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Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine stops by a local Starbucks for an iced beverage before heading to his gym on Thursday morning (July 18) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer revealed his engagement to model Behati Prinsloo!

“I am so happy and excited and still can’t believe it’s true!” Behati told ET Canada (via People) about how Adam popped the question. “It was a one-knee thing! It was serious, it was very old school!”

The couple has not started planning the special day, they are currently “just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment.”

Congrats again!

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adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 02
adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 03
adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 04

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  • Debra


    Hahahahaha Carson!!!

  • KSB

    People are saying he announced it on Anne’s big day. What did she have going on? ??

  • girl love yourself


    It wasn’t her big day but Matt’s he was pitching in the All Star game and she was there. I personally am not one to think he is doing anything because of Anne. I just think he has gone off the rails and someone needs to pull him back.

  • Jinx

    @KSB: Anne’s new beau Matt Harvey was pitching in the all-star baseball game. There was a parade with her by his side and all that. It was definintely Matt’s big day – their pictures were splashed all over the NY newspapers and tabloids.

  • vs devil

    He has been known to follow up with something when news of anne with her boyfriend hits the papers. Happened too often to be a mere coincidence.

  • Jinx

    Yeah – the timing is somewhat questionable – and this happened about a couple of times. This proposal is a desperate move on his part – thats for sure. Why is everyone’s guess.

  • LOL

    Please Matt Harvey is NO prize.
    The NY Post and NY Daily News have torn into him for his Mens Journal comments
    What man who has a serious girlfriend says this

    Matt Harvey looks up to Derek Jeter as a role model, and not just for his on-the-field performance. “That guy is the model,” Harvey tells Men’s Journal. “First off, let’s just look at the women he’s dated. Obviously, he goes out — he’s meeting these girls somewhere — but you never hear about it. That’s where I want to be.” Harvey already dates supermodel Anne V, while Jeter’s been linked to beauties Minka Kelly, Jessica Biel, Adriana Lima, Vanessa Minnillo, Mariah Carey and Hannah Davis.

    And he’s also been going on about how he wants to be on the best dressed lists and live in the most expensive apartment in NY.
    Does not sound like a man in love to me.
    Typical shallow superficial jock Anne is just a trophy for him.
    He’s as much of a Douchebag as Adam. No prize for an 27/28 year old woman looking for something serious

  • Wizzer

    Maybe Cory Monteith’s death – only 3 years younger – gave Adam a different perspective on life? Maybe he had an epiphany on his own life and decided he did not want to lose Prinsloo? Marriage is not an easy ride but he thinks she’s worth it? Don’t know either of them just guessing

  • myself

    I guess C.Aguilera was right and he’s really a Justin Timberlake wannabe, he thinks getting married and settle down will be good for his career as a serious actor/singer/entertainer. Hey fans, if it makes you feel better Jt doesn’t love Jessica Biel either, it’s all business

  • Michael


  • KarenK

    I can’t believe all the negative comments I’m seeing. Adam deserves to be happy with whoever he wants. It doesn’t affect you or his music. Someone said Behati’s contract with VS is up so she wants to be in the headlines. Well SHE didn’t do the proposing! He would have NO reason to fake an engagement for her. It’s only your assumption that he can’t move on from Anne. I’m sure he’ll always love her but he’s not IN love with her anymore. Obviously he’s IN love with Behati. I hope you face reality soon so you won’t end up like those bitter Keith Urban fans. He and Nicole Kidman have been married for 7 years and have 2 kids but they still claim it’s all a publicity stunt. Good luck.

  • k r

    sorry for hijacking this conversation away from adam and bee but Matt has already tweeted and clarified what he actually meant.

    I felt a lot of his quotes were being twisted and lost in translation. He yas already had people jumping to his defense. He did come off as a bit douchey but hes 24, he will learn. He will hopefully be more careful of what he says to the media, given how they can twist it.
    When this article was written he and Anne had barely been dating a few weeks. Things have changed since then. Maybe thats another reason he felt he had to clarify.

    I have always been more fascinated with athletes and follow many closely. Its sad that some parts of the media and people judge people like Jeter or Cristiano Ronaldo based on only certain aspects of their off field activities. If you are going to be judging them for being successful bachelors living a good life, shouldn’t they be giving them credit for all those charities they support or discipline they display?

