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Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine Proposed on One Knee to Behati Prinsloo!

Adam Levine stops by a local Starbucks for an iced beverage before heading to his gym on Thursday morning (July 18) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer revealed his engagement to model Behati Prinsloo!

“I am so happy and excited and still can’t believe it’s true!” Behati told ET Canada (via People) about how Adam popped the question. “It was a one-knee thing! It was serious, it was very old school!”

The couple has not started planning the special day, they are currently “just celebrating with our friends and family at the moment.”

Congrats again!

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adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 02
adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 03
adam levine proposed on one knee to behati prinsloo 04

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  • Alison

    @Frodo: So then we can also apply your stolen definition to those fans who don’t find this engagement announcement suspicious, especially since Adam was banging Nina Agdal just last week? OK then.

  • Emily

    Go to Tumblr if you can’t find pictures of Adam looking happy with Behati. There’s tons.

  • Melly

    @Frodo: I don’t think most fans are denying the engagement so much as they’re “suspicious” of this engagement and wondering about the motive(s).


    Having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or something.
    Causing one to have the idea or impression that something or someone is of questionable, dishonest, or dangerous character or condition.

    distrustful – doubtful – fishy – suspect – mistrustful

  • Melly

    @Emily: I’m surprised that you didn’t post all of the links, since you know where they all are. It makes you look kind of stupid.

    When are Adam and Bee going to do their latest “happy couple” pap stroll? The media can’t keep using the same GQ picture from *last* October to announce their engagement.

  • Frodo

    So you were in the room while Adam was banging Nina then, were you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Nina herself said they were just dating. Maybe you bang every guy you date for a month but maybe Nina doesn’t. Incidentally, you don’t sound at all like fans. Fans of what? The music? Who he’s marries isn’t going to affect that. Fan of Adam”s? No fan talks trash, or calls him names or disrespects the woman he cares about.. What exactly are you a fan of and what does it matter to you who or what he does in his personal life?

  • E&N

    I kinda feel like this is all going to come to a crashing end and the REAL truth will be out very very soon. Just a feeling in me now…I mean, they have had one week of media PR bliss, or she has…time for the Truth to be revealed. Anyone agree?



    Sweetpea are you talking about the same Adam who admitted on national radio that he banged his then girlfriend the night he met her?? It was the waitress one, sorry don’t know her name. That man ain’t gonna wait for s** while seeing someone sorry he is a personally admitted manw***e. I don’t deny the engagement, just saying it is all very suspicious and fishy. Also you can be a fan and still not approve of something the person is doing, look at any celebrity that messes up in their life but fans still support them but don’t support destructive ways.

  • caro alz

    i seriously HOPE they wont get married ever hahaah noo, this broke my heart ! but seriously.. WHAT’S WITH ADAM’S LOOK?SHAVEEEEEE MAN, SHAVEEEEEEEEE !

  • lol

    Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha at the fact that someone said Adam and Nina didn’t bang. Please. Adam is a manwhore. Any sane fan knows this.

  • KSB

    Lmao at the people who act like we are supposed to be “yes men” we haveour own brains sorry if the bee stans ddon’t like that we do but no man bangs a chick 4 days later and proposes to another and the idiot said yes lmao SAY YES TO THE STRESS!!!

  • Melly

    @Frodo: Which Mermaid are you? I knew you all would be back. You’re never too far away, but your numbers have not increased. I can’t speak for Alison, but Adam, Nina, and I had a threesome, so I can definitely tell you he’s banged her.

  • Jenn

    @KSB: You know, you’d think that the Mermaids and Zaira would be reveling in their goddess’ ability to finally trapped her man and be happy in their little tiny bubble that lacks the amount of oxygen necessary to keep all of their brains functioning. But no, they have to come here and get all defensive, call people names, instead of engaging on a rational discussion. They haven’t changed. They’re about as mature as Bee is.

    Two things are sad:
    (1) Most of them are adult women who are married and have children. (2) Zaira and the Mermaids used to be THE MOST obsessed Anne fans, until Anne dumped Adam and they turned on her a$$.

  • KSB

    Lmao how are they going to feel when adam calls off the engagement

  • Jinx

    You know this is like the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes deal….

