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Kate Bosworth: 'Project Runway' Premieres Tonight!

Kate Bosworth: 'Project Runway' Premieres Tonight!

Kate Bosworth serves as a guest judge alongside Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, and Nina Garcia in this recent pic promoting the Season 12 premiere of Project Runway, airing TONIGHT (July 18), at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

“The first episode we start immediately with a brain challenge,” Heidi told during a recent visit to the Runway set. “We shot outside of Manhattan and there are 16 skydivers with beautiful parachutes coming down. The designers have to run and grab a parachute and design an outfit out of parachute material. I love it when we use unconventional materials.”

Don’t miss tonight’s premiere episode of Project Runway!!!

20+ pictures inside of the premiere episode of Project Runway

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  • Toni

    So excited! :D

  • I wanna play too!

    She is a cutie patootie!

  • Ray

    Haven’t watch this show since it left bravo: def gonna watch tonite!! Love kate b!!

  • CleverNameHere

    It´s been many seasons ago since I actually agreed on the judge´s rulings on good vs. bad designs. Ever since Nina kept praising Mondo for the same print over and over I stopped watching. She is the one who keeps saying “we don´t want to be bored” and he kept doing the same thing.
    I should be positive, she probably sees this as a great compliment to be part of … but this late in the season, they are on 12 now. I don´t think it´s that great anymore.
    I wonder how they choose to introduce her thou.

  • Sofie

    Project Runway has really been going down hill over the last few years. Zac Posen was a horrible replacement for Michael Kors, he’s so smarmy. I’ve been debating whether or not I’ll bother watching tonight, and this has made me decide to pass on watching the show. If they get rid of the best judge and can’t get good guests judges what’s the point?
    I will miss my dose of Tim Gunn though.

  • Flicker

    I saw tonight’s show. Some of the contestants. . . ! I like Zac Posen and Kate Bosworth was adorable. She raised good points and had something nice to say about each person’s design. A nice juxtaposition to Heidi Klum. Kate’s really beautiful too.

  • morrissey

    KB Beautiful? Ha. She looks like a wax doll. Not natural at all.

  • ladybug

    @morrissey: What, you don’t think her hair extensions look natural?

  • CleverNameHere

    A new project has been added om IMDb (just in case someone would like the info) … again directed by Polish. Kate is listed as executive producer and producer, but not a part of the cast.
    Title: Hot Bot (2014). Written my Michael and Mark Polish, labeled as comedy. No story description yet.
    Maybe the new project they hinted about.

  • Macy

    Saying something nice about every single person doesn’t mean you’re a good judge. Part of the process is receiving constructive crticism. If all you do is blow sunshine up people’s *sses then they don’t learn how to improve.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: “Our regular judges this season will be Heidi, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen. Kate Bosworth is the guest judge, who is literally just there to smile and nod her perfect ombre hair in agreement …”

    @CleverNameHere: I wonder if they didn’t film Hot Bot last year, after Sundance, they stayed in Utah about month, filming something, I think it was titled Hot Bot.

    And it’s got a Twitter Feed:

    Hot Bot bot
    Tweets to support the Polish Brothers new teen comedy ‘Hot Bot’. Unofficial. Unapproved. Fake like a hot bot.

    JJ is moderating Twitter links, but this went up early 2012, when they filmed it.

  • Clancy

    I love PR and I thought KB was great on the show. Guest judges aren’t usually as hard-core as the regulars. Atleast that’s how it’s edited. Kate’s comments were productive but what I liked most about her is she has a warmth and friendliness to her.

  • WOW

    She’s soooooo gorgeous.

  • Tulip

    It was quite a compliment to Kate to be asked to judge the premiere episode.
    @Flicker: I agree with you Kate could point out a positive in the worst designs. That can be a lot harder than criticism. Leave that to the regular judges!