  • http://@sunshinescloset sunshinescloset

    i love love him he’s sooo hot

  • http://@sunshinescloset sunshinescloset

    i love love love him


  • KSB

    I’m still not convinced adam is in love with behati. Adam doesn’t owe me any explanation but I call it how I see it. Like the other girls say its to much of a coincidence that this came out when Anne and Harvey have something going on. And that God awful ring lmao it looked cheap. I hope adam seeks help soon.

  • E&N

    @WTH: If you saw the interview on E! last night, when asked what her dress will look like, she commented “oh, I don’t even have to begin with that yet bc it’s not for a long down the road”. What girl doesn’t grow up knowing in their heart what they want their dress to look like and their wedding and what time of yr they want to have it in? This is shady…very shady and fake.

  • lol

    Popcorn, wine, train wreck. PERFECT!!!

  • huhhhh

    no body is saying adam doesnt deserve happiness or to be in love-does he look like it? does he look like hes in love or happy? unless i need new glasses dont think so…idk about the anne angle that would be so odd and this is such a big announcement i dont see it as a stick to anne; maybe hes just loosing his mind and having a breakdown- after 3 days carsons says something and only vs retweets the news with no congrats hmmmm

    for those you bagging on us skeptics, this makes sense to you?
    no he doesnt owe us an explanation but a pic is worth 1000 words and you cant just sell crap to the public because youre a celeb and think we’ll buy it – im pretty sure some celebs will stoop to real lows to get attn including models so i wouldnt put it past her i just dont get his angle but i dont believe he loves her or is in love with her, that video that was posted should go to funniest videos cause it was a joke, like this whole thing

    is there any popcorn left?

  • lol

    @huhhhh: I’m here with popcorn alllllll day. Also, anyone see the pics of Adam that the Honda and hondacivictour twitters tweeted from yesterday? That’s not a man happy or in love.

  • E&N

    @lol: No, where was it? On fb?

  • lol

    Why is he not bubbly and happy like betrashi? If it was “obvious” and he was ready, he would be! Like someone said, pictures are worth 1000 words…

  • lol

    @E&N: look up @Honda and @HondaCivicTour on twitter. He and James were at the headquarters yesterday.

  • huhhhh

    exactly lol!! i said that hha pass on the popcorn…

  • TexasGirl

    @Alison – just saw the Carson info. Wow! Aren’t Carson and Adam good friends? That was a very interesting comment from him.

    Others – some of you mention that her contract wasn’t gonna be renewed. How so you know? I thought it was just a rumor made up on this board earlier this year. Judging from the VS catalogs, she seems to be their big star. The last catalog I got had her on every page except one. She was literally the only model except a few of Candice. She doesn’t look good in their clothes because she’s too square and has no boobs. But somehow they seem to love her (???)

    And here’s another question – If this is all fake, then why? Why stage all of this?? And if it’s real – why?? And what the heck does Nina think of all of this?

  • E&N

    @lol: That pic of him on @Honda looks like a “I have a BIG problem on my hands now that has gone too far and I’m not going to rest and clean myself up until I fix it.” JMO

  • At It Again

    Take a look at IG screen name CRAZY4B. If anyone who has been on this site for a bit will know that CRAZY4B is aka Merby/Mergirl/Crazy4U on Twitter. She got into it with others on Behati’s pictures one of them being that of her with the Minnie Mouse ears. Those nuts pretty much highjack anything that Behati posts on her IG account. Throw in the ramblings of Z and the rest of her idiot savants that hang at her every word. I will have to do as LOL and bring a huge bag of popcorn to sit through that nonsense when she puts it out there on her blog.

    I did look at the two pictures of Adam and James from the Honda Civic Tour and it didn’t look like he had any strange look on his face unless there are more pictures I didn’t see.

  • E&N

    @At It Again: Take a look at that same instagram and this pic: The “ring” is on her right hand here, not the left.

  • lol

    @E&N: that’s an old picture from last year…

  • E&N

    @lol: Looks like the same band, though.

  • Jinx

    @E&N: no its last year

    Anyone else think this looks similar to her ring?? but surely it is more than 2 carats?

  • Jenn

    I didn’t think there was anything unusual about the Honda pictures. The Honda HQ, I believe, is in California (LA?).

    Anyway, even with this engagement news, I still don’t think Adam is keen on marriage. At least, he certainly isn’t right now. I don’t care what anyone has to say against that. It’s my opinion and you won’t change my opinion on this issue. We’re all entitled to have our opinions. Some opinions, of course, are stupid and ridiculous . . . but moving along.

