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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Airport Arrival with Lily-Rose & Jack

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Airport Arrival with Lily-Rose & Jack

Rumored couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard make their way through Narita International Airport to catch a flight on Thursday (July 18) in Narita, Japan.

The 50-year-old actor and 27-year-old actress were joined for the flight by his children Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11.

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Johnny and his family were in town while he premiered his film The Lone Ranger alongside Armie Hammer.

Amber and Johnny were also spotted at the airport a few days earlier for the quick promotional trip.

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johnny depp amber heard leave japan with his kids 01
johnny depp amber heard leave japan with his kids 02
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Credit: Kento Nara/Future Image; Photos: Wenn
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  • Sienna

    He’s disgusting.

  • Sayer

    I hope when his daughter is Amber’s age, she starts dating a 50 year old man.

    His daughter is closer in age to Amber than he is.

    No wonder is career is over. Three box office bombs in a row.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Sienna: you are the only disgusting here

  • Oh

    I’ve seen pictures of Vanessa when she was younger. She was extremely beautiful. We all must age and I think Johnny can’t face aging so he replaces her with a fresh young face and hides all his mirrors. He used to be so hot. Now he’s got the “creeper” image with his desperate desire to stay young and relevant and as soon as this girl ages, she’ll be gone like all the others. I feel bad for Johnny. He wants to be eternally young but no amount of money will turn back time. He must grow old and die like all the rest of us. To each his own but I do feel bad for Vanessa, the mother of his children.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Sayer: his daughter is entitled to date whoever she wants and if she wants to date a 50 years old man he wouldn’t have a problem
    why do you talk like if he forces mber? she is the one who wanted him so bad
    his daughter is 14 and amber is 27 so how the hell is she close to her age?
    his career is over? hahahaha thats what you wish but its not going to happen he has lots of upcoming movies linning up and the box office numbers doesn’t mean anything, most of charlize theron and nicole kidman’s movies are flops but look at them they are always casted in leading roles

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Oh: @Oh: you know nothing about him and you don’t live in his mind so shutup you stupid bi*ch he is hotter than ever now and how do you know if he wants to stay youung and whatever this BS you wrote? don’t make up stuff ok and he didn’t replace vanessa they broke up like any normal couple and he moved on and so did she , she is this lefted naive bi*ch as some think she is , she is also dating a much younger french man these days

  • Sienna

    @Johnny Depp Fan: Please, you’re so pathetic. He looks like homeless and definitely too much sun. He seems to be so unwashed. Amber looks more like his daughter, than his lover.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Sienna: i’m pathetic? well you are pathetic because you are hating on someone you don’t know and someone who haven’t done anthing to you, homeless man? does homless men wears these dapper expenssive elegant suits ? i think he washes himself more than you do and she dosn’t look like his daughter at all because he looks youthful but you are saying this because of the age differance

  • I wanna play too!

    He does look like he smells funky.

  • sandra

    he does look young and gorgeous. his daughter looks happy and seems like she became friends with amber

  • Lala

    Dear Justjared: Can you just drop out the “rumored couple”? they are a couple! not a rumored one. I even see some picture now (on tumblr) of them walking hand in hand in the airport and it’s evident they are holding hands in these pictures with his children
    There are other pictures, with the children laughing. I’m so glad to know they are having a good time
    And also glad to see how protective of them (especially Jack) Amber looks.
    She seems like a nice woman!

  • kate

    ugly old lefted hags gonna hate, they seems like a happy family who are enjoying their time. wish them the happiness and the best.

  • so judgemental

    You children are hilarious. Depp has been the same Depp since he dated Winona Ryder. His style, attitude and taste in women has been the same too. And he doesn”t marry them so it is less messy when he moves on to the next. And quite honestly.. he could care less what you think. He has an island, a yacht and so much money that if he never worked another day in his life (though he will) he will never run out of money. That means the man can afford to break up with his 14 year girlfriend and steal a bi sexual chick from her girlfriend because he finds her stunning.

    The only thing that has changed is you.. Depp remains the same.

  • Alex

    @Nikki: whats not right? he has moved on and now is dating a woman who loves him and take care of his kids! why would you lose respect for him because of something so personal in his personal life that has nothing to do with you? is he the first one to date a younger woman? ofcourse not, most if not all the men in hollywood dates a younger women.

  • Nikki

    This just isn’t right. I’ve lost some respect for Depp.

  • essie

    his daughter sorta looks like paris jackson

  • LILA


  • kat

    He seems quite relaxed to show her as his girlfriend

    he’s even waving to the fans (I think those pictures are from a fan video at the airport)

    I’m wondering, when they going to show in a red carpet together for the first time?