  • needs a good scrub

    Well at least she got of her non existent butt and got a job
    But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Compared to the rest of the judges cate looks shite , dull hair, tramp looking needs a good wash i’ll buy her some her some soap, deodorant , perfume , shampoo and conditioner if she is short of cash what more can I say I am a nice person always help the needy lol lol

  • Fashionista

    Kate is effortlessly chic.

  • mforman

    @Fashionista—-I didn’t think you would say anything else, except what you did.
    I think you live in a glass bubble.
    What is so chic about dirty hair, with dirty hair extensions and a plain LBD, I am just wondering.

  • ladybug

    @Fashionista: Funny, I think it looks like it took a lot of effort to get that look, especially the hair.

  • CleverNameHere

    I love that necklace thou.

  • Whycantipost

    I watched it and I think she looked a bit out of place: in an attitude kinda way, she seemed kinda insecure and followed the rest. In the shots of the whole jury she looked like she was tagging along and wondering what to do. When they were talking to each other she was sitting there like ‘ok, what should I say?’. It made me feel for her a bit, and maybe even like her a bit more because it wasn’t so pretentious. I know that sounds strange coming from me xD

    She was friendly with her comments, but never expressed a negative opinion, and some pieces were just horrible! She was more like asking questions and complementing the pieces she did like.
    I think she was trying to be nice and not comfortable enough to share her real opinion on some pieces.

    I did like her hair, but the make up was weird. She (and the rest!) looked so shiny in the face!! Maybe surgeries, maybe not enough powder or bad light, but goddd. I also would have gone for a more bold outfit instead of LBD, especially because its a fashion show.

  • Really?

    @Tulip: None of the designs were that bad this episode. It can be hard to say something nice if it’s horrible, but that just wasn’t the case this time. And when she did say something nice it almost never was constructive and more just along the lines of, “I like it.” or “I’d wear it.” That’s not helpful. She needs to articulate why she likes something so the designer can use the information. Being constructive, whether positive or negative, is the hardest thing to do when critiquing, but it’s also the most important.
    That being said she wasn’t the worst judge, there have been a couple guest judges over the years that you just kept hoping would stop talking. Kate mostly just sat/stood there and smiled. (And was oddly shiny.) She didn’t contribute, but she wasn’t distracting either.
    Being a guest judge on Project Runway isn’t really an honor anymore. The show is well past it’s prime. There are a couple interesting judges this season but most of them are just TV actors or Kelly Osbourne or Stacy Keibler. (Arm candy and annoying celebrity children? I didn’t know how to categorize them.)

  • Macy

    Why does she look like she’s shrugging or something in that photo? I’ve wondered that since I first saw it. She’s looks like she’s disproportionate next to everyone else and like she’s hiked her shoulders up or something.

  • Blackcat9

    @Macy: This is the look Kate gets when she realizes no one knew who the F**k she was!

  • Kamsiansanga

    Mary is fabulous! I loved how she read about Jeanne Moreau redgraing age. Also Mary accessorizing with some purple and green to her black coat, making it less “funerial”…LOL! Loved it!At 57 I don’t think of myself as old [in that negative, dreaded sense] however of course I’m a realist and know I don’t look like the hot babe I was in my 20s and 30s.Oddly though, I met with a new internist (a kidlet, just out of medical school) and he went on and on about how “you cannot be 57!!…’re not that OLD!!!!”. He thought I looked about 40 – big deal. The young doc wasn’t just rude but he was condescending in thinking he’s somehow flattering me. I know already that I look very nice for my age – I’ve taken consistently good care of my skin, know how to apply the right makeup, wear good clothes in colors that flatter me, know to wear the right jewelry to accessorize. And also, fragrances[used sparingly] are an important accessory. Also, I’m not underweight, which can age a woman’s appearance once she’s over 40.Oh and Happy Hannukah, Ari [I'm not sure why, but only until now, did I take a full look at your complete name! I had previously been under the impression you were Aristotle. LOL - I'll concede my eyes are aging, and not in a good way! ;-)]~ Susan