  • bliss

    @jinx well thats more like it :)

  • TexasGirl

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that Ali hasn’t commented? Her and Bee used to be attached at the hip.

  • Bhhaaa!

    @Melly: You wish, right? No further proof needed to show you’re delusional.
    @E&N: Sure, the real truth. You’d be the one to know. BTW, how’s those invisible triplets doing? Jessica’s been in labor for a long time now.
    @Hmmmm: You’re not a fan and you’re not supporting him. What do you care who he marries? It’s not going to be you regardless.
    @Jenn: One page ago you were blabbing on about “the youth of today”. Sounds like you’re one of those old married with children broads you just dissed. Hubby not doing it for you anymore?

    I’m loving this! You disillusioned former fans just can’t stand it that he didnt ask your permission first. You don’t like her. Tough $hit! Behati got your fantasy man! Bhhaaaa! All you got is a blister on your a$$ from years of stalking him on the computer!

  • lol

    @TexasGirl: the only one who’s said ANYTHING marriage related is jesse. oh and carson. kelly clarkson said something too. none of the vs angels or adam’s friends have said a thing. you’d think something “SO exciting” in this man’s life, they’d jump at the chance to congratulate him publicly. but no.

  • E&N

    @Bhhaaa!: As I said before, what Jessica experienced a couple of days ago was false labor. That happens with most pregnant woman who are near their time of going into labor. Just bc the triplets aren’t here yet, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  • Watchtower

    This happened years ago with Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson. All of his fans turned on him too because they despised her and he was getting so corporate and annoying (I mean really, JJ. Gotta post it up twice about their engagement because the first one got too many negative booboos?) Fall Out Boy broke up because of it. Maroon 5 is already on the rocks. Be careful, Mr. Levine. You could lose a lot because of this shit.

  • Alison

    @Bhhaaa!: What are you planning to do once Adam screws over Behati again? Everyone knows that’s coming.

  • Jenn

    @Bhhaaa!: You’re pi**ed because some of us commented on our suspicions regarding Adam and Bee’s sudden engagement. So, in turn, you’re making assumptions about those of us posting here. You’re wrong about me, btw, but nonetheless your drivel is entertaining.

    Now go back to reading all of the tabloid pieces so that you and your two Mermaid friends can post in defense of Adam and Bee’s train wreck engagement.

    It’s going to suck for you guys when they implode a second time. Or wait, is it the third time? Or no, maybe this is the fourth time? It’s hard to keep track of how often the broke up in their previous relationship. I use the term “relationship” loosely because Adam never publicly acknowledged Bee as his girlfriend. Who knows . . . maybe the fifth time’s the charm?

  • Chezza

    Yes, the engagement is wierd, but is real, there’s nothing you can do! I’ve been reading your conversation, my conclusion is that you’re all crazy. You all act like you know everything about this guy’s life, but none of you know… All we have is a few pictures, magazine stories, tweets… Stop with this idiot fights, who this man bangs won’t affect your life.

  • Chezza

    I think Adam is cute and I like his songs, living in Portugal I’ve never seen The Voice, all I know is that he’s hot and has an unfaithful reputation. I would never marry a man like him, he’s hot and rich but I have steem, like he was dating other girl last week!! Behati must be desperate…

  • WTH

    Clearly none of us can control/are personally affected by this, but we all have one thing in common: we’re fans of Adam and we care. And the weirdness/suddenness of this all has thrown everyone off. Not to mention some of the info that was coming in about the strange nature of his initial relationship with B. I wish him the best, but I can’t say that I’m any less confused about this than before. I feel like he handed us a big ol’ mystery that is dying to be cracked!

  • WTH

    please post more–you’re awesome!

  • Emily

    You’re rude. I was just trying to help. Nevermind you don’t really want to see pictures that burst your bubble.

  • huhhhh

    what kind of pics?

  • huhhhh

    nvm, jj has some “happy” pics from last summer of them too

  • for real?

    @WTH: Fans of Adam? That’s why most of these “fans” are bashing him? Ok then

  • vs devil


    you are awesome. I can ditch my husband for you.
    As someone said, I dont have any jealousy towards behati or want to sleep with adam. Far from it. I find it strange that people DONT find this sudden engagement strange! If it had happened with any of our friends or family, we would be wondering the same. And be sceptical about it.
    Another thing I hate about this is the fact it has brought the mermaid posse back in action. Their inactivity over the last few months is sorely missed. I look forward to the day they can go crawling back into the sea again.