  • guest


  • IceQueen

    she’s so fake. why she has to touch Jack in every picture? Does she want to prove something so desperately? they will not last … ever. Johnny will wake up soon and will notice who she is and what she wants for real, and that’s just fame, money and so on. or maybe she will get tired to wait him to marry her or to get her movies, and make her more famous. or even better he will get tired of her behavior of possessive woman, jealous and controlling, because she is like this.

  • cake

    @IceQueen: stop talking as if you know her or know who she really is because you really no nothing stop judging her! she is seems like a nice person and she really loves him from what i see. they are together since 2 years not 2 months and they keep going and getting more serious everyday so don’t except them to broke up anytime soon. btw he is not helping her at all in the movies business she is still making garbages


    go Depp

  • muriel

    Before he was hidden for ” respect to Vanessa and children ,and for he doenst want his kids to be seen with other woman ” now he exposed to them and bitch of excessive way. That is a cruel man

  • noway

    @#5 – I think what Sayer was trying to say is that since Lily-Rose and Amber are 13 years apart and Johnny and Amber are 23 years apart Lily-Rose and Amber are closer in age than Johnny and Amber are.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @noway: yea but that doesn’t make amber close to lily’s age because amber is a grown up woman who is pushing 30 while lily has just became a teen

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @muriel: he just want to take them everywhere he goes because he loves them and can’t live with them he is not exposing them or anything he didn’t call the paps to take pictures of them so stop judging him

  • circle of life

    It’s all passionate and exciting at the beginning. Let’s see if they last 15 years and two kids together. And which 25 year old he falls madly in “love” with then.

  • may

    Lets hope this would be it for both of them! It’s good to wish people all the best and happiness. Even if it doesn’t work out, still wish people well.

  • muriel

    @Johnny Depp Fan: @Johnny Depp Fan: you dont say he loves them.,that sounds corny because is normal he love his kids ,is his father.I say what jd is false,he never showed his kids like now.Even johnny said in an interview what he doenst like paparazzi taken pictures of them. ¿ have you forgotten all jd said ?

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @circle of life: they actually lasted 2 years so far and amber is 27 not 25. he wouldn’t broke up with amber if they didn’t have the big problem that he had with vanessa wich cussed the broke up. he didn’t want to broke up with vanssa but she was a bi** and she wanted that she didn’t even want to marry him because of some stupid reasons.

  • Ha ha

    He is disgusting and she is wh0r3! Ugly couple and JDfan goback to rumblr child …stupid child! Crazy child! Lol you need a doctor really!!

  • Fun

    oh man this crazy fan is here again LOL this Amber is a HO!!! and he is ugly!!!!!! and his films are terrible!!! lol ugly couple!!

  • Mai

    Definitely a photo opt! (I’m not speaking on their relationship as a family cause none of us know), but this was definitely an opportunity to try and at the happily blended family angle. So sad what he’s become that he would do this… He used to protect his family vigorously, but now he’s using them To fix his image and sell his horrid movie… Like it matters at this point. He’s worth a fortune.

  • Melman

    I can’t understand the criticism about Johnny “exposing” his children.
    Vanessa always was the one taking their children to public places. She take them to Disneyland, to take some ice cream, to shopping, to dinner in Paris, etc, etc. No one criticized that in her case

    Now, Johnny took them to a public place and he is “using them”? WTF
    Because that’s what an airport is: A PUBLIC PLACE! nothing more
    And if any of you were at Narita Airport you would know there’s no way to avoid to be seen there. And that applies to Johnny and his family and even to the Royal Japanese Family. So STOP!

    Also, his daughter is papped every day around Los Angeles. And when she isn’t papped, she upload her own pictures and videos with her brother to her social accounts. so it doesn’t matter if they are seen with their father now, they are exposed anyway. and at least Tokyo is so much fun that it’s worthy!

    I hope they were at Legoland! WOOOOOOHHH!!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Ha ha: @Fun: um don’t post from other accounts because its too obvious that its the same person.
    he is ugly? huh he is the most beautiful man alive and he gained the title of the sexiest man alive 2 times so shutup jealous hater
    ugly couple? well keep telling that to yourself because you know they are not. they are the hotest and most gorgeous looking couple in hollywood right now
    his films are terrible? is that why he’s in the showbiz since 30yrs? is that why 3 of his movies has been nominated for best picture? not to mention that most of his movies won and has been nominated for the oscar and other big awards

  • muriel

    @Melman: this is different .jd knows that many paparazzis was in Japan in the airport .The pictures of the kids with Amber were posted in many magazines around the world.Is clear that this is a strategy and is coldly calculated.All that will happen too.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Mai: fix his image? huh what happend to his image? have he done anything wrong? no but the cheap gossip websites and tabliods are the ones who created this bad image about him and if he’s using them to sell his movie why didn’t he take them with him to the premiers? you know just like brad who even took angelia to sell his movie! he’s not using them or anything and as some other user said Vanessa always was the one taking their children to public places and now that they broke up he’s taking them with him everywhere he goes.

