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Miranda Kerr Receives 'Warm Welcome' in Japan

Miranda Kerr Receives 'Warm Welcome' in Japan

Miranda Kerr is all smiles as she arrives at Narita International Airport after a long flight on Thursday (July 18) in Narita, Japan.

The 30-year-old model stopped to sign autographs for numerous awaiting fans before making her way through the terminal.

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“Thank you for my warm welcome at the airport in Japan ❤🙏” Miranda tweeted upon arriving.

No word yet on what Miranda‘s trip to Japan is for – stay tuned to for the latest Miranda pics!

FYI: Miranda is wearing Bionda Castana heels.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving in Japan…

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miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 01
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 02
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 03
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 04
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 05
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 06
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 07
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 08
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 09
miranda kerr receives warm welcome in japan 10

Credit: Keith Tsuji, Jun Sato ; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: We ponder just how many connecting flights Miranda Kerrdashian booked to make the flight from JFK to Tokyo last four days. Who was she…ahem…I mean WHAT was she doing in the air all this time?

  • Q.

    Most overrated model ever.

  • Tey
    OMG…How on earth can this woman be a supermodel?? I mean, that face…ugh.

  • fired

    Further adding more truth to what ppl have been saying. Japan and Korea are where she seems to be only working now.

  • Rach

    Photo ready getting off her long fight I see. I’m shocked she doesn’t have a Kora Organics bottle poking out her bag.

  • nulls

    For someone who boasts about having flawless skin , she wears a lot if natural looking makeup.
    She’s the biggest famewhore in the modeling industry.

  • terri

    No bra. Keep it classy, Kerr!

  • Wanda

    her nose…

  • I wanna play too!

    This chick is way too into herself which is very unattractive.

  • @1

    What a lunatic! Jeah, what the hell she was doing in the air all that time?

  • @Elena #1,2,3,4,5,etc etc…

    Oh dear I see the Miranda “hater” has got in first posting OVER & OVER again under different names…

    What’s the matter are you all upset because Miranda is now a huge success in Australia, Europe, UK, US AND Asia???

    Even worse for you she’s again the face of Mango due to her popularity.

    That’s why she’s on the Forbes 100 most influential celebrities list due to her being a celebrity in her own right with her business & modeling success as well her lifestyle philosophy.

    But you “haters” can’t admit that so instead you post nasty comments that REEK of petty jealousy & envy….meow meow…

  • er


    Seriously, are you miranda or the PR team? you literally copy paste this in all of her posts… GET OVER IT!! EVERY CELEBRITY HAS ITS HATERS!! STOP OBSESSING AND FEEDING OFF IT!!

  • hehe

    @er: amen to this. And her ability to exaggerate this woman’s success is impressive to say the least.

  • Pit Stain Detector

    Love the pit stain. Awesome.

  • Iona

    Forehead Vein

  • Alana

    I think she is absolutely beautiful, my favorite model by far! Natural (as far as models come these days), radiant, not afraid to smile, dimples and high cheekbones…I’m straight, but as far as my girl crushes go, she is only beaten by Emilia Clarke. Gorgeous!

  • uuuhhh

    Sorry but “high cheekbones”? Miranda? Time to get your eyes checked love.

  • soooo….

    So Japan again? Let all act surprised. Maybe this time she’s going to endorse mangoes.
    She better hold on tight to Asia because seems like she’s now only a paparazzi model in the US. She’s tried and failed to hit it big here.

  • @er

    If #11 were getting paid for her posts, which I doubt, at least she’d get some benefit for doing it. You hater(s) are 24 h a day on call to make 7 hateful posts in a row in all her JJ articles, for free. So please enlighten me about what exactly is your problen with fans commenting?

  • lindsay

    Miranda in Japan for Kora Organic’s presentation

  • abhhh

    Still promoting the products like they’re new. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out business is not flourishing as she’d like.

  • loka

    I guess she’s trying to make up for the lost VS and DJ paycheck.

  • Haaba

    Paparazzi model.
    She has gotten it in her head that the only thing she can do in America is events. She has stopped trolling here for now.
    Say hi to the people of Asia where you are trying to rekindle your business that never was.

  • @1

    You really are a crazy stalker, aren’t you. You pay more attention to her comings and goings than her fans. You’re name wouldn’t be ‘bealze’ by any chance, would it? The sociopathic tendencies you show sure would fit.
    Anyway. I guess that you forgot that they have a house in LA? And that she just opened a distribution center for Kora in LA?
    Anyone with a functioning brain would think that she syopped in LA for business.
    But I guess that leaves you out, right? LOL!

  • @21

    Actually, Kora IS new in Japan. She’s expanding internationally, so she is there to promote her products.
    How you come to the conclusion that an EXPANDING business is a failure is beyond me.
    But again. You’re missing that all important functioning brain. LOL!

  • @5

    Well, since her flight is basically a public appearance for Kora, of course she has to look “photo ready”.
    Are you idiots really this dense? Or are you just playing dumb to pretend that you can’t see anything logically.

  • sal

    She posted pics on her twitter that were apparently behind he scenes of a photo shoot.
    So that’s where she was.
    Now don’t you feel stupid.

  • @sal

    Well there goes your theory that she is a crazy stalker who knows more about her comings and goings than her fans. A stalker, like you obviously, would know that, like you do. Now don’t you feel stupid?

  • @28

    Oh, crazy stalker has seen those pics. She’s referenced Miranda’s twitter before, so we all know that she stalks her there, too.
    Crazy stalker is just pretending that she didn’t see them so that they don’t interfere with her insane theory fits. Much like she still pretends that she never saw that photo of Orlando with Miranda in the airport returning from the safari trip. If she acknowledged either photo, she couldn’t claim that Miranda is a cheater. And we all know that is her favorite lie. LOL!
    So stupid.

  • kate

    This vile woman. ‘Paparazzi model’ describes her oh so well.

  • Haters fit into “vile” way better, me thinks.

  • hahahla

    Her fans are pressed as hell. They can never defend why she’s a famewhore and why she sinks so low as to sell detergent for money of course. And why her two biggest contracts were taken away from her. And of course how she never gets to land high fashion campaigns when her peers are raking them all up.
    She will never be a supermodel because paps candids never get to be part of your portfolio. Even young Candice is putting her to shame.
    Hahaha… Her fans’ delusions is entertaining.

  • @32

    No sweets, I’m afraid that if anyone here is pressed, it’s you idiot haters. You morons who refuse to acknowledge her success. If she really was the failure that you idiots claim that she is, there wouldn’t be HF covers for you to ignore. Or a business expansion that you are pretending doesn’t exist. You wouldn’t have to pretend that public appearances for promotions are the same as pap shots. And you certainly wouldn’t have to pretend that you are so stupid that you don’t know how huge the Asian markets are. You see, if she was a failure, these things would never have happened, so you wouldn’t have had to pretend.
    And I love how you now think that VS is so special. Not too long ago you were claiming that she was hurting the progress of women’s rights by posing in lingerie. LOL! And when she would fly off several times a year for location shoots, you called her a bad mother for leaving Flynn ‘alone’. Funny how one minute she is hurting women, and the next you are condemning her for not giving up her career.
    You just can’t cope with the fact that she continues to shine, so you have to resort to lies and hypocrisy.
    Stay pressed sweets. You guys are always good for a laugh.