    For years, Adam has been saying that he’s skeptical of marriage. I truly believe he still is. I can’t imagine he’s been fraudulent about who he is for this many years. I do think his parents’ divorce deeply affected and there were probably other things going on that contributed to his attitude toward relationships. He was probably a bit spoiled, which is why he behaves in the way that he does: attention seeking and self-absorbed to an extent.

    I don’t think he’s in love with Bee. I never thought he was. It was pretty evident that their relationship was dysfunctional. I’d argue that both of them are dysfunctional. In that way, they’re kind of a match. But it’s a destructive combination. As someone else here joked, even Stevie Wonder can see what’s going on. And I believe Adam does too.

    If you’re in a relationship and someone dumps you, it’s over. Period. Even if that person comes back, that relationship was already over. What it means is that the person didn’t have any other options (i.e. someone else willing to put up with him/her). Think that sounds wacky? Think carefully about the people you’ve known who been in a similar situation. You’ll start to see the cracks.

    Bee put up with a lot of crap. Adam never seemed interested in her. He was never really affectionate with her. It was like they were friends who held hands a few times. Even the least romantic couples I’ve known and seen are more affectionate.

    Also Bee (AND Adam) can afford to visit her parents or fly them to the States. Adam has NEVER even met her parents! How exactly does a guy, who’s never met his girlfriend’s parents, have the audacity to call her father to ask for her hand in marriage? Please, tell me another lie, Bee. It’s likely that her parents have no frickin’ clue what’s going on here because, like us, they knew those two had broken up. Unless Bee had been lying to them about the breakup. I don’t think Bee’s honest about a lot of things. That’s what my intuition says and apparently, I’m not alone in these thoughts.

    Bottom line: If Adam was so in love with Bee, he wouldn’t have dumped her in the first place and would have met her parents already. Sorry, but it’s true and even the Beedam stans have to concede that point. There are exceptions to the rules, but that’s why they’re called exceptions. They rarely happen. And Adam’s and Bee’s “relationship” is not an exceptional case.

    I know Adam wasn’t faithful to her. And I’ll bet she knows it too. Bee’s a social climber. I don’t know any woman who’d risk being called a “psycho” or “stalker” chasing a man who dumps her and his family and his friends. There’s something mentally wrong with her. If ANY other woman pulled the same sh!t as Bee, say Anne, then everyone here would be calling her psychotic stalker. And don’t deny that you wouldn’t. A lot of fans are being hypocritical about this entire mess. And that’s what this is: a big mess. I’d love to see how Adam gets himself out of this one.

    My theory? Like being skeptical of marriage, Adam has said for a long time that he cares what others think. I’d be willing to bet everything I own that he had a “chat session” with his management and reps about his image and what he needs to do from this point forward. I won’t even speculate as to what was said, but I’m sure something went down that has brought him and the rest of us to this point.

    Keep in mind, in the April (May?) Oprah interview, where Adam felt he had to clarify (after YEARS of saying he was skeptical of marriage) that he wasn’t against marriage. Now . . . he’s engaged to a woman he dumped and just last week, he was screwing a 21-year-old model named Nina Agdal. Even Carson knows it’s all a loud of bull.

    Think my theory sounds insane? Read some of what Adam’s females are saying about being happy that he’s finally getting married because that’s what he’s SUPPOSED to do. No joke. This is his fanbase. No wonder they identify with Bee. They’re nutcases.

  • Jenn

    Yes, my post was Zaira-level longwinded, but I don’t give a crap. There are too many ridiculous things being said on all of the Adam posts and I could no longer resist.

  • Jenn

    @HMMMMM: $13,000 for that? That’s overpriced.

  • Jinx

    @Jenn: I was gonna say probably the price of a Birkin bag? Co-sign everything your longwinded Z-like post! Couldn’t have said it any better!

  • vs devil

    @jenn and hmmmmm
    definitely overpriced. But then vintage 1930s rings are available for as little as 1400 usd. That era and style of rings originated post depression and are therefore the least expensive.

    Hmmm all those millions and maybe he never wanted to spend more on this engagement.
    Does anyone else find it so surprising that they even got a statement from her father but nothing from him. All the news seem to come from her.

  • KSB

    @jenn well said. Straight to the point. Made sence and I agree 10000000000%.