  • huhhhh

    “fans” dont always have to support or agree with what their fave celebs do; like this situation..

  • At It Again

    @Jenn: Some of these Bee stans are older than you think. Some of these women have children old enough to know better. Instead of putting their home life first they are stalking Adam, Behati, all of Adam’s friends, who are now her friends all over Twitter, IG and anywhere else they may use social media. Z is notorious in reading into whatever Adam tweets and concocts her web of nonsense. What full grown woman who brags and gloats about being rich, having homes in New York, California and wherever in Italy, having a team of security with her wherever she goes and works in some big lab have the time to sit down writing all about Adam Levine’s business as if they were old chums? This is a nut job that I’ve read about on here before, being married. You wouldn’t think so the way she suctions herself to Adam’s love life.

  • At It Again

    This is how deranged and obsessive Zaira is. She has not only that blog (we shall get to that in a minute) but she has a Tumblr page to copy and paste everything Adam does.

    As Jenn put out there, Z is Public Enemy #1 when it came to her obsession with Anne. Just how much? This is how much.

    She pretty much just recycles what she’s said about Anne and put the name Behati in her place.

  • jklö

    Poor Adam all this crazy stans want to have a say in it about his private life.

  • ??????

    Hey Texas Girl,

    A VS exec who is part of pvt board/ chat group told us about it.She was the one who told us about Miranda long before it happened. We also know other models who are to be sent out.

    She also told us the reason Bee was included a lot in this catalogue. Of course, thats private stuff which we arent allowed to discuss here.

  • Debra

    @Unknow, if you have some news, please let us know

  • Julie

    One thing I’m curious about is Adam supposedly called Behati’s dad for permission to marry her. Her father said that he has never met Adam. If Adam had never bothered to meet her parents, then why would he have their phone number? Obviously he had to ask Behati to marry him before he was able to get her parents’ phone number. Adam doesn’t strike me as the type to store his girlfriends’ parents’ phone numbers into his phone.

  • Jinx

    @Julie: it was probably done after they got ‘engaged’. Bee may have called while Adam was there.

  • So

    @??????: So Bee contract will be renewed ? Because with this engagement,she is very exposed so i suppose that VS will keep her.

  • Vs devil

    Also, if he had planned to propose, wouldnt he at least bother to get a ring that fits? There are ways you can get a lady’s ring size without the lady knowing.

    Looks like a rushed, sudden proposal. Is the ring even meant for her? Just sayin…..

  • KSB

    I want to slap Ms.Patsy because she of all people wants what’s best for her son. Any mother can see something is wrong. She was attached to his hip for a while so idk , I wonder if adam got her approval. Maybe behati is releasing statenents about the parents knowing so the media won’t question the parents about this strange rush engagement. I still think she put some African voodoo spell on him

  • KSB

    Anyone find it strange Ryan Seacrest dated Julianne Hough for about 4-5yrs George Clooney dated stacey keebler for 3-4 yrs yet they didn’t rush a marriage and they are older than adam more exposed and more money.and they recently broke up. Idk who is more desperate, adam or behati

  • Yeppp

    well, I don’t think that he still love his exex. ANNE.
    I remembered that his ex, Anne was baked a birthday cake for his birthday and she tweeted w/pic on his birthday…2012…just before break up w/him…. she was like, please let me go Adam!!! check her old tweets people…I know that He dumped her.
    btw, there’s something another reasons that he acting like very bad….yeah…maybe, not a girl who people don’t know.
    haha…amen Adam

  • Yeppp

    ps: she wasn’t w/him on his birthday 2012…she was in her country w/family…cake was on his name “ADAM” hmmmmmmm….ANNE

  • Yeppp

    *please DON’T let me go Adam!!!” – Anne

  • lolling

    Yepppp sounds like behati. Stupid and incoherent.
    So he dumped her and shaved his head and said he was blindsided?

  • Bri

    Adam always looks so dapper..but here, kinda homeless! :-)

  • Yeppp

    Adam is Weird.

  • lol