    @Just Posting: She had a couple of different versions of how the proposal went down in that interview.

    For those of you who know all about Zaira’s longwindedness in her blog posts, take a look at one of her tweets. It’s a long one. And great for a few laughs. Her whole timeline is, actually.

    Zaira Scotti zairaamaterasu

    18th July 2013 from Tweetings

    I will be forever grateful to Nina: she came with her stunning beauty and cute personality and still she couldn’t made Adam forget his true love for Behati. The fact such a stunner couldn’t heal Adam’s soul made him FINALLY realize he’d found the ONE he was risking to lose. Nina and her lovely being were key to a&B’s future. I hope Nina understands / I think she did from her tweets / that simply she couldn’t part true soulmates, and goes on and moves on. She’ll find all she needs and deserve soon. She’s adorable. And without her maybe Adam wouldn’t have understood what he finally did. I’m still so happy. Adam and Behati story feels like an amazing fairy tale and I’m sure now he finally believes them too. I can’t wait for the new songs pure love is gonna inspire. All of this is a bliss and I’m so happy for him because he looked for THE ONE all his life and finally found an angel of love SO sincere she risked to let him go, to set him free, so that if he got back he would be finally only her in his world. Behati is an extraordinary person. Nobody ever deserved Adam quite like her. *sigh* #Iamasuckerforthem ;)

  • vs devil

    @just posting

    thats what she says!!!!

    I have been with my husband for 12 years and I still hold his hands. Of course, we truly love each other!

    Her contract was not going to be renewed beyond december. She now gets all this publicity, thats precisely what this fame %hore of a brand, vs wants. He gets to stick it to an ex he is still angry with. Job done, they will go their seperate ways.
    People will blame adam for the breakup. Never mind that behati is equally manupulative. She is no angel.
    How odd that only lauren cutillo, the pr for VS retweeted the engagement news. Also, when people announce engagement news wouldnt they use ” happy to announce”? Excited could be for various reasons. Hmmm wordings do matter. Like they say, there is a difference between wishing someone congratulations and best wishes for a wedding.

  • TooFunny

    I’m glad that Nina was there to show Adam the light. And her p*ssy a number of times too.

  • TooFunny

    I doubt Zaira’s really married.

  • vs devil

    Bee is a disgrace to our gender. Who will put up with his cheating , like she did during their dating period. Or how she continued to stalk him post breakup. She has no self respect to even question herself if she should be marrying someone who was just pictured as of last month with another girl. Or was revealed to be collecting phone numbers of models while she was sleeping upstairs.

    Zaira is a regressive fool who thinks men like Adam will always cheat and are entitled to. A stamp of approval from Zaira is actually an insult.

  • Jenn

    @vs devil: Wording is important. Semantics is a vastly underrated field. People could better bolster their arguments if they understand how to use language and meaning. But I guess ad hominem attacks work just as well for the “small-minded,” huh?

  • vs devil


    exactly! I am.excited to watch a football match or eat a burger or to watch a movie. I would be happy to see a friend or play with a puppy. Excitement reveals anticipation for an event, happiness reveals emotions. Like I said, this is only a spectacle. Will sit back and see what comes first, the breakup or that fuzz off levine’s cheeks!

  • Jenn

    From Whitney’s IG about four weeks ago.

    I remember a few people wondered if this was an indirect at Bee. She also posted something on Bee’s IG telling her to stop. I looked at it and didn’t get the impression that Whitney thought it was funny. Something about it just struck me a certain way. And all I know about this gal is that she goes out with that creepy Travis. She’s cute, her taste in men seems questionable.

  • Alison

    Even Carson Daly couldn’t resist throwing a bit of shade on the engagement news.

    Carson Daly congratulated his Voice co-hort during his morning radio show from Los Angeles and couldn’t help throwing in a joke at his buddy’s expense.

    “Congratulations to Adam. You might be asking, which girl? Is it the one he was photographed with July 4th? No! It’s not!” he laughed. “Rekindled from the previous Victoria’s Secret model. Behati is her name and she’s lovely.”

  • girl love yourself


    Oh snap finally someone has called out the ridiculousness of this.