  • At It Again

    @Jenn: Your post may have been long but it was very much a good analysis. The majority of Behati’s fans aren’t fans of hers. They are fans of Adam’s who want to keep some tab on all his personal business. Such a shame that the nut jobs like Z, Crazy4B, Merby, Coegie and any other phony out there are taking every image, every tweet and spinning it to be what they so desperately want it to be. I follow Adam and even I can sense something is way off base. Nutty fans will continue to say that Adam and Behati are being private in their love for one another but come the f***k on! You can not be private that damn much; it’s impossible. At the start of their being together yes, they were all smiles but going down the course of their being together the smile from Adam was all but gone.
    I will say it very odd that none of his co-workers from show stepped up to give congratulations to him. Not one? Not even Blake? His buddy? That’s very strange.
    I don’t feed into her being pregnant. I feed into Adam being afraid to be alone and wanting desperately to be in a relationship and have hope that he can make that relationship last at any cost. I pray for his sake he has a long engagement to give him some time to really see if this is what he wants in the long run.

  • Jenn

    Thanks Jinx and vs devil! You know, most of this celebrity news makes me roll my eyes, but I couldn’t believe the amount of bullsh!t I was reading here about people who tried to get the rest of us to believe that there is NOTHING WRONG about this SUDDEN engagement.

    We’d be extremely skeptical (and rightfully so) if any other woman came to us with this engagement story. Red flags everywhere! Anyone woman who claims otherwise is not living in reality. Or they’re angry with how boring and sh!tty their own love life has turned out, so they project their fantasy love life onto someone else who doesn’t even know they exist. It’s equally creepy and sad. So glad my love life isn’t this convoluted, but then, I don’t waste time with men who behave like Adam. I got over dealing with them by my mid-20s.

    “Does anyone else find it so surprising that they even got a statement from her father but nothing from him. All the news seem to come from her.”

    No, I don’t. She has everything to gain from this engagement news. It’s always about the woman. Her ring. How the engagement affects her. It’s all a show. I’d be surprised if we even get much from Adam about it. That’s because he knows he fvcked up big.

  • Jenn

    Thanks, ladies! There are normal people posting here. I don’t mean that everyone here is crazy. It’s just that the crazy minority of fans’ voices drown out the sensible and rational fans’ voices. That needs to stop.

  • Alison

    I vaguely remember Bee complaining about having to travel to the UK to renew her work visa. They won’t renew it in the US. This was a while back. Last year? Obviously she doesn’t have a permanent visa or Green Card. Adam’s an American citizen. Getting married to him would eliminate those annoying trips, wouldn’t it?

  • At It Again

    One other question: If Adam is a diehard always will live in Los Angeles kind of guy, will that mean Behati will have to completely leave NY for good? I don’t see Adam being the one to move.

  • Alison

    @At It Again: Since Bee is a Mermaid, I’m guessing she’d relocate to LA so that she can swim in the clean Pacific Ocean. And that way, she and her bff Ali Tamposi can do each others’ nails and pose together in bed wearing only their underwear.

  • jamie

    He is absolutely GROSS!

  • jessica

    I don’t care as long as the adamtina shippers shut up now, I love watching the voice cause of blake, xtina and cee lo. Adam levine is just there, a part of a boy band pretending to be someone big. He should marry her, cause he can’t deal with strong diva woman. he wants models cause he can control them, so she is riding this one out. congrats to the happy couple :)

  • lol

    @Jenn: here, you get lots of popcorn for everything you said. Bravo.

  • @E&N

    Seriously? I didn’t grow up thinking about what my wedding dress was going to look like or what season I wanted it in but then I wasn’t born in the 1950s. Welcome to the 21st century where marriage isn’t top priority on a woman’s list.

  • Jenn

    @lol: Thank you. I’m sure I’ll have more observations to make. We’ll see.

    Stuff like this cracks me up:

    “Adam Levine Fans!! ‏Fans_AdamLevine 18h
    Still so happy about Adam and Bee…it’s just like my fanfic except now it’s happening!”

    What’s funny is that the Beedam stans all sound like they’re speaking “fan fiction” anyway. This is the mentality that most people see, instead of the more rational fans. I probably shouldn’t just pick on this one particular girl. But really, she’s no worse than the Mermaids or Zaira. She also stalks Adam and Bee all the time and thinks she knows that they’re perfect for each other based on some quick meets. This is the mentality that younger fans have. I don’t even remember being this out-of-touch when I was their age. Something happened with today’s youth along the way, I think.

  • Frodo

    DENIAL: (1) : refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge) (2) : assertion that an allegation is false
    (3) : refusal to acknowledge a person or a thing

    (4): a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality

    — in denial
    : refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant

  • Jenn

    Regarding my previous post, if you don’t want people cutting & pasting your insane bullsh!t on other sites, then think before you tweet and post. You have no one to blame but yourself if you say stupid sh!t on social media.