  • yup

    @Johnny Depp Fan: ¿ why do you hate Vanessa and love so much Amber ? ¿are you bisexual?

  • Mai

    @Johnny Depp Fan: Right, the same cheap tabloid magazines that JD and his friend are using to smear the name of the mother of his children! You can pretend like Johnny is so above it all you want, but he’s a sellout! Has been for years. And his image had taken a hit. He fell asleep at the wheel of his career and is a greedy cheat, who jeopardized his family to run around with a girl young enough to be his own child. He’s gross and pathetic!

  • lolo

    @Johnny Depp Fan:

    you’re a psycho!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Mai: what are you talking about? he is saying nothing but wonderful things with respect about vanessa in his INTERVIEWS he didn’t say anything demeaning and whats the proof of what you are saying? its all a bull that you read in some cheap gossip website/magazine, he’s a sellout? weird because he is doing the rhings that he wants to do he is not doing rom coms and the stuff that he said he wouldn’t do and how did he fell asleep at the wheel of his career? since he made it big after potc3 he’s been nominated for the oscar 3 times and he won a golden globe and a sag and 3 of his movies made a billion dollar and he gained the title of the sexiest man alive 2 times,etc,etc all of that success after the wheel of his career and you say he fell asleep? hardly. don’t say his amily because his kids are with him everywhere he goes don’t you see the picture or you need glasses to see? he and vanessa just broke up like any normal couple they had problem and fell apart and they moved on so shutup cuz you know nothing and amber is not a child she is a grown up woman who is pushing 30. you are gross and pathetic and have an empty life because you are judging and hating on someone you know nothing about and who haven’t done anything to you

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @lolo: @Johnny Depp Fan: things** family**

  • kasia

    Middle aged man leaving his wife for a MUCH younger woman because he’s bored. I wonder if he realizes what a cliche he is?

  • http://@Melu91 Melu

    @Johnny Depp Fan: i’m all about being a huge fan of Johnny but i think you’re acting pretty much like a psycho. Being a fan of someone doesn’t mean you should act like a stupid person: you need to be objective and realize something, i’m a huge fan of Johnny but his behaviour has changed and we can not lie about it. Some people are right: he used to protect his children from all the crazy paparrazi and yoiu’re telling me he couldn’t predict what was going to happen in the airport? He couldn’t just let people see him with Amber and find an exit issue for his kids?! I’m not saying he’s pathetic (bcz he’s not) but man you’ve got to realize, he has changed (and not in a good way tbh…)

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @kasia: his wife ? she didn’t want to marry him because she don’t believe in marrige (oh what a *****) leaving his girlfriend? and how do you know that? were you living with them? how do you know he is the one who left her? maybe she is the one who left him because she was seen with a MUCH younger guy just weeks after the broke up and no he doesn’t realizes that because he is not a cliche he didn’t do anything he just broke up with her and moved on with his life and so did she. dating a MUCH younger guy must make her feel good about her wrinkled ugly face

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Melu: i do all what i want here no one can tell me what to do and i’m not acting like psycho or anything i’m just reacting to the trolls who know nothing and hate on him and judge him like if they live with him
    he used to protect them from the paps when they were so young but now they are older and lily is a teen and there is no need to hide them because they are posting their pictures in the internet and exposing their selves
    taking his kids with him to a promotion tour shouldn’t make him look bad at all and he hasn’t changed or anything johnny is johnny but whatever haters gonna hate

  • Visviri

    are they older ? Jack is a little boy and Lily is a teenager.No they arent older

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Visviri: they are older then they used to be. i wouldn’t consider a 11yrs old kid a little boy and yea lily is a teen who is posting pics and videos of herself and her brother in all her accounts and the pics/videos are all over the internet so they are exposed already why would they hide themselves like a robbers when they are in a public place?

  • Visviri

    No ,they are little children and if he is a good father should keep away of that perverted woman

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Visviri: they are a teens not little children. 11 and 14 years old are little children? then what do you call 5 and 7 years old? he is a good father and he shouldn’t keep them away from his new woman who is so good and friendly with them and as we saw in some pictures she takes care of jack, how do you know she’s perverted? you really know nothing about her to judge her like that